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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Pussyboy - Pussyboy 4

Date: Fri, 09 Dec 2005 11:09:18 -0500
From: Vraxis Vraxis <>
Subject: Pussyboy Chapter Four "My Long Weekend, Continued"

Pussyboy 4 -- "My Long Weekend, Continued"
By Vraxis

This is the continuation of my story, "Pussyboy" which detailed my first
sexual experience. So many of my readers kept asking for more stories about
my sexual youth, so here we are. I do not condone pedophilia in any way.
CONSENTING ADULTS ONLY. But I was a very precocious, very naughty boy in my
youth. If you like this story, please don't hesitate to write me at I love hearing from my readers! So, without further
ado, here's Chapter Three of Pussyboy, "My Long Weekend." ENJOY!


The three Vietnamese guys, Ho, Tran, and Dinh, had entered my home by
Yoshi's invitation. Looking at them enter my bedroom, I was a little
nervous at first. But then I remembered that I had told Steve I wanted to
have sex all weekend long, so I was only getting what I asked for. Besides,
from the chastity belt and the videos and all the attention Yoshi and Steve
had been giving me, I was as horny and frustrated as hell anyway.

When Tran moved up to mount me, he wasn't into a lot of introductions. He
aimed his pointy-headed cock right at my exposed and lubed up hole and
plunged inside me. Ho and Dinh, meanwhile, stripped down and moved to
either side of me on the bed, their hard cocks at my eye level and bobbing
in anticipation. Yoshi stood up next to Dinh, kissing him on the cheek as
they looked down on my cum-covered and freshly fucked body.

Tran's cock wasn't big, but it was energetic. In no time, he was
power-fucking my hole as I began alternately sucking Ho and Dinh's cocks.
The three of them started talking and laughing at each other in Vietnamese,
but none of them said a word to me except the occasional "suck," "white boy"
and "slut." Steve was running the camera as the trio did me.

"You like all those cocks, babyboy?" Steve asked, moving around the scene
and jerking his cock with a free hand. "You like all these men coming to
fuck you?"

Not long afterwards, Tran started moaning deeply, then plunged his cock hard
into my hole as he came inside my ass. Steve zoomed in to watch my asshole
recover after Tran pulled out and whistled as a thick wad of jizz slipped
out of my hole. Tran's dick still had cum on it, so he walked around my bed
and without a word plunged his cum-soaked dick into my mouth. "Clean off"
he commanded as I sucked the cum and assjuice off of his cock. I felt like
such a whore at that moment.

At that point, Yoshi suggested removing the ropes that bound me so that I
could have more freedom of movement and ability to please everyone. He then
suggested that we move to my grandparent's room, since it had a bigger bed
than my little twin. Yoshi picked me up in his arms and carried me to the
other room, placing me gently onto the bed. He kissed me on the forehead.
"You're doing good, baby. Still having fun?"

I nodded, but then pleaded "please take this belt off me!"

Yoshi smiled again, but shook his head no. "No baby, you've got to be kept
under control. We don't want you to cum too fast."

I whimpered, but didn't have much time to reflect until Ho laid down on the
bed next to me. "You get on top of me" he said, indicating the pre-cum
dripping cock standing eagerly at attention. I slowly climbed on top of
him, facing him as I slowly started to ease his cock into me. The angled
tube of my chastity belt tipped down towards his stomach and a substantial
amount of my own frustrated pre-cum oozed out onto him. Yoshi smiled. "My
poor baby, so much pre-cum."

Steve was circling the room, getting every possible shot. Watching as
another bare Vietnamese cock pumped into my boyhole, filming as cum oozed
out of my hole onto Ho's balls. Ho said something in Vietnamese, and Yoshi
stood up to put his own hard cock into my mouth. He grabbed the poppers
from my chain again and made me take a big hit, bigger than ever before. In
seconds I was seriously flying again and taking Yoshi's cock like a machine.
We fell into a rhythm where I would bounce on Ho's cock then bob onto
Yoshi's meat.

After a few seconds of taking both guys at once, Yoshi said something in
Vietnamese, then grabbed a hold of my head tightly. Dinh came up behind us
and slowly started to push his cock into my asshole alongside Ho's. I was
being double-fucked! Fortunately their cocks weren't too big, but it was
still a strain on my tormented little asshole. I pulled my mouth off of
Yoshi's cock and looked back to see Dinh smiling wickedly. He looked right
into my eyes while he pumped his cock quickly into my hole and smacked my
ass with one hand. "Dirty white boy!" he said.

Yoshi turned my head back firmly and put his cock back into my mouth to
muffle my startled and pained moans. Multiple hands and arms locked around
my body and legs, keeping me in prime double-fucking position.

Dinh and Ho started their own rhythm inside my asshole. One pulled out
while the other plunged in, and both Steve and Yoshi were really into the
sight. "Yeah, double fuck that boypussy!" Steve called out, getting the
camera into perfect position. "He loves cock, give it to him! Now, both of
you, shove your cocks in as far as they will go!"

They complied, and my muffled moans were tinged with pain and fear. Another
hit of poppers came, and slowly I started to adjust to the group invasion of
my body. Both Dinh and Ho had increased their fucking speed, alternately
plowing my submissive boyhole without a single care for my happiness or
well-being. They just wanted to fuck a young white boy.

Tran came back from the shower and stood next to Yoshi and the two of them
started taking turns plunging their cocks into my mouth. Tran especially
had a malevolent look in his eye. "You like get fucked? You pussyboy?" he
asked as he smacked his hard cock onto my face. "You like get cum inside?"

As if on cue, Ho started to moan breathily in Vietnamese. I didn't
understand the words, but I did understand what he meant. He was cumming
inside my ass. Steve brought the camera behind the two fuckers pumping into
my boycunt and caught the sight of Ho's cum splattering out of my asshole by
Dinh's still fucking cock. The sheets of the bed were quickly getting

My asshole felt so slimy and I was quickly approaching complete sensory
overload. Ho pulled out of me with a wet "plop" and moved out from under me.
Yoshi, Tran, and Dinh put me on my hands and knees to continue my fuck
without much interruption. Two strangers had already cum inside my body,
and the third was getting ready to blow. Then I heard another noise coming
from the front of the house. Someone else was coming into my home!

"We're back here!" Steve yelled. In a few moments, the black man I called
"Dark" had entered the room. He was the first man other than Steve to fuck
me, and he and his friend (who I called "Light") had walked in on my
devirgining in the woods by Steve many months ago.

He whistled at the obscene sight on the bed while talking to Steve. "Thanks
for inviting me, man. I didn't really wanna wait until tomorrow," he said,
"I knew you guys would be doing something with this little pussy tonight."
He reached over to stroke my hair and touch my chastity belt while Yoshi
continued to fuck my mouth and Dinh continued pumping my asshole.

"GodDAMN, boy! You've been getting that little pussy of yours fucked all
night long?" He turned back to Steve, "how many loads has he gotten

"Well, two of these guys just came in his ass, Yoshi pumped him twice, and
I've come twice."

"So he's all juicy, huh?" he asked as he stroked my body again, reaching
under and tweaking my nipples while Dinh and Yoshi continued to fuck me at
either end. He caressed my butt then leaned down to put his face next to
mine. Yoshi's cock didn't ease up for a second, and Dark put a finger along
my cock-bloated cheeks. "Yeah, baby. You've been a busy boy, haven't you?"
he cooed seductively. "Getting all that cock and cum, baby? Yeah, got some
cum on your face too. Nasty little boy!"

Dinh started moaning loud and pumping my ass hard right before he threw his
head back and came inside my asshole. "There goes number seven," Dark
whispered. "Just one more to go...well, maybe two more" he smirked, then
tweaked my nipple again as he stood back up. He and Steve moved to my ass,
Steve to get a better shot. "Damn, that's one cum-flooded boycunt!"

"Steve..." Yoshi moaned. Steve moved over quickly with the camera to in front
of my face as he pumped faster into my mouth. Then Yoshi pulled out and
shot another thick load onto my face. "And there goes eight!" Dark cried
out. Yoshi's load coated my cheeks and lips, dripping down onto the sheets.
Steve grabbed a camera along with the video camera and started taking more
pictures of my degradation.

Finally, all the cocks had been pulled out of my body. I flipped over onto
my back to recover and try to wipe some of the cum off of my face. The
crowd was standing all around the bed, and Dark was standing right in front
of my out-splayed legs.

"Just one more cock, baby. And then you can cum. One more thick juicy
cock, and it's gonna fuck the cum right out of you, baby. Somebody take
that belt thing off him."

Finally my cock was going to be released from its imprisonment! Yoshi
grabbed the key to the lock and in seconds, the belt was taken off my crotch
and my cock started to blow out to its full erect size in seconds. I
reached down to take a hold of my long-suffering cock, but Yoshi and Tran
grabbed my hands.

"Oh no, baby," Yoshi said. "You don't have the belt, but that doesn't mean
you can touch your cock. You're ready to blow and you've got one more cock
to take."

"Don't worry, sweet pussy," Dark said, bobbing his dick up and down with his
hand. "This cock is gonna make you cum without touching yourself,

He lined up his cockhead to my butthole. "Spread this pussy out for me,
boys." Yoshi and Tran kept a tight grip on my hands, and Ho and Dinh
quickly came up and lifted my ankles into the air, leaving my cum-soaked
boycunt defenseless to Dark's anal assault. "That's it, give it all up to
Daddy, little pussyboy."

Dark slowly pushed his cock into me, enjoying the sensations of my
cum-filled hole. "Damn, I can feel all the cum in here! So warm and wet,
like a pussy!"

Steve moved between an overhead shot that caught my penetration, and a shot
behind Dark's legs that caught the droplets of cum being forced out of my
asshole by his thick fuckmeat. "Fuck, that's hot" he said, tightening up
the zoom. "Babyboy, everyone who's ever fucked you is in this room. Every
cock here has fucked your ass at least once. That's hot."

Finally Dark bottomed out inside me. He flared his cockhead at the end,
causing me to moan even louder at the huge black fuckstick that was fucking
my ass. "Yeah, baby, you like that big black cock, don't you? Yeah, you
like big dicks up your ass. Get ready baby, we're going for a ride now!"

Dark started to pick up the pace of his screwing, pulling out nearly all the
way before slamming his thick meat back into my defenseless hole. "Yeah,
fuck that bitch" cried Ho. Dinh smiled again and said "fuck the pussy!
Fuck it hard! He likes it!"

At this point, I was nearly insensate from all the sensory overload I was
experiencing. My cock was emitting a steady and thick stream of pre-cum
onto my belly, my hands were fumbling around to jack off Tran and Yoshi, and
my poor asshole was being pummeled by an unrelenting thick black cock. My
boycunt was filled with cum and cock, and it was all too much. My eyes
started rolling back into my head as I started to babble.

"Fuck my ass! OH FUCK ME! FUCK ME! FUCK MY PUSSY!" I rambled on.

Steve pulled up and tapped Yoshi on the shoulder. "Take the camera. It's
my turn again." Yoshi quickly complied, and started moving around the scene
while Steve took a hold of my hand and then pushed his hard cock into my

Everybody in the room was either fucking one of my holes or jerking their
cocks over my body. Dark was especially relentless on my asshole. "Yeah,
pussyboy, take those dicks! You LOVE getting fucked, don't ya?

He was right, I was loving getting fucked. I had totally surrendered to a
fuck frenzy, I didn't care who fucked m, so long as I got cock and cum. My
moaning was reaching a fever-pitch. At least, as much as it could with
Steve's cock pumping in and out of my mouth.

Ho and Dinh both started to cum onto my torso, spewing large loads over my
sweaty and frenetic body. Seeing that, Dark picked up the pace. Soon he
was thrashfucking my ass, slamming inch after inch of thick black cock into
my cum-dripping hole at a fever pitch. I cried out to no use. "Take that
cock, bitch!" Dark cried, lifting my hips up higher into the air. He
started to lift me up higher, then bending me backward so that my hard cock
was suspended over my face.

"Get that camera here, I'm gonna make this bitchboy cum" he ordered, then
started a strange twisting movement with his cock that really stimulated my
insides even more.

"Yeah, pussy. Shoot that cum. Shoot that little boy dick off." His
motions were totally working my ass over, stimulating lots of hidden nerve
endings I didn't even know were there. Finally, I started to feel a
tingling in my balls.

I started to moan heavily, to signal I was about to cum. Yoshi moved in
just in time to catch my cock start to explode. It was the single largest
orgasm I have ever had, before or since. I must have sprayed for over a
minute, and I coated my face (with Steve's dick still inside my mouth), my
chest and arms with large droplets of teenboy cum. My asshole started to
spasm uncontrollably around Dark's cock.

"Yeah, that's it, baby, milk my cock!" Dark cried out before slamming his
meat deeply into my twitching hole to pump his own large cumload into me.
Then Steve blew his jizz into my mouth, nearly choking me with its size and
thickness. A minute later, Tran popped his load onto my neck and throat.

Yoshi laughed in the corner. "That was HOT! This is gonna be a great

Steve pulled his cock out of my mouth and looked down at my sweaty and
relieved face. "You're welcome, babyboy. You did great!"

The party broke up soon afterward, as Steve, Yoshi and Dark led me into the
shower to wash up. The Vietnamese guys said goodbye to Yoshi and Steve, but
nothing to me. They just thought of me as a fucktoy, not a person. But I
didn't care. After the shower, I went to my grandparents' bed and fell
asleep next to Steve and Yoshi's cuddling arms. Dark slept on my bed,
saying it was easier to stay rather than just come back tomorrow.

I slept like a log, until I felt something touching my face. Slowly waking
up, I saw Dark's hard cock tapping my cheek.

"Wakey wakey, boy. Time to play..."


Like this story? Please let me know at I'm always
happy and eager to hear from my readers. Keep the letters coming!

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Pussyboy - Pussyboy 4