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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Raped

Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 17:22:18 -0700
From: Wolf pomo <>
Subject: Raped (gay / adult youth, b/MMM)


This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit
sexual acts of boy's discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic
scenes of sex between an underage boy and adult males... If this
type of content offends you or you are under the age of 18 do not
read it.

Author's Note:

This story is the property of the author. It can be downloaded for
personal reading pleasure or sending to a friend, but if you wish to
re-post them at your own site, please contact the author for

If it is illegal to read such material where you live or if you find the
topic deceitful the please leave now. If you enjoy the story or if it
evokes memories of your own, please let me know. I am happy to
write stories from outlines.

Copyright 2005 Wolf, All Rights Reserved.

You may contact me at if you like. All
flames will be ignored.


       It was a cool evening when Johnny headed for the high school
to run two miles around the track. It would take him less than an
hour to complete eight laps. He tended to make the run every
evening. Because it was fall he had to dress in more than just shorts
and T-shirt.

       Johnny selected his normal cross trainer shoes, white gym
socks, gray jockey shorts, baggy slacks and a short sleeved jersey
pullover hooded sweat shirt. He carried his keys in a small bag with
a shoulder strap to sling it over his shoulder. He was a slender pre-
teen. His hair was a shaggy brown and his had large blue eyes.
When confronted with a confrontation with bullies his only defense
was to run.

       He was used to having the football field track almost to
himself. He actually preferred having the track to himself. When
other people were jogging around the track he had to move out of
his lane to pass them and had to exchange some pleasant

       Because it was cool and there was a ground fog settling in on
the grass. Johnny was zoned into his own world. The only thing he
heard was the rhythm of his heart. He hardly noticed the sound of
car traffic on the boulevard at the eastern end of the field. When he
finished his run he figured he better get home before he cooled off
and caught a cold. He took his normal route home by heading for
the gate at the western end of the school.

       The chain link fence had a pedestrian gate that was locked
up with a chain and padlock. People had pulled on the gate until the
frame was bent enough for people to squeeze through it. That was
the exit he jogged towards. He slipped through the opening onto the
street that was lined with commercial factories. They were all
closed long before the sun went down. It had a deserted look. There
was an abandoned car collecting trash parked next to the curb. As
he was about to start jogging towards home he smelled the acrid
odor of cigarettes.

       He knew there had to be someone in the area smoking. Then
he saw the red glow of three cigarettes between a couple of
buildings. They were up the street from him and the small of their
cigarettes was being carried in his direction on the breeze of the
moist foggy night air. The three shadowy figures moved out of the
darkness onto the street.

       They moved slowly towards him as he approached them. He
was frightened by their appearance. The largest one that was
obviously the leader had a dangerous look about him. They were all
dressed in black motorcycle jackets, tight jeans and greasy
engineering boots. The leader had a leather garrison cap on his

       As Johnny approached he saw that the guy's face had a
bulldog look about it. The jaw was wider that his head. He looked
like he had a week's growth of beard. The cigarette dangling from
his mouth looked menacing. Johnny was so intent looking at this
guy as he approached him that he didn't notice that the other two
had flanked him.

       When he drew closer the guy said in a deep gravely voice,
"What is your rush? Why don't you hang out with us for awhile?"

       Johnny was intimidated by the guy completely, "I want to get
home before I cool off and catch cold."

       The guy said, "We can keep you warm."

       Johnny had slowed down because the guy was blocking his
way. The other two had moved in trapping him in a triangle. He had
to stop. He was jogging in place to keep warm. The leader placed
his barrel like arm around Johnny's youthful shoulders and drew him
close. He removed his cigarette from his mouth and blew smoke
into Johnny's face. He could see the tight fitting gray T-shirt inside
the open jacket. The guy smelled of rancid cigarette smoke and old
leather. The guy's jeans looked like they were greasy and had never
been washed. Johnny wanted to run but he was held in a tight grip.

       The other two guys moved in close and Johnny saw that the
other two were just as scruffy looking. They were dressed just like
the leader except that one did not have a hat on and his head was
shaved. The other one had a bandanna tied around his head with
white skulls on a black background. They were grinning at him with
a lecherous look that frightened Johnny. He knew that any one of
them could have pummeled him to death. He regretted having
taken this route home.

       The leader of the group guided Johnny towards the
abandoned car. One of his underlings grabbed the door to the back
seat of the car and pulled it open. The door made a scrapping metal
sound as the rusty hinges resisted being opened. The interior
smelled of mold and dust. The headliner was rotten and torn. He
was pushed into the car. Johnny was trapped between the bald thug
and the leader. The third on got into the front seat on the passenger

       The leader took hold the of the young boy's face. Johnny had
a girlish quality about him which was not lost on the bully. He kissed
the boy's mouth and forced his tongue into the boy's mouth. He was
also slipping his big meat hook of a hand under the jersey so that he
could play with the boy's nipples.

       Johnny could taste that sour taste of the cigarettes in the
guy's mouth. He trembled in fear of what these animals were going
to do to him. Eventually he didn't notice the foul taste in the guy's
mouth. The beard scrapped his face. Even as scared as he was he
felt his little pecker coming to life as if it had a mind of its own.

       Then the guy let go of Johnny and used both hands to grab
the top of his greasy jeans and with one strong tug he pulled the
pants open. He reached inside and pulled out a monstrous cock. He
was circumcised and the knob was large. Johnny could see the
scrotum resting on the underpants and fly of the jeans. There were
hairs all over the scrotum and the dark pubic hairs above the cock
were thick.

       The guy placed his hand on the back of the boy's neck with
such a strong grip that Johnny feared he was going to break his
neck. Then he was forced to bend over the guy's lap and the head of
the large cock was rubbed against his mouth until he opened his
mouth. The big smelly cock was filling his mouth but the guy forced
his head down until the thing went down his throat. He thought he
would chock to death or throw up. He was forced to move his head
up and down. Johnny felt like his throat was on fire.

       The bald guy was pulling Johnny's pants down and was
shoving a finger up his asshole. Johnny was crying because he
thought he was going to die for sure. He was forced to suck the cock
until the guy climaxed. The first shot of cum was deep in his throat.
The guy lifted his head up until just the knob was in his mouth. He
shot a couple of more gobs of cum into his mouth. Johnny got his
first taste of another guy's cum. The humiliation of being forced to
swallow the guy's cum prevented him from appreciating the taste.

       The guy pulled his cock out of his mouth and shot a couple of
more loads of cum into his face. The white goo splashed against his
face. He closed his eyes as cum splattered against the bridge of his
nose. The cum added to the tears attached to his eyelashes.

       Then the leader decided the car was too confining and he
opened the door as he buttoned his jeans. The other two followed
him as he dragged Johnny into the property of one of the buildings
and placed the boy's hands against the chain link fence. Then he
finished pulling the boy's pants and underpants down. He stood
close to the boy's body and stuffed a finger up his ass and he placed
his mouth close to the boy's right ear and said, "You going to let my
boy's fuck your ass and never tell anyone."

       Johnny looked over his shoulder and saw the bald guy pulling
his jeans open. The guy's cock was not as big as the leader but
much larger than Johnny's. He spit into his hand and rubbed the
hand up and down his cock before stepping forward and guiding his
cock between his soft butt cheeks. Johnny thought the guy was
ripping his asshole apart. The pain was so intense that he bit his
lower lip so hard that he cut the inside of his lip. He could taste
blood. His asshole felt like a hot poker had been shoved up his ass.
The guy fucked him fast and furious. Then the guy jerked as he
climaxed in his bowel.

       Johnny was relieved when the guy pulled out of his butt. He
felt empty and felt warm liquid dripping down the inside of his legs.
The relief was short lived because the bandanna guy was quick to
take his place and stuff his own cock up the boy's ass. He fucked
him just as quickly as the first before climaxing. When he pulled his
cock out he shot cum all over Johnny's butt.

       Johnny thought at least that was over but by that time the
leader was horny again. He grabbed Johnny's naked hips and
shoved his monster into the gapping hole. Johnny could not believe
that damned thing could actually get into his ass. He thought for
sure he was going to die. At least the cum from the other two
lubricated his bowel. What came as a shock to him was that while
the guy was fucking his ass he actually climaxed himself. He saw
his own cum squirting against the chain link fence and then dribble
into the underpants half way down his thighs.

       When the guy climaxed he shot cum all over his back. Some
of the goo even landed on the back of his jersey. When he looked
over his shoulder as he started pulling up his pants he saw the
leader with his cell phone taking pictures of him covered in cum. He
wanted to cover his nakedness so much that he didn't care about
the scum all over his butt and the cum dripping from his asshole.

       As the three bullies buttoned up their pants they told him to
keep his mouth shut or the pictures of him coming while being
fucked in the ass would be made public. They sauntered up the
street laughing and lighting up fresh cigarettes.

       Johnny's ass felt so sore that he could hardly walk. He
waddled up the street slowly. The longer he walked the easer it was.
He managed to jog up the driveway of his home. He didn't want to
face his parents and explain the cum on his clothes. He moved
through the house to the bathroom with only a grunt as his father
greeted him.

       He wanted to get out of the clothes as fast as possible. He
could smell the cigarettes on his clothes and the funky odor of three
guys cum. He hid the clothes in the clothes hamper and took a
warm bath. He soaked in the tub until the water turned cold. He got
out and dried off. When he was safely in his room he checked out
his asshole in the mirrored door of his closet. He bent over and
spread the cheeks of his ass while looking between his legs. The
sphincter was swollen and very red. The hole was gapping open and
he wondered if it would ever close.

       He put on his pajamas and went to bed. He had a hard time
going to sleep because his asshole throbbed so much. The next
morning he was relieved to find in the mirror that his sphincter was
tight again even if it was still red.

       He was distracted at school all day thinking about what had
happened the night before. He had been terrified by the three of
them but he had also climaxed while being fucked in the ass. His
throat had been almost as sore as his ass but now they both felt

       That evening when the time came that he normally went to
the high school for his run he wondered if he should go or not. He
figured that if he went the long way and entered the football field
from the eastern side. He would be on the busy street and less likely
to be accosted. So he went. He ran his normal two miles and when
he finished he picked up a towel he had left laying on one of the
bleacher benches and dried his hair. He was just about to head for
the front gate when he smelled the smoke of a cigarette. He quickly
looked around to see where it was coming from so he could bolt in
another direction.

       Then he saw the red glow between him and the front gate. It
was the leader of the guys that had rapped him the night before.
The guy held up a hand. "I'm sorry if we hurt you last night. I feel
bad about what we did to you."

       Johnny was puzzled by the guy's behavior. He feared that the
guy was going to rape him again. He knew he would not stand a
chance if the guy wanted to do it again. His only hope was to get
past him and through the gate. The problem was he was between
him and the gate.

       The guy stood there kicking the dirt with his boot while
looking down. He finished his cigarette and flicked the butt under
the bleachers. He said, "Can I at least buy you a cup of coffee or a

       Johnny looked at the guy. He still looked like some sort of
outlaw biker that could break his neck with one of those large
hands. But Johnny felt attracted to him. He said, "I guess cup of
coffee at the donut shop on the corner would be all right."

       The guy fell instep with Johnny as they walked through the
open gate. They walked to the donut shop and the guy bought two
coffees and a couple of donuts. They stood under the neon lights
while they ate their donuts and sipped their coffee.

       The guy apologized again for last night. He admitted that
they could have hurt him badly. Finally Johnny said, "Okay if you
never treat me like that again I will forget what happened."

       The big guy wrapped his arm around Johnny's shoulders and
hugged him tightly. Johnny was a little frightened by the way he
hugged him. The smell of stale cigarette smoke was just as strong.
In fact it looked like he was wearing the same clothes except the hat
was stuffed into his back pocket. Johnny saw that the guy's hair was
buzz cut.

       The guy said his name was Bruce but his friends called him
Butch. Johnny told him his name. They guy asked him if he could
drive him home. Johnny felt unsafe allowing him to drive him home
but he agreed. Butch led him to the parking lot and opened the door
to a new Mustang with his remote. When they were in the car the
guy allowed Johnny to tell him where to turn as he drove him home.
When they were parked in front of his house Butch placed his big
meaty hand on Johnny's thigh.

       Johnny felt a thrill make his cock hard but he feared what the
guy wanted to do to him. He leaned over the consol and kissed
Johnny on the mouth. When the kiss ended Butch opened the door
and as Johnny got out he said, "I hope we can be close friends."

       Johnny entered his home and looked out of the glass window
in the door as the red car pulled away. The deep throb of the cars
mufflers sounded so powerful. He felt flattered that this giant of a
man wanted to be his friend. He wondered if sex would be painful
every time the guy wanted to fuck him. He knew that Butch wanted
to have sex with him again. He knew if he allowed Butch to visit him
that it would lead to sex.

       He had a lot to think about as he bathed and got ready for
bed. He had climaxed when Butch had fucked him. Would it
happen again? The next evening when he went to the track Butch
was waiting for him. This time Butch was dressed in running shoes,
Marine shorts with the bulldog emblem on the left leg and a tank
top. They jogged around the track. Bruce kept up for the first mile
and a half but smoking made him short of breathe they finished the
last half mile. He pulled up and let Johnny finish.

       Butch lit up another cigarette while waiting. He bought them
iced coffee before taking Johnny home. He kissed him and gave his
little cock a squeeze. There was no doubt in Johnny's mind that
Butch wanted to have sex with him. Butch asked him if he would
like to see his home Saturday. Johnny felt his cock respond and he
whispered, "YES"

       He told a friend to cover for him if his parents called because
he was going someplace they would not approve of for the weekend.
He didn't tell his friend that he was going to have sex with a man.

       Saturday he met Butch at the high school track and they
drove to a neighborhood that was rundown. All of the housed
needed panting and fences repaired. Some yards were dirt and
others needed mowing. Butch pulled into a driveway that was two
ribbons of concrete. The house must have been seventy or eighty
years old. When they entered the back door Johnny saw motorcycle
parts sitting on the kitchen table. The place was dusty and news
papers cluttered the floor.

       Butch assured him that he had been wanting this for days.
He gathered Johnny into his arms and kissed him on the mouth.
Johnny went limp at the thought that he was going to have sex with
this man again.

       Butch picked him up and carried him to the bedroom. The
bed was clean but unmade. Blankets and sheets were scattered at
the foot of the bed. He undressed Johnny very carefully so that he
could see the boy's body as he removed his clothes. The boy was as
smooth as a baby. He could not resist kissing and licking every inch
of the boy's body. Johnny almost pissed when he felt the bearded
face between his ass cheeks.

       Butch stood up and removed his greasy boots and the oily
socks. Then he pulled his T-shirt over his head. Johnny saw that the
man had hair all over his chest. It was matted against his chest and
trailed down his rippled belly. Then he took off his jeans and the last
item was the gray briefs. The cock looked even bigger than it had in
the dark. The scrotum was wrinkled and hairy. The dark pubic hair
covered his lower belly and his legs were hairy too.

       Butch laid belly down on the bed and took the boy's cock into
his mouth and sucked him off. Butch was able to open his mouth
and take the boy's scrotum into his mouth too. When Johnny shot
his load into the man's mouth he closed his eyes and enjoyed the
feeling. After awhile Butch asked Johnny if he wanted to suck his
cock again.

       Johnny remembered how much it had hurt then he was being
raped but wanted to try it again. Butch sat on his chest and let his
big cock dangle over Johnny's mouth. Johnny opened his mouth and
sucked in that big knob. This time Butch was very gentle as he
leaned forward driving the meat down the boy's throat. This time
Johnny relaxed his throat and the cock went down better. He found
he was still able to breathe through his nose. He took hold of the
scrotum and pulled Butch closer until his nose was pressed against
the pubic hair.

       Butch fucked the boy's face slowly and Johnny knew his
throat would be sore but he loved it. He wanted to play with his own
cock but could not reach it. This time Butch pulled back in time to
fill Johnny's mouth with cum. Johnny decided that he loved the taste
of Butches cum. He swallowed as much as he could but plenty
leaked out of the corners of his mouth.

       When Butch pulled back and lay on top of his body he licked
up the excess cum from the boy's face. He could feel the boy's little
boner pressed against he belly. He kissed the boy for a long time.
He wanted to enjoy the moment as long as possible.

       They rested and talked for awhile. Butch told Johnny about
his older brother rapping him when he was about his age. He said
his brother fucked him until he joined the Navy. He took up
weightlifting to build up his body. He met men in the gym that
wanted his body too. He joined the Marines and found out that there
were plenty of guys there that wanted sex too.

       When Johnny was ready Butch got on his hands and knees so
the boy could check out the ass of a man. Johnny parted the ass
and looked at the dark ring of skin around the asshole and saw the
hairs ringing it. He stuck a finer into the hole and felt the way the
sphincter gripped his finger. Butch encouraged him to fuck his ass.

       Johnny got on his knees and guided his hotdog sized pecker
into the dark hole. Butch reached back between his legs and took
hold of the youth's scrotum and pulled Johnny hard against his body.
They boy fucked him like mad. Johnny collapsed across the man's
back after he climaxed. They rested again. They didn't bother
getting dressed while they made sandwiches. They were both
famished and wolfed down three along with beer.

       When Johnny was relaxed enough and on the verge of drunk,
Butch picked him up and as he carried him back to bed he asked if
he was ready for another fucking. Johnny was frightened that it
would hurt again. This time Butch used plenty of KY to lubricate the
boy's asshole and his cock. This time he slowly inserted his meat.
He did it in the missionary position so that he could play with the
boy's cock too. When he had it all the way in and his pubic hair was
pressed against the boy's scrotum he relaxed before fucking him.

       Johnny felt like he had a pole up his ass but this time it did
not hurt. Butch fucked him slowly while masturbating the youth's
cock. Johnny reached another climax and squirted a few drops of
cum onto his belly. This time when Butch was ready he pulled out
and shot cum all over the boy's scrotum and all the way up his body
to his face. When he was done he lay on top of the boy and rubbed
his body against his body until the cum became sticky.

       They spent the weekend naked and when ever their cocks
would get hard they would suck or fuck each other. By the time
Johnny had to go home he knew that he would never stop having sex
with men.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Raped