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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Sexual Experience - Making Out With Tim

Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2013 12:54:45 +0000
From: John McQuillium <>
Subject: Making out with Tim and his flat mate

Making out with Tim and his flat mate.

The following is a true account and follows on from my previously posted
'My first man' which was about when I got off with a stranger in a public

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Usual blurb about don't read if you are underage, etc.

When Tim, a sexy hunky 28 year old guy, finished fucking my slut boy arse
he gave me his phone number. The following Thursday I rang him to see if
he was free on Saturday. He said he was on call at work which meant that
although he would be home he might get called out on jobs as he was an
electrician for a housing association.

When Saturday came around I was so excited. I couldn't wait to have sex
with Tim again but this time we could take our time and do it properly
rather than just a quick shag. I wanted to kiss, lick and caress every
inch of his fit sexy hairy body, suck his thick cock, drink his manly cum
then offer him my arse. As usual I woke up with a morning glory hard on
but rather than wank it off or self suck it like I usually did I ignored
it. This was hard as I had blue balls which felt like grapefruits. The
last time I'd cum was Wednesday when I fucked Toby after school. We were
working on a school project and got horny. My desk was a dressing table
with a mirror and as my parents were downstairs we knew it had to be a
clothed shag. Toby stood facing the mirror and dropped his school trousers
and boxers. I parted his pert smooth buttocks and tongue fucked his arse.
Then I greased up my cock and his arse. Looking at his stunningly cute
innocent looking face in the mirror I forced my cock into him. I loved the
way his cute face winced as I pushed my man sized boy cock into his tight
arse. Then I gave him a fast hard fucking and creamed his arse before
spinning him around and sucking him off savouring his sweet delicious boy

Sorry I digress. Anyway I got up and went to the bathroom. I had a crap
and then douched out my arse so it was squeaky clean. Then I had a shower
before going down for breakfast and as my family were nudists we did it in
the buff. After breakfast I got dressed. I put on a tight fitting
sleeveless muscle top which showed off my lean toned deeply tanned arse and
hinted at my subtly sculpted chest. I also put on a pair of very snug
fitting white satiny footie shorts which hugged my high firm pert bubble
butt perfectly and the bulge of my big thick limp cock and balls at the
front left little to the imagination especially as I was going commando
underneath. To top it off I had white ankle socks and black trainers. I
did a twirl in front of my full length and was impressed with what I saw.
My outfit was the perfect balance of being acceptable but if you were gay
it gave the right signals.

On the way to Tim's place I really had to fight against popping a boner.
I was so horny from not having cum for days and the eagerness to be fucked
by Tim again. When I arrived at his place I knocked on the door. A few
seconds later it was answered but not by Tim. The guy who answered it
looked to be in his mid 30's. He was quite handsome and clean shaven. He
had short dark brown hair and bluey grey eyes. He had on a tight light
blue tee shirt and you could see he was well buff. His well toned chest
showed through nicely and his big biceps stretched the armbands of his tee
shirt. Below he was wearing a pair of white footie shorts which showed off
his very sexy muscular hairy legs. Before having sex with Tim men hadn't
appeared on my gaydar but since then I'd been seeing sexy men all over the
place and this guy was definitely one of them. My eyes feasted on his body
instinctively, it wasn't a conscious decision. "Is Tim in?" I asked after
returning my gaze to his handsome face. "You must be John." He said
holding out his hand which I shook. "I'm Dylan, Tim's flat mate. He's
been called out and said he'd be about an hour but that was 20 minutes ago.
You can come back later or come in and wait for him if you want." I was
unsure to start with as I didn't know him so would I be comfortable trying
to make small talk to a complete stranger for 40 minutes. But in the end I
decided to come in otherwise I'd just be wandering around aimlessly when I
could be sat down my eyes feasting on hunky man candy. "Can I wait for
him?" "Sure."

Dylan moved out of the way, let me in and closed the door behind me. He
then led me to the living room and asked me if I wanted a drink. It was a
hot summer's day so I asked him if he had a cold drink. He said he had
coke or iced tea so I went for the tea. He soon returned with our drinks
and he sat down. I was sat on a two seat sofa and he was sat in an
armchair to my left. As he sat down my eyes flitted down to his shorts of
their own accord. The material had pulled tight and he had a very
impressive bulge. Dylan started making small talk like asking what I did,
schoolboy, what sports was I into, rugby, cricket and swimming, what my
interests were, reading, jaguar cars and London history. He made me at
ease and was easy to talk to. "I'm surprised someone your age cottages."
Dylan said once I was at ease. Even though he was practically a stranger
he was sexy and being a horny schoolboy I didn't have any inhibitions about
talking sex with him. "I only found out about it last year." "You started
cottaging at 14?" He asked surprised. "Well it was just the once and I
didn't know about it at the time. I'd walked past it every day on the way
to school but never used it. However one day I got caught short on the way
home from school so I popped in. There was a 20 year old lad there and we
ended up copping off together." I replied with a certain amount of pride.
"Was he your first?" Dylan asked and was that a twitch I saw in his
shorts? "No I lost my cheery to two 16 year old French boys when I was
13." "Shit I'd didn't lose my cherry until I was 16 and that was with a
girl which wasn't my thing so it wasn't until I was 17 that I first had sex
with a guy." "Cool. Who with." "A camp guy at college, he was so
obviously gay." "Cool." I said pretty sure he was chubbing up in his
shorts at all this gay talk. "With your looks I'm surprised you need to
cottage." He said which flattered me. "I don't. I've got four fuck
buddies at school and when I met Tim I wasn't cruising I was just using the
facilities." "Wow you look so innocent but you're really a sex fiend." He
said with a sexy smile on his handsome face. "How about you, do you have a
boyfriend?" I asked. Already I setting my sights on him and why not? He
was dam sexy and I knew he was gay. "Not at the moment. Tim and I help
each other out from time to time if you know what I mean." He said with a
mischievous smile on his face. Here goes it's now or never. "I wouldn't
mind helping you out." I said with butterflies in my stomach in case I was
rejected. "You think I'm sexy?" He asked surprisingly uncertain. I don't
know why as he was hot but I guess he doubt that such a cute 15 year old
schoolboy would be interested in a 35 year old man. He needn't have
worried as I was more than interested.

Seductive confidence over came me and I got up, walked over to him and
sat on his lap with my tanned toned legs draped over the chair arm. I was
taking a risk as I was underage for straight sex let alone gay sex which
was 21 to straight 16 and that might scare him off. "I think you're very
sexy." I said in my most seductive voice as I caressed his muscular chest
through the material of his tee shirt feeling he had wiry chest hairs. I
could also feel his hard cock pressing into my buttock and it felt very
substantial. He seemed like a rabbit trapped in a car's headlights,
totally stunned at being seduced by a 15 year old boy. "We could have some
fun and Tim can join in when he gets back." I said keeping up my seductive
voice as I discretely ground my arse into his hard cock and caressed his
chest. "I'm not sure Tim would want you second hand." Dylan chuckled. He
wasn't getting away that easily. I stood up and dropped to my knees
between his muscular hairy thighs. I pulled the front of his shorts down
and released his cock. I knew he was hung but I still got a pleasant
surprise. His cock was almost as thick Tim's but not quite. It wasn't
just eye watering thick but looked about 9 inches long. Just looking at it
made my mouth water and arse throb. The long thick shaft was nicely veined
and ended in a pinky purple knob which was exposed as his pale foreskin had
peeled back. Below was a big pair of balls in a tight lightly pubed sack.

After admiring his impressive manly cock I took it into my left hand
which seemed so small compared to his cock. I just about managed to wrap
my fingers around his thick cock. I felt its meaty weight, impressive
girth, heat and throbbing pulse. I gave it a few wanks and watched his
pale foreskin peel back and forth over his pinky purple knob. When a pearl
of pre-cum formed I leant forward and licked it up. It had a really strong
taste and I was eager for more. I peeled back his foreskin to expose his
knob which I began to swarm my tongue all over. "Oh fuck." I heard Dylan
gasped not believing he was being seduced by a 15 year old boy. Even I
surprised myself at my confidence of being able to seduce this hot hunky
man 20 years my senior. My slutiness had taken over me and I was
determined to add my second man to my list of sexual partners. As I licked
his cock I stared at his handsome face and saw its expressions. There was
the expression of surprise and disbelief that a stunning cute 15 year old
boy was licking his knob as well as expressions of sexual pleasure. As for
him he was feasting in my cute innocent looking face that was doing
something far from innocent. He took in the sight of my light blond hair
parted in curtains and my mischievously sparkling blue eyes.

After giving his knob a good tongue bath I took it into my mouth. I gave
him a cock sucker's smile before I kissed the tip and pushed my mouth down.
My lush red lips parted and slid down over his swollen knob, over its
prominent ridge to clamp shut around his thick meaty cock shaft. "Oh
fuck." Dylan gasped as the hot wet tightness of my young mouth soaked into
his cock. I started strongly sucking his large swollen knob as I flicked
the underside with my tongue. Dylan began to purr with pleasure as his
cock strongly throbbed in my left hand. He started oozing really strong
tasting pre-cum that was so different from the sweeter teen pre-cum I was
used to.
For a minute or so I sucked his knob before I wanted to show him what an
accomplished cock sucker I was despite my young age. Relaxing my lips and
jaw and pushed my mouth down onto his cock. Although he was thicker than
average he wasn't as thick as Tim so I managed to swallow 7 out of his 9
inches before his swollen knob plugged my throat. Dylan gasped with
pleasure as I worked my throat muscles on his knob and ground my lush lips
around his meaty shaft. It was obvious he hadn't showered yet as his
pungent sweaty aroused manly aroma filled my nostrils. It wasn't off
putting in fact it was the opposite and acted like an aphrodisiac. As I
began to bob my hot wet sucking mouth up and down his big thick cock I
hooked my fingers under the waistband of his shorts. He lifted his arse up
and I pulled his shorts down to his ankles. As I deep throated Dylan my
hands roamed his fit body. They caressed his muscular hairy thighs,
fondled his big heavy balls and stroked his nicely haired hard abs and
sculpted hairy chest. I just had to see it. "Take your tee shirt off." I
said taking a break from sucking him off. I eagerly watched as he began to
peel off his tee shirt. First he exposed his stomach which was pale but
with a hint of tan. It wasn't a six pack but it was firm and ridged all
with a light dusting of brown hairs getting denser as they neared his
pubes. Then his chest came into view and what a chest. He had prominent
well sculpted pecs, big hard light brown nipples and a dense mat of chest
hairs that begged to have fingers run through them. When he lifted his tee
shirt over his head he exposed his nicely haired armpits that were damp
with sweat. He had one fucking hot hunky body and I just had to explore

After standing up I straddled his hips so that I was sat on my hunches,
my covered arse pressing against his big naked cock. My hands began to
caress his muscular chest. I loved the hard feel of muscle and wiry chest
hair. "You have such a hot fit body." I appreciative cooed as I feasted
my eyes on it. "Let me see what you've got." He said as he began to lift
up my top. First he exposed my stomach that was already forming a
washboard. It was deeply tanned and silky smooth not even having a trail
of hairs running from my navel. Then he exposed my smooth chest that was
nicely chiselled with two pointy nipples surrounded by small dark brown
halos. As he lifted it off my head he exposed my armpits which had small
tufts of blond hairs. He must have liked what he saw as I could feel his
pre-cum soaking into my shorts, his big cock twitching. "Well you have a
good start already." He appreciatively said as he ran his hand over my
sculpted chest and ripped stomach as he made his way to my shorts. He
wasn't getting that yet. I took hold of his wrists and lifted up his arms
to expose his armpits. They had a nice covering of dark brown hairs that
were matted with sweat. I just had to taste them. I moved into his left
armpit and drank in it pungent erotic sweaty manly aroma. I began to lap
away at his sweaty pit savouring its taste. Dylan began to purr with
pleasure as I eagerly licked out his delicious sweaty armpit.

Once I'd licked his left armpit clean of tasty sweat I licked my way
through his dense mat of chest hairs to his left nipple which was already
bullet hard. I circled my tongue around it before flicking over it. Then
I began to suck it and gently chew it. "Harder." Dylan commanded and I
eagerly obeyed. I began to chew hard and he began to groan in pleasurable
pain. After a minute or so I sensed his nipple was getting too sensitive
so I licking my way over his hard toned hairy chest to his right nipple. I
gave his right nipple the same attention as his left and once it became too
sensitive I made my way to his right armpit. Once there I drank in his
sweaty manly aroma before licking it clean savouring the taste of his
sweat. When I'd licked it clean I made my way to between his well sculpted
pecs. Then I licked my way down the thick trail of dark hairs that ran
down from his chest to his navel which I licked out. After that I licked
through his pubes but bypassed his big manly cock. Instead I began to lap
away at his big balls. Dylan began to purr with pleasure as I licked his
sweaty balls. Our gazes were locked and I gave him my most slutty sultry
look which I knew was at odds with my sweet innocent boyish looks so I knew
it looked every more erotic. From the expression on his handsome manly
face he sure seemed to be enjoying the sight of a cute 15 year old blond
boy licked away at his big balls. The way he was purring with pleasure and
the way his big cock was throbbing also hinted that he was enjoying it.
Then I began to suck one ball which made him moan louder. As I did so my
hands were busy caressing his hard muscular hairy thighs. Then I swapped

Once I'd given his big balls a tongue bath I just had to take his big
cock into my mouth again especially as there was a nice pearl of pre-cum on
the tip. I licked up the thick veiny underside of his big hard throbbing
cock. When I reached the tip I licked up the tasty drop of pre-cum. Then
I swarmed my tongue all over his large swollen knob. After giving his bell
end a good spit polishing I kissed the tip and forced my mouth on to it.
My lush lips parted and slid down over his thick ridged knob to clamp
tightly around his thick shaft just below the head. I began to greedily
suck and eagerly lick his large swollen knob. He began to purr with
pleasure, leak lots of tasty pre-cum as his big cock strongly throbbed. As
I sucked his knob I looked up at him and gave him my best cock sucker's
smile. For about a minute I sucked his knob before I swallowed his cock.
Relaxing my throat and jaw I forced my mouth down onto his big thick cock.
I managed to take 7 out of his 9 inches into my mouth before his swollen
knob plugged my throat. I worked my throat muscles on his knob as I ground
my lips around the thick throbbing shaft. Then I began to deep throat him.
I rapidly bobbed my hot wet sucking mouth up and down his big manly cock.
I wanted to show him what a good cock sucker I was despite my young age.
As I sucked his cock I drank in his strong manly aroused aroma and caressed
his muscular hairy thighs.

There I was a really cute, sweet innocent looking blond haired, blue eyed
15 year old schoolboy, naked except for shorts and socks, knelt between the
muscular hairy thighs of a hunky hairy 35 year old man sucking on his thick
9 inch cock. That was how Tim found us. I was so caught up in deep
throating Dylan that I didn't hear him come in. "I knew you wouldn't be
able to keep your hands off him." I heard Tim say. "He came on to me."
Dylan replied. "I wasn't talking to you." Tim chuckled. "I hope you
don't mind." I said taking a break from sucking his flat mate's cock. "No
it's hot. Carry on." With Tim's go ahead I resumed sucking Dylan's cock.
"You're right he's a great cock sucker." Dylan said to Tim which made me
swell with pride, satisfied that I was doing a good job and impressing a
man 20 years my senior. That age difference made me feel so slutty and
submissive which was a real turn on.

As I greedily sucked Dylan's big manly cock Tim lifted me up onto my
knees so that I was knelt up with my upper body supported by my hands on
Dylan's muscular hairy thighs. I felt Tim pull down my skimpy shorts
releasing achingly hard cock and exposing my deeply tanned pert arse. I
began to muffle moans of pleasure as Tim began to lick out my arse. His
rough hot wet tongue lapping up and down my hairless slightly sweaty arse
crack felt so good as did his beard grazing my smooth skin. Then he
started lapping away at my tight pinky brown pucker making it quiver and me
moan even more which reverberated through Dylan's big cock. Tim then began
to stab his tongue in and out of my arse making it quiver with pleasure.
This went on for a couple of minutes and it must have been a hot sight.
There I was a cute blond 15 year old boy on my hands and knees sucking the
9 inch cock of a 35 year old man as a 28 year old man tongued fucked my boy
cunt. Being serviced by these two sexy hunky men certainly turned me on.
Although I have a big cock I prefer to be fucked so most of my sexual
partners up to that time had been older teen boys which made me feel
submissive. That feeling was increased ten folder with these two men,
making me feel so slutty and submissive.

This went on for a couple of minutes before Tim stopped licking my arse.
I heard clothes being removed so I stopped sucking Dylan's cock and looked
over my left shoulder. I saw Tim was lifting up his tee shirt and his firm
pale hairy stomach was exposed. Then his strong toned hairy chest with
pointy pinky brown nipples came into view. As he lifted it over his head
he exposed his nicely haired armpits that were damp with sweat. I took in
the sight of his ruggedly handsome face with its expression of sexual
hunger. Then he pushed down his shorts and boxers at the same time. His
veiny eye wateringly thick 7.5 inch cock came into view and my arse
involuntarily twitched at the memory of it. As his shorts dropped to his
ankles I took in the sight of his big balls and sexy muscular hairy legs.
I have always had a fetish for legs and love the summer when everyone is
wearing shorts or down the swimming pool. Both Tim and Dylan had very
sexy, muscular well toned hairy legs. When Tim got down onto his knees and
resumed licking my arse I resumed sucking Dylan's big cock. I rapidly
bobbed my hot wet sucking mouth up and down Dylan's thick cock which
throbbed with pleasure. I'd force my mouth as far down as I could until
his large swollen knob plugged my throat where I worked the muscles on it
as I ground my lush red lips around his thick throbbing shaft. Then I'd
pull up until just his swollen knob was in my mouth which I strongly sucked
and licked savouring his free flowing tasty pre-cum. At the other end Tim
was lapping away at my arse which made me muffle purrs of pleasure which
reverberated down Dylan's manly cock making the blow job I was giving him
even more enjoyable. My sphincter was twitching and my arse quivering in
anticipation and slight apprehension at taking Tim's very thick cock.

When Tim stopping rimming my arse I knew it was time. Sure enough I soon
felt his large knob pressed against my tight young pucker. He increased
the pressure and my sphincter resisted. Then it gave way with a burning
stinging sensation radiating out from my hole as his thick ridged knob
popped inside my arse. I muffled a groan of pain around Dylan's cock which
continued as Tim carried on forcing his eye wateringly thick 7.5 inch cock
ball deep into my tight young arse. The sting and burn in my sphincter
continued as Tim's very thick veiny cock shaft sawed against it. Then with
a slap he bottomed out in my arse and held his cock there. My arse felt so
stuffed full of cock and stretched to almost bursting point and although it
was a bit painful there was also pleasure and I felt proud that despite my
young age I could take such a thick cock. Then Tim began to fuck me with
long slow deep hard thrusts. The sting and burn continued in my sphincter
as his cock thrust in and out. As I did so I felt the bump of every
prominent vein as well as the heat, throbbing pulse and meaty girth.
Whenever he bottomed out his hairy groin slapping against my smooth pert
buttocks and his big manly balls bashed my big but boyish ones. His strong
slightly rough hands had a firm grip on my hips which he was using to make
sure he got maximum penetration

For the first couple of minutes it was painful being fucked by Tim and my
muffled moans of discomfort reverberated through Dylan's big manly cock.
However I was an experienced bottom boy, despite my age and my tight young
arse quickly adapted to the impressive girth of Tim's manly cock. The
sting and burn had faded in my sphincter and was replaced with a warm
throbbing pleasure as his thick veiny cock shaft stretched and stimulated
my arse lips. My arse was also throbbing from feeling his thick ridged
knob punching open its walls. Whenever his big knob boxed my prostate my
untouched cock throbbed and dribbled pre- cum onto the carpet. I wish I
could have seen it as it must have been hot to watch. There I was a 15
year old boy on my hands and knees with a hunky hairy 28 year old man
fucking my tanned pert arse as an even more muscular 35 year old man had
his cock in my mouth. I was so turned on by being sexually used,
willingly, by two such sexy older men. My young lithe teen body was awash
with intense sexual pleasure. Dylan's slightly sweaty manly aroused aroma
filled my nostrils as I rapidly bobbed my hot wet sucking mouth up and down
his hot thick throbbing veiny cock shaft, his delicious pre-cum firing off
my taste buds. At the other end my arse pleasurably throbbed from being
harshly fucked by such an eye wateringly thick cock. The thick heavily
veined shaft sawed against my tight throbbing sphincter. His thick ridged
knob punched open and stimulated the quivering walls of my arse. My pert
smooth buttocks tingled whenever his groin slapped against them his big
balls bashing against mine.

For about 15 minutes Tim fucked my young arse good and hard as I greedily
sucked Dylan's cock. Then I began to pick up on warning signs Dylan was
getting close to orgasm. His breathing became more laboured and he was
squirming about. Sure enough a couple of minutes later he warned me he was
going to cum. I started sucking him faster and harder, taking less of his
cock into my mouth but at a faster pace. Then I felt Dylan's muscular body
tense up. His big thick cock then swelled, throbbed and pulsed in my mouth
as he began to powerfully pump his really thick tasty man spunk into my
mouth which tasted much stronger than teen cum. Dylan loudly groaned with
each ejaculation and I muffled moans of pleasure not only from the taste of
Dylan's man spunk but also the harsh fucking Tim was giving my arse. I
must have done a good job of sucking Dylan's cock as he pumped a massive
load of tasty cum into my mouth. I let it all pool in my mouth so my
tongue could save its delicious taste and thick texture. When his orgasmed
ended I pulled my mouth off his big cock and looking at his face I made a
show of savouring his cum. Being a jizz junky I savoured his cum for as
long as I could before swallowing it feeling it slide down my throat.

After swallowing Dylan's cum I went back to sucking his spent cock but he
had other ideas. "Fuck him stood up I want to suck him off." Dylan told
Tim. Tim slammed his very thick 7.5 inch cock ball deep into my arse and
with a tight grip on my hips he lifted me up and shuffled me forward so my
big boy cock was in front of Dylan's face. I looked down at my deeply
tanned uncut thick 7.5 inch cock at felt proud at its impressive size. I
knew I had the biggest cock in my year at school and from the look on
Dylan's face he was impressed too. I gasped with pleasure when Dylan took
my sensitive knob into his hot wet mouth and began to suck it and flick the
sensitive underside with his tongue. It was a hot sight looking at Dylan's
handsome face sucking on my big tanned cock. He was a great cock sucker
and waves of pleasure flowed down my hard throbbing cock which was leaking
loads of pre-cum. Not only was there the pleasure of getting a great blow
job but also a great fuck at the same time. My tight young arse throbbed
with the intense pleasure of being fucked hard by such a thick cock. I
felt so horny from being serviced by two men both of them making my body
feel so good. Dylan was muffling moans of pleasure around my cock and Tim
was loudly grunting so I knew they were both enjoying my young body.

For about 5 minutes I managed to endure the dual pleasure. There was
Dylan's hot wet sucking mouth rapidly bobbing up and down my big thick 7.5
inch boy cock, his lips wanking it and his tongue licking it. There was
also the highly erotic sight of a handsome 35 year old man slurping on my
tanned cock. At the other end there was the pleasure of being fucked good
and hard by a really thick cock. My tight sphincter was stretched to the
max and was tingling with the pleasurable friction of having a hot thick
hard veiny cock sawing against it. His prominent ridged knob repeated
punched open the throbbing walls of my arse and boxed my prostate which
made me ooze teen pre-cum into Dylan's mouth. Then I felt the pre- orgasm
warning tingle in my cock. I hadn't cum in days and I was so turned on by
being serviced by two men I knew I was in line for an earth shattering
orgasm and I wasn't wrong. With Tim continuing to fuck my tight young arse
good and hard I felt my balls tighten. "I'm going to cum." I warned Dylan
which just made him suck me faster and harder. My cock then swelled,
throbbed and pulsed as it began to powerfully spunk up into Dylan's eager
mouth. With each ejaculation I loudly grunted in sexual ecstasy as my
young lithe body violently shuddered at the intensity of my orgasm. Waves
of pleasure flowed through me which intensified the pleasures being
lavished on my fit body. My orgasm intensified the sensations in my arse
which felt Tim's big thick cock even more. Dylan's slurping mouth also
fuelled and prolonged my orgasm. I felt my warm cum bubble around my
sensitive knob so I knew Dylan was storing it in his mouth. My orgasm was
making my arse spasm around Tim's rapidly pounding cock which set him off.
Continuing to fuck me good and hard Tim began to powerfully spunk up into
my arse. My orgasm was fading so my groans of sexual ecstasy morphed into
purrs of pleasure as I felt Tim's cum squirt into my arse. I felt each
ejaculation squirt against the throbbing walls of my arse. Tim pumped a
big load of man cum into my boy cunt before he buried his very thick 7.5
inch cock ball deep into my cum filled arse. With my body alive with the
orgasmic glow coupled with well fucked pleasure I watched Dylan savouring
my schoolboy spunk before he swallowed it. At the same time Tim pulled his
fat cock from my satisfied arse which sucked and closed as it retreated. I
had to clamp my stretched sphincter to stop his cum escaping. I felt so
drained yet sexually alive. I also felt so lucky that I'd just had sex
with two hunky men that were a lot older than me, the age difference being
a real turn on for me.

After our fuck we got cleaned up and rested. Being a horny 15 year old
boy I was ready within minutes but it took them a hour to recharge even
with all the foreplay I was giving them. I had two hot hunky hairy men to
play with and I was making the most of it. Currently I was sat on Tim's
lap greedily licking out his sweaty right armpit. I savoured the taste of
his manly sweat, its erotic aroma and the feel of his hairs tickling my
tongue. My hands were busy groping his hairy well toned chest. Exploring
a man's body was so different from the teen bodies I was used to but just
as good. The age difference made me so horny and even more of a submissive
slut. Once I'd licked Tim's armpit clean of sweat I licked my way to his
right nipple which I circled around before chewing until it became red and
puffy. Then I licked through his dense mat of chest hairs to his left
nipple which got the same treatment. Tim was moaning with pleasure at the
nipple torture I was giving him. Then I moved to his left armpit which I
licked clean of sweat as I savoured its aroma. When I'd licked Tim's pit
clean I sat on Dylan's lap and gave him the same treatment. I licked out
his sweaty right pit as I pawed his muscular hairy chest. Then I chewed
his nipples and ran my tongue through his dense mat of chest hairs before
finishing off by licking out his left armpit.

After that I went back to Tim and knelt between his pale muscular hairy
legs and took his thick limp cock into my left hand. I gave it a few wanks
before I gave him a cheeky smile and took his knob into my mouth. I began
to suck his sensitive knob as I flicked the underside where his foreskin
joined with my tongue. Within seconds I felt his cock start to chub up.
In no time it was at its full eye watering thickness. My fingers could
barely wrap around it and I loved the colour contrast of my tanned hand
against his pale cock. I could feel the bumps of the prominent veins
needed to keep it pumped. I also felt its heat, meaty girth and throbbing
pulse. His manly horny aroused, slightly sweaty aroma filled my nostrils
which really turned me on. With my right hand I reached over and started
fondling Dylan's cock which rapidly swelled to its full 9 inches. "Let's
take this to the bedroom." Tim lustfully said.

With that we went to Tim's bedroom where he threw me on his double bed
and mounted me. With no foreplay but with pure animal lust he penetrated
me. I cried out at the sting pain radiating out from my sphincter as his
cock unlubed popped inside me. He then began to brutally fuck me with his
eye wateringly thick cock. The first couple of minutes were painful and I
was groaning and squirming about in discomfort which just seemed to turn
him on more. Then my arse began to relax and adjust to the impressive
girth of his 7.5 inch cock. Also his cock picked up the cum and lube from
our earlier fuck so it started sliding in easier. His bearded ruggedly
handsome face had a domineering leer as he fucked me. I'd played the slut
now he was seeing how much of a slut I was. When the pain faded in my arse
to be replaced with well fucked pleasure I started being more active rather
than passively taking it. My hands had been gripping the bed sheet to
fight the pain in my over stuffed arse but now they were groping his
muscular hairy chest. I loved the wiry feel of his chest hairs and the
hardness of his chest. His firm hairy stomach rubbed against my hard
throbbing cock which was oozing pre-cum onto my tanned abs. My tight young
arse was now throbbing with pleasure. My sphincter glowed from having his
thick veiny cock shaft stretching it wide and rapidly sawing against it.
His thick ridged knob was punching open the throbbing walls of my arse, his
cum from our previous fuck bubbling around his thick cock. Whenever his
knob boxed my prostate my big cock throbbed and dribbled pre-cum onto my
stomach. Looking at Tim's handsome face and hunky hairy body I was
surprised it had taken me so long to realise the sexiness of men. I'd been
having gay sex since I was 13 but with the exception of one 20 year old all
the others had been teens. Also as a nudist I seen lots of men naked but
until I met Tim I didn't think of them sexually. Now however I had men and
teens to play with. As I preferred being a bottom boy our age difference,
his bigger build and maturing appealed to my submissive nature as did the
brutal domineering fucking he was giving me. He was fucking me like he was
trying to break my arse but I was enough of a slut to take it.

As Tim harshly fucked me I caressed his muscular hairy chest and admired
the sexiness of his face and body. I could see expressions of sexual
pleasure and dominance playing across his handsome face. The urge to kiss
him overtook me and I lifted my head up and kissed him. He pushed my head
back onto the pillow and began to passionate kiss me back. He forced his
tongue into my mouth and battled mine into submission. Our lush lips
mashed together as I sucked on his tongue, his beard grazing my baby smooth
face. He had such a hot hunky hairy body which made me feel so submissive
to be pinned under as my hands explored it. His sweaty manly aroused aroma
filled my nostrils acting like an aphrodisiac. The fact Dylan was watching
his 28 year old flat mate fucking a cute blond 15 year old schoolboy was
also a serious turn on. I'd had threesomes before and always get a thrill
out of being watched. My cock throbbed from feeling his hard hairy stomach
rub against it as his knob boxed my prostate deep inside me. My sphincter
was glowing with the pleasure of his really thick veiny cock sawing against
it. The walls of my arse were throbbing with well fucked pleasure and I
was squeezing them around his rapidly pounding cock to increase the
pleasure and stimulation for both of us. Tim was a great fucker and was
making my boy cunt feel so good.

For ages Tim expertly fucked me making me feel so good. Then he started
fucking me even faster and hard. His breathing became more laboured and
from the expression on his handsome face I could see he was fighting his
impending orgasm. Then it hit and with loud grunts of sexual ecstasy he
started flooding my young arse with his man cum. I matched his grunts of
ecstasy with purrs of pleasure as I felt each squirt of cum flood into me.
I started flexing my arse muscles around his rapidly pounding orgasming
cock milking him dry. He didn't let up on fucking me so he coated the full
length of my arse with his cum. When his intense orgasm ended he thrust
his spent cock ball deep into my throbbing satisfied arse where I continued
to squeeze the muscles around it as he savoured his orgasmic glow and
recovered from the vigour and exertion of the brutal fucking he'd just
given me. It took him a couple of minutes to recover and I took the time
to savour the overstuffed but highly satisfied feeling in my cum filled
arse and the pleasure of being pinned under his hot sweaty hunky hairy
body. "Fuck I needed that." Tim breathlessly gasped as he pulled his
really thick cock from my throbbing arse which sucked and closed after it.
"So did I that was a great fuck." I contentedly said my body quivering
with pleasure when his thick ridged knob popped out of my tight arse.
"You're hot to fuck. I wish I'd been sexually active at your age." "I
just like sex." I proudly replied.

When Tim moved out of the way Dylan took his place. He had a look of
sexual hunger and lust on his handsome face eager to fuck a willing 15 year
old boy. I gasped in slight discomfort when Dylan powerfully slammed his
big thick cock up my arse. His cock wasn't as thick as Tim's but it was
still thicker than average. After Tim's his was the next thickest cock I'd
taken and it was 9 inches long on top of that. Dylan began to vigorously
fuck my arse with his big cock. When he bottomed out his large knob boxed
the entrance to my colon which was slightly uncomfortable to start with but
then started to feel good. With each deep hard thrust I felt Tim's cum
bubble around Dylan's cock and he felt it too. "Mmm you have such a hot
tight sloppy arse." Dylan purred as he buried his thick 9 inch cock ball
deep in my cum filled arse. As Dylan passionately fucked me I admired his
handsome face with its expressions of sexual pleasure and animal lust. My
hands were busy exploring his buff body, feeling his big tensed biceps or
groping his hard muscular hairy chest. His hard hairy stomach was rippling
against my tight smooth abs and big hard throbbing cock. That stimulation
coupled with my prostate being repeatedly boxed had my stomach soaked in my
pre-cum. My arse was on fire with well fucked pleasure with Dylan's long
thick veiny cock stretching and stimulating my sphincter as his thick
ridged knob punched open the throbbing cum splattered walls of my tight
young arse. The fact he was 20 years older than me and so fit also really
turned me on. I felt so slutty surrendering my fit young body to this
hunky older man as his flat mate watched.

For a blissful age Dylan brutally fucking my tight teen arse and I loved
every second of it. I wasn't passively lying there letting an older man
use me I was an active bottom. I was flexing my arse muscles tightly
around his rapidly thrusting which wasn't lost on him. My hands were also
busy exploring his tensed hunky sweaty hairy upper body. I was also
telling him what a great fucker he was and how fit and sexy. Then he
slipped into the pre-orgasm fucking frenzy. I gasped with pleasure at the
increased intensity of his fuck. His thick veiny 9 inch cock was like a
battering ram pounding my pussy boy arse into submission. My tight
sphincter felt on fire from being stretched so wide and stimulated so
rapidly by his thick veiny cock and it felt so good. The cum splattered
walls of my young arse were throbbing from being repeatedly punched open by
his thick ridged knob. My prostate and entrance to my colon were pulsing
from being boxed by his knob. The pleasure in my arse was intensified by
squeezing my arse muscles around his thick thrusting manly cock. Then his
orgasm hit. I saw his handsome face scrunch up as his buff body tensed up.
He slammed his thick veiny 9 inch cock ball deep into my arse and let go.
With loud grunts of sexual ecstasy he started spunking up in my arse. He
kept his cock buried deep inside my arse stabbing me with short deep hard
thrusts as he powerfully squirted his man cum into my boy cunt. Dylan's
grunts of ecstasy were matched with my purrs of pleasure as I felt his cum
flood into my arse and mingle with Tim's. His hot hunky hairy body
violently shuddered at the intensity of his orgasm. I rapidly flexed my
arse muscles around his cock to fuel and prolong his orgasm. He sure
seemed to be turned on with the pleasure of fucking a 15 year old boy as he
pumped a big load into me. I felt each and every squirt, cooing as they
splattered the throbbing walls of my arse. I felt happy and slutty to be
this hunky man's cum dump.

When Dylan's orgasm ended he stayed inside me as he savoured his orgasmic
glow and recovered from the intensity of his fuck. I too was savouring the
pleasure in my young lithe body which was slick with mine and Dylan's
sweat. My widely stretched sphincter was pleasurably glowing from the
friction. The walls of my arse and prostate were throbbing and felt so
full of cum. My balls ached with pent up cum from the serious stimulation
my prostate had taken and the horniness of being fucked by two men much
older than me. My untouched cock also widely throbbed begging for
attention. When Dylan recovered he slowly pulled his big cock from my arse
which I felt sucking and closing after it. A shiver ran through my Tom
Daley tanned and toned body as his thick ridged knob popped out of my sore
but very satisfied arse making my swollen sphincter pleasurably tingle. I
lay there savouring the after sex glow proud to be so young yet so slutty
to surrender myself willing to two men. It was that feeling that overrode
the tenderness of my arse and I was about to ask Tim to fuck me again as I
saw he was hard and the sight of his eye wateringly thick cock fanned the
cock hunger in my boy cunt. However Dylan had other ideas.

After fucking me good and hard Dylan had rolled over onto his back.
"Fuck me boy." He breathlessly said still in his orgasmic glow. Although
I prefer to be fucked the thought of only been 15 years old and topping a
man 20 years my senior was an opportunity not to be missed. His buff body
was glistening from the sweat accumulated from the vigour of the fuck he'd
just given me and I just had to lick it up. I straddled his hips but made
sure I didn't touch his cock. I lifted up his left muscular arm and
exposed his sweaty pit. I moved in and drank in his sweaty manly aroma
before I licked his armpit clean savouring the saltiness of his sweat.
Then I began to purr with pleasure as I felt Tim start tongue fucking my
arse. His hot wet tongue dragged up and down the full length of my sweaty
hairless crack all the way from my dangling balls to the base of my spine,
his beard grazing my smooth skin. When I'd licked Dylan's left armpit
clean of sweat I made my way to his right. I dragged my tongue over his
sweaty hairy chest pausing to suck, lick and chew his nipples. Then I
greedily licked his right armpit clean of delicious man sweat.

Once I'd licked his armpits clean of sweat I licked to between his pecs
where his chest hair was densest. Then I licked down the trail of hairs in
the deep ridge of his sweaty washboard abs. Both Tim and I shuffled
backwards as I worked my way down Dylan's buff body. Tim was now stabbing
my sphincter with his tongue making it quiver with pleasure. When I
reached Dylan's big cock, which was still hard despite its recent orgasm, I
saw it was glistening with cum and my arse juice but otherwise clean. I
began to lick and suck his cock clean of the tasty mix of the spunk of two
men and my young arse. As I did so his strong sweaty manly aroused aroma
filled my nostrils. When I cleaned his cock I lifted up his muscular legs
and exposed his toned sweaty hairy arse. Without hesitation I dove in and
began rimming his arse. I loved the taste of his sweat and his manly
smell. His hairs tickled my tongue, his sweat made my taste buds tingle
and I felt his sphincter quiver under my exploring tongue. Dylan began to
purr with pleasure as I ate him out. My tongue was soon worming into his
hot arse savouring its taste.

For a few minutes I tongue fucked Dylan's arse as Tim did mine. However
the urge to fuck soon overtook me. Continuing to rim his arse I greased up
my big boy cock. Once I was prepped up I knelt up. I looked down at my
thick deeply tanned uncut 7.5 inch teen cock as I aimed it at his hairy
brown pucker. I watched as my swollen forced knob apart his sphincter. We
both gasped with pleasure when my thick ridged knob popped inside his arse.
The hot wetness of his arse soaked into my sensitive knob. I carried on
pushing in feeling his sphincter gripping and stimulating my thick throb
cock as the hot wet walls of his arse caressed my swollen sensitive knob.
Tim was right behind me his muscular hairy chest pressed against my back
and his really thick cock nestled in my arse crack pointing upwards. He
was looking over my left shoulder watching me force my big tanned cock up
his flat mate's arse. When I bottomed out I looked at the expression of
pleasure on his handsome face as I savoured the hot wet tightness of his
arse. Then I started to fuck him with long deep hard thrusts. I got a
real thrill from the fact I was fucking a man 20 years older than me and he
seemed to enjoy being topped by a well hung schoolboy.

For a few minutes I fucked Dylan knelt up but then I left Tim pushing me
forward. I went with him until I was in the push up position above Dylan's
buff body. I gasped with slight discomfort when Tim forced his eye
wateringly thick 7.5 inch cock into my arse that was still tender and
throbbing from the two fucks they'd already given me. I had thought Tim
was rimming my arse because it was on offer stuck in the air as I tongue
worshipped Dylan's fit body but I now knew the real reason. For the first
couple of minutes it was uncomfortable being fucked by Tim's really thick
cock but I'd been fucked enough to quickly adapt to it especially as this
was the third time I'd taken it. Soon I was moaning with the dual pleasure
of fucking a hot wet arse as a man fucked my tight young cock with his
thick manly cock. Dylan's tight sphincter gripped and wanked my thick
throbbing cock shaft as mine did the same to Tim's thick cock. The hot wet
walls of Dylan's arse caressed and stimulated my swollen sensitive knob as
my foreskin peeled back and forth over it. At the same time the throbbing
cum splattered walls of my arse gave the same stimulation to Tim's knob.
It was so hot and erotic being a smooth boy sandwiched between two hunky
hairy men. Dylan's muscular hairy chest was pressed against my hairless
toned chest with Tim's muscular hairy chest pressed against my smooth back.
My baby smooth pert buttocks tingled whenever Tim's densely pubed groin
slapped against them. At the same time I liked the feeling of my sparsely
pubed cock slapping against Dylan's hard hairy arse. On top of all that
physical pleasure there was the erotic sweaty aroused aroma of man on boy
gay sex. This was the first time I'd fucked while being fucked and it felt
so good. I got the thrill of topping a man much older than me whilst at
the same time feeling slutty and submissive being topped by another man.

For ages we fucked like that me sandwiched between them. It must have
been a great sight a blond haired blue eyed boy as buff as Tom Daley at 15
sandwiched between two hunky hairy men one of whom I was fucking as the
other fucked me. My arse was on fire with the well fucked pleasure of
being fucked by such a thick cock. My over stretched sphincter was glowing
with pleasurable friction as his really thick veiny cock sawed against it.
The walls of my cum splattered arse throbbed from being repeatedly punched
open by Tim's thick ridged knob. My buttocks tingled from being repeatedly
slapped by Tim's groin. My prostate was also taking a serious pounding for
the third time in a row. I was already hyper horny from the two fucks they
already given me. That was heightened now that I was experiencing the dual
pleasure of fucking while being fucked. Therefore it was no surprise when
I felt the warning tingle in my young cock, in fact it was a surprise I'd
managed to hold out for so long. My big thick teen cock was a blur as it
pounded Dylan's arse. I'd pull back until just my knob was in his arse
before ramming it back in as hard as I could. Tim was fucking me hard too
so much so it was as if he was trying to fuck Dylan through me. "I'm going
to cum." I said as I felt the cum rise in me. Without stopping I felt my
big cock swell and then throb and pulse inside his hot wet tight arse.
With loud grunts and my fit lithe body shuddering I began powerfully
pumping my boy cum into Dylan's manly arse. Intense waves of sexual
ecstasy and release flowed through my body as my cum squirted into Dylan's
arse who purred with the pleasure of having a 15 year old boy cum in his

My intense orgasm made my tight young arse spasm uncontrollably around
Tim's rapidly pounding really thick cock. This set him off and continuing
to brutally fuck my arse he powerfully spunk up into my already cummy boy
cunt. There was Dylan purring with the pleasure of having someone cum in
his arse whereas Tim was grunting in ecstasy and exertion while I was doing
both. Having my arse fucked while orgasming fuelled and prolonged it. I
produce loads of spunk even now but you can imagine how much cum a horny 15
year old boy can produce especially after being fucked three times in a
row. I pumped a massive load into Dylan's arse as Tim pumped an
impressively sized second load into my young arse. Even though I started
orgasming first Tim and I finished at the same time. Tim collapsed on top
of me which forced all 7.5 inch of his thick cock into my throbbing cummy
arse which forced mine into Dylan. As Tim's cock sank into my arse I felt
the three loads bubble around it as I felt my boy spunk bubble around my
cock. I was now really squished between two hunky hairy men and I was lost
in the orgasmic glow.

When Tim and I had recovered from our orgasm we pulled apart. I felt my
arse sucking and closing after Tim's retreating cock as Dylan's sucked and
closed after my retreating cock. Once free of Tim's cock I realised how
tender but highly satisfied and full of cum my young arse felt. My balls
had gone from feeling like watermelons to walnuts. My fit sweaty body was
tingling with the post orgasm afterglow. I saw Tim's fat cock glistening
with spunk and my arse juice. With slutty abandonment I began greedily
sucking and licking it clean savouring the salty taste of their man cum and
the earthiness of my arse. I began to muffle purrs of pleasure around
Tim's big cock as Dylan tried to lick the three loads of cum from my
battered boy cunt. Luckily most of it was buried deep so he didn't get
much instead it dribbled into my skimpy shorts later. I could have stayed
longer but I decided to leave and catch up with my mates. However I met
Bradley and Cole, the two 18 year old 6th formers I was copping off with,
at the skateboard park and we ended up having a threesome at Cole's place.
They could tell my arse had been used and I recounted my experience with
Tim and Dylan. Bradley was really turned on by it but Cole said he was
only interested in teens and early 20's. Out of earshot of Cole I asked
Bradley if he'd be up for sex with Tim and Dylan and he said he was so I
set it up.

I hope this one got you off and you're sat there splattered in cum. If
you did please let me know at as although I
enjoy reliving it and writing it up it is nice knowing people read it.

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