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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Shawn And The Little Person - Shawn And The Little Person 1

Date: Tue, 9 May 2006 07:40:57 -0700
From: Jay roberts <>
Subject: "Shawn and the Little Person" Part One

This story is for adults 18 or older. No one younger has
permission to be here.

Shawn was 13 just last week. This was an exciting age for him
and he was continually surprised by the happenings with his own
body. He grew to 5'2' in what seemed like a week and expected to
be a tall guy in a few years like his dad. His feet went from
size 8 to 10-1/2 since last year. His hands were so big, they
hardly seemed to belong. He would lay in bed at night and stroke
his lean body with those warm hands, feeling as if they were
someone else's. It really got him excited, when those hands
reached he peter. He could hardly believe the size of it when he
looked in the bathroom mirror. Without a stiffy it was at least
six inches hanging down and his newly grown testicles hung even
lower with the outline of two plums inside.. It was a little
embarrassing to undress in swim class and he kept his back turned
from the others who still looked like babies down there. He
wondered what some of the kids in the upper grades looked like.
He thought that penises were as cool as anything and wished he
could get closer to an older boy's one. But the kids in his
grade who still looked young were kind of cute anyway.

In the boy's hygiene lecture he learned about voice changes.
Some kids can expect an overnight change and others takes longer
as both the kid's and the new adult voice vie for dominance. But
apparently Shawn belonged to the third group who have a gradual
change. Already he noticed that his soprano squeaky voice was
thickening and he was, to his own amazement, producing a thicker
more mellow sound.

Hard ons were a big problem. Often he felt he was smuggling a
rifle into school, hidden in his clothes. His slim frame
couldn't hide the monster when it decided to go hard. He took to
wearing a jock strap and that helped a bit, especially when he
placed his peter upward.

Today was Saturday. A bit of excitement next door. The house
had been empty for almost two years. He looked out of the
window, careful not to be seen peeking like a perv. The moving
truck blocked most of the view but every once in a while he
caught glimpses of the family. There were a rather old mom and
dad and a boy who could have been his age. It was hard to make
him out as he kept making trips inside the truck carrying items
which blocked him out somewhat.

Shawn's mom was calling him for breakfast. She was nice letting
him sleep on Saturday. Of course Sunday was early church. It
was so sexy to him to lay around in his warm bed, delaying his
morning piss, enjoying his big erection. "Okay Mom, I'll take a

quick shower and be down. Shawn was an only child, but not
spoiled...always willing to help with chores and generally
cheerful, altho' his parents talked at night about his getting a
little secretive. "He's growing up. He needs his privacy," Dad
had said. He remembered when he discovered masturbation at that
age. They also approved that he was very clean about himself.

Shawn never missed a day in showering, especially this year it
seemed necessary. His body smelled different, went from that
slightly sour milk odor to a grown up smell. He liked that
smell, and would lift his arm and sniff the heady body odor
coming from his new tufts of hair in his arm pits.

In the shower, he was completely alone and private. He had
locked the bathroom door, something he had been warned not to do
since he was a child because once he locked himself in and they
had to remove the lock. He liked the shower to be as hot as he
could stand. He soaped himself all over except down there. He
was delaying that delicious feeling, but already anticipation was
making his peter rise up toward his belly button. It was
beginning to pulse, calling attention to itself. Shawn had to
grab it and rub hard to quiet it down. Finally he could wait any
longer. He soaped his big adolescent hands and gently stroked up
and down. His whole body reacted, vibrations running up and down
his spin and his legs began to feel weak. He wanted to moan
loudly but suppressed it. The feelings were becoming almost more
than he could stand and then suddenly he grunted loudly. He
peter grew stiffer and his body locked. He fell back against the
tile of the shower as pulsations of milky cum shot out of the end
of his cock, like rifle shots. At last it was over. His cock
hung extra long after the cum. He washed away the great amount
of cum on the shower floor, grabbed a towel and dried himself.
He had to be gentle around he deflating cock, it was still

At breakfast the topic was the new neighbors. Dad said that he
had met them all yesterday when they made their final walk
through. Shawn said, "I saw them out the window. Do you think
their boy is about my age?"

His Dad laughed. "He's 21 years old. He's a little person, only
four feet seven."

Shawn dropped his cereal spoon. "But he doesn't look like a
dwarf I saw in the circus. He really looks like a kid, at least
from a distance."

Dad said that he looked up all about the little people on the
internet after meeting them. The young man, Billy, is a special
sort of little person with his body in perfect proportion. Only
a few little people have that. Most have some deformities."

"So he's a midget, like General Tom Thumb?"

"They don't like the term midget. Little person is the nicest
way to refer to them."

Mom said that she has their new phone number and will call later.
"I set up a welcome basket and we can go over and make a call on

End of Part One. Don't give up, hot sex around the corner.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Shawn And The Little Person - Shawn And The Little Person 1