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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Shower Boy

Date: Mon, 21 Sep 1998 01:39:23 GMT
From: (Mikey Mark)
Subject: Shower Boy (m/t oral/anal/bond/cons)

WARNING: The following text contains scenes of textual nudity and graphic
sex between consenting teenaged males. If you are offended by such
material, or are under the legal age of consent to read such material please
do not read any further. All persons and events depicted in the following
story are entirely fictitious. Any resemblance to those living or dead is
purely coincidental and a product of the author's over-active imagination.

* * *


by Mikey Mark

* * *

I remember the first time I saw young Alex Baldwin. For me it
was love at first sight, though I did not know it at the time. At
first I thought it was just another run of the mill case of lust. It
wasn't for another year or two before I could honestly say I was in
love with him. But anyway, I am getting ahead of myself here so I
shall return to the story.

It was June 1980. I was living then in a small one bedroom plus
den condominium apartment. There were two high-rise buildings with a
rec-centre, squash courts, weight room, party room, indoor pool, sauna
and sundeck sitting on the ground between the two. A fairly standard
design. I was lying in a chaise lounge on the sundeck. It was a
Sunday in early June and I had taken the morning paper down with me,
along with a thermos of coffee to enjoy the sunshine. My condo balcony
faced west and did not get any sun until about three or four o'clock in
the afternoon.

There I was sitting, reading the paper and smoking a cigarette
when a boy steps out onto the sundeck. He had just gotten out of the
swimming pool and was standing dripping in a green speedo bathing suit
and a threadbare towel wrapped around his scrawny shoulders. He looked
to be about twelve years old and five foot nothing. Cute smile and a
mop of wet hair. I was entranced.

I made to pour myself another cup of coffee to avoid having to
read the newspaper open in front of me. I didn't want to continue
reading. I wanted to sit and stare at the cute boy in the speedo. I
was anxiously waiting the opportunity to see the front of his bathing
suit amidst the swirl of the towel about his shoulders. He had walked
across the deck to the far side to look out over the ravine.

With my newspaper discreetly set aside and a fresh coffee in my
hand I sat back in the chaise lounge to admire the view also. There
were only a couple of other people there, but they didn't seem to be
too interested in either me or the boy.

Eventually he tired of the view and began to walk towards me. I
could see a very promising bulge in his speedo. He sat down on a
chaise lounge about twenty feet away, directly in my line of sight.
With his hands behind his head and his legs stretched out, I had a
clear view of his basket. It began to dawn on me that I was cruising
this kid's crotch and he couldn't be more than twelve years old! Mind
you, by the size of his crotch I wouldn't be surprised if he were a bit
older than I first guessed.

Gradually, I got a hold on my hormones and dedicated my attention
to the newspaper once again, sparing only occasional, innocent glances
at the boy. As the sun dried his hair I could see that it was dirty
blond, golden in the sunlight. He had blue eyes and a sweet, happy

Two cigarettes later the boy got up and went inside. I fought the
urge to follow him into the change-room, though my eyes did follow his
cute little bum in that tight little speedo as he walked to the door.
I didn't see him again for about six months.

I had almost forgotten about the boy when I ran into him in the
lobby of the other building. I had just dropped off a cheque at the
office for the maintenance fees and was on my way back when I saw him.
He was wearing blue jeans and a ski jacket. It took me only a moment
to place his angelic face. He was with another boy about the
same age and they looked as though they had just been in a snowball
fight on the way in. Their faces were pink and their pants and boots
were caked in snow in that dishevelled look of joyous boyhood.

I smiled to share in their laughter and was rewarded with a smile
from the boy. Oh what a smile. I wanted to kiss him and run my
fingers through his mop of dirty blond hair. I wanted to chase him and
make him laugh. I wanted to pull his too-loose jeans down to his knees
and suck on his young cock. I imagined first that he was a virgin,
innocent of the kind of things that desired to do to him. Then I
dreamed that he was not a virgin, that he was a boy wise beyond his
years, playing hard to get, but secretly craving to have me ravish him.

As it turned out, he was neither, but again I am getting ahead of
myself. It was about two months after the time I saw him in the lobby.
It was a grey and windy winter evening. I went down to the pool for a
swim and a sauna as was my regular habit. There were a few handsome
young men and more than a few cute boys who lived in the complex and I
was always hopeful of catching one or two of them in the change room or
better yet, in the sauna or showers. I had managed a few good sights
since I had lived in that building and was expecting many more.

As it happened, it was a stroke of pure luck. Just as I standing
there unlocking the change-room door, none other than the cute boy whose
green speedo I remembered so fondly walks through the far door from the
other building. The lobby of the rec-center served as the only direct
indoor link between the two buildings. He was wearing a T-shirt,
sweat-pants and running shoes, carrying a rolled up towel. I could not
believe my luck!

I opened the door and allowed my young friend to go in before me.
He smiled bashfully and went ahead. Inside, I chose a bench diagonal
to the young lad and sat down to undress. My insides were churning
with nervous tension, but I managed to make myself go slowly. Be
careful, make the most of the opportunity, don't blow it, blow the kid.

I don't remember what I said, but it wasn't very much. I knew
that I was the one who had to break the ice and so I did. A few
friendly words and a smile. Besides, once you talk to someone in your
underwear you have to be friends.

I tried not to stare at him, but I couldn't help straining for a
good look when he stepped out of his underwear and into his swimsuit.
Unfortunately, I didn't get much of a look and it wasn't that same
green speedo. Instead he had on a pair of boxer style nylon trunks in
bright garish colors.

He went straight out into the pool while I had a quick shower. I
didn't want to follow him too closely. When I came out to the pool he
was already in and splashing about. I asked him how the water was and
tried to impress the kid with my best splashless dive.

I immediately began to swim my requisite thirty lengths of the
pool to work of my excitement. The boy amused himself by ducking
underwater and swimming in circles interspersed with the occasional
dive. When I finished my laps I rested in the corner across from him.
We exchanged a few more words and a smile. When I got out of the pool,
he followed me into the change room. I began to get very excited again
although after the swim my body was very relaxed.

Once inside I immediately took of my swimsuit and stood there in
the middle of the change-room above the drain to squeeze it out. I
hoped to encourage the boy by example and it worked. I finally got a
good look at his cock while he was standing there ringing out his
trunks. He had a good sized cock for a boy his age. He was still
hairless but his balls had definitely dropped downwards as well. He
looked much bigger than most hairless boys. In fact, despite the
shriveling effect of the swimming pool, he looked almost adult sized
already, just missing the adult patch of pubic hair.

I hurried to the shower to hide my growing interest in the boy's
figure. A stream of cold water does wonders to cool the passions. The
boy sees my half hard cock. I cannot help it. The boy is less than
half of my age and I want to do things to him that are illegal. The
boy smiles at me. I wrap my towel around my midriff and head for the

Seeing the boy in the shower interrupted my simple journey. He
was standing with his back against the wall of the cubicle and the
stream of water directed onto his erect dick. When he sees me looking
he smiles, seemingly embarrassed, and turns his back. I step into the
shower barely able to concentrate. The boy just showed me his boner
and I was bound and determined to suck on it.

Daring to keep up the pace, I sat naked in the sauna with my towel
around my neck. I had half a hardon from seeing the kid's boner in the
shower and was trying my best to keep my down. I half succeeded when
the kid came into the sauna with his towel wrapped tight around his
waist. I suggested he throw some more water on the rocks for steam and
he joined me on the upper bench.

We were chatting and sweating in the heat when we got around to
the introductions. I only had half and erection when I shook the boy's
hand. His name was Alex. I lost it completely when he turned to sit
with his back against the wall hugging his knees. With his towel
around his waist and sitting like that he might have felt as though he
were covered up but from the position I was sitting in I had clear view
of his youthful cock and balls hanging between his legs. His balls
almost reached down to the wood bench we were sitting on and his dick
kind of pointed towards me in a half-erect state.

I hit the jackpot when I told Alex that I had an electric
keyboard in my apartment. He thought this was the greatest thing in
the world and begged to come up to my place to see it. As this was my
reason for bring it up in the first place I readily agreed that he
could come up to my apartment anytime he wanted to and play it. I told
him my apartment number and got up to get out of the sauna. I decided
to quit quickly now while I was ahead.

He followed me out of the sauna and into the showers. I wondered
if I would get another view of his boner in the shower. I showered
quickly and stepped out to see him. His back was towards me but he
turned to show his erection once again. He grinned and I smiled and
laughed and pulled at my own half hard cock.

Doing my damnedest to keep calm and respectable I sat down at the
bench and dried off. I was just beginning to dress when Alex stepped
out of the shower and padded over to the opposite bench. His erection
had subsided somewhat, I suppose that was what kept him in the shower
so long. He bashfully announced that showers always seemed to give him
an erection and proceeded to dry himself off. I laughed and agreed
with him that showers felt great. With a great deal of ulterior
motives I told him about the shower-massage unit I just installed in
the bathroom of my condo.

Thankfully I had my underwear on when the boy dried his hair. He
stood there naked, facing towards me and bent over slightly with his
towel draped over his head. He then proceeded to give his head a
vigorous rub-down and in the process I watched his half-hard dick slap
back and forth wildly. When he stopped and removed the towel from his
head he looked like some wild lost boy from the jungle. His mop of
hair was all tangled up and he was grinning bashfully. I could barely
take my eyes off of him I think he knew it.

I said good-bye to him just outside the change-room and went
upstairs to jerk-off. I did it twice more that night thinking about
the boy. He showed up at my door three days later.

It was the early evening, a Friday night. I invited him in and
showed him around. There wasn't much to the place, but Alex had eyes
only for my stereo and keyboard. As it turned out he had taken piano
lessons and was quite good. I let him fool around with it for quite a
while, enjoying the sight of him, savouring my desire.

I was searching for a way into Alex's pants when he asked if he
could take a shower to try out the shower massager. He said he had
never tried one before and wanted to check one out. I certainly agreed
to his request and figuring that this boy was meant to be mine I showed
him how to operate it and gave him a fresh towel. He asked me to leave
the door open so he could hear the stereo.

I tried to busy my self with something while Alex played in the
shower. I knew what he was going to be doing in there. I waited a
sufficient length of time to make sure that he had time to enjoy
himself. Then I stepped into the bathroom and told Alex I had to take
a pee. While I was standing there doing my business Alex pulled back
the shower curtain to inform me that my shower massage is the coolest
thing in the world. I told him that he should try taking the nozzle
off of the mounting and holding it under his balls. He pretended a
look of shock at my suggestion but he wasted no time in closing the
shower curtain and trying it out.

I gather he liked it on account of noise he started to make. When
I finished pissing I asked him if he was enjoying himself. He pulled
back the curtain and sprayed me with water. I pretended to be mad and
lunged back at him. Thoroughly soaked I began to peel off my clothes.
Alex merely stood in the shower with the curtain held back watching me
and laughing.

Once I was naked I stepped into the shower. Alex did not seem to
object to my joining him. I reached for control of the shower nozzle.
Once I had it put it between the boys legs he began to make than noise
again. The noise dropped a pitch lower when I aimed the pulsing spray at
his tight little hole. I could not stand it much longer. I put the spray
nozzle back on the bracket and took the boy in my arms. I kissed him and
played with his erection.

Alex met my kiss with his tongue. He loved to kiss. We squirmed
about trying to get comfortable, standing in the shower, kissing, he
only as tall as my chin. Eventually I got him astride my knee with my
foot on the ledge and his back against the wall, the stream of water
aimed directly between us. I stroked his smooth boner in the cascade.
The size of it amazed me. It was hairless like a young boy's, but
erect it was exactly the same size as my own seven inch cock.

It surprised me when he came. I half expected that he might be
too young. But he did. It was really rather wild. He started to
shake just before it happened. I looked down at his cock just as it
shot out. If I hadn't have been watching I wouldn't have known he had
come because the stream of pulsating water washed away all evidence of
it immediately. As for Alex, he still wanted to kiss and I had a
raging hardon. Enough with the shower already.

I turned off the water and dried each other off. Alex was very
playful and it reminded me just how young he was. I pretended to snap
at him with my towel as a whip. Laughing, he raced off to the bedroom.
I followed him.

He jumped me when I stepped through the door and I carried him
piggy back to the bed where I threw him down. His dick was still hard
and so was mine. I laid down on top of him and began to kiss him.
Every inch of him. His face, his cheeks, his eyelashes, ears, neck,
shoulders, arms, armpits, chest, stomach, pelvis, thighs, calves, feet,
and finally, the big toe. He moaned, quivered, shivered, giggled, or
twitched at various points. His skin was smooth as silk and absolutely
hairless except for some long blond hairs on his forearms.

I loved the sight of his dick. I couldn't get over how similar in
size and shape it was to mine except that this kid was only thirteen
years old and still hairless. The kid even had adult sized balls. Not
large, but not small, but they hung lower than mine. But most of all,
he was lying on my bed naked and waiting for me to suck on him. And
that is what I did after first licking and teasing his balls until I
had him squirming.

Sensing that Alex was getting close to coming again before I had
managed to come even once made me pull back from his deliciously
suckable young prick. I climbed up onto the bed and laid down with

He crawled up to me and we began to kiss again. He loved to kiss.
We ended up in a sixty-nine. This kid was no virgin to cocksucking
that's for sure. He grabbed my dick at the base with one hand and
sucked down the rest. The kid was a good cocksucker and had me getting
close fairly quickly. He was on his hands and knees above me, his
smooth seven inch boner buried down my throat and his ballsack in my
eyes. He alternated between sucking on my cock and jacking it. It was

I pulled his cock out of my mouth to warn the boy that I was
getting close to coming. He pulled his mouth off and jacked me off
with a mad frenzy. Knowing I was very close I just sucked in Alex's
cock that was waving only inches from my face. I swallowed it whole
and thrust my pelvis upwards with the beginning of my orgasm.

It flew everywhere and Alex had more than a few drips on his face
when he turned to look at me. My chest was covered with it. We
laughed and played, wet and sticky until he added to the mess. It was
really neat the way his whole body would shake just before he came.

Noticing the time, Alex dressed quickly and left. It was kind of
like a whirlwind. There I was standing there in an old pair of sweat-
pants with the boy's cum still damp on my chest and the smell of sex in
the air and he flies out the door. It was only nine o'clock. The boy
was only thirteen.

After that first wild Friday night session, Alex began to drop by
my apartment. Infrequently at first, every other week or so, always
with a reason for coming over. After a couple of months he began to
stop by more frequently, every week, sometimes twice, until he became a
rather regular fixture in my life. He just sort of grew into the role.

And grow he did! When I first made out with Alex in the shower
back in the winter, he stood up to my chin and his dick was exactly the
same size as my own and totally hairless. Nine months later, when
Alex got back from spending most of the summer with his father out on
the west coast, he stood up to my nose and his dick had grown almost
two inches. It was incredible.

The first day that I saw him after the summer was about two weeks
into September. I hadn't seen him since the first of July weekend. He
got back home on Labor Day weekend. He entered high school that year
in grade nine. He had grown and was all decked out in new clothes when
I saw him. He looked cuter than all hell wearing brand running shoes
and jeans. His hair was longer now, hanging in his face. I wanted

He showed up the following evening around eight o'clock. As
usual, he had with him a rolled up towel and his bathing suit. His
mother thought he was going swimming or to work out in the weight room.
He would always arrive between 7:30 and 8:00 p.m. on weekday nights
carrying his towel and trunks. He watched the clock carefully and
always jumped for the showers and was out by nine. In that hour
between eight and nine, Alex wanted sex.

That day was no exception. Alex came in and told me he had to
model his new bathing suit. Needless to say, for Alex, this was
merely an excuse to strip naked in the middle of my living room. When
I saw his dick I knew that it had grown as well as the rest of him
although it was still soft when he stripped.

He stood there letting me admire his body. I hadn't seen it in a
while and was drinking in the beauty of his youth. He liked to show
off. He put on his new suit and posed and flexed his boyish muscles.
I of course followed his lead and admired his new cool jams although I
preferred him in a speedo. I had to feel the fabric and admire the
fit. It didn't take long for me to have them down to his ankles.

His cock was huge. It had grown almost two inches. It was now
almost nine inches long and five inches around. There was a small
patch of curly brown pubic hairs at the base of his dick. He was
grinning like the stupid teenaged kid that he was. He actually laughed
at me when I choked on his dick trying to swallow it. I was not
deterred however.

By switching positions into a sixty-nine I could easily still take
the whole of his cock into my mouth. He was quite a mouthful, but
manageable. This was always my favorite position. I found it easiest
to swallow a cock in this way. Alex fucked my mouth and sucked me
off. After the this first quick orgasm, Alex liked to sit back and
smoke a cigarette and play with himself.

He was definitely a two-fister now. I was mesmerized. The sight
of that boy sprawled on the couch flailing away with both hands at that
huge dick is a picture I'll never forget.

Eventually he would ask me to help him. This meant that his arms
were tired. I would take over jacking him off and we would kiss. He
was always a passionate kisser. He loved to be kissed and jacked off.
Sometimes he would jack me as well and we would race, but other times
he preferred just to lie there and enjoy it.

Alex set the pace for our relationship. It was always he who
called or arrived at my door, and it was he who initiated sex. He
liked to change positions alot and he directed me around. It was
really quite strange, he being only fourteen years old and I was
thirty-eight. It didn't matter to me at all. I considered Alex a
gift from the Gods and cherished every moment I spent with him. In the
back of my mind I knew that it would not last forever, Alex would grow
up and no longer be a boy. It had to end. In the meantime, I enjoyed

I most especially enjoyed fucking him. He liked it best when I
gave him a full body massage that culminated with a full bottom
massage, rim-job, finger-fuck, and finally, my cock. That was the way
I did it the first time and he always liked it that way.

Like I said, Alex set the pace, and since he usually only had an
hour, he indicated what he wanted and we did it. Sometimes he would
want a massage. That meant he wanted me to fuck him. Other times he
wanted to neck on the couch. That meant that he wanted me to jerk him
off. If he followed me around the apartment, that meant he wanted me
to get on my knees and suck him off standing up. If he kissed me in
the hallway that meant he wanted me to fuck him on the floor. If he
starts to wrestle, that meant he wants to fuck me. The rest of the
time Alex just pulled out his dick and started to play with himself.
This was always an invitation to suck him off.

For his fourteenth birthday I got him, at his request, a pair of
hand-cuffs. He wanted to try them on immediately so I locked his
hands behind his back. I then proceeded to give him his real birthday

I placed an old wooden straight-backed chair behind him, removed
his T-shirt and dropped his jeans to his ankles. I then sat him down
in the chair and sucked him off. I showed no mercy and sucked him as
fast as I could. When he tensed up and started to shake I just sucked
harder and faster. After that I played with his dick and kissed him.
I wanted him to enjoy this. When his dick was almost fully hard again
I lubed it up and crouched over him sitting in the chair and slowly sat
on it.

I rode the kid sitting in the chair until my legs were exhausted
with the effort. In the end I was reduced to rocking back and forth.
His dick was huge and the pain and pleasure of all made me almost
delirious. Anyway, I rode him until he came a second time, his legs
stretched straight out and shaking like a leaf.

When he stopped shaking I got off of him and got a hot wet towel
to clean him up. Then, using a feather on his nipples and balls, I
managed to coax another erection out of him. This time I lubed up his
cock and jacked him off. I used both hands on his beautiful nine inch
dick. I was only half-hard, but Alex was certainly enjoying it.

By alternately kissing him and licking his ears while jerking him
off with lube, I had Alex squirming and shaking with his third orgasm.
There wasn't much too it and it didn't shoot very far, but Alex was
squirming wildly. I didn't stop. Alex's cum just mixed in with the
lube and I kept on stroking him. His cock started to soften but with
my constant attention it stayed half-hard.

I switched positions with him for the last one. I sat on the chair
and had him sit on my cock facing me. Since he was handcuffed I had
to hold him on with one arm and I used my other one to jack him off.
He twitched and squirmed like wild but eventually, after I had switched
hands twice, he clasped himself rigid and shot another load onto my
chest. With that, he collapsed in exhaustion. I took pity upon him and
undid the handcuffs. Apparently, young Alex was very pleased with
his birthday present.

Our hot little sessions continued like that throughout the whole
school year. Alex averaged practically an orgasm per hour that he spent
at my apartment. He always wanted to come twice. Just as soon as I
sucked him off and swallowed a heavy load of his delicious sweet young
boy-cum, he would start to play with himself to keep it half-hard. He
showed up one Sunday morning around nine a.m. and managed to shoot
two hot loads down my throat, one load up my ass, a fourth on my chest
while sitting on my cock and a fifth one jacked off on to the coffee table
just before he left at six to go home for dinner! He was a pretty horny
kid alright. Unfortunately, Alex's family moved out of our building shortly
after that so I didn't get to see much more of him. I can only imagine what
he's like now all grown up.

End of File

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Shower Boy