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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Sissyboy School Spirit

Date: Wed, 5 May 2010 15:10:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Beautiful Creamer <>
Subject: Sissyboy School Spirit (gay adult-youth)

Sissyboy School Spirit (gay adult-youth)
By Beautiful Creamer

Episode One -- The Kissing Booth

One -- First Kisses

It was a perfect, October, Friday afternoon at Saint Pederasta Day School.
Roger Buggerboy, headmaster, looked out of his office window at the
brilliant yellow and red leaves, then back at his precious "Boner Book."

A collection of his favorite, former Saint Pederasta Day School students.
All naked, of course. All beautiful.

Dr. Buggerboy had at least three pictures of each boy in his delightful
scrapbook. A full-length, full-frontal-nudity, glamour shot of each
smiling, gorgeous, erotically erect boy. Another where the boy is
kneeling, pretty face drenched with Dr. Buggerboy's thick sperm. A third
where the boy is looking back over his shoulder at the camera, which has
captured the boy's open, cum-drooling bottomhole.


Such wonderful memories. Twenty-three years worth.

But new memories were imminent.

Dr. Buggerboy answered his secretary's intercom buzz.

"Brandon and Giovanni are here for their appointment, Dr. Buggerboy," Miss
Primbum's electronic voice said.

Dr. Buggerboy smiled. And his fat cock twitched. "Thank you Miss
Primbum," he said. "Please show them in."

Dr. Buggerboy slid the Boner Book into its special desk drawer and watched
in anticipation as the door opened.

Brandon Bedready And Giovanni Spermino entered Dr. Buggerboy's office.
Looking a bit nervous at being summoned to the headmaster for no apparent

Brandon and Giovanni were good boys. Very good boys. Eleven-year-old,
sixth-graders. Obedient, cooperative boys who still could not believe
their good fortune at having been admitted as full-scholarship students to
their city's most elite school for sixth- through eighth-grade boys.

Dr. Buggerboy gasped at the sight of them. Surely they were the two
prettiest boys ever admitted to Saint Pederasta Day School. And
Dr. Buggerboy always made a point of admitting at least 20 scholarship
beauties in each class of 100 boys.

Brandon was a stunning redhead. Giovanni was the deliciously dirty blond.

Both boys were slim and painfully innocent.

Time to change the latter, Dr. Buggerboy thought.

"Have a seat, boys. Don't worry. You're not in trouble or anything. Just
the opposite."

The boys sighed in relief and sat as directed. Showing Dr. Buggerboy a bit
more of their creamy thighs below their regulation Saint Pederasta Day
School short-shorts.

Dr. Buggerboy gulped. Then recovered and said, "Boys, you've been here two
months and all reports have been excellent. So good, in fact that you've
been selected to participate in Saint Pederasta Day School's quarterly
fun-raiser. We call it that, because we make raising funds fun."

The boys looked at each other. It sounded like an honor, but they wanted
to hear more. They got their wish.

"Scholarship boys are asked to participate in fun-raisers as a condition of
their free tuition and fees, but I'm sure you'll want to do your part for
your school, right boys?"

Brandon and Giovanni nodded in agreement. They had as much school spirit
as the next boy.

"What would you like us to do, Dr. Buggerboy?" Brandon asked.

"Just spend two very pleasant hours manning one of our booths at the
fun-raiser. You'll have a good time and you'll make some nice pocket money
too. Probably more that $200 each. Maybe $300."

The boys' eyes got wide. They had never had that kind of money.

It all sounded so good until the curious Giovanni asked, "What kind of
booth is it, sir?"

Dr. Buggerboy smiled lupinely.

"The easiest, most pleasant kind, Giovanni. It's a kissing booth."


Brandon and Giovanni looked at each other, then at Dr. Buggerboy in
confusion. A kissing booth?

Brandon asked, "You mean the kind where men come up to a lady, and give her
a dollar for a kiss? My mom told me about those in the olden days."

Giovanni nodded. It must be that. And the boys would collect money or

But no.

Dr. Buggerboy said, "Not exactly. It's the kind of booth where men come up
to you boys, give Saint Pederasta Day School $50, of which you get $5, and
the men kiss you."

An icepick of fear stabbed each boy's heart.

Was Dr. Buggerboy crazy?

He wanted Brandon and Giovanni to kiss men??? For money???

Boys kissing men?


Besides, no men would ever want that.

Would they?

Dr. Buggerboy was enjoying the boys' obvious discomfort. "Do you have a
problem with helping your school, boys?"

The perfect question.

The boys didn't want to be slackers, but kissing men?!?!?!?

"We never...we didn't...we..." Giovanni sputtered.

"You've never been kissed? Is that what you're saying, boys?"

The boys nodded eagerly. That should clear up the misunderstanding. Then
the boys could sell tickets or even clean up after the fun-raiser. Yeah.
That was it.

Dr. Buggerboy wasn't buying it. "Of course. I understand that. I would
be surprised if you had been kissed. That's why you being in the kissing
booths will be best for the fun-raiser. A boy's innocence is very
attractive to a man."

Dr. Buggerboy would apparently not be denied. For the first time, the boys
began to believe that they would have to go through with the kissing-booth
atrocity. Way back, when they got their scholarships, their parents had
warned them that they might have to "earn" their scholarships at some

Was the bill due?


Dr. Buggerboy took charge of the situation and the trembling boys. "Look,
kissing men is lots of fun. Most of the boys at Saint Pederasta Day School
have kissed men many times."

A half-sobbing Giovanni asked, "They have?"

Dr. Buggerboy smiled sweetly. "Of course. And kissing is easy, but it
takes a little practice."



"Would you like me to show you how it's done?"

Brandon was ready to say that he would rather cut his own guts out. But
before he could, Giovanni said, "OK. I mean since we have to do the booths
and all."

Brandon looked at his pretty friend with amazement and a soupcon of

Dr. Buggerboy knew the dynamic. And responded appropriately. "All right,
Giovanni. I'll show you first. Then if Brandon wants to practice, he can
too. Just climb up onto my lap, Giovanni. That's the best way for good

Brandon almost puked at the thought of sitting on Dr. Buggerboy's lap and
kissing him. But he watched as his friend shyly sat on Dr. Buggerboy's
left thigh. Leaving the right thigh vacant. For Brandon. Except Brandon
wasn't sitting there. Ever.

"You're very pretty, Giovanni." Dr. Buggerboy said. Despite himself,
Giovanni smiled at the praise.

And despite himself, Brandon felt a pang of jealousy. Everyone told
Brandon he was pretty. Very pretty. And he knew he was prettier than

"Look into my eyes and part your pretty lips a little, sweetheart,"
Dr. Buggerboy said to Giovanni. The man noted with delight the involuntary
"tenting" in Giovanni's regulation Saint Pederasta Day School short-shorts.

Giovanni did as he was told. A very good trait in a gorgeous sissyboy. He
parted his soft, virginal lips a few millimeters and closed his eyes as
Dr. Buggerboy leaned forward and placed his manly lips across the angel's

Four things happened.

First, Dr. Buggerboy erected fiercely and quickly as he snogged away with
the boy in a series of soft, expert, though as-yet tongue-free kisses.

Second, Giovanni gasped in obvious delight as he hosted a man's ardent
advances for the first time. The pleasure of feeling a man's lips on his
own, in tribute to the boy's spectacular beauty was almost overwhelming.

Third, Brandon groaned as he witnessed his friend's violation. Or because
he wasn't the one being violated.

And fourth, Brandon's three-and-a-half-inch masterpiece became painfully
erect and his balls ached as he watched Dr. Buggerboy make things even
snoggier by sliding his rude tongue into his friend's mouth.

Oh the shame Brandon felt for Giovanni! Surrendering to the filthy,
disgusting advances of an obvious pervert.

And the way the poor boy was gasping and panting as Dr. Buggerboy made love
to Giovanni's wet, welcoming mouth!

Would his friend ever recover from such a humiliation?

And why were Brandon's ears flaming hot?

The disgusting display went on for only three minutes and 43 seconds, but
it seemed endless to Brandon. And not nearly long enough to Giovanni.

Brandon was trembling. Thinking that maybe, despite Brandon's obvious
revulsion at the prospect, Dr. Buggerboy would FORCE Brandon to sit on his
lap and submit to the man's kiss-lust as Giovanni had so ignominiously

But that didn't happen.

Instead, Dr. Buggerboy said, "That was delicious, Giovanni. You'll be the
most popular boy at the kissing booths tomorrow. Thank you so much for
allowing me to kiss you, though I don't need to teach you anything. You're
a natural. You boys can go back to class now and I'll see you tomorrow at
10 at the school gym."

Brandon was startled.

He was being dismissed? Without even being offered a kiss? And Giovanni
had gotten all the praise and prediction that he would be the "popular boy
at the kissing booths?"

Forget that!

"Wait!" Brandon fairly shouted.

Dr. Buggerboy and Giovanni (who was still sitting on Dr. Buggerboy's lap)
looked at Brandon.

Dr. Buggerboy thought to himself, "This is way too easy," but what he said
was, "I'm sorry, Honey. Did you want some kissing practice too?"

Brandon's cock twitched at the "Honey." He was confused, but he listened
to his hormones, which suggested he say, "OK. I mean, please,
Dr. Buggerboy."

Dr. Buggerboy had him.

"Of course, Brandon. Hop up onto my other thigh here. That's it. Oh my
goodness, I have the two prettiest boys who've ever been at Saint Pederasta
Day School, right here on my lap."

Giovanni blushed at the praise.

Brandon blushed too, despite his distaste at being called "pretty."

Brandon trembled too, as Dr. Buggerboy instructed him on proper mouth
posture and lip pressure. He wanted to listen, but he was looking across
at Giovanni, who was smiling sweetly at Brandon. And looking extremely

His balls ached worse. A new feeling for the innocent beauty. And very

Dr. Buggerboy's sudden, mouth-to-mouth "assault" confused Brandon even

Brandon didn't want to like being kissed one tiny little bit. Maybe
kissing Jenny Spreadlegs, whom he knew in 5th Grade, would have been fun.
But not

So it was both disappointing and wildly exciting when Brandon discovered
that he adored being kissed by Dr. Buggerboy.

The man was a great kisser. And, while Brandon had no basis for
comparison, he knew that the feeling of Dr. Buggerboy's lips on his lips,
the smell of the headmaster's manly musk and the intrusion of the man's
talented tongue onto his boyish mouth all made him feel the urge for more.

More kissing.

More tongue.

More man.

Dr. Buggerboy knew that at that stage of seduction, he had to leave the
boys wanting more. So, reluctantly, he broke off the sweet kissing at the
boy's height of arousal.

And more reluctantly, he removed the two steamy boys from his lap and said,
"Thank you, my darlings. You're both angels and I'm so happy you're in our
school. I'll be at the fun-raiser tomorrow and I hope you'll give me a
kiss or two for free."

Giovanni smiled coquettishly at that, but Brandon said, out loud, "Sure,
sir. Whatever you want."

"Thank you, Brandon," Dr. Buggerboy said. He was sure that he would be
getting whatever he wanted from both boys in short order. And he wanted a

"One last thing," Dr. Buggerboy said as the boys stood and gathered
themselves to leave (despite their protruding stiffies). "To prepare best
for tomorrow, I recommend that you practice kissing each other. I believe
you'll be attending a sleepover tonight at the Bedreadys... That would be
a good time to practice. When you're alone. In your jammies. In bed."

How did he know about the sleepover?

And could Brandon kiss his friend the way Dr. Buggerboy had kissed the

Would Giovanni want to?

Did Brandon want to?

Oh yes. And oh yes.

As soon as Brandon and Giovanni left, did a highly steamed-up Dr. Buggerboy
ask Miss Primbum to "Send David in, please," and did Dr. Buggerboy and
David, a lovely eighth grader and a long-time lover of Dr. Buggerboy, fuck
for two hours straight?

Another big "oh yes."

Two -- Practice

That night, Brandon's Daddy, Randy Bedready, watched Brandon and Giovanni
enter the family room to say good night to him.

Mrs. Bedready had been out of town, at her mother's, for two weeks and
Randy's "bag" was very full.

Every time he looked at his beautiful, sexy, innocent young son, however,
it took very little effort to empty said "bag" with his own fingers.

That night, looking at both young beauties was almost more than he could

Made him think of this scenario:

"It says here in the complaint, Mr. Bedready, that you were having a
sleepover for your son and another boy while your wife was out of town and
that you `willfully and wantonly fucked said boys for 36 consecutive
hours.' You do know that in addition to being an amazing feat, that's a
crime, don't you, Mr. Bedready?"

"Yes, your honor. But just look at them. So fuckable! And they were
wearing white, see-through, linen nightshirts! I saw their pretty `boy's
things' all stiff, achy and dangly and...well, I'm only human, your honor."

"Yes, I can see that the boys are indeed highly fuckable. Highly. No one
could really blame you and no jury would convict you. I'm dropping the
charges in exchange for, say, two hours in my chambers with the boys."

"Done. Thank you, your honor."

That would be a reasonable, logical scenario. Daddy knew that. But he
figured he had better be sure, at least, that the boys wanted men.

After the kissing booths the next day, they'd all know for sure. And maybe
Daddy could steal a kiss or two for himself.

Daddy knew all about the kissing booths. Dr. Buggerboy had laid out the
entire agenda to the scholarship parents early on. Mrs. Bedready was a bit
concerned, but she wanted her son to graduate from the best schools. Like
any red-blooded American Daddy would, Randy Bedready hoped it would all
lead to some Brandon-fucking.

Two weeks ago, right after his wife left town, Daddy had given Brandon his
first white, see-through, linen nightshirt. The little angel blushed a
little at first, since it was a bit revealing, but Daddy could tell that
the boy liked the way it made him look. It didn't take much effort to
convince Giovanni to wear one of Brandon's nightshirts when he slept over,
which was usually on Fridays.

Giovanni was way more of a prickteaser than Brandon.

And Daddy's prick was the one being teased.

What would that judge say to him again?

Anyway, that night, the two little cockraisers came into the family room,
where Daddy was watching a ball game, for a chaste, good night peck on the

Daddy's cock was stiff as titanium-reinforced iron as Giovanni stood before
him in pre-kiss mode. The boy's cock was visible through the sheer linen
and very, very erect.

Daddy sighed. Was all that for him? Or in anticipation of the things that
he and Brandon would do when they got into Brandon's double bed and the
lights went out?

"Good night, Mr. Bedready," Giovanni said. Then he leaned over and kissed
Daddy sweetly on the cheek.



But then...

As Giovanni withdrew from the cheek kiss, he brushed his lips across
Daddy's lips. Even extending his tongue for a microsecond.

Oh my.

Before Daddy could generate enough sexual heat to commit a fun-loving
felony, Brandon stepped in, said, "Good night, Daddy" and gave him his
usual soft cheek kiss. Except...

Brandon lost his balance for a moment and, to brace himself, he grabbed
Daddy's embarrassingly stiff cock and held it for a two count. He then
squeezed it gently and released it.

Which could have been completely innocent.

Though probably not.

Whatever those boys were learning at Saint Pederasta Day School, Daddy
liked it!

The boys then turned around and giggling schoolboyishly, walked out of the
room. Giving Daddy a nice view of their perfect, see-through-linen-clad

Poor Daddy.

Thank goodness he had picked up the latest copy of Sissy Boy magazine that
evening when he went to the grocery store. It was the annual "Sissy Boy
Sleepover" issue, which portrayed the fun-loving antics of the world's
prettiest boys playing games that were far better than any game system
could ever devise. Daddy took it and a full bottle of Slickyboy
masturbation lubricant into his bathroom and settled down for an evening of
self-inflicted dehydration.

What went on within the pages of that week's Sissy Boy was far more
"thorough" than what went on in Brandon's room that lovely evening.

But it was still fun and educational.

"Do you always tease your Daddy like that, Brandon?" Giovanni asked.

Brandon gave Giovanni an innocent, "Who, me?" look, then giggled. "I guess
I know my Daddy thinks I'm pretty. Maybe he wants to kiss me. I just like
to kid around with him."

Giovanni, the slightly more worldly of the pair, was pretty sure that
Brandon's Daddy wanted to do a lot more than kiss him. Giovanni's own
Daddy, Tony Spermino, looked at Giovanni the way Brandon's Daddy looked at
Brandon. It made him feel good...mostly. Until that day Giovanni
discovered his Daddy's stack of Sissy Boy magazines.

The things that men and boys did in those periodicals!

Scary things!

Though some of the things looked like fun too. And and
boys...seemed to be enjoying themselves a lot.

Giovanni wasn't really thinking about all that. He was thinking about what
would happen when he got into bed with Brandon. And they "practiced"

Would Brandon chicken out?

Giovanni didn't think so.

Which meant it was going to be a night to remember for them both.

Brandon was pretty shy when he pulled back the covers on his side of the
bed and got in. Giovanni followed, but neither turned out the lights right
away. Or touched the other boy, until...

"I...I guess we'd better practice if we want to help the school tomorrow,"
Brandon said.

Sure. It was all about school spirit.

Giovanni knew batter. He wanted to kiss Brandon and Brandon wanted to kiss

Both boys were lying on their backs, not touching.

Since Brandon had made the first verbal move, Giovanni made the first
physical move. He leaned onto his right side, moved a strand of hair from
Brandon's face, said, "You're the prettiest boy in school," and placed his
lips atop his friend's lips.

Skyrockets in flight.

Forget those chaste little half kisses, with minimal tongue that
Dr. Buggerboy had given the boys in his office.

Brandon and Giovanni kissed like sex-starved, hormone ravaged, newly

Tongues devouring each other's mouths. Mouths devouring each other's






Surprisingly, in an impulse of lust-crazed passion, Brandon reached under
his friend's nightshirt and grabbed Giovanni's cock.

Brandon knew he had to grab his friend's cock -- HAD TO! But had no idea
what to do with it.

As a reader of Sissy Boy, Giovanni knew, in theory, about "skinning and

He held Brandon's tiny stiffie in his soft hand and began to manipulate the
tender knob with his fingers. It felt so good that Brandon stopped mauling
Giovanni's cock and followed his friend's delightful lead.

So the boys caressed each other's pricklets as they kissed and drank deeply
of each other's virginal carnality.

Neither had ever had an orgasm before that night. Dry or wet.

Brandon broke that unenviable streak first.

Something wonderful was happening within Brandon. He could feel it
approaching. But he had no clue what form it would take.

So when the boy's poor, sore testicles finally detonated, it scared him a
bit. But pleased him much more.

It was a powerful first cum. And a wet one. Moist would be a more
descriptive word. Three large drops of sweet nectar oozed out, making
Brandon think he had peed himself. But he was enjoying himself so much
that he didn't care.

Giovanni was a bit envious and began to think that his body wasn't ready to
do what Brandon had just so thrillingly done.

He was wrong.

Giovanni cried out so sharply that the boys worried about an embarrassing
check-up from Daddy. But in the throes of his first boygasm, Giovanni was
tabling all normal concerns.

One actual rope of sperm leapt from Giovanni's cock. Followed by two
weaker dribbles. But his guts felt as if they had been removed and shot
into space.

The sweating, heaving boys separated, then lay on their backs. Gasping for

Brandon said it first. "Wow!"

They both giggled and couldn't stop.

They were ready for the kissing booths.

Three -- Panties and Pretties

The boys were a bit tired the next morning.

A night of frequent "booth practice" will do that for you.

The boys had brought each other to three more kissy climaxes before
sleeping, then a little waker-upper that morning.

At breakfast, Daddy wasn't blind.

Brandon and Giovanni had "gotten some."

No man or boy can hide that.

Maybe in a week or two, Daddy would be "getting some" of Brandon and
Giovanni as well.


A man can dream. It's not illegal.

Daddy dropped the boys off at the Saint Pederasta Day School gym at 9:30
that Saturday morning, as directed by the fun-raiser information sheet.

The boys worried about what they should wear, but Daddy told them to just
wear anything.

He knew it was irrelevant.

The boys found out why.

Dr. Buggerboy was there, smiling broadly as you would, had you spent the
night with seventh-grade scholarship boys Todd and Tyler.

Dr. Buggerboy greeted Brandon and Giovanni warmly then said, "Here are your
outfits for the kissing booths, boys. You can change in there, but hurry
up. The `patrons' will be here soon."

Brandon and Giovanni looked in horror at their "outfits."

Dr. Buggerboy couldn't possibly expect Brandon and Giovanni to go out and
let men (even if they were so-called "patrons") kiss them while they were


Silky, micro-bikini panties. So small they would only cover the boy's
"pretty things" and about half of the crack in their bottoms.

Girls' panties!

And they were definitely not girls.

Brandon was about to protest, but Dr. Buggerboy would have none of it. "We
don't have time for complaining, boys. I think you'll agree that
everything I've asked of you so far has been very pleasant, am I right?"

The boys blushed. Did Dr. Buggerboy know about what the boys had done last
night? Was it that obvious?

The boys knew that following Dr. Buggerboy's lead had engendered some
excellent times thus far.

But wearing panties? Nearly naked with strange men kissing them!

The boys were so excited/terrified that they were trembling.

Dr. Buggerboy took charge, of course. "Here are emerald-green panties for
you, Brandon. Your red hair will make them sparkle. Giovanni, I think
lilac is your color. Yes. Put them on and we'll see."

Powerless to resist, or unwilling to resist: the result was the same. The
boys slid into a designated dressing room, stripped, and emerged wearing
only the prescribed skimpy panties.

Covered with blushes and erect as a new skyscraper, the boys faced
Dr. Buggerboy.

"Oh, yes. You're going to have a great day. And so will the patrons. Now
hurry up. Brandon, you're in booth 5, Giovanni in booth 4. Out that door
and into the gym. Scoot, scoot."

They scooted. And emerged in the gym to see ten booths, curtained off on
three sides and numbered 1-10. There were ten more booths across the gym
curtained on all four sides, numbered 11-20. Standing by the open booths
were eight of their classmates -- all scholarship boys -- all wearing only
panties -- all erect -- and all pretty. No one seemed to be in or even
near the closed booths.

Funny. The boys wouldn't have thought of other boys as "pretty" a mere 24
hours ago. Now they were wondering if young Timmmy in booth seven would be
interested in a sleepover sometime. Or young Sam in booth one.

Dr. Buggerboy herded everyone into their appropriate booths, then gave his
instructions. "The patrons are paying $50 per minute to kiss you boys so
be good to them. Most will just want to kiss you on the mouth, which we
already know you'll find enjoyable, don't we, boys? Some patrons will want
to kiss you other places. Any place on your body not covered by your
panties. Let them. You'll enjoy it, I assure you. Do NOT allow them to
slide a hand into your panties, kiss you through your panties or remove
your panties. If they try to do that, yell `Panty violation booth number
whatever,' and large men will evict the naughty patrons. In two hours,
we'll stop, you'll get $5 for every minute you kissed a patron and we'll
have lunch."

He allowed no questions, just blew a whistle and the first ten patrons
entered the room.

Poor Brandon's heart was slamming into his breastbone as a 40-something man
approached his booth, said hello, sat down, took Brandon onto his lap and
began to kiss his mouth.

Mmmmm. Not bad. And being half naked made it naughtier fun.

The man was running his hands along Brandon's body as they kissed, which
felt really good too. Though the boy would have liked to have at least
known the name of the man whose tongue was licking his tonsils.

Then suddenly, a small ding announcing the end of a prearranged two-minute
session rang in his booth. The man stopped kissing Brandon, thanked him
and left.

That was the way it went for the next three patrons -- two to five minutes
each. Some were very good kissers. Some just average. Brandon was
enjoying himself a bit, but on patron number five, things got better.

The man told Brandon that his name was Fred, and he had purchased ten
minutes so they could both relax. He wasn't particularly good looking, but
Brandon liked him. He praised Brandon's beauty, then asked Brandon to sit
on the booth's only chair.


Then odder.

Fred knelt in front of Brandon, took hold of the boy's right foot, then
began to kiss each individual toe. Sweetly and lovingly.

Brandon gasped at the intimacy of it. Then, when the man took the boy's
left foot to his mouth and began sucking the boy's little toe, Brandon
shocked them both.

He filled his pretty panties with boy's cream.

Which humiliated Brandon. And thrilled Mr. Fred Longstroke, Saint
Pederasta Day School's biggest donor.

Brandon was extra humiliated because he had cried out loudly when he
spunked. And curtains are not soundproof. So the boys in booths four
(Giovanni) and six (Skyler Lickglans) knew that a strange, toe-sucking man
had made Brandon cream his panties.

Which was probably OK, because he heard a similar sound from Skyler soon
after. Giovanni's pleasure was imminent as well.

Perhaps it was just time to lie back and enjoy things.

Mr. Longstroke thought so. Despite Brandon's sopping panties, Fred resumed
his toe worship, then asked Brandon to stand as he sat.

"Stand right there in front of me, Darling," Mr. Longstroke said. That's
it. I'm glad you liked the way I kissed your pretty feet. They really are
most delicious. Would you like me to show you something else that's very

Brandon nodded shyly. But he really wanted to see whatever it was that the
sweet man considered "very nice."

Mr. Longstroke grasped the young beauty by his narrow hips and gently drew
him toward the man. Then Mr. Longstroke very softly laid his lips onto
Brandon's right nipple.

Brandon whimpered.

What was that?

Why was the man kissing his boy nipple? Then licking it and
...[gasp]...sucking it?

It was so intimate. So loving. So...



Brandon was such a randy little beast!

He was spunking again!!!!

Drenching his panties just as the bell ending their ten minutes of paradise

When Brandon was able to focus his eyes, he gave the man a deep, sweet

His heart broke as the man said goodbye, but then the man said, "If it's OK
with you and your family, Dr. Buggerboy and I would like to have you and
Giovanni visit my home tomorrow afternoon. Would that be all right?"

Brandon's heart leapt. "Oh, yes, sir. Please!!"

Mr. Longstroke smiled and left.

Leaving Brandon to wonder what he had agreed to.

Would the man want Brandon to be NAKED when he was at the man's house?
Completely naked! What would the man want to do with the naked Brandon?
Would the man be naked too?

Things were happening so quickly.

Brandon had to focus on the next patron, who had entered the booth and had
paid good money for three minutes of enthusiastic, French kisses.

Brandon gave him his money's worth. Though cum-sopped panties are not the
best kissing outfit. And he drenched them once more three patrons later
when a Tom Selleck look-alike finished the nipple adoration that
Mr. Longstroke had begun.

All in all, Brandon had to admit that the two hours were delightful and
ended too quickly.

If only he could have two more hours sometime soon.


When the horn sounded to end the session, the boys emerged from their
booths and looked at each other shyly. Brandon noted that they ALL had
creamed their panties at least twice. Which made them all giggle as
Dr. Buggerboy herded them into a room where a nice lunch had been prepared.

When they had all been seated and were served food, Dr. Buggerboy said,
"That was excellent work this morning, boys. Though I don't think that
something you OBVIOUSLY enjoyed doing could be called work."

The boys giggled at that.

"You showed great school spirit today, boys. I'm proud of you. So proud
that I'm not concerned that you'll turn me down when I ask you for more
school spirit. The other ten scholarship boys will be coming in soon to
fill the booths you just left. But you could see that the other ten booths
were empty. I'm going to ask you for two more very pleasant hours of your
time to man those booths for more kissing. Better kissing."



"How will it be better, Dr. Buggerboy?" Timmy asked.

"This afternoon, boys, it will be off with those cream-soaked panties and
you'll be totally free in your booths. Naked and free of restrictions.
The patrons will be free to kiss you anywhere on your bodies. And instead
of $5 a minute, you'll get $20 a minute!"

The boys gave a collective gulp!


Anywhere on our bodies? Even our penises? And our [gasp] bottoms?

$20 an hour?

"Who's got school spirit then?" Dr. Buggerboy asked. "Who'll man booths
11-20 this afternoon?"

In the biggest self-surprise of Brandon Bedready's life, the boy stood and
was the first to say, "I will, sir!"

Which started a stampede, of course. Followed by ten boys wondering if
they had done the right thing.

Four -- Panty-Free

Giovanni stood in booth 18, waiting for the arrival of the first "patron."

Being naked, waiting for a strange man to "kiss you all over" is a lot
different in theory than it is in practice.

When Giovanni took his friend Brandon's lead and affirmed his school spirit
by volunteering for two hours of letting men "use" him, it sounded good.
And the $20 a minute sounded even better.

Giovanni liked it too when, like the other nine "volunteers," he had given
up his cum-caked panties to Dr. Buggerboy (who would put them in a reverent
spot in his home soon enough). It was extra nice when Dr. Buggerboy washed
all the boy's cream from Giovanni's privates with a soft, wet, warm cloth.

But then...

"Are you OK, Giovanni?" Brandon asked from booth 17.

"A little scared. When they said they could `kiss us anywhere,' do you
think that means lick and suck too?"

"It did this morning. And it was fun this morning too, remember?"

"Yeah, but we're naked now. That means they could even kiss and suck our

Brandon hadn't thought of that. But he liked it. "It would be fun to have
your peeny sucked, wouldn't it?"

Giovanni had to admit. It had an upside.

But even Brandon could see a downside. "What if, while a man is kissing
and licking my peeny, that nice thing happens?"

Giovanni nodded. "Yeah. Do you think a man would mind if we sprayed his
face with that creamy stuff?"

They thought about it for a moment, then Brandon said, "I don't think
they'll mind."

"Me neither," a thoughtful Giovanni agreed.

Which gave them peace as their first patrons approached their booths.

Giovanni's 1:01 to 1:04 patron introduced himself as Mr. Smith, told
Giovanni that he was beautiful, then sat in the booth's lone chair.

Mr. Smith asked the standing Giovanni to step toward him, his face at the
height of the boy's erect boystick.

Giovanni was expecting to have his pricklet sucked.

But no...

The man gently rotated the boy so that Giovanni's pretty bum was facing the
man. Who laid several sweet kisses on Giovanni's bottomcheeks.

It was surprising, delightful and surprisingly delightful. Then...

Oh dear.

The man was using his thumbs to separate the boy's bumcheeks. Exposing
Giovanni's most intimate place to a man he had known for 53 seconds.

Ultimate speed dating!

Giovanni shuddered with lust and fear. The man wouldn't DARE kiss Giovanni

No way!!


Mr. Smith was digging his wet, stiff tongue into Giovanni's bottomhole!!

The boy was so shocked that he squealed.

But he didn't try to get away.

In fact, he sort of pushed his bum backwards so the man could continue his
tasty meal in greater comfort.

It was the naughtiest thing ever! Giovanni had seen such antics in his
Daddy's smutty Sissy Boy magazines. But he never imagined that any man
would get so sexed up over Giovanni that he would do something so
exquisitely filthy.

Giovanni was squealing, softly but steadily, during the most interesting
two minutes and seven seconds of his life thus far.

He was bitterly disappointed when Mr. Smith's time ran out. But his next
patron, also a "Mr. Smith," gave him another spectacular "eating out."
That time for five scheduled minutes.

At the three minutes and 57 seconds mark, Giovanni spunked in three
substantial arcs. Which pleased the second Mr. Smith tremendously.

Giovanni was so excited that he gave Mr. Smith a long, tonguey, farewell
kiss, despite where Mr. Smith's tongue had just been.

Eight minutes into their wonderful afternoon, Brandon hadn't spunked yet.
But he was milliseconds away. Each of his first three patrons had sucked
his pretty nail and licked his sweet testicles.

Brandon's third patron, the third "Mr. Jones," was the beneficiary of the
boy's delicious discharge,

Oh my. Brandon loved having his cock sucked.

And having his bottomhole tongue-worshipped by a series of Mr. Smiths until
he spunked a second time. Then a bunch of Jonesly cocksuckers to drain his
boyballs for a third time.

Giovanni went Smith-Jones-Smith in his booth. And contributed to their
delight on three delicious occasions.

When the horn ended the two hours, the boys were exhausted, dry-balled and
newly educated.

Saint Pederasta Day School was, after all, a place of learning.

Five -- the Second Sleepover

Brandon and Giovanni looked around as they cleaned up and got dressed in
their "freshen-up" room. Despite being dry and tired, they and their eight
pretty classmates were in no real hurry to put their clothes on.

Brandon locked eyes with Timmy, who had been in booth two in the morning
and 12 in the afternoon. Why hadn't Brandon noticed before how cute Timmy

Was that Jorge batting his eyes at Giovanni? Oh dear.

It seemed that school days would never be quite the same for the ten young
beauties. Or the other ten who were on their late break from the "panty
booths" on their way to the "naked booths."

Dr. Buggerboy, for his part, was running the numbers. Nearly $600,000 taken
in, less the 10% for the boys -- nearly $3,000 per boy.

Dr. Buggerboy, for his part, wished he could fuck all ten of the lovelies
in the room. And he would. Eventually. But not that day.

He had a date with Robbie, one of his 7th-Grade, 12-year-old regulars. And
Robbie was not to be missed.

Knowing that parents were waiting to pick up the boys, Dr. Buggerboy
hustled them along. As each boy cleaned up, dressed and took his leave,
Dr. Buggerboy kissed each boy and gave him a check for $2,900.

A very good day for all.

And it wasn't over.

Giovanni's Daddy, Mr. Spermino, was waiting outside for the boys. The plan
was to take Brandon and Giovanni to the Sperminos for a Saturday night
sleepover. Which would have been way more fun if Mrs. Spermino had been
out of town. Like Mrs. Bedready was.

Daddy Spermino sighed.

He could smell the sex on the two boys. A smell no soap could erase.

Daddy wanted to strip the little sexpots naked and take turns fucking their
virginal bottoms.

But the wife...

She discouraged that.

And was vigilant.

So Daddy just drove them home, sat there while they ate dinner with him and
Giovanni's Mom and sent them off to Giovanni's room.

Alone at last!

Two gorgeous boys.

In the early throes of sexual awakening.

It was only 7 p.m. Which was suspiciously early for going to bed on a
sleepover. But Giovanni's parents knew the score. Saint Pederasta Day
School scholarship boys had duties.

Giovanni's Mom had no objection to her boy being the object of men's lust
in order to go to the best school. She just didn't want the lust
beneficiary to be her husband.

Which was like totally unreasonable! At the very least, Mom should have
given her poor, boy-drooling husband a night of wanton hetero sex --
instead of a hand job and a promise for more sex at some future date.

Brandon and Giovanni weren't thinking of any of that. They were thinking
of being in bed together. Naked. Using some of that newfound knowledge
they had gained that day.

So it was no surprise that locking the door and getting naked took less
than 20 seconds.

Covers back. Sheets exposed. Tumbling into bed together.




The boys had been emboldened by everyone's casual attitude about sex,
stimulated by the huge check that their beauty had engendered and hungered
by each other's bodies -- ripe and ready for each other's feasting mouths
and roaming hands.

Lots of sweet kissers for appetizers brought both boys to almost painfully
needy erections for the main course.

Giovanni stated the obvious first. "It was so much fun getting our little
pricks sucked today. I wonder what it would be like to suck a prick."

Brandon's heart fluttered as he said, "I'll suck yours, Giovanni, if you
promise to suck mine afterwards."

The classic, millennia-old deal. Accepted eagerly, as it had been through
the ages.

With one important question first...

"What will you do if I make that creamy stuff in your mouth, Brandon?" An
act that Giovanni fully intended to perform.

Brandon thought briefly, then said, "I'll drink it!"

Giovanni shuddered with lust and replied, "I'll drink yours too."

Crucial spit-swallow negotiations having been resolved, Brandon set about
his delicious task.

Slowly, at first. Skinning Giovanni's tiny penis to expose the red knob.
Then tasting it. Licking the sweet flesh around and around.

Giovanni moaned. It was way better having his friend suck his cock than it
had been with those men in the booth. The men were better in that they
were men.

But this was nice and relaxed.

No rush.

Both naked.

The prospect of returning the favor. And exploring more and more.

And the best part was that Brandon was quite a nice little cocksucker.

New to the art, but talented nonetheless. Having learned quite a bit from
the Joneses of the afternoon.

Brandon loved when Giovanni began to leak from his peehole. He lapped up
each drop as it emerged. Taking his time.

Giovanni's cock was no assbuster. Shorter than four inches. Thin. But it
was very hard.

And it had the cutest little bag of "attendants."

In an impulse of passion, Brandon kissed his way down to Giovanni's
ballbag. Then began to tongue bathe the tender scrotum flesh.

Giovanni LOVED it!

Brandon LOVED it!

And they loved each other.

Despite all the "draining work" the boys had done that wonderful day,
Giovanni was able to muster quite a nice creamy load when Brandon
completely swallowed his best friend's pricklet for the first time.

Giovanni's cock felt so good inside Brandon's wet, active mouth. And such
nice things were happening in Giovanni's guts. Which were being ripped out
and sewn back in as the sweet boy's cock started spurting every corpuscle
of cum it could heave into Brandon's gagging throat.

True to his promise, Brandon "drank it." Even though it nearly gagged him.

Giovanni was an exemplary creammaker at age 11. Five years later he would
be choking 11-year-olds all over town.

But that night he was Brandon's. And Brandon was Giovanni's.

Giovanni gave Brandon an excellent payback blowjob, swallowing
enthusiastically and completely.

After a short, sweet nap for recovery, Brandon awoke to Giovanni's tongue
excavating his bumhole.

Life was good.

Six -- Fucked at Last

Having "read: his Daddy's Sissy Boy magazines, Giovanni knew, in theory,
how men could fuck boys. Brandon was innocent in that regard.

But Giovanni was pretty sure that before that Sunday was out, both boys
would have real-life, fucking experience.

Dr. Buggerboy and Mr. Longstroke had invited them for an afternoon delight
that day, after all.

Which meant that the boys' Weekend of Discovery would continue its
irresistible assault on the boys' "virtue."

Daddy Spermino was suffering pretty badly as he drove the boys to their
date with the Saint Pederasta Day School leadership.

Under the circumstances, his wife should have at least given him "anal" the
previous night, But it wasn't his birthday. So he got a little "rub-up"
and a few perfunctory French kisses.

Had the Queen been gone, the King could have spent the night with two randy
sissyboys. Introducing them to the vast pleasures of anal sex.


Maybe, after the Saint Pederasta Day School big shots left their cream in
the boys' behinds, the little pretties would be eager for more bum cream
from any man who happened to be handy. And Daddy Spermino planned to be

The man was hugely resentful of those rich bastards, Dr. Buggerboy and
Mr. Longstroke, who were using their power to fuck his son and his friend
Randy Bedready's son.

He and Randy should be fucking them, after all.

But then there was that whole issue with the "best school" and the "kids'


Who thinks about that nonsense when his testicles are full. Not many guys,
Daddy Spermino could tell you that.

So it was with smoldering anger that he handed his son and Brandon over to
a fancy butler at Longstroke Manor. Until the butler led the boys off and
Mr. Longstroke appeared,

Wearing only a terrycloth, shortie bathrobe. Flaunting his power.

Daddy Spermino hated that prick. Thought about punching him in the face,
grabbing the boys and driving them to Venezuela (no extradition to USA).
Renting an adobe hut with only a bed and fucking the boys day and night.

Good plan, until Mr. Longstroke spoke.

"Mr. Spermino, please let me apologize for any discomfort I've caused you.
Your boy and Brandon Bedready are sweet sissyboys in the first stages of
full and glorious bloom. I appreciate you allowing my friend,
Dr. Buggerboy, and me to `visit' with them this afternoon and we'd like to
compensate you and Brandon's Daddy for your inconvenience."

Now Daddy Spermino was VERY angry. This lowlife SOB was offering him money
so he could fuck his pretty son. Practically calling Daddy Spermino a
pimp! He drew his fist back, but then...

"I'm not talking about money, of course, Mr. Spermino. What I was thinking
was more of an open invitation for you and Mr. Bedready. You see, every
Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening at 6 p.m., I host a very lively
`sissyboy spunk party.' Usually ten to fifteen achingly gorgeous,
desperately randy, boys, aged nine to thirteen. You and Mr, Bedready are
welcome to attend any time you want, as often as you like, for life. And,
sir, if those times are inconvenient for you, just call my butler, Jizzman,
at this number and we'll arrange a private tete-a-tete for you and one or
two sweet, accommodating, magnificently beautiful, young boys at any times
and dates of your choosing. Would that be all right?"

Daddy Spermino wept.

And considered petitioning Congress to add Fred Longstroke to Mount
Rushmore as one of America's greatest heroes.

He hugged his benefactor and left. Walking on a cushion of boy's
cream-laced air.

Works every time, Mr. Longstroke thought as he closed the front door.
Mr. Longstroke was making the world a better place, one sissyboy and one
rapturous Daddy at a time.

Inside the house, Jizzman the butler was collecting the boys' clothes where
they had left them. As requested, the boys were wearing only white, silk,
bikini panties.

The perfect costume for virgins about to be deflowered.

And the virgins were exquisitely gorgeous.

Jizzman led the boys to a huge bedroom with a huger bed and two men with
the hugest penises in the zip code.

It was the good fortune of Dr. Buggerboy and Mr. Longstroke, as well as the
boys they adored, that the men were very blessed in the penile department.

Brandon gasped at his first sight of naked men. And their ginormous,
manfully erect pricks, with fat, low-hanging, hairy balls.

Giovanni had seen pictures of such men in Sissy Boy, but never in person.

It was a terrifying sight to both boys. They would be helpless in the
presence of such men. And their raging lust!

What if the men hurt them? And wouldn't stop.

Highly unlikely, both boys thought.

Still, they would be at the men's mercy.

And "being with" these men appeared to be their destiny.

So Brandon surprised them all by stepping forward, leaning over, and
planting a kiss on the drooling cockhead of Mr. Longstroke.


Mr. Longstroke told Brandon that a sissyboy always knelt when he was
kissing a man's penis. The boy smiled and knelt. Then took as much of the
fat knob into his tiny mouth as he could.

Giovanni stepped forward, knelt and gave Dr. Buggerboy the same loving

Beautiful boys, on their knees, sucking their men's huge cocks. The
perfect picture for next year's Christmas cards.

Neither man wanted to cum in the boys' mouths. They wanted Stiffie Number
One to explode inside the boys' bowels. But those aggressive little
creampuffs were so cute and so delicious and so eager to please and...



Mr. Longstroke spunked first. Flooding Brandon's mouth and nearly choking
the little "rookie nookie." Dousing the boy's stunning beauty with the
rude contents of his testicles.

Like any boy, he was always prettiest when he had a faceful of sperm.

Seconds later, Dr. Buggerboy grunted manfully and gave Giovanni something
to remember him by.

Brandon giggled when he saw Giovanni with a faceful of man's cream. And
thought that he must look similarly naughty.

Seized by an urge he could scarcely understand, Brandon stood and walked
over to Giovanni, who stood and submitted to Brandon's hot, cummy kisses.
The boys thrilled the men by licking each other's faces clean. Then
glancing coquettishly at their men. Looking for their men to relieve the
pain of excessive, prolonged stiffness.


The men were already three-quarters stiff from that excellent floor show. A
bit of foreplay and they'd be ready to fuck the boys.

Anal education came first.

As did switching partners.

Mr. Longstroke sat and beckoned Giovanni to his lap. Dr. Buggerboy ddi the
same for Brandon.

Some nice, sweet kissing and soft boy hands on men's cocks had the men in
full fucking form.

But Saint Pederasta Day School was an educational institution, so its
headmaster said, "You two are perfect angels of love. We're going to fuck
you now. Throw you down on that huge bed over there and stick our gigantic
cocks into your miniscule bottoms. We'll prepare you first. Dilating your
bottoms with our fingers as we lubricate you with a miracle potion called
Spermbutt anal lubricant. It'll hurt at first. That's inevitable. But I
know that you're brave boys with school spirit."

School spirit or not, Brandon was trembling at the notion of being
"fucked." Men put those huge cocks into boys" "backdoors?" How was that
possible? And why would a boy allow it?

Anticipating the boys' thought processes, the educator continued. "Boys
love being fucked -- they NEED to be fucked -- because a man's cock rubs
the young beauty's "boy's place." It's a little walnut-sized gland that
gives a boy pleasure few can imagine. Mr. Longstroke and I will show you
what rubbing your boy's place is like when we prepare you with our fingers
and Spermbutt. But only a cock rubbing it during fucking gives the full,
stunning effect."

Dr. Buggerboy looked into Brandon's eyes. And saw tears of terror. But he
saw bravery there. And lust. "Will you let me fuck you now, Brandon, my
sweet darling?"

Brandon whimpered and nodded his head slightly.

The perfect answer.

Giovanni answered Mr. Longstroke similarly and the men set to their
pleasant task. Kissing the boys as they entered their bottoms with
Spermbutt-lubricated fingers.

Brandon cried out in a haze of lust as Dr. Buggerboy entered him manually.
But that was a mere appetizer. When the man's skilled fingers found the
boy's prostate, Brandon screamed and spunked.


Dr. Buggerboy had a hot one on his lap all right.

So did Mr. Longstroke.

It took the school's major benefactor 60 more seconds and some nipple
kisses during prostate massage to get Giovanni to spurt, but he did so
vocally and enthusiastically.

Brandon was having trouble focusing his eyes. So that he could get the
license number of that 18-wheeler that hit him.

Anal orgasms were awesome!!

Way better than any video game ever gamed up.

Both boys were ready to see how much better such orgasms would be when
cock-engendered vs. finger engendered.

They soon found out.

True to his word, when Dr. Buggerboy felt that the boy was lubricated and
dilated enough for buggering, he threw him on his back on the bed, shoved
three pillows under Brandon's slim hips, arranged himself, kissed the boy's
lips, withdrew, lined up his cock and PUSHED.

Somewhere in this favored land, someone at some time may have screamed more
loudly than Brandon did when Dr. Buggerboy first stuck his cock into him.

But it's doubtful.

Such a scream was the music of angels to Dr. Buggerboy and Mr. Longstroke.
They knew it would be soon followed by squeals of ecstasy.

But not quite yet.

Brandon was reconsidering his commitment to Saint Pederasta Day School.
And their "School Spirit" program. Perhaps public school, where he would
only lose his lunch money and get bruised in dodgeball would be better than
being eviscerated, then buried in a shallow grave on the Longstroke Estate.
Which was how Brandon saw his future at that moment.

Instead of withdrawing his instrument of anal destruction from Brandon's
ravaged bottomhole, Dr. Buggerboy, the fiendish brute, was trying to push
more of it into Brandon!!

Shoving it brutally!

Until it was all in. Balls deep!

Brandon thought that at any minute he would be walking toward the light.
The pain was horrible.

Then just intolerable.

Followed by dull.

Then gone.

Except for a nice feeling of being stuffed. And, as promised, a sweet
throbbing on his boy's place.

Giovanni had experienced similar exquisite torture as the boys lay next to
each other on the mammoth bed. Looking over at each other through
tear-stained eyes. Giving each other courage for the fuckings to come.

Mr. Longstroke leaned over and kissed Giovanni tonguily and said, "The
worst is over, my Darling. From now on, it's pure pleasure."

Shockingly, Mr. Longstroke was telling the truth to someone he was fucking.
Not a common occurrence in our world.

The men began to fuck the boys with their substantial, experienced skill.

They were very good at fucking boys' bottomholes.

The boys discovered that they adored being fucked.

Every stroke across a youthful prostate took the boys to a better place.

Until they finally arrived at the Best Place.

The place where a boy is squealing and squirting all over himself and his
man as his man gives him a sperm enema.

Perfect bliss.

Achieved twice more that glorious afternoon. With two changes of partners.
And lots of kisses and sweet tickles between fucks.

The boys and men were exhausted, grateful and lovestruck when the
agreed-upon time for Daddy Spermino to collect them arrived.

The boys kissed their men goodbye and accepted a gracious invitation to
attend a sissyboy spunk party that Wednesday evening at Longstroke Manor.

Daddy Spermino was feeling really good about his life when he drove the
boys home that late afternoon, He felt even better when they dropped
Brandon off at his house and, as they drove away, heard Giovanni say, "We
don't have to go home right away, do we, Daddy? Maybe we could take a walk
in the forest preserve. It's really private there this time of day."

Daddy Spermino broke the land speed record getting to the forest preserve
that day.

At the Bedreadys, Daddy was unsure about his next move. His wife wouldn't
be back for a week. And since he had received that life-altering phone
call from Mr. Longstroke, it appeared that he would be getting all the
sissyboy sex he wanted for the rest of his natural life.

So he wouldn't need to fuck his beautiful son.


Which was good,


They ate dinner normally, watched TV normally and Brandon went to bed, as
normal on a school night, at 9 p.m.

Daddy went to his room too. Got undressed and into bed. Turned on a
football game. Until...

A knock on his bedroom door.

It was Brandon.

In his see-through, white, linen nightshirt. Clutching his teddy
bear. Saying, "I heard thunder and lightning, Daddy. I'm scared. Could I
sleep with you?"

Sometimes things just work out the way you want.

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