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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Sissyboy Stepson

Date: Tue, 29 Jul 2008 15:04:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Beautiful Creamer <>
Subject: Sissyboy Stepson

Sissyboy Stepson
By Beautiful Creamer

One -- An Old Friend's Visit

Russ Spermer was having a really good Friday evening with his old friend
Scott Spunkwell.

The two 35-year-old college friends had picked up right where they left
off 13 years earlier at graduation. They had emailed each other frequently
over the years, but hadn't seen each other until Russ, who was in Scott's
town on business, suggested that he stay in town over the weekend and "hang
out" with Scott.

They had shared a nice steak dinner at Scott's house and were sitting in
Scott's living room drinking some very nice German beer. The reminiscing
was over and the part about who and what they were today was in full swing.

Russ was still single. Hadn't met the right girl...yadda, yadda.

Scott had married, but not well.

"I tell ya, Russ," Scott said, "Raylene was a great piece of ass. But I
should have known she was trouble. She'd had a kid and was a single mom.
The kid wasn't the problem. Good kid, really. Really good. Raylene was
the problem. She couldn't keep her panties on. Finally ran off with some
pizza-delivery guy or something."

Russ sympathized. "Must have been hard on you. And the kid. Getting
moved around like that."

Scott put his beer down and said, "Oh no, Russ. The kid didn't get moved
around. Raylene left one night and didn't even say goodbye to him."

Now Russ was very curious. "That's terrible! What a b-word that Raylene
was! What happened to the boy? Is he with his grandparents?"

Scott smiled. "No way. He stayed with me. And you couldn't ask for a
better stepson. I don't even call him that anymore. I call him my son and
he calls me `Daddy.'"

Russ blinked at that. Was that legal? Just keeping a kid you're not
related to?

Still, Russ never thought of Scott as being the paternal type, but in
this case, what he did was pretty heroic. Taking on responsibility for
raising his ex-wife's boy. That was major.

Russ said the only thing he could say. "Wow! That's major. Good for
you. Uh...what's his name? Is he around?"

Scott smiled. "His name's Joey and I definitely want you to meet him.
He's out on a Friday night date right now...he's very popular...but he
should be home soon."

A date? Russ was imagining a little kid. Maybe seven years old. So he
asked Scott, "How old is Joey?"

"He just turned 12 last month. Smart as a whip too. All `A's' in
school. Complete opposite of his no-good mother."

Twelve? Russ processed that. Wasn't that too young to date? Of course
it was only a few minute before 10 p.m. and he was expected home soon.
Maybe the little girl's mother was taking the couple to a movie or

As he was processing all that, Russ heard the front door open. He
couldn't see who came in, but he could hear mumbled giggling and talking.
A long silence. Then the door closed. Russ looked out the window and saw
an older, teenaged boy make his way from the porch to a very nice
convertible. He got into the car and drove off.

Was that Joey's date's brother -- driving his sister's little friend home
after they shared a bowl of ice cream?

More processing when suddenly, the room lit up.

Because Joey entered.

Russ couldn't help but stare at Joey. Partly because he had never seen
anyone like Joey before. Mostly because Joey was A-number-one-effing

Not pretty or handsome.


Russ's first, ultra-naughty thought was that if you put a little make-up,
stockings and heels and a pretty dress on Joey, he could be Miss America.

That was how beautiful the boy was.

Even without the girlie stuff, Joey made lifelong, fiercely heterosexual
Russ's cock hard. Very hard.

Which embarrassed and disconcerted the man tremendously. Though the
reaction was completely involuntary.

Besides a gorgeous face, Joey had pretty blond hair, cut in a boyish
style. He was wearing the briefest of short shorts, displaying perfect,
slim legs, a skimpy tank top that exposed his creamy shoulders and
neglected to hide his belly button, and flips flops that exposed his
kissable toes.

Did Russ just think, "Kissable toes?" For a boy?

Russ shook his head, trying to rid himself of evil thoughts. Which
almost made him miss seeing the angelic Joey lean over and kiss Scott.
Right on lips, for Fuck's sake!!

"Hi, Daddy," the perfect angel's voice tinkled out. "Did you and your
friend have a nice night?"

Scott glowed with parental love for Joey. At least Russ hoped it was
parental. He gave Joey a big hug when the boy sat on his lap. Then he
said, "Mr. Spermer and I are great friends, son. Will you say hello to
Mr. Spermer?"

Joey got up, sissied across the room, held out his hand and said,
"Pleased to meet you, Mr. Spermer. Any friend of my Daddy's is a friend of

A still-stunned Russ held out his hand and made physical contact with the
only male he had ever met whom he wanted to throw on the floor and fuck.

It was most unnerving. And terribly thrilling.

For a frightening moment, he was afraid that Joey would lean forward and
kiss him. Then he was afraid Joey wouldn't.

A handshake was all he got.


"Pleased to meet you too, Joey. Your father is very proud of you and I
can see why. You're a fine young man."

Joey actually blushed at the praise. Then he said, "I have to go get
ready for bed now, but I'll come by and say good night. Please come and
see us tomorrow too, OK?"

Scott wasn't planning on that and he hadn't been invited, but if it meant
seeing Joey...

He looked at Scott, who nodded. So Russ said, "Sure, I'll come back
tomorrow and I'll tell you all about what kind of a guy your father was
when he was in college."

Joey giggled. Then he waved bye to the men and ran upstairs.

Russ praised Joey to Scott in non-sexual terms and Scott changed the
subject to sports or something, though all Russ could think about was Joey.

Twenty-five minutes later, Joey reappeared. And Russ almost creamed in
his pants.

Joey was dressed in the sexiest boyish night clothes ever designed or
produced. He was wearing a boy's, shorty pajama top made of some
baby-blue, diaphanous material, so his incredibly puffy nipples were
visible. The bottom portion of the ensemble was thong-like underpants that
looked more like a string bikini bottom than boy's nightwear. He was
barefoot and accessorized with a well-worn teddy bear.

But that wasn't all.

The boy had some game, as far as the pubic area went. Though he couldn't
stare, a quick glance assured Russ that Joey's cock was at least six
inches, fully erect, which it clearly was when Russ glanced. The thong
pouch was thus stretched and tented so badly that the base of the boy's
cock, several of his pubic hairs and even some of his testicle flesh was
clearly visible.

Russ looked at the mouth-watering sight again, sighed, then looked Joey
in the eyes.

Joey smiled sweetly at Russ.

The little cockteaser knows I want him, Russ thought.

Scott apparently didn't catch on to Joey's thick sexuality or the effect
it was having on his friend's erectile function.

Joey knew. Russ was sure of that. Especially when the boy leaned over
to kiss his Daddy goodnight. Pointing his perfect, plump, bare-cheeked
bottom at the house guest. Singeing Russ's corneas.

When he finished his mouth-to-mouth kiss with Scott, Joey turned his
attention to Russ. He slid over to Russ, leaned over and kissed the man
right on the lips. "See you tomorrow, Mr. Spermer," the angel said.

Then he said to Scott, "Are you coming to bed soon, Daddy? I need you to
tuck me in. And I'll tell you all about my date."

Scott cleared his throat, licked his lips and looked at Russ. "Say, old
man, don't want to throw you out, but I was up at 5 this morning. Need my
rest. Tell you what. Why don't you check out of your hotel and stay with
us tomorrow night? Can you come by at say 10 tomorrow? I'll cook you a
late breakfast."

Stay in the same house as Joey? Overnight? Breathing the same air?

Russ shuddered and agreed readily.

Joey scooted off to bed and Russ somehow managed to get out of the house
without displaying too much of his fierce erection.

As he got into his car, Russ thought, Scott HAS to be fucking that little
dickteaser. If he isn't, he's crazy.

Two -- Far from Crazy

Joey lay on his back, on his Daddy's king-sized bed, on top of the
bedspread, as Scott, his Daddy, stood in the doorway. Drinking in the
diabetic-coma-inducing, eye candy that was his stepson.

Daddy had discarded all his clothes and he was stroking his fat, long
cock in anticipation as Joey smiled at him and said, "Ooooh, Daddy! Is
that whole, big thing for me? Yum!"

Daddy moved forward and sat at Joey's side. "I like your friend, Daddy,"
Joey said. "He's nice, though he's not as handsome and hunky as you. I
think he wants to fuck me, Daddy."

Daddy smiled and untied the underpants bow on Joey's left hip. "Every
sane man wants to fuck you, my sweet darling. But it's my bed you're in
every night. I'm the luckiest man on earth."

That said, Daddy leaned forward and inserted his tongue into Joey's open

With little effort, Joey divested himself of his wispy underpants,
completely exposing his thick, long, pink cock and pretty bag of perfect
pearls to his Daddy's lust. As he kissed his angel, Daddy unbuttoned the
boy's pajama top. Rather than caress Joey's cock, Daddy rubbed the boy's
ultra-sensitive, hard, puffy left nipple. Joey squeaked as Daddy tweaked
the nubby treasure. Then he gasped out, "Oh, Daddy. Please suck my cock.
I saved a nice, creamy load for you and if you keep tickling my nippies,
I'll spill it."

Daddy smirked. "I'll gladly suck your cock, my darling. But don't try
to fool Daddy. I know you didn't hold anything back from Greg on your
date, you little rascal. I know he swallowed at least two of your creamy

Joey arched his back and grunted happily as Daddy consumed his young
love's thick stiffie. "But Daddy, it's true. I didn't even cum when Greg
fucked me in his car when he brought me home. I haven't cum in nearly two

Daddy kept sucking noisily and enthusiastically. Timelines, schimelines.
No matter when Joey orgasmed last, he would still cum a tsunami.

The boy's darling balls were the world's hottest little cum factory. And
Joey would never outsource production overseas.

Daddy stirred Joey's pearls with his fingertips as he ran his tongue
across the "arrow point" along the bottom of Joey's cockhead. Joey gasped,
cried out, "Oh, Daddy, I love you!" Then he pumped out the promised creamy
load. A big load. Right down his formerly heterosexual Daddy's throat.

Daddy swallowed his "Daddy's Big Reward" for a job well done, then got
serious about sex.

Daddy couldn't wait one more microsecond to fuck his son. Fridays and
Saturdays were the worst days because, being a good father, Daddy let Joey
date on non-school nights. There was no shortage of high school juniors
and seniors willing to donate a testicle for the privilege of dating Joey.
And, of course, fucking him.

All of Joey's dates fucked his boy. Daddy knew that. And that was fine
with him. It was good for Joey to expand his circle. Joey's boyfriends
fucked him once or twice per date. Daddy fucked Joey at least three times
a day -- more on weekends.

He would take that deal.

That Friday morning, Daddy had awakened Joey the usual, delightful,
cock-in-the-bottom way. Followed by a nice shower fuck. Then off to
school. Instead of milk and cookies, Joey got a nice, stiff, after-school
fuck. Then a pre-date, don't-do-anything-I-wouldn't-do fuck.

Bedtime was the best fucking of the day.

When Raylene ran off, Daddy found a job where he could work from home.
So he could "be there" for Joey.

He was "there" for Joey, all right. A lot. And that Friday night his
cock was poised, and right "there" again.

Joey was on all fours and Daddy was behind him, on his manly knees. A la
chien, as the French say! Arf!

As Joey awaited his latest, routinely wonderful fucking, his heart was
full of love for Daddy. Men had always wanted Joey in their beds. Most of
the time, Joey climbed right into bed with them. Even his
so-called-mother's boyfriends.

Which was sort of a source of friction between mother and son.

As Joey "matured." He realized that those guys were just exercise. Love,
the real thing, was with a man who loved you back. And took care of you.
Like Daddy.

The two had pretty much fallen in love when they met. Though the sex
came much later. Joey had to admit that Raylene (he couldn't give her the
title of "mother,") had at least left him with a very good man.

Joey wasn't sure where the high school boys he dated fit into the
love-exercise matrix. There was plenty of time to find out.

Anyway, back to that nice stiff fucking Joey was about to get that Friday

Daddy rubbed his cockhead all around Joey's "wrinkly." Teasing. Making
Joey whimper for cock.

Then the throaty question from Daddy. "Did you lube?"

Joey grunted out an affirmative. After Joey's dates, Daddy didn't want
to fuck Joey until he had purged out the boyfriend's cum, showered and
relubed his bottom properly. It was mission accomplished on all three.

Daddy pushed his cock forward about an inch. Joey gasped.

Joey loved to fuck. He even loved the teasy stuff before the real
rutting took place. Sometimes Daddy teased and sometimes he just shoved
and re-shoved.

And sometimes he teased briefly, then pounded hard.

That night was one of those times.

Daddy began to think about the way his friend Russ had looked at Joey.
And he wondered if he should, with Joey's concurrence, allow Russ to fuck

Then he stopped thinking and just fucked Joey.

Long, deep thrusts. Each push tormenting Joey's oft-tormented prostate.
Making Joey grunt and moan and whimper and gasp and squeal and pant.

All of which made Daddy slap his balls against Joey's bottom harder and
more rapidly.

Daddy's pleasure was peaking. When he felt the first pang of orgasm, he
put his weight fully onto Joey, forcing him forward, onto his stomach.
Daddy covered Joey's smallish body and fucked him deliciously. Dominating
him. Making Joey feel helpless. Just the way the boy liked.

Soon Daddy pushed Joey's cum button just right. The boy screamed and
spurted five nice glops into Daddy's bedspread.

Which set Daddy off. Made him empty his sloshy testicles into his
stepson's plump bottom.

When they returned to the solar system, Daddy took Joey into his strong,
arms and they kissed deeply for quite a while.

Joey wasn't expecting more conversation from Daddy, especially since Joey
hadn't been home all Daddy hadn't gotten his full Joey "fix."

But something about Joey's dates seemed to fascinate Daddy. He always
wanted details about them. And it always made Daddy's cock get nice and
stiff for the next nice fucking.

Joey wondered if maybe Daddy wanted to fuck some of Joey's boyfriends.
They were a little old for Daddy's tastes, Joey thought. And Daddy, a
complete "top" probably wouldn't want the boyfriends, who were "tops" too
(as far as Joey could tell) but maybe Daddy thought he could "bottom" them.

Oh well. Joey didn't think too much about stuff like that. Plus,
whenever Daddy wanted a little "strange," Joey just asked his best friend
Robbie over for a sleepover. Poor Daddy was exhausted, but happy those
nights, fucking not one, but two 12-year-old angels.

Joey wasn't surprised when Daddy said, "Tell me about your date with

Daddy was cuddling the boy's ball bag very nicely, as Joey replied.
"Well, Daddy, Greg has been asking me for a date for a long time, so when I
told him on Wednesday that Friday was his lucky night, he just about

"As you know, he picked me up right at 6, you showed him what a big,
strong powerful man you are so he wouldn't get any ideas about mistreating
me, then he took me to Semeno's, the teen hamburger hangout, for dinner in
his Daddy's car. Just like you said, Daddy, I insisted that he introduce
me to all his friends as his date before I gave him even a kiss. He would
have jumped off the Grand Canyon to get into my underpants, so he did just
what I said.

"Most of his friends were nice, but some called Greg a `faggot' for
dating me. Why do people say mean things like that, Daddy?"

Daddy often wondered that himself. "I don't know, Sweetheart. They're
envious, ignorant or just plain mean. It's good there are people like
Greg, don't you think?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. And people like you, especially. I love you so much.
[kiss, kiss, kiss] Anyway, Greg and I had a nice hamburger and fries and
then we drove up to Makeout Point. We parked just as it was getting dark
and we got a few stares, both of us being boys and me so young. But that
didn't stop Greg. He parked the car, got out and met me in the back seat.
We took out our cocks and stroked each other off as we kissed. Which made
Greg spurt in about five minutes and me soon after. That was nice. But
then Greg leaned over and took my drooly cock right into his mouth and
sucked me to a really nice cum."

Daddy was quite overheated at that point and interrupted. "Did you suck
his cock?"

"Oh yes, Daddy. Greg has a very nice cock. It's really stiff and a
nice, angry, red color. And I swallowed all his sperm. It was delicious!"

Daddy groaned. "Please...suck my cock just like you did Greg's."

Joey eagerly complied. He sucked Daddy off with all his considerable
skill and soon Daddy was happily drowning Joey's pretty tonsils with semen.

The lovers kissed, exchanged promises of undying love, and fell asleep.

Until one or both woke up and wanted "more."

Three -- "Uncle Russ" joins the family

Russ Spermer spent a restless night in his hotel room.

He thought about Joey. Did attraction for Joey mean that Russ was gay?

Who cared? All Russ could think about was sticking his cock into Joey's

He wondered how that would feel. Warm. Tight. Gut-wrenching.

With high potential for extended incarceration at one of his state's fine
penal facilities.

Russ brushed that all aside. Fucking Joey would be worth the risk. Any

Still, how would his old friend Scott feel about Russ fucking his

Russ began forming a plan. He would sneak over to Scott's house in the
middle of the night, climb a ladder to Joey's bedroom window, climb into
Joey's bedroom, stuff the boy into a laundry bag, carry the screaming,
struggling boy down the ladder, and into his car trunk. Then he would
drive the boy to a country with no extradition treaty to the USA, like
Venezuela, start a new life with new identities for both of them. Fuck the
boy ten times each day. He would be Juan Gomez -- Joey his son, Jose.

Some of the details needed work. But basically the plan was sound.
Except, what if Joey wasn't in his bedroom, but was in Scott's room, being
fucked by his stepdad? Plus where would he find a big enough laundry bag?
Details like that.

Oh well.

Russ wanked himself to sleep dreaming of Joey. Then slept fitfully until

He got himself washed and dressed, packed, checked out of the hotel, and
arrived at Scott's house precisely at 10.

He decided he would just ignore Joey. Which was even more far-fetched
than his original plan.

Smiling broadly, Scott answered the door. "Come in, come in, Russ. I'm
so happy you came back."

Scott led Russ to the kitchen and sat him down to ham and eggs -- as
promised. Where was Joey? Not that Russ would even look in his direction.

"Joey's sleeping late this morning. Teenagers! Well, almost a teenager.
He'll be along soon. So how did you sleep last night?"

Before Russ could answer that pro forma question, Joey appeared in the
kitchen doorway.

Did Russ hear a loud fanfare?

He may as well have, because all he could hear after that was white
noise. It was the vision of the beauteous Joey -- only that -- that
occupied Russ's consciousness.

Joey didn't look as if he had fallen out of bed. He was clean and his
beautiful hair was combed. And he was wearing...

[gasp] [choke]

He was wearing only the tiniest Speedo bathing suit Russ had ever seen.

And the boy's cock was tenting the suit -- obscenely. Just the way men

So much for the "ignoring Joey" plan.

Sweat forming on his upper lip, Russ watched Joey glide over to his
stepfather and give him a good morning kiss. More like the kind a wife
gives a husband on their honeymoon than a father-son kiss. Russ marveled
at the open-mouths and Scott's hand fully on Joey's barely-Speedoed bottom
as they held the kiss for a good ten seconds.

When they broke the kiss, Scott looked at Russ, shrugged and said, "He's
very affectionate."

Russ wanted to leave immediately. And he wanted to stay desperately.

Then Joey moved toward Russ. "Good morning, Uncle Russ," the angel said
sweetly. "I'm so glad you'll be spending the weekend with us."

"Uncle Russ?"

Before Russ could process that, Joey's lips were on Russ's and his nearly
naked body was rubbing against his own. For five glorious seconds. Then
he was at the table, tearing into his ham and eggs.

Russ was trembling in lust and confusion, but managed to act
semi-normally. How would he ever get through the weekend?

When breakfast was over and the dishes stacked in the dishwasher, things
picked up speed. Or Speedo, if you prefer.

"Joey wants us to swim in our pool today, Russ," Scott said. "Is that

They had a pool? Russ was so dumbfounded he realized that he hadn't even
seen the Spunkwell's back yard.

How could he ever conceal his "feelings" for Joey if he was wearing only
a bathing suit? Wait. "I don't have a suit," Russ told Scott. Thank
goodness. That settled that.

Or not.

"We never wear them in the pool, Russ. It's just us guys."

Danger. Danger. Will Robinson. Danger.

Naked in the pool with Joey? He couldn't. But before he could
articulate that, Joey said, "Last one in's a rotten egg."

And, right in the kitchen, he shucked off his suit -- revealing his
gorgeous cock and wondrous ass, and flashed out of the room, out the back
door and into the pool.

Giggling manfully, Scott, stripped quickly too. As a stunned Russ
watched, a very naked Scott followed Joey out the back door, yelling back
at Russ, "You're the rotten egg."

Russ stood alone. Shuddering. Things were either going horribly or far
better than he could have ever hoped for. It was time to find out.

Slowly, shyly he stripped nude, then thanked his good judgment for his
regular workouts. He walked to the back door, took a deep breath and
walked out.

At least his cock wasn't stiff. Fear took care of that.

What he saw eased his anxiety a tiny bit. Joey and Scott were in the
pool, throwing a beach ball back and forth. Normally. Non-sexually.

It was a nice backyard pool. Very big and clean. With a high, privacy
fence. And father and stepson seemed to be minding their sexual manners.

Joey waved at Russ, "I knew you'd join us, Uncle Russ. Didn't I tell you
Daddy? Uncle Russ is cute. And I think he likes me, don't you, Daddy?"

Russ got ready for fight or flight.

Scott looked at Russ as he answered Joey: "Uncle Russ is a very
good-looking man, Joey. And of course, he likes you. You're beautiful."

That was ambiguous enough, Russ thought. For now.

But the fact that Joey said he was "cute" had risen the poor man's flag.
Tried willing it down. Couldn't.

So the nude, erect Russ turned away, heading for a lounge chair.

He sat in the chair, looking for a towel to cover his embarrassment. No

The moment of truth.

A dripping, naked Joey handed him a towel, then dried himself off with a
second towel. As Russ covered his raging erection, he watched Joey run his
towel between his gorgeous legs, while pointing his six-inch stiffie at
"Uncle Russ."

Joey said to Russ, in a stage whisper, "It's OK if you look at me, Uncle
Russ. Men look at me all the time. And Daddy doesn't mind. I like when
men look at me. I like nice men to touch me too. All over. Nice men like
you." And with a quick hand, Joey pulled off Russ's towel.

Russ was terrified. Where was Scott? Had he gone into the house to get
a knife to deal with the pervert who was erect because of Scott's son?

Russ heard Scott's voice behind him. "Joey's half in love with you,
Russ. He wants you to make love to him. You're not going to disappoint
him are you?"



Scott stepped into view. He was erect too. A big one. Bigger than Russ.
Scott had obviously developed a mental disorder since college. Fucking
beautiful young boys wasn't normal, was it? And now Russ had caught the

"Go ahead, Russ. He's all yours and he wants it bad. When's Robbie
coming over, Sweetheart?"

"Any minute now, Daddy. He'll let himself in. But I can't wait that
long for Uncle Russ to make love to me. You don't mind if we start before
Robbie gets here, do you, Daddy?"

Daddy shook his head, smiling benignly. "Of course not, Darling. Better
hop to it, Scott, old man. Looks as if that thing's going to spurt on its
own soon enough. Don't want to waste it. Why don't you suck Uncle Russ
off to calm him down a bit? I'll take care of your cute friend Robbie as
soon as he gets here."

Russ had to be dreaming. He had read about things like this happening at
that naughty "nifty" site, but this was real life, wasn't it?

He wanted to think and conjecture and beat himself up some more, but
suddenly his cock was consumed by Joey's warm, wet, skilled mouth. And
voracious tongue.

No one had ever sucked his cock half as well as Joey did that summer
morning by the pool.

Joey could suck cock. And flirt at the same time. He had full eye
contact with his "victim" the whole time he sucked and licked his man to
paradise. Beautiful full contact.

All his life, Russ had been looking up wrong trees for what he needed.
He had finally entered the Forest of the Right Trees.

Russ arched his back, groaned, and released a quart of sperm and a
lifetime of bullshit.

Joey gagged a little -- was that "for effect" to build Russ's ego?

Who cared?

Russ shot so much sperm that his balls ached.

Joey sucked him dry, then released his cock, looking at Russ with a
chinful of drooling cum.

It was the most beautiful thing Russ had ever seen.

He opened his arms to Joey and they kissed. Blissfully, unashamedly
naked. Rubbing cocks. Joey's hard. Russ's soft.

The kisses were exquisite. Was Russ falling in love?

Then an idea occurred to Russ. "Let me suck you, Baby. Please."

Joey stood, straddling the deck chair and fed the lying-down man his
meaty cock.

Russ had never sucked a cock. But, like any man, he had learned want he
liked about his own cock and applied the lessons to satisfy Joey.

Joey pretty much fucked Russ's face and Russ couldn't have been happier.

The boy needed to cum, so it wasn't surprising that he blew a big, creamy
load down the man's virginal throat in short order.

Russ was kind of proud of himself. He was apparently a pretty good
cocksucker, beginner's luck or not.

And the act of sucking Joey's cock to creamy conclusion had restiffened
his own manhood quite nicely.

As he pondered the best use of his rejuvenated rammer, he noticed that
the aforementioned "Robbie" had appeared on the scene and that Scott had
the boy on a lounger, on his hands and knees, fucking his bottom quite

Robbie was a cutie too and he was really enjoying the fucking that Scott
was giving him. Really enjoying it. Were there lots of boys their age who
would adore being fucked by men, but were repressed by society? It
appeared there were.

That settled it. Russ was selling his condo and moving next door to Joey
and Scott. And sometimes Robbie.

But enough about moving vans and social ills.

Back to Joey's fucking.

"I have some lube, Uncle Russ," the sweet prickpleaser whispered in
Russ's ear. "Or you could eat me out to get me ready."

Eat him out?

Stick his tongue into a boy's bottom and lick and dig?

Russ shuddered with lust. And immediately chose option B.

He positioned the beautiful boy in a standing position at the base of the
lounger, then scooted up to sit where he could achieve the best angle.

Every angle was a great angle to look at that perfect ass! Two plump,
pink cheeks, aching for kisses.

Russ pelted Joey's mounds with soft kisses, then began to lick and kiss
the inner folds of his buttcheeks. The part no one ever sees except a
lover. Joey squealed softly in appreciation as Russ parted Joey's cheeks
with his thumbs, then licked his tenderest spot with the preciseness of
wild desire. Joey wiggled his ass slightly to show appreciation, then
pushed back a bit, asking wordlessly for more.

Russ complied eagerly, digging his tongue where several men have gone
before. But it was just as enjoyable as the first time. Maybe
better. Because, while some of Joey's earlier friends may have held back a
smidge, avoiding the poopiness or it all, Russ dove in. Immersing himself
in Joey's most intimate region. Feasting on Joey's perfect "pussy."

All that great tonguework did the job for Joey. He was lubricated,
dilated and frantic for a fucking when Russ withdrew his tongue and
considered the best angle for inserting a larger "replacement part."

Joey helped make up his mind. The boy walked to the pool's wooden
fence. Stood facing the fence, looked over his shoulder at Russ and wiggled
his bottom in lewd invitation.

Russ accepted.

Working on animal instinct and biological need, Russ stood up, walked
briskly to Joey, pushed him forcefully, but not hurtfully against the
fence, entered the boy's ass with one hard thrust and fucked him.


The boy was pressed against the fence. Helpless. In the full control of
a rutting, feral man.

Good thing there were no splinters in the fence. Only the "splitter"
between Russ's legs. Pushing into Joey. Making the boy his possession.
His fuck partner for life (Russ dreamed).

Joey had often wished Daddy had been just a tiny bit rougher with him.
Maybe listening to Joey scream as he spermed the wooden fence would inspire
Daddy a bit. Joey wondered if the neighbors would be calling 911 when they
heard the screams.

Joey so loved to be dominated by a man.

Uncle Russ was a keeper. Maybe he could visit Daddy more often than
every 13 years. Or move in across the street.

When Russ pumped his spermstorm into Joey's warm place, he was a happy

So much had happened in the past 14 hours. Crazy things. Great things.

Was that Robbie, hugging Russ from behind? Asking if he could "ride the
fence next?"

Oh my.

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