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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Skaterboy In Boxer Briefs - Skaterboy In Boxer Briefs 1

Date: Mon, 28 Oct 2013 22:46:35 -0400
From: Jim B <>
Subject: Skaterboy in boxer briefs - Part 1

The usual disclaimers apply (as if anyone pays attention or even reads
them). If it is not legal for you to read stories about teenage boys
experimenting sexually then go to another website NOW. Otherwise drop your
pants and hang on. This story contains material relating to young men
between the ages of 11 and 17 and maybe even an adult or two experimenting
with each others sexual organs and bodies.

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As I drove down Cedar Point Drive past the skate park, I smiled and got a
warm feeling inside. This was truly one of my greatest accomplishments.
At age 42 I have had a lot of success in my life. Some creative writing in
the software industry coupled with even more creative writing in the
techno-geek manual area and the sale of three technology based companies
has left me with enough money to live on without much of a care.

When a group of young men and boys approached the city about building the
skate park, I knew I had to be part of it. Long gone are the days of me
skating (I managed a few small tricks on opening day, but I am still sore
from it). The boys estimated the needed $20,000 to start the park (if the
land was donated). I traded the city a piece of land they wanted near the
municipal complex and agreed to put up $20,000 if they would match it for
upkeep and upgrades. It was win-win for everyone.

Although I do a little software design here and there, most of my time is
spent with community projects and enjoying life. A great deal of that
enjoyment comes from young men and even a few boys. I'm as straight
looking and acting as they come. Although I'm a nerd at heart I have been
blessed with a very nice toned body. At 6'0 145 lbs I have enough muscle to
impress, but not so much that the Hulk would run from me. Today's story is
about Aaron.

Aaron is a 15 year old multi racial boy. His parent's and grandparents'
genealogy includes white, puerto rican, indian, mexican and hispanic (as in
from Spain). His skin is a dark golden brown and his hair is cut short and
black. His body is slim and muscular, skating has done wonders for this
gorgeous young man. He has the tell tale shadow of a mustache and wisps of
hair under his arm pits as puberty carries him into man-hood. His favorite
outfit is a pair of tan cargo shorts that really stand out against his
bronze body. He always has them about 1-2 inches lower than the top of his
boxer briefs (this allows you to see the color of the day). The shorts are
a little baggy, but you can usually make out a decent bulge.

I swing into the parking lot and a few of the guys come over... "Hey Jim"
they call, (They used to call me Mr. B, but that was my Dad and I'm not
THAT old.) Bobby, CJ, Rick and Dean meet me at the car. I tell them I
just came by to check one of the new rails they installed. CJ said it was
really cool.

I sit on the bench and watch, Aaron skates by and easily goes up and down
or sideways of each obstacle. Using some as they were intended and giving
some his own spin. He stopped to drink some water and I admired his golden
tone. I saw a sparkle at the base of his neck and watched as a drop of
sweat crawled slowly down his back, glistening in the sun. I saw it slide
and leap over each vertebrae in his spine slowly going towards the gray
band of his black boxer briefs. As it got closer and closer I noticed his
boxer briefs were down just enough to show the start of his crack. The
glistening drop of sweat slowly dropped down the sweet crevice and behind
the gray band. I took a deep breath and swallowed hard. I felt a stirring
in my groin and then remembered where I was. I looked around and luckily no
one noticed my interest of my erection, however it was pretty apparent the
CJ was watching the same thing. If he wasn't careful he could put
somebody'seye out with that think poking in his shorts.

Aaron poured the rest of his bottled water over his head and it ran down
his body. CJ left and went towards the restroom. I'm sure I know why and I
started to follow him, but I had my sights on Aaron today. I don't know if
he is straight, bi, gay or just generally willing to do anything like most
of these skaters.

I stayed and watched Aaron who had a nasty spill or two. The last one
looked pretty bad. A little road rash, a cut and probably a sprained
wrist. I grabbed an ice pack from the first aid kit and took it to him. I
helped him up and to the bench. A quick exam revealed a bruised ego, some
road rash, a small cut (cleaned and covered with a band aid) and
unexpectedly a good look up the leg of his shorts to see one of the most
beautiful oval shaped mound with wisps of brown hair poking out the leg of
his boxer briefs. Although he was sweaty, he smelled clean and masculine.
I breathed deep while checking things out. Oh my god if they could bottle
that aroma!!!!!

I offered him a ride home and he said sure. We loaded up his stuff and put
his bike in the trunk. As we headed towards his house he said "Oh shit, I
don't have my key", I asked him if his parents were home and he said they
went out of town and wouldn't be back until tomorrow. OK, now this is
starting to sound like a story on Nifty I think to myself.... "Well, I
have plenty of room at my house, let's take you home and get you cleaned up
and you can stay in a guest room." After asking several times if I'm sure
its alright he agrees.

As I pull up my driveway Aaron gasped and said "Holy shit, you live
here???" I told him yes and he said "Awesome". I must say my how is
anything but modest, I bought it while still in the business and was trying
to impress somebody or everybody. It really was a bit much for just me,
but I do throw some killer parties.

We went inside and I showed Aaron to the bathroom. The close contact had
kept me hard for the past 45 minutes. As I turned to go Aaron winced in
pain and said he couldn't undo his shorts. I came back in and gently
unsnapped the top and pulled the zipper down. As the zipper went down I
could tell it was dragging along the surface of his dick, I could feel
every dip and vein. The shorts came down and he had a small pre-cum stain
on the front of his underwear. It was almost too much to handle. I turned
to walk away and he said "wait, I need help with these too" pointing to his
boxer briefs.

Although it was definitely what I wanted, I was nervous and didn't want to
scare him. I looked at him and he smiled and winked. I asked him exactly
what he wanted me to do and he said, "If you would pull my underwear down
and off and help me wash a bit in the shower it would be great, perhaps I
can help wash you as well." I walked over and knelt in front of him. I
put my fingers in the waist band of his underwear and then leaned in and
took a big whiff of his aroma. I then gently flicked my tongue at the pre-cum
stain on his underwear and then took that area in my mouth and sucked it
til it was clean. I lowered his underwear revealing a really nice 6 inch
circumcised penis with two lovely balls and a small but full bush of brown
pubic hair. His penis was erect and standing straight out at attention. I
couldn't help it, I swirled my tongue around the tip and then swallowed it
until his pubic hair tickled my nose. He grabbed my hair with both hands
and pulled me into his crotch and began fucking my mouth. I pulled off and
rose up to kiss him. Our tongues met and wrestled with one another. He
reached down and undid my shorts and let them fall. Then he pulled my
underwear off and commented that they were the same as his ( I hadn't
noticed, but how cool). As he pulled them off a strand of pre-cum stretched
to follow them. Aaron dropped to his knees and took me in his mouth in one
motion. I pulled out and asked him "How are you doing this, I thought you
were hurt?" He said "how are you doing this, I thought you were

I told him even if I was straight he could turn me gay or at least bi and
he laughed. We hugged and our cocks rubbed together. We laid down on the
rug and got in a 69 position. We matched each other stroke for stroke and
lick for lick. I can honestly say his was the BEST dick I ever sucked and
he was great at returning the favor. We edged each other for about and
hour and without talking both gave it one last big effort and we came
together. For a 15 year old he had a mighty powerful ejaculation. The
first shot hit the back of my throat with such force it almost gagged me,
the next six volleys were strong but not as powerful. His cum was sweet
and warm. I could drink it all day.

He took every bit I fed him and didn't spill a drop. It was fantastic and
the best sex I had since I don't know when. We stood and walked towards
the bed. We decided to go to sleep without a shower. As we got in bed, I
asked him what else he liked to do and he said cuddle and dry hump. We
cuddled for a bit and he asked if he could hump me. I layed on my back and
he climbed on top. Our dicks rubbed together and kissed me as he started to
hump. Pre-cum started to flow from both of us and was soon serving as a
lubricant. Aaron humped away and I responded by humping back. As Aaron
tensed up and began to spray cum all over my belly my own balls sprayed him
with a light coating of baby batter. We layed together as our semen mixed
between us. I pulled the covers up and we drifted off to sleep.

...Until next time... While this one may be short I tried to give enough
detail to get you going. It passed my pre-cum test (it had it flowing) so I
hope it worked for you too...

More to come in Part 2...

Comments, complaints and constructive criticism are always welcome.
Pictures are also VERY welcome (especially if you are a red head). If you
request, I can write a story about the pictures you send... Send them to .
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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Skaterboy In Boxer Briefs - Skaterboy In Boxer Briefs 1