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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Sleeping Boy

Warning: This story contains graphic descriptions of sex between an adult
and a consenting minor boy. If this type of story offends you, does not
appeal to you, or if you are under the age of 18 (or whatever the legal age
in your area is) then exit this file NOW!! Do not read further unless you
acknowledge the content. This story is purely fictional and any similarity
between persons living or dead is purely coincidence. Comments are always
more than welcome, and of course, flames will be ignored. In other words,
don't bother to flame me - you're only wasting your time. Comments can be
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                      The Sleeping Boy
                            Aaron Lloyd

I was at my step brothers 21st birthday party a few days ago we live in
Florida but he moved away a few years ago to Chicago so he was staying with
us for a few days. A lot of guests were there and amongst them was one of
Chris's best friends Craig, he had been dating an older woman of 38 for the
past year, which had caused much comment amongst family and friends.

Anyway this woman who's name I forget had a family of her own, three girls
and one boy. They all accompanied her to the barbecue and it was the boy
who really caught my attention because he was really really cute. He was 8
years old with fairly short sandy blond hair, blue eyes, a cute little
button nose and was well tanned so he must be used to the outdoor life. He
was wearing silky Adidas pants and an Adidas T-shirt. The pants revealed a
nice tight little bum, which I found fascinating.

I watched his every move for a long period of time and soon noticed that
unlike the other guests, his sisters included, he was not eating any of the
food. His mom was busy talking to my mom and his sisters were eating and
ignoring him, he looked very lost and alone so I went over to him. I asked
him if he wanted something to eat and he looked up at me with his big blue
puppy dog eyes and shrugged. I guessed from this that he did want something
but was painfully shy about asking.

So I went over to the barbecue and prepared him a plate which I filled with
chicken, burgers and sausage I also put a bread roll on the plate and gave
him a glass of Coke. He thanked me in a whisper and ate his food
silently. I watched him and wondered what made such an attractive boy so
shy. Soon it was time to cut the cake and we lit the candles and made Chris
blow them out. We all relished it when he turned bright red during the
singing of `Happy Birthday' and the cake was cut. The boys mom said, "do
you want some cake, Jamie" to which the boy nodded and offered up his
plate. She was going to fetch him a clean one but he said he wanted it on
the same one.

"euggh" I said, "you may as well just eat them both together!" at that a
wicked smile crossed his red lips and he picked up the sausage and dipped
it in the cream from the cake. He then turned to me and grinning shoved it
into his mouth. I wrinkled my nose up and tried to look grossed out, but I
couldn't help but laugh at his antics. This incident broke the ice and
Jamie visibly relaxed around me. I have often noticed that `boy lovers'
have a genuine ability to relate to and understand kids. Perhaps it comes
from the fact that we see childhood as something so pure and special, or
maybe we ourselves never really grow up properly. Like Peter Pan.

We stood together in the garden, he was stood in front of me and I had my
hands on his shoulders occasionally I would touch his head and ask if he
was all right and if he wanted anything. He always said no and I would
ruffle his hair. When I did that he always looked up at me and smiled
sweetly. I asked him all the usual stuff about school and what he liked to
do in his spare time. We talked as two equals and not as adult and kid. I
teased him and he teased back.

I asked if he was ticklish and he said no. I said that I didn't believe him
and that there was only one way to find out, so I dug my fingers into his
ribs and he erupted into fits of giggles. I kept tickling and he was soon
rolling around on the floor. I took the opportunity of his helplessness to
`accidentally' stroke between his legs. He must have been wearing tight
briefs with his little penis tucked away because I couldn't feel
anything. By now I realised that he had had enough, if I had tickled any
longer he would have lost bladder control and I didn't want to embarrass

I stood with my hands across his shoulders and held his chest. He was
breathing heavily and his hair was dishevelled badly from the tickle play
we had just had. He kept glancing up at me and occasionally I would tickle
him again quickly. I also carried him around on my shoulders and it was
nice to hold his legs and feel his bum against my shoulders. I moved my
head around as much as possible, hoping to stimulate his organ but I never
felt any signs of an erection.

Eventually the time came when he had to go home, it was very sad for me as
I thought that I wouldn't see him again. I spent the rest of the barbecue
picking at the remaining food and generally moping around. My mind was
fixed on Jamie and I was heartbroken that I wouldn't see him or have any
more fun with him. I knew this feeling well and I also knew that it would
probably make me pretty miserable for the next couple of days.

A few days later my brother went out to a local bar with Craig, and his
girlfriend and the kids had to come along too. They waited outside with a
can of coke each and some crisps. They were all pretty annoyed because the
kids kept bothering them and they had to come home early to put them to
bed. I came up with the perfect solution and offered to baby-sit for them
one night. They said that they would see and I didn't want to push the
point too much as I didn't want to get them suspicious and I wanted to make
it appear as if I was doing them a favour.

The day after my bro asked if I would baby-sit for them the next day, of
course I agreed instantly and asked a few questions about the kids. He told
me all about them and I learned that 2 of the girls were twins of 12 years
and one little girl of 4 nearly 5. Jamie was 8 and he was shy unlike the
girls who were full of confidence and were brash with it. I told him that I
would bring up my Nintendo and he said that was a good idea.

I also learned a little of the family. The kids were born to three
different dads, all of whom were no longer on the scene and the mother was
heavily into alcohol and pot. It turned out that his mom had bought Jamie a
Playstation for his birthday in February but had sold it again in April to
buy drink and drugs. I felt very sorry for this boy and it became more and
more clear why he was so withdrawn. He needed a stable father figure and
that is something he could not get with Craig who was only 19 himself and
also was into pot, LSD and amphetamine.

Anyway, my brother arrived in his car to pick me up. It was only a short
distance but he gave me a ride anyway. I would be walking back and he told
me that they probably would not be back much before one in the
morning. This scared me slightly as it was a pretty rough area where Jamie
lived. But I wasn't about to let that stop me. I had brought the Ninetendo
with me and Jamie knew of this but I also had another little surprise for
him. I had decided to give him my Sega Master System, I no longer used it
and it had a lot of games with it. It also had the distinct advantage of
being virtually worthless so his mother would not be able to sell it.

We walked in the front door and Jamie was waiting for me. His sisters were
out somewhere and his mom was dressed up ready for the night out. Jamie
said "Is it in there?" indicating the bag I had with me. "yes, it's there"
I replied, he was bouncing up and down and was very over-excited, he was
also grinning at me, I smiled back and gave him the bag. He took it off me
and sat down in front of the TV, he eagerly started pulling all the bits
and pieces from the bag, seeing the Sega he looked up at me and said
"what's this?" "I'll tell you about that later" I said. He accepted this
and proceeded to set up the Nintendo.

Everyone left the house as Jamie was plugging the two controllers in, his
mom kissed him on top of his head and he turned round to wave her off. She
gave him the usual warning about behaving himself and was about to leave. I
asked where she would be if I needed to get hold of her but she said she
would be in a bar somewhere and then left.

I sat down with Jamie and he had just loaded up Streetfighter 2. "Wanna
play?" he asked, "sure" I replied and took the second controller. When we
had played for a while his attention returned to the Sega and again he
asked me what it was here for. "It used to be mine" I told him "well, whose
is it now?" he asked. I looked at him and smiled "Yours" I said, for a few
seconds he was speechless before he said "really, you're giving it to me"
his eyes were wide and he said very sincerely "thanks." I stroked his soft
hair and said "it's okay, I don't use it anymore" "can we go and set it up
now" he begged.

So we went upstairs and connected it to his little black and white TV. He
moved some books from his bookshelf to make room for the cartridges and
then we returned downstairs to play on the Nintendo.

Eventually his sisters returned and said they wanted to watch a video. We
unplugged the Nintendo and took it upstairs with us as they ransacked the
kitchen and made a lot of noise. We connected it back up on his TV and
continued to play. There was only a single bed and so I sat down on it
first and he sat between my legs. I allowed my erection to press against
his smooth, tight bum and my concentration in the game waned. He began to
get quite a few victories and he always bounced around, agitating my cock
even more.

It was at around this time that I suggested he should play another game, he
selected Starfox and I showed him how to play it. I had my arms around him
and couldn't help but give him a little hug. He didn't seem to mind and
just looked round at me and smiled. When he was playing the game he moved
around a lot and I couldn't help but hump gently into his ass. I also
allowed my hands to wander to his lap where I would occasionally give him a
little squeeze, he didn't seem to notice.

This went on for quite a while and at 10:00 I told him it was time for
bed. I had already allowed him to stay up for an hour longer than usual but
he complained a little trying to get 10 more minutes out of me. I told him
no and that seemed enough for him. He went to the bathroom to get a wash
and I expected him to get changed there as well but he returned in just his
T-shirt and briefs. "Don't you have pyjamas" I asked. He looked at me with
a puzzled expression and reached under his pillow and brought out a pair of
thin white cotton PJ's.

He took off his T-shirt and then his briefs and I was surprised at his lack
of modesty around a pretty much total stranger and I looked at his penis.
It was pretty small and uncut and I could easily make out the outline of
his head beneath the skin. The end of the skin formed in a small bobble at
the tip of his penis. It was attached to a pair of small balls that looked
smooth and tight in his little pouch. I was shivering because I was so
horny at the sight before me. I thought to myself `good things comes in
small packages' and smiled at my little joke. He noticed me staring right
at his smooth hairless crotch and said "caught ya looking." He laughed and
pulled his pyjama trousers up. I had been staring directly at his boyish
cocklett and I was entranced by it.

His pyjamas were pure white and made out of very thin cotton and I could
see his penis wobble as he jumped onto the bed. I pulled the covers over
him and said goodnight he hugged me and I kissed his forehead, he wiped it
off with the back of his hand. I was not offended, it was just what little
boys as I turned to leave he said "thank you so much for the Sega" and
smiled broadly at me. At that moment I felt so much warmth for him and I
wanted to hold him in my arms and never let him go. I smiled back at him
said goodnight again and turned out the light. I left the downstairs light
on and his door open because he didn't like to sleep in the blackness.

His sisters went to bed too and the house went quiet at around 11:00pm and
I sat downstairs trying to watch TV, time went very very slowly and I was
shivering with nervousness and excitement, I didn't know what to do. I
wanted to go upstairs and touch him and put my hand in his pants as he
slept but I felt real guilty and scared of the consequences of my actions.
I was pretty sure that he would remain asleep if I took it gently, after
all, little boys do sleep pretty soundly.

At about 11:40 I went upstairs to the bathroom and I noticed that Jamie's
door was open and I could hear him snoozing. When I had finished peeing I
tiptoed quietly into his room, I was really nervous and excited and my
shakes just got worse and worse. My knees were weak and I was having
trouble standing up comfortably so I kneeled down by his bed. I watched the
snoozing boy, he looked so cute and loveable, his mouth was part open and
he was turned to face me in the bed. His eyes were closed completely and I
could see the pupils moving beneath the lids.

I sat watching him sleep for ages, I didn't look at my watch, but I'd guess
it was around 45 minutes. He suddenly rolled over onto his back and I
thought he was waking, I got ready to stand up and get out but he wasn't
awake, he was just turning in his sleep. He now had his arm above his head
and was completely on his back. I felt a big shiver go down my back as I
prepared to do what I had dreamed of.

I touched his shoulder, shook it gently and said, "Jamie are you OK" this
was a test to make sure he was sleeping as soundly as he looked. He never
moved or flinched and his face showed no indication that he had heard or
felt anything. This pleased me and gave me the courage to go further. I put
my hand just under the duvet at the edge of the mattress and slid my hand
ever so slowly forward, I stared intently at his face to look for any
indication that he was aware of me. I was shivering a lot and perspiration
was running down my back, eventually I touched his leg and stopped unsure
of what to do next.

Slowly I reached up to the top of his leg and stopped again then even
slower moved lightly across his Pyjamas, eventually I reached the area
where his penis was and I settled my hand with my fingertips just touching
it. I was thinking of what I would do if someone caught me or if he awoke
but eventually I got enough courage together and quickly held it in my
thumb and forefinger through his clothes. He didn't stir, just lay there
snoozing, It was amazing to just hold it and after a short while I gently
squeezed it, it felt good warm and soft and lovely.

I squeezed all over it and I could feel the outline of his head beneath his
foreskin I moved down a little and stroked his balls real gently then
returned to his penis, all the time I just stared into his face and he
never moved, just snoozed and slept. I then began to stroke it up and down
very gently not pulling the skin just stroking over the skin. To my
surprise it was getting hard! I couldn't believe it only slightly hard and
moving very slowly, but it was growing I stroked him like that for a while,
gently feeling his member.

Then I reached up and put the tips of my fingers to his waistband and slid
my hand inside so slowly that I was hardly moving, I eventually reached his
penis and held it, it was amazing to hold his naked sex in my fingers. It
had softened and had a slightly damp feeling, possibly from sweat or urine
I wasn't sure. His foreskin was a strange thing to feel and I slid it back
gently and that felt amazing I began stroking him gently, stroking his skin
up and down. His foreskin didn't come back each time because there was a
lot of it and still he didn't move.

His penis was getting hard now and soon it was completely hard and my
fingers stroked the shaft up and down under the covers. It felt to be
around two inches in length and thin. I was so horny and desperate for a
wank but I couldn't take the risk. I was sure that he was feeling pretty
horny too in his sleep so I stroked him a little faster about 2 strokes
each second. I kept doing that for ages before lifting the covers and
putting my other hand in, I gently slid the front of his pyjamas down so I
could look at his erection but it was too dark to see much more than the
outline of my wanking hand.

I put my head under the covers to smell it; it didn't really smell of much
just a slight odour of urine. I took my hand off it and wrapped my lips
around the base of his shaft, I was so exhilarated to have his boyhood in
my warm mouth. I held it firmly between my pallet and my tongue and got a
good taste of him it tasted different to how I expected, kinda like sucking
your thumb but softer and with a slight taste of pee and something else I
couldn't identify. It was very nice and I allowed my tongue to flick around
the head where the taste was stronger.

I licked at his pee slit and then returned to the shaft, I bobbed my head
up and down on his tiny tool and fucked him with my mouth, he still never
moved and never thrusted back against my milking mouth. My speed
intensified until I was really going for it on his erect member, the head
slipped in and out of my mouth rapidly and every time the head slipped in I
would give it a lick before it left again.

After a short while of pleasuring him I felt his hips push forward and his
penis jerked in my mouth, he stopped breathing and his body shook gently as
he had what I assumed was his very first orgasm. From the twitching organ
in my mouth I was certain he was having a hard and powerful climax.

He eventually settled back down in the bed and his breathing returned to
normal, I released his cocklett and looked into his just come face and
there was no sign that he had ever woken up. I pulled his pyjamas back up
to cover his still hard penis and looked again into his face. Before I
left I gave his hard on a last squeeze through his PJ's and then stood up
and left the room.

When I looked at the clock I noticed that it was after one O' clock and his
mom would be due back soon. My underpants were soaking wet with pre-come.
Fortunately it didn't show through my pants as they were dark coloured. I
still wanted to clean up a little so I went upstairs to the bathroom. I
pulled my pants and boxers down and grabbed my slimy penis.

I stroked it once and instantly felt my sap rising, after just 2 more pulls
I spurted my come into the toilet bowl. My orgasm was hard, as I could
still taste Jamie in my mouth. When I finished I used some tissue to clean
my boxers off and returned to Jamie's room. I picked up his clothes from
the floor and took them into the hallway where there was a basket. I took
Jamie's briefs from his pants and put his pants in the basket the basket
was full and I mixed the clothes around so no one would know that a pair
was missing.

I smelled his briefs they smelled slightly of pee and of his sex. It was a
heavenly odour and I stuffed them into my pocket and went downstairs to
wait for them to return. They came back at around two and I walked slowly
home. It was very dark and I took his briefs from my pocked and sniffed
them all the way home. The journey went by very fast and by the time I got
home I was in need of another wank which I did as soon as I got into my bed
followed by two more during the night.

                      ---THE END---
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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Sleeping Boy