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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Speedo Boys - Speedo Boys 13

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Speedo Boys
Chapter 13 -- Calm before the Storm

From Last time:

Matt smiled at the boy and went to kiss him, Cole pulled away and Matt
said, "Your penance is complete, Cole. Devon has forgiven you, and so have
I. I know you have learned from this experience. Now kiss me so I can say
a proper thank you for allowing this to happen. You have a very very
special partner and I know you know that."

Cole leaned in and the two kissed. Afterward they lay down next to Devon
on either side and all 3 were soon sleeping.

Chapter 13 - The calm before the storm

A short time later, Devon awoke. He noticed 2 things right away. First,
that there was a damp spot under his butt, and second that he had 2 naked
guys laying on either side of him and they were both hard. He figured the
damp spot was Matt's cum leaking out of his ass. He thought back on the
wild sex that he and Matt had earlier and a grin came to his face.

He reached one hand on either side and grasped the hard cocks on the guys.
He began slowly stroking them as they slept. Both started to smile in
their slumber. Moments later, Cole opened his eyes, gazed down and saw a
hand jacking him off. He glanced over and saw Devon grinning at him so he
merely lay back and enjoyed it.

Matt's dick was throbbing before he woke. He also glanced over at Devon
who looked at him, turned his head and gave Matt a kiss. Maybe it was the
idea of being kissed freely by a 13 year old, or the wonderful job he was
doing jacking him off, but Matt couldn't hold it. He came, and he came
hard. He covered his chest and belly with his thick hot cum. Devon hadn't
ever seen an adult cum before and he was transfixed by it. Cole was
watching as well and within seconds of Matt's ejaculation, he came as well.
It wasn't as thick, but it still shot out with tremendous force. The first
blast hitting him square between his eyes.

As the two were coming down from their orgasm, Devon licked up their
deposits from their chests, bellies, and in Cole's case, his face. Both
Matt and Cole reached to take care of Devon's needs, but he said, "Why
don't we shower, and you guys can deal with me there."

All 3 of them hopped out of the bed and made a beeline for the bathroom.
It was comical because they all reached the doorway at the same time and
they couldn't all fit through it at the same time. They laughed and Matt
entered first, followed by Cole holding Devon's hand. Matt adjusted the
shower and the 3 entered. Matt's shower was huge, nearly as large as
Devon's entire bathroom. Devon stood in the middle and both of his
'lovers' went to town on his skin. Rubbing, cleaning, kissing. Cole, who
wound up with the front side reached his prize and, wanting to do a
thorough job, dropped to his knees and decided to 'wash' Devon's dick with
his mouth.

Matt had the object of his desires as well. He inspected Devon's rosebud
to be sure he hadn't hurt him in any way. He would have been very upset
had he done so. Devon's hole, while reddened and a little puffy, was still
intact. Matt dove into the cleft and began to tongue the boy's rosebud.
The combined assault on Devon's body was causing near sensory overload for
the boy. He was moaning and his breathing became labored. He had to put
his hand on the shower wall to make sure he didn't fall. The sensations
were so intense it took almost no time for him to yell, "I'm

With that, his anal ring clamped down onto Matt's tongue, his penis
swelled, his balls pulled up close to his body, and Cole was nearly drowned
by the force of Devon's ejaculation. He greedily swallowed it, and
remembered to save some to share with Matt. Devon's orgasm passed and he
simply said, "Oh my GOD! That was amazing. Cole! You gotta try that!"

Cole was a little busy at that moment. He and Matt, with Devon sandwiched
between them, were kissing and Cole was passing some of Devon's cum to
their older lover and mentor. Once everyone was clean, they exited the
shower and toweled each other off. Devon looked at the time and told Cole
that Mom would be calling the house in about 30 minutes so they should
really get home.

They went into the bedroom together and started putting on their speedos.
Both kissed and hugged Matt and promised to come back the next day. Matt
gave both of them hugs and also his private phone numbers, instructing them
that they could call, anytime, day or night. Both boys gave him one last
kiss and hug and they all walked to the deck. Matt watched them go,
thinking back to the events of the day. He said another 'Thank You' prayer
and went back inside.

Devon and Cole were giddy. Cole asked Devon what it felt like to have Matt
inside him and Devon said it was "Fan-fucking-tastic!" This comment caused
both boys to laugh a deep belly laugh, so hard that they had to stop
walking or they'd fall over.

They arrived home at about 4:45 and Donna was already there and that
surprised them as she'd told them that morning that she'd be working late.
They entered the kitchen and looked at her, she looked as if she'd been

The boys were both full of concern. "What's wrong, Mom?" they both asked

"Sit down, boys." she said solemnly. After the boys sat she continued.
"Cole, your mother is in the hospital."

Cole was beside himself, "What happened?" he asked with worry.

"She had an argument with your dad and he hit her. A neighbor heard the
argument and called the police. When they arrived they found her
unconscious and alone. They rushed her to the hospital and I was the
attending in the Emergency Room. She regained consciousness and told us
that John had done it to her."

"Is she gonna be ok?" Cole asked between his sobs. Devon was holding him
trying to comfort him.

"She's hurt pretty badly, but she'll be ok. The police are looking for
your dad. I told them that you were safe at my house, but I think it would
probably be best if we all went to a hotel for a few days until they find

"I want to see my Mom, Mom." Cole cried. Devon gave a nervous laugh
because of the way that sounded, but it wasn't meant to make light of

"Go on upstairs and change into something a little more covering and we'll
go to the hospital first then we'll decide where we're going to stay for a
few days. I handed Marie's case to another attending since we're friends
and I can't treat my close friend because of conflict of interests.
Besides, I'm way too close to the whole case in the eyes of the Police for
me to treat her. It really doesn't matter because I took a week off of
work. Oh, guys, make sure to pack clothes for a few days in a bag,
remember we're going to a hotel."

The boys raced upstairs and quickly changed into blue jeans and polo
shirts. (No, they weren't matched.) Devon grabbed a duffel bag and put
enough clothes, underwear, socks, and of course a few speedos in the bag.
And in moments were back downstairs and ready to go. They all piled into
the car and were off to the Hospital.

They arrived and Donna took them up to Marie's room. She was awake. Cole
took one look at her with her head all bandaged up and started to cry. He
ran to her and hugged her, being careful not to hit any of her injuries.
He cried into her neck as she rubbed his back and ran her fingers through
his hair. She told him it would all be ok.

Devon was crying as well. He went to Marie and said, "I'm really sorry
this happened. I hope they catch him soon, and I hope I don't see him
first cause I'll kill him myself." Donna put her hand around Devon's
shoulders but said nothing.

After about 30 minutes a nurse came in and told them that they had to
leave. The patient needed to rest. Donna told Marie that she was going to
take the boys to a hotel to be safe and she would call the next day.

They left the hospital, Cole still visibly upset and Devon trying his best
to console his boyfriend. Donna decided that she needed to take the boys a
fair distance away. John, if he were going to go after Cole would probably
check the local hotels. They drove about 50 miles away and found a nice
hotel. Donna checked them into 2 rooms. They went upstairs and she asked
if they were hungry. Both said no. Donna told them that if they got
hungry, just call down to room service. It was open 24 hours a day. She
then went into her room, closed the door, and called the Police detective
to let him know where they were and to ask him to call as soon as John had
been taken into custody. She thanked the Detective and hung up the phone.
She lay down on the bed and cried herself to sleep.

Cole and Devon held each other while Cole regained his composure. Devon
said that Marie didn't look as bad as he thought she would, and Mom said
she'd be fine. Cole regained his composure and hugged Devon tightly.
Devon let him hold him as long as he needed, which was about 10
minutes. Neither said a word. They simply drew strength and love from each

They sat down on the bed and turned on the TV. Devon said, "We should call
Matt, if nothing else to tell him we wont be there tomorrow like we
promised." Cole agreed and Devon took his cell phone and dialed Matt's
private home number.

Matt answered the phone. "Hello?"

"Hi Matt, it's Devon."

Obviously, Matt was able to tell by Devon's tone of voice that something
was very wrong. "What's wrong, Dev?" Using Devon's nickname for the first
time ever.

"Cole's dad attacked his mom. She's in the hospital and the police are
looking for his Dad. My mom took us to a hotel a long way out of town so
we would be safe. I just wanted you to know we wont be there tomorrow so
you wouldn't worry or think we just skipped out on you."

Matt was dumbfounded. "Oh My God! Devon. Is Cole ok? May I speak to

"He wants to talk to you." Devon said to Cole, handing him the phone.

"Hi Matt." Cole said.

"Hey buddy, are you ok?"

"I'm here with Devon and that's all that matters. Mom says that my mom
will be ok. I just want them to catch dad and throw him in jail for a long

It took a moment for Matt to realize the the first 'Mom' was Devon's mom
and the second 'Mom' was his real mother. "Look, you guys call me anytime
if you need to talk. I will go anywhere if you need me to. Just let me
know if you need ANYTHING ok?"

"Sure, Matt. Thanks." Cole then said in a quiet voice, "I love you."
then handed the phone back to Devon.



"Call me and let me know how it's going. I told Cole that if either of you
needed ANYTHING to call me, will you promise me that?"

"Yeah. Oh, and Matt? I really loved what happened today and I hope we can
do it again sometime. And, um, I love you too."

"I love both of you guys. I'll be praying for Cole's mom."

Devon said, "Thanks. I'll call you sometime tomorrow." He then pushed the
'end call' button.

The boys, being growing adolescents, got hungry. They called Donna's room
but didn't get an answer, so they called room service and ordered a huge
dinner. Devon still had the $40 that his mother had given him and when the
food arrived he tried to pay for it and the guy said, "All you have to do
is to add a tip if you like and sign the check, it will be added to your
hotel bill."

Devon added a decent tip and signed the check. The boys sat down and ate
their food without talking. Once they'd eaten, they pushed the empty cart
out into the hallway closed and locked the door, undressed and climbed into
bed. They held each other until they fell asleep.


John was on the run. He was so pissed that the bitch wouldn't leave well
enough alone. 'Fucking Cocksucker' he said under his breath. "That little
son-of-a-bitch doesn't deserve to live, if I see that boy or his cock
sucking 'boyfriend' I'll kill 'em! Fucking fags!"

He wound up at a run-down motel in the 'bad' section of town. He paid cash
and gave a phony name to the desk clerk, who really could care less who he
was as long as his money was green.

He went to his room and started planning how he'd get those fucking
faggots. "I ought to kill the other little cock sucker's mother too." He
lay on the bed, on top of the covers but was unable to fall asleep.

The next morning he walked around the streets until he found someone who
looked to him like he could sell him a gun. He paid $200 cash for a 9mm
Baretta pistol. Of course, the guy didn't ask for any ID other than 2
Benjamin Franklins. John checked the clip and saw that it was full and
tucked it in his waistband at the small of his back. Then he went on the
prowl looking for Cole and Devon.

He went to Devon's house, got out of his car and was looking around trying
to find a way in. He was in the back yard trying to open the sliding glass

He thought about pulling his gun, but decided it wouldn't be the best idea
so he kneeled and lay on the ground face down with his hands over his
head. One cop held a gun pointed at him while the other frisked him. "GUN,
PARTNER!" They took the gun from his waistband and roughly handcuffed him.
They took his wallet out and looked at his ID. The cop remembered their
briefing that morning and knew that this guy was wanted for aggravated
battery on his wife. They radioed in and told them that they had him in
custody and were transporting him to the station.


Cole, Devon, and Donna were in the hotel's restaurant having a late
breakfast around 10:30am when Donna's cell phone rang. The Caller-ID read
'000 000 0000'.


"Hello, this is Detective Guttierrez from the Beach Cities Police. I
wanted to let you know that we apprehended the boy's father this morning,
he's currently being held awaiting formal charges."

"Thank you for telling me, " she covered the mouthpiece and told the boys
that they had caught John. Both boys cheered. "sorry about the pause, I
was telling the boys. What happens next?"

"Well, I will be going to see the victim and get her to sign a formal
complaint. Then I go to the D.A. who files the formal charges. That can
take up to 48 hours then we have to have him in court for arraignment
before he's been in custody for 72 hours. At that hearing it will be
determined if bail is going to be allowed and if so, how much it will be."

"So he's likely to be held in custody for at least 72 hours?"

"That's the case."

"Thank you again for calling me Detective."

"Just doing my job. Have a nice day."

Donna hung up her phone and the rest of the meal was much more festive.
Donna told the boys that they would stay at the hotel one more day so the
boys could actually enjoy it a little. They finished their breakfast and a
now happy Cole and Devon told Mom that they were going swimming for a bit.
"Remember, " Donna started, "at least 20 minutes before you get in the
water." Always a mom too.

"Ok Mom." Both boys said as they rolled their eyes. "It will be at least
that long before we get to the room and change into our speedos then get
down to the pool." Devon added.

They went upstairs to their room and as soon as the door was closed, Cole
threw himself at Devon and hugged him tightly. He was so very happy at
that moment. He kissed Devon deeply before they started getting changed to
go to the pool. Once in their speedos they grabbed towels from the
bathroom and were about to leave when Devon remembered he needed to call
Matt. He dialed the number on his cell phone.

"Hi Matt, it's Devon."

"Hi Dev! How's it going?"

"Great. They caught Cole's dad this morning. We're staying at the hotel
until tomorrow then we'll be home. Cole and I will probably come see you
day after tomorrow, is that ok?"

"It's great news. I hope they hang the bastard. And I will wait with
great anticipation for you to come visit again. Tell Cole I love him, and
you know I love you."

"We love you too Matt, thanks and we'll see you in a couple days." With
that, Devon ended the call. He gave Cole another kiss and the two boys
went down to the pool.

As they entered the crowded pool area all eyes were on them. Well,
actually all eyes were on their speedos. They loved the attention. Cole
took their towels and put them on two chairs and they both jumped into the
cool water. They were horsing around in the water when a boy who was maybe
14 or 15 came up to them.

"Cool speedos. " He said to them. "I wish I had the balls to wear one.
Um, that came out wrong. I wish I was brave enough. I GOT the balls." he
said laughing.

Cole and Devon laughed at this as well. "Yeah, they're really comfortable.
We like seeing each other in them."

The other boy heard this and, in his mind, decided that they were gay.
He's been hoping to find another gay boy on this dismal vacation and now
he'd found 2! "I'm Tom." He said.

"I'm Cole and this is Devon." Cole was thinking, 'This guy is pretty cute.
I just wonder if he's gay.' Devon was having similar thoughts. "How long
are you gonna be here?" Cole asked.

"We're leaving tomorrow." Tom replied.

"Yeah, so are we." Cole said wishing the small talk would be over.

"Whatcha gonna do the rest of the day?" Tom asked.

Devon responded, "I dunno, probably go to the room and watch a movie. You
can join us if you want."

This was exactly what Tom was hoping for. He appeared to think about it
for a moment then smiled and said, "OK."

Tom, Devon, and Cole horsed around in the water for another 30 minutes when
Devon said he was getting tired of the water and said he wanted to go up to
the room. Cole agreed and invited Tom to join them. Tom told them he'd be
right back, he had to tell his folks where he was going.

As soon as Tom was out of hearing, Cole turned to Devon and said, "You see
how he was checking us out? I think he's gay! Wanna see if we can... you

"I thought he was too, and he's kinda cute. So, if you wanna, I do."
Devon replied. They talked and schemed a way to find out for sure. Tom
returned and the 3 boys went up to the room. They called Donna and told
her they were in the room and were tired so they were going to bed for a
while. It wasn't a total lie.

Devon said he was gonna get out of his wet speedo and the guys should find
something to watch on TV. Tom sat in the chair as Cole went to the TV,
bent over at the waist making sure his ass was pointed directly at Tom.
Devon watched as Tom stared at Cole's ass and actually licked his lips.
This was Devon's cue.

Devon was looking through the drawers like he couldn't find something.
"Cole, do you know where my underwear went?"

"Bottom drawer on the left." he replied.

"Here they are!" He made sure Tom was watching and stripped off his speedo
where he stood. Tom got an eyeful of Devon's semi-erect dick. Cole saw
Tom reach down and adjust himself to try to hide the growing lump in his

Cole seized the opportunity. "Dev, can you throw me a pair too, this
speedo is shrinking as it drys." Devon tossed him a pair and Cole too
stripped where he stood. Tom was hooked. Completely.

"Babe, " Devon started, purposely using the term but acting like he'd made
a mistake.

Tom swallowed hard. He blushed deeply and asked, "Um, are you two a

"Why would you ask that?" Cole inquired.

"Well, it's just you guys came down wearing speedos, something you don't
see every day in California. And the way you guys just seem to go
together. Also, he just called you 'Babe'." Tom replied.

Cole laughed. "I guess we're caught, honey." He said to Devon and winked.

Tom was blushing deeply and said, "Can I ask you guys something?"

"Sure." Both boys responded at the same time.

"What's it like?" Tom asked.

"What's what like?" Cole replied.

"What's it like having a boyfriend. I have been looking for one for a
year, but I'm too scared to ask anyone."

"You're gay too?" Devon asked, acting surprised.

Tom blushed again and said very quietly, "I think so. But I've never done
nothin with anyone 'cept my right hand." This he said this with a nervous

Devon sat on the chair across from him, just wearing his underwear. "Tom,
I will tell you that Cole and I are so much happier now that we've found
each other."

"But, what's if feel like to... you know... do it?"

"If you mean fucking, it's great. But that's not all there is to it. We
have a bond that we share, it's like I'm not complete when we're not
together. Cole and I do have good sex, but it's way more than that."
Devon said.

Tom was looking very nervous at this point and he had an obvious boner
pushing at his shorts. He couldn't bring himself to say what he was

"Honey, " Cole started, "Why don't we show him."

"If you want you can watch and see for yourself." Devon said to Tom.

Tom swallowed again, "Ok."

Cole and Devon hopped up on the bed and began to kiss. Deeply.
Passionately. Allowing their hands to caress the other's body. This was
having a profound effect on Tom. Especially in his shorts.

Devon had been watching Tom out of the corner of his eye and in the
previous 2 minutes, while they were kissing, he'd adjusted his dick at
least 3 times. Time for stage 2.

"You can take those off if they're uncomfortable." He said after Cole and
he broke their kiss.

Tom was looking like a deer in the headlights.

"It's ok, honest." Cole said.

Tom got up enough courage and shyly stood and removed his swim trunks. His
dick flopped up and slapped his tummy. Devon and Cole looked and liked
what they saw. Tom's dick was about 6" long. He had very nice balls
hanging low beneath it. He had a lot of pubic hair, all dark brown and
curly. His dick was leaking precum at a pretty good rate. He sat down
again, but didn't say anything.

Cole reached down and started to remove Devon's underwear. Once his cock
was exposed, Tom couldn't take his eyes off it. He licked his lips again
and was absently gently rubbing on his hard cock. Devon was now laying on
the bed, on his back, completely naked, his 5 and a half inch boner
throbbing with his heartbeat. Cole stood and said, "I'm not gonna be the
only one not naked!" Then he, in one movement, stripped his underwear off.
Tom's eyes darted between Cole's dick and Devon's. From the sounds of his
breathing, it seemed like he was going to cum just looking at the other

Cole looked at Tom and gave him a knowing smile and a wink. Then went to
the bed and started licking Devon's nipples. He licked down his chest and
to his navel. Devon meanwhile was reaching for Cole's cock. He grabbed it
and started jacking his boyfriend off while Tom watched.

Cole reached his prize and started to take Devon's dick into his mouth. Tom
was heard saying, "Oh my fucking god! That is HOT!" There was so much
precum leaking from his dick at such a rate it almost looked like he was

Devon smiled and said to Tom, "You're welcome to join us if you want." Tom
didn't need another invitation. He hopped up on the bed, just sitting
there. Devon said, you can take over jacking Cole, but if you do, you
gotta get into a position where I can get you into my mouth.

Tom couldn't believe his ears. After 2 years of dreaming about it, it was
finally gonna happen. He was finally gonna have sex with another guy. He
was excited, but he was also very scared. He moved closer and for the
first time in his life, he touched another boy's penis. His hand wrapped
around Cole's tool and Tom was amazed at how it felt. Way different than
when he jacked himself.

He was now close enough that Devon could get Tom's hard nail into his
mouth. As soon as Devon's lips touched Tom's dick head, he gasped. His
mind was spinning. He had a guy's dick in his hand and he was jacking him
off, while that same guy was sucking on another guy. And the guy who was
getting sucked was sucking on his dick.

Devon and Cole both knew that Tom wouldn't last long. Cole worked on Devon
and Devon worked on Tom, trying to give him the best possible blow job.

Cole was so excited at all that was happening, plus the thrill of having a
'virgin' to gay sex jacking him that he blew his load very quickly. 5
rapid strong squirts onto Devon's chest. Seeing Cole's dick spitting
pushed Tom to the brink. "You may want to let my dick out of your mouth,
cuz I'm gonna blow!" Tom gasped. This just caused Devon to pull back just
enough that Tom's dick head was in his mouth and the tip of his tongue. He
went to work on the head with his tongue and Tom took a rapid intake of air
and then started to shoot his load into Devon's sucking mouth. The
intensity of Tom's orgasm was so high that it caused Devon to shoot into
Cole's mouth. Both Devon and Cole were swallowing for all they were worth.

Tom couldn't believe it. He'd just gotten his first blow job and he felt
great. He was smiling from ear to ear. Cole lay down on one side of Devon
and told Tom to lay on the other. Devon turned to look Tom in the eye and
leaned his head over and gave Tom what probably was his first kiss from
another boy. Tom took to it immediately. They lay there, Cole caressing
Devon while Tom and Devon were kissing.

They broke the kiss and Devon asked Tom, "So, what did you think?"

"Man, that was TIGHT! I mean I dreamed of this for so long and it was
fucking awesome! Um, what's cum taste like?"

"You mean you've never tried it? You haven't even tasted your own when you
jack off?" Cole asked.

"Um, no." Tom said rather embarrassed.

Devon looked at Tom with a very caring expression. "You want to try some?
You can suck one of us off if you want, or we can do a round robin."

"What's a round robin?" Tom asked.

"Well, " Devon explained, "it's when one guy sucks another who sucks
another who sucks the other, like in a circle." Devon was secretly hoping
that Tom would want that.

"That sounds kinda hot. But I don't know how." Tom said.

"Well, you know what I was doing to you, right? Just try to copy that."
Devon said.

"Okay." Tom replied with a huge smile on his face.

"Ok, Devon said, "I'll suck Cole, and you suck me, and Cole will suck you.

They arranged themselves so that they each had the right dick in front of
their mouths and then Cole said, "Let the sucking begin!" Then laughed
until his lips came in contact with Tom's dick. Tom hesitantly licked the
drop of precum off Devon's dick and decided it wasn't bad. He tentatively
took the head of Devon's dick into his mouth and ran his tongue around it.
He couldn't believe it. He had another guys dick in his mouth.

He started trying to copy what Cole was doing to him. At one point, Tom
took Devon a little too deeply and he was forced to gag. Devon lifted his
head off Cole's dick and told Tom to just go at the top couple inches and
use his hand on the base. Then Devon went back to going to town on Cole.
Again, none of them lasted long. Devon was expertly working Cole's dick,
Cole was vacuuming Tom, and Tom was doing a passable job on Devon for his
first time. The idea that he was getting a blow job from a guy who was
giving his first excited Devon tremendously. He pulled off Cole's dick
long enough to warn Tom that he was getting close. He told Tom that he
didn't HAVE to let him cum in his mouth if he didn't want to.

Tom made a decision. He wanted to see what it was like. He remembered
what Devon had done right before he came before and he backed off so only
Devon's dick head was in his mouth. Devon, since he'd just shot less than
15 minutes before, didn't cum with much force which was actually good since
it was Tom's first time. Tom sucked and each time Devon's dick flexed and
sprayed cum into his mouth he swallowed. Tom was sure then that he liked
the taste.

Getting his first taste of cum set him off and he came into Cole's waiting
mouth. Of course, Cole saved a little to share with Devon. And he came
hard into Devon's mouth. Devon taking it like it was the nectar of the
gods. Once all three guys had cum and were basking in post-orgasmic
delight, Cole allowed Tom's dick to slip from his mouth and flipped to give
Devon a kiss and share Tom's seed.

The three boys lay there exhausted. Tom felt as if he was in heaven.
After a few minutes, Devon asked Tom, "So, what did you think?"

Tom was so excited, "OH MY GOD! It was great. I only wish I'd met you
guys a week ago, this would have been, hell it IS the best vacation I've
ever been on."

They talked for a long time when the telephone in the room rang. Devon
answered it. "Hi Mom!" he said, causing Tom to look at him with terror in
his eyes. "No, we just hung around the room and relaxed. We met another
boy by the pool and we've been watching TV. Oh, OK, I'll ask."

"She wants to know if we are ready for dinner. She says I can invite you
too Tom." Cole said he was starving to which Devon said, "When are you NOT
hungry?" Then he laughed. "You wanna join us Tom? My Mom's really cool."
"I guess." Tom said, still terrified.

"Ok, Mom. We'll be at the restaurant in 30 minutes." Devon hung up the

"Um, Does your mom know that you two..." Tom's voice faded at the end.

"Yeah. Like I said she's cool. She knows Cole and I are boyfriends. She
loves Cole almost as much as I do." Devon replied.

"You guys are SOOOOO lucky." Tom said.

They got up and took a quick shower together then they started getting
dressed. Tom realized all he had was his swimsuit and Devon said, "You
look like the same size as us, you can use a pair of my shorts."

The idea of wearing another boy's clothes was kind of a turn-on to Tom.
"Ok, that would be cool."

Devon walked over to where his underwear had fallen after Cole tossed them
from the bed, grabbed the underwear and, just before he put them on, tossed
them to Tom. Tom grinned and looked at them and, after a momentary
hesitation, slipped them on his legs and over his ass, finally over his
dick and balls. His mind was as if it was on fire. First he'd gotten a
blow job, then he'd given one at the same time as he was getting another,
now he's wearing the same underwear one of the guys had on.

Cole got his underwear on as Devon went to the drawer and pulled out a
fresh pair and put them on. He tossed each other boys a pair of shorts
then pulled one out for himself. In short order all 3 boys were dressed in
Devon's clothes. This was very exciting to Devon, but it was more exciting
to Tom.

They went downstairs and met Donna for Dinner. There was the usual small
talk. They all found out that Tom was 14, but his birthday was 2 days away
and he'd be 15. They were happy to find out that Tom didn't live all that
far away from them and that they could see each other once in a while if
one of the parents could give them a ride. They had a great dinner and
when it was over, they went back up to Devon and Cole's room.

"I'll go to my room and change and give you back your clothes. Just give
me 10 minutes." Tom said.

Cole winked at Devon and Devon said to Tom, "Just keep em as a souvenir.
Something to remember your first time with." Tom hugged Devon then he
kissed Devon and he even slipped his tongue in Devon's mouth.

They parted company having exchanged phone numbers and promising they would
see each other again. They hugged again and Tom left.

As soon as Tom was out the door, Cole and Devon broke into laughter. "You
know, Dev, he's gonna jack off smelling those undies." Cole laughed.
Devon laughed along with him, but in his mind he was thinking, 'I can't
believe we did that!'

Devon and Cole stripped again and climbed into bed. They had to be up
before 10 in order to pack up and check out of the hotel before 11, so they
decided to watch some TV in bed and just cuddle. With the occasional kiss.
Ok, they would lay in bed and cuddle and kiss with an occasional glance at
the TV!

After about an hour, they both fell into a peaceful sleep, holding onto
each other.

Coming Soon -- Chapter 14 - She said, "WHAT?!?"

Author's note:

It didn't take long to catch John. Wonder what's going to happen there?
At least Tom is happier than he ever has been in his life. I'm sure we'll
be seeing more of him... well can't see much more than we already have, but
we'll be talking to him again soon.

Hope you're enjoying yourselves and the story. I welcome any comments (but
not flames) by email to:


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