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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Steve Gets Off

This is an M/b story about a man and a boy masturbating together. You
like such stories?, read on. If not, then what are you even doing here?


A few years ago I had a job that didn't keep me very busy, so
I would often take the newspaper to work. Usually it would be
the Philadelphia Inquirer, as that was the closest big town.
So, just like usual, I'm siting at my desk glancing over the
local news section when I notice one of those human interest
type pictures, you know, none with someone doing an everyday
type thing with some kind of twist to make it interesting to
the schmoes who read the paper.

Well, I don't know what was supposed to be interesting to most
folks about this particular picture, but I know what interested
me! There was a photo of a slender tight-assed 14-year-old boy
wearing those really close fitting biker shorts, sitting on his
bike ready to take off in some kind of race.

Well, I don't know what gets you smoked, but that picture of
this boy (you could even see little beads of sweat on his
forehead) really got to me. I opened my desk drawer and got
out a pair of sissors and a manila folder. I cut out this
picture, put it in the folder, and then took it to the bathroom
down the hall for a quick wank. I thought about this boy as if
he was my paperboy, him riding his bike over to my apartment and
coming inside to collect for his service. I dreamed I gave him
an extra twenty for some additional service he could render.
As I blew my wad, I imagined his rock hard cock in my mouth and
his shooting a creamy load into my throat as I shot off at the
same time.

After I returned to my desk, it occurred to me that the boy's
name, Steve ------, was in the caption. What if I called Philly
information and could get the boy's phone number? So that's
exactly what I did. I had to call information three times to
get numbers for folks with the same last name, but the last
number I called answered, "------ residence, may I help you."
In the best fake 14-year-old voice I could muster I said "Yes,
is Steve at home?" "Junior or Senior," came the response.
"Ah, junior... Steve junior," I responded. "He's at school just
now, perhaps you can try again at 3:30 this afternoon. His
parents are both away, so I'm sure he'll be here then," she
kindly responded, apparently believeing me to be his peer.
"May I tell him who called?" "Oh, no I'll just call him back
later. Thank you!"

Wow!, I thought. This kid's apparently rich enough to have a
housekeeper and both of his parents are away, presumably out of
town. This is gonna be fun! So I actually tried to do some work
until 3:30 rolled around. Finally the beeper on my watch alerted
me to the time.

I got up and went to an empty conference room that had a phone in
it. My hands trembled as I pushed the buttons for Steve's number.
Ring. Ring. On the third ring, a teen-aged voice answered, "Hello?"
"Hi! Is this Steve?" "Yea, who's this?" "I called a little earlier
today to talk with you, but you weren't home." "Yea, the maid said
some kid called around 10 wanting to talk with me, but you don't sound
like any kid to me." "I'm not a kid, that's why." "What do you want?"
"I saw your picture in the paper today." "Oh yea? So did I. What's
it to ya?" "Those shorts your were wearing didn't leave a lot to the
imagination, you know?" This was the moment of truth. Was he just
going to hang up on an obscene call, was he going to report the pervert
to the police or phone company, or what?

"Oh great, you're a faggot, right? And worse than that you've gotta be a
fucking child molesting faggot," came his response. I answered him,
"Yea, that's about right. Only I can't molest you over the phone, can
I? So lets just talk." "Yea?, what do you want to talk about, faggot?
Let me guess, my dick, right?" "Well, that's a nice place to start."
"You wanna hear about all the men I let suck me, right?" "Do you?"
"Hell, no! I've never let any guy suck me, especially a man!" "Oh,
so you let girls suck you?" "Oh you get off hearing about boys having
sex with girls, huh?" "Whatever you want to tell me." "What I want to
tell you is to eat shit!" And with that Steve hung up.

I sat there in the conference room just contemplating what had happened.
I had just talked to a 14-year-old boy on the phone about sexual stuff
and wasn't hung up on right away! I couldn't wait for tommorrow afternoon!

At exactly 3:30 the next day I was positioned and ready to call. Ring.
Ring. "Hello?" "Hi, Steve! This is your buddy who called yesterday."
"Oh, hi faggot. Hey, you gotta name or should I just call you faggot?"
"No, my name is Keith." "Keith the boy fucking faggot, huh?" "No, I've
never fucked a boy, just sucked a few," I responded. "Really? How many?"
"Since I was in junior high, I'd say a couple dozen or so." "How many did
you meet over the phone first?," he asked. "None, actually. You're the
first kid I've ever called without meeting him in person first." "I'm
honored! So, tell me Keith faggot, when was the last time you sucked a
boy's dick? "Oh, about 6 months ago, I guess." "Tell me how it happened."

So I proceeded to tell him about being in Chicago on business and one night
going to the movies at a theatre out in the 'burbs. I saw this hot looking
boy sitting by himself toward the front left of the theatre, and sat a seat
away from him. I told Steve about starting a conversation with the kid who
turned out to be just barely 13. When I mentioned that I was in town alone
and that my dick was really missing my girlfriend, he smiled and said he
understood what I was talking about. He said that his girlfriend had been
on vacation to California for 4 days and wouldn't be back for another week.

The story went on to tell Steve that after the movie started, I began to
feel myself up and get a hardon quite visible to the kid. I then noticed
that the kid's jeans began to develop a big lump in just the right place.
I slowly inched my zipper down and began to stoke my cock without pulling
it out of my pants. That's when the boy got up and said he had to go to
the restroom. He left and maybe 30 seconds later, I followed him out. I
found him standing at a urinal with his hard as a rock prick sticking out
of his pants. I said I'd give him $20 bucks if he'd just fuck my mouth like
it was his girlfriends pussy. Four or five minutes later, I was in my
rental car heading back to my hotel with a fresh deposit of young teen cum
still on my tongue.

Steve asked, "That really happened?" "Yea, what you think I make this stuff
up?" "So, you sucked a horny little 13-year-old and paid him $20 bucks for
the pleasure, huh?" "Well, he wasn't that little, actually, he was about
6 inches long, but he was still hairless," I told him. "He was your last?"
"Yep. How long is your cock when its hard?," I asked him. This was the
first anatomical question I'd asked him and hoped against hope that he'd
answer me. "It's about six inches long and I've got hair all around where
it connects, but my balls are smooth and hairless." He paused a moment and
then said, "I bet you're hard now, aren't ya?"

Actually I was and had been since right after he'd answered the phone. I
answered him, "Yea, I'm hard, are you?" "Yea, I'm hard. Do you really
have a girlfriend are were you just making that up?" "No, I really have a
girlfriend. Her name is Kathy." "Does she know that you get off on sucking
dicks?" "She knows that I'm bi, but that I don't do things with guys too
often" "She just doesn't know that the guys are underage and could get you
busted, right?" "Right." "Would you like to watch me fuck her?," he asked.
"Not as much as I would like to suck that hard cock of yours, but sure,
I wouldn't mind watching your six inches pumping in and out of Kathy's cunt."

"How old is she? And how the hell old are you for that matter?," Steve
questioned. "She's 26 and I'm 28." "An old fucker aren't you, twice my age."
"Have you fucked a girl yet?" "Hell, no. My parents have me going to an
all boys private school. Where am I supposed to meet a girl at, let alone
get to know her enough to fuck her?" "You don't go to any parties that have
girls?" "No." "Shit, you are deprived!" "Yea, so when do I get to shag
your girlfriend?" "Maybe you should shag my mouth first, you know, to get
some practice" I replied. "Shit, no. Is your cock still hard Mr. Faggot?"
"Yea, is yours?" "Yea."

Fortunately I'd locked the door to the conference room before begining my
phone call. So I undid my pants and let my very hard and horny cock pop
out. I said to Steve, "I've got mine out and I'm strokin' it kinda slow."
"I've had mine out since you told me the story about sucking that kid at
the movies." "I wish I'd met you at the movies." "I wish I'd met your
girlfriend there!" "Would you let me watch her suck your cock?" "Shit,
I'm horny enough to let you suck my cock!" "Just imagine both she and I
licking the length of your shaft with our hot wet tongues. Then as she
takes your hairless balls in her soft mouth, mine slides over the head
of your cock and envelops all six of your hot inches. My mouth slides up
and down as the tip of your rod hits the back of my throat and my tongue
swirls all over the underside of your sensitive spot."

All I could hear on the other end was some heavy breathing that was getting
faster and faster. When I mentioned tonguing his dick's underside that's
when I heard Steve groan into the receiver and then a heavy sigh. "I just
shot my wad, faggot, what about you?" I sighed and blew my own wad onto the
carpet. "Me too."

Then Steve said "Oh, shit! I just heard my mom get home, I've gotta go!
Call me again tomorrow!" and with that our call was over. I sat there
with my dick in my hand as it dribbled onto my fingers. Yea, this call
was over, but the adventures had just begun.

                            -- Keith

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Steve Gets Off