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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Swim Lessons

Date: Thu, 15 Jul 2010 23:16:34 -0600
From: Xavier Lancaster <>
Subject: Swim Lessons

Swim Lessons
by Xavier L

This is a fictional story containing sex between an unrelated man and a
preteen boy. If you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or if
this theme turns you off, you shouldn't continue reading.

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I have swim lessons twice a week with a guy named Roy. He's kind of tall,
blonde, and has blue eyes. I think he said he was 19. He likes to wear
Speedos, and so when Mom took me to buy some new trunks, I asked for
Speedos like him. I always wear them for our lessons. Tomorrow is my next
lesson, and I heard Mom talking to him on the phone. "Great! Thanks so
much, Roy!" She hung up the phone.

"What was that about?"

"I have to do some stuff tomorrow while you're at your lesson, but I wasn't
going to be back in time. Roy said he'd watch after you for me."

"Like a babysitter?" I asked.

"Well, yes, sort of I guess."

I hated having a babysitter. I'm 9. Isn't that old enough to stay home
alone? Course I guess I wouldn't be at home, so maybe that was the

The next day Mom handed me a bag with some clothes in it. "What are these
for?" I asked.

"You're hanging with Roy after lessons, so I brought you some clothes to
change into. Didn't think you'd want to sit in Speedos all day."

I shrugged. Whatever, I thought. I liked Roy. He was really cool and
funny. He was really touchy though. I mean he liked touching you when he
talked, during the lesson, etc. On my shoulder, on my arm, my leg, my
back. Didn't really bother me. It was just kind of weird.

Today was a bit more. We got in the pool when Mom left. When I tried
floating on my back, something that was always difficult, he had one hand
on my upper back and then the other on my butt. It took me a bit to relax
because it surprised me. Then it got a little more. . . complicated. He
told me to flip over to practice some kicks. He held me up while I did,
but he didn't move his hand which meant that my privates were basically in
his hand. I tried to ignore it as I worked on my kicks, but soon it felt
like a finger or thumb was rubbing against my thing. It started to get
hard which I hoped he didn't realize. Then my heart almost stopped when he
told me to return to my back. I swallowed hard and flipped over hoping he
wouldn't notice. I avoided making eye contact so I don't know what he did
or didn't see.

His hand was on my butt again, and for some reason it kind of made me get
even harder. I felt his hand moving and soon his thumb was between my
legs. It rubbed against my balls as I tried to continue floating. After a
bit he pulled me over to him and said "Let's hit the sauna." He carried me
to the edge of the pull. When he set me down, I turned around to go up the
steps, and I felt him pressed close against me. I'm not sure, but I think
he was hard, too.

We walked into the locker and into the sauna. I climbed up onto the upper
level to sit. He was right there between my legs. He smiled at me warmly
as his hands rubbed my thighs. They gradually slid up really close to my
crotch, and I could tell I was hard still. His blue eyes burned into mine,
and suddenly I felt his thumb rubbing my hard-on again. "So. . . you, uh,
want to have some fun Walt?" he asked me.

I had no idea what he meant, but I nodded my head anyway. He stepped back,
and I watched him undo his Speedo and then peel it off. His dick was
sticking straight out from his body. It was surrounded by a thick bush of
hair that was blonde but darker than the hair on his head. I had never
seen someone else's dick, especially hard, so I just stared. He smiled at
me. I watched his face move toward my chest, and then I felt him sucking
on my nipples. His hand rubbed my thing through my Speedos. When he did
both, well, it felt incredible. "Stand up," he said.

I was feeling things I never had, so I did what I was told. His fingers
went inside the waistband of my Speedos and pulled out the strings. He
started undoing the tie. "This is just between you and me, okay?" I
nodded my head eager to know what else would happen. "We're not going to
tell anyone, right?" Again I nodded my head yes. I felt him grab the
trunks, and then slowly he began rolling them downward. I started
breathing a little harder as I felt them move down my legs. Once they were
down to my thighs, he grabbed my hard thing and started playing with it. I
shivered. "That feel good?" I nodded my head. "Go ahead and sit down

I did as he said, and he finished pulling my swimsuit off. I hadn't been
naked around anyone for a long time, but I didn't care. He started working
my thing again and rubbing my balls. "Why don't you feel my dick?" he
suggested. I reached out and took a hold of it gently and started moving
my hand. "Yeah, that feels really good, Walt."

"It's really big," I observed. "And you have so much hair."

He moved back and moved his head between my legs. "And you don't have a
single hair." And then . . . wow! His mouth went on my . . . on my dick!
He began sucking on it and moving his tongue all over my balls. It felt so
good I couldn't believe it! He did for a while before quitting and having
me move down to the lower bench. I moved quickly, and once I was seated,
his dick was in front of my face. He rubbed it against my lips, and I
opened my mouth and felt it slide in. I sucked on it as he rubbed my hair.
I did it for a while before he said "Suck on my balls." I moved my mouth
to his nuts. The hairs felt funny against my tongue, but I liked how they
felt in my mouth. I did that for a while and then his fingers guided me by
my jaw, and once again I had his dick in my mouth.

I was really enjoying it when he told me to lay on my side facing him. I
did, and he lay down so his dick could go in my mouth. I started sucking
and then felt him doing the same to me. His hand rubbed my butt and his
other hand my balls as I sucked him harder. After a while he got up and
moved me onto my back. He covered my body with his and started sucking on
my nipples again. I moaned and felt his mouth moving up to my neck. It
tickled but also made my toes curl. "We're very special friends now."

"Yes, Roy," I breathed and then I tasted his breath as his mouth covered
mine. His tongue moved past my lips which grossed me out at first, but the
more he kissed me that way the more I liked it.

"You're really hot," he said stopping the kiss.

"Thank you," I said.

He got up and had me stand, too. He spread a towel on the bench and then
had me get onto my stomach. His hands rubbed my back and butt, and then I
felt him pull my butt cheeks apart. I looked back to see his face going
between my crack! And then my hands gripped the wood of the bench as his
tongue started licking my hole! "Roy! Oh God, Roy!"

"You like that do you?" he said teasingly and started probing my hole with
his tongue again.

"Oh yes! Yes I do!" He stopped, and I turned my head to see him inserting
a finger into my bum. It didn't feel as good as his tongue, but it was
nice. Then he started slowly moving it, and it was really great! He
fingered my hole for a while, and then I felt his body against my back. He
kissed the side of my face as he rubbed his dick against my butt.

"Know what I'm going to do?" he asked.


He kissed me again. "I'm going to come in your sweet little ass."

I had no idea what that was so I just replied "Okay." He got up and
grabbed a bag I hadn't noticed before. He pulled a bottle out of it. I
watched him squirt some of it onto his dick. His hand spread it on the
large hard-on. "What's that?" I asked.

"Lube," he replied coming back over to me. I felt his finger slide into my

"What's it do?"

He smiled as he said "Helps me get my cock inside you."

"Your cock?"

He gripped his dick and shook it. "My cock." His finger returned to my
hole, and then I felt him slide another one in. It felt a little tight,
but he kept moving his fingers back and forth, and it felt so good.

"That feels good, Roy."

He withdrew his fingers and started to get on top of me again. "I'm glad.
I hope you like this, too," he said.

"Like what?" I asked.

"This," I heard him say, and then something was entering my bum!

That hurt more than his fingers, so I asked "What is that?"

"My cock, like I told you."

"You're. . . you're putting your cock in my ass?" I asked as it moved
forward. It kind of burned.

"Yes, Walt. I'm going to fuck your hot ass."

"It kinda hurts," I said truthfully.

"You'll get used to it. You're a brave, big boy, aren't you?"

"Of course!" I said.

"That's what I figured. And since you're my favorite student, I wanted to
share this with you." More entered me. "That's okay isn't it?"

I wanted to be his special friend, and I wanted to remain his favorite.
"Yes. You can . . . fuck me, Roy."

"I knew you'd be okay with it," he said and started moving his dick back
and forth.

My hole began relaxing, and so he started putting more of his cock inside
me. That hurt, and so I said "Take it out, Roy! It hurts!"

He pushed it in deeper before saying "I didn't know you were such a baby."
"I'm . . . I'm NOT a baby!"

More slid into me. "I didn't think you were." His large meat was moving
back and forth in my hole again. I guess it was like a massage, because
the more he moved the better it started feeling. "You're way hotter than
Sean," he said.

"Who's. Sean?" I grunted feeling him picking up speed.

I felt his dick pushing inside me deeper again. "Almost all the way in,
Walt. Goddamn you feel so good!" he said, and then without missing a beat
"Sean is another of my students. He's 10 and can sure take a good

Why was I feeling jealous? "Well, I . . . I can take a good fucking."

"You just told me to pull it out," he teased.

"I was just. . . I was just kidding."

He stopped fucking my hole. His face was near mine, his chest pressing
against my bare back. "You sure you can? Because I'd love nothing more
than to get my cock all the way inside your tight, hot ass."

"Do it!" I said. He told me I was hotter than Sean, well I'm a better than
him, too! I thought.

"Get a mouthful of towel first." I grabbed some of the towel and shoved it
into my mouth not knowing what that had to do with anything or how it would
help, and then fire erupted in my ass as he shoved his big cock the rest of
the way in. At least it hurt like it was all in there! I could feel his
pubes pressed against my ass cheeks as he said "Fuck yes! That's goddamn
tight!" He started kissing my back and shoulders as his hips slowly moved.
Now I knew why I had the towel in my mouth, because I'm sure they would've
heard me two streets down otherwise! It fucking hurt! "I knew you'd be
better than Sean," he finally spoke. "Took me forever to get my cock in
him." He started sliding his dick back and then shoving it forward. At
first that hurt like crazy, too, but then it started easing up and feeling
really good.

Soon he was moving it back and forth a little faster. "Goddamn you really
are my favorite," he said as he picked up the pace. It seemed like seconds
before he was fucking me so hard I was grunting and moaning. "Mmhmm. You
like that cock, don't you Walt?" I nodded my head. "Don't you?" he said a
little sternly and louder.

"YES! I love it, Roy!" He stopped pounding me and slowly pulled his dick
out. That hurt a bit, too. Then he had me roll over onto my back. He
thrust my legs apart and then shoved his big dick into me again. I moaned,
and he started sucking on my nipples as he drove his cock into my
harder. "Oh god, fuck me!" I begged as these incredible waves of pleasure
shot up my body each time his dick plunged into my asshole.

His tongue was in my mouth in a heartbeat. He kissed me greedily as his
cock worked my sore butt. He was pounding me harder and more urgently, and
then suddenly he froze. His head lifted upward as he shouted "Jesus!" I
felt him shiver and his cock moved inside me even though he wasn't moving
at all.

"Are you okay? What happened?" I asked surprised and scared.

He smiled and looked down at me. His blue eyes seemed even darker. "I'm
filling your hole with my cream."

"Cream? Does it taste good?"

"You'll be finding out."

"I will? How?"

He smiled again and kissed me gently on the lips and then the nose.
"Because once I'm hard again, you're going to suck the cream out of my

"Cool," I said. I wondered again what it would taste like and was excited
to find out.

After a while he pulled out of my ass. "Let's go in the Jacuzzi. It will
help your ass feel better."

He helped me up, and we walked while holding hands. He slid into the water
first and then helped me into the large tub. He pulled me onto his lap,
and I could feel his hands moving all over my body as we kissed again.
"Did you enjoy that?"

I thought about it. There were definitely parts I liked. "Yes, but does
it always hurt like that?"

"No. You'll get used to it the more we fuck." I didn't know how I felt
about that exactly, but I know I did like feeling our naked bodies rubbing
together and how his hands slid up and down my body. Soon I could feel his
dick growing. "Ready for some cream?" he asked. I nodded. I watched him
lift himself out of the water. He sat on the edge of the hot tub, and I
moved in as his hand guided my head to his hard dick. It jumped as I got
close. I opened my mouth and let it slide past my lips.

His thick meat slid against my tongue, and I closed my lips and began
sucking, moving my head back and forth. I love how he moaned and his dick
responded. I did this for a while and then asked "When do I get the

"You have to suck for a while before you get it. The harder, faster, and
deeper you go, the quicker you get the treat." So I started doing what he
said. I started sucking harder and moving my head faster. His hand
grabbed onto my head. "Fuck yeah!" A few seconds later he had both hands
on my head and was shoving it down so that his cock made me gag. I relaxed
and just let him continue guiding me. Besides it took a lot of my effort
just to not choke or throw up with his dick slamming into the back of my
throat repeatedly.

After several more moments like this, he stopped and released my head. I
moved back to get some more air, and he said "I need that tight ass of
yours again, Walt."

"But I wanted to taste the cream." He was already moving back into the
water and was moving behind me.

"You'll taste it. I'll fuck you until I'm close and then stick it in your
mouth." He pushed me up until I was bent over the edge, and then quickly
his cock was pushing into my hole again. It didn't hurt as bad as last
time, but it still took a bit before I could enjoy it. "Goddamn I love
your ass! So fucking small and tight as hell," he said moving his hard
flesh back and forth in my butt. His fingers gripped my hips as he started
fucking me a bit faster. I bit my lower lip as he plunged his dick all the
way into me again. Or I thought it was all the way in. I felt his hands
grip my shoulders, and then more shoved into my aching ass. He moved in
small circles a few times before slowly moving his cock backward and then
shoving it forward. And then he was fucking me harder. He picked up speed
rapidly, driving his dick deep inside me.

And then suddenly he stopped and pulled it out of me. I turned around to
see what he was doing, and he motioned for me to follow him. He sat back
down into the water. "I want you to sit on this bad boy while I watch your
face." He guided me to his lap. He adjusted his position to make it
easier for me to sit on his cock. As I felt his dick slide into me, I
could feel my eyes close. "Fucking hot!" he said, his hands sliding up and
down my arms and then my thighs. "Take it all, Walt. Get it up your hot
ass!" I opened my eyes, stared into his and then sat down forcefully
ramming his cock into my hole. He grabbed me and pulled my face to his,
and we kissed greedily as his dick moved up and down inside me. "Ride my
cock," he said. I started raising and lower myself fucking my butt with
his firm dick. "Feels good, don't it?" he asked. I nodded moving my body

I felt his hand on my dick as we continued kissing, and I started going
faster. I was riding him even faster. It felt so good now! I lost all
thought and just went with all the crazy feelings my body was going
through. And then I heard him say "Now, Walt! Time for your treat!" Now
I didn't really want to stop, but I went ahead and got up off his dick. He
lifted himself out of the water, and I quickly swallowed his hard cock and
started sucking fast. "Suck it, boy! Suck my fucking cock!" he said
loudly. I struggled to get as much of his dick in my mouth as I could.
His hands grabbed my head and shoved it down farther while his hips started
pumping. He was moving my head faster and shoving his cock deeper, and
then he stopped moving. The very next second I was coughing as thick,
salty stuff started filling my mouth. I swallowed to clear it. It tasted
pretty good, and I kept swallowing it. "Fuck, Walt, yes!"

After the flow slowed down, he released my head. I kept sucking, though,
until he told me to do his balls. I pulled off his cock, and he pulled it
back toward his belly, and I took his balls into my mouth. I sucked on
them as he moaned. Finally he moved my head back and slid into the water.
He lifted me out and set me on the edge. He kissed me and then sucked on
my nipples. "You're going to let me shove my dick in that sweet ass of
yours again, aren't you?" he asked kissing down my torso.

I was breathing heavily as I replied "Yes. Yes!" And then I felt his
mouth on my dick. His hands went up my belly and chest, and I lay back as
he sucked on me. He kept sucking, and I squirmed from the pleasure. He
kept doing it until I felt pressure growing in my groin, and then my dick
was twitching.

He climbed out of the water, and his body covered mine as he kissed me
again. We got up and went to the shower and cleaned up. We went back to
the pool and swam naked for a while before it was getting close to the time
when my mom would be back. I was kind of sad to have to get my Speedos
back on.

When my next lesson came, I was so excited! And Mom said that Roy had
asked if we could hang out again which she was only too happy to say yes to
since she doesn't get a lot of time to do whatever it is she likes. Mom
dropped me off, and I quickly went to the pool. Then I had a shock. There
was some other kid there! I was so bummed! He had blonde hair and blue
eyes like Roy. He came up to the steps as I started to get into the water
and said "Hi, I'm Sean." I shook his hand as it started to make sense to

We started to chat, and I heard Roy approaching. "All clear," he said.
Sean smiled and immediately stripped out of his trunks while I watched
surprised. His dick was hard. I felt my growing when I saw his, and then
I looked up at Roy and saw him in his Speedo. His firm cock was filling up
the swimsuit. He smiled at me as he walked into the pool. He stopped when
he was in front of Sean. While Roy looked at me, I saw Sean pulling down
our instructor's suit releasing his big dick. He stripped Roy out of the
Speedos and then started sucking on him. Roy motioned for me to come over,
and I did. He tapped Sean on his head, and the boy let go of Roy's
delicious cock. I took him into my mouth and started sucking on him and
felt my new friend's hands undoing my Speedos and pulling them down. Then
my dick was in his mouth.

After a bit Roy pulled away. He guided me to the edge of the pool, and
then I felt him pull my trunks off. Sean never stopped sucking on my dick.
Then my ass cheeks were spread apart, and Roy's tongue began licking at my
hole. He stopped after a bit and said "Okay boys. Sit on the edge." We
both moved, naked, to the edge of the pool and sat there. Roy went down on
me first and sucked my cock for a bit before moving to Sean, and then he
went back and forth. The boy started kissing me. After a few rounds of
this, Roy stood up and stuck his dick by our faces. We stopped kissing and
started running our tongues and lips over Roy's big dick.

He did this for a while and then finally said "Time to go inside boys. I
need my dick up an ass."

We grabbed our suits and then rushed inside. He grabbed Sean and kissed
him hard as he guided him down onto his back. Roy sucked Sean's dick as I
lay next to them. In a bit Roy's lips were once again on my hard cock.
Then his head came up. "I want that ass again," he said to me. Sean came
over and lay down closer to us and further down our sides. Then Roy had me
move over Sean so that I could put my dick in his mouth while I blew him.
We started doing what Roy called "69," and then I felt that tongue licking
at my hole again. "God that's a sweet ass!" Roy said. He licked my ass
for a bit more before he stopped.

It took a bit before I felt fingers on my hips and his thick meat entering
me again. I stopped sucking Sean's smaller dick long enough to say "Fuck
me, Roy!"

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