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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Taylors Travels

Date: Sat, 25 Jun 2011 22:24:15 -0500
From: morning wood <>
Subject: Taylor's travels chapter 1

Thirteen year old boy gets his first taste of cock, four times.

Taylors Travels,  Chapter  1

Taylor was the tender age of thirteen years. His father died in the
battle of Atlanta in the civil war and his mother left him to fend for
himself two months before the war ended. The civil war left the south
with nothing to be proud of. Taylor was truly unprepared for the cruel
harsh truth. No one cared. Times were tough after the Union?s victory in

Just a few months after the Confederate surrender in April it seemed
there was no order at all in the south.  Atlanta was no exception.
Taylor was hungry, alone, and tired. Good sleep was impossible. But he
found a safe place under the porch of ruined saloon. There hidden from
the world Taylor felt at lease safe from a world beyond his

Reconstruction had already started. The devastated city was alive with
people looking for food, work, and money. Taylor was dirty and in
tattered clothes.  Awoken by the sound of a drunken man crawling into the
porch area Taylor had once felt safe. Taylor kept still in an effort to
go unnoticed. There was just enough moon light seeping in though the
floorboards. Taylor could see the man?s war hardened face. Taylor kept

The drunken man was cursing. ?That fuckin? whore cheated me, those Union rats
sure had their fun? Taylor?s stomach growled just when the drunk man stopped
talking to himself. The drunken man had a tough face, scared from the
harsh reality of war. From his pack the man pulled out a perfect apple.
?Hey boy you sound hungry?. The man turned to look at Taylor?s dirty but smooth
face. The moon?s light seeped though the floorboards. Taylor saw the apple
and moved toward the man. He looked to be in his mid-twenties.

Taylor said nothing as he crept toward the man. Taylor moved his eyes
toward the apple. The man watched the boy was he moved closer. His
alabaster skin was almost glowing as his legs shown in the moonlight. The
boy sat in front of the man. The man looked up the boys shorts at his
thighs. He thought about that whore he didn?t get to smash earlier that
evening. He thought how similar the skin looked. So smooth and taught.

My name is Henry. What is your name boy? The boy whispered, Taylor.
Taylor you look hungry, said the man. I am said the boy, very hungry.
Taylor has become accustomed to taking advantage of the occasional
kindness of others. Henry said Ill trade you this apple. Taylor thought,
I don?t have anything of value to trade, and said nothing.

Henry, impatient with Taylor?s silence said, I was so close to fucking that
whore tonight. It left me in a bad need to stick my man parts into
something warm. Seems to me we are both hungry tonight. You are hungry
for food, I am hungry for sex. You want to make a deal kid? Taylor
remained quiet.

Taylor knew a few years ago he was partial to the company of men. He had
not yet enjoyed a sexual partner. He was unknowing to the ways of men.
Taylor noticed how women had looking at him, young girls blushing from
the distance at his smile. Taylor was stunningly handsome and well built.
Having hit puberty early he was a bit taller and more firm than most boys
his age. Taylor said,? that apple looks good?. Hennery replied, ?They are very
crisp and sweet?. Do we have a deal kid?

Taylor said, ?Alright hand over the apple?. Henry told the boy he could eat
after is sexual need was satisfied, not before. Taylor thought he could
run with the apple. The thought of a sweaty, dirty, hairy cock didn?t
really sound like he was getting a bargain. Still Taylor was very hungry.
The boy agreed again and asked the man, what do I do now?

Henry Instructed Taylor to take off his clothes. Taylor took off his
shirt exposing a smooth chest and smaller button like nipples. The slight
sent of sweat filled the area as he noticed the man observing him
closely. The man instructed, ?keep going, take off your pants to?. The boy?s
heart was pounding with fear as he was nervous,  not knowing what to
expect from this deal he made. Taylor took off his pants. His pubic hair
was well developed for a boy his age. His penis was circumcised hanging
flaccid next to his almost smooth balls in the humid night air. Henry
grew with excitement as the boy lay naked in front of him.

Have you ever seen a grown man naked Kid? Henry was excited and a bit
nervous also. He too was partial to men sexually. Though women were what
he was used to. He was excited to see the boy?s beauty seemingly glow in
the moonlight. Yes Taylor replied, I have when I go swimming in the
Chattanooga River to bathe.  

Henry undressed himself. He took off his shirt exposing an equally smooth
chest but hardened by the labors of work. There were noticeable ripples
in his abdomen, as he flexed to take off his pants. Henry was uncut, with
more skin around his testicles; they hang lower but match his cock. The
stranger?s penis has started to swell with anticipation.  The boy also
aroused by the sight of this lean and fine example of masculinity was
fully erect. Henry said ?Iguess this deal was more appealing to you then I
realized?. Taylor said nothing.

The man instructed Taylor, ?Iwant you to suck on my cock, boy?. Taylor moved
closer, the man?s penis still growing. Taylor wondered just how big it
would get. The man could feel the boy?s breath on his genitals. ?go on? Henry
encouraged, take it in your mouth. The boy gently lifted the man?s not
fully erect cock to his mouth and hesitated.  He could smell the man?s
masculine sent. It was overpowering as it filled his nostrils. The sent
aroused Taylor, and he finally placed the head of the strangers cock in
his warm, wet, and open mouth.

?ughh, that?s a good lad? said the man. Just keep going nice and slow like
that. The boy seemed to take his now fully erect penis in his mouth with
little trouble. The boy felt his mouth fatigue from the sucking and
keeping his mouth open.  The man?s cock felt enormous in the boy?s untrained
mouth. It was thick and eight inches long. The boy could only fit a few
inches on the man in his mouth.

It was salty with sweat from a hard day?s work, the man musk simply more
powerful then when he first tasted the now enormous cock. Taylor began to
gauge a bit as the man began oozing pre-cum into his mouth, Taylor let
the pre-cum gloss over the man?s cock.  Henry watched in great excitement
as the boys head bobbed up and down, each motion bringing great pleasure,
inching closer to a long awaited release. Taylor?s mouth needed a rest
after only less then fifteen minutes of sucking.

Henry said, ?very good buy and mad the boy take a position on all four. The
boy?s heart beating in his throat with excitement and fear. The man
positioned himself just right for penetration. Taylor choked on the humid
night air as the man slowly inserted the his wet cock into the boys tight
and unprepared ass. ?ohh, uhhhh? Taylor moaned in pain. ?SHHHH!? Henry barked. 
Henry was thrusting with greater speed and determination as he felt
closer than ever to is  long overdue climax.

Henry pounded the thirteen year olds ass relentlessly, unable to contain
his moans of obscene sexual satisfaction. Taylor, now trapped in this
compromised position, pleas for henry to stop. ?uhooo, it?s too much? still
yielding to Henrys powerful thrusts. The boy managed to find some
pleasure wrapped into the discomfort of his being raped by this man.
Taylor, was trapped and lost in this moment. He looked out of the porch
in horror. He was three men in Union uniforms watching as he was being
penetrated mercilessly  buy a large uncircumcised cock.

Henry too terrified to speak an audible word let out a sound that the men
mistook for an orgasm. Henry caught up in his fucking frenzy did not
notice the small group of three soldiers watching him give that boy a
hard fucking. Only the sound that resembles an orgasm escaped Taylors
mouth as he tried to shout the word stop. Henry heard the boys moans and
it excited him to a great climax. Henry felt immense satisfaction with
every pump of his cock as he released his seed into the young tight ass.
Taylor, terrified by being so compromised, felt Henry release his load
inside himself. Henry pulled off the boy, falling to his side.

The boy now free from Henry?s control grabs the apple and his clothes. The
soldiers shout  to the two men the watched under the porch, ?Come out of
there!? Both Henry and Taylor crawl out in their nakedness. One solder
takes the boys Apple and takes a big bite then passes it off to his two
buddies. While chewing the apple, a solder said, ? you  looked to be
enjoying that?. Taylor found it had to stand up straight after such a good
fucking. Taylor was in shock and said nothing. Henry, begged to be on his
way. He said,? ill leave town? you won?t see me again?, just let me be on my way.
The soldiers took the only two apples left from the man and said, ?Alright
then, get the hell out of here!? Leaving Taylor alone and naked in front of
these men.

Taylor could still taste henry in his mouth, and feel him inside his ass
when Henry took off in a hurry away from saloon. The soldiers whispered
amongst themselves inaudibly to the boy. The soldiers leader said, he
gave us two apples what do you have to trade to let you go? The boy began
to speak, ?you took my?, and the men interrupted him. ?He does have a nice ass,
it looked like he pleased that guy?, one of the other three men said ?looks
like he must have been a stranger to because he just ran off without you?.
Taylor felt ashamed. The leading solider inquired,  He must have paid you
something, right? Taylor said yes an apple. The soldiers laughed at him
and said, ?the one we ate? Ha, ha?. Taylor still hungry looked at the two
apples the men had in their possession.

The soldiers asked the boy if he wanted the two apples, he said yes in a
barely audible voice.  ?Well you will have to trade for them?, snickered the
leader of the group. ?That stranger sure looked satisfied when he was
finished with you?. The two men agreed with their leader. ?If you satisfy us
like you did him we will give you an apple and let you go!? said the
leader. Taylor said nothing but nodded his head in agreement.

The soldiers were not quite in their thirties. They were smug with the
success and control the felt as the victors of the civil war. The three
strangers ordered the boy into the broken down saloon. The boy still not
quite standing strait made his way into the dilapidated structure. The
three men carefully following him in. Taylor felt his boy hole coated and
a bit lose yet sore from henry. He wondered how he was going to endure
that three more times.

Inside the Saloon, it was brighter the moons light was bright as there
was no roof in the saloon, but the walls were still standing. One solider
immediately took off his pants and boots. He was showing an already hard
cock. It was very hairy, almost six inches but thick. This exposed man,
the leader of the group ordered the boy to suck him off. Taylor?s already
sore mouth wrapped slowly around them man?s cock. The taste was different,
as it mixed with Henry?s in the boy?s mouth. Again the salty mixture of sweat
and pre-cum filled the boy?s mouth. Taylor?s nostrils again filled with a
familiar musk, as he satisfied the officer. Taylor was bent over with the
officers? cock in his mouth, his head again bobbing up and down generating
shivers of pleasure from the Lieutenant.

The two other men watched the boy suck their Lieutenant?s cock. Watching
the boy?s head move and observing how much their leader enjoyed it. Both of
the other men were fully erect watching the boy suck cock. Watching the
penis penetrate the boy?s mouth over and over, Taylor?s mouth was getting
sore from all the work. The lieutenant withdrew his slippery coated cock
from the boy?s mouth and gestured for the two men to join him.

One of the other two only pulled down his pants and moved to replace the
lieutenant?s position. The boy took this long cock in his mouth, mixing the
flavors of three men in his wet mouth. The solider moaned almost
immediately as he observed the boy bobbing his head on his cock. The
Lieutenant wasted no time sliding his penis into the boys exposed and pre
lubricated ass. ?oh, feels just like the real thing guys? said the lieutenant
as he began thrusting himself into Taylor?s ass.   

Taylor with solider?s long cock in his mouth and the lieutenants thick cock
in his ass was working hard between these two men, suddenly the long cock
pulled out of his mouth, ?hey, you try it? said the solder with the long
cock. The third man stuck his dick into the boy?s mouth and started to
thrust. Taylor?s mouth burned with fatigue as the flavors of four men
saturate his taste buds.

The solder with the long cock was growing impatient with the lieutenant
and how much time he was spending fucking Taylor?s ass and moved to share
Taylor?s mouth with the third man. Taylor exhausted to keep up between
bobbing his head back and forth, paying attention to two cocks, the long
cock, and the third other cock. To Taylor time seemed to stand still. The
lieutenant watching his man sharing the boy?s mouth finally climaxed into
the boys ass. Taylor felt another load enter his sore and over used ass.
The lieutenant pulled out, and almost as soon as he did the third man
suck his average dick into the boys ass. Taylor was almost relived  as
this cock felt comfortable in his ass.

Taylor really started to feel pleasure from being fucked by the third
man, not too big, not too small. Taylor started to moan again. The man
with the long cock started to thrust into the boy?s tired mouth. Pre-cum
again filled the boys mouth but all he could do was swallow it. The third
man blasted his load into the young tight ass. Mixing his seed with the
three others already injected into the boy. The man with the long cock
also exploded ropes or semen into the boy?s mouth. Taylor could only
swallow the thick wads of cum released into his mouth.

The soldiers left the boy an apple. They got dressed and walked out of
the saloon quietly. Taylor fell to the floor, naked. His used little body
lay limp and exhausted.  He clung to the apple, though he was hungry, his
mouth was too sore to bite into its sweetness.


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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Taylors Travels