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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Teaching Scout - Teaching Scout 2

Date: Fri, 21 Oct 2011 09:24:54 +0200
From: John P <>
Subject: Teaching Scout Ch. 2

                      TEACHING SCOUT

                             by John P
                      Copyrightę 2011

Chapter 2

The next day, I'm in the park again and hoping to see Scout but time is
moving on and it looks like he won't be coming. My lunch is finished and
I'm ready to go home but then I remember. Ten minutes ago, a ginger-haired
14-year-old boy I recognize went into the public toilets and has not come
out again. That can mean one of two things. He's constipated or got
diarrhea OR he's in there for sexual purposes. I'm still thinking about
Scout and wondering what his spunk tastes like and the thought of it has
got me horny. I decide to check out the toilets and so I wander in.

Nobody's at the urinal and one of the four stalls in there has the door
closed so that's obviously where he is. The glory-holes that have been made
in the thin partitions between the stalls are large, lovingly fashioned by
somebody who wants balls as well as cocks to be available to touch and
lick. The size of the holes makes it easy to see the person in the next
stall and the angle of view is such that almost the whole of the stall is

It's silent in the toilets except for labored breathing which suggests
that, rather than taking a dump, the occupant may be masturbating. I enter
the stall next to the occupied one and sit down on the bowl. The boy in
there must have heard me enter but the labored breathing continues so my
presence next door has obviously not spooked him. When I look through the
hole, his eyes are already waiting for me. His eyes are fixed on mine and
his hand continues to stroke his fine erection. He wants me to watch him;
it's a turn-on for him. An image flashes through my mind. Would Scout do

The boy watches me and I kneel on the floor and put out my tongue. I wonder
if he knows what it means. I get the answer when he moves forward and
touches his knob to my tongue. His pre-cum tastes salty but before I can
lovingly lick his entire knob, he pushes forward so that his body is pushed
hard against the partition. This boy needs to cum so my intention of
treating his cock to subtle pleasures is immediately cancelled. The boy
needs relief fast and I'll give him what he needs.

My mouth is full of hard cock, all 4 inches of him, and my fingers reach up
to stroke the little balls which hang through the glory-hole. He moans and
I hope that nobody enters the toilets and hears him. When I leave his cock
and lick his balls, I can almost hear his desperation. He wants to cum, not
just pleasured so I return to his cock and suck him in, licking his shaft
and then fucking him with my mouth. My head goes back and forth, sucking,
sucking, and I feel his knob expand and he groans as his boy-spunk shoots
to the back of my throat.

His cock is jerking, pulsing, and he's groaning softly as his balls empty
themselves into me. I stroke those balls, coaxing the sperm out, wanting
all he has to give, and he's rewarding me, giving me all that he has to
offer. I can feel him shuddering on the other side of the partition as his
orgasm continues and I keep sucking his cock. His hot spunk stays in my
mouth and I taste it as he pumps more of it into me. I won't swallow, not

In seconds, it's over but not for me. I stop sucking and begin to lick,
trying hard not to swallow any of the boy-spunk he has generously given
me. His spunk is pooled under my tongue, behind my bottom teeth, and my
tongue licks clean his now softening cock. As I lick his shaft, I feel his
ginger pubic hair soft and sparse on my lips and my fingers feel the hair
on his pubescent ball-sac as I stroke it, feeling the small balls within.

His cock is unceremoniously withdrawn from the hole and I hear him pulling
up his pants. He leaves me on my knees, alone, with a mouthful of his
boy-nectar, and I hear the outer door bang as he flees. I roll his
boy-spunk around my mouth, tasting it as it rolls across my tongue, and
finally I swallow. Why do I never get tired of boys? Why does boy-spunk
excite me so much?

As I leave the public toilets, I look around again, hoping to see Scout but
he's not there and I feel disappointed. I can't understand it; I've never
been wrong before about the boys I teach about sex with men. Still, it goes
to show that I'm not infallible.

When I walk into my driveway, there he is, Scout, sitting on my
doorstep. He has come after all but I cover up my delight by pretending
indifference although his handsome face is really bringing me great joy. He
rises as I approach and I want to hug him and kiss those sensuous lips but
I have to show decorum.

"Hi, Scout," I say pleasantly. "I thought you weren't coming," immediately
betraying the fact that I was hoping he would come. I take out my key and
open the door, ushering him in before me. 'God, what a nice bottom!' I
think as I observe the tight shorts covering that lovely little derriere as
he walks before me into the house. 'Easy, boy!' I say to my cock which
lurches at the sight of the 12-year-old boy's taut buttocks as he precedes
me into the living room.

"You want a soda, Scout?" I ask when he's seated and before I go into the
kitchen to get us both drinks, I turn on the TV, only to find kids cartoons
are playing. When I return, he's engrossed in watching The Simpsons and
laughing. 'God! How innocent. How sexy he is!' I think as I hand him Pepsi.

I take this opportunity to go upstairs and look through my porn and I
select a couple of books which include some oral sex between boys and
men. He'll like these, I'm sure, and I begin to plan how to separate him
from his clothes so I can see his body. As always, I have to tread warily
as I teach boys the joy of sex with men. I try hard never to spook them by
advancing too quickly so that they become scared or nervous.

When I return to the living room, he looks up and spots the magazines in my
hand. Suddenly Homer Simpson is abandoned in favor of the delights I hold
and as I spread them on the table in front of him, I turn down the sound on
the TV. He takes one of the magazines and opens it and I see his face flush
as he sees for the first time in his young life a large picture of man
licking a 10-year-old boy's dick.

He becomes so engrossed in this picture that he doesn't really notice when
I lift him to his feet and make him stand before the coffee table, and I
lay the magazine on the table before him. I kneel beside him as looks with
wide eyes at the picture and when he turns the page, the picture he sees is
of the same boy's dick fully inside the man's mouth and large adult fingers
are fondling the boy's tiny balls.

Scout's shorts are tented out now, I notice, and when I take the waistband
of his shorts in my hands, he doesn't object when I pull the down to his
ankles and then off his feet. Joy! He's not wearing underpants. I take in
the sight of his juvenile dick and I'm entranced. How is it that young boys
are so beautiful?

His dick is throbbing, his heartbeat making it wag up and down. He turns
the next page and he gasps as he sees the boy now licking the man's long
thick cock. The tip of his tongue touches the man's pee-slit and Scout can
see clear liquid that has oozed from it and the boy's tongue about to lick
it up.

At this point, I reach for Scout's dick and he jumps at my touch but he
relaxes immediately when he knows that I will make him feel good. He turns
the next page and sees more pictures that arouse him and my fingers on his
dick begin to stroke his youthful erection. I take a chance and shuffle
behind him, keeping his hard dick between my fingers. I have to lick his
perfect little bottom, I just have to.

His gaze fixed firmly on the magazine, he's unaware of my intentions until
he feels my tongue touch his butt-crack. He's bent slightly over the coffee
table but he turns his head to see what I'm doing. When he feels the
sensation of warm wet tongue, he returns to the pictures, opening his legs
further as he realizes what I'm doing.

The dick in my fingers jerks as I lick him and I'm pleased by his
reaction. When I touch his little pink anus with my tongue, he moans and
draws in his breath sharply. He shudders then and I wonder if he's
cumming. My fingers remain wanking him and my hand is dry so I figure that
my tongue probing his little rosebud is giving him great feelings.

"Oh John!" he whispers and although I can't see his face from my position
kneeling behind him, I'm guessing that he likes what I'm doing to him.

Without a word from me, Scout bends lower over the table and I know what he
needs. I push the tip of my tongue hard against his pucker and he jumps as
his sphincter opens slightly and my tongue slips inside. Another moan from
him and he draws in his breath again, only this time he cries softly,
"Oooohh!" as I start to slide my tongue in and out of him, tongue-fucking
the darling boy.

It's only 10 seconds later when I feel his sphincter tighten on my tongue
and my hand becomes wet as his boy-spunk shoots from his dick. He shudders
and suddenly my tongue is expelled from his bottom, and I catch him as he
is about to fall with the intensity of his orgasm. I can feel his dick
jerking between my fingers and his body has become rigid. His orgasm is a
thing to behold and I'm awed by the way it's affecting him.

I hold him until he finishes and then I pull him down to me and we lie
together on the carpet. My arms go around him and I cuddle him to me,
rejoicing when he snuggles against my chest and kisses my neck. We lay
together, man and boy, and my hand goes down his back to stroke his perfect
buttocks. His skin is soft, his buttocks taut, and my trouser-covered cock
is pressed tight against his naked dick as we cling to each other. I can't
make my cock go soft while I play with his bottom and I just hope that he's
not scared by the size of it.

We lie there together, his breathing becoming more regular and I sense that
he's going to sleep in my arms. I kiss his hair as he sleeps and I caress
the soft skin of his bottom, wondering when I will be able to thrust my
cock into this handsome boy. My fatherly side wants to protect him, to
cuddle him and keep him from harm, but my lustful side wants to take him to
my bed and make love to him properly, with all that entails. 'It will have
to wait,' I tell myself.

When he wakes and finds himself in my arms again, he looks up and
smiles. What a handsome kid!

"That was nice," he whispers and he kisses my neck again. "What happened?"
he asks.

"I jerked you off," I whisper, pretending that I don't know what he means.

"Not that," he says, grinning at me. "The other... thing."

"Did you like it?" I ask and he does the "Mmmm" thing again. I kiss his
forehead now that I can reach it and he seems happy to let me.

My hand still strokes his bottom and he wriggles it a little and I ask, "Do
you like me to touch your bottom?" and he replies sheepishly, "It does feel

After a few more minutes of lying there, I decide it's time for his
education to be broadened. I'll move him on to the next stage.

"I need to take a shower," I say and move as if to stand up. He's reluctant
to let me go which is an excellent sign. "Come with me?" I ask and he nods.

As we head upstairs, I deliberately let him go first up the stairs. His
buttocks are absolutely delightful as I watch them move in front of me. I
can see through his legs too as he climbs and those beautiful balls bounce
with each movement. I can't remember feeling so loving about any of the
boys I've taught as I do about Scout. What the hell is wrong with me? I'm
not falling in love with him, am I? 'Get a grip, John!' I say to myself.

The one thing I notice is that he doesn't seem embarrassed that he's naked
below the waist with a man. Unusual to say the least. Could it be that he
feels totally comfortable with me now? I do hope so because I feel I'm
never going to get tired of seeing his young body.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Teaching Scout - Teaching Scout 2