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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - The Exam

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       WARNING: This story contains descriptions of sex acts (somewhat
               non-consenual) between an adult male and a MINOR boy.
               If this subject offends you, do not read further!
               You have been warned!

       "Next!" I called out to the other room where they all were waiting.
Shortly thereafter, in walked my next patient. A cute, black-haired eleven-
year-old boy, clad only in his underpants and T-shirt. He stood there in front
of me, fidgeting a little and rocking back and forth.

       This is one of the best parts of my job - giving physical exams to all
the 6th grade kids. What man of my interests wouldn't drool over the chance
to view and touch the 'privates' of dozens of almost-pubescent kids, without
having to worry about some over-protective parent or official spoiling the
fun! It is so great to check out a healthy young body on the verge of
adolecense. I would not give it up for the world!

       Taking my eyes off this young beauty with much difficulty, I quickly
consulted my records.

       "You are Brian Meyer?" I asked, looking up into his wide green eyes.

       Brain nodded his head shyly and whispered "Uh-Huh."

       "There's nothing to be worried about Brian" I said in my most
encouraging tone, "We're just going to check you over real quick here. It
won't take long, and I promise you - no needles."

       The boy smiled and seemed to relax a little more now. I started with
the top of him, and check his mouth ears, eyes, and all the boring stuff. He
certainly was a healthy kid. No problems at all. I went through the standard
questions, even getting him to laugh once or twice. Then it was time to listen
to his chest. I lifted his shirt, exposing his smooth white chest. He
shiverred a little when I placed the cold stethescope against his shoft warm
flesh. The boy had a good, healthy set of lungs, as well as a very strong

       At last the time had come for the good stuff! Putting away my
stethescope, I again positioned him in front of me. My eyes stole a quick
glance at the small, golfball sized lump in the front of his briefs. Leaving
his shirt raised, I told him to lower his underpants. I get different reactions
all the time at this point. Brain seemed to know that this was comming, and
dutifully slipped his fingers in the sides of his briefs and tugged them down
just below his crotch. His boyish member, now released from the tight
confinement, bounced a couple times, then came to a stop, dangling between his
legs like a small finger. His pink scrotum was tightly contracted, hugging
his balls to his smooth and hairless groin. I feasted on his charms for only
a second or so before reching over and sliding his briefs down to his knees.

       "There we go, that's a good boy." I said, swallowing hard.

       I looked up at Brian's face again, and saw his expression of slight
embarresment, as he stood there with his body exposed to my eyes. I smiled
as reassuringly as I could, then proceeded with the examination. Putting
my hand next to his beautiful little member, I quickly performed the check
for a hernia (one of the greatest tests ever invented!) It was really hard
pulling my hand away from his body, but all good things must come to an end.

       Brian reached down to pull his undies back up but stopped in mid-tug
when I said.

       "Hold on a second, kid. We're not done yet."

       Shooting me a look of confusion, he stood straight up again, leaving
his briefs half mast.

       "I need to take your temperature...for the records, you understand."

       I didn't have to be a mind reader to know what the boy was thinking
at that moment! I'm sure he hadn't had his temperature taken rectally for
years. I saw it all in his eyes as he stood before me with his mouth half

       "Yes, that's right, Brian. I'ts going to be rectal."

       "" was all he said.

       "Come on now, it's not so bad, I'm sure you've had it taken this
way before."

       I pulled the thermometer from my shirt pocket, and began to shake it
down. Brian's eyes were wide, and starting directly at the glass rod in my
hand. Glancing at the thermometer, I turned to the cabinet and lubricated it
well with K-Y. I turned back again to Brian and told him to turn around,
bend foreward a little, and put his hands on the exam table. He did like he
was told, like a good little boy, but I knew he was not very happy about it.
As he turned his small boyish hind-end toward me, I pushed him foreward, and
down a little, and told him to spread his legs a bit. I then gently put my
hand on his soft rump and spread his cheeks. He was shaking a bit, and very
embarresed at my probing of his young behind. I located his small, puckered
anus, and gently slid the thermometer into him. He jerked a little, then
seemed to accept the intrusion of the cold instrument into his body.

       "That's it, Brian, " I said as I finished the insertion "You're doing
just fine. You see, it's not so bad." I then moved my hands away from him,
and patted him genlty on the back. "It'll just be in there for a few minuets,
that's all."

       I saw the boy nod his head. I quickly reached down and adjusted my
now VERY hard tool, and then sat back. I made a few notes, glanced over at
the boy and asked.

       "How 'we doing, Brian"

       "Oh..OK" Came the quiet reply. I looked at the young boy standing
there before me. The end of the thermometer just visible between the cheeks
of his small ass. He was still shiverring slightly once in a while, but on
the whole seemed to be taking it rather well.

       I glanced back at my notes one more time, and saw something I had
not been aware of. Brian's mother had consented for him to be part of the
special Government project I had been working on. This was almost too good
to be true! I don't know why I had not noticed it earlier. Brian was going
to have a good time today!

       'Almost time' I thught to myself as I walked over to him. I put my
hand down and cradled his rump, the thermometer between my fingers. The baby-
soft flesh of his boy-ass yielded slightly in my hand. I felt him tense up
a bit, and then gave him a reassuring squeeze. "You're doing really well."
I reassued him. I then grasped the instrument and pulled it from his anus.

       Brian stood up and watched me as I read it, and entered the reading
into my notes. When I turned back to him, glanced between his legs again,
and noticed that, as I had expected, his small cock had become slightly
erect , and was now sticking out a bit from his body.

       "I see you liked having your temperature taken" I said, indicating
the condition of his member. He blushed, and moved his hands to cover up.

       I laughed a little, and said; "Don't worry, that happens a lot to
boys your age. You should know that. Haven't they taught you about that in

       Brian nodded, still covering up, and said; "Yea, they did. But it
still seems kinda weird. Can I pull my pants up now?"

       "Not yet. There are a few more things that have to be done, since
you are part of the study."

       "Like what?"

       "Well, " I said, trying not to sound too eager. "Certain measurements
have to be taken, as well as samples of some fluids, if they are being
produced. Let's get those measurements down first. Come here, my boy."

       Brain once more came and stood in front of me. As he walked over, his
briefs happened to slide all the down his legs, and were now around his ankles.
I told him to step out of them, since he would not be needing them for a while,
and he complied. I gently reached over and removed his hands from covering his
groin. His penis was now mostly erect, pointing more towards the celing. I
took the rule from my pocket and held it in my hand while grasping Brian's
small tool between the fingers of the other.

       "As you know, we're doing a study on the growth and development of
young males. We a particularly interested in their sexual development around
the ages of puberty." Brian nodded, and watched me as I gently started to
stroke his small penis. It was not long before I had a very stiff little
pencil between my fingers. I stopped rubbing the boy, and quickly measured
him. He was 4 1/4" long, and a little over 1/2 thick. No hair at all yet,
(I checked VERY closely), and he was circumsised. His scrotum was still
boyishly pink in color, and the glans were reddish-blue.

       "Is that OK?" He asked when I told him.

       "Yep," I said, "Just about right for a boy your age."

       He smiled, and I again grasped his tool and resumed stroking.

       "I need to know a few more personal things about you, now. For
instance, has your penis ever been this way before?"

       "Yea, lots of times."

       "I see. Have you ever rubbed it like I'm doing now?"

       "Uh-huh. A little, it feels kind weird when I do."

       "How long do you usually do it for?"

       "We-well", he was starting to breath heavier now, "sometimes for a
long time. Like when I go to bed at night, it gets hard and I rub it."

       "How long do you rub it for?"

       "I don't know, 'till I fall asleep, I guess."

       "HAve you ever achieved orgasm?"
       "Wh- what's that"

       Now how do you explain an orgasm to an 11-year-old kid?

       "Well, if you keep rubbing it, you'll keep feeling better and better
until all of the sudden it'll feel like you're flying, and you might get some
fluid squirting out from your penis.

       "N-no, nothing like that" Brian was stating to move his hips back
and forth now as I worked on him. I would occasionally tickle his balls a
little which would make him jump.

       "Have you ever rubbed it long enough so you feel like you do now?"

       "No....I...feel really funny...can I sit down?"

       "Here," I said, pulling him to me, "you can sit on my lap" Brian
agreed, and soon I felt his soft bottom against my own rock-hard member. I
replaced my hand between his legs, and resumed masturbating him.

       "Have you ever let anyone else see your penis when it was like this?"

       "A couple a times my ma has seen it, she don't say nothing."

       "Anyone else" I encouraged.

       "Well....Patty across the street....we played 'Doctor' a few times, and
it was hard once."

       "Did you see her without her clothes?"

       "Yeah (nervous giggle)       I saw her slit an' everything."

       "Do you like looking at her without her clothes?"

       "Yeah, it makes me feel funny...kind the same like you rubbin me."

       "I see....Have you ever played this way with other boys?"

       " an' Tommy like to mess around in the woods an stuff."

       "How old is Tommy?"

       "He's 9...his penie gets hard like this too!"

       "Do you rub him?"

       "We.....rub...each other...gosh I sure feel it OK?"

       "Yeah, Brian, it's just're doing really well, just relax and
let the feeling build"

       "OK." He moved his hips around a little to get more comfortable. The
feeling of his soft boy-butt rubbing against my erection was unbeliveable!

       At this point, he was almost lying fully back in my lap. His legs were
spread wide, and I had free roam over his entire genital area. His small ball-
sack was drawn up tight, and his hips were moving up and down with increacing
frequency. I worked on him with one hand, while the other supported his head
and neck. I decided to suspend the dialog part of the interview, since it was
obvious that Brian was finding it difficult to talk.

       "You're doin' great kid." I coaxed him. "that's it guy, let it build,
you'll get there!

       "I'm really feelin' it" He said breathlessly. "'s neat!"

       Brian's whole body was shaking now, as my hand continued its duty
between his legs. His little cock was stiff as wood between my fingers, as
I continued stroking faster and faster. He was breathing much harder
and I noticed that he had closed his eyes, seeming to concentrate even more
on the new feelings he was experiencing down below.

       I gently stroked the inside of his thighs, at times making way for
his own hand, which he would occasionally use to tickle himself. I knew he
was getting ready to climax the next time I looked at his face. His eyes
had opened up wide, his lips were slightly parted, and his expression was one
of almost wonder, as I felt his whole body convulse in a complete virgin-boy
orgasm. A slight moan escaped him, and I felt his penis pulse four - five -
six times between my fingers. I continued stroking him slightly, as he sank
back in my lap in his glorious afterglow. I hugged him close to me and said;

       "Good job did great! How do you feel?"

       "Uh....It's neat! I..never knew it would feel like this!...Did anything
come out of my...."

       "Don't worry about that. That'll come soon enough. You're only 11,
you know."

       He smiled and looked down at his genitals. His penis was now only semi-
erect, and his ball-sack had loosened slightly. I moved my hand and allowed him
to rub himself.

       "Well, kid." I said, standing him up on the floor after a few minuets,
"You need to get dressed now, and I need to get ready for the next one."

       "OK" My now experienced and totally unashamed friend said. "I can't
wait to try that myself at home!" So saying, he bent forward, giving me a
final great shot of his virgin-asshole, put on his breifs, and walked out
of the room.

                            THE END


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