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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - The Gay Apocalypse - The Gay Apocalypse 2


Chapter 2

When Kyle and Jamie awoke the next morning, it was with renewed vigor, and an extra dose of hormones. They were both so very horny. They kissed for several minutes, and then Jamie turned around and presented his soggy diaper to Kyle, who was only too happy to take the hint. They both opened the front of each others jammies, then pushed down the front of each others very soggy cloth diaper and waterproof pants, then sucked each other in to the root. They both sighed very deeply. At the same time, a few seconds later, they reached into the backs of each others diapers and started tickling each others holes, and before too long inserted two fingers inside, and started fingering.

Their first orgasms of the morning were very fast, but they continued right on going and a few minutes later had their second, then a few minutes more they had their third and final orgasm of the morning. They slumped down and sighed deeply, and stayed there until they came down fully. Jamie turned back around and they continued kissing tenderly.

“Mmm, Baby, I love you so much, I always have, you know that right.” Kyle sighed deeply.

“And I love you too Baby.”

“Should we get up and get changed and see if my dad wants to go for breakfast somewhere?”

“Sure. You wanna wear another cloth diaper today with those slutty baby panties?”

“Hell yeah.” He grinned brightly.

They got up and grabbed everything that they would be needing and changed each other. Just as they were leaving their room, Miles was coming out of his.

“Good morning Boys. You're sure gonna get some admiring glances wearing that.”

“Good.” They both said.

“Yeah, thought so. So, you wanna head to breakfast with me?”

“Sure, we were just coming to see if you wanted to come for breakfast with us, so let's go. How exactly do we find our way around here anyway?” Jamie asked.

“You could look at the maps, if you really wanted to, but the way we see it, it's not about the destination here, it's about the journey, so I say just wander 'til you find what you're looking for. At some point in time we're gonna gather everyone today and hand out your watches, you probably haven't noticed mine yet, but it's another one of our inventions for here. They're personal communicators, so you can call and talk to anyone, and they'll help guide you as well if you really want it, or you need to get somewhere fast for some reason. Anyway, you'll both get one as well, so that we can always be in contact. Do you wanna just wander 'til we find somewhere that's open and serving breakfast, or are you so hungry that you wanna search it out?”

“No, I think you're right, let's wander.” Kyle said.


The boys grabbed hands, another first for them, and they all talked happily as they headed out. Miles had urged the boys to lead the way, saying he already knew somewhere that would probably be open and serving breakfast, but it was up to the boys today. So they led the way. They ended up going through the entire first housing loop and found nothing, so they headed to another tunnel off the main cavern and found a cute little cafe cut into the rock, it smelled very good, so the boys stopped.

“Good choice boys. This is where I would've brought us as well. You took the long way here, but that's okay too.”

“Had no idea where we were going, this was just the first place we came to.” Jamie shrugged as they took a table.

A few seconds later a cute little seven or eight year old boy sauntered over and handed them their menus.

“Here you go guys. I like your diapers, I have the same waterproof panties, but my dad says I'm not allowed to wear them to work or I'd never get anything done.” He giggled.

“God, you're cute, give me the word and you won't anyway.” Kyle sighed.

“I'll give you any word you want, but I usually string a few together, and that gets my dad every time. Usually it's 'fuck my hot sloppy slutty gay baby boy pussy,' and he drops almost anything to do so.”

“Wow, you say that to your dad?”

“Oh yeah, don't you?”

“Well, no, but in all fairness, I just met my dad yesterday for the first time since I was two.”

“Oh, then I bet if you did, you'd get a really good response. Now, I am supposed to be working, so I better take your orders.” He giggled.

“I'll take a waffle with strawberries, three pieces of bacon, a hot Italian sausage and two scrambled eggs please.” Miles said before the boys could comment further.

“That sounds good, I'll take the same please.” Jamie said.

“Me too.” Kyle said.

“And just bring us out a couple pots of Earl Grey tea please and a glass of whole milk each.” Miles added.

“Be right out then.” He said happily and scampered away.

“Wow, he's only like eight and he's having sex with is dad!” Jamie said.

“And he's so cute too.” Kyle said.

“Yeah, he and his daddy apparently started having sex when he was five. He's a lot of fun actually. They've been here almost a year already, I found them a year and a half ago.”

“You've had sex with him?” Jamie asked.

“Yep. He's probably had fifteen or twenty adults now. You boys may also feel free to have sex with anyone you so desire. As long as he says yes, then it's all go. There's no age restrictions here, there's very few rules here. You'll find out more later, but rest assured, almost anything goes.”

“Wow, really.” Both boys said.

“Really really.”

A few seconds later the little boy brought out their drinks and left them until their food was ready, and then he brought that out as well. The three of them dug in heartily and enjoyed it a great deal. They were all well and truly stuffed though by the time they were done.

“So, what now boys, you wanna continue our tour?”

“What, there's more?” Jamie squealed.

“You only saw about half of it yesterday, if that much.”

“Oh. Can we take the horses again, I'm still pretty tired and sore?”


They got up and left and headed to the barn. Once again Miles had the boys lead, telling them to try and lead the way there to get them used to it. They led the way fairly easily, and almost an hour later they were in the barn. There were several horses in there still, so they each chose one and got it ready to go, and then they headed out. The went a different way this time and saw many other neat and or cool things. They toured until lunch time, went and found somewhere to eat, hitched the horses, and then continued on. As they came to a computer terminal, which were every so often for people to use, they stopped and Miles hopped off his horse and started entering some information. A few seconds later, he hopped back on.

“What'd you do?” Kyle asked.

“Put an automated message in place to tell everyone to meet in the auditorium at six this evening. Go ahead, pass in front of the computer.” He said, so Kyle did. As soon as he did, it spoke.

“Hello Kyle, there is a message here for you. Please proceed to the auditorium in entertainment loop one at six this evening. Thank you very much.”

“Wow, it knew me.”

“Now you Jamie.”

So he did so and it gave him the exact same message.

“As soon as you all entered, you were scanned and the computer knows each and every one of us. If I wanted to give just one person a message, it would either go to their personal communicator, or if they weren't wearing it, because you don't have to, the first time you pass a computer it'd alert you that you have a message. It also monitors our vital signs at all times, and if anyone is in distress, it sends out help instantly. If you're wearing your communicator, it can even do basic things, such as shock you if your heart stops, inject things if you need it, and give a full diagnosis to the doctors.”

“That's pretty cool actually.” Kyle said.

“Yeah, some people thought it'd be too invasive, having the computer essentially know everything about you, where you were at all times, what you're doing even, but really, who cares, it's just a computer and it'll help us if there's ever an emergency.”

“Yeah, unless it gains consciousness of course.” Jamie laughed.

“Actually, that was some of the peoples largest concerns. We've taken the computers here so far that it's a real concern if it were to happen, it could kill us all in a heartbeat. I don't think we really have to worry about that though. I've been testing this system now for over five years, and I've been playing with it now for almost twenty in separate ways. I also built in at least a hundred safety systems so that that sorta thing couldn't happen. Hopefully it doesn't though.”

“Oh. I was just joking.”

“Well, we're not kidding around with people's safety here. So, let's continue boys.” He said all upbeat.

At five they stopped at the barn and dropped off the horses, then headed to the nearest place for some food. They had a really good meal, then headed out to the auditorium, which was just down the way.

“How come the past few computers didn't give us our message?” Kyle asked curiously as they passed another one.

“It already did, so it won't again unless you're late for your appointment, in which case it'd remind you. When you have your actual communicator with you, it'll warn you of appointments and stuff like that, it'll also even tell when it's time to go, because it'll know how long it'll take you to get from where you are to where you need to be at a walking pace. You can turn those settings on or off, and there's probably another thousand things it can do for you as well, it'll take time to learn it all. About the only thing these blasted things don't do is tell the time.” He said with a perfectly straight face.

“You're kidding, right?” Kyle asked.

“Yes, almost had you there though. I got a few people with that one, they actually asked me how I could forget that.”

“No kidding.”

They headed out to the auditorium and made it there only a few minutes later. By the time they arrived, there were already several hundred people there, and more were coming in from five other entrances as well. Miles told the boys to go ahead and take a seat, while he headed up to the stage. At six he checked the computer and asked it if there was anyone else, there were only five more people on the way, so he waited until they were in and seated as well. Once everyone was there, he started.

“Welcome to Moria everyone. This is our new home now. Many of you've already heard the rumor going around that you're gonna stay the same age and that you'll live about a thousand years. Well, it's not a rumor. However, I have been told that about ten of you've chosen to not stop your aging yet, and that's fine too. When and if you wish to do so, then by all means, come see me or the hospital and we'll make it happen.”

“Now, there's so much to see and do here I can't even begin to tell you it all, even though I was here for almost all of it. There's simply too much to remember. Just remember it this way though, if you can think of it, you can probably do it here. So, now the rules. There's very few of them, but to disobey some of the serious ones will be punishable very swiftly and effectively. I will not go into that, don't try, you won't care to find out, because I assure you, you won't like what we've come up with. Rule number one though is that no means no. If for some reason someone does not wish to have sex with you, then accept that. There are almost two thousand gay diaper lovers here, if you find one person who doesn't want to have sex with you, you'll probably find a hundred that do, so suck it up. Actually, come to think of it, it's quite enjoyable to suck it all up here.” He smiled and the crowd laughed.

“Second rule is, don't hurt anyone, mentally, physically or emotionally, there is to be no abuse here at all. Our computer system is set to notify me or any of the council should anything of that nature take place, it is punishable. There is only one exception to this rule. There is a BDSM house here, because some do enjoy that. When you enter, the computer will request your complete permission and your password to stop everything. If you say that word, everything stops, instantly. If it doesn't, then anyone involved will be punished. Don't ruin this for everyone and be that person. With so many people here, there's bound to be so many that enjoy the same things as you, so don't worry.”

“Third rule is respect. While several of us are technically older than others, in just a few short years, that age will mean nothing, so, don't just respect your elders, respect everyone. Everyone has different tastes, everyone likes different things, accept that and move on. If for some reason you are having a disagreement with someone, it will be sent to mediation, and a group will help you to resolve the issue at hand and come up with a resolution. If you just respect each other, this should never happen though. If it does, ask help from the council.”

“That's really it for the rules, I'm sure I'm probably forgetting a couple simple ones, but the computer will remind you if you're breaking a rule, so listen to it. Anyway, the council is here to help everyone to have a long happy life. I am the only life member, since this is technically my plans and designs, but I'm not the leader. We're all the leaders here. Council has twenty people on it, and every year a new council gets appointed. It's random though, everyone will be on council at some point in their lives, and you'll never know 'til you're informed as such. This is the only mandatory position you'll ever take here though.”

“That brings up the next item on our to do list today. Given that this place is so large, and there's so many people here, we all have to hep to make it run smoothly. Many of the dirty jobs here are fully automated, and many of the hard jobs are either fully or partially automated. What that means though is that there's still lots for everyone to do, but not so much that we have to work every day. All we ask is that you work one or two days per week. On any day that you want to work, and you can certainly feel free to work more as well, ask the computer for a list of available jobs for the day and chose the one that you wish to do. Tell the computer that, so that someone else doesn't take it, and then go do it. Depending on what you wish to do, it might only take a few hours or could take most of the day. Be fair to everyone though, don't just take the lazy way out and do only one or two hour jobs for your work days. If you wanna take three or four two hour jobs in a day, by all means, do so, and that's what I like doing, I like diversity. If you don't know how to do something, learn.”

“And that brings on the next thing. Learn everything you can. There are so many artisans here it's not even funny, so if you wanna learn how to do something, ask the computer and it'll guide you to someone who can help you learn it. There's also a lot of children here that won't have finished school, I suggest you do so, and even the adults can feel free to get degrees in almost any filed as well. Just keep learning. When it comes to learning for your jobs though, whatever you care to do that day, the computer can guide you.”

“Now, back to jobs. One of the jobs that's always gonna need people are the restaurants and the bakery’s, there's well over a hundred people here that enjoy cooking or baking, but we can't rely on them to do it all forever, so everyone needs to take shifts and learn to cook. This one really isn't negotiable either. You don't have to cook all the time, but I'd really like to see everyone take their fair share of the cooking here as well. There's a few here that always wanted to run a real good restaurant, and they don't mind doing it, but we don't want to depend on them and only them to feed us, they need their time off as well. So, take your fair share and learn everything you can.”

“This'll be especially true in the restaurants, but if someone has decided to take the day off and is closed, then so be it. There's no set schedule here, there's no real clocks here for all that matters, I mean we'll all still use time to a certain degree, but really, what's time to people who'll live roughly a thousand years.”

“Now, I know many of you've probably already noticed this, but there's no vehicles of any real sort here. That's because there are none. With so much time on your hands, it's not about the destination, but the journey. Walk everywhere, enjoy the walk. You may also feel free to take a horse for whatever reason, but they're great to just ride for fun as well.”

“I also recommend that you just tour around. There's so much to do here it's not even funny. Feel free to enter any door you care to. If for some reason someone wants privacy, they can lock their door, but really, given who and what we all are here, I doubt anyone would mind if you walked in on them. All the suites are very nearly identical though, so once you've seen one, you've really seen em all. There's not really all that many doors here though, and the vast majority of them are on the bedrooms. There's lots of glass doors though, so you'll know those are rooms that don't strictly need doors for privacy, but mostly to keep the animals out. These doors will close automatically as well, but we have no powered doors here. If somehow an animal does get into an area they don't belong, please try and remove it. If you can't by yourself, ask for help. The computer will usually alert me if it happens though. All I ask is that you pay attention and not let the animals in those areas.”

“And now, I think the final thing that we have to do tonight is hand out everyone's communicators. Many of us are already wearing ours, but more of you aren't. They're not mandatory to wear at all times, but it'll certainly make life easier if you do. They have so many features even I can't remember them all. Communications though are their main feature and reason. So, that means if you wanna contact anyone, you can do so right from it. They're also very easy to use. They'll be handed out on your way out. I'd like everyone to grab one, so that you at least have it. And with that, this is over. If ever you have any questions though, feel free to call me and ask me, or just ask the council as well. The computer can also answer most questions for you though. Have a good night.”

Everyone started filing out and they all grabbed communicators as they passed. Kyle and Jamie did for sure and put them on right away. As soon as they turned them on, they both said hello to the boys, calling them by name. This did not shock the boys this time. They waited in the hall for Miles to emerge, and he did so almost ten minutes later.

“Hi boys. You didn't have to wait for me.”

“We know, but we wanted to. Would you like to go do something fun with us now?” Kyle said.

“Sure, what'd you have in mind?”

“I was thinking either the amusement park or the go carts. What were you thinking Jamie?”

“I was thinking amusement park as well, but go carts does sound fun too.”

“Then why don't we go to the amusement park.”

“Okay boys, lead the way and we'll go have fun.”

The boys grabbed hands and led the way there, only getting temporarily turned around once. When they got there, they were not the only ones to have had the same idea, because there were already about twenty others there, and only half of them were children. The cavern lights had already been set to starry night and all the carnival lights were on and it looked amazing in there. They headed to the first roller coaster, because there were three of them, and there was no one there. Miles asked the boys how many times they wanted to go around, Kyle said two, Jamie said three, so Miles set it to three, and then they hopped on and they got started right away. They all enjoyed the ride a great deal, and then headed to the next one and enjoyed it twice as well, and then to the third, which they enjoyed the most and went for four times. They then proceeded to enjoy all the rest of the rides, and many of them they went for at least twice as long as a normal ride would, and they did each of their favorites at least twice. They stopped and had drinks and snacks several times, and they even had to stop and change their diapers. There were several diaper change stations set up, and none of them were private either. Anyone could watch, or maybe even help if needed, because with so many people around, who really wanted to change their own diapers. Finally the three of them were getting exhausted, so they headed to their homes for the night, said goodnight to each other and went and passed out. They had at least changed their diapers before leaving, which was for the best, considering that they all crashed when they made it there and probably would not have done so otherwise.

The following morning the boys slept in quite late, and when they finally decided to get up, they checked the computer to see where Miles was. It told them that he was in the council hall and that he was with several others, so they left him alone, and then promptly used their alone time to enjoy themselves. They grabbed the double headed dildo, thinking that that would be a great deal of fun. They started in the the classic sixty nine position and sucked each other while opening each other up enough to take the large toy. By the time they both came and gave up their first morning load, they were both more than open enough for what they had in mind. Jamie was urged up onto his hands and knees and Kyle inserted the first end into his boyfriends diapered bum. He then got onto his knees as Jamie held the other end and he backed into it and impaled himself fully until their soggy diapers were pressed together.

“Oh wow, this is definitely the single most kinky thing we've ever done.” Kyle sighed.

“Oh yeah, for sure. Let's bum fuck baby.”

And so they did. They got a slow steady rhythm going and they were both sighing deeply. Just before they were about to cum, the opening of their door startled them. They both looked over and found a pair of boys.

“Oops, sorry, wrong room. They all look the same and there's no numbers. We must be the other side.” The older of the two said, he was about eleven or so.

“That looks enjoyable though.” The other boy said, he was only eight or so.

“It is. Wanna join us, since you're here and all?” Jamie asked.

“Sure, why not. Where'd you like us?” The younger boy asked.

“Underneath us, we can suck each other. We can finger your cute little baby bums as well if you'd like.”

“Oh, we'd like alright.” They both said and came and hopped up onto the bed and slipped under the slightly older boys.

Once everyone was positioned properly and all baby bones were in place, they got started and enjoyed themselves a great deal. Jamie and Kyle had already been close, so they blasted off first, surprising the younger boys with their cum, but they enjoyed it a great deal, and they came only a few seconds later as well. They continued right on going, not bothering to stop in the least, and managed to go for another three orgasms before they were done.

“Wow, that was totally hot. Living here's gonna be the absolute best.” The younger boy sighed.

“For sure.” The other three agreed as one.

“Well, should we change each others diapers then and go see what we can get up to today?” Kyle asked.

“Okay.” Everyone said.

“So, are you two little cuties baby boyfriends then?” Jamie asked as they were each changing one of them.

“We just met last night and had some fun. We went and had breakfast and then were gonna go back to my room to have a bit more fun, but I think we had more fun accidentally.” The older one said.

“That's good, we're glad you enjoyed, because we sure did.” Kyle smiled.

“So, where'd you guys get that awesome dildo?”

“The sex store. I tell you, the sizing to make sure you get the right toys sure is fun. We totally recommend you go there.”

“Where is it?”

“Why not explore and see if you can find it on your own and find out what all is here at the same time.”

“Okay, that sounds fun too.”

Jamie and Kyle were changed next, and then they all headed out. Jamie and Kyle said goodbye to their impromptu sex partners and headed for breakfast, because they were now very hungry. As they walked, they talked.

“So, what should we do today then?” Kyle asked.

“We should probably go find something that needs to be done and get it taken care of. So, after breakfast you wanna check the computer and do some work?”

“Sure, may as well.”

They found a place that looked good and went there and had a nice light breakfast today and then checked their computers. There were lots of cleaning jobs, so they decided to just go ahead and do that for the day. There were automated sweepers that kept all the common areas swept and tidy, but there were still lots of things that needed to be cleaned as well. They went and did five different cleaning chores and spent probably six or so hours doing them before calling it a day. They stopped for a late lunch and then went and had some fun.

Today they went to the water slides and had some good clean fun there. As they suspected, there were no swimsuits allowed, there were none, but there were swim diapers in stacks, just in case anyone cared to use them, or in a few cases did actually need them. The boys did decide to try one of the swim diapers each, and they grinned and then went and ran up to the top of the first slide. Once more they ran and played and had fun until they were very nearly passing out. They went and changed each other from their swim diapers to some proper good thick diapers and then headed to their room for bed.

The following day they did the same, found something to do in the morning and worked for five hours, then went and had fun. No one joined them for their morning fun today, which was just a sixty nine and finger session, but they did insert their butt plugs. This time they called Miles, who was not busy, and they went to the race track and learned how to drive. Their first few laps they were not going very fast, but by the time they hit ten laps, the boys were happily pushing the cars to their limits and they were all having a great time. They did that until dinner time and then asked Miles to join them for dinner, and he agreed.

“So, Dad, if I were to ask you to come back to our place for a little fun after dinner, what would you say?”

“I'd say lead the way.” He grinned.

“Good. And if we were to ask if you wanted to have a few others join us and double fuck us, what would you say?” Jamie asked this time.

The boys had talked about this this morning.

“I'd say let's get it on. Who were you thinking of inviting?”

“We don't really know. We've met so many hot boys and men now it's not even funny. We were thinking one more man, preferably about the same size as you, so that we have the same, then two thirteen to fifteen year old boys, since we don't think we'll be able to take two full grown men inside us quite yet, and then two others who can fill our mouths. We'd both like young cummers for that, so twelve to thirteen. We wanna be triple fucked.” Kyle answered.

“Well, unless you want anyone in particular, I'm sure that we can find a few people that'd be interested in just such a thing between here and there. Hell, more than a few could probably be found here.”

“Yeah, like those boys at that table there.” Jamie said.

He had spied a table with four really cute soggy boys, all of them were twelve to fifteen years old, and they were perfect. So, Jamie hopped up and went and talked to them.

“Hi guys. Do you all cum?”

“Yep.” They all said proudly.

“Awesome, and would you four be up to some group action after dinner?”

“Oh yeah.” They all said.

“Excellent, we just need to find one more man then, so that Kyle and I can be fully filled, then we're all set.” He grinned.

Meanwhile, Kyle had spotted someone that might make a good second adult, so he went over to him and asked him the same question, if he would be up for some hot group action, he said for sure, and it was arranged. Both boys wandered back to their table and told Miles that it was an all go, and would be an all out party too.

“Sounds fun. Do you wanna go back to your room for it, or do you wanna go somewhere else?”

“Where else can we go?” Kyle asked.

“Really, almost anywhere you care to go you can have sex. I mean there's a few places where it's probably not a good idea, but almost anywhere else go for it. I for one would love to go have wild animal sex out in one of the forests. We can just grab a blanket and a thing of lube and all the diapers we'll need on our way.”

“Okay, that sounds hot too, so sure, why not.” Kyle said and Jamie nodded.

They ate their food, knowing that they were definitely going to need all the energy they could get. The others that had been invited were doing the same thing. They were done before they all were though, so were told that they were going to grab some supplies and would be right back. They were good with that and Miles and the boys went to get everything that they would be needing. Not even five minutes later they were back, and they only had to wait a minute for their last partner to be ready to go. All eight of them headed to one of the fruit groves with rather sizable lumps in the fronts of their soggy diapers. Several people had seen them pass, and all wondered what they were going to get up to, so, as such, followed them. By the time they made it to fruit grove number one, there were ten boys following them. They had been told what was about to happen, and said they would happily join in on the sidelines, in fact, several impromptu groups got formed as well.

Their blanket was laid down, then Miles and the other man were urged onto their backs and their erections pulled out holes that were created in the fronts of their diapers by Jamie and Kyle. As the boys were doing this, the two eldest boys were creating the holes in the backs of their diapers and removing their rather large butt plugs. The other two boys had already pulled out their young teen erections from the fronts of theirs, and then the older two did so as well once they were done.

“You ready Baby, let's get triple fucked?” Kyle said.

“Oh yeah, I've been so ready for this my whole life, just didn't know what I was ready for.”

They hopped onto the two men, Kyle taking his dad, and then the older two boys, once they were told to go ahead, slowly slipped in, and then finally the younger two slipped into the boys' mouths. All eight of them were sighing and moaning, and then they started. It was a full out rut fest within only a few seconds. Their audience had watched for a few seconds before deciding that they too wanted to get filled, so they all got to work filling each other up.

Kyle and Jamie were having a great time though. They were not in pain, just pleasantly full, and having three dicks in them at the same time, all fucking them nice and slow was blissful to them. Sadly none of them could last long though for their first orgasms, and once the first let go not even two minutes later, they all exploded. It was Jamie that went off first, followed by Kyle, then all those filling them. Jamie managed to push his partner out of his mouth for just a second and urged all six of them to piss in them and fill them up fully if they could, and all six did. None of them had had much granted, since they did all pee all the time, but they had been so hard for almost an hour that they had been unable to go, so they were now able to force themselves to do so, and gave Kyle and Jamie a bit at any rate. Both boys loved the taste of the piss of the two young boys in their mouths, but they had far preferred the flavour of their young very sweet cum, and could not wait for more.

They did not have long to wait though, because as soon as they squeezed out the last of the piss that they could, all six of them started fucking once more. This session lasted marginally longer, but was still over far too quickly, and four minutes after starting, they had to stop for a few seconds to get their bearings again. They did not stop though, and managed to fill Kyle and Jamie up a further three times. By that time though, every last one of them were painfully dry. It was incredible to say the least. Finally, some ten minutes after their final orgasm passed, they all pulled out and slumped over. It was almost ten minutes after that that anyone was able to say anything at all.

“Wow, now that's what I call an orgy.” Kyle managed to say.

“Oh yeah. You noticed our audience couldn't keep up though.” Jamie giggled.

“Yeah, man I'm burning though. Someone better get my diaper changed right quick too.”

“Same here.” Rang out all over their sex meadow.

Diapers were passed out and everyone changed someone else, and then once they were all done, thank you's were passed out and everyone staggered away, all happy and sated. Miles, Kyle and Jamie made it all the way to their rooms, said goodnight to each other and then headed in and passed out. There is nothing better than a sexually satisfied sleep, and they slept well.

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