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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - The Stripping Club

Date: Sun, 18 Jun 1995 16:46:32 UTC
Subject: STRIPPING CLUB (m/b) [1/2]


Standard disclaimer, bla bla bla, if you are not an adult according to
the law, the government doesn't want you to have erotic
titillation and your mind shall remain virgin even though you've been
cumming for the last six years. Do not read this.

Furthermore, people who are easily offended, people who are not
interested in sex stories involving young boys and people on a crusade to
cleanse the world should NOT read this.

Whoever is left should be able to understand that this is only fantasy.

I did not write this. I'm posting it for somebody else. Hope you like
it. Send comments to

"The Stripping Club" written by BASE. (06/95)

By Base

Part 1

It was early saturday morning and little Alex was watching Bugs
Bunny. The volume was turned down real low because everyone else
in the house was asleep, but he wasn't paying much attention to
the TV set anyway. He was pushing his little pelvis into the soft
green carpet, wiggling and day dreaming, until his tiny dick
tingled. Supposedly, three local junior high school boys had
formed a sex club. Even though he was only 8 years old, as soon
as he heard faint rumors about the new stripping club, it became
all he could think about. Little Alex wanted into that club like
he never wanted anything else in the world. He could only imagine
what went on during the meetings, but he figured the boys passed
around dirty pictures and took turns pulling their pants down for
each other. The very idea drove him wild with desire. He had
never seen a dick with hair on it, except for his dad's, and that
wasn't any good. He was sure that some of the boys had dick hair
and all he wanted in the world was to see a boner with hair on it.
And dirty pictures! Whoa! He was sure they had magazines with
naked men and that was just awesome! He could hardly contain
himself when he thought about it. His little boy dick got so hard
that it hurt. And so, he was giving himself relief in the only way
he knew how. Alex hadn't yet learned about masturbation; he just
rubbed his little dick into the floor until it tickled. "Tickling
his wee wee" was what he called it in his head and it was his
favorite thing to do while watching his morning cartoons.

Alex had no idea how to get the big boys to pay attention to him or
how he could ever convince them to let him join their club. His
own little dick was so very tiny and bald that he was sure no one
would want to look it. But he was very horny, and in the back of
his young mind, a plan began to form. There was a man, a big man,
whom Alex saw nearly every afternoon on his way home from school.
He was quite old, at least twenty five. The man had long brown
hair and shinny brown eyes that twinkled in the fading daylight.
He was tall and slim, with big arms and a broad chest. And the
way the man looked at him made him feel weird all over. Alex could
tell that he was trying to see under his clothes. But something
about the man's smile told against all fear. Alex knew the man was
kind and would never hurt him. And he thought that the big man was
very handsome. If only he could make friends with the man, maybe
he could get some dirty pictures from him. If the man gave him
dirty magazines, or even a video, the big boys would surely let him
join their stripping club. The only problem was how. Alex nearly
burst his brain trying to think of how. In the end, it was all
very easy.

Mark had had his eye on the kid for months. All he knew about the
little boy was that his name was Alex. Mark thought the child was
one of the most beautiful creatures that he had ever seen. His
wavey blond hair and fierce blue eyes seemed perceptive far beyond
their years. And his face was fair and freckly and his smile was
like the sunrise. Alex was a waify kid, slim, almost frail. But
his intense spirit burned brightly through the flesh. The boy
would stare right back at him until Mark looked away. Every
afternoon, on his way home from work, Mark looked for the boy,
waited for him if necessary. Not that Mark ever expected anything
to happen. He just wanted to see the boy, to be near him, even for
a few fleeting seconds. The beautiful child brightened many weary
afternoons. Mark never expected the kid to follow him home.

It was clear and cool that afternoon. The sun was setting earlier
every day and Mark worried about how much light he would have to
view the boy. But the kid was already there at the corner when Mark
arrived. He seemed to be waiting. The man slowed down as he
passed the boy leaning against the lamp post. The busy street,
filled with noisy traffic and scurrying pedestrians, seemed to fade
into the background as Mark's gaze met the child's eyes. The boy
refused to look away and Mark didn't either. He held the boy in his
focus and slowed down to almost a crawl as be passed the child.
The boy was relentless and refused to look away. Now, Mark's neck
was about to snap so he had no choice, he looked away first. His
heart was pounding in his chest. He couldn't believe the
obviousness of the exchange that had just taken place. For corn
sakes, the kid had cruised him! Mark was just recovering his senses
when he looked back to the lamp post. The boy was gone. Every hair
on Mark's neck stood up when he realized the boy was just paces
behind him. The kid was tailing him!

An hundred ideas flashed through Mark's mind. It almost didn't seem
real, but whenever he looked behind him, there was Alex, smiling at
him every time he turned around. He could hardly believe what was
happening. For a moment, he became afraid. Was this a trap? Had
the kid told someone about the strange man that had been staring at
him? Somehow, Mark did not think so. There was no one obviously
following them and he hadn't done anything wrong or illegal anyway.
So what could this little tail mean?? A coincidence?? After all
these months, that hardly seemed likely. The simplest explanation
was really the hottest! The kid had finally pegged him and was
into it! Mark's cock got hard as a bone and started to push heavily
against the confining fabric. He pushed his stiff rod to the side.
All would be up in few moments anyway...he was almost home.

As Mark got to his door and fumbled for his keys, the small boy
stopped just in front of the house next door, leaned against a tree
and stared at the sky. Mark looked hard at the kid as he pushed open
his front door. The boy pretended not to notice Mark could hardly
catch his breath. It was clear that the next move had to be his.
Hell, the kid had done his part. He'd followed him all the way home.
Brave little homo! He deserved something for his daring. Mark stood
on his porch, his front door wide open, waiting for the boy to look
at him. When he caught the kid's gaze, he nodded his head and walked
inside, leaving his front door wide open. The boy stared into the
dark doorway like a young adventurer. He trembled as he crept over
to the porch and stole inside. The white door closed behind him.

The cool room was dim and Alex thought it smelled like peanut
butter. There was a large TV set in the middle of the floor and a
green couch pushed up against the far wall. Fluorescent light
streamed in from an archway just to the left of the couch. Alex
heard some shuffling about in the next room. The boy was still
gazing around when Mark walked in with a tall glass of milk. He
smiled at the startled boy and handed him the frosty glass.

"Pleased to meet you Alex" Mark said kindly.

"You know my name?" the boy squeaked in surprise.

"But thats all I know about you! My name's Mark"

Alex smiled as he raised the glass to his thin lips.

"Thanks Mark!" the boy said and gulped at the refreshing liquid.

"Come and sit with me and we can talk" Mark offered.

The boy and the man sat close together on the green couch.

"You know Alex, its nice to finally talk with you. We've known
each other for so long, but have never spoken."

The boy nodded his head.

"I'm glad you did it, but I can't help but wonder why you
chose today to follow me home"

"I dunno" said the kid, cheerfully.

Mark smiled at the boy. It was obvious he wanted something and Mark
was pretty sure he knew what. He looked hard at the kid.

"You know" Mark continued nervously "I always like to see you in the
afternoon because you have the cutest freckles"

The small boy blushed red.

"You LIKE my freckles??" the kid asked, incredulously.

"Yeah! Very much" Mark replied. "and that bunny rabbit nose!"

Mark tapped the child's little nose with his index finger.

Alex just blushed even more and giggled.

"So tell me Alex, why did you follow me? Do you know what you want?"

The boy just shook his head from side to side. Mark eased his arm
around the kid's skinny shoulders and gave him a gentle hug. He felt
the boy tremble. The child's face was now beet red and his eyes were
wet and shinny. Leaning back on Mark's strong arm, the kid sighed
heavily. Mark stroked the contours of the boy's face lightly with his
finger. The kid's breathing grew heavy.

"I think you're a very beautiful boy, Alex" Mark whispered. "And I really
like you"

Alex felt so very special at that moment that he didn't even care if
he ever got into the stripping club. All of a sudden, that silly club
seemed so immature. Alex was with a MAN! A great big handsome man.
Those other kids were just boys.

"Do you want to learn some games that only people who really like each
other play??" Mark asked in a trembling whisper.

The boy gulped down a mouthful of milk nervously, looked at the big
man, smiled widely and shook his head up and down.

Mark's face erupted in a wide grin. Gawd, even in the street, this kid
was so cute that he could hardly stand to look at him. Now, with a
precious little milk mustache, and shaking in his arms, Alex was by far
the most beautiful little boy in the world.

"Good! said Mark happily "but Alex, these are secret games, just between
us, okay?...You can't ever tell anyone else about them".

"I won't ever tell" the boy squeaked.

"Promise?" Mark asked

"Promise!" the boy said earnestly.

The boy was dressed in a thick blue pullover and black jeans. Mark
took the half empty glass of milk and helped the boy off with the
pullover. The kid giggled. His skinny shoulders were bare and a
white tank top tee shirt let his little pink boy nipples peak out
from the side.

"Any hair under your arms yet?" Mark asked, jokingly.

"No silly, I'm only eight.... See?"

The boy raised his arms to the ceiling and giggled. Mark looked at
the boy's hairless arm pits and his hard cock throbbed in his pants.

"How about down here?"

Mark reached over and cupped the child's little crotch in his big hand.
He found the kid's tiny rod and rolled it in the fabric.


Alex's eyes crossed and he huffed and puffed as the thrilling sensations
shot through him. No one had ever touched him down there before..not like
that. He looked over at the man and shook his head from side to side.

"Can I see it?" Mark asked.

The boy nodded his consent. Mark's head was a whirlwind. This gorgeous
boy was about to be naked. This was turning out to be the best day of
his far!

Mark nervously unbuttoned the child's pants and slipped them down his
skinny white legs. The kid wore a scant pair of white underwear which
his little boy bone had turned into a tent. Mark massaged the little
piece of meat through the delicate textile.

"ohhhhawwwwwwooooooo" The boy sighed "ohhh Mark!" The kid almost couldn't
breath it felt so good. Mark's mind was near overload too. He had Alex
down to his underwear and he knew this was only the beginning. Man!

"I'm gonna strip you now, Alex. Are you sure its okay?" The boy's eyes
lit up like a neon sign that said "GO AHEAD, MAN!" and he shook his head
wildly, up and down. Mark smiled at him warmly.

Slowly, giving the kid time to change his mind, Mark pushed the tank
top to the kid's chin and revealed his boy chest. The kid, even at
8 years old, had tiny pecs and little pink nipples. Mark rubbed them
gently and the kid got the chills. Then, Mark pulled the shirt off
the boy. Alex had only his skimpy undies on now.

"why don't you lay down Alex" Mark said, his voice quivering

"Your underpants are gonna be next and then I want to make your dick feel
real good"

The boy laid flat on the couch. His small body barely took up two
thirds of the cushion. Mark lowered the white fabric slowly. He wanted
to relish this moment. Centimeter by centimeter, more of the boy's
white flesh was revealed. Finally, after teasing himself for a few
minutes, Mark looked up at the blushing child.

"Here goes!" he whispered.

Alex giggled softly.

Down the fabric went and out popped the little bone. It was perhaps
two of the most delectable inches of uncut, prepubescent boy meat that
Mark had ever seen. The skinny shaft was perfectly straight and the
little head peeked out of the foreskin like a bewildered puppy. His
tiny balls were pulled up tight against his body and the wrinkled sac
seemed to be bisected where the rod plunged into the boy's groin. Mark
got shivers just looking at the beautiful naked child. He rubbed the
hard cocklette gently with just the back of his index finger as he
looked deeply into Alex's eyes. Pleasure erupted all over the boy's

"AAAAAAhhhhhhhhhhhh" the kid squeaked

Feels good?" Mark asked?

Uh hu!" the boy answered.

"How 'bout this?"

Mark began to masturbate the tiny boy dick and with his other hand,
tickled the tight scrotum.

shook with ecstasy. The man's warm fingers and gentle touch were like
magic on his tender flesh. He never felt anything like it. Mark just
smiled into the kid's eyes and continued petting his hairless genitals.
He rolled the kid's little balls in between his fingers and tugged ever
so gently on the slim shaft. The boy began to squirm and breath so fast
that Mark was afraid the child would hyperventilate.

"Man, take it easy Alex, this is only the beginning!"

The boy's eyes shown with lusty expectation and he swallowed hard.

"More!! Do me more!" he pleaded in a high soprano tone.

Mark gave the kid a slanted grin.

"Want me to lick it for you?" the man whispered.

The excited child just nodded his head up and down wildly.

Mark lowered his face to the boy's crotch. The musty smell greeted
him like a long lost friend. The kid's redolence was like some
intoxicating elixir. As soon as the man's hot breath fell on the
kid's bare skin, the boy shook. Mark spread the boy's legs and
positioned himself so that his nose was centimeters from the little
dick. He stuck out his tongue and coated the shaft just below the
tiny dick head with warm saliva.

"AAAAA...HuHuHu...uuuuuuuuu" the kid groaned.

Mark began to lap at the little cock with ever widening strokes,
painting the kid's groin with wet warmth. Alex's body was rocketed
into bliss. The man's hot tongue, journeying all over his miniature
cock and balls, brought Alex to a state of pure leasure near delirium.


But Mark was relentless. A madness was on him now. He pushed his
face into the child's groin and suckled on the sensitive skin under
the tiny scrotum.


Alex was simply frantic. Mark lifted the boy's legs and soon his hot
tongue was knocking at the kid's back door. The slimy wet member
forced its way past the quivering sphincter and entered the child's
bowels. The taste was pure delight. Mark sucked the kid's hole like it
was hard candy.

Tears were rolling down the boys face. His arms flayed wildly from
side to side and gurgly, incoherent groans emanated from throat.
His breathing was almost spastic, and still Mark tongue fucked the
boy. Then, without warning, he pounced on the tiny cocklette and
began to suck the kid off furiously. The poor little boy was
beyond any rational vocalization. He just hacked and cackled in
sheer bliss. The sight of his tiny cock going in and out of the
man's mouth nearly made him faint. The eruptions of ecstacy that
shot through his small frame were nearly too much for him. But
instinctively, he began to thrust his pelvis into the man's face.
Mark knew the kid wouldn't last much longer. Alex started to pound
the couch with his little clenched fists. The kid let out a loud
cry, his boyish body turned to stone like a statue, and then went
limp. The life seemed to go out of the little cock in Mark's
mouth. The child was exhausted. He had had a monster orgasm.
Tickling his wee wee was never like that! After a few minutes the
boy caught his breath and smiled at Mark dreamily.

"Whao" he squeaked "that was awesome."

"Thanks!" said Mark, delighted. His own dick was forming a huge
tent on his groin that caught the boy's notice.

" got a big stiffy!" the kid said.

"Yup" said Mark "thats because you're so beautiful. Wanna see it?"

At last!! Alex was gonna see a big fat dick with hair on it! He
nodded his head up and down swiftly.

Mark unbuckled his pants and slowly pulled them off. He stood before
the boy dressed only in white underwear and a thin tee shirt. His man
sized cock peeked out from the cottony sides.

"Ready?" he asked"

"Yup!" the excited child answered.

Mark pulled off his shorts and out sprang his manhood. A cut erect
eight incher, as hairy as the boy could have hoped for. Mark brought it
close to the boy's face so the kid could get a good look at it. The
kid gaped at the cock in silent astonishment.

"You can play with it if you want..just like I did to you" Mark said.

Alex was totally fascinated by the manly cock. The huge head, the
thick shaft, the wide pee slit and the heavy balls, held him entranced.
His little hand reached out and grasped the hot rod at its roots. He
squeezed it gently and Mark moaned his appreciation.

"mmmmmmmm..that feels good" he said.

The boy's hands explored the man's hairy crotch. He jiggled the
wrinkly, golf ball sized orbs and pulled up and down on the fat dick.
Alex brought the dick head to his lips and stuck out his tongue. It
tasted like a finger. Not bad. So the boy invited it into his mouth.
Mark's head nearly exploded. The feel of his cock in Alex's mouth was
shattering. The kid's lips barely covered his pons, but it was the
vision of Alex's innocent face with a dick shoved in his mouth that
nearly make Mark shoot his sticky load into the boy right then and
there. He began to pump, challenging the child to take even more of
his cock. The kid tried and managed to swallow the head and a bit of
the shaft. Mark pumped in and out gently, never more than the kid could
take, but the pressure in his balls was building. The kid was a
trooper and opened his mouth even wider till he had swallowed nearly
half of Mark's cock.

"ohhhhhh man, Alex, geez, that feels good. Suck on it!"

Alex was pleased that Mark appreciated his effort. He sucked the air
out of his mouth and his cheeks collapsed around the man's dick.

"OOWWWWWHHHHHOOOOO Yeah, boy, oh yeah, jus' like that" the man moaned.

The kid was sucking away merrily, blithfully, as Mark felt the hot cum
rushing out of his balls. He pulled his cock out of the boy's mouth
and jerked himself off in the kid's face. The child watched in
astonishment as torrents of what he thought wa sticky white pee flew
out of the dick head and shot up into the air. Mark would explain it
all later.

For a while, the two just sat together naked, the boy wrapped in the
man's strong arms, watching afternoon cartoons.

"So, Alex" Mark finally ventured, talking over Yogi Bear, "Tell me. Why
did you follow me home today?"

"The Stripping Club" written by BASE. (06/95)

Part 2

The three boys were apprehensive. They weren't quite sure what
to make of the strange invitation. The little kid who had
presented the offer seemed awfully young to even know about such
things. But what the heck! The boys didn't have much to lose.
If the little shit was wasting time, they'd just take it out on
his smooth white ass. Besides, their stripping club was starting
to get boring anyway, even though all three boys were very
attractive children. The youngest, Sandy, was an absolutely
adorable red headed kid who had just turned 11. He had big green
eyes and a densely freckled face that just radiated prepubescent
beauty. The other two boys, Billy and Ted, were dark haired
lads, both aged 12. Although Ted was a few months older, Billy
was the real leader of the club. He was the horniest, most
resourceful little boy ever made! He jerked off three times a
day and had managed to acquire a collection of homo magazines
that could have choked a horse. Some even had pictures of men
with little boys even younger than him. Gawd, those pictures
drove the boys crazy. Now why didn't they know any men who liked
boys like that?? Thats what was so alluring about the little
kid's invitation. He had promised them a big handsome man would
put on a sex show with him and then give them all blow jobs..and
more!! A regular sex party. The boys were all worked up for it
and prayed that the little one wasn't just fooling around. Of
course, Alex was very serious.

The three boys stood in front of the house and looked up at the
sky. Like the kid had promised, the white door was wide open, but
Billy could still read the house numbers. This seemed to be the
place. The boys climbed onto the porch and looked cautiously into
the mysterious doorway. There was low rock and roll music playing.
They stepped inside. Ted closed the white door and it locked behind

"Hello?" Billy called nervously, his voice seemed squelched by the
musical vibrations.

As the three boys looked around the living room, Alex's head popped out
of a hallway on the right. His face wore a huge smile. He gestured by
curling his index finger that the boys should follow him. The boys,
nearly in unison, stepped toward the child and followed him down the
dim hall. It was then that they first noticed that the kid was dressed
only in a pair of white underwear. He stopped at the end of the
hallway, leaned against a door frame, and nodded his head at the three
boys to bring them into the bedroom. Billy noticed a little bulge in
the kid's white undies. The three boys filled into the room.

Mark sat on the bed, like Alex, clad only in a pair of white
underwear. The three boys were immediately entranced. Mark was a
very handsome man. His upper body was well developed and his chest
was lushly carpeted with satiny brown hair. His broad shoulders and
thick arms were powerfully sexy to the boys. For his part, Mark was
rocked by the three beautiful boys standing in his bed room. His
cock was pushing against the white fabric, looking like the center
pole in a circus big top. The boys just gaped at the nearly naked
man until Mark laughed softly.

"You boys ready for a show?" Mark whispered.

The three boys were dumb struck. They just nodded their heads up
and down, still staring at the big man.

"C'mere Alex, lets show them how the big boys play!"

"First I wanna see 'em strip!" said Alex

"Well boys, how about it? asked Mark "you wanna strip down to your
underwear, like us?"

The astonished boys only looked at each other at first, but Billy
regained his composure quickly. This was the big chance he'd always
been waiting for!! Without talking he began to undress. The other boys
followed him. Mark and Alex looked on hungrily as the three boys got
naked. Soon, there was a pile of clothes on the floor and three
practically nude boys sitting indian style ont the edge the bed. Mark
could hardly believe it. And that freckly little red headed kid with
the green eyes, man was he beautiful! All three boys had little
stiffies that strained their briefs, but the red headed kid's dick
looked like it was the biggest. His balls seemed restless and insisted
on peeking out from the sides of his shorts. Mark doubted whether he
had any pubic hair at all, but he was sure that the two older boys had
at least a dusting of peach fuzz. Man, this was gonna be great.

"Okay Alex, looks like its our turn now! Wanna make me naked?"

Alex smiled wickedly and climbed over to the man. His little fingers
reached inside the white elastic band and tugged.

"He's got a big hairy one!" the boy giggled impishly "See!"

The kid pulled Mark's shorts down and exposed his hard cock. The three
boys gasped at the huge piece of man meat suddenly staring at them.

"Whooooaaaaaaa!lookit!" Billy Whispered.

"An' look at his big nuts!" Alex said, pointing to Mark's sac.

The three boys crowed around to get good close up looks at the mature
dick and balls.

"Man, hes got a lot of hair!" said Ted.

"I hope mine gets that big!" said Billy.

"Why don't you show the boys how you suck on it Alex?" suggested Mark.

The little boy was happy to oblige. He looked right at the astonished
trio and started to run his little tongue all over the head of Mark's cock.

"What's it taste like? asked Sandy.

"Like a finger!" answered Alex, in between slurps.

"Man, and that feels sooo good" Mark moaned. "Now suck on it Alex, put
the whole thing in your mouth as far as you can."

The little boy struggled to swallow half the cock as the three older
boys looked on in amazement.

"Man, I ain't never seen anything like that!" said Billy, feeling his
own dick was gonna pop through his undies.

"Yeah, thats hot!" agreed Sandy.

"Now lick my balls, Alex" Mark ordered

The kid did as he was told and began to lap at the man's hairy
testicles. Mark spread his legs so the kid's entire head fit in his
crotch. The other boys just looked on, spellbound.

"Wow" Billy whispered.

The three boys began to rub their aching cocks inside the fabric of
their underwear as they watched the sex show before them.

"Okay Alex, Mark said finally, its your turn. You ready?"

Alex shook his head up and down. He loved being the center of attention!
Mark slowly removed the child's underpants and showed the three boys his
little dick.

"Gosh, its so tiny!" said Sandy

"Yeah!" said Mark, "Just how I like it! mmmmm!"

Alex beamed with pride!

Mark started to rub and pull on his genitals, makings sure each spectator
got a good look at Alex's tiny equipment.

"Now watch this boys! I'll show ya what you can do with a little one
like this!"

The three boys were breathless with anticipation and wonder.

Mark laid Alex on the bed and spread his legs so that his childish
genitalia were totally exposed. Then he began to lick, in wide long
strokes, in between the boys legs, very near his asshole, then over his
balls, sucking each one, and then right up his slender shaft, ending
with the tip of his tongue on the kid's pee slit. Alex quivered and
moaned in delight. Next, Mark took the kid's entire genitalia in his hot
mouth at once and sucked and slurped on the tiny organs. Alex began to
pant like a dog in heat.

"Whoa!!! I bet that feels great!" Billy squeaked!"

"HUHUH!!! It does!" giggled Alex, his eyes glassy with ecstasy.

"Do me like that mister!!" Sandy begged

"And me, oh please me!" Ted joined in.

"No, me first!" insisted Billy.

Mark wasn't sure he was gonna live through this.

Before he could say `Jack Robinson' there were four naked boys
all around him, pushing their puerile bits of manhood into his
face! But oh, that red headed Sandy! Man, what a cock that kid
had! It was uncut and at least 5 inches long and an inch wide.
It looked two sizes too big for his boyish body. And the purple
head was tremendous, almost vulgar, since it seemed to be so out
of proportion to his body. It seemed to shun the protection of
foreskin so that Sandy appeared naturally circumcised. Sandy's
marble sized balls were tiny in comparison and that just made the
whole picture of his genitalia all the more disproportionate and
sexy. And Mark was correct. There wasn't a hair on him. Bill
and Ted were not as well endowed as Sandy, but they still had
delectable little rolls of boy meat hanging between their legs.
Both boys were circumcised, about three inches hard and about
half as thick as Sandy. But, like Mark had predicted, both had
dustings of peach fuzz just above the base of their cocks.
Nevertheless, Mark paid homage to Sandy's enormous slab of boy
meat first.

While the other three looked on, Mark took the bald cock into his
mouth. The kid's organ throbbed and expanded on Mark's tongue and
his eyes rolled in his head as he relished the musty boy flavors.
Sandy pumped his cock in and out of Mark's mouth while the other
kids started to fondle Mark's man meat. Mark spread his legs wide
so all the little boys could fit their hands in his crotch and
grab a feel of the mature flesh. The tingle of the spidery hands
all over his cock and balls sent Mark to nirvana as he sucked away
on Sandy's big cock. He could feel little fingers poking in his
balls and around his asshole. Man! He wished he had four mouths!
Then, an idea occurred to him! Mark laid back on the bed and
invited all four boys to gather round and put their little dicks
in his face at once. Like a perverse smorgasbord, Mark soon had
four tender bits of boy flesh centimeters way from his greedy
lips. He licked each one singularly. Then, took Alex and Ted
together and suckled on their cocks. Then he made room for Sandy.
He tried for Billy too, but here wasn't any more space. Billy was
feeling left out. But he was gonna get his turn in the end!

Mark sucked and slurped on the three cocks while the boys panted and
moaned in harmony untill his mouth was sore from stretching and his
tongue was tired. His cock was still raging hard and he would have
spent the rest of eternity in that position but next thing he knew,
little Billy had found his cock and was sucking on it! This was too
much for Mark. The kid was a great cock sucker and swallowed his
aching rod down to the base without much effort or warning. But it
was just as well. Just as incredible sensations were shooting up
his spine, Mark felt a hot splash in the back of his throat and Ted
groaned loudly. The unmistakable tenor confirmed that the boy had
come in his mouth. The hot lubrication of Ted's cum heightened the
intensity of the blow job and within a few seconds, Sandy screeched,
went stiff and shot a monster load down Mark's throat. He drank
every drop of the precious juice. At last, Mark could take no more.
He shot his own load all over Billy's face. The cum drenched boy
shook with apprehension as the white gobs dripped off his checks.
Little Alex was too young to cum, but he quivered and shook last of

Alex and the three boys were still huffing and puffing while Billy
was frantically trying to wipe the cum off his face with the bed sheet.

"GROSS!" he protested!

"Oh, it can't make ya sick cry baby!" Ted mocked.

"Not at all" Mark assured him. "C'mere, I'll make it up to ya"

Mark began to suck on Billy's little dick with abandon.

The boy moaned loudly and his eyes flashed, filled with delight.

"C'mon lets help!" Alex suggested.

Sandy and Alex started sucking on Billy's nuts while Ted looked on.
Billy was delirious with ecstasy. He moaned and groaned while they worked
on him.

"Okay, Billy, stand up...Ted, take over for me" Mark commanded.

Billy now had Ted sucking his cock and Alex and Sandy each licking one
of his tiny balls. His young body was so racked with pleasure that the
he could hardly breath. But just then Mark attacked from behind. His
pushed his tongue hard up the kid's ass. Billy nearly fainted. He
felt split in two by pleasure. The hot tongue swishing up his butt was
more than he could stand. He shot his load right in Ted's mouth. Ted
gaged, but swallowed every drop and then smiled a sticky smile.

Mark and his four new friends collapsed on the bed, sweaty sticky and
exhausted. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, Alex's little head
popped up and he looked at he naked bodies all around him. The little
kid had beat the lot.

"So whaddya say fellas?? Am I in??"

The End

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