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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Tied

Date: Sat, 03 Jul 1999 21:53:08 PDT
From: Jeffrey Jeffy <>
Subject: Tied

All of the usual disclaimers apply. This story is entirely fictional. No
house pets, rain forests or lab animals were harmed in the writing of this
story. It is intended for adults only. You can send comments or
constructive criticism to Flames will be ignored so
don't bother. This story has been copyrighted by the author. You may, of
course, download it for your enjoyment, send it to your friends, even use
it on your website as long as access to the site is free, it is not changed
in any way and I'm credited as the author.

This story depicts minors and adults having unprotected, unsafe sex.
Obviously, this is not real life and should be taken as such. Otherwise,

Based on a true incident.

"You're thinkin' with your dick!" - - Austin Millbarge


By Jeffy

It was an absolutely gorgeous late summer morning, warm without being hot,
with low humidity. I could hear the birds singing, the sun was shining,
and all seemed right with the world. It was also, although I didn't know
it, the first day of the new school year. Whistling a tune, I strolled out
of my apartment over to where my car was parked. Then I heard the voice
that would bring so much joy into my life.

"Please, please can you help us? Oh, thank God I found you!" A
good-looking, if harried woman in her mid to late thirties exclaimed to me.

"What's wrong? Is the building on fire? Someone have a heart attack?" I
asked her, thinking the worst and seeing the lovely morning ruined for me
(not to mention whoever was having the heart attack).

"No, I need help tying my son's tie. I can't seem to get it right and he
doesn't know how."

I peered behind her to find an adorable little boy standing there with a
resigned expression on his face. He had dark hair in a bowl cut, pale blue
eyes, and a tanned slim body. He was wearing a school blazer, white shirt,
short pants, and had an untied necktie around his neck. I think I fell in
love with him in that instant. He looked to be about 10 or 11 years old.

My heart slowed and I began to chuckle at the woman's antics. I figured
they must have moved in recently since I know most of the boys in the
neighborhood, at least by sight. And no, I have never done anything to any
of them; I just love to watch them as they play and laugh in the summer

"Well, sport, how about stepping over here so we can tame the Wild American
Necktie. I think I saw Jim Hannah do this once on his nature show on PBS.
Now, let's see..." I stepped over to him and started to knot the giggling
boy's tie from the front and promptly made a mess of it.

He fixed me with a suspicious eye. "I could have done that!" he piped in a
clear, boyish voice.

"OK then.." I waited for him to supply a name.

He grinned and wrinkled his nose at me. "I'm Keith Rogers, and that's my
mom." He pointed at his mom.

"I'm Jeff, nice to meet you. Now, let's see about that tie!" I stepped
over to him and proceeded to knot it perfectly by having him face away from
me and putting my arms around him to tie his tie. The sweet boy perfume
rising from his skin and hair nearly made me faint as I worked. Then I
began to chuckle.

"What's so funny?" Keith wanted to know.

"I just figured out why my father always used to tie our ties like that
when my brothers and I were kids. It's much easier." I tousled his hair
and got yet another grin out of him.

June, his mom, thanked me profusely as she hustled Keith off to school and
I headed to the Madison train station to catch the Midtown Express into
Manhattan. I couldn't seem to get Keith out of my mind all day. At odd
moments, I found myself thinking of how wonderful he smelled, not like
cologne or anything, just of soap, shampoo, and boy. Maybe the scientists
are right when they say that the nose is directly connected to the brain;
mine sure seemed to be! With difficulty, I returned to debugging the macro
I was currently working on.

I got home on time that evening (wonder of wonders) and proceeded to whip
up some pasta for dinner, still thinking of Keith. As I was putting it on
the table I was startled by the doorbell (since I wasn't expecting any
visitors) and hurried to see who it was. I opened the door only to find a
grinning Keith looking up at me, dressed only in a pair of shorts (and I DO
mean short) and sandals. He looked adorable, with his slim boyish body; he
had a wonderful tan, soft looking nipples, and just the slightest bit of
baby fat on his rounded little tummy.

"Can Jeff come out and play?" he piped at me, cracking us both up. What a
little devil!

"No, but you can come in if you like. I'm just about to sit down to
dinner. Have you eaten yet?"

"Yeah, we had meatloaf. Ewwwwwwwwwww!" He scrunched up his face, telling
me what he thought of his mother's meatloaf. He looked so adorable I just
had to laugh.

Still laughing, I got another plate and silverware and plunked it down in
front of him. That done, we proceeded to chow down on the pasta and sauce
(I usually make two nights worth and stick half in the fridge so there was
plenty). As we ate, I couldn't help sneaking looks over at Keith. He was
so cute and innocent! I admired the polite way that he ate, his wonderful
tan, cute nipples (which were becoming hard due to the air conditioning),
and sweet little toes. God, how I wanted him!

After dinner, we quickly cleaned up, which he did without complaining, and
called his mom so she wouldn't worry. That done, Keith checked out my
apartment, wanting to know what everything was, why I didn't make my bed,
and other things. He seemed to accept the explanation "Because I'm gonna
sleep in it again tonight!" for the unmade bed be was disappointed when I
wouldn't let him hold my Katana sword (I had another sword he could hold,

I have to confess that we both ate a little too much, so we retired to the
couch to watch a little TV before he had to go home. He was happy that he
didn't have any homework on the first day, but I advised him not to get too
used to it! After a few minutes he moved over and sat in my lap, wiggling
his butt to get comfortable. I gently put my arms around his slim body as
he grinned at me and settled down. I felt like my heart would explode!
The feel of him in my arms, combined with the smell of his slightly sweaty
boy-body was racing through my brain like an out of control forest fire. I
was barely able to keep from ravishing him on the spot! I began to stroke
his hair and neck, gradually moving down to his shoulders, keeping my touch
very light, hoping he would enjoy it. After a few minutes, I turned him
around to face me and saw that he had a dreamy, relaxed look on his face.
He was breathing deeply, head turned to one side, smiling. Just then his
mouth drooped open and a big glob of his spit dropped directly on my
crotch. He started, embarrassed, and tried to wipe it up with his hand,
rubbing directly on my rock hard dick. Then, realizing what he was
rubbing, he abruptly stopped.

"Jeff, I, I , I ,I ,I'm so sorry I drooled on you!" He was blushing
furiously now, totally self-conscious and embarrassed.

"That's OK, kiddo, what's a little drool between friends?" I reassured him
with a warm hug as he left for the evening. I then went to the bathroom
and proceeded to jerk off twice in a row (I'm usually a once a night man,
so you know how horny Keith made me) while imagining doing all sorts of
things to Keith's lovely body. I went to bed that night with a sore dick
and dreamed of Keith all night long.

The next morning he was a bit sheepish as he showed up at my door. This
time, he was alone as he waited patiently for me to tie his necktie.

"Honey, what's wrong?" I asked him.

"Well, I'm a little embarrassed about drooling on you last night."

I just laughed. "Don't worry about it, little man. If you drool on
someone and they're still your friend, then you know you've got a friend
for life!" I looked him in the eyes as he began to giggle at that. Soon
we were both cracking up as I gave him a big hug and turned him around to
tie his tie.

Things went on this way for the better part of a month. Keith spent about
two evenings a week with me and he relaxed a lot as we got to know each
other better. By now I was totally captivated with him, his boyish beauty,
his charm (yes, he could be VERY charming when he wanted to) and his sunny
outlook on life in general. I did notice that he always wore the fewest
clothes that he could get away with and seemed to love to touch and be
touched in any way. It was only through willpower that I was able to keep
myself from throwing him down on the bed and making sweet, passionate love
to him!

About this time June invited me over for dinner with them and, of course,
she made her meatloaf. Keith was right about it, too! It was just this
side of edible, with far too many breadcrumbs and spices. She needed to
learn that pepper is a spice, not a vegetable. We did, however, have a
nice chat about Keith over coffee after dinner.

"Are you raising Keith alone? That must be tough for you," I remarked

"Yeah, it's just the two of us. His father isn't around." She said this
in a flat, emotionless tone of voice. Some instinct told me not to press
her, that she would explain when she was ready, or never.

"Well, he's a great kid, you should be proud." I told her, sipping my

"He's really taken with you, too. You're all he talks about, Jeff this and
Jeff that."

I blushed a little, embarrassed. Could she possibly know what I wanted to
do to her little boy? I hoped not!

She went on, "He's always been such a touchy-feelie kid, wanting to hug and
be held. I just hope he isn't being a pest."

I assured her that Keith was always welcome in my home and was in no way a

"He's also a born nudist. When he was little I kinda gave up on keeping
him in clothes during the summer and just let him run around bare-assed.
He'd still do that if I'd let him, too."

Of course I was calm and collected at this revelation. I choked and
sputtered on my hot coffee, stunned at the mental image of Keith running
around totally naked. June helpfully pounded me on my back as I recovered
and I could hear the sounds of muffled giggles coming from the next room.
That little stinker was listening to us!

"Anyway," June continued, "don't hesitate to send him home if he gets on
your nerves."

"I will, if he ever does!" I told her. We both cracked up laughing.

After that, Keith was even more touchy-feelie around me, rubbing up against
me in the morning when I would tie his tie. The weather got cooler and he
switched to long pants, much to my chagrin; I loved the sight of his smooth
boy legs. My chance, if you can call it that, came a few weeks later when
his mother had to go out of town and left him with me for the weekend,
saying she had no one else to watch him since they were still rather new to
the area. That Friday morning I was running a bit late, so Keith cooled
his heels in the den while I finished getting ready for work. I peeked in
at him and found him expertly tying his necktie! He looked at the perfect
knot, breathed a laugh, and quickly untied it. That little faker! How
long had he known how to do that?!?

My mind churned as I tied his tie, touching him more than ever before,
running my hands down his back and rubbing them back up his shirt-covered
tummy and chest. After a startled look in the mirror at me, he grinned and
relaxed, rubbing against me like a cat. Will power won out as I mentally
shook myself and I drove him to school and headed to the train station. I
was totally useless at work since all I could think about was Keith. My
brain buzzed like a beehive as I considered the situation. I was willing
to bet that he wanted it at least as much as I did (if not more) and was
waiting for me to do something. But what should I do? As much as I had
fantasized for years about making love to a boy, I now found that being
this close to the real thing scared me totally shitless. I left work early
to pick up Keith, still undecided as to what to do.

He seemed hyped up as he got into the car, telling me all about his day and
how much he was looking forward to spending the weekend with me. Neither
one of us had mentioned sleeping arrangements yet, although I did tell him
that my couch folds out into a queen-sized bed. I think he could sense my
case of nerves because he kept up the chatter all the way home. Once there
we played catch (to tell you how long it has been since I did that, my old
baseball glove is a "Fred Lynn" model) and I thought some more, even while
noticing how athletic he was. Sweaty and tired, we went back inside to
wash up and make dinner. I couldn't keep my eyes off of his sweet body as
we washed up at the sink. After we were done with dinner (pasta and
homemade white wine and garlic sauce. Excellent, if I do say so myself!)
Keith was uncharacteristically quiet. We just sat on the couch for a while
and watched TV together when Keith spoke up.

"Jeff, I , um, well, I really like you." He said in an almost inaudible
voice. I pulled him onto my lap as he continued in that same soft tone.
"Where I used to live, well, there was this kid, a neighbor. He was 14.
He was always real nice to me and we kinda got to be friends. We um, did
stuff." He was blushing furiously now, red as a ripe tomato.

"He didn't force you to do anything, did he baby?"

"No! I wanted to! I liked it! I really miss him."

"How long did the two of you 'do stuff'?" I asked him.

"For about a year or so. I do kinda miss him."

"You said that already. You're sure he didn't force you into anything?"

"No, I practically had to jump on top of him!" He realized what he said
and covered his mouth with both hands. I had to bite my lips hard to keep
the laugh in since I knew that he'd be humiliated if I let it out. I
excused myself and went to the bathroom to pee and clear my head. I spent
a few minutes in there and came out to find no sign of Keith.

"Hey, Jeff, I think I finally figured it out!" He called from the bedroom.

"Figured what out, Kei..." I cut my sentence off with a gasp as he walked
sexily into the den, wearing his perfectly knotted school tie. Ahem, maybe
I should say wearing ONLY his perfectly knotted school tie. He was
completely nude otherwise. My heart pounded and my breath froze in my
chest at this vision of boyish loveliness.

As he stood there, grinning and hard, I drank in my fill of his nude form.
He had a very typical boy's body, smooth and lovely, with just a hint of
baby fat. I could see that his summer tan was fading from his arms and
legs, but his butt was only slightly whiter. I suspected that he had been
spending more time nude than June was aware of! He had beautiful, slim
legs with dainty little boyfeet and the cutest toes I'd ever seen. His
small, thin erection stood up proudly against his smooth tummy, throbbing
and just begging for attention. The little organ was cleanly circumcised
and had a little upward curve to it, just like mine did.

He wasn't upset that I just stood there for a minute and looked, in fact I
think he enjoyed the way that my eyes were roaming avidly over his naked
form. Still unable to utter a word, I led him over to the couch by the
hand and sat him on my lap facing me with his legs on either side. As if
in a dream, I leaned in for a kiss and was mildly shocked when he not only
let me kiss him, but he threw his arms around my neck and opened his mouth
as wide as he could. I slowly explored every inch of his lips, teeth,
mouth, and tongue until I found myself with my own tongue as far down his
throat as it would go. Keith was moaning around my tongue and dry-humping
against me with increasing urgency. Not breaking the kiss, I ran my hands
down his spine, provoking a thrill shiver from my little lover, until I
reached his asscrack. I began stroking up and down the crack, circling
around his little boyhole. Then I had an idea!

I pulled back, breaking the kiss, and started undoing his tie.

"You know, that's a really good knot, but I think I know a better use for
this," I told him as I gently wrapped it around his head, effectively
blindfolding him. He let me lead him to my bedroom, smiling the whole time
and trusting me completely. I vowed to be worthy of that trust.

I put him on the bed, face up, and started to touch his nude body in random
places, never letting him know before hand or falling into a pattern. I
caressed his chest, thigh, face, and toes while Keith writhed slowly on the
bed in ecstasy. I placed both of his hands above his head, and he left
them there, understanding my instructions implicitly. Then, I just had to
try something on him that I had only read about. Adjusting his position on
the bed, I gently began to stroke around his left nipple in a circular
motion without touching the nipple itself. Closer can closer I went to
that wonderful little nub, driving the boy under me nuts with desire.
After almost half an hour, taking pity on the whimpering boy, I took his
nipple suddenly into my mouth and sucked just as hard as I could. It had
an incredible effect on Keith! His whole body arched in orgasm as he cried
out and wrapped his arms and legs around me as he came in what was surely
the orgasm of his young life. And I hadn't even touched his dick yet! I
soon remedied that situation. As Keith lay there, panting and recovering
from the mind-blowing orgasm I'd just given him, I gently began to stroke
and lick his still-shuddering little cock.

It was, quite simply, the most perfect thing I'd ever seen in my life. I
took great care as I explored it thoroughly with my tongue, laving up and
down the short shaft, the pinkish-purple head, the little glans. All were
soon glistening with a covering of my saliva as I worked my way around his
delicious little tool. As I did this I rolled his jelly-bean sized balls
around in the palm of my hand until he again arched his back in orgasm,
whimpering and making little, incoherent noises deep in his throat. I
continued this action until he had come four times. I just smiled as he
collapsed on the bed, totally spent. Kissing my way up to his lovely face,
I removed his impromptu blindfold and found that he was deeply asleep with
a smile on his face. I stroked his face for a few moments until it was
obvious that he was out for the night, then went to the bathroom to have my
own earth-shaking orgasm.

I woke up the next morning to the incredible sensation of Keith sucking on
my painfully hard dick. I opened my gummy eyes and saw my little lover
working on me with a wicked leer on his small face.

"Mforgnin," he mumbled around his mouthful of my dick. I was unable to
answer him since lightning bolts were currently running from my dick
straight to my head.

If I hadn't known that he'd had sex before, I knew it now. He expertly
worked my dick over, from head to base without once making contact with his
teeth. He worked it into his throat smoothly, not gagging a bit, then
withdrew it to lick the pre-cum off of the head. After a while I just put
my head back and abandoned myself to him, not even bothering to try to
catalog the sensations. Eventually, the inevitable happened and I blew the
load of my entire life into his hot little mouth as he lapped it up without
spilling a drop. My only thought was that the undertaker would NEVER get
the grin off of my face!

A few minutes later, I headed off to the bathroom to take a much-needed
piss. As I stood there, pissing like a racehorse, I felt two little hands
grab my hairy buns firmly.

"Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed as I jumped a foot and missed the toilet with a
stream of urine by quite a margin.

"Good reflexes for an old guy!" Keith remarked from behind me as he
circled his arms around me and proceeded to hold my dick for the rest of my
piss. I had an inkling that loving Keith would be an interesting

We finished pissing, washing up, brushing our teeth, and shaving (not Keith
of course) and repaired to the kitchen for a nude breakfast of fresh French
Toast. Keith liked syrup on his while I preferred to have honey on mine.
We both chowed down hugely and after we were done just sat there and felt
stuffed. On impulse, I dipped my finger into the honey on my plate and
wiped it on Keith's cheek and then licking it off. Keith, with a
mischievous grin on his face, did the same to me with the syrup on his
plate. Getting into the spirit of things, I proceeded to do the same to
him, this time picking his soft nipple, sucking it clean of the honey. I
did the same to his balls, the head of his dick, and after a moment's
consideration his cute, bare underarms. I licked them like a cat trying to
clean them, enjoying the indefinable taste of a boy for a long while.
Keith seemed to appreciate it as he squirmed on the chair. Then, I had an
idea and opened up his legs to spread some on his puckered little boyhole.
Keith helpfully leaned back in the chair and raised his legs to his
shoulders. I licked my way up and down his crack and then started to
concentrate my attentions on his hole. I rimmed around it, taking care to
be gentle, then started working my way into the tight opening. I
tongue-fucked him for a long time, sucking and licking for all I was worth,
until he had a powerful orgasm. This time he cried out at the top of his
soprano voice, gasping, as he came. I let up on him and pulled back to
watch and I saw that his hole was actually twitching madly, opening and
closing. What a sight!

I pulled Keith onto my lap, murmuring to him how much I loved him. Then,
seeing what time it was, I knew we had to get going. We quickly took a
shower and headed out to run my weekly errands. We stopped at the
cleaners, then went to the grocery store; I should have known that it would
be an adventure! As we went to the produce section, Keith grabbed
everything that was even remotely phallus-shaped and put it in our cart,
remarking on how much we needed that particular item. Carrots, squash,
eggplant, and a large cucumber all went into the cart while Keith grinned
wickedly at me. Every time I took something out of the cart, he put
something else into it. Try as I might, I couldn't bring myself to yell at
him. I quickly sent him on a mission to find something at the other end of
the store and unloaded everything he's added in his boyish horniness (I
HATE cucumbers!).

After a quick bribe of a large bag of Oreos, we made our way to the
checkout counter. Keith grinned and flirted outrageously with the pretty
Oriental checkout girl. I sighed deeply, wondering what I had done without
this amazing boy in my life for so long. We went home and unpacked the
groceries quickly before jumping into bed and kissing passionately.
Through my haze of lust, I knew I wanted to have his cute little ass.
Keith obviously had the same thought as he rummage in my nightstand and
handed me my tube of K-Y jelly. I looked him in the eyes and silently
asked him if he was sure and he wordlessly nodded his head at me.

I lay down on my back as Keith lubed up my rock-hard dick while I did the
same for his cute little boyhole. That done, he straddled me and began to
gently but firmly press down. He both let out a moan as the head popped in
and I grabbed his hips to steady him as we paused for a minute, panting.
Then, with a determined look on his face, my small lover firmly pressed
himself down onto my cock until my pubes brushed his smooth ass cheeks. I
had to concentrate hard to keep from cumming right then and there! Keith
just sat there, supporting himself with his hands on my chest, looking
proud of himself. Then, with a small grin, he began flexing his butt
muscles without moving off of my cock. I groaned loudly which merely
spurred him on to more ass clenching. God! I thought I'd die of pleasure
right then! Knowing that I needed to sum soon, I abruptly reversed our
positions without withdrawing from Keith's ass. I began to pump gently,
then a little harder, picking up steam as I went. Keith threw back his
head and came loudly, clenching his ass like a vise as he did so. I have
no idea how I resisted cumming, but I did and continued to fuck him gently,
never altering my slow, steady rhythm. Keith came again, this time
whimpering softly. I could see tears running down his cheeks and decided
that I REALLY needed to cum, like now. I pumped harder and harder until I
felt the juice churn up from my balls. Now it was my turn to throw my head
back and whimper as I shot the largest load in mankind's history into my
lover as he came yet again. Ah, to be young!

We both just lay there for a long time, spent, until I stirred myself and
got a wet towel from the bathroom to clean both of us up. That done, I
settled in beside my boy for a well-deserved nap.

"Jeff," came a sleepy voice, "tonite how about you wear the tie?"

I smiled. "Deal, kiddo!"


Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it!
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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Tied