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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Twelve Year Old Challenge

Date: Fri, 21 May 2010 17:19:20 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: 12-Year-Old Challenge

"Twelve-Year-Old Challenge"
by Lexfactor


The following story will feature hardcore gay sex acts between three
adult males and an underage boy. There is also a scene of gay incest
in this story. If any of this subject matter will offend you, please
do yourself a favor and stop reading now. Also, if you are not of the
legal age of consent wherever you are, or if you are not allowed to
read/view pornography, please stop reading as there might be negative
legal consequences if you continue. Neither this author nor
shall be held responsible if you suffer legal hardship as a result of
your reading this story. This story takes place in a world where it is
legal for men to have sex with boys, and for family members to have
sex with either other. Please to not try to do any of the things that
are portrayed in this fictional story in real life.

This is my first erotic story in several years. Please either IM me on
Yahoo (screen name: yng_and_sxy) or on AIM (screen name: yunggayboy69)
and let me know if you liked the story or not. You may also email me
at or with your comments.


"Twelve-Year-Old Challenge"
by B.J. Kidd

OH MY GOSH," Blake said to me as he turned his head to face me.

"What?" I asked, setting the blue plastic cup that contained my
alcoholic beverage down on the green cement of my porch.

"Would you look at that?" he answered.

I followed his line of sight to see two males standing at the edge of
the parking lot to the apartment complex and the main walkway. They
each were carrying a bag and the younger one had one of those rolling
suitcases. The older male looked to be in his early twenties and the
younger one looked maybe ten years of age. Both of them were
stunningly attractive.

Just as drool started to escape my mouth the older boy started down
the walkway with the youngster in tow. The twenty-something seemed to
notice us sitting on our porch because he tosses his shoulder-length
brown hair as he walked by. The cute blonde kid didn't pay us any mind
as he followed the other guy to their apartment. Both Blake and I
watched them disappear into apartment 10, just 7 units away from where
we lived.

"I want his ass," Blake said.

"Whose?" I wanted to know.

Blake pretended to toss his hair like the older male did as he walked
by. "You know, the older one, the one who looked oh-so-fabulous!"

"Great because I was eying he kid's butt," I said as my dick twitched
a little inside my white-and-blue nylon shorts.

My fiancée playfully punched me on the shoulder. "You sick fuck."

"Thank you," I responded, "but flattery will get you nowhere."

"You're a silly boy, Tyler," my man said. "Hey, look, here he comes again!"

I looked and, sure enough, the older male was coming back down the
walk. He looked at us and smiled as he strode past and into the
parking lot. I presumed that he was getting another bag out of his

"Damn he looks good," Blake admired.

"Yeah but not as good as his little brother," I commented. "Plus he
will have fewer diseases. Looks like your friend has been around."

Blake grinned. "Oh shut up! You know that little brother takes all of
his friends cocks up his ass on the playground during recess, his
teacher's too!"

I rubbed my dick through my shorts a little. Just talking sexual like
this was turning me on, especially when one of the subjects was a
young blonde boy. If we kept at it I would simply have to take out my
seven-inch long uncircumcised dick and jack it off right there on the

"Man I could only hope he's already taking cocks," I said. "That would
make my nailing his cute bubble butt much easier."

"Plus you could probably fuck him harder, too," was my fiancée's response.

The older male returned from his car and was walking by. Blake
surprised me by saying, "Why you all are dressed up, are you going out

"Naw," the man replied, "I went out last night."

"Why not?" I wanted to know. "There's a great strip club at the corner
of Old Dixie Highway and Jefferson Street called 'The Cheetah'"

"Is that a straight club?" Blake's crush asked of me. "Oh did you
think I was straight? Oh thank you! No that's my sister's son you saw
me with, not mine."

"Don't worry, we're gay too," I assured him.

He just smiled. "Ever hear of gaydar, guy? I knew you two were gay the
moment I laid eyes on you."

I just chuckled.

"You're not old enough to have a son his age," Blake said to him.

"Really?" the man responded, a little surprised. "Just how old do you
think I am?"

My fiancée thought a moment. "I'd say maybe twenty-four."
"Gosh! Thank you!" Blake's potential new lover said in response. "But,
no, I am thirty-nine."

"Thirty-nine?!" I screamed. "No way!"

"You are not thirty-nine!" Blake interjected.

The man looked towards the ground for a second. "You're right. I just
turned forty last month."

"No way!" Blake and I both said together.

"You guys really don't believe me, do you?"

"No we don't," I said, speaking for both of us.

"I was going to ask you for I.D. before offering you a drink," Blake
said to him.

"Go ask Cody for my I.D." the man said. "I don't feel like walking
down there again. I'm going to plop down here on this porch and have a
drink with a couple of queens."

"Not before I see some I.D." Blake said, half seriously.

"Fine," the man replied. "Hey, you, go get my license from my nephew."

"My name is Tyler, not Hey You," I joked. "This is Blake. He has a
hard-on for you."

"Oh wow," Blake's friend said as my fiancée blushed. "I'm Bobby and my
nephew is Cody."

"Yeah I kinda put two and two together," I said in response. "I'll be
right back. I'm going to get your wallet from Cody. Feel free to get
to know each other better. But if you guys end up fucking before I
come back, please try to remember to put on a rubber."

Blake sank down deeper into his chair, thoroughly embarrassed.

"Oh I never wear protection," Bobby replied. "Bareback all the way!"

"Fine with me," I said as I walked off the porch. "Be right back."

I strolled down the walk to apartment 10. I tapped my fist twice
against the door before turning the knob and walking in. Cody was
wearing nothing but a pair of plaid boxers. He was sitting on the edge
of the bed with a PlayStation 2 controller in his hand.

"Hi Cody," I said.

The boy looked over his shoulder and seemed to have just noticed I was
there. "Hey. Who are you? How did you know my name?"

"I'm Tyler," I answered. "You walked right by me as I was sitting on
the porch with my fiancée. Your boyfriend, I mean uncle, asked me to
come over here and get his license for him from you."

"Oh okay," the blonde boy said as he got up off the bed. "And don't
even joke like that, dude, I'm not gay."

"Really?" I said. "That's not what your friend Jesse told me."

"I don't know anyone named Jesse," Cody replied. He had Bobby's wallet
in his hand and was getting the I.D. card out of it. He lost his grip
and the entire wallet fell onto the floor. When he bent to pick it up
my cock went from soft to hard in no time flat. I had to move my arm
to cover my bulge so the kid wouldn't get freaked out when he turned

"I know, I'm just busting your balls," I said with a laugh. "Do kids
your age even have balls? How old are you, ten?"

"I'm twelve," Cody replied as he handed me his uncle's license. I
glanced at the birth date field quickly to confirm that Bobby really
was forty years of age. "And, yes, I have balls. Do you want to see?"

The blonde boy tucked his thumbs inside the waistband of his boxer
shorts, ready to tug them down and show me his goods. My heart was
beating loudly in my chest, pumping blood at a high rate of speed
throughout my body, paying special attention to my penis.

"Yeah, sure, if you're offering," was my reply.

He removed his thumbs and just grinned. "You're such a fag. You fags
are all the same. You'll sleep with anything with a dick, even a
sweet, innocent, little boy."

"Actually I'm quite picky about who I sleep with," I responded. "And,
for the record, I do not want to sleep with you at all. I just wanted
to see your tiny little boy dick so that I could poke fun of it. I
might have even pulled my cock out to show you what a real dick looks

"I've seen Uncle Bobby's enough times to know what a man's dick looks
like," he shot back. Then he realized how I might take that because he
quickly added, "Sometimes he likes to walk around naked. It's not like
he's made me suck it or anything."

"Uh-huh," I said skeptically. "Sure he hasn't. And Bill Clinton really
didn't inhale the marijuana that he admitted to smoking."

"I haven't," he insisted. Then he glanced down at my crotch area and
saw that I had my arm in front of that region. He nodded his head
slightly before saying, "And I don't have a little boy dick either.
I'd bet that mine is probably bigger than yours."

"Yeah?" I asked. "Well let's find out!"

With that I took a step closer to him and yanked his boxer shorts down
to his ankles. My eyes instinctively focused on his bare package. He
was almost perfectly smooth down there with just a few odd strands of
blonde pubic hair sticking out. His dick was circumcised and was maybe
an inch long soft but was definitely on the thick side. Cody had the
cutest balls you could imagine on a little kid, perfectly round and
hairless and delicious-looking.

"My turn," I declared before sliding down my nylon shorts and white
briefs. My hard cock sprang up once it was freed from its fabric
prison, thankful to get some fresh air. I swear that my throbbing
monster started to drool its tasty precum as soon as it saw that I had
a twelve-year-old boy standing buck naked in front of me.

"Well that's not fair," Cody said after he looked at my hardened tool
for a moment. "You got hard seeing me in my boxer shorts and all and
my dick is soft."

"Well it looks to be getting a little harder," I pointed out.

"Yeah, well, I'm going through puberty," he said so that I wouldn't
actually think he was getting hard because of him seeing my swollen

"So get hard," I told him.

"I can't," he said. "I didn't bring my porn stash with me to the motel
because we're only going to be here for a week."

"I can help you get hard," I said. I then grabbed his whole package
into my hand and started to fondle him.

"Hey!" the youngster responded as he slapped my hand away. "I'm not gay!"

"Sorry," I said to him as I withdrew my hand. "Want to come over to my
place real quick? We can grab my DVD player and a couple of dirty
movies. This way your little pecker can get nice and hard so that I
can show you that my meat is, in fact, bigger."

"Okay!" he said and quickly pulled his boxers back up. I also got
dressed and we headed out the door.

"Should I lock it?" I wanted to know.

"No, don't worry about it," Cody said, looking at me over his shoulder
with his stunning blue eyes.

When we got to my apartment Blake and Bobby weren't on the porch so I
figured they went inside to talk and fix a drink. I opened the door
and motioned for the kid to go in first. I followed him in and closed
the door. What I saw made my heart jump a little.

"Oh Blake! Oh harder!" Bobby yelled. He was on his back totally naked
with his legs on Blake's shoulders. My man was pounding his cock in
and out of his ass pretty hard.

"Oh my God," twelve-year-old Cody said as he saw his uncle get fucked.

I just looked down at him and smiled. "You wanted to see some porn,
right? Well here you go. Doesn't get much better than live bareback

"Um no," the kid replied. I looked down at the crotch area of his
boxers and saw a little bit of a bulge there, so I knew he was at
least mildly interested in what he was seeing.

"Fuck, Blake!" the forty-year-old moaned. "Come on, Cody, it's not
like this is the first time you've walked in and caught me in bed with
a guy before. Chill out."

My fiancée got a little bit better grip on Bobby's legs so that he
could drill him harder, and that's just what he did. "Hey, he can even
join in if he wants. Come over here, Cody, and let your uncle suck
that dick of yours. Tyler will be happy to pound your ass while you
get blown."

"Gross," was all the supposedly straight youth said in response.

"If you're so grossed out why are you still standing here watching?" I
wanted to know.

"It's like when somebody is deformed," the boy began. "Their injury
looks awful but you just can't help staring, no matter how bad it

"Fine," I replied as I walked over and unhooked the DVD player. "Let's
go back to your place and let your uncle and my fiancée finish up
here. We can look at a movie real quick to resolve our little dispute
and then maybe we can play cards or Monopoly or something."

"Okay," Cody said. "And, Uncle Bobby, make sure you take a shower
before coming home. I hate when you come in smelling like ass and

Bobby just laughed. "We'll see."


BACK IN THE room that Cody was sharing with his uncle, I hooked up my
DVD player to the television that came with the room. It was newer
than the one I had and the ports I needed to stick the wires in came
standard with this model. I was really hoping that later on I would
get to stick my own wire in someone's port, if you know what I mean,
but Cody was playing way too hard to get so I didn't know if that
would be possible.

"So you're not mad that your boyfriend is fucking another man right in
your bed?" the young blonde wanted to know.

"No, not at all," I replied. "We have an open sexual relationship. If
he wants to have sex with someone else all he has to do is ask me
permission and nine times out of ten I will say yes. This rule only
applies to guys who are sixteen are older, of course."

"So if you wanted to have sex with me you wouldn't have to ask him
first?" Cody asked.

"Nope," I said as I plugged the DVD player's power cord into the wall
socket. "But of course you're straight and I'm not into you sexually."

"Right," he replied without much confidence at all.

I held up two DVDs to him. "Which one will make that peter of yours as
hard as it can be?'Jessica Loves To Deepthroat' or 'Super Sluts IV'?"

He thought for a moment. "I love getting my cock sucked so let's watch
the deepthroat movie."

"Okay," I said as I opened the case and withdrew the DVD. I opened the
player's door and stuck the movie in before hitting the "play" button.

"Great," Cody commented once the screen changed and the standard FBI
anti-copyright warning appeared.

"You love getting your cock sucked and Blake loves to give head," I
informed him. "Want me to have him come over here and blow you while
you look at the movie? I can take over fucking your uncle."

"No, that's okay," the kid replied. "But you can."

My heart skipped a beat when he said that. "I can suck your dick?"

"Yeah," Cody answered. He stood up and pulled his boxers down and
tossed them onto the floor before parking his naked butt back down
onto the bed. He spread his legs to give me easier access to his
penis, which was still soft.

As he did this the movie finally began. A young brunette entered into
a small room that was clearly supposed to be a doctor's office. She
told the barely-legal man who was already in the room that he had to
also remove his underwear. He appeared shy so she offered to help him
take them off. She did this in the sluttiest way possible so that when
the patient was naked he was already sporting an erection.

I got down on my knees between Cody's legs as his blue eyes focused on
the image of the whore nurse undressing her patient. Once I was
kneeling he looked down at me and watched what I was doing for a
second. I looked up into his eyes as I slowly brought my head forward;
toying with him before doing what we both wanted me to do.

Suddenly Cody slapped my face hard and stood up off the bed.

"What the fuck?" I asked as I too got up. The slap stung and I rubbed
my face where he had hit me.

"I knew you wanted to fuck me," the blonde boy told me. "You
pedophile. I saw the way you were staring at me as Uncle Bobby and I
walked by. You were undressing me with your eyes."

"So you're not really gay, or at least bisexual?" I wanted to know.

"Fuck no," the kid said sternly. "I just like fucking with people's
heads. Why do you think I am perfectly soft right now and have been
the entire time since we met? I'm not into guys at all."

I looked at his pubic region again and saw that there wasn't even a
hint of hardness in his penis. "I don't know. I thought maybe you were
just shy. Or you had really good control over your dick. A lot of guys
can control when they get hard and when they don't."

"I don't like dick at all, that's why I didn't get hard," Cody explained.

"Fine," I said. "So I think I'm going to go now."

The cute youngster grabbed my arm. "No, don't. I want to get hard so
that I can show you my cock is bigger than yours. I know it is. People
tell me all the time that it's really big."

I sat down on the edge of the bed in front of the TV. "Great, go for
it. And don't worry, I won't try to touch it or kiss it or anything
like that."

Cody sat down to my left, still naked. "Good. Because I have a black
belt in karate and if you try to make a move from this point on I will
have to hurt you."
"Thanks for the warning," I replied.

We watched as the slutty nurse, Jessica, played with her patient's
cock. The white man's dick was probably nine inches long, but since
I've only seen it rock hard it's hard to tell if he was circumcised or
not. He had huge balls that looked full of cum.

"Look at her go," young Cody commented in a monotone as Jessica
rapidly sucked the man's big dick.

I looked between the boy's twelve-year-old legs at the kid's cock. It
looked like he was fully hard now. It was sticking straight up from
his body and looked like it was harder than steel.

"I'd love to have her suck my rod," I agreed. "So are you totally hard
now, Cody?"

He glanced down at his young piece of meat. "Yeah I am."

"Me too," I replied. "Stand up and let's compare our cocks."

"Hang on."

Cody got up off the bed and ran to the closet, his big hard dick
leading the way. He threw open the door of the closet and stood in the
doorway bent over looking for something. Seeing that sexy young kid
bent over like that made my already-hard dick even more erect. His
smooth butt looked so delicious, so plump and juicy. Oh gosh how I
wanted to fuck it so bad!

"Found it," the stud declared as he emerged from the closet with a
blue bookbag in his hand. He placed his school bag on the bed and
rummaged through it for a few seconds before withdrawing a ruler from

I had to laugh. "Great idea, Cody. Now we'll know for sure how many
inches we have."

The twelve-year-old grinned and then looked down at his crotch to find
that his hard tool and gone down and was only semi-hard at best. "Uh
oh. Looks like I'm not totally hard anymore."

I rubbed the tent in my nylon shorts for a minute. "I still am. Once I
get hard I usually don't go soft until I cum."

"Well you're not going to be cumming today," Cody told me, "at least
not while you're over here."

"I know, I know," I replied.

The boy looked at his softening meat with his sexy blue eyes. "How am
I going to get hard again?"

I licked my lips while fondling myself and eyeing the three pieces of
candy that he had in his lap. "I have a few ideas."

"No way," he said back. "I'll just watch more of the movie."

With that he sat back down next to me to catch up on the x-rated film
we were watching. By now Jessica's patient was fucking her pretty
hard, his huge cock going deeper and deeper into her body, hitting all
of her pleasure spots.

"I want it up my ass!" the whore nurse moaned to her patient in the movie.

Happy to oblige, the man was soon pounding his big dick in her sweet
ass. He was fucking her shithole as hard as he was drilling her pussy.
The dirty chick was begging for him to do it harder and deeper, and
each time the patient screwed her ass a little harder.

"See?" I said to Cody. "Doesn't that look like fun? If she can take a
cock up her ass why can't you?"

"She's a girl," he replied plainly, "and girls are supposed to take
cocks in all of their holes. I'm fucking hard again."

"Great," I said as I glanced at his fully-hard cock.

Cody grabbed the ruler and stood up. He placed the ruler on the
underside of his dick, right up against his balls. He put his finger
at the place where the end of his penis was on the measuring tool to
hold the place.

"So how big is it?" I wanted to know.

The youngster smiled proudly. "Five-and-a-half inches."

"Impressive," I told him because 5.5 inches really was big for a
twelve-year-old. "Are you ready to measure mine?"

He dropped the ruler on the bed. "Um no. You can measure it yourself."

"I know," I answered back as I slid my shorts and briefs completely
off, tossing them carelessly onto the floor much as Cody did earlier.
"I'm just busting your balls."

The young boy once again checked out my stiff rod for a longer period
of time than any straight guy on the planet would. "You're not going
to be doing anything to my balls."

I laughed as I aligned the measuring device with my penis much as Cody
did a moment ago. "I know, I know. Not that I want to anyway. Your
testicles are the size of a cat's and you don't see me popping wood
for a kitty, now do you?"

The twelve-year-old shook his blonde head. "Nope, you don't get hard
for any pussy."

"Nope," I agreed. "I'm seven inches exactly. Mine's bigger so I win.
Now suck it!"

Cody's blue eyes locked onto mine and he was searching them to see if
I was serious and really wanted him to suck my dick. Once he saw I was
joking he said, "Hey I didn't make any bet with you."

"I know," I answered. "I'm a playful person and was just messing with you."

"Good, because I wouldn't have sucked it anyway," the smart alec told me.

I stood up and put my shorts and underwear back on. "Well I'd better
be going. I desperately need to get off and I'm definitely not doing
that with a twelve-year-old kid. Plus Blake is probably wondering
where I am by now. I know he likes having threesomes and I'm sure he's
wondering what's taking me so long to finish up here and help him out
with your uncle."

Cody grabbed my arm as I headed towards the door. "No, please don't go!"

I turned around to face him. "Why don't you want me to go? You're
straight and I need to cum. Not like I'd want to cum with a little kid
like you anyway. So I'm going to go have some hot, nasty sex with my
fiancée and your uncle."

"But I'll be so bored just being here by myself," the youngster told
me. "If you go then I'll have to play Major League Baseball 2K9 all by
I for God only knows how long until you guys are done with my whore of
an uncle. I don't like playing against the computer because they
totally cheat."

"Did you say you had 2K9?" I wanted to confirm.

"Yeah I do," was his response. "Why, did you want to play it with me?"

I thought for a moment. "I don't know. Maybe later. I really want to
go get laid. The newest baseball game I own on the Playstation 2 is
2K6. I'm awesome at that game. I want to buy 2K9 but that's like $20
even for used."

"Come on, stay and play with me," the blonde boy practically begged.
"I'll even play in my boxers if you want. And don't say you're not
into me like that because I know you are. You've been hard since the
minute you walked in and saw me in my underwear."

"You noticed?" I asked, a little surprised because I usually hide my
erections well around children.

Cody laughed. "How could I miss it? Stevie Wonder would have been able
to see it. So what do you say?"

I again pondered his proposal. "Play buck naked and you've got a deal."

"No problem," he answered a little too quickly, "I'll play naked. But
you're not allowed to touch any of my private parts, not even my

I had to chuckle. "Yes, sir. But don't cry when I beat you at your
little video game."

The cute kid looked me right in your eye. "I'm not going to cry
because I'm not gonna lose. As long as I get to pick my Washington
Nationals I will cream you."

"Don't get to cocky, Cody," I warned him. "The Florida Marlins are
unstoppable. They can beat your puny little Nationals any day of the

"The Marlins?" the preteen asked in mock disbelief. "I can't even name
a player on the Marlins team. They suck that bad. I'm going to take
you to town, old man."

"Yeah?" I said out loud. "Care to make a wager on the game, then?"

"I would but I don't have any money," replied the gorgeous boy. "But,
hey, I've got an idea. How about if I win you have to do anything I
want you to do. And if you win, which won't be happening, I'll have to
do anything you want me to."

"Anything?" I asked, already thinking about a million things I wanted
him to do so badly.

He hesitated a moment, realizing what sort of things I was going to
have him do if I won. Apparently he decided there was no way I was
going to win the game because he said, "Yeah, anything. You have my

I rubbed my semi-hard dick through the nylon fabric of my shorts.
"Then let's play ball."

Cody set up the game and soon we were playing 2K Sports' "MLB 2K9" on
his Playstation 2. The controls and camera angles were almost
identical to my 2K6 game that I played so much by myself and with my
fiancée. The graphics were pretty similar too. This all made it easy
for me to pick up on this much newer game.

I tried my hardest but I really was no match for the young stud. His
Nationals beat my Marlins with the final score being 7-2. I guess it's
not very wise for grown men to challenge kids in video games because
adults only have an hour or so a day to spend playing games whereas
children play their Playstations for hours on end.

"We're doing best out of three, right?" I asked the sexy blonde after
the Nationals scored the final out.

"Um no," Cody replied and promptly turned his video game console off.
"Now pay up."

"Okay, okay," I replied as I raised my hands in a defensive position.
"I'll pay my debt. Now what do you want me to do?"

Suddenly he jumped up onto the bed and stepped to where I was. I
turned my head to face him. He put his soft dick right against my

"Kiss it," he said. "You know you want to."

Having his dick pressed against my mouth like this made my own penis
go from half-hard to totally hard in two seconds flat. I moaned and
gave his circumcised head a loud kiss.

"Yes," the kid growled. "Now suck it. Kissing it was for your
pleasure. Sucking my dick is your punishment for losing the bet."

He was rubbing his cock against my lips and face as he spoke. His meat
was growing harder and harder by the second. I was not sure if it was
the fact that he was about to get a blowjob that was making him pop a
boner, or maybe he really liked playing the master role with me and
being so dominant.

"I said suck it you fag!" Cody practically yelled at me.

I grabbed the kid's balls and brought my face closer to his meat. I
sucked his whole 5.5 inches of steel into my mouth, but only blew him
for two seconds. I decided to tease him since he had been teasing me
all afternoon. I gave his head another kiss, getting my first taste of
his sweet precum. Then I licked it all the way around, giving him a
great tongue bath.

"Fuck," he moaned. "Come on, suck it! Stop teasing me."

I decided that I was the adult and he was the child. Yes I lost the
bet but I like being the dominant person. This is why I like to fuck
with kids; I love dominating them. So I kept teasing the horny
youngster. My tongue moved down from his head and traced his
circumcision scar around the girth of his penis. I then moved all the
way down his shaft very slowly until I got to his practically hairless

"Your nuts are so cute, you know that?" I asked rhetorically.

Cody said something in response but it was just horny mumbling and I
couldn't really make much of it out. From the tone of his voice I
could tell that my teasing was really driving him wild. It seemed like
he was about to cum and I hadn't really done much of anything up until
that point.

"You gonna shoot your little boy cum all over my face, huh Cody?" I
said to him as I jacked his meat off vigorously.

"No!" he begged. "Don't make me cum now! Suck my dick please! I want
to shoot it in your mouth!"

I swallowed his entire cock again and began to suck. He started to
moan loudly in his sexy high-pitched voice. His dick throbbed in my
mouth as I worked him over. My hand still had his smooth balls in the
palm, squeezing and caressing them. I could feels those balls getting
tense and I knew he was about to blow.

"Not yet you won't," I mumbled to myself as I took his dick out of my mouth.

"Hey!" he said, sounding hurt. "I was about to shoot my cum!"

"I know that," I answered. "You will cum when I want you to. I'm the
adult, and I'm the boss."

"Yeah well let me cum or I'll tell Uncle Bobby on you," he threatened.

"Good, tell him," I said, unfazed. "I'm sure he'll like to know that
his nephew is into guys after all. This way if it's 4 a.m. and he's
got an erection he'll have a willing mouth just a few feet away."

"Eeew gross," Cody said in response. "I'm only letting you suck my
dick because I feel sorry for you. I've made you so horny today I felt
obligated to put out some."

"Yeah sure, that's the whole reason you let me blow you," I said in my
most sarcastic voice.

I began to lick his smooth balls all the way around. I sucked his left
nut into my mouth and began to give him a handjob. It was great
feeling his hard boy dick throb and twitch in my fist. I gave his
right ball some attention with my mouth and tongue, licking and
sucking on it as I massaged his other testicle with my fingers.

"Oh fuck," the blonde stud said as his cock began to throb harder in my hand.

I didn't want him to cum because I didn't want this to end. There was
no telling if he'd let me keep going once he shot his load and I
couldn't risk it. So I lay down on my back on the bed, still wearing
my briefs and nylon shorts. I grab Cody's leg and pull it, making him
fall. Just like I hoped he landed on top of me, buck naked and hard.

"What are you doing?" my young lover wanted to know.

I answered by kissing him hard on the lips. He tried to wiggle away
but I had one arm around his middle and the other around his neck,
making sure he couldn't escape. Once he realized he couldn't get away
he held still and let me do what I wanted.

"Good boy," I said into his mouth.

I tried to get my tongue between his lips to properly kiss him but he
kept his teeth clenched so I couldn't do this. I guess he thought that
making out with another male would make him gay. After trying to kiss
him for about a minute I decided to tickle him.

"Stop!" he said, laughing.

Once his mouth was open to say that word I stuck my tongue in. He
breathed in sharply, realizing that he made a mistake and accidentally
allowed me access to his mouth. Once again he tried to get away from
me but failed. My tongue eagerly explored his mouth, wanting to become
friends with it. I sucked on his tongue some, giving him a good French

I pulled his head back and looked him into his baby blue eyes. "See?
It's not so bad kissing another guy, right?"

"It's gay," was all he said in response.

"Forget about it being gay," I instructed him. "If I were a girl
wouldn't it have been nice?"

"I...I guess," he replied, not wanting to admit to something that might
be viewed as homosexual.

I slipped my hand between our bodies and grabbed his penis. "Well your
dick sure hasn't gotten any softer so you must have liked it."

His face turned beet red. "That's because you won't let me cum."

I gave him a quick peck on his thin pink lips. "Bullshit. You liked
kissing me but for some reason you're afraid to be gay. Why don't you
want to be gay?"

"It's because my..." he began, "...I'm not gay."

"Yeah sure and neither is Elton John," I replied sarcastically. "What
were you going to say? You started to say something but changed your

"No, no I didn't," he insisted. "I was just, um, trying to tell you I
wasn't gay without offending you."

I fondled his balls a little bit. "Well you're not going to cum until
you admit you're liking what I'm doing."

"No!" he yelled.

I just pulled his face in closer to mine and kissed him deeply.
Kissing turns me on, especially when the guy I'm kissing is hot and
underage and Cody was both. The taste of this boy's mouth was
intoxicating. My cock was throbbing as I kissed him, not caring that
he wasn't kissing me back. My tongue explored his young mouth,
becoming friends with his hot body part.

Roughly five minutes into our makeout session my new lover decides to
get into it. He starts to kiss me back which drives me wild and I kiss
him harder. He's really kissing me good, showing off his skills. I was
somewhat surprised at how good of a kisser he was at just twelve years
of age.

Once he started kissing back I decided he wasn't going to run away. I
take the arm that was around his middle and use it to pull my shorts
and underwear off, making me as naked as the preteen on top of me was.
My cock was happy to be free and even happier when I wrapped my
fingers around my meat and began to stroke.

"I love you," I muttered as I jacked off and we made out. He just
moaned in response, either not wanting to admit he was really into our
session or just not wanting to break our kiss to speak. He was very
intent on exploring every centimeter of my cock-sucking mouth with his
moist tongue.

I had been so horny since coming to Bobby's house to simply get his
identification and instead finding his cute nephew in his boxers on
the bed that I could only hold off on cumming so long. This was the
first real attention I had given my meat all afternoon and it was
ready to explode. As I made out with the hot blonde my dick started to
erupt and shot globs of steamy cum all over Cody's back, thighs, and

"What the fuck?" the boy wanted to know and looked over his shoulder
to find my cum all over his body. "You came on me? Gross! Who said you
could do that?"

"I did," I replied. "Got a problem with it? You're lucky I just made
you make out with me because I very easily could have pinned you to my
body with your face in my crotch instead of in my face. My cum would
have been shooting onto your tongue instead of your back.

"I would have bit your dick," the brazen youngster informed me.

"If you had bit my dick I would have turned you over and slammed my
entire cock into your asshole," I told him, "and I wouldn't have even
used any lube."

"You win," the boy conceded. "Now please let me cum."

I rolled him over so that he was on his back. His young dick jutted
from his body. It actually looked like a flagpole blowing in the wind
from the way it was throbbing and spasming. I could tell that it
wouldn't take much to get this kid off.

I hovered over his meat, leaned in and gave it a kiss. His whole head
was covered with his sweet precum. I had to lick my lips. Gosh if his
precum tasted this good I couldn't wait to have the real thing on my

"Suck it," he moaned.

This time I didn't play around. I grabbed his dick at the base and
sucked all 5.5 of his rock-hard inches into my mouth. I stroked his
length as I sucked, wanting to help him get off as fast as possible.
We were both moaning as I gave him oral pleasure, me for the delicious
taste of his young penis and him for the sheer joy of getting head
from an experienced cocksucker.

"Shit," Cody growled a nanosecond before he began shooting his load of
spunk into my mouth. His dick was like a firehose and seemed to have
an endless supply of preteen cream. His young cock was like the
Energizer bunny of semen, it just kept cumming and cumming and
cumming. I swallowed every drop of the hot jizz he deposited into my

Cody's orgasm lasted for two minutes, no lie. Once his body was done
convulsing he just lay there with his eyes closed and the most
peaceful look on his face. His cock was still rigidly hard even after
it was done shooting his gallons of milk down my throat. Most guys go
limp shortly after an orgasm but this kid stayed like steel even
ninety seconds after the last drop escaped his piss slit.

Afraid he actually fell asleep after such a powerful orgasm, I leaned
over and gave him a long peck on his lips. "You awake?"

His blue eyes opened and focused on me before his face erupted in a
big smile. "Fuck yeah I'm awake! Damn dude you know how to suck!"

I chuckled. "Thanks. I've been told I'm pretty good at that."

"I mean, seriously," he said, "I've made a lot of girls give me head
before but you're better than all of them combined."

"I appreciate that," I replied. "What do you mean `made a lot of
girls' give you head?"

He smiled. "You know, we're fucking and I just get them to blow me.
I'm fucking their pussy and just stop. They always ask what's wrong
and that's when I tell them I want head. They usually freak out and
don't want to suck it because they think my cock will taste nasty. But
I threaten to not fuck their cunt anymore and they always suck me
until I shoot my jizz down their throat."

"You naughty boy," I said with a laugh.

"Yep," was his response. "So how come you made me wait so long before
letting me cum?"

I gave his still-hard dick a little squeeze. "Because that's called edging."

"What do you mean, edging," Cody replied, showing off his youth and
sexual inexperience.

"Edging is when you're jacking off or fucking or doing anything sexual
and then stop right when you're about to cum," I explained. "You wait
a minute or two until the felling subsides and then resume what you
were doing or move on to some other sex act. You do this as long as
you possibly can until you just can't prolong your orgasm any longer
and then you cum."

"Okay," he said, still confused. "Why would someone want to delay
cumming like that? I love to cum. I've been able to make sperm for
like eight months now and ever since then I cum every chance I get."

"That's hot," I let him know. "But the reason for it is if you edge
you have an awesome orgasm. You almost passed out when you came just a
moment ago, right? That's because I edged you. Some guys call it
teasing when it's done to them but in the end it's really worth it
because nutting feels so much better when you edge like that."

"Cool," he answered. "I still think you should make it up to me
somehow because I needed to cum and you wouldn't let me."

"That's fair," I told him. "How would you like me to make it up to
you? Do you want to make out some more as I jack you off or

He shook his head. "Hell no. I didn't like doing that. I only moaned
and kissed you back and stuff because you said if I didn't show I
liked it I wouldn't get to cum and I really needed to bust my nut."

I sighed. "Still afraid to be gay, huh? That's a pity. So if you don't
want to make out then what would you like me to do?"

"I don't know," was his response. He thought for a moment before
saying, "Why don't you just kiss my ass and tell me you're sorry?"

"I can do that," I answered. "So get on all fours and I'll kiss your butt."

"You're not going to fuck me, right?" he asked, a little worried.
"Because if you do I'm going to have to get a knife from the kitchen
and stab you."

"Oh I'm so worried," I replied, not sounding nervous in the slightest.
"As badly as I want to I promise I'm not going to fuck you, unless you
tell me you want me to. I'm just going to do what you said to do."

"Okay," Cody said.

The young blonde got on all fours, in the doggy style position. His
dick was so cute because he was still mostly hard and it was sticking
out from his lap, his head still having a little bit of his white cum
on it. I got behind him and got my first good look at his young
buttocks. It was plump, round, and hairless, all of the elements I
look for in my underage lovers' asses. Gosh it sure looked nice!

"Your ass looks amazing, Cody," I let him know.

"Don't get any ideas," the sexy younger said in response. "You're
going to kiss my butt and that's it."

"Calm down, kid," I said, a little annoyed. "Stop being so serious
because I'm just joking with you. It's not my fault you're taking what
I'm saying literally."

"I'm sorry," he replied. "Now kiss my ass."

I grabbed his hairless ass in my hands and rubbed it a little bit.
Cody seemed to tense up a little bit as I did this, maybe afraid I'd
break my word and fuck the shit out of him. He relaxed once he
realized I was just giving him a little massage. His butt was so cute
and I just couldn't help it; I leaned in, put my nose in his crack,
and sniffed his ass.

"Eew, you're smelling my butt," the kid said. "That's disgusting."

I laughed. "To you, maybe. But to me it smells terrific. Your crack is
a little sweaty and that's a big turn-on for me. You have no idea."

"Gross," the replied. "You're not supposed to be getting turned on
anyway; you're supposed to be kissing my ass as punishment for making
me wait so long to cum."

"The deal was that I would kiss your ass," I told him. "We never
specified when I'd have to do it. I will definitely kiss it but I want
to enjoy your butt a little bit before I do. Lord knows you're never
going to let me this close to your hump ever again."

He signed. "Fine. Feel up my butt some if you want. But don't do it
too long because I'm naked and getting kinda cold. I really just want
you to kiss it so I can get dressed and move on with my life."

"Well I really want to go balls-deep in your hole," I confessed. "You
let me do that and then you can put your clothes on and stay warm."

"Um no," he replied. "I'd rather get frostbite than let a guy put his
thing up my butt."

"Fine," I said.

I leaned in to give his rump a kiss but then had other ideas. I began
to lick his smooth cheeks instead, moving from one to the other and
licking rapidly. Cody flinched some when my tongue landed on his ass
as opposed to my lips but quickly got used to it and didn't seem to

"Why are you licking my ass?" the blonde wanted to know after ninety
seconds of his tongue-bath.

"Do you like it?" I said, avoiding his question altogether.

He thought about my question for a second or two. "I guess. It kinda
tickles though."

"Then why does it matter why I'm doing it?" I shot back.

"I guess it doesn't," he replied, "as long as you licking my ass isn't gay."

"It's not, don't worry," I said in response.


Feeling more confident that Cody's really interested, I decided to go
a little further than just licking his cheeks. I use my hands and
spread his cheeks open, exposing his pink asshole and sweaty crack. My
cock throbs harder once my brown eyes see this amazing sight.

"Oh God yes," I say under my breath.

"Oh hell no," the preteen says firmly and begins to squirm. "You are
NOT going to be fucking me!"

"Don't worry, baby," I soothe, "I'm not planning on fucking you. Trust
me, Cody; if I was going to fuck you I'd have done it already. I don't
rape anybody, no matter how much I want to pork them. If a man, or a
boy in your case, says no then I take that very seriously. You aren't
into dick so you won't be taking my dick. If you change your mind
later then that's different. You have my word. Just relax."

The boy thought about what I said and the situation at hand for some
time before deciding to trust me. "Okay. But if you fuck me I'm going
to have Uncle Bobby tie you down and put his huge dildo in you while
he does you with his dick."

I laugh. "That's not a much of a threat. I'd really like for that to happen."

"Eew," he said. "That's gross."

I spread Cody's cheeks again then lean in and get another whiff of his
awesome ass. Once my nose got its fill I stuck out my tongue and began
to lick up and down his sweaty crack. The taste was even better than
the smell. My taste buds were orgasming as I licked his entire crack a
hundred times or more.

"Fuck that tastes good," I mumble out loud.

"Are you serious?" the youngster asked in disbelief. "I couldn't
imagine licking anyone's ass. That's just nasty."

"Don't knock it until you've tried it," was all I could say to that.

"I'm never going to try it," he told me emphatically, "but I'm going
to knock it anyway."

"That's fine, more male ass for me to lick," I said jokingly.


Still holding his cheeks open wide with both hands, I resume using my
tongue to clean his sweaty crack. But I wanted more. I decide to go
for the gold and stick the tip of my tongue into his pink hole. I
could tell from how hard I had to press to get it in that Cody really
was a virgin when it came to guys and that he never took a cock up his
ass before. I really wished I could be the one to pop his cherry, so
to speak.

"What are you doing now," the kid asked, curiously.

I chose to ignore his question. I tickled the opening of his ass with
the tip of my tongue, making the boy giggle a little bit. I pressed
harder and got more of my moist body part into him. Once I had my
entire tongue up his ass I began to wiggle it inside of him, giving
his tight chute a bath.

Cody moaned. "Oh wow this feels great."

"Yeah?" I asked, stopping what I was doing for a second to answer him.

"Fuck yeah," was his response. "Screw blowjobs; I need to start making
girls do this to me instead. Does this have a name?"

I took my tongue out of his ass again to talk. "It does. It's called
rimming, because the tongue goes around and in the rim of the person's
ass. When someone is rimming you, they are giving you a rimjob."

"Oh," he replied, "just like when someone is blowing you it's called a

"Exactly," I mumbled.

I shoved my entire tongue into him so hard, so fast that Cody actually
yelped softly. I began to twirl my wet weapon inside of him, hitting
every one of the nerve endings he had in his chute. I was making all
kinds of satisfied noises as I did this to him, enjoying eating his
ass probably as much as he did. My cock was throbbing hard and leaking
precum and I was willing to bet his dick was too.

I stopped rimming him and moved so I could see his front. Sure enough,
Cody's cock was harder than a brick. I wrapped my fingers around it
and stroked him a little bit before tracing my finger around his fat
cockhead. A drop of the kid's delicious precum leaked onto my

"Looks like you're really enjoying my rimjob," I noted.

"Yeah I am," he confessed. "Fuck it feels even better than the awesome
blowjob you gave me earlier."

"Yeah rimjobs are really nice," I agreed. "I love having things up my
asshole. Tongues, dicks, dildos, carrots."

"Carrots?" he asked, laughing.

"Sure," I replied. "If you get horny and your dildo broke because last
time you fucked yourself too hard with it, or if you're in the kitchen
and get boned up, a carrot will do just fine. Lather it up with butter
and just shove it into you."

"Gross," he replied with a giggle. "So um can I ask you a question?"

"Sure, anything," I told him.

He looked really nervous. "Does having a cock in your butt feel as
good as a tongue?"

My heart skipped a beat when he asked this, excited that this kid
actually seemed open to getting fucked. "Actually, to be honest with
you, it feels better."

"Better?" he repeated.

I nodded. "There are nerve endings in your asshole. Right now they are
just getting licked. When you have a dick or another hard object up
your ass, those nerve endings are getting rubbed. The harder and
faster they get rubbed, the better it feels for you."

"Wow," he said, somewhat amazed.

"It's the same thing for a girl's pussy," I told him. "This is why
girls let guys fuck them; because they like having the nerve endings
in their pussy rubbed by a guy's dick. But, Cody, there are more nerve
endings in an ass than there is in a chick's pussy."

"Really?" he replied in astonishment.

"It's true," I assured him. "This is why there are more bisexual guys
than gay or straight dudes. There is nothing wrong with it. Guys like
fucking girls really hard, but also enjoy having the nerve endings in
their assholes rubbed by other guys. Also, a guy's ass is usually much
tighter than a girl's pussy which is another reason there are more
bisexual men and boys out there then you'd think."

"I guess Uncle Bobby was right after all," Cody said almost to himself.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"He's been trying to get me to let him fuck my ass for like two years
now," he let me know. "He was telling me how like every guy is really
bi but don't talk about fucking guys and stuff. He told me that my
best friend Jon was really bi because he fucked Jon's ass. I had no
idea that he was into guys like that. I didn't believe him. But I
guess Uncle Bobby was right."

I smiled. "Well I don't know about your friend Jon but I know that
there are tons of bisexual guys out there. No one knows they like guys
because they fuck lots of girls and stuff. But they love having their
asses fucked too because it feels so good."

"Does it really?" he wanted to know. "Be honest."

I looked him in the eye. "If It didn't feel good and hurt I sure as
hell wouldn't let Blake or any other man, or boy, fuck me. I don't
like getting hurt and would never volunteer to let someone hurt me.
That's dumb. So yeah, Cody, it feels really good."

Cody was silent for a minute and then sighed. "Will...will you fuck me?"

I grinned from ear to ear. "Yes, I will. But only if you really want
me to. You have to be really committed to doing this."

His blue eyes locked onto my brown ones, letting me know he was dead
serious. "If getting fucked feels better than getting rimmed, then yes
I want you to fuck me. Please."

"Okay," I replied. "Does your uncle have any lubricant in here anywhere?"

Cody hopped off of the bed. He ran, still naked and hard, into the
little bathroom of the efficiency his uncle was renting. From where I
was on the bed I could see him opening the door of the medicine
cabinet. He jogged back into the bedroom area a few seconds later with
a white tube in his hand.

He tossed the tube in my direction. "How's that?"

I looked at the label before replying. "KY Jelly. That's
top-of-the-line lube. Your uncle sure knows how to fuck."

My preteen lover giggled nervously. "I guess. So are you gonna fuck me?"

"Sure," I answered. "How do you want it?"

He hesitated. "What do you mean?"

"You know," I began, "do you want it doggy-style? Or do you want to
lay on your back with your butt raised up? Or maybe you'd prefer to
ride my cock so you can do it at your own pace?"

"I don't know," he replied, "whatever you think is best."

"I like doggy-style," I told him. "That's where..."

"I know what doggy-style is," he interrupted. "Remember, I do fuck
girls. We straight guys have the same positions."

"Straight guys?" I said in a questioning tone. "You mean you BISEXUAL
guys have the same positions."

He blushed. "You haven't fucked me yet so technically I'm still straight."

"Not for long," I growled. "Now get on all fours so I can welcome you
to the world of gay sex."

Cody got back in position, on his hands and knees with his cute butt
sticking out and ready for action. I got behind him and reached for
the KY. I opened the tube and squirted some into my hand before
rubbing my hand all over my seven inches of meat. I squirted another
healthy dollop of the lube into my palm and used that to generously
lube up the kid's virgin buttocks.

"Hey that's cold!" Cody yelled.

"Cold for me too," I told him. "Remember that I had to put some on my
dick too."

"I know, I know," he replied. "Doesn't make my butt any warmer."

"No it won't," I agreed. "But don't worry; my hot cum will be filling
you up soon enough and that should make you nice and warm."

"Oh God I can't believe I'm doing this," the preteen said.

"You don't have to if you don't want to," I told him. "I'm not making
you do anything you don't want to do. If you want me to stop just say
so right now and I'll clean us off and we can get dressed and go our
separate ways."

"No, no," he replied, "don't worry about it. I just swore my whole
life that I wasn't gay but I guess I am."

"You're not gay," I said, "you're bisexual. There's a big difference.
Gay guys aren't into girls but bi guys are."

"I know," the boy said with a sigh. "It's still tough though because
I've always wondered what it would be like to be with a guy. But I
always stopped those thoughts in their tracks because I didn't want to
get beat up and stuff like Uncle Bobby did growing up. I didn't want
to be gay."

I moved so I was in front of him and then gave him a hug. "No one has
to know if you don't want them to, Cody. Your uncle is openly into
guys. I'm sure he didn't mind getting beat up because to him he was
standing up for himself and his decision to like guys and be open
about it. But that was his choice. You don't have to tell anyone
you're into both guys and girls until you really trust that they won't
hurt you, or if they say they're into guys too."

"Okay," he replied, sounding more relieved. "I hope you didn't go soft
during your little pep talk because I really want you to fuck me now.
I've been wondering all these years what it would be like and now I'm
going to find out."

"That's hot," I told him. I gave my cock a few pumps with my fist to
get it as hard as it possibly can be. "I'm ready if you are."

Cody just nodded and got on all fours again.

I put a little more lube on his hole just to make sure. I wanted his
first time to be as painless as possible. I ran my big cock up and
down along his crack, getting lube and precum all over his sweaty
crevice. Then I put the head of my uncircumcised meat right at his
entrance and pushed in.

Cody breathed in sharply once my head entered him. "Shit!"

"Did that hurt?" I asked somewhat stupidly since I knew it was going
to hurt him some.

"Yeah!" he replied in a pained voice. "You didn't tell me it was going
to hurt."

"I'm sorry," I told him. "I know it's gonna sound dumb but I actually
forgot that it always hurts the first time. I took my first cock when
I was ten and that was thirteen years ago. And it's been a couple of
years since I've had a virgin boy and I just forgot. Believe me, baby,
I wasn't trying to hurt you."

"Don't you fuck lots of little kids like me?" he asked in a somewhat
accusing tone. "Don't you have to tell the young boys that it's going
to hurt them?"

"Actually, Blake and I don't fuck a lot of the younger guys," I
confessed. "You're the first guy who was under eighteen that either of
us have fucked in years. And even then it's rare for us to get a total
virgin. So yeah."

"Okay then," the boy replied.

"Do you want me to stop?" I asked.

"No," was his response, "not yet anyway. If it hurts any more then
maybe. But not now."

I was glad he didn't want me to stop. It felt so good just getting the
head of my cock in him that I couldn't imagine stopping. I would have
had to if he asked me to but I would have done everything I could to
have made him want me to resume again. Just sliding my head into his
hole was enough to almost make me cum.

"Ready?" I asked as I rubbed my cock against the puckered opening to his ass.

"Yeah," the kid said.

I pushed my head back into his hole and held it there a moment. Once
his body relaxed I pushed an inch into him and he yelped and tensed up
again. When he didn't tell me to stop I waited again before pushing
another inch into him. To help get him used to having a dick in him I
began to fuck him with the three inches of dick that I had up his

"Oh wow that does feel good," he moaned as the three inches of my dick
kept sliding in and out of his opening.

"Ready for more cock?" I growled.

"Yes I am," the young blonde assured me.

"I can't wait to really fuck you," I told him in a real horny tone.

His response was a sound that could only be described as a mix between
a moan and a shriek as I slid four of my seven inches into his
shithole. It was hard to tell if it was a sound of pleasure or one of
agony. I didn't really care which it was because it wasn't the sound
of him saying "stop." If it was really hurting him he'd tell me to
stop doing it and I would. But until he did that I didn't care what
sounds he made.

I put another inch into him, and then another. He was still tense from
my sixth inch but I was getting really horny. Without even realizing
what I was doing, I removed my cock from his hole and then shoved my
entire seven inches into him. The boy screamed bloody murder once the
tip of my cock was poking his prostate and my entire dick was
throbbing into him.

"I'm sorry," I said, not really meaning it. "I'm just too horny to be
going this slow. I was as gentle as I could be as long as I could but
I just had to go at my pace now."

"That fucking hurt!" he told me.

"I know," I replied. "I regret that it hurt. But I'm sure you've
fucked virgin pussy before, right? I know you know how frustrating it
is when you have to go so slow. So that's why I slammed into you like

"It's okay I guess," the preteen boy said. "Just wait a minute please
before fucking me more."

I sighed. "Fine."

Once the boy was relaxed I began to really fuck him. I was taking long
strokes in and out of him, happy that this virgin was finally used to
having cock in him. I was holding onto his hip for support as I fucked
him doggy-style, shoving my dick further and further into him. I could
feel his body getting into it in front of me because his own dick was
throbbing so hard it was making his ass vibrate.

Suddenly we heard the doorknob turn and in walked Bobby.

"Hey guys, Blake and I..." he began before seeing what we were doing.
"What the fuck?"

"Oh, hey, Bobby," I said embarrassingly. I was too horny to stop
fucking Cody so I kept pounding his sweet ass.

"Cody!" my lover's uncle said angrily. "I've been trying to fuck you
for years now and you let this guy do you the same day you meet him?"

"Well..." the sexy preteen began. "Tyler got me real horny. You never
did that. You were always like, `Hey, Cody, I want to fuck you' and
that was it. Tyler got me real hard by showing me some porn and his
dick and stuff like that. And he made me realize that being bisexual
really wasn't so bad if I didn't go around running my mouth about it
like you did growing up."

"So who else have you let fuck your ass instead of me?" Bobby wanted to know.

"No one!" Cody said loudly. "Tyler is the first guy I've done ANYTHING
with. I haven't even let another guy touch my dick before him."

"His ass hadn't been fucked before," I told his uncle as I fucked
Bobby's nephew some more. "I can tell the difference between a virgin
ass and one that had been fucked and Cody was definitely a virgin when
my cock entered him."

"Really?" Bobby wanted to know.

"Yeah," Cody and I said in unison.

"Well," was all he said in response. "So how do you like it?"

"It hurt at first," the boy answered, "a lot. But now it feels really
fucking good!"

"Watch your language," Cody's parental figure instructed him.

"Oh blow me," was all the spunky preteen said.

"Okay," Bobby replied.

"Hey I didn't mean that literally!" the blonde youngster shouted out.

That didn't stop his uncle. Bobby got onto the bed and lay on his side
right in front of his nephew. He propped his head up with his arm so
that his face was level with Cody's crotch and then promptly sucked
his family member's dick into his mouth.

"Eew, incest," my young lover said in disdain.

Hearing the sounds of Bobby slurping on his nephew cock was somehow
making me even hornier than I already was which really didn't seem
possible. I didn't care if it was hurting him or not, I was really
fucking this youthful boy pretty damn hard. I was stabbing him over
and over again with my seven-inch weapon, whispering sweet nothings to
him as I pushed my rod deeper and deeper.

"I can't believe you're sucking my dick, Uncle Bobby," the blonde
said. "And, Tyler, this is feeling really, really good. Keep doing

"No problem," I said to him.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to blow you, Cody," Bobby said.
"I've been hard for you ever since your mom got arrested when you were
six and I had to give you a bath that first time. Once I saw your
little cock and balls then, looking all cute and stuff, I knew I
wanted them in my mouth. I kept flirting with you discreetly your
whole life but you never caught on. Then when you were ten I flat out
asked you if I could suck you and you said no. I was devastated."

"Wow," the twelve-year-old slut said in astonishment. "So you've
wanted to pork me since I was six?"

Bobby pulled his mouth off of his nephew's cock with an audible pop.
"I don't think I'd have fucked your ass back then because I love you
and never want to hurt you. But did I want to suck you back then? Yes.
Did I want to feel your lips on my dick? Yes."

"That's crazy," Cody said in response. "Did you actually have jerk off
fantasized about me as a kid?"

"Honestly?" Bobby asked, again having to pause in sucking off his
young family member. "Yes, I did. In fact, I had one right after that
first bath. As you were getting dressed I stayed in the bathroom and
jacked off right then and there. I shot my cum all over the towel I
just dried you off with."

"Eew that's nasty," Cody said. "But it's actually kinda hot at the same time."

"Fuck, I'm close," I told my two new friends.

"Shoot your cum in me," the younger male said, "and then lick it out
of my ass."

I slapped Cody's bare butt with my hand and felt the boy flinch. I did
it again and he actually moaned. This kid was getting naughtier and
naughtier as the night went on. So I began spanking him as I ran my
cock in and out of his tight shithole. By the time I was ready to blow
his cheeks were very red.

"You ready, you little fucker?" I growled at him.

He moaned. "Fuck yes, Tyler!"

I began to shoot inside of him. I kept shooting jet after jet of hot,
sticky cream inside of him. His hole was too small, too tight and my
cum began to ooze out of him. It covered my balls and ran down his
left cheek and down his thigh. My jizz just kept coming out of my fat
head. My big, heavy balls had to have been empty by the time I was
done orgasming in this hot kid.

I pulled out of him and lay down on my back right by Bobby's
propped-up head. As I regained my strength I watched Cody's uncle
slurping on his young rod. His face was gliding back and forth,
sucking and licking on the kid's dick. He had his own cock sticking
out of his fly and he was beating off as he was fulfilling his fantasy
of doing stuff with his nephew. It looked like there was already a
huge wet stain on the comforter that was covering the bed, so either
Bobby already shot a load or he makes a lot of precum.

Now that he was free of a cock up his ass the hot blonde actually got
more into the blowjob. He was on his knees and was holding his uncle's
head as his family member sucked on him. He was also helping Bobby do
it the way he wanted by actually fucking his face from time to time to
make his uncle blow him at his speed.

"Fuck you suck as well as Ty," the boy mumbled. "Damn."

"Who said you could call me Ty?" I said in a mock stern tone.

"I did, that's who," Cody replied. "Fuck I'm gonna cum!"

Bobby moaned once he heard this and then they both froze. From the
look on the twelve-year-old's face I knew he was having his second
orgasm of the night. He looked so relax as his dick was obviously
helping his balls relieve themselves inside his uncle's face. I knew
from experience what Bobby was going through, having that cute kid
unload on his tongue.

Suddenly I heard the older family member make an unusual sound, a
sound that didn't really sound human. I looked down at his crotch and
saw that he, too, was cumming. Only problem was that he actually
wasn't touching his dick. I guess just being able to finally suck off
his sexy nephew was enough to get him off. And, man, did he shoot a
lot of cum! It was like watching water shoot out of a sprinkler

Once the two of them came back to Earth, I said in Cody's direction,
"So do you want me to eat my cum out of your asshole now, baby?"

"Yeah, sure," the boy said in a much rested tone.

"No," Bobby interjected. "Let me eat his ass. Please. I've been
fantasizing about eating his hole for six years."

"Okay," I conceded. "While you do that I'm going to tell Blake that
we're over here playing wrestling video games and won't be back over
there for awhile. He hates wrestling so he won't bother us."

"Tell him he can join us," Bobby said with a laugh as he took off his clothes.

"Hey, I think that's my decision to make," Cody chimed in.

"Yeah if he's going to do anything to you," Bobby replied. "But this
is my house so I'm saying Blake can come over. He can fuck my ass
while I rim you out."

"Fine with me," the boy said with a laugh.

"Well I don't know if he'd be interested in doing stuff with a naked
kid around," I lied. "But I'll ask him all the same. I don't think
he'd freak out and call the cops or anything."

"That's good," the forty-year-old said with a fake sigh. "Tell him if
he comes over and fucks me while I eat Cody out, then I'll have Cody
kiss his dick."

"No I won't!" the blonde youngster said loudly.

Bobby smacked his nephew's butt. "Oh behave, young Mr. Kelly. You know
you've always been into cock. So give your new Uncle, Blake, a big
kiss on his yummy dick when he comes in."

"Eew no," Cody said. "And don't call me Mr. Kelly. That makes me sound
old and I'm not old."

"Fuck no you're not," I said. "You're young and hot and horny."

"Damn straight," the boy said proudly.

"I'll be right back," I told them as I quickly put my clothes back on
and darted out the door. I ran shirtless back to my apartment and
burst through the door. "I'm back."

"Took you long enough," Blake said. He was still naked but sitting in
front of the TV and watching a rerun of his favorite program, "Will &

"Yeah, sorry," I said, not really sounding too convincing.

"Where's Bobby?" my fiancée wanted to know. "He said he was going to
get you so we could have our threesome and has been gone nearly twenty
minutes. I was going to go looking after you but didn't feel like
putting my clothes back on."

I just grinned from ear to ear.

"What?" Blake asked. "I know you're up to something when you have that
big, shit-eating grin. What did you do, tie him buck naked to a tree
out back or something?"

"Let's just say that he's a little...busy right now," was all I said.

My man stared at me for a minute, trying to compute what I just said.
"You don't mean...with Cody?"

I just nodded.

"No way," my fiancée said in disbelief.

"Well when I left Bobby was eating my cum out of Cody's ass," I said.

"Wait, your cum?" Blake wanted to confirm.

"Yes, my cum," I answered.

"I thought he was straight," my love noted out loud.

"He was in denial," I clarified. "He actually was a virgin when it
came to guys when I got a hold of him. It took me all this time to get
him out of his shell and admit that he's really into guys as well as
girls. He was afraid to be bisexual because Bobby was so open growing
up and got beat up as a result."

"Oh I get it," Blake told me. "So how'd you get him to come to terms
with being bi? I have to say I'm pretty impressed and sort of

I just smiled. "It's not important how it came to be, really. What's
important is that he's now open to having guys fuck his ass. He still
won't touch a dick though."

"Oh good," Blake said. "There's still a challenge for me to help overcome."

"Sure, whatever," I replied. "I got him to bend over for boys and you
can get him to open his mouth for dicks. That's what I call teamwork.

"Yup," my man said. "So is he cut or uncut?"

"Slip some shorts on and go see for yourself," I told him. "If you
walk through their door right now you will instantly know the answer
to that question because Cody is buck naked and getting his ass ate as
we speak."

"Hell yeah," Blake replied. I never saw him put clothes on so quickly.
Before I made it back to the front door my fiancée had a pair of pants
and a tank top on. "Let's go!"

"I don't know why you bothered to put on so much clothes," I chided as
we made our way to the efficiency Bobby was renting, just nine units
away from ours. "They're just going to come off once we get to their

"I know," he replied. "But there's no guarantee Cody's going to be
into me like that and I didn't want to embarrass myself by just
showing up in a pair of boxers or something."

"Okay," was all I said in response because we were at Bobby's unit. I
tapped on the door two hard times and then just opened it and went
inside. "I told you I'd be back."

"Yes, you did," Bobby replied. "Oh good, you brought my honey bunny
with you. Hey Blake baby!"

Bobby had stopped eating out Cody by the time we made it to their
apartment. He was still kneeling down behind him, but he had replaced
his tongue with his swollen penis. He was giving it to the boy rougher
than I was but the kid didn't seem to mind. He had a very intense look
on his face and his dick was quite rigid.

"Hey," Blake said shyly.

"Does that answer your question?" I asked my man as I waived my hand
towards the blonde's crotch.

"What question?" Bobby pried, looking at my fiancée's red, embarrassed face.

"Blake just wanted to know if your nephew was circumcised or not," I
said, boldly. "Now he knows that Cody is cut and has a very cute
circumcision scar."

"Why doesn't he get a better look at it?" Bobby wanted to know. "Cody
won't mind, would you Cody?"

"I don't care," the blonde youngster said and then moaned obnoxiously.
"As long as he doesn't get his dick anywhere near my face I don't care
what he does."

Suddenly getting over his shyness and embarrassment, Blake quickly
takes his tank top and jeans off, getting completely naked just like
the uncle and nephew before us. My man jumps up on the bed and walks
right up to Cody.

"My cock's in your face," my fiancée growls. "Whatcha gonna do about it? Huh?"

"Get it out of my face," the boy said with a laugh, thinking it was a joke.

For like the hundredth time that day I take my shorts and briefs off
and discard them on the floor, joining the two men and one boy in the
land of nudity. I just stood there watching the scene unfold in front
of me. I was able to see Bobby plowing his meat deep inside his
nephew. I saw Cody's hot face all twisted up in a mixture of pain and
extreme pleasure. And I got to witness my own fiancée rubbing his
penis against the twelve-year-old's face.

"You like that, Cody?" my man wanted to know as he ran his head all
over the boy's right cheek, smearing precum onto it.

"No, it's gross," replied the blonde boy, still thinking it was a joke
from the tone of his voice. He was getting really turned on because he
was now playing with himself as his uncle took care of the itch he had
in his preteen asshole.

Blake rubs his dick on the kid's lips. "Open wide. Suck me. Please. I
need head from a little boy like you."

Suddenly realizing that my man hasn't been kidding, Cody makes a
disgusted face. "No way."

"Please?" my man practically begged. "I'll do anything you want."

"I'm not into dick like that," the bisexual boy said. "I just take
them up my ass, that's it."

"Oh just give the man a blowjob," Bobby said and slapped his nephew's
rump real hard. "You liked that, huh kiddo? You're gonna be a freak
just like your uncle. But yeah it's not gonna kill you to suck a cock.
It's much gayer to take a dick up your asshole, trust me."

"Yeah but it's gonna taste nasty," the boy moaned. "I know I'm
bisexual and stuff, Uncle Bobby, but I don't know about sucking guys

"Do you want me to fuck you ever again?" Bobby asked plainly.

"Hell yeah," Cody boomed.

"Then you'll suck Blake off," his uncle replied. "Suck one dick to
completion. If you don't like it then you'll never have to suck Blake,
or Tyler, or my dick ever again."

The boy thought for a little while. "Do you promise? If I don't like
how Blake's cock tastes then I never have to suck another?"

"That's right," Bobby said in response.

Cody reached out and grabbed Blake's dick by the base and brought it
to his mouth. He closed his eyes before opening his mouth up and
letting my man's meat inside. He wasn't able to get it all in there
because he gagged once he had maybe five inches of dick in his mouth.

"Fuck I almost choked," Cody said, gasping for air.

"Just relax," I told him. "Don't try to take all of it at once. Just
slow down and let your mouth and throat get used to it. Remember how
slow I was going at first when I fucked your ass for your very first
time? I did that so you could get used to it. Now do the same with
Blake's cock, okay?"

"Yeah, and it's not like his cock is very big," Bobby chimed in with a giggle.

"Hey!" my fiancée said, offended.

Blake's dick was the same length as mine, seven inches, but his was
circumcised unlike mine, so mine looked a little longer than his but
in reality we both had the same length. Interestingly, both of ours
had pretty much the same girth. The only difference in our penises was
the fact that he was cut and I was uncut. Well, actually his dick has
a freckle on it, just below the head, which makes his peter different
than mine.

The young blonde boy once again opened his mouth and brought it to my
fiancée's dick. He again closed his baby blue eyes, maybe not wanting
his eyes to know what the rest of his face was doing. This time the
preteen only took the head of the penis inside before closing his lips
around it and pausing.

"That's it, just take it slow," I encouraged.

"No, suck me fast and hard, you little bitch," my horny future husband barked.

"Be nice to the kid, Blake," I said in the boy's defense. "Yours is
the first cock he's sucked in his whole life. You should feel special.
You don't want him to gag on it."

"I don't care if he chokes my big, fat cock or not," my man responded
and forced a little more of his dick into our lover's mouth. "A
blowjob is supposed to be about the recipient, not the provider. So he
needs to hold still, sit tight, and let me fuck his pretty little

Cody took his face off of Blake's dick. "Fuck this."

"What's wrong?" Bobby asked as he continued working on his nephew's
sweet asshole. "Did you not like the taste of dick?"

"No, it's not that," the boy admitted, "I liked the taste okay. But
I'm trying to go slow so I can get used to it, like Tyler said, but
Brian is trying to force me to choke and stuff and that's not cool."

"My name is Blake," my fiancée corrected as he absentmindedly jacked his dick.

"He does have a point, Blake," Bobby told him. "Fuck I'm close to
cumming. But, yeah, Cody is not used to sucking dick. Plus he's only
twelve anyway, so his mouth and throat is smaller than yours, mine, or
Tyler's. So bare with him a little bit. I know you're not that horny
because you came with me like ten times."

"Fine," Blake groaned. "You can suck my dick again, boy, but try to
get used to it as fast as you can because I wanna cum down your

Cody just folded his arms and shook his head as his uncle banged his ass.

"Maybe you should apologize to him," I suggested, still jerking off to
the live porn I was watching.

"Ugh," Blake said. "Fine. I guess I'm sorry, Cody, for making you suck
faster than you were ready. Please forgive me and suck my dick some

The blonde kid just nodded and reached for my man's dick. He sucked
the head and maybe another inch into his mouth. Thirty seconds later
he got another inch inside his young little mouth. Another minute
passed before he was ready to suck another one of my fiancée's seven
inches inside his head.

"Oh wow," my man said. "He's using his tongue. Wow. I can't believe
this is the first time he's done this."

"It is," the boy said around Blake's throbbing dick.

"Great," the twenty-five-year-old man said. "Now go back to sucking. Please."

Another inch disappeared into the kid's face. Only two inches of cock
were outside the boy's mouth. I could tell that Blake was growing
impatient so I got up onto the bed, wrapped my arms around his neck,
and kissed his hair. I looked over his shoulder so I could continue
watching my newest underage lover devour his first dick.

"Mmmm, Cody, want some more?" my fiancée asked, basically encouraging
the youth to suck more of his cock down his throat.

Inch number six was sucked into the boy's mouth seconds after Blake's
question left his lips. I could tell Cody was struggling with the meat
he had in his mouth. It took the minor another two minutes before he
was able to take the rest of my future husband's dick into his mouth.

"Good job," I said once the kid had Blake's entire dick into his mouth.

Cody just smiled around the throbbing cock he had in his mouth. He
then began to slowly withdraw Blake's dick, sucking all the way down
the thick shaft down to the head. Then he took the whole cock back
into his mouth, really beginning the blowjob.

"He's sucking Blake's whole dick?" Bobby asked in a somewhat surprised tone.

"Yeah," I answered.

Bobby moved his head so that he could watch his nephew's hot face
gliding back and forth along my man's length. "Shit" he moaned under
his breath and his body began to convulse, and I knew that he was
having yet another orgasm. Right now his dick, which was around eight
inches in length and circumcised, was shooting globs of sticky semen
inside the kid's hole.

"That's hot," I said as I witnessed some of Bobby's milk drip onto the
bed, seemingly oozing out of family member's tight asshole.

"Thanks," the man grumbled. He pulled out of his nephew's hole and lay
down on the bed. He was flat on his back on the east side of Cody as
the boy was still on all fours and sucking on Blake's hot cock.
Bobby's penis was slowly deflating and I could see a mixture of lube,
semen, and anal fluids on the softening dick.

My fiancée began to rub his new lover's head as the kid gave him oral
pleasure. "You're so good at this, boy. Keep sucking. Yeah, just like
that. Fuck I need this so bad. You're such a pretty boy, Cody, you
know that?"

The twelve-year-old just moaned in response. He appeared to be
enjoying sucking on a dick for the first time in his young life. A
light smile was played upon his lips as he continued to suck and his
face looked pleased in general. To further prove he liked what he was
doing, he was still hard even though his uncle had already climaxed
and pulled out of his ass.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum," Blake announced. "Fuck!"

My fiancée held Cody's head still and violently forced his cock into
the boy's throat, even farther than it already was. Just then he began
to cum, shooting thick jets of the thick cream into the young boy's
mouth. I'm sure the hot milk was splashing on the minor's tongue as it
oozed out my man's adult cockhead.

The live sex show between the three of them was too much and I, too,
began to cum. "Shit," I mumbled as the first glob of white liquid shot
out of my piss slit and landed on Cody's thigh. Thick ropes of my
baby-making jizz kept coming from my heavy balls and shooting out of
my swollen cockhead. This was one of the most powerful orgasms, if not
the most powerful one, I've ever had while merely jacking off.

Once Blake's balls were empty, he slowly pulled his dick out of the
kid's mouth. He wiped the excess cum onto Cody's face, smearing it
from his forehead down his left cheek to his chin. He then sat down
onto the bed right next to my left foot.

"Wow all three of you guys are done, huh?" the twelve-year-old said,

"Yeah, sexy," the boy's uncle replied.

My man sighed. "I'm done for right now, babe. I've had too much sex
this afternoon and I've had like twelve orgasms. My balls need a
little rest."

"How about you, Tyler?" the sexy blonde asked. "You haven't had as
much sex as them because you were here for a couple hours while they
were busy fucking in your room."

I had to think for a second, because having to actually convince this
former straight kid to have gay sex was about as tiring as actual sex
itself. "Well I'm pretty tired too. But what did you have in mind? I
don't know if I have enough energy to fuck your ass again, even though
it is really cute and tight."

"I didn't want you to fuck me again," he answered. "You and Uncle
Bobby have made my butthole kinda hurt. And it's still full of cum and
stuff. So yeah. I really wanted to fuck your ass because I was nice
enough to let you fuck mine. And I want to see if a guy's ass is as
tight as a girl's pussy."

"Well okay," I agreed. "I don't really have to do anything if you're
fucking me."

"Good," he said in response. "Now get on your back so I can fuck you
like the whore you are."

"Wow, Cody," I said as I lay on my back on the far side of the bed. "I
like a guy who talks dirty to me as he fucks me."

"I'm not fucking you yet," the kid said. "Now put your legs on my
shoulders so I can really drill you."

"Here, you'll need this," Bobby said as he handed his nephew the tube
of KY Jelly that had gotten a lot of use that afternoon.

Cody lubed up his young cock real good before applying some of the
cream to my anus. He threw the lube onto the ground and got ready to
fuck someone for the first time that day. He rubbed his dick between
both of his hands in anticipation.

"Give it to him rough," my fiancée said to the youngster. "Don't go
easy on him like he did to you. He's a man and you'll need to do him
nice and hard if you want to satisfy him."

"I know how to satisfy adults," the kid shot back. "Just ask your mom."

"Oh the little kid's got jokes," my man said with a smile. "Maybe I
should have choked you a little more with my big cock."

The twelve-year-old fuckslut didn't say anything back. Instead he
shoved his entire 5.5 inch cock into my hole. I did not make a sound
as he did this because I've bottomed for way bigger dicks than his and
it did not hurt me at all even though I'm sure he intended to do just

"You are tighter than most of the bitches I've had," the boy said,
apparently giving me a compliment.

"Thanks," I replied, not exactly sure if he was in fact complimenting me.

The boy began to fuck me. He was quite violent in his fucking, using
his cock like a knife to stab my hole over and over again. He was
relentless; he knew that he needed to cum and was going to fuck me as
hard as he could until he got the nut that he so needed. His young
dick was sliding in and out of my well-used bottom at a high speed and
I knew it was feeling really good for the hot preteen.

"God I'm trying to edge, Tyler, but it's so tough!" the boy said with
grief. "Your ass is so tight. I love how you're squeezing my dick with
your ass muscles. It feels so amazing! I just want to cum in you right
know. It would feel so good to cum. But it's so awesome just fucking
the shit out of you like I am."

Beside us Bobby and Blake's sex drives found new life. They had gotten
in the 69 position and were busy sucking each other's dicks while the
boy was fucking me. It looked as if my man was satisfying Cody's uncle
better, but both of the guys looked extremely happy to be getting
sucked. I'm sure it was feeling even better with them knowing there
was a young kid busy fucking a grown man just inches away from where
they lay.

"Come on, Cody," I groaned, "give it to me. Don't hold anything back.
Don't have mercy on me, please. You're going to gentle, boy. You're
fucking me like I'm a little six-year-old virgin. Fuck me like the
young animal that you are. Attack my tight little asshole with your
weapon. Fuck the shit out of me."

"Oh God," the kid moaned. "Fuck. Keep talking like that, Tyler."

"Keep fucking me and I will," I answered. "God I've needed a young
kid's dick in me for so long. And you're so hung, Cody! Your dick is
great. Keep going. Harder. Harder! Fuck me! Rape me! Make my asshole
bleed, baby. I want your cum to mix with my blood in my hole. Don't go
easy on me. I've been a bad boy, fucking all the little kids I can
find. Punish me with your big, throbbing, monster cock."

"Oh shit!" Cody practically screamed as he began to cum inside of me.
He pushed his dick all the way inside of me, right into my sensitive
prostate. This made me begin to cum as well even though I wasn't
touching myself. Both of our dicks were shooting in unison; his
filling up my hot asshole and mine squirting jizz all over my stomach
and chest.

"You can sure shoot a lot of cum, boy," I told him once both of our
orgasms subsided. He had taken his dick out of me and just lay down on
top of my naked body. He got my cum all over him because it had formed
a huge puddle on my torso, right where he lay down. The kid didn't
seem to mind and actually wiggled around in it some.

"Your cum tastes great, Blake," Bobby said to my fiancée. Apparently
they had both gotten off around the same time Cody and I did. "I still
can't believe you don't swallow. It's hard to find a gay guy these
days who doesn't swallow."

"I just don't like cum," replied my future husband. "The taste of a
guy's semen makes me vomit. If you don't believe me just ask Tyler, or
go ask my son."

"You have a son?" Cody asked. "How old is he?"

"How would your son know if you don't like the taste of cum," Cody's
uncle asked at the same time his nephew asked his second question.

Blake laughed. "He's fourteen. And don't worry about how he knows
about my not liking the taste of cum."

"Is he gay like you?" the twelve-year-old asked.

"Actually, he is," my man answered back. "He's up in Maryland at camp
right now and won't be back for a few weeks. He's probably getting
fucked by everyone at the camp, even the counselors."

"And you two fuck?" Bobby asked.

Blake just smiled. "We had better be going. Tyler gets grouchy if he
doesn't have dinner by eight o'clock. And we're both pretty tired."

"Well I had fun today," Cody told us. "Thank you."

"Anytime," I answered. "Just don't be afraid to be who you are."

"I won't," the preteen said in response.

"So are we going to see you over here again?" Bobby wanted to know.

"I don't see why not," Blake said. "That is, as long as we're welcome."

"You're welcome here anytime," Bobby replied with a smile. "If you
guys are up at three in the morning and are in the mood for a
threesome, or a foursome, then come on over. I'm sure Cody wouldn't
mind waking up to get laid and I know I wouldn't."

"That's good to know," I answered. "We may have to take you up on your
offer someday."

"Great," the forty-year-old uncle said.

Blake and I then left and went back to our own apartment. We both
couldn't wait until three in the morning so we could go back over
there and finish what we started.


Author's note:

Thank you for reading my long tale.

This is my first erotic story in several years. Please either IM me on
Yahoo (screen name: yng_and_sxy) or on AIM (screen name: yunggayboy69)
and let me know if you liked the story or not. You may also email me
at or with your comments.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Twelve Year Old Challenge