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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Tylers Underwear

Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2006 13:31:52 -0500
From: undie tales <>
Subject: Tyler's Underwear

This short story is mainly for guys who have a boys underwear fetish.

Boys, Their Body Parts, and Their Underwear

I admire young boys. The combination of their carefree personalities and
their active, youthful bodies is a thing of beauty.

Perhaps the most interesting parts of a boy's body are the tender morsels
that are hidden away inside his underwear: Two eggs... A pouch... A
tube... A mushroom... Two mounds... A crevice... A hole...

For numerous reasons I never have, and never will have, direct sexual
contact with a boy. However, I have had a few intimate encounters with
freshly worn pairs of boys underwear. This story is about one such

My Son's Friend Tyler

I have a 12 year old son named John. Out of all his friends, I'd have to
say that Tyler is my favorite. He's a 12 year old, awesomely cute and
friendly kid. Tyler has dark blonde hair and green eyes. I'd say he's
about 5'2" tall and weighs maybe 100 lbs.

Tyler is a bit more physically mature than my son. In fact, recent subtle
changes in his outward appearance suggest that he's currently experiencing
the earlier stages of puberty.

My mind races when I try to imagine how puberty is affecting Tyler's young
cock. Is pubic hair starting to sprout above it? At what rate is the
general size of his testicles and penis increasing? Tyler is probably
marveling at the recent changes that are taking place in what used to be his
little boy weenie. How often does Tyler get erections? Does he ever play
with it? Can his developing cock squirt even a small amount of cum yet?

I'll never know the answers to these questions. But what I do know is that
all of this activity is secretly taking place inside the cute, 12 year old
boy's underwear.

The Sleepover

Tyler and my son often sleep over at each other's houses. Last weekend John
asked if Tyler could spend the night at our house. The answer was "yes".
So, at around 10:00 AM on Saturday morning Tyler's mom dropped him off. I
agreed to drive Tyler home at around 5:00 PM the next day.

Tyler and John spent the day doing the kinds of things 12 year old boys do
on a sunny summer day. Exploring the woods by our house. Playing video
games. Playing whiffle ball in the back yard. That night they slept in
sleeping bags on the floor of our family room.

The next day my wife took them to go swimming at the local pool. Before
leaving for the pool, the two boys went into John's bedroom to change into
their bathing suits. I was wondering if they curiously peeked at each
other's weenies as they changed. Then my wife and the two boys got in the
car and drove off.

Let's summarize the situation: Tyler's wearing his bathing suit, so his
freshly worn underwear must be somewhere in John's room. I'll be all alone
in the house for several hours. What would you do in a situation like this?
Since you're reading this story, you'd probably do the exact same thing I

I excitedly entered my son's bedroom, knowing that the treasure I was
seeking was hidden somewhere inside. There were two small piles of clothes
lying next to John's bed. One pile contained my son's shorts. And the
other pile included the tan shorts that Tyler was wearing. I knew them
well, because it was impossible not to notice how they hugged his cute,
bubbly butt.

Tyler's Underwear

I pushed the tan shorts aside to see if what I was looking for was hiding
underneath them. There they were -- Tyler's underwear!

One of the questions I had was now answered: Tyler wore boxer briefs. The
waistband was gray with the words "Fruit of the Loom" printed around the
waist five times in black. At a distance the boxer briefs looked blue. But
upon closer inspection, I saw that the material consisted of thin,
alternating, blue and grey, horizontal stripes. The white tag on the inside
of the waistband identified them as being a boys size large. I have to say
that they were pretty cool looking undies.

I excitedly picked up Tyler's underwear and looked inside. I didn't see any
skid marks or other stains. Maybe if the material was white instead of dark
colored, I could have seen some spots on the pouch. Most boys have a drop
of pee left on the tip of their dick after they're done peeing. And then
that drop ends up being absorbed by the pouch of their undies, leaving a
small stain.

I looked at the pouch and tried to imagine the tender sex organ that it was
cupping just minutes earlier. At the moment all that remained was the ghost
of Tyler's genitals. I wanted to smell them. I brought the inside of the
pouch up to my nose and sniffed in deeply. Mmmmm. It was probably the most
wonderful scent I ever smelled in my life. Tyler had been wearing these
underwear since he arrived at my house, which means he had them on for at
least a full day. The pouch radiated the deep, rich odor of boy genitals.

I could smell Tyler's sweaty, dangling balls. I imagined them bouncing
around as he was running around outside, playing with my son.

I could smell Tyler's horny, 12 year old cock. How many boners did he get
since he put on this pair of underwear? Maybe he had a morning boner when I
woke him and John up for breakfast. When he got out of his sleeping bag, he
felt confident that no one would notice his stiffie, because it was hidden
behind his shorts and undies. I imagined Tyler's dick slowly growing right
where my nose was.

I wanted to smell all of Tyler, so I moved my nose towards the seat of
Tyler's boxer briefs. I sniffed in and smelled a different type of odor.
It smelled like boy butt. The material I was smelling had been caressing
Tyler's ass cheeks. And some of it might have even snuck inside his crack
and rubbed against his butt hole.

I turned my attention back to the pouch. I wanted to taste Tyler's dick.
So, I stuck my tongue out and licked the place where Tyler's cock and balls
were nestled over the previous 24 hours. I put the inside of the pouch in
my mouth and sucked out all of the delicious boy flavor that it

After I was done intimately exploring every square inch of Tyler's boxer
briefs, I put them back where I found them. A few hours later they returned
from the pool and Tyler changed back into his undies and tan shorts. At
5:00 I drove Tyler home and made sure to let him know that he could visit
our house anytime he wanted to.

Send me an e-mail ( if you want to discuss underwear
and the boys who wear them.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Tylers Underwear