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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Virginity Diary - Virginity Diary 2


Virginity Diary

Chapter 2 - Ben

DIsclaimer and Warning:

This chapter depicts sexual acts between a Minor and an Adult Male and acts of masturbation. If you are offended by sex between men, teenage boys, boys or between males of different ages (related or unrelated) Please leave now. Also if it is illegal, immoral, in your particular state, providence, country, or even your home, STOP READING NOW! You must be in accordance with your local laws of age and sexual belief to read the story.

This story is a work of fiction (fantasy). The acts depicted in this story are not condoned by the author, this is fantasy only. Any resemblance to particular person or persons or series of events is entirely coincidental. Consider yourself lucky.

I would love to hear from you and tell me your thoughts or suggestions. Please contact me at Love to get ideas for stories if you have some. Also love to hear from my readers, their experiences, and okay with exchanging pictures.

Virginity Diary

Chapter 2 - Ben

- - - - - - -


Each chapter will entail how a man or boy lost there virginity. People loose their virginity in many ways and at many different ages. So as one my loose it to the family dog, others to their high school lover, or maybe even in college. This chapter is about how Ben and how is foster dad teaches him the real meaning of love.

- - - - - - -

I had been in foster care for some time. My parents thought that drugs and alcohol were more important that me. Due to their devotion and love I now suffered in the foster care system. Since that last family didn't like my attitude I was now sent to live with Mason. I'd heard he was gay and that he had a way with "special needs boys." He sounded like a fucking looser. Probably gay because no girl would go near is small dick.

- - - - - - -

The house was okay and I got my own room with no other kids so I could at least jack off and be alone. Yes, I masturbate, who don't! I learned long ago from watching my dad, when he thought I was in bed, and he was watching porn.

Mason tried to be all chummy like he fucking gave a damn. Like asking me what I wanted for dinner and shit. FUCK OFF is all I'd ever tell him. I know no one wanted me, in a matter of weeks I could tell I was going to be transferred to the next home.

As for Mason being gay, yup he was. He had a gay magazine and books. He was definitely not shy about his sexuality. Fucking wish he'd hide it. I mean nothing wrong with a naked man I guess, but tits and a pussy, thats what I want.

Mason even tried to get a look at my dick, he fucking walked into my room while I was doing my deed. Looser only wishes he could have my dick, its big for my age and when I finish the puberty shit, its gonna be a python. Girls are gonna scream from the fuck I will give them.

My cock was my best feature, big like my dads, I have blonde hair, fair skin, kinda scrawny, but I'll beef up once I get to high school. Then I can go to the gym there and bulk up. No real hair yet on my body, but its got to come soon. So cant wait till I can shoot cum, My dad shot like a fucking ton, and I bet I'll be like him too.

- - - - - - -

The next few days were boring with summer and no friends; I had plenty of time to whack off. But that was all that filled my time. One night it was hot in the house and I could not sleep. I left the room to get a glass of cold water and on my way to the kitchen, I heard moaning. I followed the sound to Masons office and there before me was Mason rubbing his dick.

I was totally wrong about Masons dick, it was not small, actually enormous and way, I mean WAY bigger than my dads. His cock was like a ridged pole standing at attention thick, veiny, purple head glistening in the night light. A clear liquid oozed out in a steady stream from his piss slit. Mason was stroking is cock with force and watching the TV.

There on the screen, was to men fucking. This man taking a cock up the shitter. His ass was actually taking a cock up his ass, HOLY FUCKING CHRIST. I was mesmerized by the scene, and my cock was aroused and hard like Mason.

I could not help myself I had to touch my cock. Am I gay, do I like the idea of men fucking with men. I started to turn away and yet I wanted more, there was this monster cock of Masons. I wanted to touch it, I wanted to see it shoot.

Watching the motion of the hand move up and down the fat man cock. My eyes could not move from his shaft. And then in an awesome moment I got to see Mason shoot a load so BIG, so MASSIVE, it coated his chest, hands, and some of his chin. I was so amazed, but knew that soon I might be found out and ran away to my room.

I just laid there panting and thinking of what I had seen. Again I was hard and had to touch my young boy boner. I thought I was huge but seeing my foster fathers size I knew I was small. And what I thought was a ton of cum from my dad, was probably more like normal. All I could think of was that Massive cock the skin tight and being pulled up and down by Mason's hand. FUCK I WANTED IT.


I was jacking off so hard my cock was hurting from the attention I was giving it. I was so horny I didn't care, I just kept rubbing and rubbing till my satisfaction was met. Red and soar my cock finally limped; but hurt has it rubbed on the sheets. I really damaged my cock, I tried not to cry but it hurt like hell. Every move I made rubbed at the raw skin. Being exhausted I must have fell asleep cause I didn't remember anything else until the next morning.

- - - - - - -

I had to piss something fierce, running to the bathroom, there I let a stream. But I could not handle the pain form my raw cock in my hand. I must have let out a cry for Mason was knocking on the door.

"All Okay, little man," he said through the door?

"Ya I just, I jus... I stubbed my toe," lying my way out of his attention.


Zipping up and staying dressed was a bigger issue. Every step I took my cock rubbed agains the cloth making it more raw and soar. Sitting down on the couch I let out a yelp, it was totally uncontrollable. I hurt so bad.

Of course Mason came running in and asked if all was well. I didn't want to tell him, but somehow now I kinda liked having him there next too me, caring for me. Feeling his hand on mine, I started to get a boner, but the raw flesh growing in my course jeans hurt and made me whimper. I felt so ashamed, this was not manly.

"Ben, whats the matter, I can tell you are in a lot of pain, were are you hurting?"

"I… I... Fuck, I…" is all I could mutter out.

"Let me take a guess, if I'm wrong let me know, is it your hand or wrist?"

I shook my head no.

"Your stomach?" He said lifting my shirt and touching my naked skin.

I shook my head no. His touch only made me more excited causing me to whimper more.

"Ben, I'm so sorry, is it you butt, like you broke a bone?"

I shook my head no.

Ben looked at me so concerned and I couldn't look at him, but looking down was not a good idea. Seeing Mason's bulge I got hard, super hard!

"Oh, I think I know, and I know why you don't want to say it, come with me."

I was about to get up with him, when he changed his mind.

"Scratch that, its going to hurt more as you walk. Listen I'm not trying to molest you, but lets take the jeans off and underwear first we can get you medication for the cock in the bathroom after. I just don't want you hurting as we walk, and your penis rubs more causing you pain."

I couldn't move, I wanted to do as I was told, but then again, get naked, let him see my small cock. OH FUCK!

"Ben, if you're not comfortable its okay, just walk with me to the restroom and we can take care of your penis."

I still couldn't move, not sure why I just looked at him and tried to talk, but nothing came out.

"Here don't worry," Mason said as he picked me up. Trying to keep me in the same position but it didn't work all to well. Taking me down the hall, he headed towards the bathroom, but turned before it was time into his bedroom.

Laying me down on the bed, he left the room for the bathroom. Coming back with a tube of medicated lotion.

"This will help," my foster father stated. Walking towards me and sitting on the bed next too me; Mason began unbuttoning my pants, he opened my jeans and then unzipped my fly.

"Oh! no underwear, just like me." Mason tugged at his waist band and pulled down so I could see that he didn't have any underwear on.

This was all I needed, my cock was now shooting out of my jeans in all its boy glory. I rolled my face away so that I wouldn't see him laugh at my small prick.

"Wow! Ben you got a good size dick here, and quite a nice boner. Guessing after you watched me jack off, you tore into your dick pretty hard, its all red and very raw."

What, no way he saw me, HE KNEW I WATCHED HIM! I quickly turned and looked at him and there Mason was with a grin on his face.

"So, what did you like most?"

I was not going to tell him I liked his cock, I am not gay, I was going to be a macho fucker like my dad. Although I really wanted to see his massive cock, and see him shoot his juice again.

"You're really not going to talk to me," he said as he knelt besides the bed. He turned me so my legs dangled of the bed and my knees touched his chest. I looked at his face and all he could do was smile. With a wink at me he lowered his face onto my pecker. His lips sucked in my boy parts, and WOW!

Not sure what was happening but I could feel his tongue on my hard dick, and rolling and sucking it in and out of his mouth. The sensation of joy and yet scared raced in my body. I wanted to move, but yet could not, my body wanted this and my mind raced in a thousand thoughts. I began to feel like I was on fire, my skin felt hot and my breathe, I couldn't breathe, I had to move. I tried to get away form Mason, but he held me down. I could not say a thing my body was in control and not me, I reeled and dug my hands into the sheets. Then all at once a flood of emotion filled my body. I was ridged and stiff. While my from my cock originated a consuming emotion one that shook my body. So intense it consumed my body. Moving was not possible as this goodness overcame me and then passed just as fast.

"You like that?"

"Hell YAH!!"

"Ben, you have been passed around, and you one sexy boy. It is about time you got loved and showed what real love is."

With those words Mason climbed on top of my young body and put his face next to mine and kissed my lips. His lips just stayed there licking and caressing my mouth. Then with a hand I felt him rub my cock, this only made me gasp and open my mouth. No sooner had I done that then his tongue entered mine. There he seemed to lick my own tongue and yet gross, but way cool.

Kissing for sometime, I could feel Mason's hands all over my body: Nipples, stomach, balls, legs, and even my neck. When my mouth was well wet and almost tired from the kissing he let me go, and whispered in my ear. "Ben, I love you."

Those words sent chills down my body and with that I felt a finger around my shit hole. Not sure what he was doing but I could feel his touch from a wet finger around and ontop of my shitter.

I wanted more of him, I really wanted to see Mason naked for me. And yet I didn't even have to ask, for as I thought it, Mason pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants for my pleasure. There in front of me was a man, naked, totally fucking naked. Balls and cock all for me!

All I could say is, "WOW!"

"What you want me to do, your wish is my command."

I couldn't think of anything, all I could think of was that video, the man getting fucked and his enormous monster cock staring me in the eye. His cock kept dropping clear drops from the piss hole, and it just bobbed up and down as the thoughts of sex filled my mind. Then I had a thought!

"Can I touch it?"


Taking his long, thick dick in my hand was like holding a rod. I could not even get my hand all the way around the cock.

"How big is it?"

"Its about eleven inches."

"Whats this clear stuff," as I touched the stuff. "Its sticky kinda?"

Its called precum, it's a natural lubricant, helps in sex."

"Can we have sex"

"We did, I gave you oral sex earlier when I sucked on your penis"

"No I mean, can you like put your fuck rod in me, like the porn you were watching?"

"We can work up to there, this being your first day, we will be lucky just getting my head in your anus."

"Why not, that guy took a cock, I can do it!"

"We will see, remember they were a lot bigger than you, but I promise to love you good and make you feel that orgasm again."


"Thats what happened at the end when I was sucking you, when you get older you will shoot cum like me. Now lets get to fucking!"

With that Mason drenched his finger with the sap he cock gave freely and began to finger and tough my anus again. It felt good, until he pushed a finger in. SHIT it hurt. But seeing those men enjoy it, this had to get better.

Listening and obeying Masons instructions sniffing some bottle and relaxing I began to enjoy the feeling of the finger. Then he hit a spot that made my cock stand at attention. I could not help but moan. I felt so comfortable in my foster fathers care. I would do anything for him, I knew he loved me.

Then pain returned when more fingers were shoved into my tight hole. Then when Mason was ready, he told me he was going in. I felt his cock head press in, oddly I could also feel the precum oozing into my hole too. Then he shoved in. I almost yelled as the pain flooded my body. But soon forgot that feeling as he kissed my body and neck, and letting me sniff they funky bottle again.

"Ben, you're so tight and warm, fucking love you mate."

Masons cock moved in and out of my chute and his fuck rod felt like heaven inside. The cock rubbed that special spot and made me feel like I had to piss, but yet not. I am totally his.

"Where you want me to cum lover?"

"I wanna see it, PLEASE!"

Straddling my legs I could see him stroke his meat, and see the ribbons of precum drop bathing my nuts and body in its sappy goodness. He started to grunt and moan then with a shot he blasted my face with cum. I could feel it all over my body as he continued shoot his cum on me. I even got to taste some, salty but very cool!

I never wanted to leave, this was home.

"I got plenty of buds that will love you Ben, I will makes sure you never want and never feel unloved!"

- - - - - - -

Let me know what you think of Virginity Diary.

I would love to hear from you and tell me what you thought and if you do want more chapters. Or would like to hear more about a particular character. Please contact me at I am happy to write a story for you in my spare time.

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Virginity Diary - Virginity Diary 2