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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Witness Protection Series - Witness Protection 1

Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2013 16:09:15 -0500
From: kyle garter <>
Subject: Witness Protection -- Chapter 1

All the usual disclaimers apply:

+This is my first story. It is my work and you may not reproduce it without
my permission.

+This story is a work of fiction. If you think it is real, you have a very
active imagination.

+Do not read this story if you live in an area where it is illegal to do so.

+Scenes of sexual activity between an adult male and non-adults are
represented. Do not read further if this offends you.

+Please do not imitate the actions portrayed herein - the author cannot accept
responsibility for any actions promoted by this story.

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+Flames will be ignored.

Witness Protection

Chapter 1

I'm Jack Granger, a 28 year old US Marshall with the Witness Protection
program. My job entails keeping folks safe. Most of these folks have
witnessed some kind of crime, and we keep them safe before, during, and after
they testify at trial. Many times we have to deal with deadbeat criminals
that want to kill our witnesses. In order to keep them safe, we have to
create new identities for them and move them around the country. It is an
exciting job, but also an intense and often dangerous job.

I excelled in college, both academically and athletically. I was a three-year
letterman on the water polo team and ranked near the top of my class. Coming
out of college, I was recruited by the US Marshall Service. I liked the idea
of helping others, so it was a natural fit. After 18 weeks of a very intense
basic training regimen, I made US Marshall and got assigned to field work
helping redirect lives and protect civilians.

I love the challenge and constant uncertainty of my job. One day I am
establishing a family with new identities in Kansas, and the next day I am
protecting a witness in court in New York City. The idea of going to an
office and sitting behind a desk every day never appealed to me one bit.

My fiancee Heather wants me to leave the US Marshall Service once we get
married. She wants me home every day to focus on our lives together and
eventually our family. I understand her need for stability and me being out
of harm's way, but at the same time I love my line of work. Luckily, I still
have fourteen months before the wedding to focus on my career.

On Tuesday morning, my boss, Joe Statten called me in and said I was off to
Louisville that afternoon to pick up two boys that had witnessed their father
kill their mother. The father was still at large, and I needed to get the
boys into hiding. I'd be in charge of transporting them and would find out
the relocation spot when I arrived in Louisville. Standard operations...

I arrived in Louisville and went to Police Headquarters for my briefing. The
murder had been a particularly grizzly one, and the child psychologist was
still dealing with the boys. An update revealed that the father was still on
the run. The boys had escaped to a neighbor's house before the father could
do them any harm, yet he knew the boys were witnesses. The father had left a
suicide note at the scene detailing the plans for a murder-suicide for all of
the family. Now, the boys were witnesses and witness protection was

The child psychologist called me in to meet the boys before relocation. The
US Marshall Service has our own psychology staff that would take over after
relocation, so I realized this was just an initial assessment. Both boys were
in a state of shock, and both had been crying when I met them. Both realized
I was a "good guy" and that I would be protecting them initially.

The older of the two was Kyle Bratton. Kyle was 11 years old, around 4 and
half feet tall with blonde hair and green eyes. Kyle's brother Jeremy had
just turned 9, and he was a smaller scale version of his older brother. I
estimated him around 4 feet tall. Jeremy also had blonde hair and green eyes,
although his eyes were more bloodshot from crying. I wondered if they could
even comprehend that I was there to help them. I could not imagine the trauma
they had already been through in this one life-changing day.

After a full debriefing by the child psychologist, I gathered the boys up and
got a police escort to the private jet that awaited us. They had nothing but
the clothes on their backs, and I genuinely felt sorry for them. This was my
first "kids only" assignment, and I was not looking forward to the flight. It
would just be the three of us in the back of the jet, and I was hopeful they
would just sleep.

Before takeoff, I called my boss for instructions on our destination. Joe
told me that I was taking them to a sheep ranch outside of Laramie, Wyoming
that was a safe house. The ranch was for sale, and the US Marshall Service
was using it intermittently. I relayed the destination to the pilots before
settling in with the boys.

Both boys were stoic as we settled in. Neither had ever flown, so I ensured
they had their seatbelts fastened. I was hopeful that the thrill of their
first flight would help mitigate some of the pain and suffering they had been
through today. Neither spoke while we taxied, but both did look out the
windows as we took off.

Jeremy started to cry after we were ten minutes out of Louisville. This was
not unexpected as he was the younger one. I got up to comfort him and offer
him a soft drink. I was not totally comfortable around kids, but did my best
to be genuine. I rubbed him on his back until the crying turned into all out
sobbing. That got Kyle crying too, and I kneeled between the two and gently
caressed both of their backs. Both cried themselves to sleep; I knew they had
to be exhausted after the hell they had been through on this chilly April Day.
I checked on the pilots before dimming the cabin lights and catching some
shut-eye myself. It was 11:30 pm.

I usually don't sleep too soundly, but the safety of the plane led me to an
unexpectedly deep sleep. I awoke a little after midnight to find Jeremy
curled in a ball, asleep on my lap. I held onto him tightly. Looking over, I
saw that Kyle was still asleep covered with the blanket I had given him. I
couldn't fathom the hell these two boys had been through in the past day.
And, I was certainly glad that I was able to protect them and get them to the
safe house.

I got Jeremy buckled back into his seat before the plane landed at Laramie
Regional Airport. We landed in a light snow at 1:30 am, and I retrieved my
destination package from a local police officer shortly thereafter. I would
get the boys to the ranch and settled in for the night before handing them
over to their permanent handler the next day.

By the time we arrived at the ranch, it was snowing harder at 2:20 am, and
both boys had drifted off again. I made sure the location was secure and then
carried them one at a time and got them into their beds. Kyle was heavier
than Jeremy, but both were easy to carry. The ranch house was a big house
with 4 bedrooms, so I gave each boy his own room. All of the rooms were
upstairs, so I felt like we were very safe.

I got Jeremy into his bed first. Helping him out of his jeans, I noticed he
had the cutest Spiderman underwear, and I remembered I once had a similar
pair. I got him tucked into bed, and he whispered, "thank you, Jack." I told
him no problem and that he was safe now.

Kyle was completely out of it as I got him to his bed. There was no movement,
and I realized he had just crashed. I got him down to his white briefs and
noticed the telltale tenting of his boy bone. I tried to rile him to see if
he needed to pee, but it was no use. So, I tucked him in tightly, and went to
my room.

I got undressed, brushed my teeth, and got in bed. I was exhausted, but sleep
did not come easily. Of all things, my mind went back to Kyle's tented
underwear and Jeremy's Spiderman underwear. I remember thinking how weird it
was that I was thinking of those things as sleep and exhaustion finally
consumed me.

To be continued?

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Witness Protection Series - Witness Protection 1