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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Young Teddys Escapades - Young Teddys Escapades 2

Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 09:34:35 -0700
From: Bert Carley <>
Subject: Young Teddy's Escapades - Part 2

The following story is fiction. It involves sexually-explicit erotic
events between males. If you are offended by such material, are too
young, or live in an area where it is not allowed, don't read the story.
In the world of this story the characters do not always use condoms. In
the real world, everone should proctice safe sex.

Any comments should be directed to

Young Teddy's Escapades - Part 2

Do I remember Drake Dameron? Yes I remember Drake, the guy I met the third
year I worked at the California State Fair in Sacramento with his biker
buddies. The guy that made me drool when I first laid eyes on him. The guy
with that Big Shiny Maroon, Fully Dressed, Harley Davidson, standing at
6'6" when he and his buddies stood in a line at the exit gate waiting to
get the back of their hands stamped. I was putting a stamp on the back of
peoples hands so they could get back into the fairgrounds later in the day,
and not have to pay another entrance fee. He stood out in the crowd that
had backed up. I couldn't take my eyes off the big hunk, and I do mean
HUNK. He was so damn handsome, his sweat covered Black skin glowing in the
sunlight showing off huge graphic tattoo designs down his arms and chest
where his loose black leather vest didn't cover. He appeared to be in his
early 40's. He wasn't alone; he was with a group of some ten, leather-clad
bikers, only three which were Black. There were four Hispanic and three
White guys in the group. They all wore the same colors, a big patch on the
back of their vests that had "Marine Bandits" written around the icon of a
Marine Seal. He stood out from all the others, immediately catching my eye
as downright awesome.

He had obviously been watching me eye him as he came along closer to me in
the line. When he got to me, he looked up and down me from head to toe,
smiled, then turned to his buddies pointing to me and said. "Look at this
hot young blond beauty guys. Ain't he something? Big Drake's getting a
woody just looking." He looked back to me, put his big paw out for me to
stamp and grabbed my left wrist and held it as I stamped the back of his
hand with the stamp in my right hand. He continued to hold on to my left
wrist, pulled me off balance until I was pressed against him, leaned over
and whispered in my ear as he rubbed himself against me. "I be back later
son. Meet me at the Carnival Midway after it gets dark and I'll take you on
some Carnival rides with me and we can have some fun together maybe later."
He continued to hold me against his chest, moved his two arms down around
my waist, then reached around me and squeezed me on the ass and gave me a
low moan. He whispered two more words into my ear, "Tonight - Midway!" The
smell of leather and him sent my head into a blur as he released me and
stepped back to smile down to me again with puckered lips. His buddies
roared with laughter at this scene. I turned red, but maintained my cool,
though there was a definite stirring going on in my shorts. As he turned to
leave, I read DRAKE across the back of his wide belt. He took my breath
away he was so macho and handsome in his leathers.

I thought to myself, "I'm not effeminate, was I that obvious to him? Did I
stare at him? Must have been, he could see I liked what I saw, and totally
taken with him. Did he mean what he said when he called me a hot young
blond beauty? Fuck, he is hot!" He was strutting his stuff for me now, as
he walked around waiting for the rest of his group to get stamped. "Damn I
love it when a Black guy does that. So very sexy - poetry in motion!" I had
seen black guys do that before to their women and really thought it was
especially sexy. He kept a watchful eye on me to see if my eyes were
following him. When he saw I was, he gave me another big smile showing his
pearly whites. I had stamped the last person in my line; so I could just
stare at him now, mesmerized by his beauty. As his final gesture for me, he
grabbed his crotch, squeezed it a couple of times, licked his lips, then
turned and walked on with his buddies toward the parking areas.

My head was still filled with his wonderful scent - leather and man
beast. Fuck, what powers this guy instantly had over me. I pulled my tank
top up and put it to my nose. It had his strong scent all over it too, as
did my arms where he grazed over them. I just kind of stood motionless, my
mind doing an instant replay of what had just happened until another couple
stepped up to me to have their hands stamped. I thought of this incident
all afternoon until I was relieved at around 6:00 that evening. I kept
saying to myself, "Drake, Drake, Drake!" All kinds of questions and things
were buzzing through my head. "What if he found out that I was still in
high school and only 17! He probably wouldn't want anything more to do with
me - jail bait! However, I did have a fake California Driver's License that
said I was 21 with a picture. Sure, that would work!"

At seventeen, five other high school boys from Sacramento and I volunteered
to work for the state fair board in return for a full seven-day free
admittance pass. This was the third year we had done this during fair
time. I always got a lot of dick during that full week. Being from a small
town just outside of the Sacramento area, we were required to stay on the
grounds and housed in tents out behind the livestock area using the showers
and bathrooms provided for the agricultural entrants and cowboys. The first
year I sucked more cowboy dick than even I could believe. Once one knew I
sucked dick, the word got around quickly and they all wanted me, especially
since I was so blond and pretty. The older cowboys with Motor Homes or
Trailers had a place to take me besides out back of the livestock
buildings. They helped themselves to my hot pussy. I liked that better than
giving the young guys a quick blowjob behind the sheds. I also learned the
older cowboys, in there 30's and 40's really liked to eat my pussy since it
was hairless and always kept clean. I became addicted to that as
foreplay. I searched out the older guys after I first experience that
wonderful pleasure. It was glorious. I became addicted to getting my
asshole eaten, then fucked like crazy, wild and rough - yea, I liked it
wild and rough. They always smelled so masculine too, of leather and
masculine maleness. I kept going back for more each night, searching out
specific guys that really turned me on. I soon learned that I loved their
smell as much as I loved rough sex, actually dominated during sex, and
could not keep my nose off them as they fucked me. It was glorious when it
was hot, they worked up a real sweat and it dripped all over me. Wasn't
long and I was spending the entire night with one or the other of them with
my nose buried against them as I dropped off to sleep cuddled up with them.

The second year I had experience in getting the cowboys, many of which I
had slept with the previous year since they were on the circuit. They
searched me out every night, knowing I would give them a good time. A
couple of them had a good supply of pot, so we would get stoned and do it
all night long. I had a hard time keeping my eyes open the next day at
work, but being that young, I always bounced right back for more each
night. I did add a new category of men to my list however. I spotted a
group of marines, of which two were exceptional specimens of male
excellence coming through the gates one afternoon. Since it was quite, I
got a friend of mine to take my station at the exit gate. I followed that
group around most of the afternoon until one of the exceptional guys went
into one of the public bathrooms. I followed him in, stood at the urinal
next to him and made my interest known when he was shaking that big dick
off. When I stroked myself a couple of times and stared down at his dick he
realized I was on the make. He began to slowly stroke himself until the
foreskin drew back exposing a beautiful pink mushroom head. It was not a
monster, but it was fat and juicy looking. I boldly put my hand on it and
he never even flinched. I led him into a stall, closed and locked the door,
sat on the toilet and blew the guy. He must have been saving his load for
me, as it filled my mouth so quickly I had a hard time swallowing fast
enough to keep it from coming out the sides of my mouth. The minute he had
it put away and opened the stall door; all four of his buddies were
standing around smiling with big bulges in their uniform pants. I took them
one at a time into the stall and repeated my specialty until all five
drained their masculine juices into my stomach. I learned that afternoon
that the biggest dicks are quite frequently on the homeliest guys. It was
certainly the case with this group of marines. I should have known by the
size of the homely guy's hands and feet that he was going to have a monster
dick. All those stories I had heard were obviously true about big feet, big
hands, a guaranteed big dick. I finished off the last guy, they stood at
attention, saluted me, and without a word exchanged, they went on their way
and I returned to my gate position. Later that afternoon they left by my
gate, each saluting me with a big smile as they passed to leave. I just

The third year I expanded my territory a bit more. I was having fun with a
couple of my friends along the Carnival Midway; a macho Carnival guy
working the Air Rifle Concession caught me eyeing him. He was shirtless
with a big dangling gold earring hanging from his left ear. He was wearing
clean but torn at the knees Levi's, a baseball cap with the bill turned
around to the back of his head, and heavy steel toe black construction
boots. He was a rugged, handsome devil, about mid 40's. His upper torso and
arms totally covered with tattoos and a good amount of black hair, skin
tanned to a golden color. What I really noticed was his big smile, rippled
six pack and huge basket. The denim in that area was faded and made his
dick stand out giving the impression it was on display for viewing. He may
as well of had it framed it was so totally visible! I could not take my
eyes off it as it lay down his left thigh almost half way to his knee. His
coal black hair and light blue eyes complemented his good looks. He kept up
with his pitch, directing me over to his booth with the promise for five
free shots and a teddy bear if I could knock over just two yellow rubber
ducks. There was something especially sexy about this guy. His big smile
and his voice drew me right to him. He handed me an air rifle, but
collecting from my two friends before he handed them a rifle. The little
ducks moved across the back of the booth on a continuous track. None of us
did well hitting targets, me especially. He kept giving me free turns until
my friends told me they would catch up with me and went on down the
Midway. He struck up a conversation with me and told me his name was Bud
and I told him my name was Teddy. Once my friends were out of sight, he
told me to stick around a few minutes and he would teach me how to shoot
and hit a target. He called for another guy to replace him from the
back. He said something to him. The next thing, I realized he was standing
next to me being friendly and giving me tips on how to knock over the
moving yellow ducks. He corrected the way I was holding the rifle by
getting in back of me and working over my shoulders letting his body rest
against my backside. He did not seem to want to step away from me after he
corrected my stance. He held on to right through the last shot. He made me
so nervous, I couldn't hit a thing. I could smell his pungent male scent
radiating over me, as he was indeed wet with man sweat. His firm grip on my
shoulders and aroma overtook me for a moment. I was getting hard. I
suddenly realized he had a hard-on and was rubbing his crotch up, down, and
over my ass and I had my ass pressed back against him letting him know I
was enjoying his butt massage. He immediately realized he was turning me on
and I liked what he was doing.

He was a bold one, whispered in my ear; "I want to fuck your hot ass Baby."
Hell, he had me in his web before I realized what he had just said to
me. He had me in a hard shoulder lock. He pushed me in front of him through
the canvas flap that separated the booths. His trailer was not more than 5
feet further. I just went along with him until he reached for the door
handle to the trailer. We passed his buddies that were playing cards out
back. I rather panicked, not knowing if this was going to turn out to be a
gang-bang affair, as it was a rough looking bunch. I started to resist,
lunged, but it was too late - way, too late for that. He had me isolated
and had no intention of letting me get away. He swung the door open and it
hit me hard on the shoulder when it swung out, since I was really putting
up a fight by then. He just held me tightly in his strong arms and we were
up inside in seconds. He then put me down on my feet, pulled the door
closed. He turned me facing him, slapped me hard across the face and said;
"Don't you be fighting me now girl, you know you want it!" He hung his hat
up on a rack, pulled his boots off, quickly dropped his pants, and stepped
out of them. He wore no underwear, and his semi-hard cock started to grow
to full bloom right before my eyes. He was uncircumcised, about 8 inches
that soon grew to at least 10 full inches, medium girth.

I looked at him and lied, "Fuck! No way are you putting that monster in me
Bud. I'm a virgin."

He just laughed at me and said, "You ain't no virgin Baby? I saw you
checking me out. You think I am stupid or something maybe? Dick you see,
dick you are getting baby, lots of it! I'll make it real fun for you too!
Fucked for the first time huh? Yea, sure - a real virgin! If true baby, you
will love it after I give you a taste for old 'Lightning' here tonight!
Buds going to turn you into his pussy tonight baby! No one as pretty as you
are should ever be without a big dick up your ass girl! 'Lightning's' hit
the jackpot tonight baby and you are the prize!"

I answered, "Maybe you should know I am only 17 years old and still in high
school - jail bait to you, you know!"

He grabbed the wallet out of my pocket, looked at the fake driver's license
ID and picture I had right on top and said. "It says 21 by my calculations
baby - your ass is still mine! Tomorrow you will want to come back an visit
Big 'Lightning' and Bud again, just you wait and see!" I started to explain
to him that it was a fake ID, still fighting him as he was removing my
clothing a piece at a time. I struggled with him harder again to get
loose. He just backhanded me across the face again with the back of his
hand and spouted, "Shut the Fuck Up you little Prick Teaser - We can do
this the easy way or the hard way. It is up to you! Now, are you going to
settle down or do you want some more?" I broke away and started to run
down the hallway of the trailer, going where, I had no idea. He caught up
with me in two seconds, pulled me back to him by my long blond hair, spun
me around facing him again, punched me a couple of times in the stomach and
chest, sending me to my knees. He lifted my face to him, back handed it
again, and shouted, "Next time, I will mark up that pretty face of yours
Baby! Do not make me mess you up, your far too pretty to turn into damaged
goods! Follow my orders now and I will be kind with you. Now tell me,
what's it going to be girl?" I just glared up at him without saying a
word. He pulled me up so his face was in mine and his eyes were glaring
down into my baby blues. He said, "Well, what's it going to be?"

I spit in his face and shouted back at him, "Fuck you and the horse you
rode in on Buddy!"

The next couple of blows caught me square across the chin. I tried to
defend myself, but I was no match for him. Another couple of blows to my
stomach and I lost my wind. I buckled in the middle, went to my knees again
and he ripped the balance of my clothing from me throwing them aside. He
grabbed me by the hair, dragged me the full length of the hallway back to
the front and sat on a chair. He put me face down over his knees and
started spanking me with his palm, alternating between my left and right
bun. After about ten hard spanks to each bun, tears were flowing from my
eyes and my ass felt like it was on fire. I fought to get loose, but he
held me in place and continued.

"I think you like it rough girl! Just look at that woody you have rubbing
on my thigh will you! Whew, you are really something, are you going to be
fun tonight!" I didn't even realize the affect his spanking and blows had
on me, but when he stood me back up on my feet, I looked down and sure
enough, he was right. I had a raging hard on and it was dribbling pre-cum
from the pee hole. "Don't cum girl, squeeze it off or I'll give you
something to cry about!" He took his right hand and grabbed my balls,
lifted and squeezed them until I thought they were going to come out my
mouth. My pecker immediately shriveled up becoming flaccid. He then grabbed
my nipples with both his hands and pinched them so hard it put tears in my
eyes and I started to get hard again.

He smiled at me and said, "Damn, would you look at that girl, you like it
rough you little imp! What's with you girl?" He grabbed my balls again and
repeated the mighty squeeze. Again, my dick went flaccid from the
excruciating pain it caused.

I shouted, "I'll do what you say Buddy, just leave my balls alone you
fucking big bully!" I learned something new about myself, as I took his
hands, put them back on my nipples, smiled back at him, and gave a low
moan. He squeezed them again until I was hard, then put his teeth on them
and bit them so hard it put tears in my eyes. He popped me on the ass a few
times more as I stood in front of him, turning so he could really connect
with my buns again, as he watched my hard-on quiver out at a 45degree
angle. The warmth radiated up into my being and I just kind of got weak in
the knees and fell down into his arms so he had to catch me from keeping me
on my feet before him. He just smiled up at me. The smile said it all and I
realized he had brought out another side of me that I had kept hidden
really since the Williams boys, but still lingered dormant within me.

What had just happened actually scared me into total submission. From then
on, I did exactly what he wanted, as he experimented with me to see just
how much pain I could handle. Finally he greasing me up and pushing that
big dick of his into me after grabbing me by the hair and ass and pushing
me into his bedroom. Though he had opened me up with his fingers for
awhile, the pain of that big dick head entering me was excruciating. He
had my legs up over his shoulders lying on my back on the bed. I kept
pulling away, forcing him to keep pulling me back to the edge of the
bed. After the second time I scooted, he grabbed my balls again and
squeezed until I settled down and took my medicine. I realized I was bating
him so he would hit me again. Sure enough, the blow came to my chin
again. That hurt so much, the pain in my ass seemed like nothing and he
slipped right in and proceeded to fuck me as rough as he could. He seemed
quite pleased with himself. I settled right down as the pain was gone,
replaced by a warm wonderful feeling going on inside me as his dick
massaged my prostrate nut, even though my jaw was still aching. I knew I
liked it this way and kept fighting him until he realized I was trying to
provoke him. Finally, the pleasure became so great I gave in to him
completely and let him give me a good ride.

I settled into him and began to rotate my ass around as he pumped me. He
said, "That's my girl, no more pain now girl. I see you like your pussy
pounded too girl!" All I could do was moan for him hoping this wonderful
warm feeling would last forever. I suddenly realized, I had a raging
hard-on myself and quickly approaching a climax. He saw what was happening
with me, ordered, "Don't you dare come girl, not until I say so - squeeze
it off or you will get my fist in your face again. I don't think you want
that do you girl, that last one should have been enough to make you happy
for the rest of the evening?" I just shook my head NO. He leaned over and
bit me very hard on the side of my neck. It felt like it was 80 degrees in
the trailer, he was sweating and it was running down his body and soaking
my crotch. I suddenly realized his masculine smell was filling my nostrils
- his aroma permutated the entire area. I had to squeeze my dick extra hard
to not skeet all over us both. That aroma was so breathtaking to me now
that I almost shot my wad. I was so very on fire inside. My brain was in
overdrive trying to analyze all the wonderful smells and feelings that it
was processing.

I could not help from screaming my pleasure. "Fuck me Bud! Oh please fuck
me harder! Don't ever stop, you smell so good; bite me again!" He leaned
over and began to nip and bite on my neck and shoulder. I just moaned and
rotated my ass back against him feeling especially great at that
moment. Bud took his time now, making it last for us both. He pulled out
of me just long enough to pull his foreskin back. Then he pushed back into
me and after about five full rotations he began to pant and groan.

"You can cum now girl! Let it rip girl!" I let loose of my cock and it
sprayed. This set him off; he stiffened and sprayed about five times into
my pussy. I felt every shot. My pulsating pussy milked him dry. We just
remained in suspension for awhile until I felt him start to soften and pull
from me. He dropped my legs, rolled us both back and over on the bed,
planted a big kiss right on my lips and said, "Whoa girl, that was hot,
Hot, HOT!"

"Please do it again to me Bud; that was wonderful and you smell so good!

He answered, "Oh yea baby, your going to get a lot more skeet up that hot
ass ah yours tonight. Just rest there for a bit baby, I am going to open
some more windows in here, it is getting hot. Want a cold drink?" He
crawled out of bed headed for the refrigerator opening windows on his way
and said, "Only got beer Babe, OK?"

I answered, "Sure, why not!"

He asked, "Ever smoked pot or taken an Ecstasy pill before?"

I told him, "I smoked pot quite a few times, but I had never taken an
Ecstasy Pill, Speed, or anything else." He motioned me to sit up and follow
him to the kitchen table to drink the beer and shoved a couple of paper
towels into the crack of my ass before I sat down on the upholstered
chair. Before he handed me a cold beer, he told me to open-up my mouth wide
he wanted to look at my teeth.

He took a good look at my teeth, then placed a pill on my tongue, put a
beer to my lips and said. "Nice teeth girl! Don't even think about spitting
it out! Down the hatch, that should make you feel very good in about 20
minutes, turn you into a hot she-male Bitch, a little whore most of the
night! You will be in Ecstasy with Ecstasy. I cannot believe this is your
first time for Ecstasy. Where have you been hiding? You are going to love
it too girl, want to fuck all night long!" He laughed and held the beer to
my lips until the pill went down. He stood me on my feet again, pulled the
wad of paper towels out of my ass and checked to see if it was catching all
the skeet that he had deposited in me. He put it to my nose and said,
"Still clean baby, I guess your pussy likes it" pushed it back in between
my buns and told me to sit back down and drink my beer.

I did not really know how much more sexually alive I could feel. I did have
a slightly sore jaw where he had hit me a couple of times. His rough sex
had already made me feel so good when he put the meat to me and nipped on
my nipples and treated me so rough, I didn't think things could get any
better. But, what was I to know about the pill he had given me, except what
he had told me it would do to me! He grabbed an old pie plate and a plastic
bag off the shelf, dumped some grass in it and picked out the seeds. He
rolled a joint, put it to his lips, grabbed the lighter and lit it up. He
passed it back and forth between the two of us while he continued to roll
joints, until it was to small to hold. He put a roach clip on it and we
finished it off. Another beer each and the Midway and we could hear things
start to quiet down as it were shutting down for the night. I looked at the
clock and it read 11:30pm. All of a sudden, it seemed very quiet, compared
to how noisy it had been when everything was running and the carnival music
was blasting.

Minutes later two big burly guys, one nice looking, the other very homely,
shaved bald, but with a massive muscular body entered the trailer. They
both were shirtless, sweating and had big smiles on their faces when they
saw me. Bud introduced them as his roommates, Blake and Gill. Bud went back
to rolling joints as the guys grabbed beers making themselves
comfortable. They grabbed a joint each from the pile Bud rolled. They lit
up, and gave a sigh of relief that the workday had ended and they could
finally relax. Hell, they were nude in minutes, scratching their balls and
parading around in the trailer as if they never wore clothing. I was not
sure if they were going to be coming on to me or not this evening. They
seemed so busy raiding the refrigerator of cold fried chicken, belching and
scratching their asses and drinking beer, I was not sure. They both crashed
on the sofa and relaxed drinking the rest of their beers and finishing off
their joints flipping on the TV.

I did realize that there was at least one more bedroom, off to the left,
across from a bathroom. Bud lit up another joint, and passed it back and
forth between he and me. Blake and Gill eventually joined us around the
table, a couple more joints shared, and I was over the top. Hey, as long as
I can remember, I always go through some crazy stages when I smoke
pot. Sometimes I shiver; sometimes I just go directly to hot, always I end
up horny in due time. Well, not sure if it was the pot, the beer, the
Ecstasy kicking in, or all three, but I was definitely getting
horny. First, I was cold, then hot, then cold, then hot again. I did not
know what I was going to do. I was not sure if Bud would get mad if I did
not stay cool. I was nervous! I was afraid I would do something to get him
mad if I did something that he didn't approve in front of Blake and Gill. I
burst into tears and laid my head over on Buds shoulder.

Bud looked at me and asked, "What wrong baby, you getting horny again

All I could say was, "Hold me Bud, I'm all fucked up!" Bud pawed me a bit
and I got a big raging hard-on visible to everyone, since I was still
nude. They all chuckled.

Bud looked over at Blake and Gill and said, "I think Teddy's ready boys,
it's fun time at OK corral. Saddle up!" They lifted me, putting me sitting
up on the table so they could all paw me for awhile, pinch my ass, nibble
and nip on my nipples and run their rough, coarse hands all over me. They
inspected all my body parts, including my teeth, my hair, and especially my
hairless rosebud and balls. They were quite surprised that my dick was as
big as it was for being so young. They got me so damn turned on that I
jumped down off the table and started sucking on the first cock I saw. It
just happened to be Blake. Bud grabbed my head and pulled me off and said,
"Did I say you could suck Blake off girl? Well, did I cum sucker boy?" He
waited for an answer holding me by my long blond hair. He laid me over the
table and said he had to punish me. He spanked me until my ass was on fire
again. Then he told Blake to rub his dick all over my face, and eyes. He
was oozing pre-cum all over my face. Gill stepped up and rubbed his hard
dick up and down my slit and over my ass while Bud worked one, two, then
three fingers up into me to loosen me up again. "Boys, she likes it rough,
it really turns her on, but don't mess with her face, I've already knocked
her jaw a few times, punched her in the stomach and spanked her quite a
bit. Her jaw has to be pretty sore."

I finally could not take it any longer and shouted, "Fuck me guys, come on,
please fuck me! Damn will one of you big dudes fuck me!" I jumped up,
leaned over and pointed my pinkie rosebud at them. My ass cheeks were still
quite red and warm as the guys remarked with a chuckle in their voices.

Bud popped me on the ass again a few times, then asked, "What did you say
girl, we can't hear you, what is it you wanted?" They had me in tears
before they let loose on me. When they did, they were all over me. They
took turns, switching from front to back, getting me to cum in waves, just
biting me on my nipples or down my inner thighs, licking and sucking on my
rosebud. Oh, they were so rough with me, but I did not care, I loved it as
long as they would keep fucking with me and fucking me all night long. I
finally wore the three of them down. Gill and Blake eventually retired to
the other bedroom to get away from me. Bud gagged me with a ball gag, put
me in bed on my side, crawled in next to me, put a dildo up my ass, held me
to him until I settled down and went to sleep in his arms. I do not think
he got to much sleep, as I was working that dildo in my ass and rubbing
back against him for a long, long time. I awakened with a hard cock up my
ass again at 6:30am. Bud, first, then, Blake, then Gill each fucked me,
dressed and were out the door. I just turned over and went back to sleep
and just before noon I got up, took a shower, dressed and was out the door
to get something in my stomach, then to the gate job by 1:00pm.

As I was working, I put my hand in my pocket for something and found a note
that said, "Thanks for the good time last night girl, come back tonight, we
can do it again if you're up to it. Hope you enjoyed the Ecstasy. Oh yes,
we owe you a teddy bear for your performance last night." It was signed
Bud, Blake and Gill, the three new men in your life.
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