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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Young Toby - Young Toby 13

Date: Sat, 4 Aug 2012 22:49:25 +0000
From: Kevin walsh <>
Subject: Young Toby part 13

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Young Toby Part 13

During the week the guys took me up on my offer of calling round whenever
they were horny jaime was there every night except for thursday which was
his training night, we enjoyed spending time with each other he brought
Luke on Monday and Craig on Wednesday but all the while my heart belonged
to Toby.

Sam was the first to arrive he knocked on my door Monday night, me and
Jamie had decided to give Luke a double fuck and he was well up for it when
the knock came at the door I went and opened it in just my underware with
my engorged cock head poking out the top of my underware. Sam was stood
there his body glistening with sweat his muscles perfectly formed framed by
the wife beater that he had on and the running shorts his veins were
bulging as much as his crotch was "hi I was having a run and wondered if I
could pop round for a bit" he said cautiously looking down and my cock head
poking out "yeah your fine come in its Sam isn't it" I said as I opened the
door "yeah it is" he said as he walked in rubbing his crotch.

He walked into the room and saw Jamie on the couch naked with Luke deep
throating his thick cock, I walked behind him with my hand on his ass, it
was nice and firm. I spun him round and started to kiss him my tongue
invading his mouth as he freely let me in I explored every area I could get
to as my tongue left his mouth his tongue explored my mouth, my hand was
down his shorts feeling his ass while the other hand was up his top
stroking his broad muscular back he took his top off and my hand wandered
round to the front playing with his nipples he gave a few moans as I
applied a little more pressure to them."You gonna slide that tight ass on
here bro" said Jamie to Luke as he grabbed his cock, Luke stood up and
climbed onto the couch standing astride his brother and lowering onto his
thick cock "oh yeah that's it bro you know how to make me happy don't you"
said Jamie as Luke slid down his thick shaft.

Sam was staring at Luke getting fucked while his cock was sliding in and
out of my mouth "that's so hot" he said staring at Luke and Jamie fucking
"come and get some" said Jamie stretching Luke's ass cheeks and thrusting
his hips upwards so that it showed Sam that there was room for Sam's cock
inside Luke. Sam pulled his cock out of my mouth and went over to Luke and
Jamie his cock glistening with my saliva he crouched down and grabbed his 8
inches and positioned it at Luke's hole and started to slide it in "oh yeah
this is great" he said as his 8 inch cock disappeared inside Luke's ass "oh
yeah give me it all" moaned Luke, "oh yeah can you feel that Sam your cock
rubbing against mine" moaned Jamie, Sam managed to reply "its great"was all
he could say as his cock bottomed out in Luke's ass. I looked between Sam's
ass and saw Jamie's and Sam's balls squashed together I layed on the floor
on my back and started to lick all those four balls giving them long
strokes with my tongue my hand was round my 10 inches but I was hornier
than that and I knew that just a wank wasn't going to be enough I needed to
fuck an ass.

I got up and bent on my knees and started rimming Sam as he starred to fuck
Luke with Jamie he started to moan as my tongue darted inside his hole "you
like that Sam?" I said "oh yeah don't stop don't stop" he moaned, after a
few minutes of licking his hole I spat on my cock and rubbed it in and
positioned it at Sam's hole so that it would nudge his hole when he pulled
his cock out of Luke's ass, he pulled his cock out a few times with his
hole pushing against my cock head so I leaned closer to get entry in his
ass. He pulled back and my cock head slipped inside his hole, when he
thrust forward it popped out again "what's was that" he said more with
surprise in his voice than anything "that was your ass taking my cock head
it feels hungry does your ass, would you like me to stop" I said as I knew
Sam was enjoying fucking Luke I knew he wouldn't refuse the extra sensation
"No keep going but its my first cock I've fingered my ass but this is my
first cock so be gentle" he said.

I leaned forward more watching Sam's muscular body sliding backwards
towards my cock it popped into his ass again"mmm that feels great" he said
"you want the full 10 inches?" I asked as it popped out as he thrust
forward "I think I can take it" he said so I leaned forward even more he
pulled back and my cock slid inside "aaargh" he cried, I grabbed his hips
and held him firm "get used to it" I said holding him tightly "its so big"
he moaned I released my grip on his hips.

After a few seconds of my throbbing cock deep in Sam's ass he started
moving backwards and forwards sending his cock deep into Luke's ass while
just leaving my cockhead in his ass and then when he pulled back my cock
was balls deep in his ass and his cockhead was in Luke's ass with every
movement he was moaning while Luke and Jamie were moaning and groaning
underneath "give me more" moaned Luke "oh yeah keep that going" moaned
Jamie. Sam was the first to cum "its here" he said as he thrust forward, I
was on the verge so I thrust my hips forwards too, his ass tightened round
my cock as he pumped his cum into Luke's ass which made my cock erupt in
his ass "ooh that feels so good" he moaned as I pumped a big load into his
ass. We both pulled our cocks out of the respective holes giving Jamie
extra friction in Luke's hole and he started to fuck Luke with jack hammer
speed "oh yeah" moaned Luke "yeah take it bro take it all" moaned Jamie as
he thrust his hips up deep into Luke's ass, Luke's cock spasmed and shot
cum all over Jamie's muscular torso and some even went on his face which
Luke quickly licked off and shared it with his brother as his brother
filled his ass with its second load of cum that night. After about 15 mins
the guys said that they were gonna set off even though I did say they could
stop but they said that they had school next day so they left I went to bed
after seeing to my dogs and slept like a baby.

The next day went by as usual got up sorted out the dogs went to work all
the boring stuff, thinking about the night before all day got me horned up
and was ready for some doggy fun by the time I got home I sorted them out
and showered and Jamie knocked on the door, I opened it in just the towel
round my waist "you don't need that" said Jamie whipping the towel from
around my waist as he walked in my cock was semi hard from some stroking I
was doing in the shower "ooh already for some action" said Jamie as he
clocked his eyed on my cock, "well I was gonna have some doggy fun as my
ass is wanting to be filled to the max" I said as I shut the door and
followed him in he stripped off immediately "this not enough for ya" he
said grabbing his hard cock and tensing all his muscles while he shook it
at me, my cock grew hard while I was looking at him "cmon get your ass
filled with this" he said as he sat down "bet you can't take this and your
dogs too can ya" he continued smiling at me. I opened the back door and let
the 2 dogs in and lubed my ass up and Jamie's incredibly thick 9 inches I
sat astride him and squatted down and impaled myself on his cock "mmmm yeah
get that in your ass" moaned Jamie as he grabbed my ass cheeks and pushed
his hips upward so his cock was all the way inside me "wanna see if you can
get your dog in there too" said Jamie as I felt his cock throbbing in my
ass "ok" I replied, I moved my legs so that I was kneeling and leant
forward kissing Jamie.

Jamie grabbed the lube and put a load on his hand and started to rub it
into my ass he worked 2 fingers into it I could feel my ass stretching as
his fingers slid into me after he pulled them out I looked over my shoulder
"Biscuit" I said and biscuit was straight there at my ass sniffing "up
Biscuit" I said looking over my shoulder. I felt his front paws land on my
back which pushed me down Jamie's throbbing cock even more Jamie got his
strong hands on each ass cheek and spread them apart while Biscuit shuffled
forwards with his back legs and started thrusting wildly after 5 thrusts I
felt his cock squeeze into my ass besides Jamie's thick tool, Jamie moaned
as he felt Biscuit's cock enter my ass and start fucking me hard and fast
"oh my god this is so intense" he moaned my breath was taken away by the
raw fucking my ass was getting from my dog his front paws tightened round
my waist and his mouth came down and held the back of my neck firmly I
could feel his teeth digging into my skin his knot was banging at my hole,
I was thinking that it wouldn't go in but Biscuit had other ideas and
rammed at my hole once but his knot didn't go in he shuffled forward a bit
more and rammed again, my ass gave way and his knot was in my ass. He let
go of my neck and started panting and doing little thrusts while Jamie's
cock was pumping cum into me while he was gasping for breath too.

Biscuit turned his knot still deep in me pumping dog cum into my ass "I can
feel him filling you up" said Jamie his cock still rock hard in me, I
kissed him and his phone rang I reached round to where his clothes were
left and handed him his phone "hello" he said, "oh hiya buddy" he continued
"just a minute I'll ask him" he looked at me "its Matt wants to know if
he's ok to come over for a little relief" he said "well it will only be
oral as I'm a little tied up at the moment" I answered "yeah your alright
to come over Matt you will have to walk straight in though as we are in the
middle of something so we won't be able to answer the door" and then he
hung up "he gonna be here in about 20 minutes" said Jamie.

15 minutes had gone by and Biscuit's cock and knot finally left my ass and
it was Baileys turn my ass was on fire and I wanted more, Jamie's cock was
still rock hard he must have been running on unleaded tonight I thought as
his cock throbbed in my ass again as Bailey got his weight on my back he
pulled my cheeks apart and within minutes Bailey had knotted with me and
had turned, there was a knock at the door and then opened it was Matt he
was wearing skin tight shorts and t shirt that showed off his body builders
stomach nicely ripped and you could clearly see his 11 inch cock down the
side of his leg "fucking hell look at you 2 and your dog" he said as he
walked in "I guess there's only 1 hole left for my cock" he said as he
pulled his cock and balls out of his pants and hooked the waistband of his
shorts under his balls, my mouth was open straight away and he slid his
cock into my mouth and I started sucking on his shaft while Jamie was
working on his balls "yeah that's right you 2 work on those" he said as his
hands went under his t shirt and started playing with his nipples. I
started sliding my mouth up and down his shaft taking as much of his cock
in my mouth as I could "here take it all" he said as he grabbed my head and
slid his 11 inches down my throat, I started breathing out of my nose as he
fucked my mouth and throat I could feel his cock head sliding down my
throat, Bailey's cock and knot fell out of my ass and Jamie started fucking
my hole his thrusting was in time with Matt's thrusting down my throat I
sucked harder as Jamie fucked me with every muscle in his body. My cock
exploded all over Jamie's torso and his cock exploded on my ass, Matt
lasted a few minutes longed and came down my throat which I shared with

Matt thanked us both tucked his cock and balls back in his pants and said
that he had to go and was gone. Me and Jamie took a long hot shower soaping
up each others bodies "where do you wanna sleep tonight?" I asked Jamie
"gonna have to go home as school tomorrow" he said sounding a little
disappointed. I dropped him off home with a goodnight kiss and went to bed
when I got in to see what tomorrow brought.......

Let me know if you want more

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Nifty - Gay - Adult Youth - Young Toby - Young Toby 13