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Nifty - Gay - Athletics - Basketball Shorts - Basketball Shorts 2

Date: Sun, 21 Oct 2001 22:53:03 -0400
From: Donny Berry <>
Subject: basketball shorts 2

That's right boy, and girls, and boys that dress like girls, it's time for
another installment of this story. I apologize that it took me so long to
get out the next chapter, but life has been pretty hectic as of late and I
haven't really had a lot of time to write. I hope that all of you that are
reading this are of legal age, because if you aren't, I cannon condone nor
be responsible for your delinquency. As for all of you law abiding enjoyers
of porn, have fun, and happy wanking.

All I could think about, as I was recovering from Donavan assault on my
senses was seeing him again. He was feakin' amazing. It was so good that I
could concentrate on my AP CALC class, so I decided that the time would be
better spent sleeping, so I missed out on that whole class, but that's ok,
Donavan takes it too, so I'm sure he wont mind tutoring me on the lesson
that I missed. Life was definitely good, I had what appeared to be a new
fuck buddy, and some sleep (you would be surprised how good you feel after a
nap while someone has tried to explain how to find the limit of an
equation). But one thing was still nagging at the back of my head, why would
he be looking forward to seeing me at Jared's party, I mean, we had a soccer
meeting that Thursday plus a little but of weight room work. Hehehe,
speaking of weight room workouts, that meant that there would be more guys
in basketball shorts *drool*
       Well Thursday rolled around, like a square wheel. I think I was so excited
about practice later on in the afternoon, that I made the day go by like...
well really slow. So after suffering through much boredom it was finally
time for weight room practice, and I was much rejoiced. You see, some of the
hottest guys in school happen to be on the soccer team, so all those hot
guys in one place was quite a treat for me. As I walked into the room,
Donavan gave me a slight wink before going back to doing whatever it was he
was doing before I walked in. After a short little speech from coach, and
him telling us that we only had to do two circuits, we paired off and got to
work. With in 6 or 7 minutes, shirts were coming of, and most of us were
dripping with sweat, or at least sweating enough to make our shirts stick to
our upper bodies. Me, being the sex pot that I am, I was one of the first
guys to take off my shirt, cause you know what they say, "when you got it,
flaunt it", and I definitely got a good upper body.
       Well practice was over in about 45 minutes, and after some roughhousing in
the locker room, we all went home, some to do homework, and other to do
"homework". I've known I was attracted to guys since I was about 7 or 8, so
I have learned to keep my pecker in check and conceal my attraction, but
once I get home, I usually haul ass up to my room and "rub one out", if you
know what I mean, but tonight I decided that I didn't want to waste my cum
on some tissue, I needed a person instead, and I knew just the guy. JOSH!!!
Without hesitation I called him up, knowing that he would be home, and told
him that I "needed help with my Spanish homework". I could have just told
him I wanted to fool around, but where's the fun in being that direct.
       Within 5 minutes of making the call I was at his doorstep, ringing the
doorbell. As I surveyed the surroundings, I noticed that his mom's car was
in the drive way... hmmm that could create some difficulty, but we have
managed to do things before with her in the house, so I wasn't to worried.
Waiting for Josh to come to the door, I was starting to get anxious, I mean,
the kid was hott, and I was horny, so good things were definitely going to
come of the situation; if he would just open the damn door. After what
seemed like longer than a dramatic pause in an Anthony Hopkins movie, he
finally opened the door, and what I saw nearly took my breath away. In the
doorframe stood a body that could melt plutonium, he's about 6' tall,
caramel colored skin, hard abs, muscular legs. He was the whole package
without over doing it. He opened the door wearing a skintight wife beater,
and a pair of Umbros (soccer shorts) with what appeared to be nothing under

"Hey Matt, how goes life?"

"Well, it mostly goes in a forwardly direction."

"Ahh... well mines used to do that as well, but as of late its taken a
slight northeasterly turn."

       As he said that we both chuckled a little and the goofiness of our
conversation, and with a quick peck on the cheek he invited me in the house.

"So what's the deal with the Spanish homework" he said as he led me up the
stairs to his room.

"Well, I've been having a little trouble conjugating my A R verbs in the
future tense." I said playing along with the cover that we had made up.

"Ok, well let's see if I can help you with that." And with that he shut the
door behind us, leaving us to do what two horny gay teenaged males do.

       As he turned around I was right there waiting to ravage him with my lips,
and I did exactly that. Lightly pushing him against the wall I planted a
kiss on him that was filled with so much lust, I thought that our lungs were
going to explode. Both his hands and mines were all over each other, and I
one point things got so crazy that I think I was helping him feel me up.
Finally, after what seemed like an eternity filled with bliss, he broke the
kiss, and pulled me by my shirt over to the bed. After we got to the bed, he
lifted my shirt over my head, and started to plant kisses on my chest. As
he covered the general area of my chest he zeroed in on my nipples and
starting with the left, nibbled on each one, slowly tweaking them with his
front teeth. All of the attention to my nipples was sending pulses of
electricity through my body, and making me even more horny than I was when I
first walked in. Once he was done with my nipples, he licked his way down
to my belt, and with his ever so nimble fingers, he had my pants, sneakers,
and socks of in a flash, leaving me in just my boxers. Before he returned to
his task for the evening, he stopped and admired my body, and then looking
deeply into my eyes, he went after his prize in my boxers. Pulling them down
with his teeth (something that by the way drives me wild) he had me
completely exposed within seconds. He then slowly started to lick the piss
slit of my cock, jabbing his tongue in and out of the little hole, driving
me insane. Then without warning he engulfed my whole cock, all 8 inches in
one slurp. As he bobbed up and down my pole, he was also swirling his tongue
around both the shaft and the head. The boy had to be one of the best
cocksuckers I knew.
       I could feel my load boiling in my balls, and did my best to hold it off as
long as I could, and he did his best to make me give up my boy cream. He
added to the stimulation that he was giving my cock by dipping two of his
fingers into a tub of Vaseline that he had handy, and shoved them up my ass.
My eyes were rolling so far into the back of my head that I think they were
starting to accumulate mileage. He was sucking and fucking me to a rhythm
that I could hear, but that I sure as hell enjoyed, and after about 10
minutes, I could feel my knees starting to buckle and my balls start to
boil. I tried to give him a warning, but my tongue had been paralyzed by
all of the pleasure that he was giving me. So I shot my load straight down
his throat. Me shooting didn't slow him down though, all through my orgasm
he was still sucking, milking me for all the cum that I had, and finger
fucking me in like a mad man.
       After I was done, I just collapsed on the bed, but he never let my cock out
of his mouth, nor stopped finger fucking me. By now he had added a third
finger, and it felt so good that I was just subconsciously gyrating my hips
on his hand. Once I had slightly recovered from my orgasm, be flip[ed me
over and started to lube up is 6 incher, and got ready to penetrate me.
With no warning other than his hands spreading my cheeks he entered me all
the way, as if I was his bitch. Tonight was definitely not a slow fucking
night; he fucked me so hard I thought I was going to pass out. Although his
dick isn't the biggest in the world he has his ways of making me just want
to let him fuck me for the rest of my life. After a while his thrusts
started to get even harder and faster, and with him nibbling on my ear he
came right in my asshole.
       As we lay there he laid soft kisses on the back of my neck. Even thought
it wasn't quite romance, there was still something between us, somehow
someway, we were linked. It never quit made sense to me, so I just blamed
on the afterglow of an amazing orgasm and went about my business.
       When we finally recovered, he lit up a cigarette, and we sat there and
philosophized on things like the Olympics, the Black Panthers, and the
monopoly that Starbucks has created in the Frappichino market. As I inhaled
the second hand smoke from Josh's cigarette, I couldn't help but let my mind
wonder to the possibilities of Friday night. What kind of party would it be?
Would I get another chance to hook up with Donavan? All the while that I was
putting on my clothes, and heading to the car, this was what occupied most
of my thoughts. The only thing that I could do however was to just wait
until Friday and that's when all my questions would be answered.

Well folks, that includes another chapter in the b ball shorts series. I
would love to hear what you guys think of how I am doing with eh story and
whatnot. Also if you just want to talk, or praise my amazing use of the
transitive adverb feel free to drop me a line a Hope
to talk to you guys all sooner or later.

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Nifty - Gay - Athletics - Basketball Shorts - Basketball Shorts 2