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Nifty - Gay - Athletics - Football Team Mascot

Date: Thu, 24 Jun 2010 11:31:07 -0700 (PDT)
From: Sefaan Carette <>
Subject: Football Team Mascot

This is a true story

It happened ten years ago when I was in High School. I was 16 at the time.
I was rather small for my age, skinny and looked rather girlish. There was
of course nothing wrong with the male parts of my body. I had evolved like
any other boy of my age. The only thing that bothered me was the lack of
body hair.

I wasn't part of any of the sports teams but was part of the gymnastic
team, which was seen by the other boy as being for girls.

I was rather jealous of the guys in the football team. They were well
build, muscular, and strong. They called me squid.

Squid was a loner, not popular by the boys and many times the victim of
their cruel jokes.

High school was hell for me. Even my parents couldn't understand why I
never brought friends home.

As we came nearer to a long weekend, I was planning a weekend of computer
games and TV. It was Wednesday morning during recess that, to my surprise,
Ron, the captain of the football team came up to me. "Hey squid! My parents
are going away for the weekend, and I can invite some friends over, we can
watch some DVD, play some games, barbeque and have swim. I invited Jake and
was wondering if you like to come". I couldn't believe my ears and stood
there with open mouth. This guy had never spoken to me since second grade
and now I was invited for a whole weekend. "yes I d'like that I just have
to ask my parents is it OK to answer you tomorrow", I said. "Sure, no

That evening my parents were exited. It was the first time they heard me
talk about friend and being invited by them.

On Thursday morning Ron came immediately to me and asked if I was in. I
said yes and asked him what to bring. " Just some T-shirts, shorts and
swimming trunks, if you don't want to skinny dip". He gave me his address
and said to be there at five so I could meet his folks before they went
of. I said I d'be there.

That afternoon I packed a little bag and set of on my bicycle. As I arrived
at Ron's house I saw Jake's motor bike was there. I rang the bell and Ron's
mother opened the door. " So, you must be Steven. Welcome, I hope you'll
enjoy the weekend. We will see you on Sunday". Ron's father was already
packing the car. They said their goodbyes and were off. Ron showed me the
room I would use during the weekend ant told me to put on my swimming
gear. We had a nice time in the pool, playing ball in the water. Just
before darkness we got out of the water and let ourselves dry in the last
rays of sun. Ron made a huge fire and we started a barbeque. I felt in
seventh heaven. Ron handed me a beer, the first one in my life. It made me
feel mellow. After eating and cleaning up we went to the study to watch
some DVDs.

The movies were boring and suddenly Ron jumped up and shouted that he was
going to get some decent stuff from his parent's room. " yeah bring us the
stuff you always brag about" cried Jake. Ron made us sit on the sofa in
front of the big plasma TV. I sat in the middle with Jake and Ron on either
side. Ron started the first dvd, they were exited> Finally I understood
why, this was hardcore porn. Ron handed out beers and we were looking at
people fucking and sucking each other.

I could feel my dick getting harder and felt embarrassed; I looked over at
Ron and Jake and saw that had the same problem. Jakes hand was even in his
pant and he was playing with his dick, I also saw Ron putting his hand in
his trunks. Suddenly Jake pulled down his trunks and started to work his
dick. Ron followed his example. I didn't know what to do and wanted to get
to my room. Just as I was getting up, Ron grabbed me by my hair, very
painfully. "Where are you going squid". "I wanted to go to the bathroom", I
answered. " Oh no you' re not" as he pulled my hair even harder an bringing
my face nearer to his dick. "Now you see my dick, squid, I want you to kiss
it, KISS IT!!!" he screamed. I was afraid now. Next to me Ron was
laughing. Finally it downed to me why I was there. They wanted to humiliate

Jake was pulling harder, so I had no choice than to obey. "That's right
squid, kiss it, now put out your tongue and lick it all the way, from my
balls to the top" I didn't react at first put another pull at my scalp made
me decide. "That's good squid, now open your mouth and take it in". I
opened my mouth and he pushed his dick in. By now I was crying.

He started to move my head up and down my mouth. "Now suck and lick, as you
saw just now on the movie. I had no choice than to obey.

Suddenly Ron, who was enjoying the whole scene grabbed my arm behind my
back and bound them. Now I had any defense any more. He pulled down my
trunks and joked to Jake, ` look the squid has a dick". There I was naked
and bound, sucking dick.

Ron then moved me on the sofa, so that my as moved to his direction. My
eyes grew wide as I suddenly felt his dick against my ass cheeks. He was
going to rape me. He started pushing, slowly and I could feel his dick
against my rectum. I felt him push harder and my hole giving way. Suddenly
he was past my sphincter and pushed deeper, I could feel his balls slapping
mine. He stated to fuck me.

I had now dicks in me on both sides. Jake started moaning, "Oh yeah baby
this good, go on baby your doing good Oh I am ready I'm going to cum" He
kept my head over his dick as he came into my mouth. I had no choice than
to swallow. It came in gushes and seemed, as it would never end. Ron was
still fucking away when suddenly he cried out and I could feel him
cumming. It felt as my bowels were filled with liters of fluid. Both were
now satisfied and removed their dicks. Ron untied my hands but both of them
grabbed me by the arms pulled me over a small table and bound my arms to
the legs. There I was, my chest over the table and my ass in the air. I
heard Jake say to Ron, "Make the call". I was scared and crying again. Jake
came to stand behind me, he was still in his full nakedness. I saw his dick
was hard again. " While we wait for the other, let me have some boy
pussy". I knew what was coming> He went to his knees and started pushing
his dick into my ass. I was still wet from Ron's cum so it didn't hurt as
much. I wanted him to stop but he said they would gag me if I ever opened
my mouth again> I felt his dick sliding deeper and deeper. Finally his
whole length was in me, and he started pumping away. He came with a
scream. Ron was watching us from the sofa and this time he wanted a mouth
job. He also came again, His cum almost choking me.

Both of them were now exhausted. They both sat down on the sofa. " I've
made the call said Ron. They `ll be here soon. I was left as I was. Naked,
bound and leaking cum.

A little later the bell rng, Ron went to open the door. I could hear male
voices. A lot of them, as they greeted him. They all came into the room and
there was the whole team. Ron laughed, and said " I promised you pussy, so
I give pussy, for the whole weekend". One of the guys came up to me, "Hey
but this is the squid". They all laughed as they began to undress. I knew
that I was going to take them all. Ron distributed beers to get them in the
mood. The first one that came up to me was a black quarter back. He swung
his dick firs before my face. "Would you like some black dick filling you
up squid, after this you crave for black dick, I'll fill you up good
baby". So he moved away and I could feel him pushing into me. The rest
followed him. Some fucked my mouth others my ass. I was leaking cum from
all sides. By then it wasn't painful anymore and to my shame, I started to
want the next guy to shove his hard dick into me. I was even glad when they
wanted me to suck them to hardness again, so that they could fill me again
and again.

Finally Ron came over and released me. He handed me a beer, to clean my
mouth he said. The black boy, Jones, called me over. "will you service me
again?" he asked. I went on my knees and him into my mouth. I started to
enjoy this. After a while he got hard again and sat on his lap, taking his
dick deep into me and started riding him.. I was hot and on fire. Seeing
this the others wanted the same treatment. It felt as if I couldn't get

At one stage after this major service I must have fallen asleep. Ron woke
me up and said all the others were gone and we should go to bed. I went to
my room. I first took a shower as I was sticky of all the cum and when to
lie down. Jake entered my room. Got under the sheets with me. We were both
still naked. I could feel his dick pocking at me. I took it in my hand,
lowered down in the bed and took it in my mouth. I moved slowly up and
down. I heard him moan, but before he could come, I stopped I moved up
again, and still with his dick in my hand guided him to my glory hole. I
took him in me slowly and moved my hips slowly up and down. He moaned and
uttered sweet names. When he came, it felt like heaven. We did this a few
times during the night. Daytime came to early.

We were still naked when we went to the kitchen for breakfast. After eggs
and beacon, I disappeared under the table and sucked Ron and Jake's dicks
in turn. They were ecstatic.

Half an hour later the whole team was back. We went swimming in the pool,
playing ball, all naked. Sometimes one of them would call me over and we
would quietly disappear for a suck or a fuck. My ass was by now opened up
and looked like a pussy, but I loved it.

At the end of the day, one of the guys proposed they talk to the coach to
make me a member of the team. I could not play but they could make me the
mascot. They needed someone to wear the monkey costume and during breaks
and before and after matches I could "service" them. All of them were
unanimous. I felt happy. I felt like belonging somewhere.

They all left and that night it was Ron's turn to fuck me all night, they
both got their service during breakfast and I went home.

Mum was asking lot of questions about my weekend and I made up a story with
a blink in my eyes. I was not going to give HER the details.

On Monday morning everything had changed at school. The team members
invited me to take part in their things and discussions. Jones asked me for
a service during break time so I took him to an outbuilding and gave him
head. Monday afternoon Ron looked me up and announced that I had won my
place on the team. I was the team mascot.

We trained every second day. When the guys jumped in the shower after
practice I was with them offering head and pussy. We played in and out of

We even managed to come to the finals. It was half time and we were 2
points behind. The boys were devastated. I got out of my monkey suit and
stood naked before them. I lined them up in a row and started to suck them
one by one. I was halfway when I heard someone scream behind me, "What the
fuck is going on here". It was the coach. I turned around wide-eyed still
on my knees. He came up to me but before he could say any more, I pulled
down his shots and took that little fat dick in my mouth and started
working on it with my tongue. I could feel his dick come erect. He grabbed
my head and started to move my head towards him, he started to face fuck
me. I heard him moan. Before he could come I removed my head went on hands
and knees and asked him if he would like boy pussy. He went to his knees
behind me and shoved his dick into me. He fucked me hard. He came in
steams. My position in the team was secured.

I fucked and sucked the team players for the rest of high school. Then we
separated. I went to university. Got married and became a father. My son is
a football player at his school. I don't want to know what goes on in their
dressing room.

Sometimes I still have this longing to my days as member of the football

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Nifty - Gay - Athletics - Football Team Mascot