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Nifty - Gay - Athletics - Juicy Young Bulges - Juicy Young Bulges 1

Date: Tue, 02 May 2006 13:09:03 +0000
From: justin scott <>
Subject: Juicy Young Bulges 1



Sometimes Steven wondered if there was something weird about him. He was
only 17, but already he had discovered that what really turned him on was
having sex whilst wearing his tight underwear. OK, he liked wanking other
boys as well, but nothing excited him more than rubbing himself off in his
briefs or shorts. Most of his friends and chance encounters were happy
enough to go in for some harmless mutual masturbation, but it was rare to
persuade them to wear sexy briefs and to indulge in the kind of slow
undressing and lingering cockfun in tight bulging cotton, or nylon, or
silk. And he had yet to have a session with a boy of his own age which
ended up in them filling their cock-hugging briefs with warm teencum! He
had spunked off many times solo into his shorts, but he dreamed of the time
when he might find a boyfriend with similar tastes, who would enjoy as much
as he did the sensation of pulsing spunk filling the clinging nylon of a
pair of speedos, or the pouch of a cotton jockstrap, or of nylon or silk
briefs, or even of a pair of silky running shorts. He badly wanted to
share this pleasure, and also to enjoy the sensation of sucking off a hot
lad through tight skimpy briefs until the gushing jizz forced its way
through the bulging material and into his eager mouth.

He had been introduced to the joys of bulge fun by an older guy, one of the
instructors at the local gym club. Paul was in his early twenties, cute
but very straight acting, and it hadn't taken long for Steven to realise
that Paul was eyeing him up. Steven enjoyed athletics and decided that he
needed to develop a fitness regime. Paul had been appointed as his fitness
coach, and by the third session he had asked Steven out for a drink at the
end of the evening. But they never got as far as the pub, because Paul
drove Steven to a dark deserted side street at the far end of town,
whereupon they moved into the back seats and began to feel each other up,
Paul taking charge of all the moves. They were nervous with each other at
first, Paul breathing rather heavily and Steven not quite sure just what to
expect. But after Paul began gently to stroke his right leg, in long
strokes from his knee to the upper part of his thigh, Steven relaxed and
knew that this was going to be fun. They were both wearing loose fitting
nylon track suit bottoms and dark-coloured t-shirts. Steven rested his
hand on Paul's thigh, not sure if he was meant to reciprocate or not, and
at once Paul lay further back in the car seat, parting his legs as if to
invite Steven to do whatever he wanted. 'Give me a good feel Steve', he
muttered. 'No-one can see us here, and I want you to rub my cock through
my trackies. See if you can make out what I'm wearing underneath them.'

Steven reached across and let his hand make out by feel the shape of his
coach's mound. It was large, but soft and giving. He pressed lightly
through the nylon track suit and slid the material over the bulge. It
slipped and slithered over the tightly contained package beneath. As he
continued lightly to stroke the older lad, he felt Paul's hand move further
upwards and towards his own centre. Then the hand gently groped him,
massaging the warm mound of young teenboy cock and fat juicy balls. For a
couple of minutes they just sat like this, side by side, stroking each
other's swelling bulges, enjoying the sensation of the confined hardness
pressing urgently through the underwear contained beneath the nylon
bottoms. Steven had never before been felt up like this, and was loving
it! Paul seemed experienced and confident, gently working the youngster's
mound beneath his skilful hand so that it grew and filled the briefs. He
seemed in no hurry to remove the tracksuit, and to get working on Steven's
naked young cock. Far from it: the boy's bulging package contained in
tight briefs beneath the trackie, sliding and moving under his hand, was a
fantastic turn-on to Paul. For his part, Steven was thrilled by the
mystery of working on the unseen cockshaft of his young instructor, which
though trapped in underwear still presented the boy with the unmistakable
shape of a firm hard dick which he worked with the palm of his hand. As
Steven stroked the long shaft, Paul shifted again in the car seat in such a
way that seemed to push his stiff cock upwards, and Steven's hand slipping
further downward cupped the large juicy ballsac which moved gently within
the confining soft material under the tracksuit. Paul's fingers now
gripped Steven's hot hard cock through the nylon trackie, and he gave a few
wanking strokes to the teenager's eager prick. By feel, he was trying to
make out what kind of briefs Steven was wearing - what were they made of?
He wasn't sure, but they seemed to be quite slippery - and not just from
precum! Beneath the nylon tracksuit bottom, he seemed to make out the
distinctive texture of - what was it, silk? nylon? - he was certain that
Steven wasn't wearing cotton briefs, but something much more exciting.

'Let's get out of these' muttered Paul, and raised himself momentarily from
the seat and tugged his own tracksuit down; then with another swift move he
pulled Steven's bottoms downwards as well. In the darkness of the car
interior, the whiteness of their bulging underwear glistened. Paul looked
hungrily at the tight white briefs of the youngster by him, glistening and
sparkling, his own straining jockstrap swollen with his throbbing cock.
Steven was wearing a pair of thin white nylon briefs, already damp with the
precum being to seep from his uncut cockhead. He assumed that Paul would
pull them down as well, and start wanking him, so was surprised when Paul's
hand cupped the front of the nylon briefs and continued to rub him off.
Paul loved the warmth of the hot young cock in its nylon package, moist and
already juicy with the sappy precum. He worked Steven's prick in the shiny
nylon of the white briefs, sliding his hand over the front of the
glistening material, urging more precum to ooze from the fat mushroom
cockhead. He wanted the nylon briefs to be sodden with teenage precum,
warm and aromatic, so that when he sucked the boy's cock through the
bulging briefs, as he planned to do very shortly, his nostrils would be
filled with the delicate scent of hot boyjuice in the warm nylon. For his
own part, his now fully erect cock was leaking drips of clear precum into
the cotton jock stretched tightly across the large mushroom cockhead. He
took Steven's hand and guided it over his jockstrap, encouraging the boy to
feel him up. Steven immediately responded, and through the thin cotton
rubbed and massaged the hard flesh of the firm erection. Again he went
down to Paul's big balls, and lifted and pressed them in the cotton bag.
Then back to the prick, starting slow wanking strokes of the kind that Paul
was applying to his own hard cock. He was excited by the size of the cock
in his grasp, by the heat generated in the sexy white sports jock, and by
the damp spot spreading from the swollen mushroom head clearly evident in
the cotton.

'That's really good. Don't you think so?' asked Paul. 'I love the feel of
your big cock in these hot nylon briefs. God, it looks so sexy, seeing you
with your legs apart and your hard young cock pushing out the front of
those white briefs. Even in the dark I can make out the shape of your dick
and balls, and I can see your bush of pubic hair showing through the nylon.
Do you like being tossed off in your briefs?'

'Yeah, cool, fuck that's fantastic.'

'OK, now let's push our bulges together and feel our cocks against each
other. Your cock is just fantastic in those nylon briefs, and I want to
feel them slipping against my jock and your hardness pushing into mine.
Come on, let's lie facing each other.'

They moved on to their sides on the back seat, their white bulges moving
with the excitement of their shuddering cocks. Paul pressed closed to
Steven who responded by moving up the seat. Their swollen packages moved
closer still, and then met, and Steven gasped with the excitement as for
the first time in his life his cock pressed into the soft cotton package of
another guy's mound. Each of them could feel the hard eager dick of the
other, fighting for freedom from their clothed prisons. Paul moved up and
down, so that his thin cotton jock rubbed firmly against the sparkling
white nylon of Steven's precum-glistening briefs. Just by rubbing together
like this, the excitement of the friction made Steven's cock tingle
dangerously, and he knew that without much more of this he would be
shooting his spunk. Paul too was getting close, the excitement of having
stripped this teenager down to his nylon briefs in the back of his car and
now masturbating him in those precum-juiced pants was almost too much for
him. But he didn't want Steven to cum just yet. He needed to suck the
boy's cock through the hot wet nylon. So he slipped further down the seat
and knelt on the floor of the car, the bulging mound of nylon-trapped
teencock and balls just inches from his face. He moved in, the sweet scent
of honey-precum filling his nostrils, the delicate tang of teenboy cock
trapped in hot nylon unmistakeable. He moved right against the glistening
whiteness, and his mouth covered the mound of boymeat. It was delicious,
wet and slick with precum, the nylon package of boyjoy slick and moving
gently. He sucked hungrily and gratefully on the cock-engorged nylon, the
full fat balls of the teenager, heavy with teenspunk, ready to deliver
their load of gushing boycum. The briefs were getting slippery with the
teenager's precum, and his cock began to buck within the nylon prison, and
Paul worked the dick relentlessly, bobbing up and down the length of the
boy's shaft, suckling delicately at the ballsac, moving him ever closer to
what he knew would be a sensational orgasm.

Steven was in ecstasies, the sensation of being sucked through his briefs a
completely new one for him. Paul's mouth was now positioned over his
cockhead, and somehow he managed to take it into his mouth, still in its
nylon sheath. He sieved yet more of the pearly flood of precum through the
nylon and drank eagerly. Then he allowed himself the luxury of slipping
Steven's cockhead free from the top of the briefs, the proud naked rod with
its pearly drips quivering before him. He took a final suck of the naked
mushroom head, then at once slipped the boy's cock back into his wet briefs
and continued to suck through the nylon. He bobbed fast on the head,
whilst with his left hand agitating the shaft. Within seconds the boy gave
way, and with a stream of loud moans began to pump his warm spunk into the
nylon briefs, shot after shot of creamy boy sperm flooding the glistening
white bag, the first pearls of cum forcing through the tight hugging
briefs, unable to contain all of this hot juicy load. Paul lapped eagerly
on the escaping boyspunk, and breathed in the hot odour of young cum. His
own cock was ready to pump, and after Steven had released the last drops of
his own jizz, Paul moved back to the seat and pushed Steven's hand back to
his swollen jock. 'Wank my cock, now, please. I want to cum in my jock.'
He slipped his own hand inside his jockstrap for a few seconds, and stroked
his hot wet prick, smearing his precum all the way down from his cockslit
to the base of his shaft. Then he removed his hand, to allow Steven to
wank him off.

Steven needed no encouragement. He masturbated Paul's wet cock through the
cotton jock, and after about ten strokes he felt the coach tense and arch
his back, and then groan as the spunk pumped into the thin white jockstrap.
Steven watched as the cum began to ooze through, and Paul began to rub his
own fingers in the overflow and brought them to his lips. Steven however
wanted to try something for himself, and he bent down and began to suck the
spunk through the cotton. He had never tasted anyone else's spunk before,
and it was like nectar to him, warm and creamy. The hard cock beneath the
jock continued to jerk and throb as the last wads of sperm emptied into the
cotton. Steven's briefs were heavy with spunk, and Paul had certainly
produced as much precious boyjuice in his jock.

Afterwards, they pulled their tracksuit bottoms up over their spunk-filled
underwear and drove back to Paul's flat where they cleaned up. That was
the first of Steven's experiences with underwear sex and bulge play, and he
was an immediate convert! He wanted badly to find another boy of his own
age to experiment with, and it was not to be long before he struck lucky.
Very lucky indeed.

This is my first story for some time. For those of you who have read my
other stuff, I hope this one doesn't disappoint. If you enjoyed the
opening episode, let me know. Suggestions about how to continue welcome.
I'm always pleased to hear from underwear enthusiasts (nylon and anything
shiny a speciality). If you're into bulges and the young guys who fill up
their briefs and shorts, why not write something with me? Or let's just
share hot emails. Contact me at

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Nifty - Gay - Athletics - Juicy Young Bulges - Juicy Young Bulges 1