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Becoming a boy 13

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I gathered myself together and went out to Johnson's office. I could hear Danny, but he wasn't in the office with Johnson.

"Chuck," Johnson got up from his desk with a huge grin. "I hope everything worked out well."

"Oh yeah," I told him grinning back. "I worked out all my stress, no problems."

"Good, good. Well, I have an appointment for Danny tomorrow. He'll get a brief check-up from Doc Jablonsky and then I also scheduled him for an appointment at the end of the week, Saturday morning. The Doc said to tell you he would like you to be there too. I can bring him in, no problem, just wanted to make sure you can make it."

My schedule was open so I agreed. I wasn't sure why I needed to be there but figured since it was Danny I should go. He could be pretty oblivious to medical stuff. He had only gotten more so it seemed since I had taken over running his life again.

"Yeah, the doc likes to run a complete check on the boys when they first come to the farm. I've used him for years. Always best that the main Man is there too, so he can see anything that comes up during the check-up."

"Really? Doc Jablonsky takes care of the uhm..faggots out here?" I asked.

"Oh yeah, Good man," Johnson stated. "Trustworthy, knowledgeable, knows all about the things boys can get into."

"Huh, I never knew." I wondered if Jablonsky had figured out Danny already through the years we had used him as the family doctor. I hadn't noticed a lot of fags there in his office before.

"You might want to bring your other boy too, what's his name?" Johnson asked.

"Ian," I gave him the answer. "What would Ian need to be there for?" I wondered.

"Well, Chuck, Danny mentioned that his brother had been using him too over the summer. I figured it would be a good education for the kid to see what goes into basic care and maintenance of a fag."

"Hmmm," I thought for a few seconds. "I'm not sure that Ian is all that interested, Johnson. I think he was just making use of the holes that were available. I'll see if I can get him here though."

"I'd appreciate it Chuck. It helps to reinforce to the new boys that they are not controlling anything. When the Men that use them regularly come in and participate in the full exam, it can help break them down for further training. It makes them aware that the Man in charge is willing to fully see that they are nothing but a piece of meat for examination and use. I'm sure you will understand better when it's going on. I'm sure Ian won't mind once he's here."

A piece of meat? I wasn't so sure on that account. I felt like Danny needed to be more focused and trained to be as fully submissive as possible, but I hadn't thought of him in quite that light before. I also knew that Johnson had many years of experience in doing this training so maybe he was right. Maybe Danny was just a piece of meat in some sense.

"I'll see what I can do to get Ian here, but he's in school and I'm not sure that he will be willing to come down from State for the weekend, Johnson. I'll let you know as it gets closer."

"Excellent. I'll let you two say your goodbyes. I'm off to check on some work out at one of the fences. You'll find her in the kitchen with the misses," he told me as he headed toward the door after shaking my hand.

I glanced around and then headed into where I had heard Danny earlier. I turned the corner and there they were, a big kitchen with a large stove and prep area. Danny was already at work on some potatoes.

"Hey boy," I called out. Danny glanced up and smiled. He set down his potatoes and wiped his hands on an apron he had on. He was already half naked, his shirt off, just the apron over his neck and tied around his waist. I had to smile a little. It looked good and somehow appropriate. I had to admit to myself I had come a long way this summer, from thinking Danny was a guy to fitting him into my new mindset that he would never be a guy and needed more than ever to become a true fagboy. It really seemed what was best for him, and I just wanted to do what was best for my kid.

"Daddy! I thought you had already left." He gave me a hug around the waist and laid his head on my chest. I patted him on the head, then gave him a squeeze back. He looked up at me a bit strangely but then settled right back on me again.

"Come on boy, Don't let Mrs. Johnson see you get all emotional now. No tears. I'll be back. I just wanted to tell you I'm out of here. I will see you at the end of the week."

"Yes, Sir. I will miss youÉ.a lot, Daddy," he said. I figured I would miss him some too. I had adjusted to fucking my son and using his body for pleasure over the last few months. It wasn't easy for me, no matter what you might think, to not have that extra set of holes around. But, I had made that decision when I locked his dick down to teach him how to focus. No using the boy for a while. The Farm made sense from that standpoint. It would keep my hands off him and I wouldn't have to think about it all the time.

"I know boy, and I'll miss you too, but this is what is best right now, so hang in there and do as you are told. Try to focus and learn from what you are taught, boy."

"Yes, Sir. I will, Daddy."

"Good boy." I patted him on the back then pried him away from me. I swatted him on the ass. Looking up at Johnson's "wife" I thanked her for showing Danny the ropes and then I headed out, back home to Jan, thinking how I could get Ian down for the weekend.


So that was it. Daddy was gone and now I was here.

"Change of plans, boy," Mr. Johnson said to me. "I already spoke to Dr. Jablonsky and he will see you today. Get yourself dressed and let's go. The missus can handle this stuff for now, won't be gone that long."

"ButÉ" I started. Then I saw that Mr. Johnson was giving me a look that said `but nothing, bitch' so I ran to go get my clothes on and was back in a hurry.

We got in the car and Mr. Johnson drove, just him and me. We didn't go to the doctor's office though. We only went a few miles over to a big house in the country. When I mentioned that I had never been here to see the doc before, Mr. Johnson said it was his home and private office.

"He will see my boys here sometimes, Danny. Makes it easier on me and the doc both."

"SoÉhe knows all about the guys at the farm and stuff?" I asked. Then the thoughts ran in my brain. Omigod, then he will know all about me. What if Mom finds out. Does she already know about the Farm or the doctor? How embarrassing. I've known this guy all my life nearly and now he is going to see me as one of the fags. I wonder if he has already talked to Daddy. I could feel myself blushing just thinking about it all.

"Oh, hell yeah, boy. He knows all about the boys and the Farm. Soon enough he'll see you and know your story too," Johnson confirmed.

We didn't go in the front door of the house but went around to a side entrance. When Johnson opened the door for me I saw it looked just like a waiting room. Smaller than a regular one, but with the same tacky furniture and bad magazines as any waiting room. The door had a bell on it and it wasn't but a few seconds after we walked in than Dr. Jablonsky came through the door to some other room and joined us in the waiting area.

"Danny," he said. "Guess I can't be too surprised you find you know Mr. Johnson." He looked me up and down once to make sure I knew what he meant. I could feel the heat on my face.

"Yes, Sir. UhmÉHow are you doctor?" I really wasn't sure what to say. He hadn't offered to shake so I didn't put my hand out. He looked that same as I remembered him. He never seemed to change. He always looked like he had been old to me.; white hair, glasses, thin man, about 5'9" or so. Not an imposing figure except that he wore a lab coat as always, that doctors seemed to wear.

"Better than you, from what Johnson tells me anywayÉboy." He paused in his sentence to emphasize the boy part. I guess just to let me know for certain he knew the score. I heard Mr. Johnson chuckle. "Your mama know you hanging out at the Farm?"

"Uhm., yes Doctor, I mean she thinks I'm here doing an internship for business college."

"What about your Daddy?" he continued.

"Yes, Sir." I felt myself redden more. "He, uhmÉhe brought me out today and dropped me off."

"Good. You must need it or he wouldn't have done that," he added. Why did all the men say it that way? That I needed to be out here. "Well, let's not waste my time or Johnson's. I know you have things to do at the house."

He led me back to another room. Mr. Johnson followed along behind me. He didn't even bother to close the exam room when we got there. I guess no one else was going to be coming by.

"Drop `em boy," The Dcotor said. That was all. I guess he meant my clothes. I began removing my shoes and socks and then my shirt and lastly my jeans. I stood there wondering what was next. "Come on," the Doc sounded impatient. "Everything, your thong too. It's cute by the way, but I don't have the time for that right now. I want to get a look at everything," he said.

How embarrassing. Right from the start he was going to see me. I would have to show my piercing again, that I was locked down permanently. I placed my hands over my groin anyway for some reason after I pulled my thong off. I don't know why.

"Hands to your side boy. Let's see it." Did Dr. Jablonsky already know about my piercing? Why did he say it? Maybe he meant my dick.

"Good. Nice job as always," the doc said aloud. "Bernie does good work." The Doc was bent over looking at my pirercings. He knew Bernie too? Did everyone know each other in this town? "Up on the table boy and lay down. I want to see everything. Lift your legs up and hold them to your chest," he instructed.

Dr. Jablonsky thoroughly poked around my navel, nipples, dicklet and ass.

"Nope," he said finally. "I don't see any tears really, he has been opened enough that the rape didn't effect him as it could have a virgin or a tight boy. His hole already has the looks of a pussy, so I am sure the guy didn't do any major damage. Someone's men working his titties pretty well too. They are much bigger than the last time I saw the boy."

Oh god, how awful. I mean, I knew my hole had been used, but to have a Man I knew most of my life saying my hole looked like a pussy was humiliating. I know how warm I felt, so I assumed my face was quite red. Then to have him commenting on my nipples was really embarrassing.

"The piercings don't appear to be torn at all. He was lucky that he had been used so much already. If he had tried to fight at all, it might have done some damage," The Doctor told Mr. Johnson. He didn't even address me. He spoke as if I wasn't really in the room. I'll get some blood to run a few tests then give him a shot to stop anything common. Then I'll give him some prescriptions as we noted on the phone," the doctor told Mr. Johnson. "Why don't you hang out in the waiting area Johnson. I'll be finished in a few more minutes. No need to stand the whole time," he added.

"Thanks Doc," Johnson replied and retreated to the outer room.

"Now," Dr. Jablonsky addressed me. "You need to take better precautions next time boy. You can't be acting like a slut and not expect this sort of thing to happen," he said. "A faggot needs to respect herself enough to take care of herself," he continued his lecture. "I don't care what you do, boy, but you need to take care of your body so your Man can get the most use out of you."

What did he mean? I couldn't have stopped Mr. Wolf. I didn't have the ability to say no to guys it seemed.

"Johnson can teach you how to say no better, is my guess, but still Danny, you can't flirt with every Man who crosses your path. You'll have the reputation of a slut in no time. Give me your arm," he directed.

I handed him my arm. The Doctor took my pulse and blood pressure and declared them fine. Then he got some blood drawing equipment and used several vials to get samples for various tests I guess.

"I am going to run tests for various sexually transmitted infections, Danny. Johnson and your Daddy are going to want to know if this guy gave you anything. Most of the results will be available later this week. We'll meet again then. The only ones that won't be ready then are the HIV tests of course. That will take a bit longer. In the meantime I am going to give you a shot of penicillin and a couple other drugs to stop anything that he might potentially have given you, when he was bare fucking you, boy." Dr. Jablonsky finished filling the vials and set them aside. That was when I noticed a large needle sitting on the same tray as the blood vials. Did he intend to give me THAT shot? The needle looked HUGE. "Roll over, boy," he said and I did automatically. He chuckled then added, "good doggy." For some reason he found that funny, I just blushed again.

"OOOWWWWWWWW," I let out a holler as he sank that damn needle in me. I could feel whatever liquid was in that needle burn slightly as it went in. The Doctor seemed to enjoy that as he rubbed my ass around where the needle was and where I could feel that fluid going.

"That's going to be sore the next day or so, but nothing you haven't felt before, Danny, like a bruise," he said. Just don't be doing anything else with your ass and I am sure it will be fine. Now, let's talk about the HIV part. I need to put you on what they call a post-exposure prophylaxis, boy. We are going to assume he gave you the bug and these drugs have been shown to prevent exposure in health workers and guys like you that get fucked regularly." How humiliating. Dr. Jablonsky knew all this stuff about me already and I had not even spoken about it. "You'll be taking them for 90 days just to be sure. I may have the preliminary results back but we'll test you in three months to make sure nothing is going on. That is longer than generally used, but I don't want you coming down with anything on my watch. If the tests are negative to start with then I'll give the okay for Johnson to let the Men use you like any other fag on the Farm," he explained. "They won't be getting anything from you at that point as the drugs will keep any virus you might have under control."

"So, uhmÉyou think I need that Dr. Jablonsky, Sir?" I was a little scared. I hadn't thought much about all of this. It was kinda confusing to hear him addressing all these issues like HIV, I hadn't given it much thought.

"Of course, Danny. I know what is best in this area. Just as your Daddy knew what was best when he took you out to Johnson's. Just as Johnson knows what is best for the fags on his farm. Its why you need a Man to do the thinking for you. You are just not constitutionally capable of making these decisions, so a Man needs to be doing it for you."

"Okay, Sir. I get that," I replied. I didn't really; I wondered what he meant by "constitutionally capable". I didn't understand that but I guessed that it wasn't important. Mr. Johnson or Daddy would let me know if I needed to learn those words I figured. Dr. Jablonsky handed me some pill bottles and told me how to take them. Just one pill a day with my meal though he said there was more than one med in the pills. I was glad it was simple, I could remember to take one pill a day. Then he sent me on my way. He and Mr. Johnson talked a while more but I wasn't paying much attention because by butt was already sore from the shot and I was trying to read the huge label that came with the pills. It didn't make any sense to me really.


I strolled into Tim's room. I had finished my studying already. My classes weren't that tough this semester. I had pretty much taken the hard courses with the intention of screwing around literally and figuratively this year. I thought I would eventually use some of the time to find work before school ended for good in the spring. I didn't have a shirt on and just had my nylon gym shorts on. You know the kind, they hang nearly to my knees and don't hide much. Most of the guys wear them around the house.

Things had been quiet since the other day at the party. Tim had bragged to a few folks how we had tag teamed a chick at the party but of course the parts of the story that me teaming up on the two of them to suck my cock had been strangely missing. He was alone in the room, his roommate Donor was out somewhere. His name was Don but he was known as Donor because he was always giving shit away; from his Dad's cash to homework answers, to his dick to any girl he could get to take it.

"Donor gone?" I checked. Tim looked up from his homework.

"Dude! S'up?" I gave him a high five and sat on his bed. I lay back on my elbows and let my nylon shorts drape where they wanted. It gave a good outline of my cock which I had made sure was semi-boned before I came into the room. I saw Tim glance down at my dick but then look back up at me. "Yeah, he's out for the night. Went to a movie with some girl."

"Not much," I answered. "Bored. Looking for shit to do," I told him. When I saw he was looking, I reached down and scratched my cock, gave it a tug or two then pulled my hand back. His eyes stayed down there for a bit. Made me sure that he was checking it out, whether it was registering for him or not.

"Yeah. Wanna hit the bar or something? See if we can do a repeat from the weekend?" He grinned as he said it.

"Nah,' I told him. Not really up for the drinking. Got an early class tomorrow."

"Duude, what? You're turning down the chance we might score a girl for some nice dual action? That was hot!"

How to get the conversation in the direction I wanted it was the point of this visit, not scoring with another chick. Tim's mouth on my dick was hot the other day and I knew that somehow I wanted to get it back there againÉregularly. It wasn't what I had figured I would ever be doing but hell, I had learned a lot over summer break about the advantages of having a guy suck your cock. "I'm not sure that it's that easy to find another chick like Tressa, Tim. Not many chicks want the competition for sucking my cock," I told him. He kinda opened his mouth to say something but didn't. He kinda looked like he was stunned by what I said.

"Dude, shut up! What if someone hears you?"

"I don't care if anyone hears me," I let him know. "You sucked cock better than Tressa the other night. How many dicks have you sucked since you got to college?" I asked him, staring directly at him. No sense beating around the bush I figured. Even if nothing happened I always knew he had sucked my cock and he would be scared I might say something.

"WHAT?!? Ian, shit, I've never done anything like that before," he said, his voice rising in pitch. "I was like, drunk, dude. If Tressa hadn't been there, I would never have done it at all."

"Hell, I don't care, buddy. You were good. Doesn't bother me any that you swing both ways. I'm just saying there's no need to go out to the bar. You can swing on my cock right here." He broke eye contact and looked down at my shorts again, watching my cock bob, while I was half hard thinking maybe this would work.

"No way, dude, no way. That was a one-off. I'm not going down that path," he let me know

"Cool," I told him. "Just offering you the option. I know you liked it. You're sprouting a boner now, us talking about it." He looked down at his crotch and just as I had seen it, his mind focused on the fact his body was reacting to our little chat. He didn't say anything. I just stood up and headed out the door. I'd be back. I was just planting a seed, something I hoped would sprout.


It was quiet around the house. What with Ian gone off to school and Danny now at the Farm, it was just Jan and I at the house. I knew she missed the boys too. It was one of the reasons she had gone back to work a few years ago. She said it had gotten too quiet at home; she needed something to think about besides the empty house. I wondered if I was thinking the same now. Strange, I hadn't noticed it last year when they were both gone, but now, I knew. Ian was going to be finding a job soon and not coming home even on breaks or during the summer. Danny was, well, he was getting some training so that eventually he too would leave. I wondered briefly where that left me, and Jan too of course.

It did remind me that I needed to call Ian. Johnson wanted him down for Danny's exam on Saturday. At first I wondered what that might mean but I had decided he was right, it wouldn't hurt Ian to learn more about Danny and what it would mean having a faggot as his brother for the rest of his life. God forbid something happened to me or Jan, Ian would need to be the one taking care of Danny if he didn't find the right Man to do that. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and punched Ian's name in the contact list.

"Hey, Dad, S'up," he answered after a couple rings. I really hated that `s'up' word that folks used these days. Almost as much as everyone being `dude'.

"Just calling to check in, on you" I told him. "All good up at school? We hadn't heard anything and your mother wanted me to give you a call."

"Yeah, cool. Classes are good, not too hard this semester. It's all good, Dad."

"Listen, Ian. I want you to come home this weekend. I know you probably have things already planned, but I have a, well a doctor's appointment scheduled for Danny and I think it would be good if you were there for it," I told him.

"Dad, geez, on the weekend, seriously? I mean, I got shit to do, homework and you know girls."

He sounded put out. Damn kid. I was going to have to remind him who was paying for this schooling. "Listen Ian, do I need to remind you that I'm paying for your fun up there. I don't bug you very often to do something and this is important for your brother AND for me." I paused for a couple seconds then decided to remind him of his summer fun. "You made plenty of use of your brother this summer. He had a rough week and I think you owe it to him and to me to be here this weekend. Wouldn't hurt you to learn a little about him and other fags at the appointment. It might come in handy one of these days." I heard him sigh and there was a pause before he said anything.

"Yeah, ok, ok," was his response. "I get it. What's going on with him? What's been so rough since I was gone."

"Well, let's just say that Danny had a rough encounter with some guy while he was out at the Mall. Now, he's off at his uh, school internship, a local farm, learning some skills that hopefully will get him a job somewhere." This whole conversation was a little weird, I thought to myself. I don't know if Danny had mentioned to his brother that he was going to the Farm. I wasn't sure he had told his brother that the Farm was a place for fag's to get trained. It was all something that would get explained later I figured. I just figured the kid needed to get here before that happened. He's fine but I wanted to get him fully checked out and I thought sicne you had spent a lot of time with him this summer, you might want to be there too."


Dad was sounding funny. Not haha funny, but different, like he was dancing around something. It was clear he wanted me in town and frankly, I guess I owed him that. He had pulled the money card on me and what was I going to do, say no? Fuck, that. I knew where that money came from, and he didn't really pull it that often.

"Yeah, ok, Dad. I'll come down on Friday night after class," I told him. "I'll back out of my stuff to do and be down there.

"Great, Ian. I'm sure Danny will appreciate it," He said. We talked a bit more and then I hung up.

When I got to my room, I figured I would hit the shower. I had been lazy this morning and hadn't done it before class. I was planning on going out with the guys for our Wednesday mid-week drinking and though I might want to smell good if any girls were going to want to put out. When I got in the shower it was empty and I took the one with the best showerhead. I got to soaping myself up and of course I was stroking the snake when I heard someone else out in the shower area, so I stopped. No need to give a show or blow a load while someone was in the room I figured. I turned the water off after I rinsed and stepped out to grab my towel. What do you know, it was Tim naked, getting ready to hit the showers.

"Hey, buddy," I grinned at him. He immediately glanced down to my cock as I was drying my back. I saw him do it and as soon as he saw my mostly hard cock swinging there his head snapped back up.

"Uhm, hey Ian. How's it going?"

"Great," I answered. "I can see you're still looking at my dick, dude. Still thinking bout how you had your lips wrapped around it?" I asked him. He turned a little red but snapped at me.

"Fuck no, dude. It's just easy to tell you were playing with it in the shower," he told me. "Hard to miss something that size swinging around, is all I'm saying."

"Riiight, whatever. You can swing on it anytime you want, buddy. I could use a good blow like before."

"Shut UP, fucker," snapped out of his mouth. "What if someone hears you?" If he hadn't said anything I might of let it go, but I wasn't going to let that one go. I went right over to him and punched him in the gut. He dropped immediately to his knees there in the shower area, grasping his abs.

"Don't EVER tell me to shut up, Tim, EVER." I told him. "You make up whatever story you like about sucking my cock, but we both know you did it." I grabbed his chin and made him look up at me. He winced as if he was expecting to get hit again." I growled and then spit a huge wad at his face. "You know it's what you did and you know it's what you wanted to do. It had nothing to do with Tressa being there. When you are ready to admit it, you can come beg me to let you do it again." I started to walk off but turned around and looked at him there on his knees. I laughed out loud his dick was as hard as a fucking iron bar. "You better look at your own little dick, Tim. Seems like you just enjoyed our conversationÉfaggot" I told him and left.


FUCK! What the fuck was going on with me? Why was I freaking out so much and why was I here on my knees with my dick raging away? Fuck me. I stood up off the floor and turned the shower on. I was shaking. Not just from Ian's punching me in the gut, but from what he said. It was like a punch in the head. My dick straining within it's confines of skin, but harder than I could remember sticking out from my body pointing at Ian and he knew, he saw it and threw it back in my face.

I could have any girl I wanted to get, I knew it; I wasn't a fag, I wasn't. But my dick was still was fucking hard, despite the fact he had gut punched me for screaming at him. I mean, I know that I sucked his cock, but I didn't want the whole fucking house to know that shit. I wasn't even sure that I liked it. I was doing it so I could fuck Tressa, not so I could suck his dick. What was with that anyway? Why was he so hot about me sucking him again? Why the fuck was I hard as he berated me or punched me?


Damn it! I shouldn't have lost my cool, shouldn't have punched Tim that way. But the bastard pissed me off telling me to shut up. No one has the right to tell me to shut up, especially not some cocksucking frat fag that I saw nearly every day. Now what was I gonna do? I wanted that fag on my cock, not running sacred from me, which was likely now. Why was I always losing control like that? Fuck, I hated when someone told me to shut up. Reminded me of my old man, when I was a kid, always telling me to shut up. I was fucking happy when he stopped doing that shit and I promised myself no one was going to be doing that after I grew up. It was like a knee jerk reaction. But, still I didn't need to be doing it that to Tim, I wanted to get him back on my cock, not running from it.


Saturday took forever! I mean, I had plenty to do. I was helping Lynn, I mean Mrs. Johnson, I mean, well I still hadn't figured out that whole thing. Lynn was this guy, but everyone called him Mrs. Johnson, even though he had said for me to call him Lynn. He was real nice to me and showed me a lot about what was expected. I had been helping him clean the boy's rooms, doing the sheets, learning how to cook for 15 or 20 people depending on who was around, but still time went slow and I just got hornier each day.

My dick would get this tingling, especially if I was getting the sheets from someone's room and I could like SMELL the sex on the sheets. I knew that the Men who worked there would use the guys but I hadn't like SEEN anything yet, but you could tell when it happened or sometimes you could hear it going on. No one went and watched or anything, they always just kept working and doing whatever they had been given to do. Stacy was real nice to me when I saw him but he was real busy, either helping one man in particular with fences that needed repair or he sometimes told me he had to go to town because someone had called for him. I got the impression that he was kinda like a hooker sometimes. He never said so, but when I asked he said that guys paid him and he gave most of the money to Mr. Johnson for letting him live here. He didn't have parents or a Man that paid him to be here. He had just shown up here on his own. That seemed awfully brave to me. I was still pretty scared about the whole thing but like I said, it was okay just helping Lynn around the place.

I TRIED to keep my mind off my dick but like I said, it would start tingling and I would want real bad to be able to play with it, but then it would start hurting and I couldn't get hard anyway. Then, what was almost worse was my ass would start like itching and I couldn't scratch it. It was way inside me, just like this itch that would go away. I wanted to find something to get in there and scratch it. When I connected it to Daddy's cock not being there, that was an eye-opener. I had been talking to Lynn and she was real helpful with that.

I was just helping her after dinner one day, doing the big pots and pans in the large sink in the kitchen. My itch started and one of the Men was pushing on one of the boys who I hadn't really met other than at dinner. He was pushing at him making him head to the boys house and the boy didn't seem to want to go with him. The Man was large. Tall, I mean, like 6' 6" or so, I guess and all muscle. He kept pushing at the kid and I got all kinds of tingly in my, my clit, and then my ass started to itch. The next thing I knew I was doing dishes and I was crying, it was dumb I know. I didn't get it.

Lynn came up and put her arm around my waist. Then she gave me a towel to dry my hands and my arms just went around her waist.

"Oh, Danny," she told me sympathetically, "you are upset over something. Is it the fact your daddy is not around?"

That of course just made me cry harder. I was such a fag doing this I knew, but there I was all emotional. I finally was able to tell her that I was just feeling funny and about my itch and well everything. It just seemed right. He just held me tight and explained that my boy hormones were in high gear. She explained that I hadn't been fucked in nearly a couple weeks, not counting well Mr. Wolf of course and that was a long time for a young boy. A boy needed a cock inside him regularly to take care of that feeling. She said that once Saturday got here she was sure I would be okay and that I would get some release. She said that the Men would milk me and I wouldn't be so confused about things. She was sure that the Doc's report would be good and I shouldn't worry. I mean, she was greatÉhe was greatÉoh jeezus I wasn't even sure anymore about whether to call her a boy or a girl. It was like talking to my Mom but looking at this beautiful feminine guy. But anyway, it felt good telling her this stuff and not being embarrassed about it or getting Daddy all mad when I did something like this. I still hadn't gotten any idea about milking. I wasn't like a cow, which there were a couple on the Farm and although my nipples were nearly as big as some girls I had seen pictures of, it wasn't like they could give milk, could they? I was way too embarrassed to say anything to her then about it.

But when Saturday was finally here I was ready! Mr. Johnson hollered for me after breakfast and I came running. I had learned that if Mr. Johnson was hollering, you came running or did what he said to do.

"Danny!! Ah there you are", he added after I showed up. "You about ready boy? We need to meet Dr. Jablonsky and see what he has learned."

"Yes Sir, Mr. Johnson," I answered. I am definitely ready. I've been scared since the other day about all the stuff he told me."

"You should be boy, no need to be otherwise. I want you to be as clean of disease and as healthy as possible. I want that for all my boys," he said smiling. "Oh, the doc said to take these pills before we went in today. He said it would help you relax."

"Got a surprise for you boy," Mr. Johnson told me after we were in the truck headed to the doctor's office. Again we went to his house instead of his office in town. He tousled my hair like Daddy would sometimes do.

"Really?" I asked. "What do you mean, Sir" I had no idea what would be surprising for a doctor's visit. "Do you already know the results of all those tests?" I wondered. I was also to be honest getting a little sleepy. I was beginning to feel a bit light-headed. I wondered if I was feeling okay.

"No, that is between the doc and you, well I mean I'll be there too to listen in of course. I need to hear that stuff, cuz you boys can get it confused sometimes. Speaking of, you taking those pills like the Doc told you to?"

"Oh, yes, Sir, I have been. I don't want to get anything like that, ever. I mean, I know that can happen sometimes, especially to boys that don't know any better or don't have someone looking out for them, butÉwellÉI just hope it isn't me right now."

"Me too, Danny," he said smiling. "No the surpise is your Daddy will be there too."

"Daddy is coming? Wow! Ohmigod, Mr. Johnson. Do I look okay? Will I get to talk with him and stuff?"

"Of course boy, though you will be a little hazy I think from some of the relaxant that the doc may give you, for the full exam, but yeah, of course, you can talk to your old man. He's looking forward to it too, boy."

Wow, Daddy was going to be there! It had been nearly a week since he had dropped me at the Farm and I missed him. Emailing or texting him wasn't the same, he seemed distracted or just busy and I REALLY missed him. My dick started to tingle and that itch was coming no, I could feel it thinking about seeing him. What Lynn had said made sense. There was a definite relation to thinking about a Man and what my body was telling me. I had to focus on other things or my dick would hurt, and I did hate that now, hating how I couldn't seem to have better control and just not react the way I wanted to stop it..

Soon enough we arrived and Daddy's car WAS there, already. Omigod, I was excited. Almost as much about the doc's report as seeing Daddy. I jumped out of the car and nearly fell over. My muscles didn't seem to be working right all of a sudden. I guess maybe it was those pills that Mr. Johnson gave me. I just giggled at myself and steadied myself on the side of the car. I tried to move as fast as I could go to the door of the house, Mr. Johnson following me laughing.

"Go on boy, go say hi before we get started," he told me. "Just don't fall down on the way there." So I did, I ran for the door and dove in and was just about to throw myself a t Daddy when I saw Ian standing there too! What was he doing here? I still managed to give Daddy a big hug. I told him how good it was to see him, but I restrained myself some because Ian was there and they had already been talking to Dr. Jablonsky who in the outer area too.

"Hey Ian," I managed to say as my arms were around Dad's waist and he was rubbing my head.

"How's my boy?" Daddy asked.

"Hey, bro," Ian added.

"Uhm, Hey, Ian. I didn't know you were in town."

"Well, Dad asked me to come down. Said I should be here to see you and whatever is going on. You been okay?" he asked.

I kinda dropped my eyes from his. "Yeah, pretty much. I'm learning a lot and all. Just some stuff happened before I went to the uhm, Farm for my internship." Mr. Johnson was in the office area now too and he laughed when I called it an internship. I guess he thought the story that I had told Mom and Ian was funny.

"Johnson," My Dad announced. He stuck out his hand and shook it. "I'd like you to meet my son, Ian." Ian stuck out his hand and shook with Mr. Johnson.

"Nice to meet you," Johnson told him. Ian said the same.

"Johnson, runs the Farm I was telling you about Ian, the one where Danny is staying."

Ian looked at me funny. "Oh, you mean the place where guys like Danny go when they need further training." I blushed. Why was Dad telling all of this to Ian? Why did he need to be here?

"That's the place," Johnson chimed in. "You ought to come out and check out the place one of these days. Danny being there and all. You could help your Dad keep an eye on him." Ian just grinned when he said that. I was getting uncomfortable with all these Men around and me being the reason they were here. "I hear you are finishing up your business degree soon too. Is that right?"

"Yep, going to be done in the spring. Then it will be job search time," Ian shared.

"Any ideas on that?" Johnson asked. "What are you looking to do?"

"Well, not sure really. I'm just hoping in this economy to find a decent paying job where I can make some money, yuh, know? Something where I can uhm learn and do something interesting," he told Mr. Johnson. I had never really heard Ian talk about work before. I'm not he really even knew what he was going to do.

I'm sure Mr. Johnson would have asked more, from the look on his face, but Dr. Jablonsky cleared his throat and all attention went to him. "Well I'm sure this is a lovely reunion, but we are here to deal with Danny," he said. "Boy, why don't you go on into the room and get changed out of your clothes. I need to do a full exam on you. I'll give you five minutes to drop the clothes and sit of the table."

I was a bit taken aback. I was so wrapped up in seeing Daddy and of course Ian that I had almost forgotten that I was here for a doctor's exam. "Oh," I paused. Uhm, yes Sir, Doctor, IÉI'll be ready in five," I said. I let go of Daddy and wobbled to the same room I was in the other day. Whatever I took was really affecting my balance. When I got there though the room was different. The table was different. It had these funny arm pieces at then end of the table and there was a tray of a bunch of instruments I had never seen before. It instantly made me nervous but I knew I better be undressed when Dr. Jablonsky came in.


I was still not sure what I was doing here. Danny had some doctor's appointment and I had to be here? What kind of weirdness was that? Why was this Johnson guy here? And, like, Dr. Jablonsky? That old guy had been our family doc for years. He must be 70 by now. What the hell was he doing here? I mean it was his house and he had an office here too? And he seemed to know everything that was going on with Danny and Dad and this Johnson guy. I was bright enough to realize he must know what I was doing here too then. I was a bit freaked out that he knew everything that I had been doing with Danny over the summer. Dr. Jablonsky started talking as soon as Danny disappeared into the other area.

"Did you give him the muscle relaxants, Johnson?"

"Yep, just as usual, Doc. They were already taking effect, he had a bit of trouble walking in here," Johnson chuckled.

"Good, it will help with the full exam. He may not need them but as the whole family is here, the patient can sometimes get a bit nervous. He needs to be relaxed so we can get in there and check things out.

"So, We are ALL going to be in the exam with Danny?" I asked.

"A boy needs to know that the Men in his life are there for him," Johnson addressed me. He needs someone to be in control and make the decisions he can't make. A faggot requires, let's say, maintenance, to keep him in good running order, to make sure he hasn't hurt himself or done something stupid. A Man needs to treat his faggot like he would his best car or any piece of property he owns that he respects and treasures, Ian. A faggot also needs to know that he is an open book to those Men in his life. There are no secrets. His body is as much yours, more sometimes, than it is his own."

Dad spoke up. "When I first found out that your brother was a fag, Ian, I was furious. It pissed me off that I had wasted all my time trying to raise him as a son, when I really needed to be raising him as the submissive faggot he was. He was out on the net trolling for someone to use him, and had found this guy there who was more than willing to do that. So when I found out, I took control of your brother. I made him submit to me, as I understood what a faggot needs. I had to go online and read about raising and training a faggot. It isn't the same as a relationship with a man, or a son. It's very different having a boy that I thought was going to be a man, a gay man, and learning really that he isn't capable of handling that life, wasn't meant to do it. Danny needs to be controlled, he needs to obey a strong man, it is part of who he is. It has been a real learning experience and if I hadn't learned that Johnson already knew how to handle things like this, I might have fucked up a good deal more in remaking Danny."

Wow, I was getting an earful. Danny was a piece of property to these guys. Dad was admitting he had raised Danny wrong? This was all news to me. I hadn't really thought about any of this.

"When you raise a faggot," Johnson continued, "when you take that responsibility on, it makes a lot of demands on you. You have to be as committed to your fag as you are to anything valuable and delicate. It is a responsibility a Man has to treat his faggot well and to know the faggot inside and out, to know what is best for him."

"So, you mean that Danny really can't think for himself? That he LIKES giving up the control of everything? I just thought that he, I don't know, just liked getting fucked, that he liked cock or something," I said. I was beginning to get a different picture now than when I went back to school of what was going on.

Dr. Jablonsky interrupted, "Danny is not constitutionally capable of making all his decisions. It's just the way a majority of faggots are. They may think they can, but they just end up delaying their personal development when they get bogged down trying to make decisions for themselves." He paused to let me think about that I guess. It was getting pretty interesting. These guys believed that there were actual differences between guys that I hadn't even thought about. Danny was a faggot and he had different needs, it wasn't just the sex thing. "Let's not make him wait anymore," the Doc continued. "I don't have all day either." He turned and headed into the back area.

Everyone filed in to the room and we stared at Danny. He was kinda wobbling as he sat on the table. I saw Dad smirking. Fuck, Danny had a piercing in his navel now. He really liked that piercing stuff.

"Okay, boy, lay down and put your legs up in the stirrups," Dr. Jablonsky told him.

"What?!? I have to put my legs in those things?" Danny sounded a little drunk, but I guess that was the muscle relaxants they had given him.

"Of course," the Doc said. "How else can we take a look at your hole?"

"My hole? You everyone is going to see this?" He sounded amazed. I was kinda amazed myself. I figured this sort of thing was only done on women.

"I'm not going to argue with you boy. I can get your Daddy to do it, or your brother, but you are going to put your legs up one way or the other."

Danny looked around to the faces staring at him. He really blushed but he lay down and put his legs up. The doctor secured his legs so they weren't going anywhere.

"Now, all the tests I ran on Danny came back negative." Everyone looked at the Doc as he spoke. "He wasn't exposed to any garden variety of STDs." I heard Dad breathe a sigh of relief. "That shot I gave him won't hurt anything, so it was just a precaution like I said. The HIV test also came back negative but like I said, that can take a while to detect in the body, so we'll keep him on the drugs until I get another clean test in a few months. But since there was nothing else going on, my guess is his rapist was clean himself. You probably have nothing to worry about, Chuck."

"Rapist? Danny got raped?" No one had told me about that. "When did this happen?" I asked.

Dad turned towards me, "It was last weekend. He got himself into a situation he didn't know how to handle at the mall. Don't worry about it now."

"Does he know who did it? I'll fuck that guy up if I ever find out," I told them.

"No, no you won't Ian. Johnson is handling that problem. It won't happen again I'm sure. I just needed to keep a better eye on Danny and I let it happen really. He needs more attention than I can give him right now. It's why he's staying at Johnson's farm. So he can be with other faggots and learn from them and Johnson."

"Woah, you mean you got a whole farm with, with faggots? Guys like Danny?" I was pretty amazed. It hadn't occurred to me you could have a whole fuckin farm for fags.

Johnson laughed. "Yeah, you ought to come out one day soon. Take a look around."

"Johnson," my Dad started, "you already got my one boy out there. I don't think Ian is quite the faggot that Danny is." We all laughed at the thought.

"I was talking about checking the place out as in potential work, Chuck. I'm looking for an assistant, someone to learn the business and help me out managing the faggots and the operations. I've gotten so big the last year or two that it's more than the wife and I can handle at times."

"Gentleman," Dr. Jablonsky interrupted again, "you can do career day on your own time. I have a patient on the table. I turned back to face Danny on the table. That was when I saw that he had more piercings. His dick was fucking pierced down to his, well his taint is what I called it. I'm sure it had another name but fuck, his dick was locked down tight. Infact his balls were mashed up inside him. How did I miss that when I first walked in here. I heard myself mumble, "Woah. Danny's got a lot of new piercings. His, his dick is like locked to his taint."

Danny blushed. I could tell he was embarrassed about us talking about him.

"Yeah, Danny was focused too much on his dick, like a Man would be, but he really needed to focus on his holes, which is where he is really going to be getting his pleasure. I got tired of hit so I had him locked down like that so it made his dick inaccessible," Dad told me. All I could say was `whoa'. It seemed kind of harsh, but like totally hot too, taking his dick out of the equation. I could feel myself tenting my pants some.

"By locking down his dick, Dr. Jablonsky continued, "it will enforce chastity on Danny until he can control it. By the time he can control it, he will basically have a clit, like a woman. A functionless dick, that may get hard from time to time. It's so small anyways that it hardly matters. He will learn to use his holes to give and receive pleasure. I have found, working with a lot of faggots over the years, that they react well to some form of enforced chastity like this piercing or a caging device. It gets their mind focused on their Man's cock and not their own. They learn that their pleasure is based on receiving their man's cock."

"Holy shit. I never thought about that," I said to no one. These guys all seemed way ahead of me in this area. Even Dad was nodding to what the doctor said.

"Let's open up his pussy for a full exam," The Doc announced. He took a speculum from his table and applied a bit of lube to it and then using his gloved hand applied a little to Danny's hole. Then he slid the instrument into Danny's hole. He moaned a little and his head rolled around on the table. He seemed completely out of it, he hadn't spoken since I got to the room.

Dr. Jablonsky got the speculum positioned so that he was happy and then he started opening up Danny's uhhh, well, his pussy basically. I wasn't sure any longer really whether it was an asshole or a vagina.

"Hey!" a voice from the outer room hollered. "Am I late?"

"No, not at all just getting started," Johnson hollered back. "We're in here, Bernie."

A tall skinny guy with a lot of tattoos on his arms came into the room. He had a long goatee and looked a little wild around the edges. I didn't know who Bernie was but Danny did, as he looked embarrassed and was bright red as he saw this guy enter.

"Hey Johnson, Doc, Chuck," he shook hands with them and then introduced himself to me. "Nice to meet you Ian," as I shook his hand. He had a decent grip. "Looks like ya started without me. Mind if I take a look at those piercings?"

"No, go right ahead," Dr. Jablonsky said. "We were just going to open him up and take a look, but have a check.

"Ears look good. Those have healed quickly," he noted. I hadn't even noticed those with everything else going on. "Just keep using the Betadine like I told you boy." He moved to the bellybutton. "That looks a bit irritated, boy. Keep that clean and use a bit more force when you put the Betadine on this one."

"Yes, Sir," Danny answered. Clearly this guy was the one who had done the piercing on Danny. Bernie began twisting at Danny's nipples. "mmmmmm, please, please don't Sir." Danny addressed this guy as Sir too. I wondered if Bernie had fucked him too. Had everyone used my brother? What a slut. He really was a faggot.

"Yeah, yeah," Bernie responded. "You're still pumping those titties aren't you boy?"

Dad answered for Danny, "Yes, he needs to keep working on them. They are almost to the point where I want them but I want him to keep going so if they shrink up any they are still the right size. I like them big."

"Looks like he'll get there soon."

"Chuck is thinking that he might have some areolas tattooed on to give them a look like a woman's tits," Johnson stated. That made Danny sit up a bit.

"What?" he asked. "You want what?"

"Hush up, Danny. Johnson is just saying that Bernie can do some light touch up around your nipples and make the areolas bigger, these dark areas around them. So they'll look like Lynn's."

Danny visibly relaxed. "Oh, ok, I didn't know that word," he said. I was pretty amazed to know that it could be done, or that Dad was thinking of doing something like that, but then he had clearly taken over running Danny's life and was making decisions for him. It was getting me hard watching and listening to all of this.

"I know that you like Lynn's nipples Danny. Johnson has said how you've remarked on them. It's nothing difficult according to Bernie."

"It's done all the time for women having reconstructive surgery," the Doc added.

"Oh, yeah. I do quite a few actually," Bernie stated. "More delicate work than a standard tattoo but really just a matter of matching the fag's skin tone and deciding how big you want them." Danny blushed as he continued to be talked about. "Let me see those chastity piercings." Bernie moved down along Danny's body. "I see you're about to open her up," Bernie chuckled, heck we all laughed at his comment. Except Danny of course, he just got more embarrassed. "I don't imagine it will put too much strain on the perineum piercing but be careful anyway," Bernie warned.

"I have full intention of being careful, Bernie, I know what I'm doing," The Doc stated.

"I'm sure you do, Doc, just saying. They look pretty good. I see that there has been some continued bleeding on the cock. He needs to keep that thing under control. The sooner the better."

"We're working on that," Johnson said. "We are doing the usual reinforcement work, reminding him where he receives pleasure now. I think after today he'll have a better idea of this."

My cock was straining in my jeans. Listening to these guys discuss my brother, well, someone that used to be my brother, as if he wasn't there at all. I was beginning to wonder if I needed to get out to Johnson's farm as soon as I could and see what else he had going on there.

"I'm guessing his nuts have pretty much been kept back inside his body since the piercing," Bernie noted. Danny didn't have much of a nutsack anyway and you could tell hardly that one existed with the piercing. When you looked close enough you could see that his balls had drawn back up inside him or had been pushed up there.

Dad answered Bernie. "Yeah, he pushed them up himself there at your place and I don't think I've seen them dropped since then."

"Me either," Johnson added. Then he addressed Danny for the first time. "Boy, you keep your nuts up there all the time now?"

"Danny looked over at Johnson. His face was very red. "Yes, Sir. They don't get mashed there and it hurts less when they are safe there out of the way."

"Well, that will cause a drop in the amount of sperm production but won't effect his hormones at all," Dr. Jablonky noted. Dad laughed and the rest of us followed suit.

"He doesn't need any seed at this point, Doc," Dad added.

"True enough," the doc agreed. "Now, if you want we can just remove them completely. It's always an option if you don't think he'll need them at any point.

"Whoa, really?" The words slipped out before I could stop them and the guys turned and looked at me. "You mean you can just remove them? Doesn't that cause other changes?"

"Well, your father can do what he wants at this point," the doctor said. "He could remove his balls and the sack, just leave the oversized clit locked down. The boy would have to wear a testosterone patch to keep him from getting a bit chubby, but its an option we use on some faggots," he added matter of fact. "Other options include putting him through pussification, where you just turn the whole thing dick and balls into a vagina, reroute the urethra. Again, to maintain the boy form, male hormones would be needed. Different Men have different ideas on how to manage their faggots. There is even a new procedure I've been reading about called mounding, where both the testicles and the dick are surgically implanted inside the fag's body and the sack is used to fashion a vagina look-alike, so you don't lose the parts necessary to keep the fag a boy, but they are hidden and out of the way. Just the tip of the clit is visible. The boy can't get hard and his only release is through a good fucking that stimulates his hole."

"Its always something to think about Chuck," Johnson added. No need to make decisions right away. Danny is still young and he may learn through this chastity to gain control of his clit and such. Just to let you know, the boys at the farm have been through a variety of procedures, from simple chastity devices to a couple who have been pussified"

"I'm not ready to make those decisions yet," Dad said. I was glad actually that he did. I was beginning to not think of Danny as my brother, but I wasn't sure a sister was what I wanted either, though that mounding surgery sounded interesting. It hadn't bothered me though that his dick was always slinging its shit around as I fucked him. Guess maybe that was just me thinking that from listening to these guys talk. "I am confident that he can learn to control it. Danny has always tried his best to be obedient."

"Well, let's see what her boipussy looks like," Doc said as he began opening the speculum. Danny immediately began moaning a little as the doc stretched him open. First an inch, then a couple inches, Danny's hole gaped and I could see inside him. "Well, there doesn't seem to be anything unusual, let me get a lightÉ" the doctor continued to open Danny's hole. He got in open another inch and Danny was squirming and making noises. "Stop fidgeting around," Doc told him. If you need me to strap you down fully I will to get a look, but I don't imagine this is hurting any with the amount of muscle relaxants you took." Danny stopped for a while, but he did keep making noises. "Well, here we go, there are some minor stretching tears here. They are healing but someone really opened this hole wide not too long ago. I'd say that the boy has been fisted."

"What?!?" Dad sounded upset. "Danny, you never said that rapist shoved his fist inside you. Why didn't you tell me about this?"

Danny looked horribly uncomfortable. His legs were up in the stirrups; his hole was open, gaping at the world. Everyone was staring at him, all these guys who had done things to his body were here looking. "No," he managed to say. "He didn't do it, uhmÉIan did it Daddy." Everyone turned to look at me.

Johnson and Bernie were smiling, the doc had a blank look on his face, but Dad didn't really look all that happy about it. "It was the night that we doubled up on him, Dad," I started. "You took off after we had dumped loads and left us there in the basement.. I kinda felt like I should, well, give Danny something back, so I started rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. Then she started backing up and squirming around on my fingers and wellÉ.I just kept going. Before I really knew it I was determined to get my hand inside and so, I did. Danny loved it and it was pretty damn hot, Dad."

"It's, it's the last time I came," Danny blurted out turning a deep shade of red. "I didn't cum again after that, Daddy. You had me locked down the next day."

"Like I said," Dr. Jablonsky began speaking, "doesn't look like any permanent damage, just wanted you aware, Chuck that it had been done."

Dad seemed to be distracted; I wasn't sure what he was thinking. Maybe not thinking too much. I knew I sure as hell didn't want him angry.

"Guess that's fine," he finally mumbled. "Danny couldn't control it and I can imagine you were amazed how we had stretched her out. Seeing as how it was the last time she shot a load, well, seems like it was good for her to see that her hole, being worked like that was enough to get her off."

"Let me show you how to milk a faggot," the doctor continued with the exam. "If you massage the P-spot in her, gently at first, then a bit more aggressively, the built –up load will remove itself from the body. It's toward the front of the groin area. You don't need to get your whole hand inside, just a couple fingers." The doc had a latex glove on and slid two fingers into the gaping hole and rubbed around lightly. I could see what he was doing pretty clearly. It looked like Danny felt it. he took in a sharp breath and squirmed. "I told you to stay still, boy," the Doc warned Danny. "Here, Ian put on a glove and feel that," he instructed.

I got a glove and slipped it on my right hand. I followed the Doc's instructions and slid a couple fingers inside Danny. I felt around until I had the right spot. I could tell because of the moan he gave and the firmness of the location. It was like the size of a golf ball I guess, maybe a bit smaller. I took my fingers out a couple times and put them back in so I could get an idea of where to put my fingers the next time I needed to do this.

"Anyone else want to see?" Dr. Jablonsky asked.

"I may as well," Johnson said. He grinned big and Danny blushed. "Since I will be milking her regularly at the farm I guess I ought to get to know her body a bit." He too put a glove on and slipped his fingers in Danny, I could see him using his two big fingers to rub that spot. Danny moaned appreciatively. "See, how that feels, boy? That is the feeling you want to learn," he told Danny. "A Man can get you off with that, without you even using your clit." Johnson put a third finger inside Danny and rubbed.

"Let me open that a bit more," Doc said widening the speculum further so that it was big enough to fit a hand in now. It was easy to see inside Danny now. All that pink fagpussy stretched wide and Johnson's hand looking like it could fit inside no problem at all.

"Bernie? You want a go?"

Bernie didn't even answer, just slid a glove on and walked around to where he could gain access to Danny. He put a little of the lubricant the doc had used when he inserted the speculum into Danny onto the glove, and then he slipped it in Danny. He rotated his hand until he clearly felt the P-spot. Danny moaned.

"Will someone stuff something in her mouth," Doc said. Johnson picked up Danny's t-shirt and wadded it up, stuffing it her mouth. It kept it quieter. Bernie just kept rubbing and moving his hand inside Danny. Danny's head rolled on table, like I had seen the night I had fisted him. He was clearly enjoying this. "You can see," Doc started in again, "that she's already leaking a good bit of fluid." We all stepped around closer to have a look. Danny's eyes bugged a little at us peering at him and he was definitely red as hell in the face, between breathing through his rag-stuffed mouth and us leering at his gaping hole. "Keep rubbing that spot and we will get a full release soon."

I looked around the room at the faces of the guys, then I noticed that there wasn't a man in the room that wasn't tenting his pants while this was going on. I knew I was as hard as hell. I wanted to dump a load in Danny right then.

"Uh, Dad," I started. Wasn't sure how this would sound to him, and I knew now that Danny belonged to him. He looked over at me. "Would you mind if I, wellÉ pulled out my dick and dumped a load in Danny?" He looked kind of funny at me. "I'm boned as hell watching this and just thought I could release some build-up. Just, you know, give a few quick pulls on my dick and empty a load." I noticed Johnson grinning again.

Dad looked like he was thinking about it. Bernie dropped his other hand and began rubbing his own dick through his pants. "Guess that couldn't hurt," he said. "I'm sorta in need of relieving a bit of tension myself, now that you mention it."

It was all Bernie needed. He kept his hand in Danny and used his other to unzip and pull out his dick. Not a small one but nothing size wise compared to mine I thought. He went right to work jacking himself and Danny moaned as he continued to leak and get rubbed. Within a minute or two Bernie pulled his hand out and pointed his cock at Danny's hole. His load was flying out and going right into Danny's pussy. Johnson went back at it next. His dick was fat, not as long as Bernie's but it sure as hell would stretch out a hole, I thought. He too dumped pretty quickly. He left a huge load in Danny, spurt after spurt seemed to leave his cock and enter Danny's cave.

Dad was standing there not making a move so I went next. I slid my hand back in Danny. I started rubbing his P-spot and his leaking continued. He was making all sorts of noise and even the t-shirt wasn't stopping it. I looked at the fluid slowly running out of his limp dick that was attached to his taint. It looked a bit like he might be getting hard, or trying to, but it was nothing next to the last time I had my fist in him. At that time I had been pulling his little clit, now there didn't seem to be a point to that. He could get off just through the rubbing. My cock throbbed at the idea of so much control over Danny, over any faggot, over Tim. My mind wandered back to Tim. Was he a real faggot? Could I gain control of him like this? That was it. I wasn't paying any attention to Danny here my dick was outta control and I was going to flood his guts with a big load thinking of the possibilities that lay before me. I slid my hand out and aimed my cock at his pussy. I moaned and let fly with several large wads of seed. I looked inside him and saw the gathering pool of cum from the three cocks.

The doc was next. He pretty much did the same thing the rest of us did, playing with Danny, watching him roll his head and twist his ass on the table, his legs firmly held in place. The doc's hand seemed to be expertly teasing Danny, causing quite a bit of fluid to release. For a guy who must be near 70, the doc was no slouch in getting his dick hard, and like Bernie it seemed to be of a decent size. Either the doc was slower than the rest of us or he was enjoying it more. It took him a while to blow his load. Once he was ready though he aimed and dumped and Danny's cavity grew more filled.

Dad was last. It seemed perfect somehow that the owner go last. Dad's cock was about the same size as mine of course. He reached his hand in and massaged Danny. Danny stared at Dad and Dad stared back at Danny. There was definitely some connection there that I didn't fully understand yet. But you could see it in their eyes. Dad's hand must have been doing something right because Danny was moaning into the t-shirt, but his head wasn't rolling around, he kept his eyes locked on Dad, occasionally looking down to check that Dad's hand was still inside. Dad was stroking his cock and manipulating Danny. Then Danny actually arched his back and his clit pumped out a big thick stream of goo, slowly oozing at first then increasing for a bit. His dick never got hard of course but he pumped out that load and moaned loudly though his mouth was filled with cloth. That seemed to satisfy Dad and he removed his hand from Danny. He slid his cock in, further than the rest of us and just stroked the base a couple times and you could see it jumping in his fist, emptying seed, even though I couldn't see it happen. When he had finished was when he finally broke eye contact with Danny. He pulled his cock back out stood back a bit.

"Give me that t-shirt Johnson," he said. Johnson did and Dad wiped his cock on the t-shirt before stuffing his cock back in his pants. We all followed suit, wiping what cum hadn't made it inside Danny on his shirt. Then the doc took the shirt and wiped up Danny's load with it and left it with the rest of Danny's clothes.

"I'll just close this pussy up now if that's okay with the rest of you," he said. Everyone murmured agreement. No one had really said anything while the jacking was taking place. Dr. Jablonsky loosened the speculum reversing the opening. I watched as Danny's hole slowly closed. When the speculum basically fell out at one point, Danny's hole was still about two inches open across. I saw it spasm and clench. Danny looked as if he was trying to close it down. The look on his face was one of satisfaction but also some kind of concentration as he tried to get it working on his own accord again. Almost made me laugh. "If you gentlemen will head out front I'll finish up here, he added." We all headed for the front office area.


"Okay, boy, we're done," Dr. Jablonsky told me. He released my legs and I tried to sit up, eventually being successful. "Just sit there and listen to me for a bit. You're good to go, Danny. The Men at the Farm can use you now. They aren't in any danger and you are as healthy as you can be. I imagine Johnson will start you on a regular milking schedule now, once a week, maybe a bit longer if your Dad has a preference."

I nodded. "Yes, Sir."

"Always knew you were a faggot, Danny. I could tell from when you were 4 or 5 the way you would carry yourself. Too bad it took your Dad so long to figure that out." I blushed, even though this man had just seen my pussy wide open and filled with the loads of 5 Men including himself, I still could blush at what a guy said to me.

"Be good and follow directions, Danny," he told me. "I don't want to see you in here until your next full exam in a year."

"Yes, Sir, I mean no Sir, I promise not to be back before then."

"Good faggot," he rubbed my head and smiled. He went back out front with the Men and I sod and got myself dressed. I could feel the loads inside me, and I could see the remains on the t-shirt I had to wear back to the Farm.

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