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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Black Boys Slave

Date: Tue, 10 Jul 2012 07:05:12 -0700
From: bjjl <>
Subject: Black Boys Slave

Black Boys Slave

I retired at fifty from the corporate world. My wife had passed away three
years earlier and our kids had moved away to other states. I kept myself
fit by playing golf, walking and working around the house in the yard. The
house was on a half acre lot so it was fair size. The neighbor hood was
upper middle class very peaceful and quiet. I lived at the end in the
cul-de-sac. I had given up on sexual relationships. There were a few women
around to date, but their motives were questionable. I wasn't interested in
someone that drank or smoked.

For my sexual recreation, I just did it the old fashion way with my right
hand. I had got use to going around the house in the nude. Sometimes I even
ventured outside to water the garden in the nude. That was usually in the
evening when it was dark. I didn't want the neighbors to see me naked. The
work shed in the back and garage was a favorite place to preform my
frequent masturbation rituals. I even went to my doctor to get a
prescription for those pills that make you and keep you erect. I kind of
enjoyed walking around with a stiff cock. Recently I had become fascinated
with bondage.

I enjoy looking at the pictures of naked bodies all tied up in ropes,
chains and handcuffs. I found myself enjoying the naked men pictures quite
a bit. I have never been a "Macho" guy, a controlling or domineering type.
I was always the more passive type, going along with everyone. I got into
self bondage, fantasizing about being captured and tied up or held captive
by a bunch of thugs. I bought several items that caught my fancy. Like ball
gags, handcuffs, cock harness and some dildos. I felt like my life was
beginning to turn around.

I used other things around the house like clothes pins. I had seen pictures
of them clamped on the nipples and other parts of the body. I discovered
that after awhile, they began to hurt and the pain made my cock get bigger
and bigger. I soon began to see why they said the mind was the greatest sex
organ you have. I had no idea all these things would lead me to where I am
today. Bound up naked, in my neighbors basement, semen dripping from my
sore ass. Roger's hard cock stuck in my mouth. A vibrator strapped to my
cock which is about to erupt and no way to turn it off. Two naked black
boys laughing at me.

It was last summer when it all began. I was working in the garden, thinking
about this book I was reading. About this mutiny on a ship and the captain
getting raped by his crew. My cock was at full attention. I slipped into
the garage to release my sexual urges. I had a big wooden chair in the
corner of the garage. It was perfect to tie myself in and masturbate to any
fantasy I liked. I had forgot to close the side door to the garage. I was
stroking along, pinching my nipples and suddenly I saw Jamar and Darell
standing there starring at me.

Jamar and Darell are the two sons of my neighbor, Jake Hudson. He is a
black man who runs a very successful insurance company. They moved into
the neighborhood about ten years ago. A lot of people disliked it but it
never bothered me. I talked to Jake many times he was a nice man and a nice
family. Jamar and Darell were just children when they moved in. Now they
were grown men. Jamar was 18 and just graduated from high school this year
and Darell was 16.

It was probably the worst situation I could have ever been in. Tied naked
in a chair, with my hard cock in my hand jerking off. Jamar and Darell
smiled at each other and then at me. Jamar spoke out. "Well,
Mr. Weston. What you doing over there?" Darell laughed. “Hoe
come you all tied up in that chair?” Jamar and Darell walked
over to th chair.”

"You caught me masturbating. Its something everyone does. Please,
Jamar. Darell. You won't tell anyone about this will you?" Jamar had a big
smile on his face. “You like to be all tied up when you
masturbate?" Darell joined in. "Thats kinky, dude."

I quickly untied the ropes and got out of the chair. "Where you going
Mr. Weston? You ain't shot your load yet.” Darell laughed.
“Yeah. Lets see you drain that big white dick." "Please,
guys. Its embarrassing enough to get caught masturbating. Don't make me
stand here doing it in front of you."

Jamar smiled, showing his big white teeth. “Maybe you'd like us
to tie your ass up and force you to masturbate. Is that what you want
Mr. Weston?” Darell grabbed my arms, pulled them behind my back
and pulled me over to my pickup truck. My protests went unheard as they
tied my arms to the truck railing.

I was getting a little nervous by now, but at the same time I was getting
aroused. It was hard to explain, but I felt my cock was quickly swelling
up. Jamar used his foot to shove my legs open. "For a white dude, you
ain't hung too bad." Darell grabbed my cock and pulled as hard as he
could. "That's right! Get it up nice and hard!”

I had never been sexual with another man in all my life, not even in
collage. Darell was pulling my cock up and down while Jamar pinched my
nipples as hard as he could. I knew I was going to ejaculate and it was
going to humiliating for me. Jamar was stroking his hard black cock as fast
as Darell was stroking mine. "You ever taste black cock, Mr. Weston?" I
quickly shook my head no.

Darell laughed out loud. "Well you about to!" The minute he said that, my
orgasm shot through me. I groaned out loud, watching Darell's hand milking
my cock like a tit on a cow. My glans were so sensitive, my whole body
jumped every time his hand rolled over them. Darell quickly untied my arms,
shoved me across the garage and forced me down on my knees. Jamar stepped
in front of me.

"Open wide, Mr. Weston! You got a big black cock coming in!" Darell pulled
my arms back and tied them behind my back as Jamar held my head steady. I
had always thought Mr. Hudson had raised two good boys. They even use to
mow my lawn when they were about 10 or 11. I found it all very had to
understand. Suddenly I felt a sharp pain across my ass. Darell had picked
up a yard stick off my work bench and was spanking my bare ass with it.

"I love the way that white ass shakes." Without warning, Jamar ejaculated
in my mouth. His hot sperm was squirting and filling my mouth, then the
unthinkable happened. Darell smacked my ass hard with the ruler and as he
did, I swallowed the load of sperm. Jamar was rubbing his wet cock over my
entire face. "Get a good smell of that black cock! You gonna get a lot
more of it."

He was right because Darell shoved his hard black cock into my mouth and
ordered me to suck him dry. By the time I had finished with the two boys, I
was exhausted. Not to mention covered in semen on my face and the rest of
my body. Jamar slid his shoe between my legs and tapped my dangling balls.
"You hard again, Mr. Weston. You a horny bitch!" Darell laughed as he
pulled his pants up. "Yeah! You keep that white cock hard for us later
tonight. We'll be back." "Seven tonight! Here in the garage!"

After they left, I got dressed and went to the house to take a shower. I
felt really really dirty. I couldn't stop thinking about what Darell
said. They would be back tonight. I had the rest of the day to ponder that
thought. The longer I did, the more erections I got. They would come and go
about thirty minutes apart. I never stopped to think about the consequences
would be. Now I know what they are.

True to their promise, about seven that evening, Jamar and Darell showed up
in my garage door. Darell stared at me for a moment. "So what you doing
all fine dressed in your shirt and slacks?" Jamar laughed. "You don't
understand what a bitch is? Do you?"

I held my hand up. "Listen! What happened today was wrong! Let's just
forget all that happened. Let's just be neighbors like we always have."
Jamar grabbed my right arm and Darell grabbed my left one. "Let's all go
inside and get better acquainted, neighbor." Jamar shoved me into the
living room. "Get them clothes off! Get your white ass buck naked!"

They made me kneel on the floor, legs open and hands behind my head. Jamar
left the room leaving me alone with Darell. He slid his hands were feeling
my ass cheeks. "I use to mow your lawn. Sometimes I'd see you bent over
out side. I said to myself. I sure would like to fuck that tight white
ass!" He shoved his shoe between the crack of my ass. "Guess what? Now
I'm gonna get to do that!"

Jamar walked back in the room carrying some things in his hands. I was
shocked to see it was the bondage gear from my room. “Look here
what this old mans got." Jamar tossed the items in the floor in front of
me. Ball gag, handcuffs, a dildo, a vibrator, a black leather collar,
clothespins and cock harness. I was to humiliated to even speak. I wanted
to close my eyes and make it all go away.

Darell picked up the ball gag and collar. "Open up! Let see how this
fits." He shoved the ball in my mouth and buckled it. Then he fastened the
collar around my neck. He picked up the cuffs and cuffed my hands behind my
back. "Yeah! I like it!" He grabbed the collar by the big ring, pulled me
to my feet and pulled me into my bedroom.

"Now we gonna see how my big black cock fits up your tight white ass!" It
was not as painful as I thought. I guess it was a good thing I was use to
those dildos I bought. I rocked back and forth. Darell was grunting as he
pounded my ass. After several minutes, his orgasm arrived and he was
through. Jamar was already naked he quickly slid his hard cock up my ass
and began thrusting. Another several minutes and he was finished
also. Darell unfastened the cuffs then yanked my head up by my hair.
"You're a great fuck, bitch! We own you NOW!"

I was drying myself off in the bathroom after a nice hot shower and a nice
hot masturbation session. I was not too sure what they meant by that
remark. "We own you now, bitch." I did have a strange feeling of relief
and not just a sexual one. Jamar and Darell knew everything about me now. I
didn't have to hide anything. They knew every kinky thing about me. They
also knew I would never say anything about what we did. They did have me by
the balls so to speak.

Over the next week, Jamar and Darell visited me on a regular
basis. Sometimes both of them came and sometimes just Jamar or Darell by
themselves. Regardless of that, there was always sex in one form or
another. In fact I was beginning to look forward to it. I had to be naked
whenever they came over. If I was not, I got a good ass whipping with a
belt. I was beginning to like that also. Sometime I would wear just
stockings so I would get the spanking.

I was slowly beginning to see what they meant by that statement. "We own
you, NOW!" They spent a lot of time at my house. I spent a lot of time on
my knees and bent over with my ass in the air. If it was their plan to make
me subservient to them, they had succeeded. One day I was ordered to come
over to their house. I had to be there at seven.

Jamar opened the door and led me downstairs to their basement. I was
ordered to strip and get on my knees. My hands were tied to a pole above my
head. "Did you take your pill, bitch?" I nodded my head. "Good you gonna
need it tonight." I heard the door open to upstairs, someone was coming

I was shocked to see their father, Mr. Hudson standing there. "What you
boys got here?" "He's our white bitch from across the street. " "Yes,
Mr. Weston. I see you and my sons are getting along fine. They're good boy,
aren't they?" I nodded my head again.

“They told me you love black cock. Both in your mouth and in
your ass. Is that true?" I nodded yes again. Mr. Hudson stepped in front
of me and dropped his pants. What a huge black cock he had! I could see who
Darell got his big cock from. Mr. Hudson slid his think organ in and out of
my mouth. "You doing good. Suck the head. Lick it all over!"

I could hear Jamar and Darell talking in the background, laughing
“Look at the bitches cock! He's already hard like a dog in
heat.” They were right, my cock was stiff I didn't have much
control over that. Mr. Hudson's cock was sliding deeper in my mouth. He was
careful not make me gag. Mr. Hudson's cock suddenly erupted. I swore it was
a cup of sperm that pumped out. The boys were laughing in the background

"The boys were right, Mr. Weston. You can suck a good cock. I think we'll
be seeing a lot of each other." Mr. Hudson turned to go back upstairs.
"You boys have fun with Mr. Weston, but play nice." They all laughed out
loud. I didn't see it was that funny.

The following Monday, Jamar and Darell walked in the house. I was in the
kitchen, naked of course, stacking the dishwasher. "Get some clothes
on. We're gonna see a friend of ours." Darell rummaged through my
closet. He tossed me a pair of brown slacks. Next a white shirt and a blue
tie. "Wear those!" I pulled the pants on, buttoned my shirt and adjusted
my tie.

I got in the car and sat between Jamar, who was driving and Darell. "Our
friend Rufus just might make a star outta you." Darell told me with a big
smile. I shook my head, "a star?” "Yeah! Rufus makes porno
flicks for blacks. He always likes to use white guys in some of his
films. I told him about you and he said he had a part for you.”

Jamar pulled the car into an ally where a big roll up door opened up and we
drove in. Darell grabbed my balls right through my slacks. "You keep your
mouth shut! We'll do the talking. Understood?" I was led into an office at
the back of the warehouse. A big black man sat behind a desk. He wore a
bright yellow silk shirt and several gold chains around his neck. Another
large bald black man stood behind him.

He smiled at Jamar and Darell and gave them some sort of weird hand shake.
"So, this is your bitch? How old is he?” "He's fifty, I
think. Nice shape for an old white dude." The man behind the desk nodded
his head. "Let's see what you look like naked. Get them clothes off."
Once again I was stripping in front of a gang of black men.

Darell spoke up. "This bitch takes hard-on pills too. His cock can get
damn hard." The man nodded. "Now, slowly turn your ass around." I could
feel the humiliation inside me. I had a good idea what the slaves must of
felt before they got purchased. "Not bad! Bitch got a nice tight ass. Not
all flabby like that."

Jamar pulled up a chair. "You think you can use him?" "Yeah! I got a
prison porno I'm gonna shoot. These black prisoners start a riot. They take
some white guards hostage. They keep'em locked up naked in the cells. That
way they can use'em when ever they feel like it. This bitch will make a
fine guard." Jamar and Darell seemed to very happy.

They took me to the warehouse that Thursday. I was put in a room with
several black men. They gave a prison guard uniform to wear complete with
hat. One of them tossed me some boxer briefs. "Put these on!" They put
some makeup on my face and took me into another room that was set up with
two cameras, five black men in prison uniforms and a jail cell.

Rufus walked up to me. "Listen up, bitch! All you have to do is look
scared and shake your head back and forth like you mean no. You follow
orders and your ass won't get beat. OK?" I quick nodded my head, "yes."
Rufus dropped a set of heavy keys into my pants pocket. "Fine! Now these
three prisoners are gonna drag you through that door over there and over to
this cell. You gonna take the keys out and pretend you unlock the door. The
two prisoners inside will yank you in the cell and order you to strip the
uniform off."

I glanced over at the two big black men locked inside the cell. It was all
beginning to feel very real to me. "Once they got you naked. They're gonna
hand cuff you to the bars and the fun begins.” The cameras were
rolling, the black men were shouting just like a real riot. "Get the FUCK
outta that uniform! Get on your FUCKING knees. NOW!"

One man gave my balls a slap which made me double over. Two other men
grabbed my arms and cuffed me to the bars. "You ain't so tough now, BITCH!
Are ya?" He slapped my balls again and I gave our a yelp. “You
two stay here with him while we find the other guards." The black man
walked up to me with his cock held in his hand.

"The only thing you gonna guard from now on is my black COCK!" He grabbed
my head and shoved his cock down my throat. They laughed when I gagged. He
gave my face a goof fucking, squirting his sperm all over my face instead
of in my mouth. The second man stepped up and we did the same thing all
over. His ejaculation went all over my face. The other three prisoners
returned with another white man in a guard uniform.

They forced him to strip, shoved him against the bars right nest to
me. They cuffed his hands between the bars, but instead of kneeling he was
standing with his legs spread open. I glanced over an noticed his cock was
about half hard. They uncuffed me and made me kneel down in front of
him. They put my arms around his waist and cuffed them on the outside of
the bars. His cock was directly in my face. Someone slapped my ass hard.

“Get your mouth over that cock, BITCH!" I quickly opened my
mouth and slid it over his hard cock. Someone slapped my ass hard again.
"You keep that cock in your mouth until we come back!" There was another
man someplace else because I could hear him pleading with someone. "No,
please don't fuck me! Please. Please, no. Don't fuck me!”

I felt this man's cock swelling in my mouth, getting harder and harder. I
slid my tongue over and over his head, rubbing and sucking as it got
completely hard. I guess it was just natural for me now by now. I had done
it so many time with Jamar and Darell. The only difference was this guy was
white instead of black. I moved my head back and forth over the cock, I
could hear him moaning with every stroke. Before I knew it, he load jetted
into my mouth and down my throat.

For the final ending of the movie, if you could call it a movie. Took place
in the cell as the prisoners raped the guards and left them tied up in a
heap on the floor. Before they shot the last scene, some men came in and
poured a milky substance over me and the other man. It made us look like we
were covered in sperm from all the prisoners that fucked us.

Me and the other man got to shower after it was finished. That fake sperm
was kind of sticky like paste. I found out his name was Roger. He was a
homeless man, but he use to be a foreman in a company warehouse. When hard
times hit, the warehouse closed. He lost his job, unemployment ran out. His
wife divorced him, took the house, which she sold and moved away with his
daughter. Rufus snatched him off the street and gave a place to stay and
food if he worked in his porno films.

That afternoon when Jamar and Darell dropped me at my house they told me to
be over at their house at seven tonight. I thought it was going to be the
same old thing but it was not. Roger was there, already naked with his arms
stretched above his head and legs wide open. Which brings us to me being
bound up naked, in my neighbors basement, semen dripping from my sore
ass. Roger's hard cock stuck in my mouth. A vibrator strapped to my cock
which is about to erupt and no way to turn it off. Jamar, Darell and their
father Mr. Hudson all laughing at me.


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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Black Boys Slave