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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Boy

Date: Sun, 9 May 2004 21:10:20 +0200
Subject: BOY

Well, you have to be 16 or 18 to read this.

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The boy played soccer at school and loved the play. His idol was a big
teen player. The boy dreamed about the teen day and night. The boy loved
his play and his great body. His player was a big strong teen. He looked
at his strong hairy muscled legs, below those shorts. The boy saw his
muscled chest when his hero took his shirt off. It was a flash. The boy
collected pictures of his strong teen and wanted to be with him. The boy
had his jack off dreams about this beautiful strong soccer player. He
couldn't help himself. He wanted to be used by this giant of a man. To
be his little boy.

One day he did sent his hero an e-mail. He got his address from a friend
at school. The boy told the big teen his teen dreams, his fantasies...
wanting to be his boy to serve his hero. The boy did and waited...

An e-mail came back after a week with an invitation to a big hotel in the
boy's town. Just a few lines from the big teen, his hero. Special lines
and orders.

The boy did what was written, he was waiting in a special room. He was
lying on the bed face down, as ordered, when the strong his teen came in.

The big teen looked at the boy, who was still fully dressed and felt

He slowly took of his white T shirt exposing his muscular chest and he
took a piece of cloth from the cupboard to blindfold the boy.

After the boy was blindfolded, the strong teen took him by his tiny
shoulders and guided him into a standing position in the middle of the

He stood behind the boy, shoving his rock hard cock against the boy's
tight ass in his blue jeans. He had to bow a bit doing so. The boy did.

The boy could feel the strong teen's warmth as he surrounded him with
his huge arms. The boy could feel his strong hands slip under his smooth
armpits and the strong hands slowly began to unbutton each button of his

The shirt felt open and the boy felt exposed. The boy felt him. The
strong hands on his naked skin. Touching him everywhere in an urgent way.
The boy knew his body was to be explored completely. Every part of his
body was for this teen, his hero. His own excitement was obvious when he
got a boner in his faded blue jeans.

The teen's fingers stroked his smooth chest and they started to rub and
pinch the boy's little nipples. The boy sight deep. This was it! His
little boy cock was leaking pre cum in his white underwear.

The big teen moved his right hand across the smooth chest of the boy,
down to his belly button. He had time. The boy felt the hands down to the
waistband of his faded blue jeans. The teen took his time and smiled.

It was early.

The teen loved it and wanted to enjoy it.

He stroked the exposed tanned smooth skin of the boy. He felt the
developing muscles of the boy. He played with the little treasure trail
of fine dark hairs of the boy. He kissed his belly button. The boy
reacted great. The boy pressed his soft smooth belly into his face.

The teen slowly started to unbuckle the leather belt and opened the snap.
He unzipped them slowly.

The boy was a little embarrassed, he told his hero everything. The boy
told the big teen he loved his soccer play but wanted to be his special
boy. The teen asked him what did he mean and he told his horny dreams.
Sitting between his strong legs, serving his strong muscular chest, his
cock, being his boy.

The teen must see and feel his excitement. It must be obvious as he felt
the teen's hand on his little boner, hard and erect, still in its cotton
prison, as the teen took the zipper down.

There was no way he could hide his excitement.

The blindfold made everything more exciting and intense. The boy
couldn't see what the teen was doing next. His little penis stayed rock
hard. When the teen was finished with the zipper of his jeans, he tugged
on the jeans and pulled them down.

The teen looked at the boys smooth legs and admired them. He stroked them
till the band of the boy's underwear.

The boy had a flash of hesitation but stepped out of them, kicking his
blue jeans away. His dream became real and he didn't know or he was
ready for it.

The big teen ruffled his short hair and stroked the boy's smooth chest.
He stroked his smooth flat belly and the compact muscles. The boy loved
the feeling of the teen's hands on his naked skin.

This was real! This was not a stupid jack-off fantasy.

The teen turned the boy around to face him and placed his strong hands on
the naked tanned shoulders of the boy.

The boy was now only dressed in his white boxers, his little cock very
hard and erect. The boy loved it all the way.

The teen smiled and looked at the exposed body. He just kicked the little
boy boner with a finger just below the wet spot of its cotton prison.

The boy realized he was at the teen's mercy. He wanted it and loved it.
He wanted to be touched everywhere and used completely. The big teen saw
the boy's reaction and he moved his hands slowly down the boy's smooth

The boy felt him stop when the teen reached his compact tight boy's ass
cheeks. The teen just squeezed them a bit.

The boy didn't know what to do. In a reflex he clapped his ass cheeks
together. He was stupid, he liked the big teen and wanted him in control
over his young body. He was giving his body and soul to this strong teen,
he tried to relax and submitted to the strong hands feeling his ass
cheeks in a kind way, under the soft white cotton of his underwear.

The teen felt between the boy's ass cheeks relax and he felt the boy's
hole through the cotton of his underwear. The teen's boner was dripping
and he decided to get naked with the boy.

The teen dropped his jeans and took off his T shirt, the boy was blind
folded for the time being. The teen dropped his black boxers and stood
above the boy naked and strong. His strong muscled body giving a shadow
on the boy's frame.

He liked his power over this boy.

He reached down and touched his kid's naked shoulder.

The boy gave up his resistance.

He will allow the teen do all he wanted to him. He wanted to be touched,
used and examined in any way completely. The boy was willing to do
everything for this strong teen. He felt the teen's hand on his shoulder
again and he relaxed. It was nice.

The boy was no longer embarrassed, was standing nearly naked in front of
this bloke. He was willingly giving himself up to whatever the teen may
like of his young body. He would do everything.

The teen loved the smooth skin of the boy and smiled at his reactions. He
slowly pulled the boy's ass cheeks in with his strong hands. Pulling the
boy into his body until he could feel the little naked boner at his own
jeans protected erection.

The teen was still dressed, the boy could feel the teen's jeans. He was
excited to feel the teen's hard and erect big cock inside. He, just a
boy, gave this giant a boner! He was responsible for that.

The boy had not much time to think. He felt his mouth invaded by the
teen's tongue, pushing it into his young mouth. The boy opened his mouth
fully, giving himself up. Allowing the teen to explore is mouth, nearly
being raped by his demanding tongue, touched and swallowed him

The teen kissed him fully, the boy kissed back and pressed his body to
the big teen. The teen kissed his nearly shaved cheeks and moved from the
boy's mouth licking his little ear. The boy got aroused still further.
He felt the big tongue licking his smooth face and his ear, his neck and
back to his smooth throat. The strong kissing changed in little bites and
the boy got more excited.

The teen's hands took the boys head, holding him close in both hands and
kissing him everywhere. The teen loved the kid this way so much. The boy
struggled in his bonds to kiss the teen back.

The teen smiled at his approach, lovingly kissing his nose but ignoring
the boy. The teen pulled back just feeling the boy's soft blond hair.
The hair was short, good for his boy. The teen stroked the tanned skin of
his boy on his never shaved cheeks.

The boy felt the big teen's finger on his lips and he opened wide to
receive it. The boy sucked on the finger eagerly. It turned him on even
more. The other firm and strong hand moved down to the boy's neck. The
big teen took the boy's tanned shoulders,

The boy noticed the firm hands and their positive control on his body.
This felt great, giving himself to this teen. He was begging in silence,
please do whatever you want, but please do it now!

The boy was so hard. He thought his little nuts would explode any second.
The boy felt a gentle but firm pressure on his shoulders. The strong teen
pushed him to his knees. The boy submitted and went down to his knees on
the wooden floor. He felt the strong hands on the back of his head and he
felt the pressure being pushed down. The boy knew.

The big teen pushed the blindfolded boy's mouth to his crotch. He wanted
the boy to feel his hard cock in his tight blue jeans. The boy smelled
the teen's cock and the jeans. He felt the hard and firm cock inside. He
licked the rough cotton, feeling the out line of the teen's cock with
his tongue.

The teen smiled at the boy's response to his erect cock. He liked that.
The boy's mouth moving around sucking the jeans covered cock inside. The
boy wanted his big cock badly. Yes the boy wanted to know what would be
the feel having a mouth on his own little boy cock.

The teen smiled.

He took the boy and pushed him onto the king size bed. He arranged him,
looking at his tanned young body, still dressed in his white boxers. The
boy was on his back, totally exposed.

The big teen took the boy's hands and lifted them gently but firmly over
his head. Exposing his clear pits. The boy was there, each hand was
pointed to a corner of the bed. The teen smelled the boys pits and loved
it. There was no hair but it smelled like a growing teen boy. The big
teen licked the pits making the boy hyper.

The boy was struggling and shaking in his bonds feeling his hero, this
big teen licking his arm pits. The teen's cock was growing and hard very
fast. The boy liked his boner in it's cotton prison. The boy felt and
tried the soft leather restraints buckled to his small wrists, the rope
attached to the rings outside the restraints as the big teen tied him
firmly onto the king size bed. No way he could get away with this.

His arms spread wide in a Y, the boy felt in a way comfortable. The boy
didn't resist. He took it all. He thought he could do it.

The big teen continued to stroke and lick his body in a gentle way. He
wanted the teen to stroke his erect eager begging cock. The boy was
ready. The boy could felt his pre-cum leaking from his little boner.

The big teen walked around the bed, the boy could hear that.

He was a little bit worried.
The teen slowly stood there and just took the boy's nipples and stroked
them very light. The boy never knew such a nipple play could make him so
hard! The boy lifted his butt from the bed using his legs to push himself

The boy wanted to meet the teen's hands. To feel those big hands on his
tits and his little begging cock.

The teen smiled, there was no way the boy could meet them. The teen
walked away and started to undress.

He lifted his T shirt and dropped his blue jeans. All the time looking at
his lovely boy.

The teen took the boy's smooth legs. He stroked them gently from the
outline of the boy's underwear down to his ankles. He just pulled the
boy gently down.

The teen pulled the boy's legs open fully. He stretched the boys legs
and secured them to the other corners of the big bed.

The boy felt a some other restrains being wrapped around his ankles. A
rope was attached and he was tied firmly in a spread open position. His
young body was really a X now.

There was nothing the boy could do. Nothing left to resist the big teen
who was in totally power over his body now. His body was spread eagled,
totally open.

The big teen could do everything he wanted to the boy. It was scary and
exciting. Being his boy, having no control, allowing the big teen to do
everything, just trusting the teen with himself.

The boy thought back. He had dreamed about this moment. After some time
he dared to write this letter to his hero. He liked the soccer player,
the big and beautiful teen.

He stroked his cock all the time, day and night, dreaming about Him, the
teen. Jacking off thinking abut being tied down by the teen, wanting to
have him in power. A strange power, which made the boy very hard.

The boy felt it. The big teen straddled him. Pinning his already tied
body down. The teen put his knees on his shoulders. He felt the teen
pushing his big cock into his mouth. The opened his mouth wide to receive
this gift.

No resisting, no, the boy loved the soft skin of the big teen's cock.
This was the boy's first time. It was so awesome. He was taking his
hero's cock into his mouth! He could do it. He didn't take it well. The
teen's cock was huge and the boy's mouth little. The boy was giving his
best efforts and he tried not to gag.

The teen looked down on the boy, taking just the tip of his big cock.

He started to work on the boy's nipples after he moved down on the
boy's smooth chest.

He touched the aroused nipples a little and smiled. The boy's nipples
were very hard.

The boy gasped. He felt the teen's breath on his little boy cock,
feeling the teen's mouth very close to his begging cock. The teen was
blowing his hot air through the boxers.

The boy silently took his place. He hoped the big teen would suck his
little boy cock. He begged for that, not able to move and blindfolded. He
wanted to spent his load between the lips of this friend, this teen, this
giant of a man.

Silently he knew He could not have an orgasm till this teen told him to
have one.

The boy groaned... silently.

The teen, the boy thought, would know. He would not come until the teen
let him do so.

In a flash the boy felt a cold knife on his exposed skin. The teen cut
his boxers and tore them off. He revealed the compact body. Now fully
naked and the aroused begging little boy cock.

The boy's cock throbbing. The boy was hotter as ever been. All his jack
off sessions were nothing to this.

The real thing.

The boy had always felt weird, in a way different from the other boys. He
wanted this. This was his wet dream.

The boy wanted the teen inside his mind and body., wanted to give himself
totally. He was gay, he knew that all the way and the boy accepted that.
Now, this special moment was different. This was kinky, he knew. To be a
subject, to be a victim. The more he surrendered to his new strong
friend, this big teen, the hotter he got.

This was the boy's life. The boy wanted to give himself totally. He
would do everything for him. The boy didn't have any doubts. The boy was
shocked feeling the teen's mouth from his nipples to his belly button
and... to his begging young cock. The big teen kissed his little cock lips
and took the head into his warm mouth. The teen sucked the boy like a
real Master, totally in control of the boy.

The teen sucked his little cock like vacuum. The teen started licking the
young begging shaft, licking, teasing, it was better than he had
imagined. The boy started to moan in his bonds and started to struggle in
lust. The big teen took his time and loved the struggling boy. Slowly he
went up and down on the young cock. The boy was so turned on, his moaning
became louder and his breathing went heavy. The boy didn't care anymore,
he was so turned on. He wanted to see the teen he wanted it all the way.
The boy wanted it badly. The only thing what mattered was this incredible
horny feeling in his young virgin cock. He wanted to be sucked, he wanted
to squirt his young cum into the big teen's mouth. The boy wanted this
for ever, he silently begged the teen to continue, to make him come. He
felt his little balls beginning to contact. Waves of pleasure hit him but
the big teen took his mouth away. The boy's cock slapped his naked

The big teen stood and untied the boy. He quickly retied the young beauty
face down. The boy spread eagled with his beautiful white boy butt in the
air. The boy's hard cock just some inches from the mattress. His knees
bowed a little bit.

The boy felt the teen's hand spanking his white butt with his strong
hand. The boy accepted it, the way it came. He didn't complain, he never
thought this could fee so intense. The boy wanted the teen to know that
he could take everything from him. He wanted to show he was a tough
little boy. Involuntary he hold up his butt to accept the spanking but
his arms and legs were struggling their bonds. The boy was hard. His
little cock was spaying its pre-cum when he felt the teen's strong hands
on his ass.

The teen reached between the boy's legs putting a silver cock ring on
him. Snapping it around him, making the flow of pre cum stop. The boy
moaned and accepted this reward, feeling more intense. The boy felt it
made him even harder and he started to cry.

The teen smiled and took his young white ass cheeks wide apart. The teen
loved what he saw. Two marble white cheeks and in between the boys secret
valley with a smooth never touched little red anus. The big teen spit
inside the now wide spread valley.

He coated the valley with his strong finger making the boy shiver. The
boy could feel the teen's finger pushing at his rectum. He knew he would
give his virgin as to his hero. The pressure was intense, it felt so
good, so intense. The boy accepted the big finger pushed into him. The
boy groaned and accepted the pain. The finger fucked his way into his
body. The feeling was incredible when the teen's finger found his
prostate. The boy had never felt anything so good in his young life. He
wanted to be fucked, to feel a real man inside him. It made him so hot.
The boy pushed up to give the teen a signal. He wanted it all the way.

The teen took his finger out slowly.

The boy felt strange and empty. The teen came back and pushed a little
dildo into the boy. It was bigger than his finger. The boy couldn't
relax this time. It hurts the boy, but he liked it. The teen started
slowly and worked the boy up. The feeling was intense to push the thin
dildo in and out the boy's stretched rectum. After a while the boy
started to accept, he was giving up. He accepted the pain and he gave up
his resistance. The boy only wanted one thing. He wanted to surrender
himself to the big teen, his hero. His little body was totally his. He
wanted to be used, to accept all.

The big teen loved the sight and pushed the dildo all the way inside his
boy. He stroked the boy's back and kissed his neck to reassure him.
Leaving the dildo in place the teen untied the boy again and flipped him
around. The boy didn't fight him and accepted the way the teen handled
his body.

The boy's little ass was on fire. He felt the pain and pleasure in his
virgin ass. His young cock was aroused to the brink. The boy groaned
again. Taking it all the way. He loved it. This was his dream, his

The intensity was almost to much.

The teen brought his big cock to the boy's mouth again. Touching his
lips, the boy opened wide, there was no hesitation this time, the boy
just sucked. He wanted it all the way. To get his reward, his teen
pleased. Silently begging to his stud not to stop.

The teen didn't stop.

Kissing the boy's smooth balls the teen took the boy's legs and brought
them to his brought shoulders. The boy could feel his white butt was
raised into the air. The big teen looked at the boy his smooth armpits
and his young muscular body. He aimed a well greased bigger dildo back in
place. Touching the boy's anus it relaxed. The big soccer teen rammed it
home. The boy groaned but took it all.

The boy's virgin hole felt stretched to breaking point. He screamed out
in agony. This was real pain and pleasure. The boy's ass hurt like hell
and he could feel tears trickling down his cheeks. The teen took him
deep, stretching his boy hole wide. He could feel the dildo fucking his
young never touched enlarged boy hole.

The boy's cock softened. He had his share of pain and pleasure.

Taking it, the boy groaned. Taking it all the way.

The teen watched with mounting pleasure as he brought the bigger dildo
further in... and further out. Fucking the young boy with it. The teen
paused for a second, looking down at the well stretched ass hole of the
boy. He smiled and rammed it fully home.

The boy felt his virgin boy hole stretched and he screamed.

The boy accepted the big dildo in his ass hole. He began to feel less
pain and more pleasure, his screams and groans were real. But the boy
liked it.

The big teen eased the dildo out the boy's hole. The boy felt empty, he
felt denied, he wanted something back on his hole. Something the teen
would love. He would take everything.

The teen aimed his big cock between the white cheeks of the boy. The
teen's cock pressed against his tiny little tight anus. The boy could
feel that and tried to relax. Someway he knew what was coming.

There was a special silence in the room. The boy thought it in a flash,
there was no way back, but he would do it.

When the big teen pressed his cock forward the boy gasped. The boy's
world was on fire. Pain and pleasure hit him, when his virgin anus was
stretched by this big invading teen cock.

The boy loved the big cock all the way! Feel that, being stretched there
all the way.

The boy relaxed.

The teen smiled and went down on the boy. He used his strength, pushed
his big cock inside, to fill the boy with his big teen cock. His rigid
thick cock straight into his little tight boy's ass.

The teen felt great and he didn't stop until his pubes hit the boy's
burning flesh.

The teen was in heaven. He fucked the boy's white virgin ass without
mercy. It just took some seconds. The teen couldn't hold back and spent
his load deep inside the boy. Trembling, the big teen shot his load deep
inside the boy.

The boy groaned and loved it.

Filling the boy's bowels with shot after shot of his steamy teen-juice.

The boy took him without resistant. He just took it and loved it. He
wanted his warm seed inside his young body, getting all of it.

The huge teen took his tool out of the boy's spent body and stroked the
boy's blond hair.

The boy was still on his back and the big teen took his little cock into
his mouth.

Gently he sucked the boy's nipples.

The boy knew he was allowed to come this time. His teen stroked his
little eager cock.

The boy started screaming, his breath coming in heavy spurts. Waves of
pleasure hits his brain and body. The tightening in his young balls was
nearly unbearable. His little cock was jerking. The boy was ready to
loose his load for his hero. The boy knew he couldn't stop, not this

The big teen sucked the boy more intense, he squeezed the boys little
smooth balls with one hand. The boy still fight his own feelings. This
was too much.

The boy screamed. He couldn't hold it anymore.

He was in heaven!

The boy's body trembled violently. He felt his hot young load gushing
out of his cock. And he screamed out.

The boy did it, and sprayed his cum all over.

An intense orgasm left his young body.


The boy shuddered and collapsed in his bonds. The boy was happy.

The teen kissed him and licked the sweat and cum from his young body. He
released the boy from his bonds and hugged him close. He took the
blindfold off. The boy looked like a puppy into the teen's eyes and
smiled to him. The big teen took the boy in his huge arms, holding him

Looking at his hero's body, the boy felt so wanted, so good. This was
his thing. He always wanted in life!

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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Boy