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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Boys Buds And Bullies - Boys Buds And Bullies 7

Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2006 13:51:12 -0800 (PST)
From: Chaz Hale <>
Subject: Boys, Buds, and Bullies pt.7

Disclaimer: If you are not yet 18 years of age or if it is illegal to
read materials of this nature where you live, Please stop now.
This story contains descriptions of sexual activity between teenage
and is for adult eyes only!
The acts are consensual and are a result of their love or lust for one
This story is completely fiction, all descriptions, and names are also
made up, any similarities are truly just that, purely similarities.
In addition, this story also contains domination & fighting between
teenage boys, if this bothers you, then please do not read any further!
I would love to hear from you, so negative as well as positive feedback
is always welcome! Please write:

Recap of pt. 6

With Anthony flexing his thighs around Robbie's head till my friends
face turned purplish, Robbie quickly extended his tongue and returned it
to it's dirty job, licking the cum off the front of my cousins crotch.
He also placed his shaky hands on Anthony's well toned thighs and began
rubbing them lovingly, up and down as far as he could reach. Another huge
victory smile beamed on Anthony's face. "You see Abe, your friend really
is a good little boy after all, he just needs another dude his age
that's far more superior than him to keep him in line, and teach him
some manners..." He eased the muscles in his legs, to give Robbie a
little more breathing room, then lifted Robbie's head up away from his
cum covered crotch. "... isn't that right, little boy, you just need
some one tougher than you to keep you in line, and I plan on doing just
that. From now on, I'll be visiting my queer little cousin a lot more
often, there's gonna be many more sleep-overs from now on, and I'm
gonna be bringing my dirty laundry over all the time, cause I have to be
honest here, I like your cleaning method, you'll have to teach my queer
cousin just how much pressure he needs to apply to get my laundry this
clean... K? I'll try to bring enough dirty stuff to keep you both busy,
when you're not tending to my other needs that is. Now here's the
thing, you've accused me of not fighting fair, and there fore that is
why I won, but, correct me if I'm wrong, you did say there were NO
rules, did you not? So how is it you feel I fought dirty? Anyway, am I
correct to assume the same rules apply, or would you like to change
them?" Robbie nodded his head, though a little reluctantly. " same rules,
no changes."
Anthony was all smiles. "So just to show you how wrong you are about you
turning the tables on me, I'm gonna let you up, I'll give you to the
count of three to be standing, at the count of three the fight begins
whether you're standing or not, deal?"
Robbie nodded his head once again. "Deal"

Boys, Buds, and Bullies pt. 7

The two seventeen year old studs, decided to fight another round, thing
is my best friend Robbie had nothing to lose, he was on the receiving end
of a major beating, not to mention being totally humiliated in more ways
than one. The way the last round was going, I think my cousin Anthony
would have remained on top till the end, using my best bud in ways he's
never been used before. Talk about plans and ideas backfiring on ya, holy
shit did this ever back fire on Robbie.
My cousin had his High School rival beat... big time, so by him agreeing
to start all over again fresh, he... for the first time ever... totally
gained my respect.
Yep, My cousin sure had big balls, despite the fact he had a small dick,
oh ya, while I'm on the subject of my cousins dick, although I keep
making fun of his tiny dick... the truth is, it isn't that it's
actually tiny, it's just that his dick (in comparison to mine or
Robbie's and a couple of other dudes our age) is smaller, so to me...
it's tiny.
Anyways, the way I look at it, with Anthony allowing Robbie a fresh
start? It could go either way, if Anthony wins this round, then my best
bud would lose tons of respect that he has worked hard for all these
years, and having to give a blow-job to another dude would be mentally
devastating for him.
On the other hand it would be a tremendous high for my cousin Anthony.
Not that he needs his ego inflated more than it is, but he has strived
for so long to be number one in not only wrestling but also amongst his
friends. So of course being able to establish bragging rights for beating
the fuck out of Robbie Blackburn... add to that fact that he turned
Robbie into his own personal cocksucker... would place my cousin on top
of the world in the minds of his friends... including his rivals in the
town across the bridge from his home. Unfortunately for Robbie,
Anthony's accomplishment as one of the top fighters in the area, and the
rumors of Robbie being his private bitch (thanks to Anthony's big mouth)
would live for many years in our area.
Then again if Robbie wins this round, then it would also be a devastating
blow to Anthony, both mentally and socially.
With that said, my cousin of course could be in for some super heavy
humiliation, not to mention a beating more severe than any beating he
could ever possibly imagine. For I knew as well as I knew my own name,
that if Robbie gets the advantage in this round... he'll beat up poor
Anthony so bad that his own mom may not recognize him. I mean after all,
my cousin humiliated Robbie something fierce. He put my best bud through
way more humiliation in an hour... than toughboy Robbie had to endure in
his entire life so far.
So my NEW tough cousin agreed to start over again, and he gave Robbie to
the count of three to be on his feet, if he wasn't standing by the count
of three, the fight would start anyway, which of course would give
Anthony the upper hand, cause he'd have the opportunity of pouncing on
Robbie while he was still down. But hey? They both agreed to the three
count, and it WAS nice of Anthony to be a sport about it, so fair is
Anthony was up and dancing around the tent, shadow boxing... in just a
split second.
Flexing the muscles through-out his entire body, and ya... I began
looking at my tough cousin in a whole new way, taking in his all new
dominating attitude and even thinking for the very first time that he was
actually kind of hot.
Meanwhile poor Robbie who took a wicked bad beating... had only made it
to his knees by the count of one. By two, Robbie was still on one knee,
by three, Anthony stood in front of Robbie, spun completely around and
sent a bare foot to the side of Robbie's head, hurling him across the
tent, with Anthony on top of him before poor Robbie could even blink an
I didn't understand what the fuck was happening here. Where did my
cousin learn to handle himself so well, and what the fuck was it with
these flying feet?
Of course my first thoughts were that Robbie didn't stand a chance in
hell against my cousin, (seeing how this second round started) it was
more like a fucking squash job... right from the minute the fight
Anthony was beating the fucking crap out of my best friend without even
breathing hard, a huge smirk on his face with each blow to Robbie's
Somewhere between the last time I saw him and now, my cousin had learned
the art of street fighting, and he was doing a fucking hell of a job at
it. No wonder he was so confident going up against one of the best street
fighters in our two town radius, as well as in our seventeen year old age
group. From what I hear Donnie Colello also fits into the same rank.
I've even heard occasional rumors that he may even be a better fighter
than Robbie, but you know how rumors float around, and with he and Robbie
being close buds, chances are we may never know which of the two is
I was about to move to the other end of the tent so I could get a better
view of the fight, however before I even stood up, my cousin was dragging
Robbie across the tent floor by his hair. Even I winced at the sound of
Robbie yelping and the painful expression on his face as Anthony dragged
him by the hair. Ouch!
Once my cousin reached the center of the tent he let Robbie drop to the
Now flat on his back and stretched out, my best bud was clutching his
abs, so I must have missed something, and can only assume my cousin must
have clobbered Robbie in the abs a few times without me seeing.
With Anthony standing over him, his bare foot planted squarely on top of
Robbie's face, grinding the back of my buds head into the floor of the
tent, he began mashing his bare toes into Robbie's nose and lips, till
Robbie's face looked contorted.
Then, my cousin added some verbal humiliation while laughing down at his
long time High School rival. "You like having my feet in your face? Bet
you'd even suck on these toes of mine, if I told you to... wouldn't
you? BITCH! ... I have to tell ya, watching you grovel at my feet, and
seeing all the pain I can put you through... has actually got me liking
this whole idea of having my own personal suck-slave... so whatdaya
say... how about you practicing on my toes first? You do a good job
sucking my toes... I just may break down and let you BE my personal
suck-slave. Fuck yeeaah... gotta tell ya... I think I could get use to
you on your knees in front of me on a regular basis... maybe even share
you with my team mates... bet they'd love having a cocksucker to work
out their aggressions, and frustrations on ... especially since the
suck-slave is none other than Robbie Blackburn, the only dude in all of
our county that can even come close to taking the regional championship
away from me. But, I guess I have no fear of that ever happening
I! I mean before this weekend is over... the only thing you'll be able
to beat... is my meat. And I have a good feeling... that you'll be doing
that a lot! Fuck yeeaah, I can see it all now, each time we wrestle at my
school, me and my buds taking you out back under the football bleaches
and fuck you over for hours at a time. Tell me, does that sound good to
you? Beacause I have to admit... it's beginning to sound fucking awesome
to me right now."

Having my cousins full weight on top of him, with his bare toes mashing
into my buds face, looked painful as hell and I'm sure it was, because
Robbie was using all his strength and was doing everything in his power
to pull my cousins foot off his face, but with Anthony's well muscled
legs, and his weight shifting to that one foot, Robbie had no choice but
to suffer till Anthony was good and ready to pull his foot away.
Anthony obviously enjoyed the pain he was causing his rival and kept
grinding his foot into Robbie's face for what seemed like forever, even
trying desperately to shove his toes between Robbie's clenched teeth.
"Aaaaahhhhh come-on... open up for me... how do you expect to be a good
cocksucker... if you don't practice"
With Robbie gritting his teeth and refusing to let my cousins toes
inside, Anthony got pissed and gave Robbie a solid kick to the side of
his jaw. "I said open up for me, or else I'll stomp on your pretty face,
you fucking pussy."
When my cousin finally got bored with that bit of torture, and unable to
force Robbie to open his mouth, he squatted down and planked his gorgeous
bubble butt right on Robbie's face.
He sat himself facing my friends feet, giving himself the opportunity to
not only humiliate Robbie further, but to also punish his abs by
pummeling them with clenched fists.
But Just before he began slamming his fists into Robbie's unprotected
six pack, my cousin turned his head around, lifted his beautiful butt up
off my friends face and added more verbal humiliation to go along with
the physical humiliation. "Hey, just checking to see if my BITCH is
comfortable, I know I sure as hell am. How's it feel having your face
attached to another dudes butt, huh?... Feel nice?... By the way... feel
free to use that awesome tongue of yours anytime you want, I mean seeing
as where you did such an awesome job on the front of my underwear ... why
stop there, right? Meanwhile hope you don't mind, I'm gonna be busy
softening up your belly a little bit, k?"

With that said, my cousin first began grinding his awesome looking butt
into my best friends face, moving his cotton covered crack up and down
the full length of it, from his lips to his forehead, and back again,
doing this several times, causing Robbie to scream out some pretty heavy
vulgarity, which of course came out as muffled cries.
I do have to add one comment here, if I were ever asked what part of my
cousins body was the most hottest, I'd have to choose Anthony's most
incredible looking butt, it was the most perfect looking butt I had ever
seen on another dude, it was so full and the way it curved outward from
his back and inward at the legs, just trust me on this one, it's fucking
hot. That's not to say that he isn't a good looking dude, because he is
definitely male model material, but like I said... my cousin has the
hottest looking butt I've eve seen on another dude... period.
And now, Robbie was getting to feel that hot butt pressed against his
face, smothering him, forcing him to struggle with all his might to throw
Anthony off.

I'd be lying if I said that the incredible scene before me was not
turning me on, so I'll admit to that once and for all. I mean hearing my
best friends loud muffled sobs, while being smothered beneath my cousins
tight bubble butt, and watching Robbie's well muscled body quivering
while trying desperately to throw my cousin off, was a major fucking turn
on, period.
Plus the very THOUGHT of Robbie Blackburn's well muscled body, on his
knees begging to suck my cousins cock, as well as the cocks of Anthony's
team mates, had me leaking pre-cum... big time.
I even inched myself closer to the two rivals, so I could get an even
better view of the wicked hot scene. Anthony's tight underwear clung to
his butt like a second skin, completely damp now from his sweat, and
molded into his crack, showing off his beautiful rounded globes planted
solidly on top of my friends face, forcing Robbie to cry loudly from the
anger he was feeling and the incredible humiliation of it all.

I watched as Anthony lifted his butt slightly and leaned forward, bowing
his head a little towards my friends tight stomach, so that he could
pummel my buds abs freely. This also would allow Anthony a better
position to administer the full power of his hard fists.
However, this move also allowed two other things to occur.
Number one... it allowed us to hear Robbie cry openly. A definite first
for me, and I'd known him since we were ten years old. His sobbing words
were of course angry and threatening. "I'm gonna fucking kill you dude,
then I'm gonna hang you by your balls in the middle of the fucking
football field."
Number two... it allowed an opening for Robbie to escape. A HUGE mistake
on Anthony's part.
Using his street fighting skills, and his quick thinking, Robbie
immediately and as fast as lightening brought his knee up, slamming it
right-on and with full force into Anthony's forehead.
The rest as they say, IS HISTORY!

I jumped back, as Robbie lifted both legs and wrapped them around my
cousins head, just before my cousin was about to fall backwards.
My bud then began punishing Anthony's head as he flexed those powerful
thigh muscles till they were rock hard.
It was painfully clear that Anthony was nearly out as he placed his hands
on my friends bulging thighs and tried pulling them away from his head.
When that failed he began wailing on those pythons till the pummeling of
his hard fists were nothing more than weak love taps at best.
As I've said before, Robbie' legs especially his thighs were a part of
his body that I admired the most, so to actually see them at work, as
they so effortlessly turned my cousins face purple, made me nearly shoot
without even touching myself.
Robbie worked the head scissors he held Anthony in, flexing his thigh
muscles around my cousins head then easing up on the grip, then flexing
again, on and on, till Anthony's arms became limp and fell to the
I felt a bit sorry for my cousin, but at the same time while watching
Robbie's well muscled thighs squeeze my cousins head nearly right off
his shoulders, I shot rockets into my briefs.
I'm so sure that Anthony was well on his way to the land of OZ before my
friend flexed his thigh muscles one more time then brought his legs back
down as hard as he could, bouncing the top of my cousins head off the
tent floor several times, before releasing the head scissors hold.
Robbie then crawled out from beneath his sleeping rival and stood up,
still shaking from all the abuse he suffered from the hands of my cousin.
The anger appearing on this seventeen year olds handsome face was
frightening, as he stared down at the crumbled hunk beneath him. I'm
sure that even Robbie feeling as numb as he was, literally had no idea
where to begin with the immense torture that was about to take place, as
he casually wiped away the tears of humiliation. He then looked down at
me, and glared. "I bet you enjoyed watching me being fucked over by this
piece of shit... didn't ya? DIDN'T YA... YOU QUEER, COCKSUCKING, FAGGOT
I knew that Robbie was embarrassed at the very thought of me, his best
friend watching as he took a severe beating and then be totally
humiliated by having to suck my cousins warm cum threw his dirty
underwear, and as if that wasn't enough humiliation for a straight jock
boy like Robbie, my cousin humiliated him even more by sitting on his
face and nearly smothering him to death with that wicked hot ass of his.
So of course Robbie was embarrassed enough to be angry at me for a long
I just silently looked up at my best friend and shook my head in answer
to his question, afraid to admit how turned on I was by that long,
awesome show put on by my cousin.
Yet, even as I sat there and denied being turned on by it all, I knew
that Robbie could see straight through me, he always seemed to know when
I was lying. "You lying fuck, I know you enjoyed watching me being used!
BUT, let me tell you this, before I am finished with this fucking
asshole, he'll not only be begging me to stop hurting him, he'll be
begging to blow me... I promise you. Now help me drag him outside so I
can wake him up with a face full of my warm piss" I hesitated for a brief
moment, I saw how tough my cousin was now, and I didn't want him to
think I had taken Robbie's side. Yet, at the same time, I had to live
next door to Robbie, so if I didn't do everything I was told to do by
him, I would pay dearly. " I said help me move him outside, you fucking

I began feeling sorry for Anthony immediately, as I said before, no body
knows Robbie as well as I do, and I know that when you piss him off, you
better hide. You piss him off and hurt his feelings, forget about hiding,
he wont stop searching till he finds ya. BUT, you piss him off enough to
make him cry? Well damned if I know what happens, I've never known him
to cry before... but I know it can't be healthy for the one responsible.

After witnessing the power behind the new and improved Anthony, I so did
not want to get involved with this fight whatsoever, but I... of all
people... wasn't going to piss Robbie off any more than he was at the
So of course I did as Robbie ordered and helped him drag Anthony outside
the tent. We didn't need to drag him any further than the front of the
tent, the reason for moving him at all was so that the piss wouldn't
cover the floor of the tent, which was good thinking on Robbie's part,
surprising me... considering how messed up his mind was at the moment.

Once outside, Robbie snapped at me again. "Go grab the flashlight,
faggot, I wanna see his expression when he wakes up to someone pissing on
his face."
Again I followed Robbie's orders, it took me a moment to find the damn
thing, since the tent was a little disarray after the fight. Once back
outside, I was shocked to see Robbie standing totally nude straddling
over Anthony's head. My buds sexy thin running shorts were draped over
my cousins face.
Not even looking at me, Robbie gave me another order. "Shine the light
down on his head, and keep it there"
I then heard the first splash, and then the continuing sound of a heavy
torrent. Robbie was pissing on his thin nylon running shorts as the
crotch area was spread across my cousins mouth.
How wicked I thought at first, but then I figured Robbie had to out do
the humiliation his rival had put him through, and I have to admit being
forced to drink another dudes piss threw his dirty running shorts would
more than likely win over being forced to eat another dudes cum threw
dirty underwear. But then of course neither one seemed appetizing to me.

It didn't take much recycled water to bring Anthony back to earth, his
hands immediately reached for the soaked running shorts, pulling them off
his face. He then stared up into the blindness of the flash light,
blinking his eyes several times, and still not able to make out the
identity of the person standing over him. Fuck, it even took him a moment
to realize just what the fuck the person was actually doing.
He then of course tried to move from under the torrent of piss, but with
a solid foot slamming into his nut-sack he didn't go too far. His face
once again being the target of my buds heavy stream of piss. "OPEN UP YOU
When at first Anthony refused, Robbie stood back and sent another dead-on
kick to my cousins jewels, this time covered by Anthony's hands, but he
got the message loud and clear anyway, and decided to obey the mighty
pissed off dude standing over him. Robbie grinned down into his rivals
eyes. "You spit it out and you die, it's as simple as that! I wanna see
you gulping... and I wanna see you gulping NOW... you fucking queer!" If
Robbie and I hadn't witnessed my cousins adams apple thumping, I
wouldn't have believed it. He took Robbie's piss, like a baby takes to
milk, fortunately for him there wasn't much left to swallow by now...
but still, he had to have drank at least a good cup of it none the less.
What happened next surprised the hell out of me, Robbie, still standing
over his High School rival, spoke to him in a calm soothing voice. "Good
boy, did you like it? There'll be more later, I can promise you that...
but now I'm going to give you the same opportunity you so graciously
gave me, only difference is, I wont kick you in the head at the count of
three. I'm actually going to give you as much time as you need to get
the fuck up and back inside the tent, so we can finish this fight,
that's the difference between a real man and a faggot, now get up and
get your ass inside.
Robbie stood back, in case Anthony tried to make a move before they were
actually inside the tent.

Once inside they glared into one anothers eyes, and of course stupid
Anthony attempted the same flying kick he used the first two times, how
fucking stupid, huh? Robbie however had learned his lesson well after the
second flying kick he took, so he was ready this time.
My cousins leg was caught in mid air, and while twisting it with all his
strength, Robbie sent Anthony to the floor yelping in pain. Robbie held
on to the captured leg and followed my cousin down to the floor, landing
on top of him, while still twisting the sore leg causing Anthony to
scream even louder.
Robbie then looked up at me with a slight smile, the first since all the
fighting started. He spoke in a half whisper, as though he was no longer
angry at me. "Go get my running shorts outside, and stuff them into the
pussies mouth, otherwise he's going to wake your mom." I looked down
into my cousins face but his eyes were closed and a painful grimace was
plastered across his face. Relieved that he wasn't looking up at me and
warning me with his eyes, I again followed Robbie's orders.
As I knelt down next to Anthony's head to shove Robbie's piss soaked
running shorts into my cousins mouth, Robbie stopped me. "Nooo, make sure
that the crotch goes inside his mouth first, that's the part I want him
sucking on, then you can shove the rest in."
It was then that Anthony opened his eyes wide, scaring the shit out of
me, but another painful twist of his leg, just as I shoved the last of
the thin piss soaked material into his mouth, forced him to close his
eyes and let out a muffled scream.

Robbie worked my cousins leg, over and over again, till I thought that he
wanted to break it completely off. My cousin screaming through-out the
entire time.
So, need I say how relieved I was when Robbie felt that his rival
wouldn't be making another flying kick for a while, and threw the leg
down while still intact. He then began working on the other leg.
I wanted to hug my best friend for not breaking Anthony's leg, I mean
how the hell would I explain to my mom and aunt how my cousin ended up
with two broken legs while sleeping outside in the tent with me... huh?
My bud worked on the second leg just as long as he had the first, with
Anthony's silent screams never stopping.
I watched intensely as my buds well muscled arms glowed in the dim light
of the tent, his awesome looking biceps working over time, as he worked
my cousins leg, twisting and turning it. The light sheen of sweat
covering his beautiful hot body.
I couldn't help but stare at his well cut pecs, protruding outward,
separated by a deep cleft, and the eraser size nipples sticking straight
outward. I felt my cock twitch several times while taking in the
incredible hot body of my best friend. Asking myself over and over again,
how did he know all these years that I was gay, when I didn't even
know... myself?

When he finished working over the second leg he knelt over his rival, and
began pummeling Anthony's abs and chest with severe, powerful punches,
occasionally directing a few power blows to Anthony's legs and biceps
for extra measure.
He then straddled my cousins chest, lifting his right arm up in the air,
and began twisting it painfully. Suddenly I understood what my friends
plan was.
He worked Anthony's entire body with power punches, twisting and turning
each limb painfully, so that his entire body would be useless to my
cousin for quite some time, enough time for the immense torture and
humiliation Robbie would be busy administering to Anthony.

When Robbie felt he accomplished his goal, he turned himself around
facing my cousins head and just made himself comfortable on Anthony's
chest. He then slowly inched himself closer to my cousins face, till his
naked nut-sack rested on his rivals chin, and his thick muscled thighs
were spread wide. He then gave his rival permission to remove the piss
soaked running shorts.
My cousin needed help doing so, not able to lift his painful arms, so
Robbie nodded to me to remove them myself.
The first audible words while still groaning in severe pain was his
submission to Robbie, but only after my bud slammed his fist into the
left side of Anthony's jaw. "Ok, ok, ok, please no more, I fucking give
I could tell by the evil grin on Robbie's handsome face, that my cousins
submission wasn't good enough. "Fuck ya you give, I know that much, I'm
not fucking stupid! But the thing is, you have to word it a lot better
than that if you want me to stop hurting you. Let's see... hmmmmm...
what if you start with, let's say... ok I know... let's start with...
`I submit to you Master Robb'... Oooh yeeaah, start with that"
It was obvious that my cousin was in severe pain, yet he still hesitated
to mouth the words, words that would humiliate him for a long, long time.
Yet the hesitation was very brief. Obviously my cousin knew that he was
in a helpless and merciless situation, and not obeying Robbie at the
moment would only bring more pain. "Ok, ok, I submit to you Master Robb"
Still not enough to please his number one rival. "Yeah... good boy, but
still not good enough. Now let's here how you wanna suck my cock, eat my
cum, be my bitch, my fucking queer slave!"
I knew that Robbie was asking too much too soon, but far be it for me to
try and tell him so.
We both watched as Anthony at first tried to say the words, but then
couldn't go on. "I wanna suck..." Then silence, my cousin just closed
his eyes and began sobbing quietly.

Robbie looked a little pissed off at first, but then that evil grin
re-appeared. I guess seeing the tears in my cousins cheeks helped him
(even if just a tiny bit) to regain some dignity. He lifted his semi hard
cock and brushed my cousins lips with that awesome looking cock-head of
Then lifted it higher and brushed it under Anthony's nostrils several
Robbie then began to whisper in that incredibly sexy low baritone voice
of his. "You want this, and you fucking know you want it. You DO wanna be
my bitch, you wanna feel my fucking hot body all over you. You wanna lick
my chest completely, suck my nipples. You wanna feel these pythons of
mine wrapped around your pitiful face while you blow me. You sooo wanna
taste and lick my sweaty balls, get them all hot and ready... ready to
blast my sweet cum into your mouth. But the problem is... you don't get
to do any of that... not till you say what I wanna hear. Now say it, tell
me how badly you wanna be my faggot slave, bitch!"

Anthony's face did look pretty pitiful at the moment, he was afraid of
Robbie, and we all knew it.
I think he also knew that the fight was over, he was beat, he was in
severe pain, he was tired, but more than that, even with his earlier
domination... he finally accepted the fact that my best bud was by far
more superior in every way.
Yet, he still remained silent, not willing to speak the words that Robbie
so desperately wanted to hear.

I felt for sure that my bud would get pissed off and continue beating up
my cousin, yet he remained calm and cool.
He stretched out, laying flat on top of Anthony, grinding his huge cock
and nuts directly into Anthony's privates, I had no idea if this would
actually hurt or not, never being in this position, but the immediate
yelps escaping my cousins mouth, answered my question for me.
I heard Robbie begin whispering again, right into my cousins ear, but
loud enough for me to hear, "You like it when I hurt you, dontcha?" as he
continued grinding his solid equipment into Anthony's.
By now he was lifting his sexy butt and driving his cock and balls with
massive force into my cousins groin, over and over again, causing Anthony
to cry out in pain. "Fuck, man I told you I submit, this is where you're
supposed to quit and leave me alone, remember? Ooooh man... it fucking
hurts... I'm serious, dude... you're fucking killing me... please
stop... pleeeaaase?"
If my cousin thought for one second that he was pleading with a human
being, he was so wrong, I love Robbie like I would a brother, but he was
soooo not human.
It was as though he didn't even hear the pleading, the genuine begging
coming from my cousin, as he continued pounding his now wicked hard
monster of a cock and balls into Anthony's shriveled up basket, forcing
my cousin to literally SCREAM out in pain.
Of course the scene was wicked erotic, my bud was fucking my cousins
brains out, as though Anthony had a well worn out twat instead of cock-N-
balls down there.
I wondered if this was as painful to Robbie as it was to my cousin, but
apparently it wasn't because he smiled that evil smile of his with each
powerful thrust.

Of course it was now obvious at least to me, if not Anthony, that this
was all part of Robbie's revenge strategy, to hurt, and humiliate my
cousin for the humiliation he was put through.
I think he probably figured by now that Anthony wasn't gay, he just
wanted to hurt and humiliate him way beyond the point that he himself was
I listened to my cousins loud screams from the pain, and reminded Robbie
about my mom waking up. "Come-on, dude... can you please stop, he's
gonna wake my mom, damn it."
Even I was surprised when Robbie stopped slamming his hard cock into
Anthony's painful groin.
"K, take my socks off for me, and stuff them toes first into his mouth.
That will keep him quiet for a while... let him suck on my sweaty socks
till I decide he's had enough... or he tells me what I wanna hear...
whatever comes first."
I tried convincing my bud that this was all for nothing. "Can't you
please just stop, Robbie? You've gotten your revenge, look at em...
he's a fucking mess, and the thing is, you're not gonna break him,
trust me on this, he's not gay, dude, plus he's as stubborn as you are"
Robbie gave me that hateful, evil glare, and gritted his teeth. "You do
as I fucking ordered you to do, and you do it quick, or you'll be taking
his fucking place, at this point... I don't give a shit whether he's
queer or not. You fucking moron, I'm not done with him yet, and that's
all that fucking matters here, he made me eat his fucking cum, right
through his fucking dirty underwear... and you sat there and watched. Now
just fucking do what I say... or else!"

I knelt down behind my bud, and stripped him of his socks, leaving him
totally nude. I then took in his muscular physique, as he laid out on top
of my cousin, pinning him down mercilessly.
My best friend was just all hard muscle, from his now bare feet, up his
solid rounded calves and thick muscular thighs, to his well muscled butt
cheeks, upward to his solid v-shaped back, and broad shoulders. A
seventeen year old well muscled package. His dampened sweat streaked
blond hair and that handsome jaw completed his wicked hot body, and as if
seeing his well developed body for the very first time, I drooled, as I
worked my way back to the front.
I knelt beside the head of my whimpering cousin and hesitated, I began
feeling sorry for him all over again.
My mind drifted back to when we were all kids, who would have thought
back then that this wold be happening today?
I stared into Anthony's sad defeated eyes before placing Robbie's dirty
damp socks into his mouth, but Robbie's voice brought me back to
reality. "What the fuck are you waiting for, faggot? Stick that sock into
his mouth... toes first... do it now! You fuck!"
I had to pry my cousins mouth open while he glared defiantly into my
eyes, then I did as Robbie instructed, toes first. After I filled
Anthony's mouth with the first sock, I started to do the same with the
second, but was stopped by my bud. "No no, queerboy, that ones for you to
suck on, now do the same as you did to dickless here, toes first, as a
matter of fact... I want you to just suck on the toe area first... then
take the sole area into your queer mouth when I tell you to, yeeaah
that's it... now suck it clean for me, fucking useless bitch!"

I felt like crying, I was so fucking confused, like a million times in
the past, I asked myself why I put up with his shit? I should have
stopped hanging around him after the first time he beat me up at ten
years old, several months after becoming friends with him.
I mean I knew way back then that he was mean, and after being beat up by
him over and over again, I should have learned to just stay away from
But, something about him kept me coming back for more, allowing him to
use me over and over again as his personal punching bag. Even after being
knocked out a dozen or so times, either from his wicked head scissors or
from his powerful fists, I remained his friend.
Now at seventeen, I'm not only his friend but also his personal
cocksucker, his slaveboy to do with as he pleases, and I still can't
leave him.
I know it sounds twisted, but I seriously can not envision my life
without him... as mean and selfish as he is.
I sucked on my buds worn sock, but to me it was no big deal, I mean it
wasn't the first time I've been made to suck on his socks, usually they
are still on his feet when I've been told to clean them. So as
humiliating as it was, I was use to it, but poor Anthony had the entire
dirty sock in his mouth and had to leave it there or pay dearly. And the
sick expression on his face showed clearly the amount of humiliation he
was being subjected to, as he sucked his rivals dirty sock... clean.
I sat down on the edge of my air bed and watched as Robbie began once
again pumping mercilessly into my cousins now painful groin area. It was
kind of like Robbie's huge cock and balls were beating-up his rivals
smaller cock and balls, beating them unconscious, and then some.
I watched and listened closely, as Robbie informed his High School rival
what he must do to stop the hurt. "You want me to stop hurting you, huh?
All you have to do, is tell me how much you wanna be my fucking slaveboy,
how badly you wanna suck my cock, and eat my cum... when you're ready to
talk to me, just spit my sweaty sock out of your mouth, but a word of
warning, if you spit it out before you're ready to tell me what I wanna
hear, I'll piss in your face again...GOT IT?"
Robbie then continued to thrust his monster cock into Anthony's groin,
but by this time ... Anthony had enough. Within moments after hearing
those words from his tougher rival, my cousin spat out Robbie's dirty
sock and begged to be Robbie's personal bitch. "I give, man... I can't
take anymore, I'll be your personal suck-slave... please let me... I'll
blow you... and I'll do it as often as you want... I promise to swallow
your cum! But please stop, already!"
My best bud climbed up on Anthony's chest and sat on his neck, pinning
his rivals head to the floor.
Robbie plopped his huge nut-sack on my cousins chin, and slapped him in
the face with that huge cock, back and forth over and over again, till
beads of pre-cum oozed out of his awesome looking cock-head. " Good
boy...but what took you so long... huh? You could have been sucking on
this awesome looking cock all this time, probably would have been a well
trained cock-sucker by now... but hey, it's never to late to start...
Robbie then stood up and with a fistful of my cousins hair, he pulled
Anthony's painful body up on his knees, holding him up by his hair.
"Here ya go, you can start by kissing it right on the head." Holdin my
cousins head in place, Robbie began mashing that beautiful knob against
Anthony's lips, smearing his sweet cock drool from one corner of my
cousins lips to the other.
I was seeing it happening with my own eyes, but I had to blink several
times to believe it. Anthony, who's lips were now well coated with
another dudes pre-cum... parted those lips, stuck out the tip of his
tongue and began kissing and tonguing my friends huge cock-head, as his
new Master had demanded.
Still, Robbie was out to fucking humiliate my cousin to no end. "Yeah...
there you go, first I want you to show me how much you love that taste by
licking your lips, then you need to beg to blow me!" Robbie then looked
over at me. "And you, you fucking cumbreath, go and get my video cam, I
want full video clip of your fucking cousin blowing me, and I want you to
be sure that I'm in the picture... I want everyone to know that it's my
cock that this fucking pervert is sucking on... and you better move a
fucking lot faster than you have been... or so help me... I'll make you
pay a lot more than I already have planned!"

At this point I wasn't sure what to expect, or what he had in store for
me. But, I figured he'd have Anthony to slap around and tend to his
needs, and that it would take him awhile to grow tired of his new
plaything... before he'd be looking to spend time punishing me.
But if I had to bet on it, I would have bet that Robbie was pushing my
cousin too far too soon. And I would have lost that bet, for when I
returned with the video camera I stood there shaking my head in
disbelief. Anthony was on his knees looking up at Robbie like my friend
was some kind of fucking Greek God or something.
Although Anthony's eyes were red from crying, they also had that glazed
puppy dog look in them. Like they were ready and willing to serve their
master well.
I was beginning to think that my bud had somehow loosened something
significant within my cousins head.
Then when Anthony stuck out the tip of his tongue and began licking the
cum that his rival smeared all over his lips, I nearly pissed myself.
So you can well imagine how I felt when I heard from my cousins own vocal
cords his pleading words to blow my best bud. "Please Master Rob, please
let me reward you with a blow-job for not bashing my head in... please, I
wanna blow you... and yes... if it's gonna please you, you can even cum
in my mouth and I will swallow it all... please Master Rob... use me
however you'd like, sir! I'll be your personal bitch, but I'm begging
you Master Robb, please, please, don't post a video of this on the net,
I'll do anything you tell me to do, if we can just keep this a secret
between the three of us... please"
Robbie looked over at me and grinned. "You here this pussy, he wants me
to fuck his scull as hard as I fuck Shannon's cunt." He then looked back
down at Anthony for assurance. "That is what you're pleading for me to
do, right? You want me to fuck your face as rough as I fuck my
girlfriends twat?"
Anthony hung his head and mumbled. "Yes, if that's what it takes."
The grin suddenly disappeared from my buds face, as he clenched his right
fist and slammed it into my cousins cheek.
"That isn't what I wanted to hear... fucking faggot! I wanna hear what
it is you WANT, not what it will take for me to stop beating on you, and
humiliating you by posting this video clip on line.... I know you don't
want that, you stupid queer. Now tell me what it is that you do want,
what are you begging for? What is it that you wanna eat!"

The solid punch to my cousins face forced him to fall to his side as
Robbie released his hair.
Now laying in a fetal position, clutching his jaw, he began sobbing all
over again. This of course brought an evil grin to my buds face, as he
reached down to grab a fistful of Anthony's dark blond hair, once again
pulling my cousin up to his knees, facing Robbie's well muscled body and
massive cock.
The side of Anthony's face was red but not swollen, not yet anyways.
This time he kept his head high and looked up once again into the eyes of
his victorious rival. "What I want Master Rob is to blow you... I wanna
eat your cum... I don't care how hard you fuck my mouth... it can't
hurt any more than the fucking pain I'm feeling now."
Robbie chuckled at hearing that. "We'll see about that, cocksucker. Now
I wanna hear the rest, the part where you beg me to let you be my bitch,
and agree to be at my house whenever I tell you!"
My cousin, gave Robbie what he wanted, not so sure his heart was in it,
but he agreed to every demand Robbie made, like he was signing his life
over to the devil himself.

Finally happy as a pig in shit, with the new addition of another
suck-slave, and not just any fucking suck-slave, this suck-slave was his
biggest High School rival going into the state wrestling championship and
maybe beyond.
One of the things that bothered me the most about my friends greediness
and selfishness, was this, it didn't matter to Robbie, that he pretty
much already had a guaranteed scholarship for football, or that his folks
could probably buy him his own college, he wanted it all, fuck those
whose parents may have to struggle to put their son through college, that
wasn't something that he gave a shit about.
Robbie looked over at me with a victorious glow on his face. "You can
spit out my worn sock, fag, but I want you to get over here and suck your
cousins cock while I fuck his face. Do not let him cum under any
circumstances, not till I say it's ok, and then I want you up front to
work the video camera... you hear me, queerboy?"
"Ya dude, I heard you loud and clear, I'm not to let him cum, till your
Majesty gives the ok, then I need to move quickly up front to video my
cousin BLOWING you, that right?"
Robbie let out a loud snicker, and shook his head slowly, as if I just
pissed him off. "That's right, faggot, but you know what? I want you to
start referring to me as Master Rob as well, it fits, plus I'm getting
pretty fucking sick of your cocky attitude. But you know what? ... I'm
confident that my plan will rid you of that once and for all... But first
things first, I'm gonna try out this new head, see how it rides." Robbie
laughed at his own little joke while giving my cousin a tender slap in
the face.

When my bud said he wanted to fuck my cousins face like it was a pussy,
he wasn't kidding.
He made Anthony lay down on his back on top of his air mattress, while
Robbie positioned himself over my cousins face, his massive cock pointing
down at Anthony's mouth. Robbie then ordered my cousin to open wide, as
he began to do push-ups.
I gave my friend credit for one thing, he didn't force his whole monster
into my cousins mouth and throat right away, he started off slowly, just
dunking his huge cock-head between Anthony's lips. It was a wicked tight
squeeze at first, till my cousin spread his lips a tiny bit more. But I
could tell from the wide grin on my friends face that he was loving the
tight fit. "So tell me, how's my new cocksucker liking his first taste
of cock, oops I almost forgot... you got a good taste of your cousins
cock earlier... didn't you... FAGGOT"
Robbie then pushed the head of his dick into Robbie's mouth, just a
little beyond that awesome ridge, and held it there. The ridge being the
widest part of Robbie's cock, needed a little extra push.
My cousins face finally began showing signs of panic, and rightfully so.
Hell, the first time Robbie forced his awesome cock-head and it's ridge
into my mouth, I was scared as hell. It was the final warning that I was
about to suck another dudes cock, and from that moment on, I would be
known as a cocksucker, a true faggot, a queer, a fucking homo. So I was
fully aware of the fear running through Anthony's head. I mean I was his
cousin so he probably had absolutely no fear of what might lay ahead when
he boldly wrapped his lips around my cock, but this, this was so
different, this is his High School rivals cock, and I'm sure he was
scared shitless.
I mean, l wasn't even thinking along the lines, that the damn thing just
might choke me to death.
So the look of panic on Anthony's face had me concerned as well, but not
Robbie, all he wanted was to make his rival blow him, the very thought of
Anthony's personal feelings about being outed, was the furthest thoughts
from my buds mind.
So of course any fears that his rival might be experiencing didn't exist
in Robbie's head, unless of course those fears were from choking or
gagging on Robbie's huge cock, in which case the way my buds mind works,
if Anthony was having those type of fears... it would only increase the
amount of pleasure my friend would receive, and force him to fuck the
dudes head even harder.

As Robbie held the head of his cock inside my cousins mouth, he ordered
his new bitch to use his tongue. "Good boy, now wash the head of my cock
with that warm tongue of yours, get all that fucking icky pre-cum slop
cleaned off, and don't forget to wash the underside of the ridge while
you're at it!"
I was busy playing with Anthony's dick, and nut-sack, wondering about
all the shit that must have been going through his mind at the moment,
along with the fear he obviously felt. So I wasn't up front witnessing
my cousins bulging eyes as Robbie pushed another inch or more into my
cousins mouth... but I knew they had to be bulging out of his head, as
mine were doing those first few times.
Plus my bud was kind enough to keep me up to date on the changing
expressions taking place on Anthony's face. "Ooooh fuck, dude, you
should see this faggots expression on his face. His fucking eyes are like
nearly out of their sockets, with every inch of my cock I feed him... and
he doesn't even have more than three inches so far, wait till the fuck
head has the whole seven and a half down his fucking The fag
will be a basket case by then for sure." It was hard to tell by my
cousins cock as to whether or not he was being turned on by Robbie's
love muscle, cause his dick would go from semi hard to hard, then back
down again. Of course he could also be turned on by my massaging his cock
and balls, so like I said, It was hard to tell if he was actually
enjoying having Robbie's cock in his mouth. But, that would all change

Robbie decided that doing push-ups on his rivals face was not as easy as
he had imagined it would be, mostly because Anthony was of course all new
to this, and still needed to be taught how to give a decent blow-job,
before performing oral service on his back.
So after pumping his cock into my cousins mouth by doing push-ups on his
face for several minutes, Robbie decided to bring Anthony up on his knees
This seemed to work better for both, and after pulling completely out
several times and power slapping my cousins face for scraping his teeth
over Robbie's cock, the blow-job became way more beneficial for both
Plus I was now able to just kneel beside them and watch up close.
I gotta tell you, watching Robbie's butt cheek muscles tense up then
relax over and over as he pumped my cousins mouth, was a major turn on,
and I caught myself feeling envious towards my cousin... big time.
Robbie's voice tore me from my hypnotic state. "Hey faggot instead of
you kneeling there drooling over my body, why don't you keep me informed
of the status of his dick, I wanna know when he starts enjoying this.
Don't worry... we'll let you go back to bowing me, after my rival here
is fully trained to worship me...k? Besides like I said... I have a plan
for you, so you'll get way more than your share of cock... trust me."
I was now starting to feel a bit concerned about just what it was, that
my friend had planned for me.

After spending several more moments pumping his gorgeous cock into my
cousins mouth, and Anthony still not able to take the whole seven and a
half inches, Robbie gave up and nutted anyways. "You better hear me real
good, BITCH, You're gonna learn to take it all before this night is
over, or die trying... YOU GOT THAT?"
I knelt there in total awe as my best bud filled my cousins mouth with
volley after thick volley of his warm sweet tasting cum.
Surprisingly, it was while swallowing his rivals baby batter, that my
cousin sprang wood, and it was as hard as it probably ever get, but even
more surprisingly, his fucking dick erupted all by itself, spewing his
cum all over Robbie's abs and pubes.
I was so enthraled with what was taking place, that I forgot to mention
any of this to my bud. "HEY FAGGOT... what the fuck is going on down
there... did this bitch just nut all over me?"
It was then and much too late to let Robbie know that Anthony sprouted a
nice hard on while swallowing a mouthful of creamy thick cum. "Ahhhh...
aahhh ya... sorry! I forgot... but ya... he got wicked hard when you
pumped your thick seed into his mouth... then just as amazingly... he
shot his own load without even touching his dick... I'm sorry... I
should have told you, dude, rather than watching you in action... but the
sight of you pumping your sweet cum into his mouth... well.... it was
just sooo wicked hot... but the thing is, I couldn't help watching as he
swallowed it without being told to... ya know... so like is aid..." But
Robbie was wicked pissed at me for not doing as I was told, and cut me
off before I was finished. "SHUT THE FUCK UP, FAGGOT! What the fuck you
going on about anyway?... Now listen to me, you fucking piss bucket...
What I do know... is that you are one fucking useless faggot, you can't
do shit right... can you?... CAN YOU???... Fucking eh, queerboy... at the
rate you're going... this fucking bitch is gonna be properly trained way
the fuck sooner than you are. Now get between us and lick his fucking
slop off me, and you better clean me good, real good... if you know
what's best for you."
Of course I did as Robbie demanded. As I pressed my tongue against the
warm flesh of Robbie's wicked hard abs, and tasted my cousins cum for
the very first time, and as it slid down my throat, I tried comparing the
taste to my best friends cum, and decided that although my cousins batter
tasted sweet, I still preferred the taste of Robbie's.

My head bumped several times with that of my cousins as we both were
ordered to clean him up, me cleaning my cousins spooge off Robbie's abs,
and pubes, while Anthony was ordered to clean any remaining cum off
Robbie's cock. I guess the sight of two dudes down on their knees in
front of him, cleaning his body with their tongues, was a wee bit too
much for a new seventeen year old Master, cause his cock was hard as hell
within seconds, and he was more than ready for another blow-job from his
long time rival.
Without any warning, I felt Robbie's powerful young hand muckle onto a
clump of my hair, and next thing I know I'm being hurled back to my buds
side. "Get a video of this, you can finish cleaning my pubes later. I
wanna feel my cock inside Anthony Jordans mouth again, but this time I
want a video clip of it. Man, this clip is gonna be some fucking awesome,
cause he's gonna learn to take it all, or choke to death this time."
Robbie waited for me to get the video cam set up, so we'd have sound as
well as an actual video of my cousin blowing his High School rival for a
second time in less than ten minutes.
Once I was ready to go, Robbie smiled down into my cousins eyes, as he
spoke loud and clear while introducing the cocksucker down on his knees
in front of him. " Hey all you horny jocks at Saint Petes, I'm sure you
all know who I am, but let me introduce to you one of your team mates
here, as he begs me to fuck his face. He has to beg me, cause I'm not
really into this shit, but after pleading with me the first time, I gave
in and allowed him to blow me. I mean let's face it, what would you all
do, if some tough jock from my school was kneeling in front of you and
begging you to let him blow you... think about it... and if you think you
could pass up getting head from one of your major rivals, especially when
you're horny as hell....then hey ... all the power to you. But
understand this... not only was I horny, but he begged so sincerely... ya
know? Now less than fifteen minutes later he wants to blow me again, this
time.. I decided to share the scene with all you horny dogs at Saint
Petes. You can even e-mail me back if ya want... and let me know what you
think of your popular team mate NOW! Or maybe some of you would like to
try out my scull raping cock for yourselves, eh? I mean look how fucking
huge it is, and oooohhhh sooooo thick too. Anyways, rush me out an e-mail
if you'd like to taste my sweet thick spooge ok?... now enjoy the vid."

Robbie then gave me the cut throat sign to turn it off. Once the sound
was off, he grinned down into his rivals face. "So how was I, huh? Pretty
good? Good enough for acting classes?... Now here's the thing, I give
you my word, that I will never... EVER... send this to anyone, just as
long as you never use the word NO to me, whatever I order you to do, you
simply just do it, with no argument whatsoever... got it? The very first
time you refuse to do something I order you to do, not only will I beat
the shit out of ya, but this vid goes on line, you understand?"
Anthony with the most frightened look on his face, nodded his head. But
of course we all know by now, that a simple nod, does not make for a
happy Robbie Blackburn.
However, a heavy handed slap to my cousins face and a loud yelp escaping
his voal cords, and he needed no more reminder. "Yes Master Robb, I
understand. I'll never use the word NO... never... I promise!" This
brought a huge smile to Robbie's face. "Oooooh yeeeaaah! You like being
slapped around by me don't ya... your cousin loves it too, I've been
slapping him around since we were like ten years old. Good then, we have
an understanding. So here is what I want you to do first. My other bitch
is gonna turn on the video cam, and you're gonna beg to suck my dick,
and tell me how much you enjoyed the taste of my thick cum as it slid
down your fucking throat, and don't forget to tell em, how you had the
best nut in your life without even touching your dick, just from the
taste of my awesome fucking cum... we straight on this?" Robbie then
proceeded to smear his cock drool across Anthony's lips for further
encouragement. "Yes Master Robb, I got it down." "Good boy, ok faggot,
get ready to record."

I was more than ready, just the thought alone of my cousin actually
willing to go through with something so demeaning, so humiliating was
just fucking incredible. I mean even I wouldn't have taken Robbie's
word for never showing this to anyone, and he's been my best bud
forever, so why would Anthony trust him? Whatever his reason, I was hard
just thinking about it.

Once Robbie gave me the signal, I turned the video cam back on and made
damn sure I had both dudes in full view. Robbie spoke first, looking
fucking hot as hell, his hands planted on his hips, his awesome legs
spread wide, his beautiful bubble butt sticking out clearly, his massive
cock poking Anthony in the lips, and that ooohh so cocky grin pasted
across his handsome young face, he for some odd reason looked hotter now,
than I ever remember him looking in the past, he just had this wicked
glow covering his entire body. "So Anthony, you liked blowing me so much
the first time, you wanna go again?" Anthony looked frighten as hell, but
he gave an excellent performance just the same. "Yes please, I'll even
beg you all over again... please, let me blow you just one more time? I
love the taste of your cock, and when you exploded your hot nut in my
mouth, it was so fucking awesome, I shot my own load without even
touching myself... your thick cum tastes so wicked awesome, I can't wait
to swallow it again... please Master Robb... please let me blow you
Robbie then turned his head towards the cam. "Well... you dudes heard it
for your selves, no one twisted his arm, no one asked him to beg. So here
we have one of your most respected jocks, begging me... Robbie Blackburn,
to let him blow me and eat my I said, I'm not really into
this shit, but after all... he is one of my rivals, and there is just no
way, I'm gonna pass up on a second blow-job from him... remember if
there are any more cock-suckers on your team, and I'm sure there must
be....and after watching me fuck this faggots face.. you wanna come over
to my place and taste this powerful cock of mine, just e-mail me

Robbie even allowed Anthony to take it into his mouth on his own, without
grabbing the back of Anthony's head. Of course he wouldn't be Robbie,
if he didn't add tons of verbal abuse, and knowing that there would be
lots of High School rivals viewing this if he should need to upload it to
the web, he made the verbal abuse even more special. "Aaaaah yeeaah, take
my cock, bitch! Take it all, every inch of it, show your buds out
there... how good you SUCK Robbie Blackburns thick cock! Yeeeaaah, guys,
I have to tell ya... this fucking feels awesome...nothing can even come
close to this unexplainable feeling of bliss, when you have one of your
rivals on his knees, giving you an awesome blow-job. Look at em, guys,
he's slurping away on my love muscle like he's in love with it. Hey?
Maybe he is in love with it, I mean it is a beautiful looking cock,
don't you all agree?"
The slurping sounds coming from my cousin, spoke for them selves, but the
best part came, when he placed both his palms on Robbie's butt cheeks
and gently massaged them. The scene was so hot, I began shaking, and
knowing that Robbie would be reviewing this vid later, I had to place
images in my mind of me eating out old ladies,
Just to stop from shaking.
The blow-job seemed to be going well, till Robbie wanted more of his cock
inside my cousins mouth. I could tell Robbie was getting anxious to fuck
Anthony's throat, so I wasn't really surprised when he placed both his
hands behind Anthony's head and gave his hips a massive thrust.
Of course this forced my cousin to spazz, I think he was damn close to
having a panic attack. With all seven and half inches in his mouth and
throat now, Anthony's eyes were bulging out big time, and to add to my
cousins worse nightmare, his rival gritted his teeth and held my cousins
head in place for a good three minutes. While Anthony all the while used
every muscle in his body to fight Robbie off. He was pummeling my buds
thighs wicked hard with both fists, while at the same time trying
desperately to pull his head away, but in his position, he was no match
for his well muscled seventeen year old rival.
After two minutes, I was wondering if Robbie was ever going to give my
cousin some desperately needed air. Anthony's face was puffed out big
time, tears were running down his cheeks, his nose was drooling, the
gagging and choking was wicked loud and non stop, and watching the face
turn purple, even scared me.
But nearly three minutes went by, before Robbie pulled his cock out with
a wicked loud plop, he smiled into the cam, while slapping his bitch in
the face with his hard as rock love muscle.
Anthony, meanwhile was sweating profusely, his hands clasping his throat,
while fighting to recapture his breath, heaving back and forth on his
knees, eyes still bulging out.
Robby gave his rival less than two minutes to breathe normal, and when
that didn't happen, he grabbed a fistful of Anthony's hair. Whispered
softly. "Breaks over bitch!" then as if he was putting on a show for the
video cam, he gave his hips another wicked hard thrust, and drove deep,
till my cousins nose was once again buried deep into Robbie's thick
blond patch of curly hairs.
His upper body thrown back, his knees slightly bent. He began twisting
and turning Anthony's head in every direction, as though he was
literally trying his best to stretch my cousins throat.
The expression on Robbie's face was pure determination, he glared down
at the contorted face of his rival.
Robbie's lips parted as he showed off his pearly whites, while he
grinded them together, and hissed loudly. His knuckles on his powerful
fists were turning white as they tightly clenched two huge clumps of my
cousins hair while continuing to move Anthony's head all around that
massive cock.
I swear, I saw my cousins eyes roll back into his head twice before
Robbie finally withdrew his cock once again. But this time he held
Anthony's head close to the awesome looking cock-head. "So, tell me,
faggot, did you enjoy that wild ride on my cock, just trying to help you
out by stretching that throat of yours a little. Now take a deep breath,
bitch, cause it's time to fuck your face harder than I fuck my
girlfriends cunt, a lot harder, no more breaks, going all the way this
time, till I drown you with my fucking cum."

And fuck Anthony's face, he did. It was the wildest thing I had ever
Still holding tight to my cousins hair, he rammed his cock hard into
Anthony's mouth and throat all the way, over and over again. Thrusting
so hard and fast I thought my cousin was literally going to choke to
Robbie kept his word, there were no more breaks for his poor rival.
He continued pumping Anthony's mouth and throat non stop and as hard as
he had started, the whole thing must have lasted twenty minutes.
The sight of Robbie's well muscled bubble butt as it slammed forward and
bucked backwards with such speed, and seemed to be the force behind his
raging angry cock, was an awesome show all by itself.
Anthony's face was a mess, what with all the saliva around his mouth,
gobs of pre-cum oozing out the corners of his tight lips, the tears, and
the contorted face, well all I can say is if his mom could only see him
now, she'd have a hard time recognizing him.

I knew that Robbie was nearing his orgasm, his head was thrown back, his
eyes closed, his lips parted, his teeth clenched together, and the soft
moan, gave it away.
He bucked like a jack rabbit, his hips gave one final mighty thrust and
held there, while the soft moan was raised a notch.
I moved in closer with the cam, wanting to please Robbie with a close up
of Anthony chugging down his rivals baby batter.
I filmed Anthony's Adam's apple as it throbbed a few times while my
buds thick cum was being blasted into the lining of his throat, making
it's way to it's new residence in my cousins belly.
I continued focusing on and around Anthony's mouth where his lips were
stretched to their max, and waited for Robbie to pull his cock forward a
little, knowing full well, my cousin couldn't take the massive load that
Robbie was famous for shooting.
I knew that shortly, I'd catch on film my buds copious load seeping out
the corners of my cousins lips.
My hunch paid off big time, as I caught on film up close, the creamy
white foam, as it began oozing out and slowly make it's way down
Anthony's chin.
Knowing that my cousins mouth was now full to the max with my wicked hot
friends delicious cum, I nearly shot my load in my CK briefs, so afraid
to even touch myself, knowing that's all that it would take.
I remained up close, for the final moment or two, where Robbie would pull
his awesome mushroom knob completely out and demand that his rival lick
it clean.

It was now wicked late, and I was exhausted from all the hot sex between
my cousin and my best bud. I asked Robbie's permission to go to sleep,
right after I heard him tell Anthony he was ready to go again. "What? And
miss all this action? You really that tired...or just a wee bit jealous?
I told ya, fag, I have a plan I'm working on in my mind, you'll be
getting your share, and more. Sure, go ahead pussy, go to sleep, your
cousin and me will be bonding for a little while longer yet."
I looked over at a totally dazed and wiped out Anthony, still kneeling in
that same spot, bending over and clutching his throat. "Please Master
Robb... I can't take anymore tonight, I'm begging ya, can we please not
do that again tonight, my throat is fucking killing me." Robbie only
grinned, and shook his head. "Ya ya ya, I've heard that whine before...
but you see faggot... I have a mightier source to deal with..." Robbie
stood there and shook his mighty source in Anthony's face. "And he says
we go on! So why don't you lay down on the air bed, with your head
hanging over the edge."

Once I closed my eyes, I was out like a light. However I did wake up a
couple of hours later to the sound of heavy moaning. Robbie was sitting
down on the floor, with his back to one wall of the tent, his legs
stretched out and spread wide, I made out the back of my cousins head
between Robbie's awesome thighs.
Anthony was laying there, his body stretched out length wise, his head
impaled completely on my buds massive shaft. With Robbie's hands pushing
down on the back of my cousins head.
Anthony must have been taking yet another load of my buds awesome cream.
He was gagging and his legs were flopping up and down, moving every which
way, trying to escape once again.
Robbie looked up at me and smiled that evil smile of his. I just rolled
over and went back to sleep.
The next time I opened my eyes, it was daylight, I turned my head to the
air bed next to mine. Anthony was gagging once again, while Robbie
straddled his chest, his thick thighs blocking my view of Anthony's
head, but it was obvious that he was fucking doing a major number on my
cousins mouth and throat, like it was for the first time.
That was Saturday morning, Robbie and Anthony slept part of the day, but
by early afternoon, Robbie was awake punching on Anthony's abs to wake
him up. "Come-on bitch, wake the fuck up, you've got work to do, my cock
is awake and ready!"
The punches were not really all that hard at first, but when Anthony
didn't budge, I caught the mean look in Robbie's eyes.
Anthony bolted up after Robbie power slammed his fist right into the
center of my cousins abs. It took my cousin a few minutes to catch his
breath after it was zapped out of him. But once it was clear that he
survived the punch, Robbie had him on his knees, and that is pretty much
where my cousin remained for the rest of the day and into the night.

By Sunday afternoon, Robbie was bragging how he dumped sixteen loads of
cum into my cousins belly since it all began that Friday evening.
Before Anthony was allowed to go home on Sunday afternoon, he had kissed
and licked nearly every part of Robbie's body, from the toes up to
Robbie's pits, and every where in between.
The only place that Anthony's tongue had not explored was Robbie's
butt, nor did Robbie piss in Anthony's mouth again, and I couldn't help
but wonder what special occasion Robbie was waiting for.
Although Anthony did get to suck on Robbie's piss soaked running shorts
briefly, iand took maybe a cupful of Robbie's piss in his mouth, it
wasn't the same, not to me anyways, since I was forced from the very
beginning to indulge in those two disgusting acts.
On Monday morning I dragged myself out of bed, showered, ate, and made my
way next door to Robbie's to give him his morning blow-job before
He was acting weird, was actually being kind of nice, well nicer than
usual since our exciting week of fishing.
It was on our way to school that he informed me that I was spending the
next few nights at his house and to arrange it with my mom.
He told me he was high as a kite about this whole Anthony situation, and
how he had set it up with my cousin to spend every Friday night at my
buds house, leaving Saturday night open for Shannon, but with all the
jibber jabbing on the way to school, he failed to tell me why I needed to
spend the next three nights at his house.

I had some chores to do at home, you know the once a week chores, ya have
to do like taking out the trash, cleaning my bathroom shower and stuff.
We had three bathrooms in our house, and since mom had to clean the other
two, I volunteered to keep my own clean, which took maybe fifteen minutes
once a week, so no big deal.
Anyways, Robby demanded me to be in his basement directly after school,
with enough clothes and stuff for three nights. Telling me that I would
eat, sleep and shower at his house. So that meant, not only did I not
have time to clean my bathroom, but I'd be passing up the one meal Mom
and I shared together, and though I didn't have a prob with that, I knew
my mom would.
I wont bore you with the scene that took place at home with mom, but in a
rush to get over to Robbie's after the long talk with mom, I forgot all
about the trash as well.
My point to all this, is that Robbie was making so many demands on me
lately that it was creating problems between me and my mom. Which began
doing a number on my mind.

Robbie was working out on his SolarFlex machine, being unusually quiet.
So of course my curiosity began getting the best of me. "So, dude, what
is up with me needing to spend the next three nights here, mom freaked
out, cause the only time we get to spend time together is during dinner."
Robbie took a couple of minutes before answering. "You'll see soon
Another twenty minutes went by, and still nothing, while Robbie continued
working out.
I was starting to get pissed off, for many reasons. One reason was that,
Robbie kept teasing me by flexing his fucking awesome muscles and shit,
yet not once ordering me to service him. or even come near me. Which was
so not Robbie.
Watching him work his biceps and thighs while only wearing his skimpy
posing briefs, was making me horny, and I think he knew it.
I was about to speak up and say fuck this shit, dude, I'm outta here.
When the door upstairs opened and the pitter patter of feet made there
way down the stairs, I knew of course that it wasn't his rents, this
area was totally off limits to them.
Then appearing at the bottom step was Donnie Colello. Robbie sighed and
asked his friend what took him so long. Donnie just shrugged his
shoulders. "I told ya, I had things to do first, so what's up?"
He and Robbie high fived, but other than a smirk, Donnie pretty much
ignored me.
He laughed at the bruises on Robbie's face. "Fuck, dude, you get that
from Shannon when you tried making her blow you?" Of course Robbie
didn't see the humor. "Very funny dude, I'll fill you in later... but
first I need your word that what you see here today stays with us... you
have to promise me you'll never tell a sole, k"

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