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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Boys Love Torture - Boys Love Torture 1

Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 01:49:40 -0400
From: Scott Westwood <>
Subject: Boys Love Torture - Chapter 1


This story contains sexual acts between boys and at some point between men
and boys. If this is not to your taste, and/or is illegal in your area
please do not read any further.

Please do not distribute it to any newsgroups and/or web-sites without
permission from the author. You may, however, send it to your friends in
any form you wish, as long as no changes are made to this file.

This story is fictional.

Boys Love Torture
(BB, b/B, bb, b/M discipline, spanking, oral, anal, cbt, bd, sm)



A while ago, I read a story on Nifty that just sort of stuck with me. It
was titled "Tortured in an Alley by Boys" by William C. Valentine II. It
included two installments that first began On July 16, 2005. Sadly after
the second submission on September 22, 2005, the series ended. Double
sadly, I waited too long to get in touch with the original author.

William's story has continued to fuel a number of personal fantasy spin-off
ideas. I tried contacting him to ask permission to try my hand at
continuing the series but was unsuccessful at reaching him since his listed
email is no longer working. His original story line has continued to
"haunt" me, and I finally decided to sit down and try my hand at a sort of
sequel or perhaps more appropriately, a variation on the original theme.

William, if you are still out there, please accept my apology for taking
this liberty. The central "submission" theme remains and I hope you will
enjoy my special "twist".

And now for everyone else, if you have not read William's original story, I
would encourage you to do so now for background purposes. It is entitled
"Tortured in an Alley by Boys" and can be found in the Authoritarian
Section - "Index of stories prior to 2006."

I have taken the liberty of using the same main character names for
continuity purposes only. Though some of the original story elements that
inspired this variation are referenced, this is essentially a NEW STORY.


The story began when Bill, a man in his early thirties, found a story on
the Internet that he wanted to act out in real life. It was about a guy
like him, who submitted to a group of young boys who made him strip naked,
then tied him up and proceeded to humiliate, torture and abuse him. He
printed out the story and went out searching. Eventually he found a group
of boys playing in an alley, and approached Dennis, the thirteen year old
who was clearly the group leader. He shared the printout with Dennis, who
thought it was sort of freaky. Nevertheless, he easily convinced his
friends it would be fun to torture a naked adult man. And so they did.

The story really kicked into high gear with Part Two. Following the initial
encounter with Bill, Dennis told his older brother Chip about what had
happened and showed him the printout that Bill had given him. Fourteen year
old Chip was totally blown away by the fact that a grown man would let a
bunch of young boys do those things to him. He read through the story
several times while he questioned his younger brother about the incident,
and found himself getting painfully hard just thinking about the idea of
humiliating and torturing a naked man.

The fateful moment came when Dennis pointed out that Bill's email address
was included in the header. From that moment, Chip became obsessed with the
idea of setting up another encounter with Bill. He emailed him and began
scouring the Internet for information about ways to humiliate and sexually
torment a man.

It didn't take long to set up another meeting with Bill, who seemed very
eager to submit himself to a wide variety of humiliating and painful sexual
acts. Chip found an abandoned farm house nearby, put together a group of
boys, and spent the better part of the day, humiliating and torturing Billf
. During that time, Bill was forcibly stripped, tied up, forced to suck the
boys and drink their piss. His genitals were tortured by red ants and he
had cactus needles stabbed into his hard cock and testicles. He also had
to lick a boy's body who had not bathed for days and so on.

When it was all over Bill actually thanked Chip, and asked if they could do
it again sometime.

The story continues to revolve around the three "Peterson" brothers who are
now a year older.

They include:

"Chip" (Real first name is Chester, after his grandfather. No one dared to
use his real first name. Unless, of course they had a death wish). During
the last year, Chip had transformed from a cute 14 year old to a well
muscled, incredibly handsome teen aged stud. Most adults adored him as a
polite, respectful All American boy... good looking... athletic...
confident... compassionate and so on. Which is, of course the image he
liked to project to adults. His parents saw him as the loving son, devoted
and protective of his two younger brothers. They were partially right. Chip
really did care for them a lot, but would rarely show it. Instead he chose
to terrorize and dominate his two younger brothers every chance he got.

It was much the same with other boys, younger, older, it didn't matter.
Chip was the clear leader, the boss, the master. Typical of "teenage boy
culture" Chip's power was based upon athletic prowess, which in Chip's case
seemed to really manifest itself over the last two years.

He was a year-round jock now... football in the fall... wrestling in the
winter... soccer in the spring and early summer. All of which he played
with "reckless abandon" with absolutely NO regard for his own safety.

Dennis was one year younger than Chip. He possessed similar "All American
Boy" looks, with short dirty blond hair, a pert little freckled nose, and
piercing blue eyes.

As brothers, Chip and Dennis were fairly close, though you would never know
it the way they went after each other. Being just a year apart in age,
there was a natural rivalry which was further complicated by the fact that
Dennis was an early "pubescent bloomer!" His bodily transformation seemed
to be totally synched with that of his older brother... arm pit hair,
pubes, penis growth, testicular drop, muscle growth... all seemed to be in
total synch. Except for one area... even though he was now fourteen,
facially, Dennis could easily pass for a ten year old boy.

But there was another thing, just a year ago Dennis had been a confident,
strong demanding boy. While he was still pretty much the natural leader of
his own group of friends, Dennis had suddenly developed a shyness and
self-consciousness when it came to his body. He no longer showered with the
other boys after a soccer game and wouldn't even change clothes while his
brothers were in the room. Chip had noticed it of course, and thought it
was sort of amusing. One day, Dennis seemed to have no problem with his
brothers seeing him naked, and the next, he seemed terrified.

And finally there was little 11 year old Stevie (Well, almost 11. His
birthday was coming up in a week.) Stevie was a very cute boy. His hair was
a little blonder than his two older brothers. Up until very recently he had
been wearing it in sort of a bowl cut, but now it was styled with a short
spike like effect similar to his oldest brother Chip. It was clearly an
indication of some degree of hero worship. Which cold be further confirmed
by the fact that Stevie had started to dress like Chip, and suddenly began
liking the same musical groups and movies as Chip did.

Although he was not nearly as developed as his older brothers, he did have
a nice smooth trim little body, which seemed destined to a full athletic
development. Though he was impatient with the speed of his own physical
growth he was pleased with his body, with the exception of his facial
cheeks which were just a little too "chipmunk like" for him. They were the
type of cheeks that little old ladies seemed to always want to pinch as
they said, "Isn't he cute!"

And as final "background" for the story I offer the following "Facts of Boy

While these particular "facts" may not be entirely true for ALL boys, they
are certainly true to a great extent for a lot of boys!

Boy Fact #1- Boys are "pack animals" by nature. They tend to "run" in packs
of some sort, be it a gang, a team, a club, a fraternity or whatever.

Boy Fact #2- Boys are natural conspirators. They are intrigued by secrecy.

Boy Fact #3- Boys have an almost insatiable need to face challenges, to
prove their worth to other boys. Even the most "self-confident" boys are
driven to continue to prove themselves over and over. This explains why
they respond so quickly and easily to virtually any type of challenge or
dare. The old game "Truth or Dare" is a perfect example. Get boys involved
in that game and the "Truth" part of the game goes out the window quickly,
and it becomes more like "Dare or Dare."

Boy Fact #4- Boys accept the fact that some sort of "initiation" is part of
the "group joining" process. The relative importance of the group is in
direct proportion to the level of challenge included in the initiation and
is further enhanced by the level of secrecy.

Boy Fact #5- Boys can be very cruel and sadistic when "initiating" or
punishing other boys. They can also easily justify acts that might
otherwise be considered gay or perverse, as long as they are part of some
initiation, penalty or punishment process.

Boy Fact #6- Initiations, punishments, or penalties (like those imposed as
a result of losing a game or challenge) almost always involve nudity at
some point!

Boy Fact #7- A horny teenage boy lacks common sense, or at best, has only
fleeting moments of common sense.

Boy Fact #8- Teenage boys are pretty much horny 24 hours a day! Their
desire to masturbate or engage in just about any form of sexual activity
can become overwhelming. No matter how "straight" a teenage boy is, once he
becomes "horned to the max", it is relatively easy to get him to engage in
sex with other boys, with even the lamest justification.

Boy Fact #9- Most teenage boys go through a period of time when they are
very self-conscious about their bodies (typically during the period when
puberty is running in high gear and producing the most radical changes).
However, once the major changes have solidified, the self-conscious
feelings are typically replaced by extremely strong "exhibitionist" ones.
This is particularly true of jocks.

Boy Fact #10- Many boys are fascinated by the concept of torture which is
often incorporated into the games they play as either an integral part of
the game itself, or simply as a penalty for losing. As they enter their
teen years, these "tortures" tend to become increasing sexual.

And so, we pick up the story approximately a year later.


The Road Back To The House of Torture

Fifteen year old "Chip" Peterson stood in front of the mirror, admiring his
naked body. He looked himself up and down and muttered to himself, "Oh yea,
you are one fucking HOT dude!" as he flexed his muscles.

During the past year, Chip had really gotten into "buffing up." He worked
out hard every day of the week and was now "reaping the rewards." He
glanced over at a picture of him in a swim suit from just over a year
ago. At fourteen, he had almost no signs of any teen muscle tone. And now a
year later, here he was with a set of rapidly evolving teenage muscles and
the clear indication of an emerging "six pack." The teen boy hormones had
also been working overtime. What was once a modest patch of pubic hair had
grown into a thick forest of dark hair with blond highlights. Or as Chip
liked to call it, "My Golden Bush."

Chip loved looking at his body. He loved the fact that his muscles were
really starting to show, but there was a lot more. Running his fingers
through his short spiky blond hair he stared into the mirror with his warm
brown eyes and mumbled, "Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who's the biggest stud
of them all?"

Chip grabbed his cock which was once again fully engorged, showing almost
seven inches of hard teen boy meat and started stroking. "Oh yea, baby,
suck on it hard!" he gasped.

He was once again taking advantage of the fact that his two younger
brothers were out of the house and the room the three of them shared. At
fifteen, Chip was a fanatic masturbator, doing it usually four or five
times a day.

Though Chip used many jack-off fantasies, for the moment he was pleasuring
himself while thinking about the little blond chick who had given him a
blow job the week before at his dad's company picnic.

"OH YEA, take all of my man meat Bitch!" he gasped as he prepared to shoot,
"Yea EAT IT all."

As he felt his balls preparing to fire he remembered how he pulled out at
the last second and shot a huge load all over her face.

"Oh Yea, BITCH!" he yelled as he gave in to his third orgasm of the
day... sending four full volleys of rich teen jock cum onto the mirror. As
his last blast hit, he heard a gasp from across the room. He turned his
head and saw Dennis standing in the doorway watching him.

Dennis, was frozen in the doorway, and staring in awe as he watched what
was happening. There was his older brother Chip, totally naked, standing in
front of the full length mirror, cock in hand, shooting volley after of
volley of thick white cum.

Chip glared at Dennis as he finished emptying his balls and shouted, "GOD
DAM it Squirt, I told you before I don't like it when you go sneaking
around spying on me! You could have a least made some fucking noise! And
remember what I told you would happen if I caught you doing it again?"

Dennis remained transfixed for several moments as he stared at Chip's hard
pulsing cock. He was, of course, pretty much guilty as charged. He had in
fact snuck back in the house, knowing full well that his older brother was
a frequent masturbator, and hoped he could catch him in the act again.

"UH, uh... well... um," he stammered.

While Chip felt a little embarrassed by the fact that his younger brother
had caught him masturbating, and even worse, saw him cum, the truth was
that Chip was actually even more turned on. But, being the older brother,
he knew instinctively, that he needed to feign some level of outrage.

Chip looked at Dennis and snarled, "Okay, Okay, yea, I know it's your room
too, anyway get your ass in here, close the fucking door and stop staring
at my cock okay Squirt?"

Dennis slammed the door and did his best to avert his eyes as Chip pulled
on a pair of cargo shorts.

Chip snapped at Dennis, "Like I said, what did I promise would happen if I
caught you spying on me again?"

Dennis, blushed and mumbled, "Uhmmm, well, I guess you said you would
punish me somehow..."

Chip gave Dennis a devilish smile and said, "That's right, and that is
exactly what I'm going to do."

Dennis wined, "Ahhhh, come on Chip, please don't punish me, I promise I
won't do it again. Can't you stop being a badass older brother this one
time, and just forget about it?"

Chip laughed and said firmly, "NO Fucking way. You promised you wouldn't do
it, and you did. So I am going punish you so maybe you will remember next
time... got it?"

Dennis knew there was no sense continuing to argue. He knew Chip well
enough to know that once his mind was made up, that was it. He lowered his
eyes in surrender and said, "Okay, okay, whatever you say Chip." Needless
to say he was not looking forward to being punished by his older
brother. He knew how cruel Chip could be and had a feeling that Chip was
going to be pretty hard on him. Then again, he thought, getting to see Chip
shoot like he just did, made it a little worthwhile.

Chip turned back to the mirror and started fiddling with his hair, "We'll
do the punishment in a little while, I think I have something in mind that
fits your crime. Meanwhile what the fuck happened that was important enough
for you to interrupt me while I was nutting? I thought you were going to be
shooting hoops with Pete and Andy for a couple of hours?"

Dennis took a deep breath and then started chattering, "Well, me and Bobby
and Pete and Andy were playing basketball in the old school yard, when
guess who drove up in this big ass limo?"

Chip continued to primp his hair as he responded in a semi-bored fashion,
"Oh hell, how the fuck would I know... was it George Bush?"

Dennis couldn't contain himself, "No, it was Bill... remember the dude we
tortured a few times last year?"

Chip stopped primping, looked at Dennis and said mockingly "Yea, right,
that Dude is long gone after what we did to him the last time. Remember how
many times we emailed him since with no response. Yea it was fun, but get
used to the fact that we won't be seeing him again." He turned back to the
mirror and started checking out his muscles again.

Dennis moved closer and laughed, "Oh my fucking God, I can't believe this,
my big brother really doesn't know it all! Holy Fuck!"

That seemed to get Chip's full attention. He turned from the mirror, glared
at Dennis and snarled, "Okay Squirt, let's have it! And if you are
bull-shitting me, I am gonna beat the fucking shit out of your sorry ass
and make your punishment a lot worse!"

Dennis took another deep breath and then blurted out, "Honest to God Chip,
it happened... we were shooting hoops... this big ass limo drives
up... next thing you know Bill steps out and waves to me. I ran over and he
asked me how we were all doing... and stuff like that... you know, just
basic shit..."

Chip is already getting impatient, "I trust this will get better!" he

Dennis stammered, "Oh God, yes! ... so anyway we talked for a little
while. Then he asked me if you were still around. I said yea. He seemed
pleased about that and gave me this business card thingee to give to
you. He said it had his new Email address."

Dennis handed the card to Chip.

Chip looked at the card and laughed as he examined it. It included just
three lines of text in simple black and white (Email address:

"Bill Awaits Orders From
The Torture Boys Email:"

"You are so fucking lame dude! Anyone could print out something like this."

Now it was Dennis's turn to laugh, "Yea I know, but look at the back of the

Chip rolled his eyes as he flipped it over and thought, "Lord my burden is
heavy. Dennis is so easy to impress, I am gonna have to teach him a thing
or two more..."

And then he saw it. The back of the business card was like something out of
a fantasy/sci-fi dream. It was completely covered with multi-colored images
which were also holographic. What was even more fascinating was the fact
that as he moved the card around he saw a host of short textual
snippets. Included among them were things like... "The ants attacked my
cock and balls... I drank their piss... sucked their cocks, the boy leader
fucked me hard..." and so on. All of which related directly to one of the
days with Bill the year before.

Chip suddenly recognized the fact that what he was looking at required a
LOT of technical savvy and money.

And with that Dennis had Chip's total attention.

It was Chip's turn to stammer, "Shit! Are you sure it was him? I mean that
Bill Dude?"

Dennis smiled, "Oh yea! It was him for sure! He said he has been really
busy this last year, but will make it up to us if we can get together again
to do stuff."

Chip felt his cock begin to harden. Though he was straight, there was just
something incredibly exciting about humiliating and sexually tormenting
another guy, let alone an adult. Blood continued to rush into his cock as
he started thinking about a return to the old abandoned farmhouse (which
had since been dubbed, "The Torture House." Unbeknownst to his brothers and
friends, he had actually been back to the house several times in the last
month and had made some improvements, which he thought had probably been a
waste of time. But now the urge was coming back... big time!

Dennis managed to suppress a smile as he noticed the bulge rising in Chip's
shorts. He sensed there might be an opportunity to escape his own
punishment by distracting Chip.

"So Chip, what do you think? Are you going to contact him and set up
another torture meeting? Wow, the guys will be so excited about it... I
mean wow!" Dennis blabbered.

Chip turned from the mirror and walked over to his computer and brought up
his email program. He was, of course, totally hard all over again. He
entered Bill's new address into his contact list and then sat back to

"God dam, here we go again," he mused. "What the fuck is wrong with me? One
minute I'm blowing a huge load thinking about this hot chick blowing me,
and the next I'm getting really worked up about humiliating and torturing a
guy! God, I thought about doing some of this shit to girls, but it's not
the same... maybe I really am just a freaking sadistic pervert after all."

Chip looked down at his crotch, saw the huge tent and laughed inwardly,
"Okay, Chip you sadistic pervert, what should you do now?" He thought for
a few moments and then started composing an email to Bill.

Dennis watched as Chip started typing furiously. He could tell Chip was
really excited, and figured that all he needed to do was "fan the flames" a
little more to get Chip totally distracted.

"Shit, Chip you're emailing him right now... aren't ya? Setting up a
meeting huh? God this is going to be great! I can hardly wait. I have some
really cool ideas for some really bad tortures!"

Chip smiled and nodded, "Yea, I am emailing him now... and let's talk about
all those great ideas of yours... I wanna hear them all..."

Dennis breathed a sigh of relief. His little distraction plan seemed to be

Chip pressed the send button, smiled and looked at Dennis, "There we go,
we'll see how he responds. Meanwhile you and I need to take care of some

Dennis said excitedly, "Oh yea, wait until you hear these torture ideas,
you'll love em..."

Chip raised his hand and said, "Hey hold on there tiger, we'll get to your
ideas soon enough once he gets back to us. Meanwhile we have to take care
of your punishment... which I know I will love!"

Dennis's mouth dropped open, "Oh... ahhh... okay..." he stammered. He
really thought his little plan had been working.

Chip smiled again and said, "Okay Bro, we have at least five hours before
mom and dad get home, so we need to get cracking."

Dennis stammered again, "Oh, okay, what do you want me to do Chip?"

Chip smiled yet again and announced wickedly, "What I want you to do is to
prepare yourself for punishment... NOW!"

Dennis seemed totally lost, "Ummm, okay, whatever you
say... ummm... okay... "

Chip looked his younger brother over. Standing in front of him in sweaty
gym clothes, quivering in fear, he looked sort of cute. His look of total
confusion added more fuel to Chip's fire. He thought, "Damn, this may be
more fun than I figured." And as always, that's when it came to him in a
burst of inspiration... "Dennis's punishment must focus heavily on
humiliation first... then pain... and then more humiliation... and what is
the absolute best way to humiliate you Dennis?... what do you fear most
right now little Brother? ... I know exactly what that is! DAMN, I guess
it's about time I just accepted the fact that I am a true
sadist... still... why the fuck is doing this stuff to my own younger
brother such a freaking turn-on?"

He glared at Dennis and shouted, "WELL?"

Dennis was clearly disoriented, "Uhhh... I don't know what you want

The fire in Chip's eyes was really starting to scare him.

Chip laughed, and said mockingly, "Okay, since you are my brother I'll make
it really simple and give you one word... STRIP!"

Dennis's eyes popped wide open as he stammered... "You mean like totally

Chip glared at him and simply nodded.

Dennis's lip started to quiver, he desperately wanted to beg, but the look
on Chip's face said it all, and so, with trembling hands he slowly began to
remove his clothes. It didn't take long before he was standing before his
older brother completely naked with his hands covering his genitals.

Chip laughed and said, "Hands behind your head Squirt... NOW! No need to
hide your inheritance."

Dennis reluctantly placed his hands behind his head, closed his eyes, took
a deep breath and concentrated on trying to keep from passing out. He felt
totally humiliated and violated. He knew, of course, that Chip was looking
him over. The scariest part was the fact that he had a massive hard-on,
which seemed to get harder the more he thought about Chip seeing it.

As if on cue, Chip grabbed Dennis'ss hard cock and said teasingly, "Wow
little brother, looks like you have definitely inherited the "Peterson
Penis" genes, maybe I should share your manhood with some other guys as
part of your punishment. I'm sure they could come up with some fun stuff to
do to you."

Dennis whimpered, "Oh God Chip, please don't do that?"

Chip laughed, gave Dennis's hard cock a final squeeze and commanded, "Okay
go get one of our desk chairs and bring it over here, one of the old wooden

Dennis ran across the room, grabbed a chair and hurried back.

He watched suspiciously as Chip placed the chair in the center of the room
facing the door. He figured he was probably in for a spanking over Chip's

What Chip did next started to scare him. He watched as Chip retrieved a
black back pack from the back of their walk-in closet. He knew that it
contained a bunch of the stuff they had used to torture Bill out at the old
farm house, and that really scared him.

Chip set the bag down next to the chair, opened it, pulled an item out and
held it up in front of Dennis's face, "Know what this is Bro?"

Dennis hadn't seen it before, and had no clue where Chip had gotten it,
but, based upon some of the twisted stories he had read on the Net, he was
pretty sure it was a butt plug... and worse, a vibrating butt plug since it
had a wire and a little control box dangling from it.

Dennis stammered, "Uh... ahhh... I guess it's a... you know... ummm... a
butt plug?"

Chip laughed viciously as he smeared some baby oil over the plug, "Very
good Squirt! And guess where it's going?"

"Chip... oh please... SHIT... don't... make me!" he begged.

Chip laughed as he placed the butt plug on the chair seat, "Too late for
that little brother, I warned you before, now get your little ass over here
and sit on this NOW! Or I promise you it will get a LOT WORSE!"

Dennis desperately wanted to plead more, but "Chip was Chip" and he knew
the case had been closed. And so, as a man condemned, he straddled the
chair, lined his tight little hole up with butt plug and started to impale
himself on it.

"Oh Yeah, Bro, go for it!" Chip chuckled as he watched Dennis wince while
lowering himself onto the plug.

Dennis groaned, "OH FUCK... SHIT... GOD DAMN!" as he felt the plug forcing
it's way into his most intimate area... "DAMN IT, CHIP... please..."

Chip looked at his sweating, suffering brother... and asked himself once
again, "Damn, why is this turning me on so much?... Making my own brother
suffer?... What the fuck is wrong with me?"

Dennis moaned again as he tried to lower himself further onto the nasty
butt plug, "Oh Come on Chip... please don't make me go any further.. this
fuckin hurts! I promise, I won't spy on you anymore!"

Chip placed his hands on Dennis's shoulders and said softly, "I know you're
really sorry little brother, and know you won't do it again."

Dennis breathed a sigh of relief and stammered, "I won't... I promise... I
really promise... I am so sorry Chip... and thanks!"

Chip laughed again, "Don't thank me yet Squirt! And I can guarantee after
today, you will definitely not do it again! Now SHUT THE FUCK UP and take
your punishment like a man!"

Before Dennis could respond, Chip raised himself up, placed his full weight
on Dennis's shoulders, and pressed down with all his might.

Dennis was taken totally by surprise! The weight from above forced him to
sit down on the chair completely! It happened so fast. One moment the butt
plug had just barely started to part his tight hole, and the next moment it
slammed into him and locked into place.


Chip waited patiently for his brother's painful gyrations to cease.

His next order of business was to pull Dennis's arms up and over the back
of the chair put his palms together, and tie his wrists to a cross bar.

Next he spread Dennis'ss legs wide. One by one he lifted his feet off the
floor and tied his ankles to the rungs on either side. Finally he tied his
knees to the chair legs. When he was finished, he stepped back to review
his work. Dennis was totally immobilized. There was nothing he could do to
protect his genitals which were totally exposed and accessible.

A wicked smile crossed his face as he knelt down, grabbed a piece of thin
rope. Dennis moaned as Chip tied one end of the rope around his ball sack.

"Wwwhat are you gonna do to my balls Chip?" he stammered.

Chip chuckled, "Oh nothing too bad just yet," as he proceeded to pull
Dennis's balls towards the front of the chair. Dennis looked down and saw
his balls were now stretched out onto the center of the chair seat. His
eyes widened as he realized Chip was tying the other end of the rope to the
rung between the front chair legs.

When Chip finished, he tightened the rope a little more which caused Dennis
to yelp. "EEEGGGhhhhh!"

Chip laughed, "Hey little brother, remember that knot I taught you from
Scouts, the tautline hitch?"

Dennis nodded.

"Just wanted to let you know that's the one I just used, which means I can
tighten it real easily, without having to retie it," he laughed.

And to prove it, he took hold of the knot on the rope and slid it just a
little tighter. Dennis winced as he felt his balls being stretched out a
little further. For the moment he couldn't take his eyes off of his poor
balls which were stretched out and totally vulnerable.

Chip saw where Dennis was staring and decided to increase his fear. Without
saying a word, he pulled a small toy hammer out of the back pack and placed
it on the chair seat beside Dennis's balls.

Dennis instinctively tried to pull his knees together for protection. Which
was totally impossible. "OH MY GOD, CHIP... please, please... NO!" he

Chip smiled some more as he patted Dennis's balls gently, "Don't worry
little brother I have a lot more planned for these nice babies. It's gonna
be a lot of fun hearing you scream."

Dennis managed to pull his eyes away from his balls. He watched Chip walk
over to the desk and pick up something. When he realized what it was he
started to beg again. "Oh please Chip don't do that. Please don't take any
pictures of me like this."

Chip just laughed as he stepped in front of the chair and started snapping
off a bunch of pictures with the digital camera.

"Wow, these are looking great. Got some really great shots of you with that
huge boner. In a couple of them you can even see the sparkle of some precum
on your cock head Squirt. These pictures just may come in handy some day."

Dennis started blushing like crazy and began to breath really hard. It was
bad enough that he was exposed like this, but now Chip had pictures as
well. Tears filled his eyes as he imagined Chip showing the pictures to
other kids.

Chip apparently had an uncanny knack for reading Dennis's thoughts.

He set the camera down, picked up a short piece of thin rope and tied it
snuggly around the base of Dennis's painfully hard cock. "Hey little
brother, you remember what this will do for a guy?"

Dennis nodded and stammered, "Yea... it uh... helps keep him hard... and
makes it harder for him to cum... OH GOD Chip, please no more
pictures... and please don't show them to anyone... I'll do whatever you
want... I promise."

He patted Dennis's cock head and chuckled, "Oh don't worry little brother,
you'll do that anyway... and I'll show them to whoever I want! Now let's
see, I need a little something else for these next few shots."

Dennis trembled as he resigned himself to this incredibly humiliating fate
and prayed silently, that it would all be over long before his little
Stevie got home.

He lost track of what Chip was doing for a moment, then he saw him over at
the mirror, scrapping some of his thick cum into a little paper Dixie cup.

When he was done, Chip returned and knelt beside the chair, he held the cup
up in front of Dennis's face so he could see inside. Dennis was actually
somewhat amazed as he saw just how much of Chip's thick white teen seed was
in the cup.

Chip snickered, "Pretty impressive isn't it dude?"

Dennis managed to nod.

"Know what I'm gonna do with it now Squirt?" Chip asked ominously.

Dennis wanted to shake his head, but instead he managed to say softly,
"You're going to have me eat it, aren't you?"

Chip laughed again and said, "Well not right now, there's plenty more where
that came from, and besides I'd rather you got it straight from the horse
anyway. No dude, think of this as sort of a prop or makeup for the next few

Dennis wasn't quite following until Chip went to work. He dribbled some of
his cum onto Dennis's cock head, a little onto his pubes, and stomach, and
then finished it off with a couple of generous dabs on Dennis's chin.

Then he stood up, grabbed the camera and proceeded to snap off another
round of pictures as he giggled, "My my, little brother, it really does
look like you just came all over yourself. These are looking really great."

Dennis wanted to scream. The pictures of him naked, with a hard-on were bad
enough. But now Chip had a bunch that looked like he had just
ejaculated. If anyone else saw them he would feel totally humiliated.

Chip smiled as he headed back over to the desk and sat down, "Well, I
better get busy, I still have a bunch of things to get ready."

Dennis did not like the way that sounded at all, but knew there was nothing
he could do. He turned his head and watched as Chip pulled out a magic
marker, a bunch of 3 x 5 cards and started writing on them. From what
Dennis could see, he seemed to be in a hurry.

As Chip finished the last card, he laughed and said, "This is gonna be a
lot of fun little brother! Yea, a lot of fun! Damn, sometimes I amaze even

Dennis watched suspiciously as Chip dragged another chair across the room
and placed it beside him. His eyes widened as Chip proceeded to pull items
from the black back pack and place them on the other chair seat, along with
a 3 x 5 card.

The first item was a nasty looking little plastic handle with four short
rawhide laces. Each lace had a knot in the end. Chip held it up in front of
Dennis and asked, "Know what this thing is bro?"

Dennis shook his head, afraid to even guess.

Chip smiled and held up one of the 3 x 5 cards that had the words, "Penis
Whip" on it.

Dennis's eyes widened as he muttered, "Oh God."

That seemed to please Chip, and so he continued to place more items on the
other chair seat along with a corresponding "ID" card. They included:

A tube of Icy Hot - "Testicle Ointment" A miniature paddle - "Ball Paddle"
A pair of tweezers - "Pubic Hair Remover" A riding crop - "Chest, Stomach,
Thigh Whip" 10 Clothespins - "Tit, Cock and Ball Torture" A roll of Duct
Tape - "Hair Remover" Two feathers - "Stimulators"

Needless to say, by the time he was done, Dennis was totally terrified and
whining like crazy, "Oh, please Chip, please... don't do that stuff to
me... please no... oh God..."

Chip smiled as he picked up Dennis's dirty jockstrap, balled it up and
forced it into his mouth as he chuckled, "Oh don't worry little brother,
'I' won't do that stuff to you!"

Dennis felt a momentary sense of relief which vanished quickly as he
contemplated the way Chip seemed to emphasize the word "I" when he said,
"'I' won't do that stuff to you!"

His fears began to rise as he watched Chip walk over and swing their
bedroom door wide open. With the jock gag in place he couldn't speak, which
was probably just as well, because he would have started screaming with
what Chip did next.

Kneeling in front of Dennis, Chip picked up another 3 x 5 card and held it
up in front of Dennis's face. It had two words written on it, "PUNISH ME."
He trembled as Chip taped the sign on his chest. When he saw the next sign,
which Chip taped to the other chair he started whimpering, loudly into his
gag. It said, "FREE BLOW JOBS!"

Chip laughed, patted Dennis on the thigh, and said, "Well, well, I think
you're finally starting to get the big picture little brother."

He was of course referring to the "openness" of the Peterson
household. Chip, Dennis, and Stevie were all popular boys with many
friends. Their parents actively encouraged the boys to have their friends
over as often as possible. And, in fact treated them all as members of the
family. When the parents were home, as evidenced by cars in the driveway,
the brothers' friends always went to the front door and knocked.

The process was different when the parents were clearly not home, for a
very practical reason.

Chip, Dennis and Stevie liked to listen to music. When they were home
alone, like most afternoons in the summer, they simply couldn't hear any
knocks on the door, so there was an understanding with all their
friends... "If there are no cars in the driveway, come around to the back
door, if it is unlocked, it means that at least one of us is home, so come
on in and come up to our room."

Needless to say, as popular as all three boys were, this resulted in an
almost constant stream of boys coming through the back door. Especially in
the afternoon, when the summer Arizona heat became almost unbearable,
forcing most boys indoors. What better place was there to "chill" than at
the Peterson house... widescreen TV... all the latest video games... hot
music... and access to Internet porn.

Chip smiled at his helpless, quivering brother as he continued his
preparations, "Remember little brother this is punishment and this is
really gonna make it fun for everyone...well, not for you of course, but
everyone else!"

Dennis continued to tremble as Chip clipped his portable MP3 Player to the
back of the chair and placed the headphones over his ears, "Dude, these are
my best headphones, when music is playing, you couldn't even hear a gun
shot in the room. Especially if my hard rock mix is playing, which is what
I have in the player now... hahaha."

Finally, Chip placed a blindfold over Dennis'ss eyes. It also helped ensure
that the headphones would stay in place no matter how much Dennis jerked
his head around.

Chip laughed and said, "Okay Dude, you're pretty much all set. I've got to
run to the store for awhile. I'm pretty sure you won't be alone for very
long. In fact, I'm surprised that none of the guys have stopped by yet. So
have fun."

That said, Chip picked up the control for the butt plug vibrator and turned
it on. Dennis trembled and started whimpering again. His whimpers turned to
soft screams as Chip turned on the MP3 player. Blindfolded with the music
blaring in his ears, he had no way of knowing if anyone was in the room,
let alone who it was. And that really scared him. "God," he thought. Anyone
could be stopping by... Chip's friends, Stevie's friends, or worse his own
friends. What would they do when they found him like this. Would they let
him go? He had a fleeting moment of hope, which vanished quickly as he
pictured what he would do if he found one of his friends like this and it
wasn't a pretty picture.

Chip stood staring at his helpless younger brother. By the way he was
breathing, he figured he was almost out of his mind with humiliation and
fear. That aside, he was also clearly extremely aroused as evidenced by his
throbbing hard cock.

Chip decided he should get moving. Some of the guys were bound to be
dropping in soon and he still had a few things to take care of.

His next order of business was to launch the video recording program on his
computer. He placed the video cam on a bookshelf above the monitor and
aimed it at Dennis. After a couple of adjustments and checks, he turned the
record button on and blanked the screen.

Satisfied he ran downstairs, grabbed a six pack of Pepsi from the fridge, a
bag of chips and one of the kitchen counter stools and went back
upstairs. He of course had no intentions of going to the store. That would
mean he would miss the live show.

He smiled as he entered the bedroom. It was clear that his preparations
were working. There was no indication from Dennis that he knew that anyone
was in the room with him.

Chip placed the stool, the Pepsis and chips just inside the doors of the
walk-in closet. He adjusted the louvers on one of the doors so that he
could see through them. Then he sat down and waited. He had a perfect view
from where he was and the closet was dark enough so he was certain he
wouldn't be seen. "Yes," he thought, "This is gonna be fun.

About 15 minutes went by during which Chip amused himself by stroking his
hard cock while watching Dennis sweat. He started to get concerned that no
one had come and considered calling some of their friends to get things
going. That's when he heard it... voices outside the house... at least two
muffled boy voices... moving towards the back of the house. He closed his
fingers and muttered a soft "YES!" as he heard the kitchen door slam
followed by the thunder of feet on the stairs.

"Hey Dennis, are you here Dude!" someone called from the stairs.

Chip smiled and thought, "Perfect, must be Dennis's friends, probably Pete
and Andy. They are just as sadistic and perverted as Dennis. And even
better, pretty much constantly horny. They will probably show no
mercy. This is gonna be awesome." As things turned out he was right on all

"Come on Dennis what are you up to?" demanded Pete as he turned the corner,
entered the room and stopped dead in his tracks. "HOLY SHIT! Andy check
this out!" he whispered.

Andy's mouth dropped open and he stammered, "HOLY FUCK, it's Dennis!"

Chip watched as the two 14 year old jocks moved closer to their "best
friend" Dennis. Both were wearing the same baggy gym shorts that were
popular with all teenage jocks. Though both were clearly in great shape,
Pete was the more muscular of the two, a trait he liked to flaunt, as
evidenced by the sleeveless shirts he constantly wore. Andy, on the other
hand, was a little less of a show off. As a swimmer, he was, of course
accustomed to people seeing his nearly naked body all the time. However,
when away from the pool, he wore overly large t-shirts which hung down
low. And as Chip reflected, served to cover up one of the smallest and
tightest little butts he had ever seen.

Pete and Andy circled the chair slowly, speaking in hushed tones. Andy
whispered, "Who do you think did this to him?"

Pete stopped, "Come on, now who else do you think! It had to be Chip. And
by the look of this set up, he must have really pissed him off!"

Andy started to whisper something, but Pete cut him off. "Speaking of this
set up, shut up for a second and listen."

They both stood there and listened. Chip leaned closer to the door. He
heard the same thing they were hearing, the sound of loud rock music
bleeding from the headphones covering Dennis's ears.

Pete smiled and spoke normally, "Yea, check it out. Dennis can't hear a
fucking thing we say because of that music blaring in his ears. Which means
he probably doesn't even know we are here. Got it?"

Andy's eyes widened as he considered this revelation.

Pete leaned closer to Dennis and said loudly, "Isn't that right Dude. You
don't know we are here, do you shithead?"

Dennis didn't flinch or give any indication that he had heard
anything. Which, of course he couldn't.

Pete smiled at Andy and said, "See what I mean? He doesn't know we are
here, and of course who we are. Watch this."

He knelt beside the chair and placed his hand on the inside of Dennis's
thigh. Dennis flinched and started whimpering into his gag.

"And of course, that means he has no clue who is touching him now. Hell it
could be anyone, you, me, Chip, Stevie, or any of their friends. That's why
this set up is so awesome."

Andy looked a little confused, "So what are you saying Pete, aren't we
gonna just untie him and let him go. He is our bud you know."

Pete started rubbing Dennis's thigh, "Are you fucking kidding me? This is
gonna be a lot more fun than playing video games, or even looking at
porn. Now I don't know about you, but I'm already getting a little
boned. And hell, you know Dennis has been pretty much of a prick lately, so
I think it's time for a little payback."

Andy, was in fact, getting "boned." He was straight, of course, but like so
many teenage boys, he could get turned on by just about anything. And the
sight of Dennis bound and naked, with a monster hard-on was definitely
turning him on.

Andy nodded and stammered, "So what should we do?" He looked at the other
chair with all the punishment items spread out. "Ummm, should we... ummm
start punishing him with that stuff."

Pete smiled, pointed to the "Blow Job" sign and said wickedly, "Well,
actually I was thinking about making him take care of one of our more
immediate needs."

Andy trembled as more blood rushed into his rapidly rising cock. "Holy
SHIT, you mean we're gonna make him blow us? Holy shit!" he panted.

Pete laughed and said, "Holy Shit is right, but before we do that we need
to fuck with his mind. Look at the way he is breathing already with just me
rubbing his thigh. Go ahead and start playing with his nipples. Use both
hands so he knows there's more than one guy here."

Chip chuckled to himself as he considered what was happening. In a moment
Dennis would experience a "mind fuck" indeed as he realized there was more
than one guy playing with him. Hell, until now, for all he knew it could
just have been Chip. Now he would know someone else was there for sure.

Dennis had been praying that the hand on his thigh was Chip's and that he
had simply lied to him about going to the store. But when he felt a second
set of hands on him he went into a state of total panic. Someone was
rubbing his thighs now with two hands, while another pair of hands was
pinching his nipples. He couldn't see a thing, couldn't hear a thing and
had no clue who these guys were.

Dennis moaned and squirmed as his unknown assailants continued to play with
his body for several minutes. Finally the fondling stopped and he breathed
a sigh of relief as he began to hope for the best.

As if in answer to his hope, Pete pulled the jock gag out of his mouth and
stepped back. Dennis sucked in a deep breath and began to jabber
uncontrollably, "Damn, dude, thanks so much. Please untie me and I promise
I'll make it up to you. Just let me go, okay... this really wasn't my
fault... so please untie me... I promise I won't let anyone know who
released me... and I will definitely make it up to you guys big
time... just untie me... okay? Okay?"

Pete looked at Andy and winked, "This is gonna be a hell of a lot of
fun. Check him out dude."

Pete gestured towards Dennis who was continuing his hopeful
jabbering... his naked body was glistening with sweat and of course, his
cock remained totally hard.

"Oh come on, whoever you guys are, please just let me go... okay?" Dennis

"Yea right!" Pete laughed as he started running his finger around Dennis's
pre-cum covered cock head.

Dennis pulled at his bonds and pleaded, "Man, please don't do anything else
to me... I'm begging you man!" He was, of course becoming increasingly
desperate and scared. It was embarrassing enough to be on display like
this, but he also had a monster hard-on, which he just couldn't seem to
lose, no matter how hard he tried to think about other things. And even
worse, his desire to be able to cum was becoming overwhelming.

Once again Pete looked at Andy as he took hold of Dennis's painfully hard
cock and started slowly stroking, "Man, our buddy Dennis could shoot at any
moment, I guess we should get to the main event now."

He let go of Dennis's cock, stood up and quickly removed his t-shirt,
shorts and jock.

Chip leaned closer to the door to get a better view. Pete's body was quite
muscular, a fact that was highlighted by a glean of sweat. Though his
chest, stomach and back were essentially hairless, he had a nice patch of
pubic hair which was almost as think as Chip's, and fairly hairy legs.

Andy blurted out, "Dude, why the fuck did you get naked?"

Pete laughed, "Come on Dude, it's the best way to get a blow job. It make
it more exciting. And when it's your turn, I expect to see a lot of skin

"You WISH!" chirped Andy.

Pete smirked, "Trust me... anyway here we go!"

Dennis's hopes rose briefly after the teasing hand was removed from his
cock. "Maybe they are done teasing me," he thought.

Several moments passed, then he felt it. And there was no mistaking what it
was. Two bare legs were pressing up against the outside of his
thighs. Which meant that one of the guys was straddling his chair and
either he was wearing really short shorts, or worse!

His mind started racing, trying to deny the obvious. He took a deep breath
and was about to start begging again, when another sense entered the
picture. A familiar odor filled his nostrils... it was the odor of a boy's
crotch... sweaty... with a hint of that musk he smelled whenever he was
totally aroused. "OH GOD, this Dude has his crotch in front of my
face... OH FUCK... SHIT... DAMIT... he's gonna try to make me suck him
off... FUCKING A... no way!" he thought.

Chip tried to imagine what his brother's panicked thoughts were like as he
stroked his own leaking hard-on through his shorts. "This is getting better
and better every second!" he mused.

Meanwhile Pete seemed to be reading Dennis's thoughts; he grabbed the back
of Dennis's head and forced his face into his groin so that his nose was
imbedded in his sweaty pubes. "Yeah, SHITHEAD, get a good whiff of what a
real man smells like!" he snarled.

>From Dennis's standpoint the smell was overwhelming. He hated it with a
passion. But the more he inhaled, the more aroused he got. Instead of
continuing to beg, he locked his lips in a desperate attempt to fend off
the inevitable.

Pete held Dennis's nose in his pubes for several minutes, then released his
head and started rubbing his cock head across Dennis's clenched lips.

Dennis started shaking his head violently.

Pete laughed, turned towards Andy and said, "Okay, Bro, I think he needs a
little convincing. So why don't you give his balls a few taps with that toy

The resulting taps were fairly light, but were enough to send pains
shooting into Dennis's guts. Still he managed to keep his lips clenched.

"Again Bro, so he get's the picture!" Pete snapped, as he pressed his cock
head against Dennis's lips.

Andy gave Dennis's outstretched balls four quick taps with the
hammer... and he got the picture!

One moment he was putting up a determined resistance, and the next he was
sucking this hard cock like crazy.

Dennis's senses were spinning out of control. Tears filled his blindfolded
eyes as he thought about what was happening. He had never sucked a cock
before nor did he want to. He had, of course, forced his little brother
Stevie and his friend Jimmy to suck him on more than one occasion, and
liked cumming in their mouths. And there was no way he would ever put
another dude's cock in his own mouth. But now, here he was, sucking some
guy's cock.

Dennis searched every corner of his brain to find some justification for
what was happening. In the end he focused on the thought... "Okay, Okay, I
am sucking this guy's cock, because if I don't his buddy will hammer my
balls harder and harder... and that is the only reason I am sucking him
like this!"

Dennis's mental strategy bought him several minutes of peace of mind which
were short lived. Try as he might, he could not stop the flood of primal
desires that descended on him.

He kept thinking... "Okay, Okay, I am sucking this guy's cock, because if I
don't his buddy will hammer my balls harder and harder... and that is the
only reason I am sucking him like this!"... as he sucked Pete's cock and
periodically licked his balls.

The intellectual battle between reason and pure teen lust raged on in
Dennis's mind for several more minutes... it was a stalemate... AND THEN IT
HAPPENED, all at once... the "musk" aroma intensified... the cock in his
mouth seemed to harden dramatically... more blood forced itself into his
own painfully hard cock... and all of a sudden all he could think about was
getting this dude to cum...!

Pete sensed it too and began to fuck Dennis's mouth in earnest. Like
Dennis, he was surrendering to his basest desires. Unlike Dennis, he was
maintaining some level of reason. As such he turned to Andy and muttered,
"Dude, do you have your cell phone handy?"

Andy stammered, "Uh, yea... why?"

Pete laughed, "Don't ask... just do what I tell ya FAST!"

Andy pulled his cell phone out and said hurriedly, "Got it! What do you
want me to do?"

Pete kept fucking Dennis's face as he groaned,
"Ahhh... Shit... ahhh... okay... use the fucking video thingee to get a
closeup picture of my cock in his mouth... even with the blindfold you
should still be able to tell it is Dennis!"

Andy raised the cell phone and snapped off a couple of pictures.

Pete kept pumping as he inquired, "Well? Did you get them?"

Andy checked the pictures in the phone's memory and announced proudly,
"HOLY SHIT Dude, you should see them! His full face with a cock in his
mouth, looking like he is loving it!"

Pete snapped, "Okay, Okay... good job! Now get ready for the big
moment... cause this is what I am gonna do... I am just about ready to blow
a major load... when I do, I am gonna try and coat his fucking tongue with
the first blast... then I will pull out and try to shoot the rest all over
his face... that's what I want you to take pics of... got it?"

Andy nodded and stammered, "Uh yea, ready when you are!"

Meanwhile in the walk-in closet, Chip was stroking himself like crazy as he
watched his brother's two best friends mess with him.

"Okay, here I go!" Pete yelped.

Chip watched in total fascination as Pete's body convulsed. He almost came
as he observed the first spasm... the one that was coating his brother's
tongue with a hefty batch of teen jock jism... and miraculously he avoided
falling off his stool as he saw Pete shooting the remainder of his load all
over Dennis's face.

Several moments passed as everyone regained their breaths. By now, the
bedroom and the closet were completely inundated with that incredible aroma
of teen jock sweat and sexual arousal.

As soon as Pete gathered his senses, he stepped away from the chair, pulled
on his shorts and shirt (leaving his sweaty jock on the floor), and
inquired, "So did you get some pics of the last part Bro?"

Andy, seemed mesmerized as he reviewed the captures in his cell phone's
video program.

"Uh, yea... uh... sort of...!" he laughed mischievously.

Pete stepped closer to Andy and smacked him on the head, "What the FUCK
DUDE! Did you get pictures of that last part or not? FUCK! Did you screw it
up... GOD DAMN IT!"

Andy held up the cell phone and laughed, "Dude, I got better than
that... give me a freaking break and I'll show you...!"

Pete snapped, "Now what the fuck would be better?" as he grabbed the cell

Andy laughed again and said, "You owe me for this one Bro... look at the
screen and press the DOWN ARROW!"

Pete suppressed his desire to punch Andy. Instead he punched the DOWN
ARROW, and now it was his turn to say "HOLY FUCK" as he watched the short,
but explicit video capture replay on the cell phone's little screen. There
it was, several seconds of Dennis clearly sucking a cock, followed by
several more seconds of that same cock shooting cum all over his face.

"Wow, this is awesome!" he exclaimed. "Guess we should send some of these
to Chip. He'll get a kick out of them."

He saw the concerned look on Andy's face and whispered, "Oh don't worry, we
can always use a hotmail address, so it will be anonymous."

Meanwhile, Dennis was trying to figure out why he was so incredibly turned
on. His mouth had just been fucked, he had tasted some guy's cum, smelled
his pubes, and all the while he just kept getting hornier. And now, he
should be begging to be released, but the words just wouldn't come
out. Instead he was wondering if the other guy was gonna make him suck him
off, and stranger still, what his cock would be like, how his pubes would
smell, and what his cum would taste like. More blood forced it's way into
his painfully hard teen pole and he actually began licking his lips.

Pete gestured towards Dennis, "Dude, check it out. Dennis is looking like
some rabid horn dog. His dick head is covered with pre-cum and he's licking
my cum off of his lips. That's wild. I can't believe he'd be this turned

Neither could Chip who was trying to imagine what Dennis was thinking. In
fact, for a moment, he placed his hands behind his back, raised his ankles
on either side of the stool, and imagine he was Dennis, tied naked and
being used. To his surprise, he found himself getting harder.

He snapped out of his reverie when he heard Pete chuckle, "Okay Dude, it's
your turn. You get the sloppy seconds."

Andy hesitated for a moment, then slowly pulled off his clothes.

Chip had to stifle a moan. He had of course seen most of Andy's tight
swimmer's body before, but not completely naked, and never with a major
hard-on like right now. Andy had a long cock, which was standing straight
up. It was framed by a nicely trimmed patch of dark pubic hairs. He blushed
brightly as Pete gestured towards his groin, "Wow Bro, looks like you are
more than ready. He's gonna love that monster."

Andy stepped up, straddled the chair and pulled Dennis's face into his

Once again Chip suppressed a moan as he saw Andy's tight little butt. It
was so small, and looked so unbelievably tight. He rubbed himself as he
thought, "God, how I would love to fuck that little butt of your's
Andy... to hear you scream... oh yea... bet ya anything that little hole of
your's has never had a cock inside."

Across the room, Dennis began breathing deeply. He felt light headed as the
pungent aroma of another aroused teen's sweaty pubes filled his
nostrils. He thought, "God damn... SHIT... why the hell does this smell so
good...FUCK!" It was all there, the sweat, and that arousing musk odor. But
in this case there some something else. It took Dennis a few moments to
identify it as a faint scent of chlorine.

Pete picked up the little hammer and said, "Okay Andy, put your balls in
front of his mouth."

Andy shifted slightly so his balls rubbed against Dennis's lips. Pete
raised the hammer of Dennis's balls, but this time there was no convincing
needed. As soon as Dennis felt the balls on his lips, he stuck out his
tongue and began licking.

Pete set the hammer down and watched in total fascination as Dennis, their
heretofore totally straight best friend, proceeded to service Andy's balls
and cock with a drooling passion.

His mouth was all over Andy's manhood and it wasn't long before Andy gave
into the feeling and began violently fucking Dennis's mouth. Both were
sweating like crazy and breathing hard.

Fortunately, Pete didn't need to be reminded about the cell phone. He could
tell Andy was getting close, so he snapped off a couple of close ups. He
checked the pictures and was pleased to note that the cock that was now in
Dennis's mouth was clearly a different one.

Unlike Pete, Andy shot most of his load into Dennis's mouth but still
managed to splatter some on his face.

After he caught his breath, Andy stepped away from the chair, picked up his
clothes and dressed quickly.

"So Pete, did you get any pictures? Sorry I forgot to warn you. Shit man,
he sucks really good. It was awesome." Andy panted.

Pete nodded and said, "No problemo! I got a few good ones!" as he showed
Andy the pics.

Chip leaned closer to the door slats and looked as his younger
brother. Dennis was a total mess. His body glistened with sweat. He was
breathing hard and his hard cock looked like it was ready to explode. "God,
what must he be thinking?" he mused.

By now Dennis was pretty much thinking about just one thing, "I gotta cum!
SHIT... FUCK... I can't ever remember being this totally horned... maybe
now they will let me go... hell they both came in my mouth... what more
could they want... maybe if I promised to blow them again... so other time,
they'll let me go... FUCK what am I thinking??? SHIT! I gotta take care of
this now! I have to CUM before my cock and balls explode."

He was about to start begging when Chip's balled up jock was forced back in
his mouth. Dennis went crazy and started pulling at his bounds while
screaming into the gag.

Pete stepped back and smiled, "Okay, we don't need his mouth anymore, might
as well keep him shut up."

Andy laughed and said, so are we done with him? Shouldn't we just let him

Pete chuckled, "Are you fucking kidding me? The fun is just beginning?"

Andy looked at the torture items on the other chair and asked, "So, what
are we gonna do? Punish him with this stuff?"

Chip wanted to shout, "YEA, GO FOR IT!" But he kept quiet and listened as
Pete continued, once again musing, "Why do I get turned on so much at the
thought of Dennis suffering?"

Pete said, "Actually I have a better idea. Remember some of those 'nasty'
games we used to play at camp when the senior counselors were away?"

Andy giggled, "You mean like when we stripped a guy, tied him up, and then
saw how many times we could make him cum during the night?"

Pete laughed again, "Yea that was one of, hell what was the record with

Andy snickered, "I think it was like ten times and the last few were really
painful, cause they were totally dry!"

Chip liked the sound of this. "Damn!" he thought. "These Dudes are really
pretty fucking twisted! But I love it."

Pete continued, "Yea that one was fun, but I was thinking more of that
other one... the one we used on prisoners during Capture the Flag... to get
them to tell us where their jail and flag was."

Andy perked up, "OH SHIT... YEAH! But dang, look at how excited he is
already, it will be tricky."

They definitely had Chip's interest now.

He watched in total fascination as Pete moved the second chair aside and
the two knelt on either side of Dennis. He said a silent prayer of thanks
as he noted the fact that the computer camera had a totally unobstructed
view of what was happening. He hoped the mike was picking up all the sound.

Dennis trembled as he felt their hands patting the inside of his thighs.

Pete smiled and said, "Oh hang on a second, I think this needs to be a
totally sensory experience for our buddy here."

He picked up his sweaty jock and used the pouch to wipe the cum off of
Dennis's face, chin and chest. Then he pulled the jock over Dennis's head,
with the sweaty, cum soaked pouch covering his nose. "That should help keep
him in the mood!"

Chip pulled his cock out of his shorts and started stroking
himself. "Whatever this is, it's gonna be huge!" he thought.

Pete moved his hand towards Dennis's cock, he was just about to grab it
when he paused and looked at Andy, "You know, I think you are right, this
is gonna be real tricky, and we will have to be careful if want this to
work right, so I just had a crazy idea to make it even more
interesting... sort of a contest."

Andy chuckled, "Hmmm, okay, I'll bite what is it?"

Pete smiled and continued, "Okay, the basic idea is to keep getting Dennis
to the very edge of cumming as many times as we possibly can without him
cumming... And that's the torture part. Right?"

Andy nodded.

Pete said wickedly, "So we'll take turns bringing him to the edge. I am
sure we both can tell if he's close or not. So the contest will be, if one
of us goes to far and he comes, he loses and has to pay a penalty."

Andy smirked, "Like what kind of penalty?"

Pete responded with a nasty grin, "You know what kind!"

Andy laughed, "You mean like with a blow job or something?"

Pete smiled again and said smartly, "Well actually, since this is gonna be
a major challenge, I was thinking more of a high stakes sort of
penalty... I mean really high stakes... if you can handle it Dude. Unless
you just wanna go for some little boy type of penalty?"

Chip had a feeling Pete knew his buddy all too well. He had just thrown
down a major dare.

Andy looked defiant as he snapped, "Okay asshole, I'm in! What are the
stakes? What's the penalty?"

Pete said, "Okay, I'll hold you too that! If either one of us makes Dennis
cum, he'll be the loser, and will be the other guys TOTAL slave for a full
day, with no holds barred. Anything goes!"

Pete glared at Andy.

Andy thought for a moment, then snapped, "Okay, okay, stop the bull shit
and get started! You go first though!"

Pete smiled and said "So be it!" as he grabbed Dennis's cock and started
gently stroking. Dennis, surrendered to the pleasure completely with the
certainty that relief was now in sight. Little did he know the torment he
was about to endure.

And torment it was for Dennis and Chip during the next hour as Pete and
Andy went back and forth using every masturbatory technique imaginable to
bring Dennis to the very edge and then simply stop. And each time the
tormentor stopped, Dennis's reaction got increasingly violent... he pumped
his groin... tugged at his bonds and screamed into his gag.

Chip lost track of the number of times he thought Pete or Andy had gone too
far. Sadly for Dennis, the two were incredibly gifted at reading his cum

After an hour had gone by, they paused. All four teens were drenched in
sweat and boned to the max! Chip hiding in the closet. Andy and Pete
kneeling on the floor and of course Dennis in the chair, who had been
reduced to a quivering, whimpering mass of horny teen boy flesh. Willing to
literally sell his soul to be able to cum.

By now the room was totally saturated with the odor of teen sweat and
musk. All were on sexual sensory overload.

Pete panted, "Dude, maybe we should just call this a draw for now... and
move onto something else."

Andy nodded and said, "Yea, I guess you're right. Though I was so looking
forward to having you as my slave for a day!"

Pete chuckled, "In your dreams Bro... anyway, check out his cock... the
dang thing looks like it will explode! DAMN, imagine what some lashes from
that penis whip would feel like right about now!"

Chip pulled his own hard cock up into his pubes, gave the underside a few
slaps as he imagined what Dennis would be feeling as the penis whip bit
into his engorged manhood.

Pete took hold of Dennis's throbbing cock and pulled it up to expose the
underside. He grabbed the penis whip and aimed.

And that is when he heard the same thing that Chip
heard... VOICES... outside the house... moving towards the back of the

Andy half shouted... "HOLY SHIT, PETE, someone's coming! What should we

Pete dropped the penis whip back on the other chair and muttered, "How the
fuck should I know... SHIT... ahhh..."

Then it came to him in a flash... "Dude, let's hide in the closet and see
what happens!"

Chip snapped out of his daze, pulled up his shorts, grabbed the stool, the
Pepsi's and chips and retreated to the back of the walk-in closet. He
managed to hide himself behind some hanging clothes just as Pete and Andy
flew in, slamming the doors behind them.

All three caught their breaths. Chip from his hiding place at the back of
the closet and Andy and Pete from just inside the doors. Finally Pete
whispered, "Man check this out you can see into the whole room through
these slats! SHIT, this could be fun!"

The muffled voices emanating from outside the house were young and
boyish. Chip concluded they belonged to some of Stevie's friends, and maybe
even Stevie as well. Andy and Pete heard the voices too. All three wondered
when and if they would come into the house and head upstairs.

Dennis, meanwhile, was in a total state of sensory deprivation... he could
not hear anything except the rock music blaring in his ears... he could not
see anything... and could not feel anything except the ropes that bound him
and of course the butt plug that continued to vibrate in his ass.

Chip now faced a major dilemma... from where he was he would clearly miss
out on anything else that happened... he considered various courses of
action, then finally decided to take the bold approach... the younger boys
had not yet entered the house... so the time for action was now! And with
that, Chip stepped out of his hiding place, held up two cans of Pepsi and
said smartly, "So are you two twisted horn doggies thirsty, or what?"


Special Note: Yes, yes, to the "Road Less Traveled" fans, following some
disastrous computer crashes and major data loses, I am slowly getting back
into things.

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