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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Boys Love Torture - Boys Love Torture 13

Date: Fri, 22 May 2009 12:05:24 -0400
From: Scott Westwood <>
Subject: Boys Love Torture - Chapter 13

This story contains sexual acts between boys and occasionally between men
and boys. If this is not to your taste, and/or is illegal in your area
please do not read any further.

Also be advised some of the scenarios will, at times, can be fairly cruel
and barbaric. Again if this is not to your tastes, read with caution. Don't
even bother flaming me about it! Just stop reading! It is as simple as
that! If you continue to read and feel compelled to flame me... talk to
your own therapist before you do... because you can't talk to mine!

Please do not distribute it to any newsgroups and/or web-sites without
permission from the author. You may, however, send it to your friends in
any form you wish, as long as no changes are made to this file.

This story is fictional.

Boys Love Torture - Chapter 13
(BB, b/B, bb, b/M discipline, spanking, oral, anal, cbt, bd, sm)


This is the continuing saga of a group of teenage boys who explore the
"realm" of BDSM. For some, it is merely a period of simple experimentation.
But for many it is a time of intense excitement. Straight or gay, as a
teenager, the hormones tend to run wild, seeking whatever outlet they can
find for satisfaction. Couple that with the dark "facts" about boys and you
have the potential for some really crazy times!



With this Chapter we begin to delve a little deeper into another crazy Fact
of "Teenage Boy Life." Teenage boys can get very confused about their
sexuality. While most consider themselves to be totally straight, and begin
developing a strong interest in girls, they can still get turned on by
other boys. And will even engage in acts that are pretty much totally gay
just to relieve the pressure. The urges are just too strong to resist at
times when they get horny. Which, for most teenage boys, is almost all the


Slave Days

Scooter had been looking forward to this for awhile. His 16 year old
lacrosse team mate/captain, Logan, owed him a full day of slavery for
losing the bet at the torture house. What made it even better was the fact
that Logan had lost another bet with Scooter.

In an effort to get out of the slave thing, Logan had made a
"double-or-nothing" bet with Scooter during a team practice scrimmage and
ended up losing. So now he owed Scooter two days of slavery, which was what
this weekend was all about.

Scooter was really excited about the whole thing for several
reasons. Scooter was gay, of course, but very few people knew it. Although
Logan had "fooled around" a little when he had gotten really horned, he was
definitely not gay. Which made it that much more exciting for
Scooter. Couple that with the fact that Logan was the captain of the team,
had a really hot body, bright shaggy blond hair, and a sort of baby face,
and you had the makings of a very hot time.

Scooter had also gotten lucky. His best friend Dustin's parents were going
to be away for the weekend, and had given permission for Scooter to
sleepover. Which was perfect.

There was a team meeting scheduled for Friday evening and Scooter had
arranged for Logan to spend the weekend at Dustin's. Scooter had also
arranged something for right after the meeting.

Logan was pretty scared about the upcoming weekend. Scooter kept reminding
him that the deal involved total slavery, and that "anything goes!" Being
the cocky jock that he was, Logan confirmed that he would honor the bet, no
matter what. But deep down inside, he was scared. It also didn't help when
Scooter told him not to worry about bringing any extra clothes for the
weekend, since he wouldn't be needing them.

The night before, Scooter called Logan and said, "Okay Dude, here's the
deal, you ride your bike to the meeting. You will wear an old T-shirt, an
old pair of gym shorts, socks and sneakers. That's all. No underwear. As
soon as the meeting is over, your slavery will begin. And you will do
whatever I say! I mean it!"

Logan stammered, "Don't worry about it. I told you I'd honor the bet, no
matter what!"

Scooter explained where Dustin lived. He made sure that Logan knew how to
get there.

When they hung up, Logan thought about what Scooter had said, and started
getting nervous. "... an `old' T-shirt... an `old' pair of gym shorts. Why
did he specify `old'? And even stranger, why did he spend so much time
making sure Logan knew how to get to Dustin's house. They were going to be
at the meeting together, and he had assumed he would just follow Scooter
there. It was all very strange.

Scooter was happy that the team meeting was pretty short. It was mostly
organizational stuff about the practice and game schedules, team rules and
basic requirements. It was hard to pay attention cause he couldn't stop
thinking about the weekend and he kept looking at Logan, who was dressed
exactly as he had ordered.

When the meeting was over, Logan followed Scooter outside.

They waited until everyone was gone. Then Scooter told Logan to get on his
bike and follow him. They rode their bikes around the building, across the
practice field and headed towards the old field house.

When they got there, Scooter told Logan to wait out front. He parked his
bike and ran around to the back of the building. Logan waited, getting more
nervous by the minute.

When Scooter finally returned, he blindfolded Logan and cuffed his hands
behind his back. Logan started breathing hard and began to sweat as Scooter
led him around the building.

"Dude, you are mine for the weekend, and you will do whatever I want,
right?" Scooter demanded.

Logan took a deep breath, nodded and panted, "Yea, I'll do whatever... I
TOLD YOU I NEVER Welch on a bet!"

Logan was being truthful. He always honored the bets he made. It was a big
thing with him. He was determined to honor this one too, as tough as it
might be. Still, it was getting really scary.

He got even more scared when they arrived at the back of the building. He
couldn't see anything, but sensed there were other guys there. And that was

One of the things that Logan didn't know about Scooter, besides the fact he
was gay, was that Scooter was extremely smart and perceptive! He knew that
Scooter was really good at sports, and that a lot of the team members
looked up to him, even the older ones.

Scooter had a pretty effective "GAYDAR"! It usually didn't take him long to
figure out if a guy was gay or not. Which was cool. He had determined that
the majority of the guys on the team were totally straight. But the crazy
thing about Scooter's GAYDAR was that he also seemed to be able to identify
straight guys who might be interested in "experimenting"... just to get
off. It really wasn't that hard to do, since most teenage boys are pretty
much horny all the time!

Yes, Scooter had a busy week. He used all of his skills to single out three
guys from the team, who could help. He started by focusing on guys who were
not big fans of Logan. That wasn't that hard, since Logan was so cocky.

Then he narrowed it down by talking to them individually. It was actually
pretty easy. All were impressed with Scooter's athletic abilities which
gave him a lot of credibility. He was surprised how easy it was to single
out three guys willing to go along with this part of his plan, and who
would also keep it secret. And the crazy thing, the ONLY thing they knew
was that Logan had lost a bet! [Boy Fact #2- Boys are natural

And so here they were!

Scooter told Logan to put his hands behind his head and spread his legs.

The three boys who were there were impressed and excited when Logan did as
he was told. Scooter had done a great job. All three hated Logan. And all
three were excited about seeing him humiliated. It didn't matter if that
would involve stuff that seemed gay! The big thing was to humiliate Logan!
[Boy Fact #5- Boys can be very cruel and sadistic.]

Now Scooter was convinced that Logan was straight. But, still he was a
teenager, and situations like this can be pretty damn arousing. He smiled
as he looked at the front of Logan's flimsy shorts. They were tented! Which
was perfect!

He looked at Logan, standing there blindfolded, with his arms behind his
head. He was breathing hard, and looked really scared.

Scooter said, "Okay Slave Boy, you lost the bet, and now you gotta pay up!
You stand here just like this! And DO NOT move! I mean it!"

Scooter stepped back and nodded at his three team mates.

They surrounded Logan and did exactly what Scooter had told them to do! Two
of them pulled out pocket knives and started cutting Logan's T-shirt and

It didn't take long for them to cut them into shreds and toss them aside.

They laughed and taunted the entire time. When they were finished, Logan
was standing there totally naked, except for his feet. He was boned to the
max and breathing hard.

Scooter laughed, "Okay Dude, looks like you are really liking this! I think
you need to show these guys just how much you appreciate them helping me
out here. So get down on your knees and open you mouth slave boy! Oh and by
the way, you are never gonna know who they are! But I will tell you this,
they are on our team! So just remember that!"

The "three" were in total awe of Scooter. All of them were totally
straight! But, at that age, a "blow job, was a blow job!" Even better since
it was coming from their team captain! Yea, there was something really
exciting about seeing him on his knees, naked, with his hands cuffed behind
his back, sucking away. And not knowing who he was sucking!

All three of them shot big loads into their captain's mouth. All three
thanked Scooter for setting it up. And ALL three told Scooter to include
them in any future bets! Scooter smiled as he watched them ride off. He
understood what they meant, and was certain all three would be just as
excited to see him on his knees if he lost the next bet.

He looked at Logan. He was still on his knees and breathing hard. He knelt
beside him, placed his hand on the back of his neck and said, "So you ready
to pay up the rest of you bet?"

Logan sobbed, "Dude, sorry, I'm not gay... I'm not... shit man! I just
wanted you to know that! I'm not! Is okay if you are though! ... but I'll
do what you say... cause I made that bet!"

Scooter smiled as he looked at Logan's cock. It was totally hard and
throbbing. He knew that guys that age, no matter how straight they were,
could be easily aroused. In Logan's case, he suspected it might be more
than that, but decided not to push it.

Scooter laughed, "Okay, that's cool dude. So here's what you gotta do
now. I'm going to untie you and take the blindfold off. Then I'll
leave. You wait here and count to 100, real slow. And when you are done,
you get to Dustin's house as soon as you can! You know how to get there!
Sorry about you shirt and shorts. Seems like out team mates took the bits
and pieces with them. So you gotta go as you are. And you damn well better
be there in 15 minutes!"

Scooter acted quickly. He untied Logan, removed the blindfold and then ran

Logan started his slow count. By the time he reached 100, the realization
sank in. He was totally naked, except for his feet. There was nothing
around he could wear. He remembered Scooter's last words about getting to
Dustin's house..."And you damn well better be there in 15 minutes!"

He thought for a moment about just backing out entirely and sneaking home,
but decided against it. He ran around to the front of the building, jumped
on his bike and pedaled off!

The ride to Dustin's house was as scary as it was exciting. He had never
ridden his bicycle while naked. And had never had a hard-on while riding
before. So this was a totally new experience. He tried to "will" himself to
get soft, but it didn't work.

He pedaled as fast as he could and tried to take advantage of whatever
cover he could find along the way. That didn't always work either.

Two cars honked there horns at him when they saw him riding naked, and some
kids chased him on their bikes for a few blocks when they saw him.

He was SO relieved when he finally reached Dustin's house.

Scooter was waiting outside when Logan arrived. He smiled when he saw the
blush on Logan's face and laughed when he saw Logan's boner. He thought,
"Dang, for a straight boy, knowing all the twisted shit that is about to
happen, you seem pretty fucking worked up."

Logan jumped off of his bike and ran towards Scooter. He panted, "Shit Dude
that was crazy!"

Scooter looked at his watch and said, "Yea I bet it was. But you are 5
minutes late, so we'll have to punish you for that!"

Logan followed Scooter into Dustin's house. He was getting really
nervous. He had been naked in front of other guys before, in the locker
room, but this was different. Scooter led Logan downstairs to Dustin's

When they arrived he was told to kneel and put his hands behind his
head. Dustin and Scooter sat down on the end of the bed and looked at
Logan. They didn't say a thing for several minutes.

Finally Scooter glared at Logan and said, "Okay Slave Boy, here's the full
deal. You're gonna be here the whole weekend, and you're going to do
everything we say, no matter what. You'll be naked the entire time, so
don't even think about asking about clothes. And if we decide to take you
out, you'll still be naked. Understand?"

Logan did not like the sound of it at all, he nodded, and said, "Yea, I
understand. But what do you mean take me out?"

Scooter laughed, "Well we just might want to take you out for a walk, and
maybe share that hot body of yours with some friends of ours. I know Dustin
has some friends that would just love to get their hands on you!"

Logan's eyes began to water and he stammered, "Oh shit man. Please don't do
that to me. I'll do whatever you say. But, please don't make me do stuff
with other guys!"

He was definitely getting scared now. Having his clothes torn off of him by
the three other guys and then being forced to suck them had been traumatic
enough. He felt totally humiliated by the whole thing. Even more so, since
he knew they were on his team.

Scooter laughed again, "Well, we'll just have to see how well you follow
orders. But I'm not making any promises."

Scooter was determined to humiliate Logan a lot more, no matter how well he
did. He winked at Dustin and asked, "So do you got his punishment all ready
to go?"

Dustin smiled and chuckled, "Yea, it's all set up."

They led Logan out of Dustin's room, and into the unfinished part of the
basement. They made Logan stand on two wooden boxes. They spread his arms
over his head and tied his wrists to a ceiling beam.

Dustin put a cock ring on Logan's cock and slid it all the way to the
base. Then tied Logan's balls off with a piece of rope.

He laughed, "Now that's gonna help do two things. One is, it will help keep
you nice and hard, and the other is, it will make it tough for you to
cum. But don't worry, we'll make sure you cum plenty of times this
weekend. Oh and this will help make things more exciting for you dude."

He picked up a glass of water he had and held a pill up to Logan's mouth.

Logan looked really worried, "What is it?"

Dustin laughed, "Don't worry Dude, it's not like a bad drug. It's just one
of those pills that will help make sure you stay hard for a long time."

Logan seemed reluctant, but didn't want to get them pissed off already, so
he opened his mouth. Dustin put the pill on his tongue and gave him a drink
of water, to help swallow it.

Scooter smiled and said, "Okay let's get started."

He stepped up to Logan and started rubbing his hands over his body. Which
caused Logan to start breathing harder.

"Okay Dude, I can accept the fact that you're not gay, but you have to
admit you've done some stuff that is gay."

Logan trembled, "Yea, I know, but most of that was because I had to. Like
the initiation stuff for the team. And when I made bets."

Scooter ran his hands over Logan's tight butt, "Yea, I remember. Someone
told me you had a bet with another team captain and you won, so you got to
fuck him. And then there was the thing with Dennis in the park."

Logan laughed nervously, "Yea, it seemed like a good idea at the time. And
I guess I was really horny when he asked me to make the bet... and the
other time... well, it just sort of happened."

Scooter chuckled, "Well I know how good it feels to fuck another
guy. Especially one with a nice tight ass, like yours. And I'm guessing
you've never been fucked before."

Logan shook his head nervously. Of course, the thought had crossed his mind
that this was probably going to happen. After the thing with Dennis in the
park, he figured Scooter was planning on fucking him. He had seen the size
of Scooter's cock and was a little scared. He remembered how the other team
captain had screamed when he fucked him.

Scooter ran his finger up and down Logan's crack, and then rested the tip
on his hole, "Yes, well I think this is gonna be a lot of fun. I'm going to
really enjoy being the first guy inside you. And Dustin's going to like it
too. Course he'll get to watch me do you first."

Logan trembled some more. His cheeks turned red as he thought of being on
his knees, with Scooter fucking him and Dustin watching. Like it or not,
more blood forced it's way into his painfully hard cock.

Scooter smiled as he saw Logan's cock twitch. He knew from experience, and
things he had read on the Internet, that most guys were neither totally
straight or gay, but fell somewhere in between. Scooter had realized fairly
early though that he was pretty much totally gay.

One of the crazy things he loved to do, was mess with a guy who was pretty
straight, like Logan. He knew Logan had lots of girl friends. But he also
knew he could get aroused by doing stuff with guys. He noticed that a
couple times when they were doing their "team initiations" of the new guys.

And the other thing that Scooter loved, was `doing' guys like Logan. Guys
who were so sure of themselves, and who were cocky and arrogant.

Scooter took hold of Logan's hard cock and laughed, "Looks like you're
pretty excited by what's going on!"

Logan stammered, "Dude, that happens a lot. Come on you know it. I'm sure
the same thing happens to you. And... um... besides... there's that pill
you guys gave me..."

Scooter laughed as he squeezed Logan's cock, "Yea right! We'll see if we
can figure out just how much of it is the pill... and how much of it is the
real you."

He looked at Logan and smiled. Logan was breathing harder now and had
started to sweat.

Logan looked at Scooter imploringly, "Ummm... by the way... you're not
gonna tell any of the others guys about this are you? SHIT Dude. I'll do
whatever you want, just don't tell any of them about this... okay?"

Scooter laughed, "Oh don't worry, as long as you do good. We won't
tell. But if you do bad, we won't have to tell them... we'll just show

Scooter pointed to a shelf on the wall behind him. Logan's eyes widened as
he looked at the shelf. There was a digital video camera sitting there,
pointing directly at him... and the red light indicated it was on.

Logan gasped, "OH SHIT! OH GOD! What are you gonna do with that! Shit,
who's gonna see it?"

Scooter patted Logan on the shoulder, "No one will get to see it, well no
one except a really special Internet friend of ours. And that will be
all. As long as you do well this weekend... got it?"

Logan nodded, "YEA, I got it. I promise... I'll do whatever you want. Just
please don't show this to the other guys."

Scooter could tell by the sound of panic in Logan's voice that he was
really scared now. Hell, what "straight" boy wouldn't be in a situation
like this.

"Okay, I tell you what, you be totally honest with us. You do whatever we
say, and this is as far is it goes. Just between, you, me, Dustin, and our
Internet buddy. That will be it! Okay?"

Logan didn't like the sound of "Internet Buddy", but realized he didn't
really have a choice.

"Okay, okay! It's a deal!" he stammered.

Scooter chuckled, "Cool. Okay, you can start by answering some
questions. And you better be honest. Trust me, I can usually tell when a
guy is lying. So don't even think about it."

Scooter picked up a ping pong paddle and tapped his hand with it.

"Okay, first question... and make sure you speak up so the camera picks it

"How many times a day do you usually jack of? Be honest!"

Logan swallowed hard. He glanced at the camera and then said nervously,
"Well, um.. it sort of varies... sometimes it's like two or three
times... but I guess if you want me to be honest... most days it's
like... ummm... oh god... this is really embarrassing... shit... ummm..."

Scooter gave his ass a hard smack with the paddle.

"AHHHH! Okay... well... yea... most days it's like six times... sometimes
more... depends on how horned I get!"

Scooter smiled when he saw the way Logan was blushing.

"Okay, good... next question... where do you usually jack off?"

Logan blushed some more. He glanced at the camera and swallowed hard. Then
he stammered some more, "Well... um... usually in the
shower... but... umm... also in my bedroom right after school... and then
again at night... a few times... and umm..."

Scooter could tell Logan was thinking hard about something. He gave his ass
another hard smack with the paddle. "Where else Dude???" he demanded.

Logan took a deep breath and stammered, "Ummm... okay... ummm... sometimes
I do it in school... like in Miss Austin's class. She's so hot! So
I... ummm... squeeze myself while I look at her... and... okay... sometimes
I do it outside... like in the woods... or under the bleachers..."

Scooter and Dustin were both loving this. Logan was sweating and breathing
hard. Being forced to reveal these things was clearly getting to him. Even
more so, since it was all being recorded.

Scooter glanced at the camera and thought, "Dang, Scotty's really gonna
love this!!!"

He patted Logan on the shoulder and said, "You're doing great! Okay next
question... What are some of the craziest or scariest places you jacked off

Logan started breathing harder as he thought. He looked at Scooter and
pleaded, "Oh SHIT man... do I have to tell you? With the camera running and
all? DAMN, this is so embarrassing!"

Scooter smacked his ass again and snarled, "Yea Dude, you gotta tell all!
And, trust me, I already know one time... someone on the team already told
me... so I better hear that too!"

Now the thing about Logan, as straight as he was, was this. He got super
horny a lot! And when he did, he did some pretty crazy stuff... to increase
the thrill. And yea, he made some pretty crazy bets!

Logan thought for a few moments. Like it or not, all this talk was making
him really horny. The more questions Scooter asked, the hornier he got.

"Well, um... okay... umm... a couple of times I did it under the bleachers
during a football game... one time was on a dare... and the other time was
cause I lost a bet... and the dare thing... I um had to get totally
naked... it was scary as hell... cause anyone could have looked down and
seen me... I think a couple people did!"

Scooter was really excited now.

"Okay, and well, I did a bunch of dares at Scout camp... they were pretty
much the same... had to get naked... run somewhere, jack off, and then run
back. I did that in lots of different places. Guess the scariest one was
when I had to lay down on the grass outside the camp nurse's cabin, and
jack off! It was late at night, but I was really sacred."

"And... umm... I did it at the food court in the mall... under the
table... a couple of times... and, oh... damn... in the movie theater, a
bunch of times... one time I did it totally naked there... and SHIT... out
in the woods... a lot of times... DAMN! I am probably sounding like a real
perv now!"

Scooter laughed, "That's okay! We love it! I figured you were somewhat of a
perv... just didn't know how much of a one you were until now! But that's
okay, by the time the weekend is over, you will be a TOTAL perv!"

Logan trembled some more. On the one hand, Scooter's words scared him. But
on the other hand they also excited him. He couldn't believe this was all
happening. Couldn't believe he had admitted all that stuff. And also
couldn't believe how horny he was getting!

Scooter kept up the pressure, "Okay, how many times have you sucked another

"UMMM... shit... ahhh... okay... umm... a couple of times at Scout
camp... cause was an initiation thing... and ummm... a couple of times when
I was a newbie on the team and got initiated... and then at the torture
house... to make sure we all stayed boned... hmmm, okay and one time out in
the woods with this girl's boyfriend as part of a strip game I had played
with her... oh and then today.. with those three guys!... that's all."

Scooter laughed, "Well don't worry, you'll be able to add a lot more times
to that list before the weekend is over!"

He ran his fingers over Logan's lips and chuckled, "Yea, I'm gonna really
enjoy feeling these lips wrapped around my cock. You do a good job and we
go a little bit easier on you. So you start thinking about the best blow
job you ever had, and what made it feel so good, cause that's how I wanna

Logan did not want to suck Scooter's cock. He didn't want to suck any more
cocks, but resigned himself to the fact he would have to. He started
thinking about the time his old girl friend had sucked him off after a
game, and the way she used her tongue, and his cock started to throb.

Then his thoughts started getting weird. He imagined himself on his knees
in front of Scooter. Imagined using his tongue on Scooter, the way she had
used it on him. Imagined making Scooter moan the way he had. And finally,
imagined Scooter shooting in his mouth the way he had shot in hers.

And to his horror, Logan realized the thought was starting to turn him on
more. He looked at Scooter and trembled as he saw Scooter rubbing his cock
through his shorts. Scooter's cock was really hard and was tenting his
shorts out in a big way.

Scooter laughed as he saw where Logan was looking, "So Dude, I guess you
want to see what you've got to look forward to tasting this weekend, huh?"

Logan didn't know what to say. He wanted to say no, but couldn't. And again
a weird thought, he wanted to see Scooter's cock.

Scooter pulled the front of his shorts down. He slipped his jock under his
balls and let his cock flap up against his pubes.

Logan's eyes widened as he saw the size of Scooter's hard cock. It was
pretty big. He had seen Scooter hard that day in the park and at the
torture house, but it looked even bigger now.

Scooter chuckled again, "Pretty impressive isn't it. Yea, I think you're
gonna love having this baby in your mouth, and even more when you feel it
all the way inside that virgin ass of yours!"

Logan shuddered again as he thought about Scooter's last comment. He
figured there was no way he was gonna avoid having that happen. His mind
started racing uncontrollably. He suddenly started remembering a video he
had seen on the Internet. It was when he was on this BDSM site.

There was a "mistress" there, abusing two college dudes. He had watched the
video over and over. She maid them do all kinds of things, like eat her
pussy, suck her tits and worship he feet. She had whipped their asses
good. But the thing he suddenly could not stop thinking about was the part
where she made them take turns fucking each other. She made them do it in
all kinds of different positions.

All of a sudden he imagined being fucked in all those different positions
by Scooter and Dustin. He tried to convince himself that it would be
disgusting, but couldn't. He kept his eyes on Scooter's hard cock... he
thought Scooter fucking him on his hands and knees... or bent over a
chair... or on his back, with his knees on his chest... or worse, having to
lower himself on Scooter's cock and hump up and down.

It was terribly confusing for Logan. "God!" he thought, "What the fuck is
the matter with me.. I mean shit! I gotta stop thinking about this." He
tried shifting his thoughts to the times he had fucked some of his girl
friends. It worked a little, but also made things worse, cause it made him
get harder.

Finally Scooter pulled his shorts back up, "Yea, I think you're gonna enjoy
meeting my big boy up close, and personal! But before we get to that we've
got something special for you. Dustin came up with it, and it's gonna be
fun, at least for us, and it is pretty twisted."

Scooter thought for a moment, the asked, "But before that I want to hear
another truth from you. I want you to tell us the most twisted thing you've
done that turned you on the most, and it better be a good one! True, but
also good!"

Scooter glanced back at the shelf, to make sure the camera record light was
still on, which it was.

Logan thought for a few moments. He knew the thing he should tell them
about. It was pretty embarrassing to admit, especially since it had, indeed
turned him on so much. He thought about making something up, but couldn't,
so he just decided to go with it.

"Ahh, okay... I guess would be what happened about a month ago, with these
two chicks I know. We, um... you know played a game out in the woods... you
know... a strip game... and the loser had to be a slave for two
hours. Well, I lost."

"They started by making me kneel with my back against this tree, and my
legs on either side of it. I was naked, of course. They tied my feet to the
tree, and then made me reach back around the tree so they could tie my
hands together."

Scooter smiled as he watched Logan's hard cock twitching. Pre-cum began
oozing from the tip. He wondered just how much of Logan's excitement was
caused by being tied up.

Logan started breathing harder as he continued, "Then they made me lick
their pussies and butt holes. They made me stick my tongue in as far as I

Scooter thought, "Okay, this is twisted, I guess, but not that twisted."

Logan took a deep breath and said, "And then that's when things started
getting strange. One of them started pinching my nipples while the other
one squeezed my balls. They balled my underwear up and gagged me with
them... and then they blindfolded... oh God, and then the stuff they did to
me was unbelievable!"

Scooter could believe it. He was getting exciting as he envisioned Logan
being bound like that, at their mercy. And by the sound of things, they had
no mercy at all. They seemed to be into torture a lot, and must have loved
torturing this hot, over-sexed high school jock.

Scooter chuckled, "I can believe it, so tell us some of the stuff they
did. I know Dustin would really love to hear it."

He glanced at Dustin and smiled. Dustin's shorts were tented out obscenely
and he was breathing hard. He loved seeing Logan naked and bound like this,
and was anxious to start torturing him, but he was really getting turned on
listening to Logan reveal this stuff.

Logan continued, "Well, okay... they got me... you know really boned. Then
they started doing stuff to my cock and balls. They tied some rope around
them, really tight. They slapped my cock for awhile and squeezed my balls
really hard. Hard enough to make me scream."

Then they got these prickly pine cone things and started pressing them up
against my cock and balls. I think they had planned this all out, cause the
next thing I knew, they held two of the prickly things against my cock and
wrapped duct tape around them and my cock. It hurt really bad."

"Then they got some branches and started whipping me across the chest,
stomach and thighs. They whipped my balls every now and then too! It was
terrible. They did it for almost two hours, I was so sore. And the
unwrapped my cock... and jacked me off a few times. They caught my cum in a
tin cup, and made me eat it at the end, before they would untie me."

Scooter was pretty impressed. He smiled and said, "So was that pretty much

Logan thought for a moment. He figured he shouldn't tell him the other
thing that happened, but he was so worked up now, he couldn't think
straight! The thing was, he had been incredibly turned on the entire time
the girls worked him over. There was just something really exciting about
being tied up naked and at their mercy.

"Well, there was one other strange thing that happened. I probably
shouldn't tell you this, but um... okay...You see I didn't realize that one
of them had used her cell phone to call her boyfriend...he came out to the
woods... and umm then... well... umm... they made me suck him off, until he
came all over my face..."

Logan looked like he was ready to cry, "Oh shit man, I can't believe I'm
telling you this!"

Scooter couldn't believe they were getting this all on camera!

Logan's eyes started to water as he finished his story, "But the worst
thing was... um well... they took some pictures of me, tied up naked like
that... with a hard on... and worse they got some close-ups of me sucking
that dude... shit man... they been emailing them to me... said I gotta do
more stuff with them or else! Said next Saturday afternoon I gotta go back
to the woods and be their sex slave!"

This was a lot more than Scooter had expected. He had heard a story like
this before. Even though he felt a little sorry for Logan, it got him
excited thinking about Logan being in that position. He wished he could be
there to watch the next time the girls used him.

Scooter patted Logan on the shoulder, "You did a good job Logan. A real
good job. That was pretty twisted. I gotta tell you though, the stuff we're
gonna do with you this weekend is gonna be even more twisted!"

Logan trembled some more. He couldn't believe how he had gotten himself
into all this! And worse, he couldn't believe how turned on he got. The
thing with the girls was understandable... what teenage boy wouldn't get
worked up in that situation... but this was different... here he was, being
used as sex and torture slave by two guys who had to be gay... and he was
just as "turned on."

Scooter looked at Dustin and said, "Okay Dude, I think it's time you got
things moving. And explain what we have in store for him!"

Logan watched as Dustin ran to the corner of the room, grabbed, what looked
like a microphone stand and headed back. His eyes widened when Dustin set
it down in front of him.

It was, indeed, a microphone stand. But the mike holder was missing and had
been replaced with something else.

Logan's eyes widened as he looked at the top of the microphone
stand. Dustin had removed the mike holder, and had somehow managed to mount
a large dildo on the top. It looked like a big cock and even had two balls
at it's base.

He stared in horror as Dustin greased the dildo good and laughed, "Pretty
impressive huh? I got this idea from a video I saw on the net. It's gonna
be a lot of fun seeing if we can do it just as well. Okay, well, maybe fun
for us, but not you... then again who knows."

Dustin pushed the boxes that Logan was standing on a little further
apart. Logans's legs spread wider. Dustin move the stand between Logan's
legs. He adjusted the microphone stand up so that the tip of the dildo was
pressing against Logan's tight hole.

Logan started breathing harder and harder, as Dustin worked the dildo up
further. Logan tried to raise himself up further, but there was only so far
he could go.

Dustin kept up the pressure. It took a little while for him to work the tip
of the dildo inside Logan's hole. He was very tight. He screamed, when the
dildo finally forced it's way inside of him. It wasn't that far, but far
enough to hurt like hell.

Dustin checked things out. Logan tried to raise himself up again and
again. To get himself off the dildo. Although he was able to move up a
little, it was not enough to get it out of his ass. Which was the way
Dustin wanted it to be. He was going to enjoy watching Logan struggle to
escape the inevitable.

He pushed the boxes further apart. Logan's legs spread wider and he sank a
little further onto the dildo. He moaned as he felt his ass being split
more. His legs and arms were starting to hurt now and he was sweating like

He looked at Dustin and Scooter staring at him and smiling. Both were
rubbing their crotches. And suddenly realized where this was going!

"OH, GOD... DUDES, come on give me a fucking break here! Shit I never did
anything like this before. This fucking hurts like a mother-fucker! Please
don't do this to me!"

Dustin smiled. He pushed the boxes further apart. Which caused Logan's legs
to spread wider.

Logan sank a little lower on the dildo. He pulled on the ropes... pushed
with his legs, but could not raise himself up any higher. His legs were
really starting to hurt now from the strain. Several inches of the dildo
were now inside of him. It felt like his ass was being ripped apart.

"OH fuck! SHIT! Please don't do this to me! DAMN, I can't take it!"

Dustin and Scooter watched as Logan tried to avoid the inevitable. They
both got really excited watching him struggle. A full 15 minutes went
by. Logan struggled hard. His body was really glistening with sweat, tears
filled his eyes as he continued sinking lower and lower on the dildo.

Scooter pushed the boxes even further apart, to the point that only Logan's
toes were on the edge of the boxes. He had sunk to the point that almost
three quarters of the dildo was inside of him.

He screamed as he struggled in vain, to pull himself up off the nasty thing
that was splitting his ass.

"OH GOD!!! SHIT! PLEASE Don't do

Finally the moment arrived that Scooter and Dustin had been waiting
for. One of Logan's feet slipped off the box, followed by the
other. Logan's body dropped, and the dildo rammed all the way in! Logan
screamed. He pulled at his bonds, but could not raise himself up.

AGGGHHHHH... PLEASE... SHIT MAN!!!!! That FUCKING thing is all the way in
ME... SHIT!!!"

His toes were dangling just inches off of the floor. Try as he might there
was no way he could get off the dildo.

Scooter and Dustin watched for awhile. Finally Dustin stepped closer and
asked, "So, um Logan, you want us to let off of that thing?"

Logan nodded vigorously, "YEA... SHIT! I'll do whatever you
want!... PLEASE!"

Dustin moved the boxes closer together and helped Logan get back on
them. Logan was able to raise himself up enough so that only a couple
inches of the dildo remained inside. Dustin made sure that was as far as he
could go.

"Okay Dude, now first off, know this, I can kick the boxes away at any
moment, and then we can leave you here for as long as we want, with that
thing stuck all the way in your ass! You got it?"

Logan whimpered, "Yea... please don't do that! I'll do anything you say."

Dustin loved this feeling. He laughed, "Okay, I'll make you a deal, we'll
get you off of this thing. But you gotta do two things. The first is, you
gotta do another weekend as our slave boy... got it?"

Logan didn't want to do it, but he was desperate, "Okay okay! I'll do it!
What's the second thing?"

Dustin smiled more, "Okay the second thing is this. We'll untie your hands,
but you stay on the boxes. Then you fuck yourself on the dildo, while you
jack-off. Do that and we'll release you. Otherwise, you'll be riding that
thing most of the night!"

Logan did not like the sound of it. It would be totally humiliating to
jack-off in front of these guys while he went up and down on the dildo. And
it would hurt. Still it would be better than spending "most of the night"
on the damn thing!

He nodded, and said, "Okay, it's deal!"

Scooter and Dustin untied Logan's hand. Dustin squeezed some lube on
Logan's hand, and then the two stepped back to watch.

At this point, Logan was beyond caring about anything. Right now there were
two things he wanted to do desperately. One was to get off this damn dildo,
and the other was to cum! It no longer mattered that these guys were
watching, or the camera for that matter. He just needed to cum!

He grabbed his cock and started stroking hard. After about a minute, he
started raising himself up and down on the dildo. It was painful, but after
awhile he started to like it. Despite the fact that his legs were pretty
much worn out, he managed to move up and down on the dildo faster and

Scooter and Dustin watched, totally fascinated. Both had their hands inside
their shorts. They could tell Logan was getting close. But so were they!

The room filled with the sweet aroma of teenage lust.

Suddenly, Scooter could not stand it anymore. The sight of Logan, the hot
16 year old jock, jacking and fucking himself on the dildo was just too

He pulled off all his clothes and told Dustin to do the same.

As soon as both were naked, Scooter told Dustin to bend over.

Logan could not believe how much all of this was turning him on. He had
been thinking about his girlfriend, to help him cum quick. But now he was
focused on Scooter and Dustin.

He watched totally wide eyed as Scooter positioned himself behind a bent
over Dustin. Dustin moaned as Scooter "entered" him! He could tell by the
look on Dustin's face that it was hurting. But there was something else
there too. Dustin really seemed to be enjoying it more and more as Scooter
pounded away!

And that was all it took to push Logan over the edge. He stroked faster and
faster. He moved up and down on the dildo faster and harder as he watched
Scooter fucking Dustin.

And then it happened... ALL three screamed at about the same time.

Dustin "came" first... followed immediately by Scooter.

Logan saw Dustin shoot! He saw Scooter tense up, and realized Scooter was
shooting inside of Dustin!

And then he started to shoot! AND shoot he did! Harder than he ever had
done before. It seemed to go on forever! Seeing Scooter fucking Dustin,
seemed to make it all the more intense. And all the more confusing for

Logan was in a daze as Scooter and Dustin untied him.

He vaguely recalled Dustin saying to Scooter as they led him out of the
room, "Dude, we gotta do something. This rooms smells like sweat, cum and

They led him back to Dustin's bedroom. He drifted in and out of his daze
when he saw the bed. There were ropes at all four corners. They laid him on
the bed, spread-eagled on his back, and tied him down.

He remained in semi-daze as Dustin proceeded to "hook" him up.

Dustin showed him something that looked like a dildo, only with some

"Okay, Dude, this is called a prostrate stimulator. I suspect you are old
enough to guess what it does."

Dustin stuck it up Logan's ass and switched it on!

Logan moaned as he felt the vibrations against his love nut
(aka. Prostrate).

He still could not believe all this was happening, and could definitely not
believe how turned on he was by it all. He kept repeating in his mind over
and over... "It's got to be the pill... it's got to be the pill..."

Scooter smiled as he watched Dustin finish things.

Dustin slid a vibrating cock ring over Logan's cock, positioned it just
below his cock head and switched it on. Then he attached clamps to Logan's
nipples. They were electrical too. He switched them on. When he was done he
winked at Scooter and said, "Okay Dude, he's all yours!"

Scooter looked down at Logan. Seeing his team captain spread out like this,
naked, boned, and totally helpless, with all the toys running was an
incredible turn on.

He knelt on the bed, and started running his hand over Logan's chest. Logan
flinched and started breathing harder.

Scooter looked at Dustin and said, "Make the call!"

Then he turned back to Logan and said teasingly, "Okay Dude, you belong to
us for the whole weekend. And this is just the start! You done good so
far. But we'll see. You got a new challenge now... and this is it... you
gotta CUM four times in the next hour! You do that and we move on... you
fail... and you are gonna get punished really bad!!! So you better start
thinking some pretty nasty thoughts to help you cum... Oh and yea, if you
need some help... all you need to do is ask us to help you cum... And
Dustin and I will help... but you gotta ask nice!... "

"Remember, you got one hour! You gotta CUM four times during that hour!"

Logan's mind was reeling. He was confused about so many things. He
stammered, "UH, Shit what's gonna happen if I can't do it. Shit man that's
a lot!"

Scooter laughed, "Well, if you don't than your punishment will be I let
Dustin practice his cbt stuff on you! You know what cbt is?"

Logan shook his head.

Scooter laughed even louder, "Okay, I figured you wouldn't understand, you
being such a `straight dude' and all. CBT means `cock and ball
torture'... and I gotta tell you, Dustin has been getting obsessed with
it... and is really good at it! So, take my advice... do what you gotta do
to cum four times in this next hour! Cause if you don't, Dustin is gonna
get two full hours to practice his cbt stuff on you!"

Logan started shaking like crazy. Scooter's words scared the hell out of
him. But what also scared the hell out of him was the fact that he was
getting really hard again!

He thought... "It's got to be the pill... it's got to be the pill..."

He heard Dustin getting off the phone. "Yea, okay... cool... yea come on
down... the rants are gone!!! Yea see ya soon."

Dustin came over to Scooter and smiled, "Okay Dude, they all cool. Colin
was over at Landon's. They will be here in like 15 minutes!"

Scooter patted Logan's rising cock and laughed, "Hear that Slave
Boy. You'll have a bigger audience real soon! And trust me, these two
little dudes are TOTAL PERVS!!!"

And that did it!

Logan's cock rose the rest of the way in seconds.

TO BE CONTINUED... ... ONCE AGAIN! Thanks for all the comments and
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Semi-MAIN characters. Sorry I am not including FULL descriptions of each!
Suffice it to say all are HOT... or at least CUTE!...

The Peterson Brothers! (MAIN) Chip Peterson- 15 years old, Short Spikey
Blond hair, warm brown eyes, compact well proportioned athletic build with
rapidly developing six pack abs, a cock that is a least 7 inches (or more),
and a beautiful thick patch of pubic hair with golden highlights.

Dennis Peterson- 14 years old, short dirty blond hair, a pert little
freckled nose, piercing blue eyes. With the exception of the six pack abs,
Dennis's body is a mirror image of Chip's... he has the same well
proportioned athletic build, a long cock, and a thick patch of pubic
hair. Facially, though, he could pass for a ten year old.

Steve "Stevie" Peterson - 11 years old, bright blond hair which he spikes
just like Chip, green eyes, and rosy "chipmunk" like cheeks. His body is
smooth and trim without an ounce of baby fat.

The Wiley Brothers! (They JUST moved in!) (MAIN) Mark- Literally the "new
kid on the block." He is 13 years old, has a tight compact body, and a
really nice little bubble butt. He is just as scrappy and self-confident as
Chip was at that age, but having just moved into the neighborhood he is
over-eager and desperate to make new friends.

Matt- The other "new kid on the block." He is 17 and is Mark's older
brother. He is another super jock, with an attitude to match, and a rather
large cock. Although Matt has had more than his share of girls, his
greatest passion has been "perving" his younger brother Mark... until
recently when Mark managed to turn the tales on him!

Aaron (MAIN) Aaron is 21 and in Grad School, majoring in sports medicine
and therapy. As a Phys Ed major, he, of course, has kept himself in
exceptional shape. He is gay, and really into BDSM. As scary and risky as
it gets for him, he really likes doing "stuff" with teenage boys. And
actually loves being on the receiving end!

Pete and Andy- (SEMI-MAIN) Dennis's "best friends". Both are 14 years
old. Both are jocks. And both are constantly horny. Chip really has a
"thing" about Andy's body! Andy is a swimmer and has a REALLY small, tight

Justyn (SEMI-MAIN) Or Less since he is an asshole!! This Justyn is Aaron's
asshole cousin who was staying with him for a few weeks! He is 17.

Skyler and Zack (SEMI-MAIN) Two more cocky 14 year old jocks. They first
appeared in Chapter 7 when Mark "recruited" them to help out. They both
are really straight! But also really horned! Both of them have the same
attitude... "IF it feels good... go for it!" Neither one has "homo-phobic"
attitudes! They just love sex! Any way they can get it!

Logan (SEMI-MAIN)OMG! Logan first appeared in Chapter 10! And was described
this way... Logan who was actually 16 and a total stud... bright blond
hair, piercing green eyes, and the type of solid muscular body typical of
high school lacrosse players.

Scooter and Dustin! (NEW MAIN- Gonna probably see LOTS MORE of THEM) Keep
an eye out for these two Dudes! One is really HOT... Scooter just turned
14... he is a MAJOR JOCK! ... The other is really CUTE... Dustin just
turned 13... and has a really hot body with great abs! And both are really
"connecting" to their gay sides... and also exploring their "torture"
interests! It is not easy at that age. But who knows what will happen!

Yea, I know... this is turning into a MAJOR twisted gay SOAP OPERA! But
what can I say! It is what it is! And, boys that age do tend to "play the

Other characters to be on the lookout for are Landon and Colin!!!

Both are young! ( Like around 11)...and just starting to explore sex and
torture. No promises just how much they will be here!

MEANWHILE... Next Chapter is in the works! Chapter 12's ending laid it all
out! Who OWES what to whom! I did MISS the fact that Justyn owes time to
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For now, I plan to continue with Scooter's part of that late bet! He is
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