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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Boys Love Torture - Boys Love Torture 27

Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2010 09:58:52 -0500
From: Scott Westwood <>
Subject: Boys Love Torture - Chapter 27

This story contains sexual acts between teenaged boys and occasionally
between men and teenaged boys. If this is not to your taste, and/or is
illegal in your area please do not read any further.

Also be advised, some of the scenarios will, at times, be rather cruel and
barbaric. Again if this is not to your taste, READ WITH CAUTION. Don't even
bother flaming me about it! Just stop reading! It is as simple as that! If
you continue to read and feel compelled to flame me... talk to your OWN
therapist before you do... because you can't talk to mine!

"Constructive Criticism" and Suggestions are welcomed! "Destructive
Criticism" and Abusive Comments (ie. "Flames") are not. If you do feel
compelled to "Flame Me!" Be advised, your future emails will simply be
blocked and automatically deleted.

Please do not distribute this story to any newsgroups and/or web-sites
without permission from the author. You may, however, send it to your
friends in any form you wish, as long as no changes are made to this file.

This is the continuing saga of a group of teenage boys who explore the
"realm" of BDSM. For some, it is merely a period of simple
experimentation. But for many it is a time of intense excitement. Straight
or gay, as a teenager, the hormones tend to run wild, seeking whatever
outlet they can find for satisfaction. Couple that with the dark "facts"
about boys and you have the potential for some really intense and crazy

This story is fictional... a fantasy. It is intended for "entertainment
purposes only" and is not intended to promote or condone any illegal
activities! Again it is merely a fantasy!

Boys Love Torture - Chapter 27 (BB, b/B, bb, b/M discipline, torture,
spanking, oral, anal, cbt, bd, sm)



This Chapter opens with a rather lengthy "philosophical" encounter between
Logan and Coach Taylor. Though "age wise" they are about six years apart,
both have similar interests and desires and are exploring them.

Many of "the boys" are in a really horny mood, and get things rolling with
humiliation and sex. Not to worry though, the torture will be there.

Also in this chapter, we delve into the "dark and secret" corners of some
of our characters' minds. The corners that harbor those wild fantasies that
most can barely admit to themselves, let alone to others. The things that
most of these fantasies have in common are that they are highly sexual and
usually unrealistic. It is why they remain "fantasies." Nevertheless, they
do provide some intense masturbatory fuel.

Apologies to those who might take offense with one particular scene in this
Chapter. I have received a number of requests for a "non-consensual"
encounter of some type. Though I tend to shy away from that, I have decided
to include something like that late in the Chapter. There will be another
one in the not too distant future.

Finally, please note, I have included the "Boy Facts" as well as another
RECAP of the Characters at the end of this chapter. So feel free to scroll
down at any point to refresh your memory.



Despite everything he had already been through, Coach Taylor could not
believe what he was doing now.

He had received the call from Logan, late the night before, and was
following the instructions he had been given. He knew there was no sense
objecting. He was committed and had no choice. Even if he wanted to try and
back out, his cock wouldn't let him. It did seem to have a mind of it's

Logan had been very detailed with his instructions. On Sunday morning, the
hot, red headed young coach was to pack a bag with a bunch of sex toys and
torture devices. It was a fairly long list.

Coach Taylor had everything Logan had asked for, and had more than one of
each item. Logan told him to bring as many duplicates as he could. At first
he wondered how Logan knew that he had these items, then concluded that
Chip must have told him.

As he packed, his cock got harder and harder. The list included: cock
rings, nipple clamps, blindfolds, leather wrist and ankle restraints, hand
cuffs, ball separators, gags, butt plugs, ankle shackles, dildos, a milking
rod, vibrating "eggs", and chastity devices.

Of course, Coach knew that the devices would be used on him, but wondered
who the other guy would be. Logan had been very clear that there would be
another slave involved.

By the time Coach was finished packing, he was as hard as a rock.

His heart really started to pound as he followed the next part of his

He stripped down to just his jock strap, grabbed the bag and his keys and
headed to his garage. He was thankful that he had an attached garage with
an automatic door opener.

He threw the bag with all the toys into the bed of his pickup truck, and
climbed into the cab. His heart pounded even more as he started the truck,
activated the door and then pulled out onto the street.

His drive to the place where he was meeting Logan was intense.

Though he was sitting up fairly high, he kept thinking that somehow,
anybody seeing him would know he was wearing just a jock strap. He kept
checking the rearview mirror and looking around.

Besides the items in the bag, Logan had also been very specific about other

Coach Taylor was not allowed to bring his wallet and could not have any
other clothes in the truck. He was also required to be totally boned by the
time he got to their meeting place. The last part was definitely not a
problem. The young coach was that way the moment he began packing the bag,
and stayed that way throughout the drive.

The meeting place Logan had chosen was appropriate and symbolic. It was the
old field house at the back of the practice field. As Coach Taylor pulled
up next to the building, his cock twitched as he remembered the day Jason
had caught him watching the boys torture and fuck Logan.

It was also the day his "slavery" had begun.

His heart pounded as he climbed out of his pickup truck and headed inside
the building. It was totally deserted, well except for Logan who was
standing just inside the entrance, dressed in his practice jersey and

Logan smiled as he watched his jock strap clad young coach approach.

"Good job Coach, looks like you followed my instructions well. I assume you
brought all the stuff I asked for."

"Yea I did Logan. It's all in an equipment bag in the back of my truck,"
the Coach answered.

Logan could tell that Coach Taylor was as nervous as he was excited. He
directed him to sit on a bench with him so they could talk for a little
while, before they got "started". That seemed to help calm the Coach Taylor

"Okay Coach, listen. Before we do anything, I've got some things to
say. I've been doing a lot of thinking about what's going to be
happening. I'm sure you're worried about this stuff. Heck I would be too if
I was your age and I know you could get into a lot of trouble, so I wanted
to start things off by letting you know that word about all of this will
not get out. None of us will ever say a thing. Okay?"

Coach Taylor nodded, took a deep breath and said, "That's cool. It is
pretty scary. I like teaching and coaching a lot and it's not just because
of this stuff. I've worked hard to get here and don't want to screw things
up, let alone get into trouble."

Logan continued, "Yea and we all like you a lot too Coach and will protect
you. So don't worry about that. I wanted to get some things out of the way
quick, so I want you to listen for a bit. Then I'll hear what you have to
say. Okay?"

Coach Taylor nodded again and said, "Okay, that's cool."

Logan smiled and went on.

"Okay, so anyway, here's the thing. I know you're gay, and that's okay. It
doesn't really matter to me. In fact, it doesn't really matter to any of
us. Oh and by the way, there's only a few of us who know, so don't worry
about it."

"Now I chose this place to meet because this is where your slavery thing
with Jason started, when he caught you watching while the guys on the team
tortured and then fucked me. And then of course, this is where Jason made
you and me do that sex stuff. I wanted you to know that I am `into' all
that stuff. I have had sex with girls and all, but I do like doing stuff
with guys too. And, yea, if I'm being truthful, I also get off on being
controlled by someone else. So I think that means you and I are a lot

Coach swallowed hard again, nodded and stammered, "Well, yea I guess so
Logan. It's still tough for me to admit it. I think you can understand."

Logan laughed and said, "Yea, it's not like I go around bragging about
it. I just think if it makes you feel good, then why not do it. Hell, we're
only going to be this young once, and as long as you don't hurt anyone, you
know, in the wrong way, then why not?"

Coach thought about what Logan was saying. In some ways, the hot 16 year
old jock had a clearer understanding and acceptance of his own sexuality
than he did, and that helped calm him even more. He was anxious for Logan
to continue, so he said, "That's really cool Logan. And I appreciate you
being this open with me. So please continue."

Logan grinned and continued, "Okay, yea cool. Anyway, I am sort of anxious
to... you know... do things, so let me tell you how things are going to
work from here on... I guess at least until I go off to college. Oh and I
have talked to Chip about all this. He is way cool with it!"

"So okay, to start with you are my Coach, and I do respect that and know
there is a lot you can teach me."

He chuckled as he saw the look on Coach Taylor's face, "Yea, believe it or
not, I know that. I'm not as arrogant and cocky as I sometimes act. So
anyway, on the field, at practice and at games, you just continue doing
what you're doing. Regardless of what we do off the field, if I screw up,
you treat me the same. Make me run laps, do pushups, whatever, just like
the other guys. Okay?"

Coach Taylor chuckled too, "Yea, if that's what you want. No problem. I'll
get on your case whenever I need to."

Logan smiled broadly and continued, "Perfect, and that's the way it should
be. Hell I saw the trophies and stuff in your office. You really were an
awesome player. Shit, like MVP and all every year in college. That's

Coach Taylor blushed as he listened to Logan's words of praise. His balls
tingled as Logan reached over and patted him on the knee.

"Yea, that's all cool. But on to other matters. Things got started with you
and me being Jason's slave and then you becoming Chip's slave, as well. You
really jumped into things after that. Heck you had your own dungeon
installed at your place. And again, that's cool."

"Things have changed somewhat though. I'm no longer Jason's slave, he's
mine. And, oh yea, Chip has decided, that since he is involved in so much
stuff now, he wants me to sort of take over your slavery for the
foreseeable future. That is, if it's okay with you."

Logan thought for a moment then chuckled, "Damn, I guess I'm not that good
at this yet. Maybe I should be acting like in the porn stories... you know,
telling you that if you don't do it, I'll tell others about you and
stuff. That's how so many of them go."

Now it was Coach's turn to think and then laugh. "No that's okay. I think
that's more of a `role-playing' thing, in most cases. But it's okay with me
if you want to `play' like that... well as long as you don't... you know do
the `telling' part... which I know now, you just wouldn't do."

Logan nodded, "Yea, I never would, but we can still act that way, just for
kicks. Okay, so how do you feel about what I just said Coach?"

Coach Taylor took another deep breath, thought for a moment, then said,
"Well, as long as we are being honest and open like this... I'll say, I am
okay with it. I guess, all of it, but I do have a quick question before you
continue. I was just wondering how you felt about being in certain
roles. Ummm... you know, which do you prefer? It seems like you've thought
a lot about this."

Logan smiled and said, "Well, that's a tough one. Even though I have
thought a lot about this, I'm still not sure what I prefer. You know
the... ummm... Top/Bottom... or Dom/Sub shit. It still confuses me cause of
the way I feel. See I guess it's like this Coach, all my life, it seems I'm
always the guy in charge of things."

"I always seem to end up being the leader, no matter what group I'm
in. And, I sort of like that... you know, being in charge. But when it
comes to... ummm... you know sex stuff... it's a little
confusing. Ummm... this next thing I'm going to say... is tough... and sort
of embarrassing."

It was Coach's turn to take the lead for a moment. As confident as Logan
seemed, he still was a teenage boy and confusion was part of being a
teenager, especially when it came to sex.

"Just go ahead and tell me Logan. I promise I'll understand. Hell,
remember, here I am sitting next to you in just my jock strap, following
your orders, and with a major hard-on. Trust me, I'll understand!"

Logan took a deep breath, smiled and blurted out, "Okay, thanks Coach. Here
it is... umm... that day... you know... when the guys on the team... ummm
ganged up on me... and did all that stuff to me... like torture me and all
while I was naked... well... I sort of liked it... I mean liked it a
lot. Dang... I've never really told anyone that."

Coach Taylor patted Logan on the knee and said reassuringly, "That's okay
Dude, I understand. I really do. I'm the same way. And that's okay."

That seemed to help. They sat in silence for a few minutes, then Logan

"Okay, and here is the wild thing. I sort of want stuff like that to happen
to me again, but right now I sort of want to... you know... try things the
other way around for a bit too... if you can understand what I'm saying

Coach Taylor gathered up all his strength, quickly sorted through his
"bank" of wisdom and said, "Hey Logan, I do understand. I really do. And at
your age, this is the time to try things. So let me see if I can make
things easier for you. Whatever you want to do is fine with me, as long as
we're... you know, careful. So go ahead and try things."

Coach let it sink in for awhile. As he sat there, lost in thought, it
occurred to him that the things he said were not just for Logan's benefit,
but also his own. His balls tingled and his cock hardened some more as he
thought about being controlled by this incredibly cute and handsome 16 year
old jock.

The two looked at each other for a moment, then coach said, "Okay, so go
ahead and continue buddy. My guess is you are getting really anxious to get
`things' rolling."

Coach could tell by the way Logan was breathing and sweating that he was.

Logan took another deep breath and said, "Okay, well, yea I guess... um
okay... this is how things are going to go from now on. I thought about
it... and I think it's fair, and all."

Coach did like Logan's little touch of un-surety. He waited patiently for
Logan to gather his wits and smiled when Logan's air of confidence returned
and he pressed on.

"Okay, this is how things will work. Like I said, Coach, on the field, and
in school, you're my Coach and teacher and that's what everyone will
see. But outside of that, you're my slave. And I mean total slave. You'll
do whatever I say. If I want you naked, you'll be naked. If I want to
torture you for hours... I will... and so on. You got it?"

Coach Taylor's cock throbbed as he nodded and said, "I understand... Sir!"

That seemed to fuel Logan even more. His cock had been getting harder and
harder as he sat there next to the jock strap clad coach. Now it was super
hard. He loved the feeling of power over this older guy. Still though he
did want something else as well.

He looked at Coach Taylor and said, "There is just one more thing, before
we move things along. I want something else from you Coach. Actually, I
want to give you something, in return for your slavery. I know this might
not be quite right, but I don't care."

Coach Taylor waited for Logan to blurt it out.

It took a little while for Logan to find the words, but he finally did.

"Okay, here it is. From time to time... I umm... want you to... you
know... make me do some stuff... you know...nasty stuff too. Okay?"

Coach wasn't quite sure about what Logan was saying and asked,
"Okay... umm.. like what?"

Logan swallowed hard again, gathered his strength and said, "I mean sex
stuff... like maybe sometimes you can be mad at me after practice... call
me into your office...lock the door... and umm... well you know punish
me... in like a bad way. Okay?"

Coach thought quickly and said, "Okay, if that's what you want. That's okay
with me."

For Coach Taylor, it was perhaps a revelation that he wasn't totally
submissive either. The thought of making this hot 16 year old jock strip
naked for "punishment" or more, made his cock get even harder.

Logan grinned and said, "Yea that's what I want. So is it all a deal Coach
Slave Boy?"

Coach Taylor extended his hand and said "Deal!"

They shook hands and embraced for a moment. Both were sweating and
breathing hard.

They held each other for a few moments, then separated. There was a brief
pause, then the Coach said, "So, I guess it's time for the games to begin!"

Logan laughed and said, "Yea it is, and we'd better get going."

They were in the pickup a moment later, and on their way. Logan gave Coach
the directions. Both kept checking each other out as they drove.

Coach Taylor looked at Logan's bare legs. They were lean and solid with
just the right amount of muscles and hair. And, of course, he loved looking
at the tent in Logan's shorts.

Logan loved looking at Coach Taylor's hard body and especially his bulging
jock strap. He couldn't wait to get to Chip's house to execute the plan he
and Chip had worked out.

And speaking of Chip, he was loving what he was seeing as well.

Dylan, the 17 year lacrosse jock, was naked, kneeling in the center of the
rec room, with his hands behind his head. His cock was hard and sticking
straight up in the air. His heart was really pounding as he thought about
what the remainder of the day held in store.

Chip gave him a little preview as he knelt beside Dylan. He played with
Dylan's hard cock and asked teasingly, "So tell me stud boy, have you
fucked anyone with this thing?"

Dylan gasped and said, "Yes sir. Most of my girl friends. Ummm, at least
the latest ones."

Chip absolutely loved the feeling of power he was having over this high
school jock. Dylan's body was really solid, and well developed.

He continued playing with Dylan's rigid manhood as he asked, "And what
about guys? Have you ever fucked a guy before dude?"

Dylan gasped and said, almost indignantly, "Heck NO! I never fucked no guy

Chip laughed as he stroked Dylan's cock slowly.

"That's too bad. But don't worry. That's about to change, and I have a
feeling you're going to like it. A guy's ass is a lot tighter than a girl's
pussy... a lot tighter. You'll like it for sure and probably want more."

Chip could tell his words were getting to Dylan. Like it or not, there was
no denying the fact that Dylan was getting increasingly excited. Chip
sensed it and continued his sexual taunting and manipulations.

He ran his finger over Dylan's lips and then stuck it inside to feel his

"What about this tongue of yours? I assume it's tasted pussy before. Am I
right jock boy?"

Dylan's cock really twitched as he gasped and responded proudly, "Yes sir,
plenty of times."

Chip laughed as he forced a couple more fingers into Dylan's mouth and
asked, "What about cock? Have you tasted cock before?"

Dylan trembled and snapped, "No Sir!"

Again Chip laughed, "That's gonna change too!"

Although Chip was concerned that Dylan could change his mind at any moment,
he just pressed on. After all, the signs really were all there. There was
no denying the fact that Dylan was really turned on.

Chip was turned on as well. He and Logan had talked about this at length
and neither could wait for the afternoon events. By the time they were done
with Dylan, he would have pretty much experienced it all!

He would suck his first cock, be sucked by a guy, fuck his first guy, and,
last but not least, get fucked for the first time.

It was Logan who had come up with the blindfold idea. Dylan and the other
guy would be blindfolded and be ordered not to speak. The other guy would,
be Coach Taylor. The last part of the fun would come once the blindfolds
were removed and both realized what had just happened.

It would be interesting to see how Coach Taylor reacted to the revelation
that he had just fucked and been fucked by a boy on his team. And for
Dylan, it would be that it was his popular young Coach who had "taken" his
cherry. Yes they figured it would be fun to watch, especially if they then
continued with the rest of their plan.

Chip was about to taunt Dylan about his ass, when Dennis shouted from
upstairs, "They're here!"

-------- DYLAN and COACH --------

Coach Taylor had begun breathing really hard as they turned onto the last
street and he realized where they were headed. Logan noticed it and said,
"So I guess you recognize this street and know where we are going now?"

Coach nodded and said simply, "Yes sir."

They pulled into the driveway and parked. Coach Taylor looked around
nervously. He didn't want to be seen, dressed as he was in just a jock
strap. And let only the fact that he was clearly boned.

Fortunately for him, no one was around, and Logan ushered him into the
house quickly, along with his equipment bag of nasty toys.

Dennis and Stevie were waiting inside the door and smiled as they looked
Coach up and down. Stevie wasted no time and chirped as he reached for the
waistband of Coach's jock, "Chip said this comes off now!"

He yanked the jock down and off.

All grinned as they watched Coach Taylor's hard cock slap up against his
pubes. His level of arousal was obvious by the way the tip of his leaking
cock glistened.

Logan pulled the blindfolds out of the bag and handed one to Dennis who ran
off with it.

He placed the other one over Coach Taylor's eyes as he said, "Okay slave
boy. Here's the plan, under no circumstances are you to say a word, until
we say you can! Not a word. You will follow all orders we give you without
delay. Do you understand?"

Coach Taylor took a deep breath and nodded.

More blood rushed into his cock as he thought about what was ahead.

Dylan was having similar feelings as he was blindfolded and given the same
instructions. He actually couldn't believe how hard his cock was
getting. It got even harder as he heard footsteps on the stairs.


Everyone's heart was pounding as the scene unfolded.

Dylan was told to standup, which he did.

Logan led the blindfolded Coach to the center of the room and positioned
him directly in front of Dylan. Both were reminded about not speaking and,
under no circumstances were they to attempt to remove their blindfolds.

They sensed each other's presence and waited in nervous anticipation.

Chip and Logan let them wait for several minutes. The odor of male
nakedness and arousal permeated the room, which was understandable, since
there wasn't a soft cock in the room.

The others, including Kevin, were shirtless now and beginning to sweat.

Chip turned on some "porn" style music, stood beside Dylan and nodded at

Logan grinned, took hold of Coach Taylor's right hand, placed it on Dylan's
cock and whispered, "Show him how to fondle!"

Both "subjects" moaned as Coach Taylor began fondling Dylan's manhood. Both
were clearly excited by what was happening. Coach Taylor enjoyed the
feeling that came from manipulating this other guy's manhood, and Dylan
obviously enjoyed being felt.

Chip and Logan let the "feeling" go on for several minutes, before Chip had
Dylan return the favor. He placed Dylan's hand on Coach Taylor's hard cock
and commanded, "Return the favor!"

More gasps and moans followed as Dylan felt Coach Taylor's cock and
balls. He had never done this to another guy before, and was surprised at
just how excited he was about it. He had felt his own erect cock before,
but this seemed better somehow.

Things continued for awhile, with both getting, more and more worked up.

Eventually Chip decided to move things to another level. It would be one of
the more difficult things for Dylan to do, at least he thought so. Then
again, at this point, Dylan was so incredibly horned that it didn't matter
that much.

Chip pressed the two together, wrapped their arms around each other and
commanded, "Kiss!"

There was a moment of hesitation, mostly on Dylan's part. Chip was about to
repeat the command when Coach Taylor reacted. He leaned closer, found
Dylan's lips and started kissing him.

To Chip and Logan's delight, it didn't take long for Dylan's resistance to
drop completely. He returned the kiss, which quickly became deeper and more

All smiled as nature took it's course and the two sweating naked jocks
began feeling each other's hard bodies and pressing against each other.

The kissing and groping continued for sometime before Chip moved things

He pushed Coach Taylor down onto his knees and guided his mouth to Dylan's
cock as he said firmly, "Teach!"

A really loud moan escaped Dylan's lips as Coach began working his
manhood. He started by licking his balls slowly and then ran his tongue up
and down Dylan's rigid shaft. It was when Coach pulled his cock inside his
mouth and began bobbing up and down, that Dylan almost passed out.

No blowjob he had ever received from a girl had felt this good, and there
was something exciting, maybe even intoxicating about the fact it was
another jock who was doing it to him. And, judging by feel of the guy's
body, he was a very "fit" jock at that.

Chip sensed that Dylan was getting close to cumming and moved quickly. He
pulled Coach to his feet and then forced Dylan to his knees. Dylan knew
this moment was coming and had initially been dreading it. But somehow
things had changed.

The scent from this other guy's groin was strong, and arousing. He leaned
closer, tentatively stuck out his tongue, found the guy's balls and began
licking. Though he had thought, at first, that he would find the taste
revolting, he discovered it wasn't so he started licking in earnest.

The guy gasped and moaned. That excited Dylan even more and he proceeded to
do everything he could to give the guy greater pleasure. It wasn't long
before he was bobbing up and done on the guy's erect manhood, like a pro.

While Logan and Chip both considered allowing Coach to cum in Dylan's
mouth, both decided to wait. There would be plenty of time for Dylan to
taste cum.

According to their plan, the fucking was next.

They had debated for sometime about who would go first. In the end, they
had decided that Dylan would fuck Coach Taylor first, so he could see how
good it felt to fuck another guy. Then he would see how it felt to have the
other guy's cock up his ass.

Chip and Logan had similar tastes and went with them.

They bent Coach Taylor over the coffee table and tied him down
securely. Chip slipped a condom on Dylan's hard cock and coated it with a
liberal amount of lube as he said, "Okay, I'll get you in position, then
you do the rest. Even though you haven't done this before, it should come
natural. Just think of it as and extra tight pussy, and you'll do fine. Oh
and yea, we expect to see you all the way inside him and fucking him hard,
no matter how much he gasps or even screams."

Dylan tried to put the fact that he was fucking a guy out of his mind but
somehow couldn't. Chip had been right, it was really tight and did feel
good. Every grunt and groan that came from the athletic guy, as he inched
his way in, made it feel all the more exciting.

Despite the pain, things were exciting for Coach Taylor as well. He had
felt the young guy's hard body and was turned by what was happening. Being
tied down and helpless to resist made it even more exciting.

He heard a loud slap, which was caused by someone hitting the dude's smooth
ass. That was followed almost immediately by a savage thrust that brought
the guy totally inside him.

Coach Taylor gasped and moaned as pain shot through his ass. He panted fast
and worked to adjust to the pain. He had been fucked before and knew that
at any moment the pain would begin shifting to something else.

The others watched as things did, indeed shift. Any feeling of guilt that
Dylan might have had about participating in such an overtly gay act
vanished quickly as Dylan's base instincts and lust took over completely.

Like a wild dog, he began thrusting his cock in and out as fast and hard as
he could. Like the guy he was fucking, his body was soon covered with
sweat, which dripped all over the guy's back.

Chip leaned close to Logan and whispered, "looks like he's getting awfully

He was absolutely right. Dylan felt the familiar strong tingling inside his
balls and pumped even faster. When the moment finally arrived, he rammed
his cock all the way in and slapped the guy's ass harder and harder as he
pumped a full load of his teen seed, into the condom, deep inside the bound
and helpless guy.

He gasped for air, and for a moment thought he would pass out. Nothing had
ever felt this good before. The guy's hole clenched down on his cock and
seemed to be trying to coax every drop out of him.

The others watched as Dylan's violent orgasm gradually subsided. They all
pretty much knew that feeling, even little Stevie.

Logan and Chip winked at each other as they watched Dylan collapse on top
of Coach Taylor's sweaty back. They let them remain locked together for
quite sometime before moving on.

Both seemed a little reluctant to separate as Dylan was helped off and
Coach Taylor was untied.

Dylan was smart enough to know what was next and trembled slightly. He had
fucked the guy really hard and assumed the guy would do the same to
him. Sure he had played with his own ass a few times while he jacked off,
but had never had anyone fuck him before.

The closest he had ever come was during his freshman team initiation when
the greased handle of a lacrosse stick was forced inside of him. It had
hurt, but he suspected this would hurt a lot more. He had felt this other
guy's hard cock and knew it was long and fairly thick.

When he was led to the coffee table, he started to kneel down, but was
stopped. Chip and Logan had a better idea.

To Dylan's surprise, they placed him on the table on his back, tied his
arms up over his head, pulled his legs up, so his knees were over his chest
and used some long pieces of rope to secure his ankles to his wrists.

He felt open and vulnerable with his ass spread wide and exposed. As the
realization sank in, that he was about to actually be fucked by a guy for
the first time, his heart pounded and his cock began to harden once again.

Coach Taylor's cock hardened even more as Logan slipped a condom on and
coated it with some lube. Logan loved feeling the young coach's engorged
manhood, and took his time doing it. Which was fine for Coach Taylor, since
he loved having the hot young team captain's hand there as well.

Both were breathing hard by the time Logan guided him to the end of the
table and had him kneel. Dylan began breathing harder to. What happened
next, it was another first for him. Well, sort of a first, since the team
doctor's prostate exam didn't really count.

Logan coated two of Coach Taylor's slender and long fingers with lube and
guided them to Dylan's tight hole. Coach didn't need to be able to see to
begin the obvious task. A smile crossed his face as he worked one, and then
two fingers into the young jock's tight ass.

Each gasp and moan encouraged him to probe even deeper. The guy's ass
really was tight, and Coach was really looking forward to exploring it with
his now painfully hard and aching cock.

When it appeared that Dylan's ass was as ready as it would ever be, Logan
guided the tip of Coach Taylor's huge shaft to the entrance of Dylan's
glistening hole.

He leaned close and whispered, "Okay Dude, this is the first time anyone
has ever fucked him. Don't even think about showing any mercy. We expect
you to be brutal and fuck him as fast and hard as you can. Do you

Coach Taylor panted and nodded. As horned as he was, it probably would have
happened anyway. The guy had fucked him hard and Coach was anxious to
return the favor.

Logan patted Coach on the ass and added, "And if you can make him scream,
well, let's just say you'll get a very special reward. Got it?"

Coach didn't know what the reward would be, but judging from Logan's tone,
it was sure to be good.

And so, the brutal "taking" of a teen jock's cherry began.

Coach Taylor started slowly. It took a little doing to force the tip of his
thick cock into Dylan's tight virgin hole. Dylan's natural resistance to
the personal invasion helped spur Coach Taylor on, as did every gasp and

Underneath the blindfold, tears filled Dylan's eyes as pain shot through
him. It felt like his ass was being torn open as the guy inched inside. The
pressure was as relentless as the pain.

Dylan began to pull at his bonds and shudder. Chip knelt beside him and
said, "Okay, Dude, here's the deal. Remember no talking... at least word
wise. You can gasp all you want, but if you say anything or scream, I'll
stuff this guy's dirty jock into your mouth so you can taste him while you
feel him inside your tight ass."

Chip's words had an almost immediate effect on Coach Taylor who rose up
slightly, and with one savage thrust rammed his sex rod in all the way.

Dylan yanked at his bounds and began screaming. The guy was all the way
inside him and judging by the pain, he was certain his innards had been

Everyone grinned as they watched Chip force Coach Taylor's smelly jock
inside Dylan's mouth. He had been sure to turn the pouch inside out so that
Dylan could get a good taste.

They watched Dylan writhe and continue screaming into the gag for
sometime. Eventually he did begin to settle down and his ass muscles began
to relax around the intruder.

Logan noticed the change, leaned close to Coach and whispered, "Okay, go
ahead and do your thing. You already made him scream and will get that
special reward. Keep it up and it will get even better."

Coach didn't really need much encouragement. The guy's ass was clamped down
on him pretty tightly, and having him tied down like this was actually a
big turn on. Logan continued to "egg" him on and Coach easily went along.

He began sliding his cock in and out. Slowly at first, then faster and
harder. Every muffled scream excited him, and it wasn't long before he was
really going at it. None of his thrusts were halfway. Each one was forced
in to the hilt and each one generated a scream or gasp.

For the guys watching, the scene was really intense. All were rubbing their
cocks through their shorts as they watched Coach Taylor fuck Dylan like a
mad dog.

Sweat dripped off of Coach's face and chest and splashed onto Dylan's
trembling body.

The wild thing for Dylan was the fact that at some point, the pain shifted
to something else. Had he not been gagged, he might actually have started
shouting something like... "OH YEA! DUDE! Fuck me HARDER! OH GOD!"

Chip and Logan glanced at each other and nodded. The great moment they had
planned for was there. They couldn't wait to see the reaction of the two
sweating jocks.

Chip placed his hand on Dylan's head while Logan did the same to
Coach. Chip winked at Logan, who smiled and said loudly, "Okay Dude, it's
time to see whose `cherry' you have taken!"

And with that they pulled the blindfolds off. Both sweating guys squinted
for a moment then looked at each other's faces. It took a moment for it to
sink in. Though he should have realized it was a possibility, the fact that
he was fucking one of the boys on his team did come as a shock.

Dylan was shocked as well. He liked Coach Taylor a lot and couldn't believe
that it was actually him who was inside of him.

As shocking as it was for both, the shock did not interfere with what was
happening. If anything, it just intensified the feelings.

Coach Taylor's lust was so strong, that it banished all concerns and he
pumped faster.

Chip pulled the jock out of Dylan's mouth and was rewarded by the words
that followed almost immediately. Dylan gasped for air and then shouted,
"OH YEA COACH FUCK ME... COACH! FUCK me as hard as you can!"

Which is what Coach did!

When at last Dylan felt the Coach ram his cock in particularly hard, stop
and tense up, he knew the moment had arrived.

The others did too. It was obvious. The muscles in Coach Taylor's neck
bulged and he cried out as he shot deep inside Dylan.

Dylan thought he felt a sudden warmth inside his ass. It wasn't too
obvious, but he was certain it was happening, based upon the way the
Coach's cock was throbbing.

Coach Taylor's intense orgasm seemed to go on forever. When it finally
ended, he collapsed onto Dylan's smooth, sweaty chest. Both were content to
stay as they were... feeling each other's heart beat... and smelling each
other's sweat.

Eventually Chip and Logan helped Coach off of Dylan. Both sighed as they
were separated. To the surprise of both, Dylan was left tied on the table.

Chip looked at Coach Taylor and said, "Okay Coach, you get to watch this
next part. I think you'll like it. Feel free to play with yourself as you
watch. But before you do, go ahead and empty your condom into that glass
over there."

It took a moment for Dylan to understand what was going to happen
next. Chip handed a bottle of lube to Logan and said, "Okay Dude! You're
next. And remember, no mercy."

He glanced around the room at the other guys and said, "You guys hear that?
No mercy!"

Dylan trembled as he looked around. All the others quickly pulled off their
shorts and began lubing their cocks. All were completely boned, and were
clearly horned out of their minds.

Chip smiled as he watched Logan work his cock inside Dylan's exposed
ass. It was exciting to watch and listen as Logan "did his thing." It was
exciting for Coach Taylor as well, as he watched his sexy, young blond team
captain plunge in and out of Dylan's ass.

It was Dylan's first "gang bang", but would not be his last. Chip had a lot
of plans for this hunky, 17 year old jock boy... a lot of plans!

Logan continued fucking Dylan as hard as he could.

The way Logan was attacking Dylan's ass reminded Coach of the way Logan's
team mates had fucked him that day in the old field house. None of them
showed the slightest bit of mercy for the young team captain.

Unlike that time, this time Coach Taylor's attention wasn't really focused
on the guy being fucked. This time, he kept his eye on the guy doing the
fucking. He loved looking at Logan's naked body... his small muscular
ass... solid but slender legs... his V-shaped torso... and of course his
pubic area. Coach remembered the first time he had seen Logan in the
showers and his cock began to harden again.

Like Chip, he was looking forward to when Logan's heavy bush would grow
back in. He liked the way it had sort of framed his beautiful cock and

By the time Logan reached the point where he started cumming inside Dylan,
Coach Taylor was once again totally boned. His thoughts had drifted back
and forth to future events. On the one hand, he wanted Logan to tie him
down and fuck him as brutally as he was doing Dylan.

But on the other hand, he wanted to do the same to Logan. And, if he could,
he would make Logan run any "punishment" laps while naked, and do his
pushups the same way. He knew that wouldn't happen, but perhaps time would
tell. At least he could fantasize about it.

When he was done, Logan pulled out of Dylan, forced the last few drops of
his teen seed into the condom, smiled at Chip and said, "Okay Dude! You're

Chip wasted no time working his own impressive piece of teenage manhood
into Dylan's exposed ass. Like Logan, he showed no mercy and fucked Dylan
as hard as he could. As he pumped faster and harder he looked at Dylan's
face. Though it was contorted with signs of pain, Chip sensed there was
something else and panted, "Dude, just relax and go with it! It will make
it a lot easier... and it will start to feel good."

Dylan gasped for air. He had heard what Chip said and was trying to
relax. It was tough, but after awhile, he managed to relax, and when he
did, he discovered that Chip was right... it was starting to feel good,
still painful, but good. Actually it went beyond that.

Though he hadn't quite realized it yet, there was something about just
being in this situation that was really turning him on. As Chip continued
pounding away, he glanced at the others, Kevin, Dennis and little
Stevie. All three were boned and were rubbing their cocks.

He didn't have to be told that the three of them would also be getting
their turns with his ass. They were all putting on condoms and lubing them
up. His heart pounded and his balls tingled as he thought about it. All
three were younger than him, but were clearly well along the way,
"development" wise. Even little Stevie, who although he was barely 12, was
clearly staring puberty early.

Dylan snapped out of his temporary daze when he heard Chip gasp. He looked
at Chip's face, saw the muscles in his neck tighten and then felt a
throbbing inside his ass. He gasped to with the second realization that
another guy was cumming inside him.

Chip continue thrusting until every drop of his teen seed was drained from
him. He waited a few moments, then carefully pulled out of Dylan's
ass. Like Logan, he carefully removed his condom and squeezed the contents
into a small glass. Dylan would be tasting all of their cum in the end.

Logan and Chip moved to the corner of the room to compare notes and go over
the next part of their plan. As they conspired, the scene that followed was
as erotic as it was comical.

Kevin, Dennis and Stevie took their turns fucking Dylan as hard as they
could. All three worked up a really good sweat Kevin and Dennis really went
at him hard. Both seemed to enjoy pulling their cocks almost all the way
out and then ramming it back in all the way. And both howled when they shot
their loads inside the teen jock's quivering ass.

It was Stevie who provided the comic element to the scene. It took him
awhile to find the right angle to work his cock inside. He had a nice sized
cock for a boy his age, but was clearly a lot smaller than the ones that
had preceded him.

Dylan moaned a little as Stevie slowly inched inside of him. It was when
Stevie started the actually "fucking" that things turned comical. Stevie's
smaller cock tickled the inside of Dylan's hole and he started to giggle,
which made Stevie try harder.

The others watched and tried as best they could not to laugh out loud, but
it was tough. The more Dylan giggled, the harder Stevie tried. Stevie got a
little frustrated with Dylan's reaction and began slapping his ass.

Fortunately, for everyone there, little Stevie was really worked up and it
didn't take long for him to "spurt" inside his condom. Chip could tell that
Stevie was disappointed that he hadn't been able to make Dylan moan. He
watched as Stevie squeezed his droplets into the glass and said
reassuringly, "That's okay little brother, you'll get there! It's in the

That seemed to help perk Stevie up.

Chip told the others to untie Dylan and to have him and Coach Taylor stand
in the corner while he and Logan talked.

While the others followed their instructions, Chip and Logan continued
chatting. Oddly enough, both had come up with a similar alteration to their
original plan. They quickly worked out the details and got really
excited. Chip was particularly excited, because it was the type of "scene"
he really loved.

With their plans finalized, Chip called Dennis, Kevin and Stevie over to
their side of the room. He told them to bring Dylan along. As soon as they
got there, he surprised everyone by telling them all to get dressed,
including Dylan.

Chip winked at Logan as the two of them pulled on their shorts, shirts,
socks and shoes. When all were dressed, the only one who was left naked,
was Coach Taylor. That was an important part of their plan. Being the only
one naked, in a room was somewhat humiliating for any guy, and humiliation
was a key part of what was about to happen.

Everyone waited in anticipation as Chip explained what was next. He lowered
his voice so that Coach could not hear what was being said.

"Okay guys, here's the deal. We're going to do a special training session
for the rest of the afternoon. It's actually a sort of test for Dylan

He looked at Dylan and continued, "Okay Dylan. You know you'll be going
through a lot of initiation stuff in the months ahead, and you're going to
have to do whatever you are told, no matter what. Any of these guys can
give you orders, well except for Kevin since he's being initiated too. You
agreed to it, right?"

Dylan nodded and said, "Yea, I did. And I'll do it... and yea... no matter

While he did have a thought about trying to back out, it vanished
quickly. He had already gone through a lot and was intrigued by the whole
thing. Having his young coach, standing naked, in the corner across the
room, added to the intrigue and excitement. And, of course, there was the
matter of saving face. He was older than all these guys, except Coach. If
they could get through this stuff, then so could he. So, there was no way
he could back out.

Chip grinned and said, "Good! Okay, so anyway, like I said, you'll be doing
plenty of this stuff. By the way you... umm reacted... it seems like you do
like being on the receiving end of things... which is cool. Lots of guys

He winked at Logan, and continued, "But this afternoon, we want to see how
you do going the other way. We're giving you a special assignment. Consider
it a test."

Chip grinned some more as he looked at all their faces. All were clearly
excited and eager to hear what Chip and Logan had planned.

"So here is what's going to happen. Dylan, Coach Taylor is going to be your
torture slave for the rest of the day. You can do anything you want to him,
and I mean anything. This is your chance to try some nasty things. And
don't be worried that we'll think you are weird. You might be surprised at
some of the things we've come up with. So don't worry about it."

"Now to make it more interesting, we're gonna give you a special task or
goal. And that is, to get Coach Taylor to reveal as many of his deepest and
darkest fantasies as possible. Everyone has them, and most won't admit
them, since they can be really nasty and embarrassing. Your job will be to
get Coach to tell you what they are. Do whatever is necessary to get him to
the point he'll reveal them. If you do a good job at breaking him, you'll
be able to tell if he's being honest."

Chip could tell that all were excited by what they had heard... surprised,
but excited. All had assumed they would be spending the afternoon messing
with Dylan and Coach. This seemed so much better.

Chip patted Dylan on the shoulder and said, "Now I know, all this is new to
you, but just go with your gut feelings and you'll do fine. Oh and I'll let
you in on something we already know. Though he does try to hide it, Coach
Taylor is actually turned by being abused by other guys, especially younger
ones. So feel free to use that."

Chip was right, about Dylan and Coach. The feelings Dylan was having were
very new, or at least ones he had never come to grips with before. And
Coach Taylor was turned on by being used and abused, physically and

Dylan stood lost in thought. His mind was racing. There was no question
that the stuff he was doing was clearly gay, but it didn't seem to
matter. He glanced over at Coach Taylor standing naked in the corner with
his hands behind his head. His cock started rising again as he began
thinking about the things he would do to get Coach to reveal his fantasies.

The more he thought about it, the more excited he got. This would be much
more exciting than initiating freshman and he really wanted to hear Coach's
secret fantasies. He remembered what Chip had said about younger guys and
suddenly wondered if Coach had ever fantasized about him... and that made
his cock harden some more.

Dylan looked at Chip and asked, "Okay, so when do I start?"

Chip smiled as he handed Dylan the glass with their collective cum, "Okay,
as your last official act as a slave boy, at least for today, drink
this. And then we'll call Coach over and give him the news. Well part of
it. I won't tell him what your goal is. Let him think it's coming from
you. Now drink up!"

Dylan's nose wrinkled as he raised the glass to his lips. It was tough, but
some how he managed to swallow it all down.

As soon as he was done, he handed the glass back to Chip and waited.

Chip looked across the room and shouted, "Okay Coach, get your ass over
here... NOW!"

Coach Taylor hurried across the room. His cock was, once again standing
straight up. He blushed as he noted the others were now fully clothed.

Chip directed him to assume the "present" position with hands behind his
head and legs spread wide. All smiled as they watched Coach Taylor comply
with Chip's instructions. Yes, there was something really cool about having
this naked 22 year old jock following their orders.

Chip looked Coach up and down, nodded at Logan and said, "Okay, he's your
slave boy now, so you give him the news."

Logan smiled as he turned to the Coach, "Okay Coach, here's the
deal. You're going to be Dylan's slave boy for the rest of the day and will
do whatever he says without question. He can do anything he wants to
you. Beg him to stop if you want, but it will be up to him. Understood?"

Logan could tell by the way Coach was blushing and breathing, that he did.

"Yes Sir!" Coach Taylor half shouted.

As wrong as he knew this was, he just couldn't help himself. He had missed
out doing most of this stuff when he was their age and couldn't
resist. Besides, he still felt like he was one of the boys.

Logan glanced at Dylan and said, "Okay, he's all yours! Enjoy yourself."


There was a long pause as Dylan thought about what he wanted to do
first. He wanted to impress Chip and the others, but also wanted something
else. As much as he liked Coach Taylor, he really wanted to make him
suffer... to see him sweat... make him scream and beg for mercy... and to
humiliate him as many ways as he could. The final humiliation being when he
got Coach to reveal all his dirty fantasies.

So many ideas flooded his head that he decided to buy some time. He had
seen Chip's back yard and knew it was pretty private.

He glared at Coach and snapped, "Okay slave boy. Go out in the back yard
and do 20 laps around it."

He grinned as Coach shouted, "Yes Sir, Dylan Sir!" and then ran up the

Dennis, Kevin and Stevie followed after him. They wanted to watch.

As soon as they were gone, Dylan looked at Logan and Chip and asked, "Okay,
so if anything goes, that means we can go somewhere else if I
want... right? Or make him go somewhere?"

Chip said, "Yea, that's right, you can. Just don't do something that will
definitely get him arrested. But you can come pretty close, if you are
careful enough. Just let us know if you need any help."

Dylan thanked them and continued thinking. He didn't know where the ideas
were coming from. All he knew was that the more things he came up with, the
more excited he got.

Chip and Logan would end up being very impressed. Dylan seemed to be a
natural at this stuff. If there was one thing he seemed to be "into", it
was humiliation. Coach's afternoon would start off with a series of
humiliations and then proceed to some real torture.

Although Dylan didn't know it, Coach Taylor was already going through one
of his fantasies. He had a "thing" for both Logan and Dylan, ever since he
had first seen them, and fantasized about both of them. One of those
fantasies involved being a slave to one, or both of them. That was really
exciting... but he had others that were more exciting... deep dark ones
that could never happen... but were still fun to dream about.

Dylan continued formulating his plans. Chip helped him to gather some
things he needed. While they were doing that, Logan thought about the
assignment Dylan had been given. He couldn't wait to hear what Coach
Taylor's worst fantasies were and started thinking about his own.


He had a bunch that were nasty. Several involved Coach Taylor. There was
one, in particular, that got him super hard every time he thought about
it. He was sure there was no way it could happen, but had managed to add a
few things to it that hinted it could.

Though there were several variations, he focused on one that involved Coach
Taylor's health class. It was one that included sex education for the
younger boys in junior high. Coach taught that class over there, one day a

The boys in the class were Stevie's age. In his fantasy, all of the boys'
parents had signed special release forms for this particular class, since
it was... well... unconventional. The ones whose parents wouldn't sign, got
a watered down version, taught by someone else.

In Logan's mind, it seemed realistic. He remembered how his father had
struggled to give him the "talks", and figured there were plenty of other
fathers who would be relieved to turn that job over to someone else.

So that part did seem realistic. It was the next part of his fantasy that
"crossed the line."

In it, he imagined that he had gotten into a bad fight with another team
member. Coach was going to kick him off the team, but gave him a chance to
redeem himself by assisting him with the junior high sex-ed class.

In a way, it was a familiar story, and one that Logan had pretty much
adapted from one he had read on the net.

It was a fairly predictable story line.

Coach would use Logan as his "model" in the class. As such, Logan would
strip naked in front of all the boys, and Coach Taylor would use his body
as a teaching tool.

Logan would have to stand in front of the class, with his hands behind his
head. Coach would then explain puberty to the boys and point out things
like Logan's armpit hair, leg hair, pubic hair, muscle development, and of
course genital development.

Coach would show how Logan's balls had dropped and his cock had grown.

That part was exciting enough, but it was the next part of the fantasy that
really got Logan going.

Coach would proceed to explain masturbation. His explanation went something
like this:

"Okay boys, now how many of you know what masturbation is?"

As expected, there were a number of blushing faces. The boys all looked at
each other, afraid to admit they knew. Of course, some didn't know, and
were afraid to admit they didn't know. Finally one kid, who seemed like a
real smart ass blurted out, "That's easy... that's like... when you
know... you choke your chicken... pound your pud... you know... jack off!"

There were a bunch of giggles.

Coach Taylor smiled and said, "Well, yea, that's right. There are all kinds
of slang terms, but most guys call it jacking off. Now I can tell by the
look on your faces that some of you don't know what that means. Well,
that's okay. I'm going to explain it to you, since you'll find out sooner
or later. The first thing you need to understand is that, it is a natural
thing... but also a private thing."

At this point, Logan imagined he would start to get hard, listening to
Coach's explanation. The boys noticed it too and started to point and
giggle some more.

Coach noticed it as well and went right on to talk about erections and what
caused them. That just made Logan's cock get harder.

At first the boys were a little scared to ask questions. Coach seemed to
understand that really well and worked hard to put their minds at
ease. Most were becoming very shy when it came to nudity, but were also
getting very curious.

One of the things the Coach did to get them all to relax and begin to open
up was to ask Logan pointed questions. That had the dual effect of
capturing their interest even more, but also exciting Logan.

For the 16 year old jock, standing there, naked and erect, in front of
these gawking 11 year olds was embarrassing, but also, clearly
exciting. Every time Logan thought about this scene, he got super hard. In
fact, it was one of the fantasies he used over and over again when he
jacked off.

Most of the time it was in his room, but at other times, when no one was
home, he did it in other places inside the house. Each time he imagined he
was in that classroom. He even "acted" things out. His favorite acting spot
was the living room. When he was horny enough he would even open the drapes
and stand in the front bay window.

Logan imagined the Coach asking him questions like:

"When did you first start getting erections Logan?"

"How old were you when you first started masturbating?"

"Did you ever jack off with other boys?"

"How often do you masturbate now?"

"Where do you usually masturbate?"

"How old were you when you started to ejaculate?"

The last question was the one that really fueled his fantasy. He imagined
the Coach having to go into a rather lengthy and detailed explanation of
what that was all about. At the end of the explanation, he had Logan
jack-off until he came.

That was usually the point in that fantasy where he came for
real. Sometimes he managed to drag it out even further, to make his final
orgasm even more intense. He kept "adding" things to his imaginary
classroom scene.

Some of the things he added were totally unrealistic. Even if there was
such a class, there was no way the last things could happen. Even so, Logan
was usually horny enough to ignore that fact, and press on.

The fantasy was always pretty much the same, up until that point. Then it
would change, depending on Logan's mood.

In one version, Coach would talk about the prostate and what and where it
was. At one point he would have Logan get up on the desk, on his hands and
knees. Coach would put on a latex glove and work his finger deep into
Logan's ass while everyone watched.

Coach would tell them to watch for a reaction when the tip of his finger
reached Logan's love nut. Logan would gasp when that happened. At that
point, Coach would massage his prostate until he came. The boys in the
class would be watching wide-eyed when that happened.

Then there was another variation, during which, Coach would give a each boy
a latex glove and give them a chance to see if they could find Logan's
prostate themselves, so they could see what it felt like. That was one of
the variations that Logan used the most when he jacked off while playing
with his hole.

The thought of being finger fucked by all those curious 11 year old boys
would send him over the edge in a hurry.

There were other variations as well. If he got that far, he imagined a
final scene that occurred after the class. It was the last class of the
day, so it worked.

Several of the boys were waiting for him outside the school
afterwards. They came over to Logan and thanked him. Then things got
interesting. This little group was apparently experimenting. Their main
"activities" seemed centered on basic strip poker, but they also liked
playing "tie-up" games. Most of the tie-up ones involved just trying to
escape. Being tied up while naked, was one of the penalties for not being
able to escape.

It was also apparent to Logan that some of these boys had learned "stuff"
from older brothers. That was something that Logan had managed to avoid
doing with his younger brother. It was, however, one of his fantasies,
especially now that Taylor was 14 and becoming rather well developed.

Anyway, the conversation got interesting when the boys invited Logan to
play some "games" with them. Logan feigned "outrage, well semi outrage, but
eventually agreed. It was the thought of those games that provided even
more masturbatory fantasies for Logan. In them, the younger boys "lost"
infrequently. Logan was usually the "loser", and as things continued to
evolve, the penalties he had to pay, became increasingly sadistic and

Logan had other dark secret fantasies. He thought about how embarrassing it
would be to reveal those fantasies to others, and his cock got super
hard. He was sure Coach Taylor would feel the same way, and couldn't wait
for Dylan to get it out of him.

The really crazy thing was that Chip was having similar thoughts. He was
thinking about his own secret fantasies and what it would feel like to be
forced to tell others about them. Like Logan, by the time Coach returned,
he was also painfully boned.


Coach Taylor's return was preceded by the thunder of steps on the stairs
and laughter. When the entourage arrived downstairs, Dennis couldn't wait
to give a recount of what had happened during Coach Taylor's laps around
the yard.

Logan had Coach resume his "present" position in the center of the room
while Dennis explained.

"Man, you guys should have seen it. It was crazy. Coach started doing his
laps. We thought no one was around. Man he was so boned while he
ran... he's even more boned now... well anyway, he did like... ummm maybe
five laps... that's when we saw these kids in the woods outside our back
fence. They were watching him run around. We thought about making him stop,
but then decided to have him keep going. Stevie went back to talk to
them. He'll tell you what happened."

Chip and Logan looked at Coach Taylor. His body glistened with sweat and
was definitely boned to the max.

Stevie jumped in and started chattering away.

"Well there were three dudes. I sort of know them. They're like two years
older than me... and I think know Mark...they go to that Catholic school
with him. They were playing in the woods when they saw Coach Taylor running
around naked. None of them had ever seen an older dude naked before, and
they asked if they could watch."

Stevie seemed overly proud of himself as he continued, "I said `sure' as
long as you promise not to tell anyone! They promised not to tell and I
told them if they kept this a secret, they might get to see some more

Chip rolled his eyes as he thought about it. This was all they
needed... more guys getting involved. But, "what the heck", he
thought. It's not like things were getting out of hand. Hell they were
already out of hand!

"Okay little brother, go on," Chip chuckled.

It was like Stevie was telling this wild adventure tale. His eyes widened
and his arms flew around as he continued, "Well, I told Dennis and
Kevin. They let Coach run a couple more laps, then they had him stop by the
back fence, face the guys and run in place for awhile with his hands behind
his head. They loved it. His hard cock was bouncing up and down, and oh
yea... it was really dripping."

Chip could tell that Coach remembered that moment well. He was breathing
hard, his cock was throbbing and he was blushing like mad. Being on display
like that, for yet another group of young boys, was certainly humiliating,
but there was no denying the fact that it was a huge turn-on.

Coach was, of course, worried about the possible outcome if those boys did
say something. Had he been able to read their minds, he wouldn't have
worried as much. All three were excited, and none of them wanted to
jeopardize any future chances to see and/or do more. And none of them would
break the "code of silence" that most teenage boys seemed to regard as

There was also the fact that what was going on was something that neither
of their parents would approve of... which made it all the more exciting.

Stevie took a deep breath and finished his portion of the story. He was a
little nervous about the last part.

"So then, Dennis made Coach run the rest of his laps while I talked to
them. They watched the whole time. When Coach was done, Dennis made him go
to the back fence and press up against it so they could reach... you
know... his privates. All three of them gave him a good feel. They probably
would have jacked him off if we let them, but we figured we should save
that... so... ummm... that was it."

Dennis poked Stevie and snapped, "Dude, tell them the last part of what you

Stevie looked really nervous as he looked at his oldest brother and
stammered, "Sorry Chip, I didn't know what else to do... you know... to
umm... end things... so I promised them, they could come back for some
more... I umm gave them my email. They seemed really excited. And so they

Dennis smacked Stevie on the back of the head and snapped again, "AND!!!

Chip knew Stevie well and could tell he was scared, so he helped things
along by saying, "That's okay Stevie. Whatever it is, I'm sure it will be
okay. I promise I won't get mad at you."

Stevie seemed a little relieved, took a deep breath and stammered quickly,
"Well, I sort of told them there was this secret club... and sort of told
them that maybe they could join... and sort of told them to email me if
they were interested...!"

There was a momentary pause as Chip soaked it all in. Yes things were
definitely way out of hand, but Stevie hadn't done anything that he hadn't
already done. So, he patted Stevie on the head and said, "That's okay
Stevie. You `sort of' did okay. The only thing is, if they do contact you
by email, you'll have to handle them. Set them up for an initiation, if you
want, but handle it. If you need help, I'm sure Dennis will help you. I
just have a lot going on now."

Chip was really proud of himself. There was no doubt in his mind that
Dennis would jump at the chance, and he was right.

Dennis socked Stevie in the arm and said, "No problemo, little Dude... I'll
help for sure."

At that point, Logan jumped in, and whispered to Chip, "I think we should
move on, don't you?"

Chip nodded and said, "Yea... tell Dylan."

Logan told Dylan to proceed with his plans. He was really anxious to see
how creative Dylan was. As things turned out, he wasn't disappointed! The
"heretofore" essentially totally straight teenage jock had clearly let his
hormones take over.

Dylan walked over to Coach and began running his hands over his body as he
said, "Okay, right now I'm the coach here, and you will do everything I
say, you got that boy?"

Coach Taylor gasped, "Yes Sir, Dylan Sir!"

Dylan thought about making him refer to him as master, but it seemed more
fun this way, so he continued, "Now, here is how things are going to
work. I have a bunch of really nasty things planned for you and this nice
body of yours. Most of them you won't enjoy very much. You'll do them

"I'll stop at anytime if you tell me what I want to know. All you need to
do is say `I'll tell you!' and the nasty stuff will stop. If you don't say
that, then it will go on and get worse. So do you want to hear what it is I
want to know?"

Coach took a deep breath and said, "Yes Sir, Dylan Sir!"

Dylan chuckled, patted Coach's hard cock and said, "Okay, it's simple, all
you need to do is tell me your deepest and darkest secret fantasies. You
know the kind I mean. They are the ones that you've never told anyone! Your
kinkiest and dirtiest ones. Tell me them and I'll let you off easy. If you
don't things will get really rough."

Dylan could tell he had made an impression. Coach Taylor's eyes were
watering and he was trembling.

On Coach's part, he couldn't believe what he had just been told. He ran
through those fantasies quickly and started to shake. In his wildest dreams
he could not see himself doing that. It would be just too embarrassing,
particularly in view of the fact that three of the boys present played
significant roles in those dirty fantasies.

In spite of all he had gone through already, and would continue to go
through, there was no way he could reveal those fantasies... no way.

He shook his head and said, "Sorry Dylan Sir, I don't think I can do that."

Dylan's cock throbbed as he heard Coach Taylor's response. It would be a
shame to waste all his plans. He was looking forward to pushing Coach
Taylor and was fairly certain, in the end, he could break him... and so he
got started.

Chip, Logan and the others looked and listened in awe as Dylan rose to the

He gave Coach Taylor's ass a hard slap and snapped, "Okay tough guy, we'll
start off with a sort of scavenger hunt. I have a list of twenty things you
need to do. Some of them are items you need to bring back to me... others
are things you need to do. Most of the things you need to do, require one
of us to witness, and it will be up to you to arrange that. You'll have
four hours to complete the list. If you don't complete it... well trust
me... you'll want to complete it on time. If you feel you can't, all you
need to do is say so, and tell me what I want to know."

He handed the list to Coach and smiled as he saw the pained look on Coach
Taylor's face. Chip had seen the items on the list when he helped Dylan
prepare. He looked at Logan and whispered, "Wait until you see what he's
got Coach doing. It is wild!"

Coach Taylor looked like he would pass out as he read the list. Some were
relatively simple, but foreboding. Others were downright scary, and even
dangerous, from a legal standpoint. Most were also very humiliating.

Coach Taylor thought about protesting, but knew there was no point. As
scary as it was, there was also no denying the fact that he was turned on.

He looked at Dylan and waited.

Dylan winked at Chip and Logan, then turned back to Coach and said, "Okay,
get started! There are some bags and stuff over there on the table. You'll
need them. Also, be advised, if you make any deals along the way, I expect
you to honor them! I mean it! Oh and you can use Dennis, Kevin and Stevie
as witnesses when you need them. The keys to your truck are on the
stairs... you'll need them at some point. Your four hours start now, so get


Coach Taylor grabbed some small plastic bags and ran up the stairs.

Logan and the others looked at Dylan expectantly. Dylan laughed and said,
"Okay guys here's a copy of my list. This should be a good way to get him
warmed up. If he makes it through the list, we'll move on to tortures. I
got some good ones in mind."

He handed the list to Logan, stepped back and smiled as he watched them all
crowd around to read it. He smiled some more as he heard repeated "HOLY
SHITs!" emanate from the little group of horned boys. Chip had helped Dylan
gather his supplies and "arrange" some things on the list. Chip was totally
amazed at how quickly Dylan had put it all together. It actually wasn't
quite as amazing as Chip thought. Dylan had a very good memory and had
borrowed and adapted some things from lacrosse and other team
initiations. They had worked fast to get the list ready, and had put
together a wild one while Coach ran his laps. The little encounter with the
three boys at that back of the yard had bought them the extra time they
needed to finalize Dylan's nefarious list.

The list read as follows:

1) Gather ten of those small prickly, solid pine cones from the woods.

2) Obtain a birch branch, suitable for whipping, from the woods.

3) Gather ten small crab-apples from the field on the other side of the
woods. (Dylan knew they were there because he had run cross-country with
Logan in that area.)

4) Gather three full branches of holly leaves, the hard prickly kind!

5) Obtain a pair of girl's undies and model them for us.

6) Put on just a jockstrap, drive to the old Texaco station on the south
end of town. Ask to use the restroom there, and then piss in your jock
while you wait for the key! (That had been arranged! Dylan knew the guy
working there and had called him. The guy would serve as the witness for
this one.)

7) WITNESS REQUIRED: Take the BLACK Sharpie and find five teenage boys who
will sign their names on the following places on your body (one at each
place): your front thighs, your chest, your stomach, and just above your

8) WITNESS REQUIRED: Take the RED Sharpie and find five college guys who
will sign their names on the following places on your body (one at each
place): the back of your thighs, your ass cheeks, and your upper back.

9) Steal four used jocks from a locker room.

10) WITNESS REQUIRED: Get spanked by a teenage boy, other than one of us.

11) TWO WITNESSES REQUIRED: Run the high school "wilderness" obstacle
course while totally naked and achieve a "qualifying" score. (It was a
tough course. Dylan knew from experience that it was used mostly during the
week and should be deserted at this time. Running it naked would be a
challenge, especially with all the rope climbing parts. Chip had given him
a stop watch pass on to the witnesses.)

12) WITNESS REQUIRED: Ride a guy's cock who is around your age until he
cums. Then bring back the condom with his cum inside.

13) Obtain the following items from the "Sex Shop" outside of
town... WITHOUT paying for them: a large butt plug, a vibrating dildo, a
vibrating cock ring, a set of ass beads, a milking wand with batteries, and
a ring gag. (Chip had provided the list of items and had called the guy at
the store. He knew him through the college fraternity guys.)

14) WITNESS REQUIRED: Acquire the freshly cum soaked undies from three
teenage boys! Cannot include any of us! HINT: You can ask one of us to help
arrange this! But do it quick!

15) Get the following naked pictures of yourself and email them to the
address I will give you: Standing facing the camera and holding your hard
cock; Kneeling facing the camera while holding your hard cock; and
last... lowering yourself onto a dildo.

16) WITNESS REQUIRED: Suck the cock of a teenage boy and let him CUM in
your mouth! Can't be one of us! HINT: Maybe combine this with #10!

17) WITNESS REQUIRED: Spank a teenage boy's bare ass until it is red and
then finger fuck him until he cum's! His cock can't be touched!!!

18) PROOF REQUIRED: Join the BDSM club on Market Street and sign up as a
Sub/Slave! (Dylan had the basic idea, but Chip helped with the final
details. He and Dylan were too young to "join" but Coach Taylor wasn't!)

19) PROOF REQUIRED: Double your raffle time with that older dude. (THIS was
tricky. Dylan had told Chip he wanted to make Coach do something NASTY with
an older guy. Chip knew about the fact that the twins' father had won Coach
Taylor in the Arena Raffle. The deal was for 24 hours. Chip gave Dylan a
VERY quick run down and suggested that maybe Dylan could get Coach to
double that time for this scavenger hunt item. Since they were running out
of prep time, Dylan went with it.)

20) VICTIM REQUIRED: Deliver a naked guy to us... tied up and blindfolded
in the back of your pickup! He can be any age AND can NOT be known by any
of us. Whether he likes it or not, "we" will do whatever we want to him
until morning and then you will drop him off somewhere in the middle of
nowhere... totally naked! And, you'll save yourself some really nasty
tortures, if the guy you get is not all that willing! (Chip liked this one
a lot. So did Logan. Both knew Coach Taylor pretty well. Both knew he was
not violent and were sure he would not force a guy into something like
this. That meant, in order for him to do it, he would have to offer
something. And in this case, it would almost certainly be a similar "return
favor". Then again, if he found a way to "force" a guy, it would make
things all the more "interesting.")

While Coach was gone the boys decided to help things along by making some
phone calls. They decided that Dennis and Kevin would ride with Coach
Taylor and serve as the witnesses. Stevie was a little "miffed" about that,
but settled down when Chip and Logan they would play some nasty games while
they were gone.

Dylan suggested that Dennis and Kevin take some cell phone pictures and
video captures along the way. Everyone liked that idea. Especially Dennis
who chirped, "Cool, we'll be like roving reporters. I'll send you some
stuff along the way."

Chip laughed, "That's a great idea. Just use the Net thing and send the
stuff through that special web site. That will make it easier for all of us
to see, and then to use later."

They hurried to make their phone calls and were glad they did, since it
didn't take Coach long to obtain the first items on the list... the prickly
pine cones... the birch branch... the crab apples... and the holly leaves.

Coach Taylor rushed down the stairs, laid the items at Dylan's feet and
then asked, "May I continue Dylan Sir?"

Dylan smiled and said, "Sure. Dennis and Kevin will be your witnesses. Go
ahead and put on a jock strap, grab the stuff you need and get going. Your
keys are on the stairs."

Coach Taylor was glad to put his jock back on. At least it was something,
and besides, it would help keep his hard cock from bouncing around so
much. He picked up the bags with the Sharpie markers and the stop watch and
headed up the stairs, followed closely by Dennis and Kevin.

They climbed into the cab of Coach Taylor's pickup truck and headed off. As
they turned into the street, Dennis asked, "So Coach, do you know where you
are going?"

Coach smiled and then panted, "Well sort of. I haven't decided just what to
do first, or exactly where to go to do some of this stuff. Maybe you guys
could help me out with that... and I'll make it up to you."

Dennis grinned and said, "Well, I guess we can... ummm actually we sort of
already did help you out and arranged some things for you. You are still
going to have to arrange some stuff yourself, but this should help."

Coach thanked Dennis and then listened while Dennis gave him
directions. The first stop was really close by. It was Aaron's house. Chip
had called Aaron and worked things out and if things went well, Coach would
complete one item there and have a good lead on another one.

Things did work out. Within moments off arriving, Coach Taylor was doing
Item 12... He was riding Aaron's ample hard cock, and riding it
hard. Dennis and Kevin both smiled as they watched the hot, red-headed jock
bounce up and down. Aaron slapped Coach Taylor's ass several times and

It took a little longer than expected for Aaron to shoot his load, which
was fine, since it gave Dennis plenty of time to get some great video
captures. He was glad he had brought extra memory sticks, since the way
things were going, he would need them.

Coach completed the item by retrieving Aaron's cum filled condom and tying
it off. He was about to leave when Aaron said, "Hold on a second, I have a
tip for you for another item."

Coach listened as Aaron gave him directions to another house, about a mile
away. Aaron laughed, "You should be able to get an item there. Her name is
Brenda. Just tell her I sent you. Oh, and it will cost you though."

Coach didn't quite like the sound of it, but he didn't have a lot of
options, so he went with it. Had he known about Brenda, he might have tried
to figure something else out.

Aaron smiled as he watched the guys drive off. He knew Brenda from one his
grad school classes. She was a hot red head, who was very athletic and was
always putting the "moves" on him. Aaron resisted, primarily since he was
gay and didn't really have an interest. There was one thing about her that
did interest him, and that was the fact that she was definitely into BDSM.

He had heard that she was a demanding "Mistress" and loved torturing guys,
especially jocks. If he was right, Coach Taylor would have to "pay" for
those panties.

Brenda's house was somewhat isolated. It was an old farmhouse and was
located at the end of a wooded lane. When they arrived, Coach had Dennis
and Kevin wait in the truck. Both watched wide eyed as the jock strap clad
Coach approached the door.

Coach knocked and the door opened almost immediately.

There was a momentary pause as the two stared at each other. If Coach was
straight he would describe Brenda as a knockout. Her body was well
proportioned and she had rather large, firm breasts. But it was her hair
that made Coach gasp. It was bright red, just like his.

Brenda had a similar reaction to Coach Taylor. Standing there in just a
bulging jock strap, gave her the opportunity to check out his firm, young
looking body. He was the type she loved the most. Judging by the bulge in
his jock pouch, he had parts that would be fun to torture. And of course,
she just loved his red hair.

Coach was searching for words when Brenda held up a pair of her panties and
said, "You look a little nervous boy, so I'll make this easy for you. You
came for these. Well since you are a friend of Aaron's, I'll give them to
you. You'll have to give me something in return though. Umm... I know you
are sort of busy now with some kind of hunt, so I'll make it simple. You
agree to come back one night, and be my slave for the evening, and you can
have the panties. Okay?"

Coach Taylor didn't like the idea, but figured, what the heck. If she
wanted to play with him, that should be okay. He was proud of his body, and
was somewhat of an exhibitionist.

He nodded and said, "Okay, it's a deal."

She handed him the panties and said, "Okay, Aaron has my number. Just give
me a call to arrange it."

She closed the door and Coach rushed back to the truck.

He shoved the panties into the glove box, glanced at Dennis and asked,
"Okay where to next?"

Coach was relieved that Dennis seemed eager to direct his hunt. It would
save him a lot of time. An hour had already gone by, and he still had a lot
to do. Lucky for him Dennis had a plan.

As they drove back down the driveway, Dennis said, "Okay drive to Stanton
Park. Go in the back way, and drive to that old picnic pavilion.

Dennis smiled as they drove on. If things went as planned, Coach would be
able to complete three items there, maybe even four. He told Coach that and
Coach then drove faster. His heart pounded and his cock throbbed as he
contemplated which items they would be.

Dennis's cock was getting harder as well. As was Kevin's who knew what was

Dennis had made some calls and arranged for Pete, Andy, Zack, and Skyler to
meet them in the park. Andy said he could bring a friend from the swim
team, to make the five that Dennis said he needed. Pete, Andy and Skyler
agreed to wear old pairs of undies that they wouldn't mind losing.

As they drove up to the pavilion, Coach's heart really started to pound. He
saw the five teenage boys standing around waiting. He recognized four of
them from the Arena event and breathed a small sigh of relief when he
realized none of them were from his lacrosse team.

Dennis exchanged "high fives" with the eager group of horned teens. Then he
turned to Coach Taylor and said, "Okay Coach, I'll put the list on the hood
of your truck. I set this up for you. You should be able to complete items
7, 10, 14, 16 and 17 right here. That's five items! What a deal! You'll
still have to work it out with the guys, so go ahead."

Coach looked at the list, swallowed hard and then walked over to the boys
with the Black Sharpie markers. He was clearly nervous as he exchanged
greetings with the boys and proceeded to ask for their help with his
scavenger hunt. He told them what he needed and they all laughed.

They kidded with him for a bit, then Andy asked, "So okay let's say we help
you out, what's in it for else, besides this. I think there should be
something extra. After all, we stopped what we were doing and rode our
bikes all the way over here just to help you. And one of the items Dennis
told us about will be a little rough for one of us!"

Dennis smiled as he listened to the exchange that followed. Coach tried to
get by offering blow jobs at a future time. Andy agreed that would be okay,
but wanted more. Like the others, he was super horned now, and loved the
idea of being able to use this 22 year old jock.

They haggled for a little while longer, until Coach asked, "Okay, what do
you want from me?"

Pete and Andy conferred for a moment then Andy said, "Okay Dude, how about
this... we'll do all the things you need that we can help you with... in
return, you'll do a... shall we say private "Arena Show" for us and our
friends. We can do it on a Saturday afternoon, at the barn."

Coach thought for a moment and asked, "So what would I have to do in the

Andy laughed, "Come on, you know the kind of stuff... basically whatever we
want. You'll fight some guys... get tortured... you know. Anyway, there it
is. Take it or leave it!"

Coach thought he should probably "leave it", but then again this would get
him five items and when he did the event, he would be at the mercy of these
teen jocks, and that was appealing, so he looked at Andy and said, "Okay,
you got a deal, as long as we can do this quick."

Andy nodded and said, "You got it!"

They did the thing with the markers first. The five boys signed their names
on Coach Taylor's front thighs, chest, stomach and just above his
pubes. When they were finished Andy insisted that Coach remove his
jock. Everyone smiled as Coach pulled his jock off and his hard cock
slapped up against his pubes.

The boys drew cards for the next item. Skyler, the cocky 14 year old jock,
pulled the high card and got the honor of spanking Coach Taylor's butt. He
made Coach lay across his lap and spanked him really hard for almost ten
minutes. When he was finally done, Coach Taylor's muscular ass was bright
red and his eyes were filled with tears. To everyone's delight though, his
cock was still totally erect, and clearly leaking pre-cum.

The boys drew cards for "Item 16." This time it was Tim, Andy's friend from
the swim team, who drew the high card. He blushed a little as he pulled his
shorts down to his knees and waited.

Coach Taylor's cock throbbed as he knelt in front of the nervous teen
swimmer and began sucking his cock. It was about average size for a 14 year
old. Had Coach known that this was the first time Tim had been sucked, he
might have shot his own load.

Tim gasped and moaned, then began pumping his groin violently as his balls
began to tingle. It didn't take long before he started shooting. Coach kept
at it until he had sucked every last drop of the young jock's teen seed. He
loved the boy's strong male scent, mixed with just the right amount of pool
chemicals from a recent swim.

The boys weren't that excited about drawing for the next item. It was item
#17... the one which would require one of them to be spanked bare but, and
then finger fucked until he came.

Things turned out perfect. Zack drew the high card. The boys insisted that
he not only be bare assed, but also completely naked. Zack grudgingly
stripped and then lay across Coach Taylor's lap.

He braced himself for what was about to happen and his cock hardened as he
felt Coach Taylor's throbbing shaft press against his side.

Coach Taylor wasted no time attacking Zack's beautiful little white ass. It
was small and muscular, thanks to all the running he did. As much as Coach
liked being on the receiving end, he was really enjoying spanking this 14
year old soccer jock.

And spank him he did!

It took about ten minutes of hard spanking to turn Zack's ass bright
red. The other boys cheered the Coach on and rubbed their crotches while
they watched. Their rubbing grew more intense when Coach moved to the last

He licked his finger and then forced it deep inside Zack's tight hole. Zack
gasped and flailed around as he felt the intrusion. He flailed even more
when Coach found his prostate and began massaging it.

He tried to free him self, but Coach held him down as he proceeded to
finger fuck him as fast as he could.

Coach did cheat a little. The item said the kid's cock could not be
touched. And it wasn't, at least not by hands, anyway.

Coach had Zack's engorged teenage shaft, pressed between his thighs. As he
picked up the finger fucking pace, Zack, instinctively, began pumping, and
sliding his cock between the Coach's lean muscular thighs.

By the time the moment arrived, both were covered in sweat and breathing

Coach saw and felt it! Every muscle in Zack's athletic body suddenly
stiffened. He cried out as several ample loads of his teen jock cum flew
out of his throbbing manhood.

The scene was so intense that the first part of yet another item was
completed. Seeing their naked buddy spanked and then finger fucked on the
coach's lap was too much for the other boys. All of them shot their loads
inside their undies just after Zack came.

Coach let Zack climb off his lap, then looked at Andy and said, "Okay, I'm
ready for the last one. So what do I have to do to get the undies? Want me
to just rub you guys or what?"

Andy knew what had happened to him, and could tell that the same thing had
also happened to Pete and Skyler. He blushed a little as he said, "Well, I
think that's actually already taken care of. Looks like we all came in out
undies, so since we have that deal with you, we'll just give them to you."

Dennis had been taking pictures and video clips during the whole thing and
continued taking them as Pete, Andy, and Skyler pulled off their shorts and
then handed their cum-soaked undies to Coach.

Coach thanked the boys, pulled his jock back on and hurried back to the
truck. He put the cum soaked undies into a plastic bag and stuffed it into
the glove box just before they drove off.

He checked the time. He still had just over two hours to go and things were
looking good, but he still had a bunch of stuff to do.

Dennis left the next stops up to Coach. He was saving a couple for last.

Coach thought quickly and came up with a plan which he hoped would
work. His tires squealed as he did a quick U-turn and headed towards the
high school. He knew it was a risk, but thought it was worth it.

[Boy Fact #7- A horny teenage boy lacks common sense!] [Boy/Man Fact #7a-
A horny man lacks common sense!]

Fortunately for Coach, his timing was perfect. There was only one car in
the parking lot near the entrance to the boy's locker room at the football

He pulled in, parked next to the door and told Dennis and Kevin to wait for

Both smiled at each other as they watched Coach creep towards the door and
go inside.

As soon as was in, the smell confirmed that Coach was right. The football
team had a special Sunday afternoon practice, and the locker room smelled
of it. Everyone was gone it seemed, except for whoever owned that last car.

Coach kept looking around as he made his way to the laundry bins. There
were several of them. Coach crept past the first three which were for pants
and jerseys. It was the last one that held what he was looking
for... practice shorts, socks, T-shirts and jocks.

As he reached the last bin and looked inside, his heart really pounded. It
was like a treasure chest of teenage maleness. The smell was almost
overpowering, but Coach managed to control himself as he reached into the
bin with trembling hands.

He dug around and smiled as he recognized some of the names marked on the
jock waistbands. Though he wasn't one of the football coaches, he knew the
names of many of the boys on the team, since a bunch "cross-sported". The
primary ones he knew would be playing spring lacrosse for him.

Coach Taylor's cock hardened even more as he dug through the sweaty
clothes. At first he tried to find jocks from boys he knew, but gave up
after he found only two. He grabbed a jock that belonged to one of the wide
receiver's, whose name he recognized and was about to grab one last one,
when he heard a voice from behind him.

"WHAT THE FUCK! Who are you?" the voice shouted.

Coach Taylor froze, then rose to his feet and turned around. He swallowed
hard when he saw who it was.

Brooks Blanding, the imposing senior high school quarterback glared at
Coach Taylor and waited for an answer.

Needless to say, Coach was speechless for a couple of reasons. The first,
and most obvious was, here he was, standing there, wearing just a jock,
with writing all over the front of his body and the used jock straps of
three high school boys in his hand.

The second was the fact that he was staring at one of the most perfect teen
jock bodies he had ever seen.

The 18 year old quarterback was as arrogant and cocky as he could be. He
knew he was good at what he did, but also knew he had earned it. College
recruiters were drooling at a chance to land him and would be anxiously
following his senior year.

Coach Taylor was drooling too, as he looked at Brooks. He had obviously
just finished a workout and was on his way to the showers. Standing there
wearing just a jock strap gave Coach a chance to totally check him out.

There was no question that Brooks had a quarterback build. There wasn't an
ounce of fat on him. He was all muscle, and well defined muscle at
that. Add that to the fact that, like Logan, he had a head of bright blond
hair, and there would be no question that he would end up in Coach Taylor's

Coach was close to panic when Brooks' next comment confirmed the fact that
he hadn't recognized him. He had, after all, just joined the faculty at the
beginning of the summer, and he didn't coach football.

"So are you some kind of pervert... or what? You like stealing our jocks?"
Brooks snarled.

Coach managed to regain his composure and thought quickly. Brooks didn't
know him. He knew that he looked much younger than he was and decided to
use that. He looked at Brooks and said, in his best "boyish" manner,
"Dude... shit sorry... this is a dumbass initiation thing... I know it's
stupid and all... but... shit... I just need to steal four used jock straps
for this thing they are making me do... I'm sorry man."

To Coach Taylor's relief, Brooks bought
it... "HOOK... LINE... and... SINKER!" In fact he jumped in to help. Brooks
was no stranger to initiations and, as arrogant as he was, he felt sorry
for the guy. He figured this was a college fraternity thing and decided to
blow it all off.

Brooks chuckled as he looked at the jocks in Coach Taylor's hand and asked,
"So how many do you got?"

Coach swallowed hard and said, "Well, I got three... I'll grab another and
be out of here."

Brooks laughed as he pulled off his jock and tossed it to Coach, "Here,
that can be the fourth one. Save it, cause, who knows, it might be worth a
lot of money one day once I get to the pro's."

Coach thanked Brooks and rushed off. His cock was really throbbing even
more. But his wasn't the only one.

Brooks headed to the shower room as fast as he could. Seeing that college
dude, doing his frat initiation thing had an unexpected effect on him. It
had never happened before. As he showered he contemplated why he had
started to bone up when he caught that guy.

He managed to put it out of his mind as he "relieved" himself in the

Coach managed to put it out of his mind as he drove down the road. The
sweaty jocks were stashed in the glove box, along with the rest of the
stuff and he was a little relieved. His relief became tenuous as a sudden
thought popped into his mind... Brooks had not recognized him... but he was
teaching at the high school... what would happen if he encountered Brooks
in school... it was a scary thought.

Somehow he managed to put it out of his mind as he raced to complete the
list. As crazy as the situation was, at this point, Coach Taylor was beyond
any sense of reason. All he could think about was completing the "list" no
matter what it took.

Item 18 was knocked off quickly.

He pulled into the parking lot of the BDSM Club, rushed inside, filled out
the application and rushed back to his truck. Since he had signed up as a
slave, his membership was free.

Dennis smiled as he looked over Coach's copy of the membership
application. From what he could see, Coach had been truthful on his
application. His real contact information was all there. Even better, in
the "Comments" section he had listed Logan's email address, along with the
request that they contact it when he attended for the first time.

Dennis chuckled, "Nice touch with the comments. I'm sure Logan will like

Coach responded, "Yes well, I sort of figured you all would want a definite
confirmation that I went through with it."

Dennis laughed as he dialed a number into his cell phone and put it on
speaker, "Dude, this will get you #19... you know... the one where you
double your time with the twins' father."

Coach's balls were tingling as he listened to the rings. He remembered the
twins' father. He was at least twice his age and a little scary looking. If
there was one thing that helped, it was the fact that the dude was in
incredible shape.

Coach held his breath, hoping that there would be no answer. He was about
to tell Dennis to hang up, when a very gruff voice answered, "Hello, who
the hell is this?"

Coach stammered, "Uhh... this is the... um guy you won at the... um.. you
know raffle."

"Oh yea. So are you ready to set a date to pay up?" the voice said.

Coach swallowed hard and then said, "Well, yes, but there is something
else. I got into this other thing, it's like an initiation, and as part of
it I need to ask you if we could double my time. If that's okay."

Coach held his breath for a moment. Then there was a loud laugh on the
other end of the phone followed by, "Okay, if that's what you want, sure!
We'll make it a full weekend starting on a Friday night and going to
Sunday. Now I'm busy next weekend, so why don't you call me back after then
and we'll set a date. Just remember, anything goes!"

And with that, the phone went dead.

Dennis laughed, "Well, that sounds like a confirmation to me, so we can
check off #19."

Coach smiled nervously as he considered the remaining items on the list. He
wasn't thinking about the additional commitments he had made. For now, all
he could think about was completing the kinky scavenger hunt and getting
back to Dylan on time.

While he still had plenty of time, he figured he needed to move things
along as fast as he could. He decided to save the item with the Red Sharpie
marker for near the end. He could do that at the Gamma Fraternity house,
and could probably knock off Item #20 there. They were "into" this stuff
and he was pretty such they could provide a "victim" to take back to the

He had run the obstacle course before and was certain he could complete it
in the required 15 minutes, even if he was naked. That left the sex shop
thing, the Texaco station, and the naked email pictures.

He "ticked them off" in his head and decided to do the Sex Shop one
next. It wasn't that far.

Dennis and Kevin were "all eyes" when they pulled into the parking
lot. Coach saw the looks on their faces and chuckled, "Okay, settle down
you guys are too young to go in so you'll just have to wait
here. I'll get the items and show them to you."

Coach had no idea how he would get the items without paying for them. He
had no wallet and tried to think of a way to convince the clerk to give him
the stuff he needed.

Dennis watched Coach enter the shop, looked at Kevin and said, "Well, since
we can't go in, I guess I should use the time uploading some of this stuff,
so the boys back home can see what has been happening."

Dennis was pleased that his connection was very good. It took him no time
at all to upload a bunch of the stuff he had captured to the Web site Chip
had provided. As soon as he was done, he called Chip to let him know.

Kevin waited until Dennis was off the phone and then asked sheepishly,
"Dennis, can I ask you a tough question?"

Dennis laughed and said, "Sure, go ahead."

Kevin thought for a moment, then took a deep breath and asked, "So are you
like totally homosexual or what?"

Dennis smiled as he thought about it, then looked at Kevin and chuckled,
"Well, first of all, let me teach you something. We generally don't use the
word `homosexual'... it sounds... you know like you're in school. We just
say `gay'... anyway, to answer your question... I'd have to say, I'm not
sure just yet. I really like doing this stuff with guys, so I guess I
am. Someone told me I might `grow' out of it, but I don't think so. Hell
I'm 14, I don't think I'm going to change. So what about you? Are you
`hetereosexual' or `homosexual'... Hahaha... or as we say, `straight' or

As insensitive, shallow, selfish and uncaring as Dennis could be, he did
have a softer side. It was a side he tended to keep hidden, even from his
closest friends. After all, he did have a bad boy image to keep up.

However, there was something about the way Kevin had asked that broke
through Dennis's defenses. Although Dennis did have Andy and Pete who he
called his "best friends", if the truth were to be known, they weren't
really that. Though they had been friends since first grade, he had never
had a serious conversation with either one.

And now, all of a sudden, here he was having a "serious" talk with this boy
from across the sea.

Dennis could tell that Kevin was nervous and reassured him. "Dude, you
don't have to tell me if you don't want to. That's cool!"

Kevin thought for a moment, then said, "Well, see, it's like this. You guys
have been really nice to me. You let me join your club and all. And you let
me in on all these things. I guess what I'm saying is I am sort of
confused. Before I got here, I assumed I was like all my friends. I first
did sexual things with girls last year and it was exciting. My friends and
I talked about it a lot. I guess all boys do that."

Dennis listened intently as Kevin continued. There was something about the
way Kevin talked that was really getting to him. It went beyond Kevin's
accent, which, like Chip, Dennis thought was cute.

"When things first started after I got here, I went along with it. At first
I thought it was because I just wanted to fit in. But now I'm not so
sure. See now, I think I am really starting to like what we are doing. Just
sitting here, thinking about what Coach Taylor is doing, my penis is
getting erect, my testicles are starting to ache, and I can't wait to
ejaculate. Do you understand?"

Dennis thought for a moment. He did understand. He fought off the urge to
bust out laughing, took a deep breath and said, "Yea Dude, I do
understand. I mean it. But before we talk anymore about this stuff, you're
going to have to work on a few things. The most important one is how you
talk. You're doing a great job so far, but you need to start using
more... umm... slang expressions. That's how guys talk here."

Kevin crossed his eyes and said, "Oh yes. I know, colloquialisms, that's
what they are called. I have a paperback book that is full of them. I've
been trying to master them."

That did make Dennis laugh.

"Yea, I guess you have, but you have a ways to go. But don't worry. I'll
help you. Shit man we'll all help you. Now here's an example of how you
should have said what you did a moment ago...

"Dude... FUCK man... just thinkin' about Coach Taylor... doing this shit is
getting me boned!... FUCK... I swear I'm getting blue balls... SHIT... I
gotta cum like a big dog!"

Kevin's eyes widened as he thought about it. Then he said, "Dude, that was
fucking awesome!... ummm how was that?"

Dennis almost fell off the seat as he laughed hard. He reached over patted
Kevin on the shoulder and said, "Now THAT, was awesome Dude! See, I think
you are getting the hang of it. I'll help you out cause you're like my new
bro! Okay, now let's practice a little. Oh and hey, we can talk some more
about the "gay" stuff too, whenever you want."

The two of them continued talking, and had momentarily forgotten about
Coach Taylor, who at the moment was in the midst of a serious conversation
with the owner of the Sex Shop.

"Look Sir, I know this is a lot to ask, but I promise I'm good for it. This
is an initiation thing and I really need that stuff. You can call my house
to hear my voice on the answering machine, so you know it's me. I can also
give you some other guys' numbers who will vouch for me. Please do this for
me today, and I promise I'll pay you in full and more tomorrow."

The shop owner was impressed with Coach Taylor's pitch. He had been tipped
off, of course, and as much as he might be tempted to help the poor guy
out, he knew he couldn't just give in. Since he had received the phone call
from Chip, he had come up with a twisted plan and made a call of his own
and was ready to go into action.

He looked at Coach Taylor, standing in front of his counter, wearing just a
jock and shook his head, "Look I'm sorry, I just can't do that. I am trying
to run a business here. Maybe you could call someone to come down here and
pay for your stuff. I can get it together for you and will even let you use
my phone."

Coach thought about it. He considered who he might call, but no names came
to mind. Except for Aaron, but he didn't remember his number. He looked at
the clock and his heart pounded. He didn't know what else to say or do.

The shop owner sensed his desperation and launched his own little scheme.

"Well, listen young fella, there might be a way to solve this, but it will
be a little tricky. Are you interested?"

Coach was! He nodded and said, "Oh yes please! Whatever!"

The shop owner smiled, gestured across the room and said, "Okay, do you see
those two guys over there?"

Coach turned around and looked at the two guys who were staring at him. He
hadn't noticed them before. Both appeared to be in their late 20's, maybe
at most their early 30's and looked rather tough. They were unshaven and
had close cropped hair... but that is not what caught Coach Taylor's
eye. Both were wearing muscle shirts and jeans. Both appeared to be body
builders, judging by their bulging biceps and solid protruding "pecs." And
both were clearly checking him out.

Coach looked back at the shop owner and said, "Yea, I see them. What about

The shop owner smiled and said, "Well, I know those guys, and think they
just may be willing to help you out by paying for your stuff. Of course,
they'll expect something in return... if you know what I mean?"

Coach knew what he meant. He looked at the guys again, considered his
options and then said, "Well, okay, can you talk to them for me?"

The shop owner grinned and said, "Sure, just give me a moment."

Coach watched the shop owner cross the room and start talking to the two
guys. His heart sank when he saw them shake their heads. The shop owner
continued talking to them and kept gesturing towards Coach
Taylor. Eventually the two guys nodded, shook the owner's hand and headed
towards the back of the shop.

Coach Taylor waited anxiously as the owner approached.

His heart started pounding faster when the owner arrived and started to
talk, "Okay guy, here's the deal. I suspect you already have figured out
that those guys are both... you know Masters... and rough ones at that."

Coach nodded and said, "Yea, I was pretty sure, so go on."

The owner continued, "Well, okay, the deal is, they will pay for all the
stuff you need today. I showed them the list and they said it was okay. In
return though, you'll have to spend a half hour in the play room with them
right now, and also spend an evening as a slave at their club... Um it's
you know a BDSM club."

Coach considered the offer, looked at the clock and then nodded.

"Okay, I'll do it. Just make sure the stuff is ready to go at the end of
the half hour... oh and there is one more thing... if it's not to much
trouble, could you go out front and let the two boys sitting in my truck
know that I'll be another thirty minutes. They are too young to come in
here, and I don't want them to get impatient."

The owner looked thoughtful and asked, "So just how young are they?"

Coach smiled and said, "Well I think one is 14 and the other is 15."

The owner raised his eyebrows and chuckled, "Kind of young aren't they?"

Coach smiled nervously and said, "Yea. They are just witnesses for an older
brother. It's a long story."

The owner thought for a moment then said, "Well, I'll tell you what, I know
I shouldn't do this... but since they are `witnesses', I'll sneak them in
the back door of the playroom and let them watch. I can't bring them in the
front door. I assume they know how to keep their mouths shut?"

Coach laughed, "Yea, I'm sure they do. So, yea, okay, go ahead."

With that, Coach Taylor headed towards the back of the shop. His cock
really started to throb as he thought about what the two rough looking
muscle hunk masters would be doing to him. It throbbed even more as he
considered the fact that Dennis and Kevin would be watching it all.

Needless to say, the two boys were really excited when the owner came out,
explained what was going on, and then led them around the back of the
building and into the play room.

Their eyes nearly popped out of their heads when they got there and took
their seats on a small bench.

Coach Taylor was totally naked and secured in the center of the room in a
"stand-up" spread eagle fashion with his arms and legs spread painfully
wide. His cock was sticking straight up with a cock ring at its base. His
balls were tied off, as well, and had several large weights hanging from

Coach was facing the boys and began breathing harder when he noticed their
presence. More blood rushed into his hard cock as he looked at the two wide
eyed teenagers staring in awe at his exposed body.

As much as he tried to fight it, from time to time, there was no denying
the fact that he was even more turned on, now that he knew the two boys
were watching.

One of the muscle guys, the really tough looking one, walked over to the
boys, bent over and said, "You two have fun watching. Be good and we just
might let you help. Then again we might not."

Dennis looked up at the guy and stammered, "Umm... sir, is it okay if I
take some pictures and video clips?"

The guy smiled, ruffled Dennis's hair and chuckled, "Sure thing little
dude. Take all you want. Just one thing though, make sure that neither of
you two are in any of the shots! My buddy and I don't want to go to jail
for `corrupting' the morals of minors and stuff."

Dennis pushed the guy's hand away from his hair and snapped smartly, "No
problem. We're cool with that. So, umm, shouldn't you be getting started
`big dude'?"

The guy smiled as he walked towards Coach. He could tell that Dennis didn't
like being called a "little dude"... and was amused by his "plucky"
demeanor. He glanced back at Dennis and grinned as checked the plucky 14
year old out some more.

"Well," he thought, "Now there's a little smart-ass who's `morals' just
might need some real corrupting, in a big way." By the time he rejoined his
friend standing beside Coach Taylor, his cock was super hard. Since he
turned 18, he had never considered doing anything to a teenage boy, but
there was something about this kid that was getting him worked up. He had
seen the nice tent in Dennis's baggy shorts and that didn't help.

Somehow, he managed to put those thoughts aside and turned his attention
the hot young coach.

At that point, both guys went about their business with "gusto."

They started by flogging Coach Taylor all over. It didn't take long for
Coach to start screaming. These were no "play" lashes. The muscle guys hit
hard... especially when it came to Coach Taylor's cock and balls.

His screams became so loud that they gagged him with a ball gag.

Dennis worked hard to capture as much as he could with his cell phone
camera. He got a lot of "good" stuff.

After about 15 minutes of nearly constant flogging, the muscle guys paused
to put on condoms.

Dennis took the opportunity to lean closer to Kevin and whisper, "Okay
Dude, so are you liking what you are seeing? Are you boned good? Are you
wishing that it was you who was whipping him?"

Dennis didn't really need an answer. He could tell by the way Kevin was
breathing and the fact that his shorts were totally tented. Still he waited
for an answer.

Kevin couldn't take his eyes off of Coach Taylor's bound and naked body. He
loved seeing him sweat... loved hearing him gasp and scream... and really
loved looking at his hard cock.

Dennis sensed that Kevin was struggling to find the right words. He patted
Kevin on the knee and said, "That's okay Dude. I can tell you like what you
are seeing. I got a feeling you're gonna like watching what these guys do

And he was absolutely right!

Kevin's eyes widened dramatically as he watched one of the guys pick up a
huge dildo and grease it up. Coach Taylor's eyes widened to when the guy
showed him the dildo. It was a monster.

The other guy said, "Hang on a second. I've got an idea."

He removed Coach Taylor's gag, grabbed the back of his head and made sure
Coach was looking at the boys before he snarled, "Okay Dude, we're both
going to fuck you, but before we do, I think we'll let one of your little
friends loosen you up for us. So how about you pick one of them to do the

Coach Taylor swallowed hard and trembled. His cock throbbed as he looked at
Dennis and said, "Okay Dennis, how about you do what they want."

Dennis grinned, jumped to his feet and literally hopped over. The guy
handed him the monster dildo and said, "Got to it little man. I think you
know what to do. Get him loosened up quick though cause my buddy and I want
to fuck him hard before our time is up."

Dennis looked at the dildo. It was probably the largest one he had ever
seen. Certainly it was the fattest. He looked at the guy and asked, "So
should I try to get it all the way in? That will really hurt."

The guy grinned and snickered, "Whatever you want little dude. Just do it

Both guys smiled when they saw the devilish look on Dennis's impish face.

Dennis wasted no time going to work. He spread Coach Taylor's cheeks as
wide as he could and then began working the huge dildo into his tight
ass. Coach Taylor gasped for air and tears ran down his face, as Dennis
forced the fat tip through his opening.

He yanked at his bonds and cried out as the thing inched deeper and
deeper. Dennis smacked Coach's ass repeatedly as he pressed hard.

Sweat seemed to come out of every pour as the helpless young coach writhed
in agony. The pain from the weights on his balls was nothing compared to
that inside his ass. He glanced around and gasped at the two guys and
pleaded, "OH GOD! Please no more, I'll do anything else! ... GOD!!!!!
AGHHHHHHH! This thing is tearing me apart!"

The guys glanced at each other. One of them said, "This is one of the parts
I like most... you know, when a hot jock like him starts to beg and promise
you anything."

The other guys smiled, and gestured towards Dennis as he whispered, "Yea I
know, hmmm... have you ever wondered what it would be like to `do' someone
like him? You know the little Dude? I bet he'd scream like a little girl
before too long. Looks like he has a nice sized package for a boy his
age. Would be fun to see how much cock and ball torture he could handle,
and I bet his little ass is as tight as hell!"

His buddy stared at him and said, "Are you fucking kidding me? Shit man,
he's just a kid. We're talking jail bait Bro! Get serious. Since when did
you become a chicken hawk?"

He listened to what his friend said and nodded and said, "Yea, you're
right, must be because I'm so horned. Let's fuck this dude and get
going. We'll be able to do more when he pays up the rest of his time."

He watched Dennis shove the dildo the rest of the way in, and hold it there
while Coach gasped and screamed. He loved watching the hot, boyish looking
Coach suffer. And couldn't wait to fuck him hard.

They let Coach writhe for a couple more minutes, then took over. They
pulled the dildo out and took turns with Coach's ass. Though it was
loosened, it was still very tight.

Both of them fucked him as fast and as hard as they could. It was an
intense moment for everyone. Both guys came very hard, especially the one
guy, who just couldn't take his eyes off of Dennis. In fact, his eyes were
on Dennis the entire time.

Both boys watched with excitement as Coach Taylor gasped and moaned. They
gasped themselves when Coach Taylor started shouting. For Coach, the brutal
fucking while bound and helpless, with the two young teenage boys watching
was just too much.

As tight as the cock ring was, it couldn't stop nature from taking its
course. It wasn't a very large load that blasted out of him, but it was

The guys let everyone catch their breath and then quickly released Coach
Taylor. They told him they would leave their contact information at the
counter, along with the sex toys they had agreed to buy.

The first guys headed out the door, but the second one lingered long enough
to talk to Dennis, whom he pulled to the side out of ear shot of the
rest. He winked at Dennis and whispered, "Okay little Dude, I'm gonna leave
my email address for you. If you have the guts to have some `special' fun,
contact me. I'll be waiting to hear from you. I saw how much you liked what
you saw and I know you love it."

He took a chance, grabbed Dennis's hard cock, through his shorts and gave
it a hard squeeze, before he headed off.

Dennis almost came in his shorts as he thought about what the guy had
said. He had loved making Coach suffer like that, and figured the guy had
something like that in mind for him. He thought he should be more
careful... the guy did look rough, but as horned as he always was, he
didn't care. Besides, if he could do something on his own, and get to
torture some other older guys, without Chip's involvement, then why not,
even if it meant the guy did some stuff to him.

It didn't take long to collect Coach Taylor's items and head back to the
truck. Coach was once again back in just his jock strap. As they drove off,
towards the wilderness obstacle course, Coach Taylor said a silent prayer
that he wouldn't get stopped by a cop.

Sitting in his truck, wearing just a jock, with two teenage boys would be
difficult to explain. Then there were the marks all over his body from the
flogging, and the signatures in black markers on his chest stomach and
thighs. The sweat and lashes had blurred them, but they still could be

As predicted, the obstacle course was deserted. Kevin hadn't seen it before
and was intrigued. From what he could see, it looked pretty tough.

There were rope and wall climbs, balance beam log things over water, pole
climbs, rope swings and places where you had to crawl on your stomach for
about ten yards.

Coach did some stretches to warm up. His body was already hurting, but knew
it would hurt even more by the time he was done.

Dennis decided to follow alongside Coach as he ran the course, so he could
capture some of it on video. He handed the stop watch to Kevin and then
told Coach to take off his jock.

Coach pulled it off and tossed it in the cab of his truck. He knew the
course well and was not looking forward to running it without anything
covering his cock and balls. What was worse, by the time he was ready to
start, his cock was beginning to harden once again.

Dennis noticed it and chuckled, "That's right Coach, get boned. It'll make
things more fun and exciting. At least for us, but probably you too. It's
pretty obvious you like having to do stuff like this around us."

Coach blushed deeply as he listened to Dennis's taunts. The kid was right,
of course... doing this stuff, did excite him a lot. And so, as he stepped
up to the starting line, his cock completed it's rise to full erection.

Dennis shouted "GO!" and Coach Taylor took off running. His cock and balls
bounced up and down as he ran and added to his excitement.

Dennis and Kevin smiled as they watched Coach Taylor work his way through
each obstacle. He was in great shape, and in spite of the fact he was
totally nude, was making great time.

The rope climbs were the toughest. The ropes were thick and scratchy and
did a nasty job on his manly parts. Dennis managed to get some good
close-ups of both Coach Taylor's face and his cock and balls rubbing
against the rope.

The belly crawls were tough as well. Coach Taylor winced and gasped as his
throbbing cock pressed against the dirt. There were some small stones mixed
in, which scratched him as he crawled.

Predictably, the front of his body was covered with a bunch of scratches by
the time he finished the course. Dennis let Coach catch his breath before
suggesting that he use the outdoor shower to quickly rinse the sweat and
dirt off.

Though the water was cold, Coach Taylor was glad for the relief. The cool
water helped relieve his aching flesh, and caused his cock to soften. It
remained that way during most of the drive to the fraternity house, which
was where Dennis was hoping to knock off the last items.

They did make one stop along the way at the old Texaco station on the edge
of town. Dennis had almost forgotten that one.

As instructed, Coach got out of the pickup truck, still wearing just his
jock strap. His face flushed when he noticed there were three guys
there. One of them appeared to be in his early 20's and was obviously
working there. The other two looked to be in there early teens, if
that. They were in the midst of putting air in one of their bicycle tires
when they saw Coach Taylor approach.

They giggled and pointed at the jock strap clad Coach who walked up to the
station attendant and asked for the rest room key.

As planned, the guy took his time getting the key, and then insisted on
talking to Coach about the weather and sports. Coach fidgeted a bit as he
coaxed his bladder along. He had just started to piss in his jock, when the
two kids walked their bikes over to thank the guy for letting them use the

Both of them laughed out loud when they saw some piss squirt through Coach
Taylor's jock and run down his leg.

"Holy Shit! Check it out the dude is pissing himself. Guess he really had
to go," one of them chuckled.

Coach was speechless and completely embarrassed. He blushed even more when
the attendant ran inside and returned with some rags. Coach tried to
protest, but the guy insisted that he wipe himself off with the rags.

Everyone grinned as they watched the practically naked young grown man,
wipe off his own piss. Dennis and Kevin smiled and laughed as they watched
Coach. By the time he was done, he was boned yet again.

The two kids noticed it and snickered as they rode off. Coach heard one of
them say, "Man, did you see that. The dude got a big boner. Maybe we should
hang around and see if he shoots in his piss soaked jock. That would be

Dennis heard them too and considered calling them back, and making Coach
Taylor jack-off while they watched. He stopped himself when he looked at
his watch. They still had time to complete the list. He figured two would
be fairly easy.

No doubt the frat boys would get a kick out of signing their names on
Coach's back, thighs and ass. And he was certain, one of them would be able
to email the pictures that Dylan had required... One standing facing the
camera and holding his hard cock; one kneeling facing the camera while
holding his hard cock; and last... lowering himself onto a dildo.

It was the last item that had Dennis concerned. It was one that he decided
he would not help with, coach would have to figure that one out himself.

Just as Dennis had figured, the Gamma frat boys did, indeed, get a kick out
of signing their names on the back of Coach's body. Coach was thankful that
they didn't require very much from him.

They made him do some exercises, suck a few cocks, get his ass paddled a
bit and then pose for the required pictures. Had they not been busy
cleaning the house after the weekend's wild party, they might have wanted

And so just one item remained. It was the last one on the list, and as far
as Coach Taylor was concerned, it could be the toughest... "Deliver a naked
guy to us... tied up and blindfolded in the back of your pickup! He can be
any age AND can NOT be known by any of us. Whether he likes it or not, "we"
will do whatever we want to him until morning and then you will drop him
off somewhere in the middle of nowhere... totally naked! And, you'll save
yourself some really nasty tortures, if the guy you get is not all that

It was the part about not being known by any of the guys that was the
problem. They were all into gay BDSM, and there were definitely enough
submissive guys there, but Coach Taylor knew that Chip and his brothers had
met most, if not all, of the brothers at the Gamma house. So that pretty
much left them out.

A fraternity guy did seem to me his best bet though. He certainly didn't
want to go out and try and "shanghai" some high school boy. That would be
just too dangerous, even if he managed to get Dennis to help him find one.

He did remember Dennis chattering about the guys that had watched him
running in the back yard, and how Dennis had essentially invited them to
"join" their club. He supposed Dennis could pull the "initiation thing with
one of them. But he wanted to try and avoid that. Hell, he was already in
deeper than he should be with these boys, regardless of the fact he was
turned on by it.

He was totally lost in though when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He
turned and smiled when he saw Casey standing behind him.

Casey smiled back and asked, "So Dude, I heard this was some kind of
twisted scavenger hunt. So, like what else do you have left to do? Maybe I
can help!"

It would be pretty clear, to anyone who had eyes, that the preppy college
freshman jock, was attracted to Coach Taylor. Coach had similar feelings
about Casey.

Coach thought for a moment, then explained what the last item was, and the
dilemma he was having. He smiled some more when Casey said, "Well, shit
dude, if it wasn't for the part about not knowing this guy, I would say you
could use me, but they know me like they do all the guys here."

Coach nodded and shrugged, "Yea, and time is running out. I don't know what
to do."

Casey thought about it for a little while, and then said, "You know, I just
might have a possible solution to your problem... one that could earn you
that sort of bonus thing too. Hell knows, it looks like you could use a
little break in the torture routine."

Coach Taylor perked up instantly, looked at Casey and said, "Dude, that
would be really great, and I'll owe you one! And don't worry about getting
a guy who isn't willing. I'm not to wild about that part. That crosses the
line I think... you know into non-consensual stuff, and could cause

Casey smiled knowingly and said, "Yea, I agree. Still I'll be honest with
you, you'd be surprised at how many guys might end up getting `off' on that
sort of thing. I've known some `straight' guys who were `forced' into doing
some nasty gay sex stuff. They fought and threatened, but ended up cumming
harder than they ever did with their girl friends."

"It's tricky, but could be done... with the right guy. And as luck would
have it, I might know the `right' guy. He's totally straight, but his best
friend is bi. I met the best friend at a party at the house. His buddy was
out with relatives somewhere."

He clearly had Coach Taylor's interest.

"Anyway, I found out the friend was into bondage. It wasn't too hard to
figure that one out... I mean DUH, he was at a party at the `gay BDSM' frat
house. So we fooled around that night. Nothing real heavy though."

"It was afterwards that he told me he had ,like this major crush on his
straight friend. They had `fooled' around a little here and there, you know
when they got drunk and did the old dare thing. Other than that, he knows
his pal is straight. Still, he does have these fantasies about him and it
seems he is totally infatuated with him."

Coach thought for a moment and asked, "So okay, where are these guys, and
which one are you talking about... you know... ummm... grabbing."

Casey was pleased with himself. Though he knew it was fundamentally wrong,
he was somewhat enamored with the idea of "forcing" someone. He had his own
dark fantasies about being kidnapped and tortured hard, really hard for an
extended period of time... and to suffer every conceivable sexual and
physical humiliation.

Casey smiled at Coach and said, "Well, they are staying at the Phi Sig
house. They're about your age I am pretty sure cause the guy talked about
finishing `University.' Oh yea, that's how he talks. They're from overseas
and are here on `holiday' as they say."

"Okay, and anyway, this other guy's name is Chris. I met him the other day
when I was out running on the trails in the woods. He is really
hot... tall, with dark hair, has a chiseled face and is really athletic
looking. I think he plays a lot of soccer. I can understand why the other
dude is infatuated with him."

Coach was about to ask a question when Casey continued, "Okay, you guys
wait here, I'll run over to the Phi Sig house and see if they are around."

Casey ran off and Coach crossed his fingers. If this didn't work, he didn't
have a whole lot of other options. Needless to say, he was a little worried
about the whole idea of essentially kidnapping this guy, but could not
avoid getting excited about it.

He started to get worried as he looked at the clock. Casey had been gone
for over thirty minutes. There was still plenty of time to get back though,
if Casey returned soon.

Coach breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Casey approaching, followed by
a bunch of his frat brothers. He had a wicked smile on his face as he
walked up to Coach and gave him the good news.

"Okay buddy. You definitely owe me big time for this. You're in luck! First
of all, they are over at the Phi Sig house playing beer pong, and that
Chris guy just lost. He's pretty drunk. I got to talk to the other guy, and
he agreed to go along with my little plan, as long as his buddy doesn't
find out he's involved."

Coach was getting more excited as he listened to Casey's sneaky little

"So here's what's going to happen. Chris lost and has to do this dare. And
the dare is that he has to run around outside the frat house naked, and
then run on the trails in the woods behind frat row."

"That's where we'll jump him. There's a perfect spot behind our house that
will work. These guys will hide behind these big bushes and grab him. Then
they'll cuff his hands behind his back, shackle his ankles together, and
blindfold and gag him. Oh yea, and we decided we'll put a cock ring on him

"After that we'll put him in the back of your pickup truck and tie him
down. I noticed you had some eye bolts in the bed of your truck, so that
should work okay. We'll throw a blanket over him, to be safe. Oh and the
last thing is, his buddy wants to watch what the boys do with Chris. I said
it was okay and told him that they would keep him blindfolded. I figured he
could ride with you and Dennis and Kevin could ride in the back."

Coach thought about the plan and his cock began to harden. There was some
element of danger to it, if the guy really freaked out, but his friend
would be around, and he figured he could help smooth things over afterwards
if needs be. Of course, Chris could probably be able to "justify" it to
himself by writing it all off as a college prank. The toughest part would
be trying to cope with the fact that at some point he might have actually
enjoyed it. But that was another story.

Casey waited for Coach to react and grinned when Coach said, "Okay, sounds
like a plan."

"Okay, Dude, we better get going. We'll head into the woods and hide while
you pull your truck up to the back of the yard."

And with that, Casey and his little "gang" of frat brothers ran off.

Dennis and Kevin had heard the plan and were really excited. He called Chip
to let him know they would be on their way home soon.

Chip surprised him when he told Dennis they should head to the Torture
House instead. It seemed that Logan, Dylan and Chip had gotten bored
playing video games. Chip suggested they give Dylan a little tour and Logan

"So did he like it?" Dennis chirped.

He smiled as Chip explained that it seemed he liked it a lot, but appeared
to be a little worried about the fact that he would probably be spending
some time there himself. That got Dennis's cock throbbing. He couldn't wait
to get to torture that 17 year old jock some more.

As soon as he got off the phone, Dennis ran to the back of the yard to
where Coach had just finished parking his truck. Coach and Kevin liked the
idea of going to the Torture House. It was isolated and would eliminate any
potential problems with neighbors seeing them dragging a struggling naked
and bound guy into the house.

Coach was about to say something, when a guy entered the yard and walked
over to them. Coach figured it was Chris's friend and knew he was right the
moment he began speaking.

"Hi, I guess you're the guys who are gonna do this thing to my `mate'
Chris, right? My name is Peter, by the way. Well it's not really
Peter. It's just easier for you guys to pronounce and does sound like my
real name. "

Coach nodded and said, "Yea. Hopefully this will work out okay. Casey said
this guy is totally straight, so he'll probably be pretty pissed."

Peter chuckled, "Yea, he probably will be. I've been dreaming about doing
something like this for sometime, but couldn't. He'd really be pissed if he
found out I was involved. Anyway, he and I have kissed and fooled around,
and even done some threesomes with chicks. But when he and I did stuff, it
wasn't all that much, and was always part of a drinking game, or something
like it."

[Boy Fact #17- If they can find a "justification" and are horned enough,
many "straight" boys can actually get turned on participating in activities
that are "gay" in nature. "Initiations" are one of the most common
"justifications".] [ADD ON- Drinking can also be used as a "justification!]

Coach saw the way Peter was looking at him. He checked Coach's near naked
body out and couldn't stop looking at his jock strap pouch.

Coach Taylor smiled as he asked, "So are you gay then?"

Peter chuckled, "No not really. I am more bi. I like sex with girls, but I
will admit I do have a "thing" for bondage when it comes to guys. Well
other things with guys as well, but mostly bondage."

Coach nodded, and said, "Well, that's cool. Hopefully the boys will put on
a good show for you at the Torture House."

Coach saw the look on Peter's face and decided to give him a quick run down
about the house... how they got it... the things that happened there and in
the barn and so on. It was an abbreviated version, but Peter was clearly
impressed. Actually more than impressed, as evidenced by the movement
inside the front of his baggy cargo shorts.

Meanwhile, Casey and his frat brothers had taken up their positions. It was
a perfect spot. Chris would not see them until it was too late.

All of them were excited as they waited with their "equipment" at the
ready. Their excitement grew when they heard the sound of running feet.

Casey peaked through the bushes and started breathing harder when he saw
the naked runner approaching. He was even more impressive when naked. It
was just like the guy had said, Chris was really in great shape... tall and
lean, but with great muscle tone. Casey loved the way the sunlight
glistened off of Chris's sweating body.

Chris was actually enjoying his run. There was something exhilarating about
running naked outdoors. Though his cock and balls were already starting to
ache from the bouncing, he didn't seem to mind, since the exertion was
helping to lessen his "beer buzz."

He started to think that losing the game wasn't all that bad... THEN, it

He passed through some heavy tall bushes and "WHAM!" He was knocked to the
ground. It all happened so quickly that he didn't have time to think or

His wrists were pulled behind his back and cuffed. His ankles were shackled
together while he was being blindfolded. He managed to shout, "WHAT THE
FUCK?" just before a gag was shoved into his mouth and secured with a strap
that ran around the back of his head.

To say he was stunned would be an understatement. His mind reeled as he was
pulled to his feet and forced to hobble back down the trail. He was
scared. Who wouldn't be? Here he was, naked and bound, and at the mercy of
these guys.

As they manhandled him through the woods, his heart began pounding really
fast. The guys were laughing and taunting him as they ran their hands over
his body, squeezed his ass, fondled his cock and balls, and pinched his
nipples. His first thought was that this was some sort of gang of gay guys,
and that really scared him.

Then it suddenly occurred to him that they had been waiting for him. That
they knew he was coming. That gave him some relief, but also made him mad.

"Shit!" he thought. "This is part of the so called penalty for losing that
stupid beer pong game. FUCK, if Peter is in on this, I'm going to beat the
shit out of him and never talk to him again. This isn't funny!"

It didn't take long before he realized they had left the woods. One of the
guys called out to someone and said, "We got a package for you guys. Hope
the boys will have fun with it."

Chris wasn't so sure now, that this was part of that beer pong penalty. His
concern increased as he was lifted up and tossed into the back of, what
appeared to a pickup truck. A couple of guys jumped in, turned him onto his
back, ran some ropes across his chest and thighs, and tied them off.

He struggled and tried to sit up, but couldn't, he was totally
immobilized. What made things even worse was the fact that some guy had
slipped something onto his cock. It was snug and wrapped around the base.

To his relief, a blanket was thrown over him just before the truck drove
off. It was a relief, because, to Chris's horror, his cock had begun to
harden. As straight as he was, all the fondling had triggered a natural

He mumbled into his gag but got no response from the two guys who were
sitting on either side of him. Try as he might, he could no longer console
himself with thoughts that this was all part of that game. What if it
wasn't? What if these guys were a bunch of crazy gay guys who planned to
have their way with him? Or worse! Shit what if he was being kidnapped by
guys planning to sell him into some sort of sex slave trade? He had read
something about that on the net, and started to shake.

His only hope was that his best friend Peter would come looking for him,
and somehow rescue him.

Little did he know, Peter was looking right at him, through the truck cab's
rear window. Knowing that Chris was naked and bound, under that blanket was
a major turn-on for him and his cock was hardening fast.

He glanced over at Coach and asked, "So Dude, what are your friends going
to do to him, oh and yes, if you don't mind me asking, how did you get into
all this? Those two boys in the back seem rather young."

Coach blushed some, glanced back at Peter and said, "Well, first of all,
you can call me Rusty, all my friends do. I don't know all the stuff they
will do to Chris, but have a pretty good idea it will be nasty. But that
aside, how I got into this is a long story and may sound strange, but I'll
give you the short version."

Peter listened in awe as Coach Taylor outlined how it was he had become a
"slave" to these boys. He told him about the incident where Jason had
caught him watching the lacrosse team do their thing with Logan and how
that had eventually led to being enslaved by Chip and the others.

Peter couldn't believe what he had heard. He looked at Coach Taylor and
asked, "So aren't you concerned about what could happen. I mean that sort
of thing is illegal isn't it?"

Coach nodded and said, "Yea, it is, and I could get into some major trouble
over it, but now that I've come this far, I just can't seem to
stop. Fortunately, these boys are really good at keeping secrets. I mean
really good... it's that... you know "teenage boy code" and all.

[Boy Fact #22- Related to Boy Fact #2- There is an "unwritten" sacred code
among boys that says that they will not squeal or rat on another
guy... especially to an adult. A boy who breaks that "code" is considered
to be an outcast... the lowest form of life on earth.]

Peter nodded. He understood that completely. Still there was one other
thing he had to ask.

"And I guess you actually like this. I mean you probably could just stop
doing it. It doesn't sound like they are trying to blackmail you or

Coach was really blushing now. He took a deep breath and said, "Look, I
know it may sound strange, but if I'm being honest, it is a big turn-on for
me. There is something about being at the mercy of a bunch of horny teens
that excites me. It's not normal, I know, but it does get me worked
up... even when the tortures get rough."

"And speaking of that, take a look at that piece of paper on the
dashboard. It's a sort of scavenger hunt that they made me do today. Your
friend is part of the last item on the list."

Peter couldn't believe what he was reading and that "Rusty" had done all
those things. He glanced at Coach's body again. The lingering whip marks,
scratches, and magic marker signatures confirmed that he had done all those
things. Add that to the odor of urine that emanated from his stained jock
strap, and there was no doubt.

He set the list down, looked at Coach and said, "That's really wild mate! I
mean shit! You did all those things? I'd love to hear more details, oh and
it sounds like, based on some of the items, that they have more in store
for you."

Coach chuckled, "Oh, of that, I have absolutely no doubt. And, since you
are gonna be there, I am sure they will insist that you watch what they do
to me, and maybe even help. They are like that."

Peter was really getting excited now. He couldn't wait to see what that
group of horny teenage boys had planned for Chris... it would be fun to
watch. But it would also be fun to watch them deal with Rusty.

Little did he know that Dennis had something in mind that would be a lot
more fun for him than just watching. Call it a sort of audience
participation thing.

Coach and Peter continued chatting as they drove. Coach was honest about
his feelings, and although he had revealed some things about his fantasies,
he kept his darkest and deepest ones to himself. They were just too
personal, and strange!

Peter's fantasies had been awakened by what was happening. By the time they
reached the torture house, he was as boned as everyone else in the truck.

Chris was boned as well. Though the fondling had stopped, his cock remained
painfully erect... and that scared him. He couldn't understand why his cock
was so hard. It seemed to get harder when the truck stopped and the blanket
was pulled off of him.

Chris started to really tremble as he was pulled from the truck and led
across an open area and then up a couple of wooden steps to what seemed
like a porch. His fears increased when he heard a voice say, "Well, well,
you did good Coach. The boys should really have fun with this one. So did
you complete your list?"

Chris was scared and getting more and more confused. The voice he had heard
was somewhat young, but it was hard to tell. It could belong to a guy his
age, but could also belong to an older teen.

Dylan smiled as Coach Taylor handed him the list with everything checked

"Yes sir, I did it all. The stuff is all in the back of the truck... the
jocks... the sex toys... the panties... they're all there!" Coach said

Peter smiled as he watched what was happening. The boys who had been
waiting for them were a little older than the two in the back of the
truck. All three were clearly jocks, and all were eyeing Chris's naked

Peter smiled as he looked at Chris's hard cock. He had seen Chris erect
before when they did a threesomes with a chick and on a couple of other
occasions, but this seemed different.

Dylan looked the list over, then turned to Coach Taylor and said, "Well,
you did great! And since you did so well, you've earned a reward. We'll get
to that in a moment. For now though, why don't you take this guy downstairs
and put him in the holding cell. Stay there with him while we talk. Oh and
yea, you might as well give him an idea of what he has to look forward to!"

Chris was panicking now as he was led inside and down a flight of
stairs. The place smelled dank and musty. His heart pounded as he heard the
creaking sound of metal. The pounding increased, when he was forced inside
what was obviously a cell, and shoved down onto a cold stone floor.

As he lay there on his stomach, with his hard cock pressing against the
stone, his blindfolded eyes began filling with tears as he considered the
worst case scenarios. His worst fear was that this was not part of a frat
house thing. And that was scary indeed.

With Coach Taylor and Chris set aside in the basement, the boys were free
to plan their next moves. Dylan was eager to impress the guys with his
plans for Coach Taylor, but the introduction of this new guy Chris, was
something he hadn't thought all the way through. Sure he had put that on
the list, but now he had to actually deal with it.

The boys were really excited as they gathered on the porch. Peter was
excited too. He still couldn't believe this was all happening and was
totally amazed as he listened to the boys chatter.

The introductions had been made, the boys knew who he was, but politely
ignored him as they talked about their plans for the rest of the day.


The suggestion was made that they stage a fight between Coach Taylor and
this Chris guy, but that was set aside, since they concluded it would be
tough because Chris would be uncooperative and probably try to escape.

Dennis suggested they torture him hard, maybe with the ant pit, until he
agreed to participate.

Some of the boys liked that idea, but backed off when Chip jumped in and
insisted that it would still be tricky. Chip was somewhat excited about
dealing with Chris, an uncooperative participant, but wasn't excited about
throwing caution to the wind. He listened to the boys chatter for awhile,
then took charge.

Peter watched and listened. It was an amazing group of teenage boys. Though
Chip was not the oldest, it was perfectly clear that he was the leader of
the group. When he spoke everyone listened. There was something about his
demeanor that commanded respect. Peter had encountered other guys like
that, but never one this young. The really crazy thing happened as he
listened to Chip take charge. A wild thought popped into his mind and his
cock hardened dramatically as he imagined Chip turning to him and shouting,
"YOU THERE! The new dude... STRIP and show us the goods!"

He tried to put it out of his mind, but couldn't.

Luckily, or maybe not, Chip had other concerns. Peter continued listening
as Chip spoke.

"Okay guys, looks like we got us a situation here. And I think we can have
some fun with this, so if it's okay with Logan, I'll make a suggestion that
I think you'll all like. It makes sense. I mean think about it, we got this
guy for just a short period of time, Coach Taylor will be around when they
go home, so we'll have plenty of time with him. So here's what I am

They were hanging on Chip's every word!

"Okay, the main deal was that we would let Dylan here prove that he
could... you know... dish things out. Well, we have a special chance for
him to prove that BIG TIME. So how about we say that since Coach Taylor
completed his list, he'll get off without having to do the tortures Dylan
had planned for him. Instead, Dylan can do them with this guy Chris. It
might actually be more fun, since he is not `into' this... well at least
from what we know. I know it will be tricky, because he'll be uncooperative
and all, so we'll have to be careful."

Chip paused to let it all sink in.

A couple of minutes passed before Logan spoke up.

"Well, hell, that makes sense! So what do you think Dylan? You okay with
shifting stuff to this new guy? We'll give you a chance to torture Coach
into revealing his fantasies on another day."

Dylan thought for a moment. He had been looking forward to messing with his
hot young coach, but figured there would be other opportunities to do that,
so he said, "Yea, that's cool. Let's see how much this dude can handle
before he squeals like a girl."

Peter's cock started to throb when he heard those words. It throbbed even
more when he heard the next boy talk.

It was Dennis.

"Hey, are we gonna get to torture him too? I got some great ideas, and it
seems like we'll have time... we got him till morning right?"

Chip laughed and nodded, "Yea, I'm sure that will be fine with everyone
bro! So okay, here's the plan. We let Coach Taylor off the hook for
today. He'll still have to pay up anything he agreed to complete that
scavenger hunt list. That's separate. For now, though, we'll do stuff with
this Chris guy. So Dylan, whatever else you had planned for Coach, you can
do with Chris and let the rest of us do stuff with him too. Peter can watch
it all, as long as Chris doesn't know he's here... oh and yea... if anyone
wants to let Peter help, that will be fine... if he wants to!"

Peter almost "came" when he heard that part.

Dennis pouted a little and chirped, "Shit, that was my idea!"

Chip smiled, rubbed Dennis's hair and giggled, "Great minds think alike

Dennis slapped Chip's hand away. He hated when Chip called him that and
when he did the thing with his hair. He calmed down quickly as his thoughts
turned to the guy downstairs in the cell.

Knowing that the older, hot jock was an unwilling participant excited
Dennis a lot. It was actually one of his darkest fantasies.

Meanwhile, in the basement, Coach had entered the cell and helped Chris sit
up He felt a little sorry for him, but was anxious to see exactly what the
boys had in store for the hot jock.

Chris trembled slightly when he felt a hand rest on his shoulder. He
shouted into his gag and yanked at his hand cuffs.

Coach waited for Chris to settle down a little and then said, "Okay listen
Dude. If you calm down, I'll tell you what's going on, and at least remove
your gag. Before I do that, you need to know that you are in a house that
is very isolated. You can yell and scream all you want, it won't do you any
good, because no one will hear you."

Coach let it sink in then carefully removed Chris's gag. Chris managed to
avoid the temptation to shout and curse. Instead he simply said, "Thank
you, whoever you are."

Coach patted him on the shoulder and continued, "I know you've probably got
a bunch of questions, but for now I want you to listen. The gag will stay
off, if you remain calm."

He let that sink in too, then said, "Okay, here's the situation. Like it or
not, you're gonna be here, at least until tomorrow morning. Maybe longer if
you don't cooperate."

Chris couldn't resist asking, "Cooperate how?"

Coach patted his shoulder again and said, "Well, I guess I should let you
in on the bad news. I'm sure you're not going to like it, but that doesn't
matter because you're stuck here."

Chris didn't like the sound of that and definitely did not like what he
heard next.

"Okay, well, you've been kidnapped by a group of teenage boys who are into
some rather nasty stuff. They have this club which
is... well... ummm... what amounts to a BDSM club. I assume you know what
that means."

Chris got a sinking feeling in his stomach. He thought for a moment and
then said, "Well, yea, that means they do bondage, and... Sadomasochism
things, correct?"

Coach said, "Yea that's right. And these dudes are into it in a very big
way. They love humiliating and torturing guys, especially older ones like
you and you have the type of body they really love. I'm sure they are
upstairs making some very nasty plans for you."

Chris shuddered, swallowed hard and gasped, "Oh SHIT man! They're fags!
Aren't they? FUCK! No way am I going to do any queer stuff! NO WAY! I'm not
into that shit!"

Coach put his hand on the back of Chris's neck, squeezed it reassuringly,
and said, "Listen carefully, it doesn't matter if you are into it or
not. It's gonna happen, so deal with it. I know these guys, they can be
really rough. So save yourself a lot of pain and suffering, and
cooperate. Oh and in case you're thinking about trying to escape by
overpowering them, you might as well forget it. There are more than enough
of them to handle you. All of them are jocks and are definitely stronger
than they look."

Chris started to sweat as he thought about what the guy had said. He
couldn't believe this was actually happening. He had never felt this
helpless in his life and had never been this scared.

"Shit man, I'm not like that at all. I'm straight."

Once again Coach said, "Look, it's like I said, it doesn't matter. Just do
it. The boys are really into torture and there is no doubt in my mind they
will make you suffer a lot more if you don't cooperate. So take my advice
and go with it. Hell, who knows, you might be surprised and actually enjoy
it. Lots of straight guys do."

Chris had serious doubts about that. He thought about trying to reason with
this guy and talk his way out, but sensed it would be a waste of time. He
tried not to think about the things the group of young perverts would put
him through, but didn't have much luck.

Coach Taylor pulled back quickly when Chris suddenly yanked on his
handcuffs violently and snarled, "Look, enough of this twisted shit. This
is fucking kidnapping. It isn't right. Just tell them to let me go and I
promise I won't say anything."

Coach backed out of the cell, locked the door behind him and headed up the
stairs. He was having definite "second thoughts" and wanted to talk to the
boys and Peter.

Had he really known Chris, he wouldn't have worried much at all. The truth
was, no matter what happened, there was no way in hell that Chris would
tell anyone about it. It would be just too embarrassing. He wouldn't even
tell his best friend Peter and was already thinking about what to say about
why he was gone so long, that is if they didn't let him go. And besides,
just how bad could it be, after all, they were just teenage boys.

While Chris was thinking, Coach was upstairs telling the others about their
conversation. Most of the boys were concerned and seriously considering
just letting Chris go, not surprisingly, Dennis was against it, he really
wanted to torture the straight guy.

He was starting to get pissed, because it appeared the others were going to
just give in. That's when Peter spoke up.

"Hey listen everyone, I know I'm just a guest here, but Chris is my best
friend, and I think I know him well enough to assure you all that there is
no way he would ever tell anyone about this, no matter how mad he got. It's
just the way he is. The other thing is we'll be going back home in a week,
and will probably never see any of you again."

In spite of the fact that they were best friends, and had been for years,
Peter just couldn't help himself. He had read so many stories on the net
about this type of stuff and couldn't wait to experience it live. As much
as he fantasized about being the one on the receiving end, the thought of
watching his hot friend going through it was also a major turn on.

Chip considered what Peter had said and looked at the others' faces. All
seemed extremely excited and all were totally horned. Even Coach seemed to
have gotten over his reluctance.

Still, Chip decided that to be on the safe side, they would need some type
of leverage. He wasn't sure, but he thought he just might have it. There
was something in the way Peter talked about Chris that triggered an idea.

Chip looked around the room and said, "Okay, we'll do it. You guys get
things ready up here. I'm going to talk to Peter out in the kitchen for a
couple of minutes."

The guys were really excited now, and hurried to set things up.

Peter was excited too, as he followed Chip into the kitchen. As soon as
they were there, chip looked at Peter and asked bluntly, "So tell me
something Peter, if this guy is really your best friend, why are you
willing to see this stuff done to him. Be honest! He is supposed to be
straight you know!"

There was something about the way Chip spoke and stared at him that made
Peter tell the truth.

"Well it's like this. Yes he is straight and I'm bi-sexual. But I have
these crazy fantasies about bondage and such. A lot of them involve
Chris. You see, I am sort of infatuated with him."

Chip could understand that. Chris really was a hot guy and had a great

Peter continued, "And yes we are best friends for sure. Chris likes me a
lot I am sure, but not in, you know a sexual way. I know he likes me
because he is really protective of me. He's strong and really athletic and,
well, sort of likes to take care of me."

Peter didn't know it, but his last comments gave Chip exactly what he
needed. A plan formed quickly in his mind. He knew exactly what he should
do, and wasted no time going with it.

He smiled at Peter and said, "Okay, now listen up Dude! We're gonna be
taking a big chance doing this cause he s seem to be willing. You're gonna
get to see it all, and help. So to be fair, you're gonna have to give us

Peter swallowed hard and said, "Like what? I don't have any money with me."

Chip grinned, stepped closer to Peter and smirked, "Oh come on, you're old
enough to understand what that means! So let's get right to it and skip all
the bull shit. Okay?"

Chip was standing so close to Peter that Peter could feel his breath on his
face. Not only that, he could smell Chip's strong teenage male scent. It
wasn't as strong as Chris's, but it was definitely there. His heart pounded
as he considered Chip's words. He knew what Chip meant.

He took a deep breath and asked, "Ummm, what do you want me to do?"

Chip chuckled, "Oh come on! You seem like a smart guy. I think you know
what you need to do to start with, so get to it! NOW!"

Peter's balls began to tingle. Sure he was a little scared, but this was
all like a dream come true. It was better than any story he had read on the
net. He took a step backwards, reached down, grabbed the bottom of his
shirt and pulled it up and over his head.

When it was off, he tossed it aside and waited.

Chip smiled as he looked at Peter standing there, naked from the waist
up. He wasn't overly muscular and was maybe a little on the skinny side,
but that didn't matter. He waited expectantly for a few moments, then
smiled some more as he watched Peter begin undoing his shorts.

Peter thought his heart would burst through his chest as he continued to
undress. There was something incredibly exciting about doing this in front
of this teenager. By the time he was totally naked, his cock was fully

He waited nervously as Chip circled around him, feeling his muscles and
manly parts. When he was done, Chip chuckled, "Well, looks like you could
use some pumping up, but what the heck, you'll do. Now listen up while I
explain my plan."

Peter listened as Chip outlined his little scheme. At first he was
horrified because Chris would definitely know he was there, but Chip soon
relieved his fears as he explained what he had in mind. It would require a
little deceit on his part, but Peter was beyond caring at this point. He
had never been this horny in his life before and couldn't wait for things
to move on.

Chip was pleased with himself. He loved the feeling of power he got when he
made guys do things like this. His plan was simple, and relied heavily on
Peter being right about how Chris felt about him. Chip was pretty certain
Peter was right. He had witnessed the protection thing before. It was
actually sort of crazy.

He had never thought about it until now, but it seemed logical. He thought
about a bunch of his jock friends, his age, but also older. One of the
interesting things was that a lot of those guys always seemed to have at
least one friend who was not a jock and was sort of on the weak side. They
tended to be protective of that friend and would not put up with any
bullying. Chip had actually experienced it himself when he got in a fight
at school because these football jocks were picking on his friend.

Chip made sure Peter understood the plan and then said, "Okay, now to start
with I am going to need you to take a special pill. I'll be getting Chris
to take one as well."

Peter seemed concerned as he said, "Umm... we don't do drugs."

Chip laughed as he handed Peter a glass of water and a pill. "Don't worry,
these aren't drugs in the bad sense. They are just the ones that help keep
you hard, you know, super hard, for a long time. Trust me, you'll enjoy

Peter was a little reluctant, but did as Chip ordered.

Chip left him standing in the kitchen while he rounded up the guys and
explained his scheme. They all liked it. Dennis in particular, who added an
element that made Chip smile. It made sense and would almost definitely
ensure things went as planned.

And so it began!

------- CHRIS'S SUBMISSION -------

Chris was sitting on the cold stone floor and was still fuming. It was bad
enough that he was blindfolded, naked and bound, with his hands cuffed
behind him, but he also had a hard-on, which would just not go down, thanks
in part to that damn ring they had put on him.

He heard footsteps coming down the stairs, a lot of footsteps and quickly
pushed his legs together to hide his erection. He didn't want to let these
teenage fags see him like that.

He heard the cell door open and sighed as he was rapidly pulled to his feet
and hustled out into the main room.

To his surprise and relief his hands were un-cuffed. He thought for a
moment that maybe they had come to their senses and were releasing
him. That relief vanished quickly though as leather restraints were placed
on his wrists.

He tried to resist, but there were just too many of them. Still it was a
struggle for them to complete their task. In the end, Chris found himself
standing with his arms and legs spread wide and secured with ropes and

His face flushed red as he felt his vulnerability. It was made worse by the
fact that his cock was sticking straight up in the air.

He heard some rustling sounds of a similar struggle in front of
him. Judging by what he heard, he assumed that someone else was being tied
up, the way he was. That fact was confirmed moments later when his
blindfold was removed.

His eyes adjusted quickly and he gasped when he saw who the other guy
was. It was Peter. And like him, Peter was naked too, and had a hard-on. As
scary as the situation was, it did cause Chris to smile a little as he
looked down at Peter's erection. It was really not a surprise. Peter got
them all the time. He thought it was funny how Peter tried to hide it. He
couldn't hide it now though.

Chris was trying to figure out what to say. His first inclination was to
demand they let Peter go, but before he could say anything, Chip jumped in.

"Okay, listen up the two of you. You both belong to us now. Do as we say,
and things will go a little easier on you. If not, well let's just say you
don't want to consider that. Like it or not, you'll both be here until
tomorrow. Then we'll let you go."

"Well we have some things to get ready, so we'll let the two of you talk a

Chris glared as he watched the boys scamper up the stairs. When heard the
door close, he looked at Peter and said, "What the fuck happened? How did
you get here? This fucking sucks!"

Peter did a great job "acting" out his part. Actually, it probably didn't
have anything to do with his acting talent. His excitement and fear drove
him on.

"Well, you were gone for longer than I expected, so I went looking for you
on those trails. I couldn't find you. I was walking back when I saw a bunch
of guys in the back yard of one of the other frat houses. They were playing
touch football. So I asked them if they had seen you."

"When I told them that you were running naked because of losing a game,
they all laughed. Then one of them said they knew where you were and would
take me there."

Chris rolled his eyes as he listened. He knew what was coming.

"Well, we got in this car and they blindfolded me because they said it was
a secret fraternity place we were going to."

Chris sighed, "Damn Peter, you really are gullible."

Peter sighed, "Yea I guess it was pretty stupid. Anyway, when we got here,
things happened fast. They pulled me out of the car, stripped me, cuffed
me, and then turned me over to these boys. And that was about it. So what's
going to happen to us?"

Chris tried to sound reassuring, but wasn't very successful and couldn't
hide his own fear. He figured he could take anything these boys could dish
out, but was worried about Peter.

"Well Pal, I'm not sure we have much of a choice, so maybe it would be best
it we just went along with it, otherwise, things could get really
nasty. These boys are all fags, and seem to be into the rough stuff. So
just be cool, and don't piss them off."

Meanwhile, upstairs, Chip and the others were listening to a small
speaker. They could hear everything Chris and Peter were saying. Chip was
grinning from ear to ear as he heard Chris. He had been right about Chris's
protective feelings and was pleased that Peter had played his part so well.

Peter was feeling a little guilty about that, but his feeling vanished
quickly as he looked at Chris. Seeing him naked, bound and helpless, and
with a hard-on, was all it took.

Chris's mind was reeling once again. The fact that his friend was a
prisoner with him changed everything. He didn't want to see Peter hurt and
decided his only choice would be to give them what they wanted, no matter
how tough or disgusting.

Chip was sure that they "had" Chris, but wanted a little insurance. He
rummaged through the "toy" chest until he found what he was looking for and
then had everyone follow him downstairs after he also got a glass of water
and a couple of pills from the kitchen.

Chris eyed Chip suspiciously as approached. He was one of the younger guys
there, but appeared to be the one in charge.

Chip stood in front of Chris and said, "So have you decided to cooperate

Chris nodded and said, "Yea, I'll do whatever you little perverts
want. Just don't hurt my friend."

Chip said, "Well, that's awfully nice of you to say. I suspect you're a man
of your word, but just to make sure, we'll give you a little

Chris trembled slightly as Chip stepped closer and proceeded to slip a
small, mesh bag over his balls. Chip secured it with a drawstring and
stepped back. Chris felt a little pressure from the weight of the thing,
due mostly to the fact it had what appeared to be a small battery pack
attached to it.

Chip grinned at Chris as he held up a small remote control and explained,
"Okay, we call this little set-up `The Convincer'. We put it on a guy who
has trouble cooperating. And every time he fails to do as we say, he gets

Chip pressed a button on the control and Chris's eyes widened
dramatically. All of a sudden it felt like hundreds of tiny needles were
stabbing his balls. The pain that shot through his groin was worse than all
the times he had been kicked there.

He pulled at his bonds, thrashed about and screamed!


He continued screaming and thrashing and tried to hold out, but couldn't,
the pain was that intense."

Chip switched it off and said, "So are you convinced now? Ready for full
cooperation? No smart ass comments! I should tell you, the nice thing about
this thing is it doesn't cause any damage... just pain!"

Chris gasped, "Okay, okay, you made you're point. I'll cooperate!"

Chip nodded at Dennis who quickly removed the "Convincer" from Chris's
balls. Then turned around and proceeded to slip it onto Peter's balls. That
surprised both of the bound victims.

Chip saw the look on Chris's face and said, "Okay, so that we understand
each other... we get your full cooperation or your friend will suffer the
consequences. Do you understand?"

Chris saw the scared look on Peter's face and nodded, "Okay, okay, you made
your point. Just don't hurt him."

Chip smiled as he picked up the glass of water and pills.

"Okay, to start with, you'll take these pills."

Chris shook his head and said, "I don't do drugs."

Chip laughed, "Don't worry, these aren't what you might think. They're like
Viagra, only stronger. So unless you take them, get ready to hear your
buddy scream."

Chris thought for a moment, then opened his mouth and waited.

Chip dropped the pills in, gave him a sip of water and stepped back.

As Chris swallowed the pills, he couldn't help start thinking about what
would be happening. His cock was already really hard and he wondered about
the affect the pills would have on it.

As he thought about it he began glancing around the room at his
capturers. Most were teenage boys and appeared to be in their mid-teens,
although one seemed a little older. All of them, except one, were wearing
gym shorts and T-shirts and appeared to be in great shape. It was like the
guy had told him, they were all jocks.

And speaking of that guy, Chris picked him out, standing back in a corner
of the room. He was wearing just a jock strap and appeared to be Chris's
age. Aside from the fact that he appeared to be in even better shape than
Chris was, the thing that really stood out was his flaming red hair, which
seemed to glow, even in the dim light of this musty basement.

Chip nodded at Dylan and said, "Okay Dude, your time is here. He's all
yours now, along with the other guy. Show us what you can do, and don't
hold back. You had the tour, so you know what's here. Oh and yea, see if
you can get this guy to reveal the stuff we talked about getting from

Dylan smiled as he looked at Chris's outstretched body. The more he did
this stuff, the more he liked it. There was something incredibly exciting
about having this much control over another guy. What he wasn't sure about
was who he liked doing it to the most... older guys like Coach and Chris,
or younger guys like Dennis. He glanced at Dennis and his cock really
throbbed as he envisioned Dennis in Chris's position... screaming and
begging as Dylan tortured him.

But first things first! Right now he needed to impress Chip and the
others. If there was one thing that Dylan had learned fast, it was the fact
that, "mind games" were a big part of this stuff.

He was somewhat in awe of how Chip had set things up, and was determined to
build on that.

Chip winked at Logan and whispered, "You know, I got a feeling Dylan is
gonna turn into a great master. He just seems to have it in him."

Logan whispered back, "Yea, it seems so. Shit I never thought this would
happen with him. Man the Dude always seemed so straight. Then again, I
tried to convince myself that I was straight, so what the heck."

Chip and Logan continued whispering as they watched Dylan circle Chris and
run his hands all over Chris's naked body. They could tell that Chris was
not used to being touched by another guy, especially not in his private
areas. Even so, there was no denying the fact that Chris was getting some
pleasure out of it... a pleasure he tried hard to fight.

Chip chuckled, "You know, I know I'm still pretty fucking young and all,
but it never ceases to amaze me, how guys like him can get turned on by
this. I mean look at him! He's getting harder by the second, and it's too
early for the pills to have taken effect."

Chip wasn't the only one amazed. Peter watched as Dylan felt Chris's
muscles, patted his ass, and fondled his manhood. On the one hand he
thought Chris was doing it, because he had agreed to cooperate to protect
Peter, but on the other hand, Chris did seem to be giving in to the

Chris was amazed as well. He thought he should be really angry about the
fact that this teenage boy was essentially molesting him in front of all
these guys, but he couldn't deny the fact that he continued getting more
and more excited with each passing moment.

Logan and Chip continued watching as Dylan began smacking Chris's butt. It
was what Dylan was saying that caused Logan to glance back at Chip and
whisper, "Yea, it does seem like he's a natural... and is definitely not as
straight as I thought!"

Dylan gave Chris's bare ass a hard slap and snarled, "Okay boy... that's
what you are today... a slave boy... you know that don't you?"

Chris gasped and said, "Yea, I do."

Dylan slapped his ass again and said, "Now that's no way to answer! Try
Saying `Yes Sir!' And really mean it!"

Chris took a deep breath and gasped, "Yes SIR! Sorry Sir!" He couldn't
believe he had said that to this damn kid. Neither could Peter, who was
watching with wide eyes.

Dylan seemed pleased. He patted Chris gently on the ass and said, "That's
better, you keep that up and we'll get along just fine boy!"

Chip looked at Logan and said, "Holy Shit man, he keeps this up and I'm
gonna cum in my shorts!"

Dylan looked around, saw Dennis and said, "Yo Dude, go get that stuff that
Coach collected and bring it all here."

Dennis was excited and rushed off. He knew what the items were and couldn't
wait to see them being used on Chris.

Dylan continued feeling Chris's body. While he waited for Dennis to return,
he focused his attention on Chris's nipples... rubbing and
pinching. Judging by Chris's moans he had found a sensitive area.

It didn't take Dennis long to return with all the items. Dylan looked them
over. They were all there. They included: ten small prickly pine cones, a
birch branch whip, ten small crab apples, three prickly holly branches, a
pair of girl's undies, four used jock straps, and the bag of sex toys from
the store.

Chris looked at the things that Dennis had dumped on the floor. It didn't
take much of an imagination to figure out how they might he used.

Dylan's imagination was running wild as he surveyed the items. He thought
for a moment, then whispered in Dennis's ear. There were a few more items
he needed and Dennis was more than eager to help.

While Dennis was gone, Dylan walked over to Peter, ran his hands over his
chest and said teasingly, "Okay Dude, your Buddy there said he would
cooperate with us. We're going to test that now. Meanwhile I want you to
take a good look at those items lying on the floor. We're gonna watch you
use them on your Buddy. We'll tell you what to do, and you just do it. You
can, of course come up with some creative ways of your own to use them if
you like."

Peter looked at the items and trembled. It was fairly clear, most were
intended to cause pain. There were a couple of sex toys he wasn't sure
about, so he asked.

Dylan smiled and said, "Well, there's a vibrating dildo, a vibrating cock
ring, a set of ass beads, a ring gag, and a milking wand. You can use the
wand to shock a guy where ever you want. Also, shove it up his ass and zap
his prostate and he'll cum over and over again."

Chip and Logan were surprised that Dylan knew that last one. Then again, he
was a teenager and spent lots of time on the net.

Peter thought for a moment, looked at Chris, and stammered, "I'm not sure I
can do that. He's my friend."

Dylan laughed and said, "Well suit yourself. But if you don't come up with
some ways to use all that stuff on him, including the other things, you'll
both regret it... BIG TIME!"

Chris had heard the exchange. He looked at Peter and said, "Yo Peter! Just
do what he says okay? It'll be okay!"

Peter was still a little leery, but his cock was getting harder and harder
as he considered some possibilities. He wondered how he would feel,
torturing and humiliating Chris while these guys watched . His cock
answered for him with some more throbs. He looked at Chris and said, "Okay,
I'll try."

Chris managed a nervous laugh and a quick show of bravado. He looked around
the room, and shouted for all to hear, "Just make it good Mate! Give these
little pervert pricks a good show. Let them see how a real man handles
their bullshit."

It was probably a stupid thing to say, but it was Chris's attempt to retain
at least some bit of self respect and bolster his courage. As the hours
passed, he would need it.

Dylan's next move surprised everyone. He asked Chip and Logan to release
Peter, cuff his hands behind his back and take him out into the back yard.

He waited until they were gone, then he turned to Coach and Stevie.

"Okay, now you two, untie this Dude and take him outside as well. Have him
stand with his hands behind his head and wait for me there. Oh yea, and
make sure his buddy is kneeling in a spot where he can see everything."

As they untied Chris, Dylan reminded Chris about his promise to cooperate
and what the consequences would be for his friend if he failed to go along
with it.

Chris glared at Dylan as Coach and Stevie released him and then led him up
the stairs. Both were on the alert for Chris to try something and were
relieved that he didn't.

While they led Chris outside, Dylan gathered up the items on the floor and
put them in a backpack. Dennis returned just in time to help him finish
up. The two of them both grinned as they walked into the backyard.

Peter was on his knees under the big tree with his hands cuffed behind his
back. Chris was standing in front of him, with his hands behind his head
and legs spread. His cock was definitely getting harder and harder, and
that excited everyone.

Dylan felt some more tingling in his balls as he. Once again looked Chris
over. He couldn't get over how excited he felt about having these two guys
at his mercy. He stepped closer to Chris, grabbed his balls and squeezed as
he held up the control box for "The Convincer."

"Just remember what's gonna happen to your friend here if you don't give us
your full cooperation. That means you'll do everything we say, no matter
what. You seem like a smart enough guy to have figured out some of the
things you'll be doing, so why don't you tell us what they are."

He gave Chris's balls another hard squeeze. Chris's face turned bright red
as he glared at Dylan. His gut reaction was to punch Dylan, but decided it
would be fruitless. As strong as he was, there were just too many of them.

He took a deep breath and said smartly, "Yea, Yea... I get it. I'm gonna
have to do fag stuff! I figured that out, so just get too it."

Dylan smiled as he glanced down at Chris's hard cock. He was certain that
the throbbing he noticed was not just from the pills. There was no doubt in
his mind that Chris was getting turned on.

Chris sensed it too. His mind was all over the place. He tried using his
anger to "turn-off" his hormonal reactions. He told himself over and over
again, that he was totally straight and was just doing this because he had
no choice... it was rapidly becoming a losing battle.

He glanced down at Peter, kneeling in front of him with his hands cuffed
behind his back. He tried to avoid looking at Peter's hard-on, but
couldn't. As soon as he did, his mind played more tricks on him.

Suddenly, he flashed back to the times, he and Peter had done "threesomes"
with a girl. It was something he enjoyed doing. The crazy thing for Chris,
was that he actually seemed to enjoy sex more during those times. He didn't
know which part excited him the most... watching Peter have sex with a
girl... or having Peter watch him. Both were equally exciting.

And then there were the really "wild" thoughts that came to him every now
and then when he fantasized about those moments. They were thoughts he
would never admit to anyone, because they seemed so nasty... and, well,
somewhat on the gay side.

One of them involved the use of a paddle during one of their threesomes. In
one version, he imagined paddling Peter's bare ass while he fucked the
girl. In the other, it was Peter paddling him as he fucked her.

Somehow he managed to "get hold" of his thoughts and stammer, "I'll do
whatever you say... umm... Sir!"

Chris's hormones had basically "won" out. He was so horned that he was no
longer thinking "straight" and was actually getting really anxious to find
out what these teenage boys had in store for him.

Dylan chuckled, "Well, okay, time will tell."

Dylan looked at Peter and said, "Okay Dude, remember what I told you. In
just a little while, we're gonna watch you torture your buddy here, and it
better be good! We showed you all the stuff and we expect you to do a
thorough job."

It was time for Peter's mind to race now. He had been reading gay BDSM
stories for sometime and had gotten really excited. While he usually
fantasized about being on the receiving end of things, he couldn't deny the
fact that he was getting extremely turned on by the thought of putting his
hunky best friend through it.

He visualized torturing a bound and helpless Chris... physically and
sexually... making him gasp... making him scream... and, sweat. And then he
imagined licking the sweat off of his body.

Dylan snapped him out of his little daydream when he grabbed the back of
Peter's head and snarled, "Okay Dude! Time to warm your buddy up some
more. You can start by licking his feet... then his legs... and finally
washing his cock and balls with your tongue. No sucking just yet... that
time will come."

For Peter, it was like a dream come true.

He moved closer to Chris, bent over and began running his tongue over
Chris's left foot. It was a little tricky keeping his balance with his
hands cuffed behind his back, but somehow he managed.

Chris trembled when he felt Peter's tongue on first one foot and then the
other. He tried to convince himself that he should be revolted by the
situation, but couldn't. Like it or not, there was something exciting about
what was happening. His excitement continued to grow as Peter slowly worked
his way up Chris's legs.

By the time Peter began licking the inside of Chris's solid thighs, both
were breathing hard and sweating.

It was what Dylan did, just as Peter reached Chris's balls, that really got
Chris's heart pounding and his cock throbbing.

Dylan leaned closer to Chris and ran his hand over Chris's muscular ass
cheeks as he said teasingly, "Don't worry Dude, before we are done, you'll
be returning the favor with your mouth and tongue... and since you are the
main slave boy today, you'll get to taste every part of your best friend's
body... and I mean EVERY part!"

"Oh and, of course, you'll get to taste some other guys too. So while he's
working on you, take a look around at the guys. Before your time is over,
you'll suck at least two other guys. And you'll get to pick which ones, so
be thinking about it. Oh and yea, all the boys are shooting now, even
little Stevie over there, so you will get to taste some nice boy cum."

Chris couldn't believe what he had just heard. It was disgusting. Once
again his face turned bright red and his anger rose... And once again it
subsided quickly. Peter was licking the underside of his balls and another
wave of excitement swept over him.

He imagined himself on his knees, licking Peter's body and his cock
throbbed. He tried to avoid looking around at the others, but couldn't. The
crazy thing, for him, was that as he looked, he began considering which
boys he would choose to suck.

Dylan let Peter work on Chris's balls for a little while longer. Once he
could tell that Chris was really worked up, he told Peter to stop and
proceeded with the next part of his plan. He ordered Chris to run two laps
around the large field beside the barn.

While Chris was gone, he had Chip and the others take everything they had
into the barn and spread it out on a table.

Peter followed them into the barn and watched them lay out all the items on
a large table. He trembled slightly as he looked around. There was what
appeared to be an arena in the center and a huge metal cage near the
back. But it was the group of large wooden crosses that ringed the arena
that got most of his attention. The leather restraints that dangled from
the cross pieces made it clear what the crosses were used for.

Peter had long been intrigued by the concept of bondage and his cock really
started to throb as he imagined himself and Chris, secured on the
crosses. Even more so when he looked at the torture devices, sex toys and
other items that were being placed on the table.

Chris's own wild thoughts continued as he ran around the large field. As
strange as the situation he was in was, there was something rather
invigorating about running naked outside. Chris did like to push himself
physically and was running hard. The fact that he was also fully erect,
just seemed to add to his feelings of exhilaration.

Oddly enough, any feelings of outrage that Chris still harbored vanished
rather quickly. By the time he completed his first lap of the huge field,
his remaining thoughts about trying to escape or resist were essentially
gone. They were replaced by other wild thoughts.

Chris knew it would be a real challenge to go through the perverse things
those boys clearly had planned for him. The thing was he loved being
challenged and though he had never been challenged like this before, it
was, never-the-less, a challenge, and he was getting increasingly anxious
to prove he could take anything those punks could dish out.

There was also something else that was sort of wild, and that was, like it
or not, the thought that Peter would be watching it all, and actively
participating, was strangely exciting. In spite of that, there was still
something a little disconcerting about the fact that his cock was so
painfully hard.

By the time he approached the end of his run, Chris had reconciled things
in his mind.

He concluded that he was boned due primarily to the effect of the pills and
the bouncing action of running naked. Whatever he was about to experience
would be over in a day, and the odds were great that he would never see any
of these guys again. So, why not just go along with things. It's not like
he had a choice... being naked and boned... with no idea of where he
was... so why not.

As he entered the barn, he reconciled himself with one final thought. It
was a quote he had heard somewhere, "What doesn't kill you, makes you
stronger." And if Dylan and the boys went through with their plans, Chris
would be a lot "stronger" by the time they were done with him.

Peter got a small lump in his throat as he watched his best friend being
led to the center of the little arena. His heart pounded and his cock
throbbed as he watched them prepare Chris for his first round of tortures.

Chris's leather wrist restraints were replaced with longer ones that were
heavily padded. The reason for the change became obvious as his arms were
raised up over his head and hooked to a chain by Chip and Logan.

As soon as he was secured, Chip walked over to the side of the barn and
proceeded to turn the crank on a winch. He continued until Chris was
suspended with his feet dangling several inches off the barn floor.

The boys completed their bondage arrangement by attaching ropes to Chris's
ankle restraints, spreading his legs painfully wide and then securing the
ropes to hooks on fence posts on either side of the arena.

Peter felt sorry for his friend, but could not deny the fact that seeing
Chris naked and totally helpless, his body glistening with sweat, and
sporting an incredible hard-on, was a major turn-on.

He listened and watched as Dylan stepped close Chris, ran his hands up and
down Chris's inner thighs and said, "Okay, now listen up boy. Your body
belongs to us now... all of it. And there's nothing these guys like more
than torturing a guy like you. Oh and I think you probably are smart enough
to know what type of torture they like best."

He patted Chris's hard cock and winked.

Chris took a deep breath and managed to avoid "mouthing off."

Dylan winked at Chip and Logan and continued, "Anyway, as a reminder, here
is how things are going to work. As long as you cooperate, your friend here
will be pretty much fine. You fail to do so and he'll get this."

Dylan held up the controller for the "Convincer" and flipped the switch.

Peter immediately cried out and dropped to his knees as pain shot through
his balls from the electric shocks.


Chris flailed about and snarled, "DAMMIT! You promised you wouldn't hurt

Dylan flipped the switch off and chuckled, "That's right, we won't. But you
will anytime you don't cooperate and do what we say. And just to make it a
little more interesting, at least for this round of tortures, let's just
say, anytime you scream, he get's a shock. Gasp and moan all you want,
that's okay. But scream and he gets it! Understood?"

Chris had no choice but to nod and mumble, "Yes Sir."

Chip leaned closer to Logan and giggled, "Yes, I think we just might have
created a monster. He is definitely a natural."

Dylan seemed really proud of himself. He set the controller down, pulled
Peter aside and said softly, "Okay, now listen dude. Remember what we
talked about. You will use all the items on the left half of the table on
your friend. The others we will use later."

"If we think you are being too easy on him, things will get a lot
worse... and I mean a lot worse for the both of you. So keep that in mind."

Peter thought for a moment as he looked at Chris, naked and vulnerable. He
knew Chris was strong, but had doubts about whether he could avoid
screaming at some point, especially if he used the stuff on him the way
these sadistic teens expected him too.

He swallowed hard and then asked, "One quick question about the
screaming. Ummm, what if I were to gag him? Would it still count if he
screamed into his gag?"

The boys all heard the question, but Chris didn't.

All were eager to hear Dylan's response. Dylan saw the looks of
anticipation on their faces and thought hard and fast. It would be easy to
just say yes or no. Then again, his hormones were running on overload, and
so he smiled at Peter.

"Well, okay, let's say the screams won't count if he's gagged."

The boys sighed when they heard that, put perked right back up when Dylan

"But if you want something to gag him with, it will cost you some time of
your own."

Peter trembled slightly as he asked, "Umm... so how much time?"

Dylan laughed, "Well let's say it will cost you a full day as our slave
boy. We know you are here till the end of the week, so that shouldn't be a
problem. And just so you understand completely, absolutely anything goes
with you, in that case, including being tortured one of those crosses."

All eyes were on Peter as he considered the offer. It was a bad deal, but
his cock cried out for him to take it.

"Okay, it's a deal. If it gets to that point, I'll `buy' a gag for him."

Dylan grinned and said, "Just one final part... your friend cannot know
about that deal, at least until after we are through with him."

Chip and Logan were pleased with what Dylan had come up with. It would be
fun watching Chris struggle to keep from screaming. Both had no doubt that
he would scream at some point, which meant that they would have Peter to
use and torture for another day. Sure he wasn't a totally jock, but did
have a nice slender body.

Chris watched with anticipation as the little conference broke up. Once
again he started breathing hard as he watched Peter approach carrying a
birch branch.

Peter looked at him and said, "Sorry Chris, I have to do what they say."

Chris sighed and said, "That's okay. Just do it. Let's get this all over

Peter walked around behind Chris's stretched body and raised the birch
branch. His cock throbbed as he took another look at Chris's smooth back
and tight white ass. Both would soon be marked with red welts. He thought
for a moment that it would be a pity, but then his darkest feelings took


POSTLOGUE AND NOTES: Once again thanks for all the emails. As writers,
"emails" are the "pay" we receive here, so please keep writing. Suggestions
for additions to the story are welcome. While it is not possible to
incorporate all suggestions into the story line, I will do the best I
can. Also, when making suggestions and/or requests, please keep in mind the
"basic" tone of the story.

While the "tortures" the boys engage in may seem extreme at times, they are
not the most extreme. I will continue to shy away from the most extremes,
and by that I mean things that involve permanent markings, mutilation, and
castration. There may come a time, however, when a branding, a piercing or
a circumcision may occur.

As always, I continue to be interested in hearing about real life
experiences, that are even just remotely similar to some of the actions in
the story. I especially love hearing about "initiations".

And now my final story notes.

What is gonna happen next? Well to start with, Chris will be tortured and
humiliated. After that? Who knows!

Some of the things I am pretty sure will be happening are:

- The "Raffle" Paybacks from the Arena Event. By the sound of things, some
of the "boys" will be in for a rough time. Logan, the hot, blond 16 year
old jock has to "pay up" two times. Chip will also be on the receiving end
of things as well, since he was chosen in the Internet Raffle. As a
reminder, here's the list of who got raffled off. The guys who got raffled
off owe a full day to the winner where anything goes: Logan to a Teammate
from the lacrosse team. Justyn (the smart ass 17 year old) to one of the
young "brats" Coach Taylor to the Twins' Dad. The Twins to another one of
the "Brats." Cody to a 14 year old boy. And, of course, the Internet
Raffle (They Each Owe a LIVE "Private" Show on the Net):
Chip... Casey... Logan.

- Dennis might just do something stupid, like contacting that rough looking
guy from the Sex shop and agreeing to "meet" with him. What's more, he just
might convince someone else to come along, and both may end up "paying" for

- The "Brats" demonstrate their "mastery" of humiliation with their Raffle
prizes, Cody and Justyn.

- Kevin gets used as a "party favor" for the girl next door.

- The "Boys" plan another Arena Event.

- Some of the boys "fall in love."

- There may be a MAJOR FLASHBACK to reveal more details of the "training"
and punishments the Twins received while they were growing up.

Finally, as mentioned before, the story will continue to twist and turn
with various characters taking center stage before "stepping back" for

Please do email requests and suggestions involving a favorite character.

Thanks for reading!



Boy Fact #1- Boys are 'pack animals' by nature. They tend to run in packs!

Boy Fact #2- Boys are natural conspirators.

Boy Fact #3- Boys have an almost insatiable need to face challenges.

Boy Fact #4- Boys accept the fact that some sort of 'initiation' is part of
the 'group joining' process.

Boy Fact #5- Boys can be very cruel and sadistic.

Boy Fact #6- Initiations, punishments, or penalties almost always involve
nudity at some point!

Boy Fact #7- A horny teenage boy lacks common sense . Boy Fact #8- Teenage
boys are pretty much horny 24 hours a day!

Boy Fact #9- Most teenage boys go through a period of time when they are
very self-conscious about their bodies.

Boy Fact #10- Many boys are fascinated by the concept of torture.

Boy Fact #11- Most boys have a weird fascination with bondage. As such,
they love playing 'tie up' games of all sorts.

Boy Fact #12- Boys are really afraid of something serious happening to
their genitals. But they can get hard thinking about other boys living
through their worst nightmares like getting balls crushed or penises cut

Boy Fact #13- Younger boys are fascinated by older boys' "tools". They love
the thought of torturing older boys' genitals.

Boy Fact #14- Most teenage boys have an incredibly rapid recovery time,
especially when it comes to anything even remotely sexually challenging.

Boy Fact #15- Some boys actually get turned on by being humiliated and

Boy Fact #15a- Some boys actually get turned on by humiliating and
torturing others.

Boy Fact #16- Brothers can be extremely competitive and antagonistic! The
closer the ages, the more Antagonistic they can become!

Boy Fact #17- If they can find a "justification" and are horned enough,
many "straight" boys can actually get turned on participating in activities
that are "gay" in nature. "Initiations" are one of the most common

Boy Fact #18- Most straight boys, do not view activities like "circle
jerks" and such as being gay.

Boy Fact #19- Most teenage jocks "assume" they will win whatever
competitive event they are involved in. They rarely consider the "odds."

Boy Fact #20- Similar to Boy Fact #3, boys do constantly try to "prove"
themselves. Want to get an older teenage boy to do something that may run
counter to his nature? Just hint that a younger boy had the "guts" to do

Boy Fact #21- Similar to Boy Facts #17 and 18- Some "totally straight boys"
have fantasies about being "forced" into doing gay sex. A kidnapping
scenario is one of the most common.

Boy Fact #22- Related to Boy Fact #2- There is an "unwritten" sacred code
among boys that says that they will not squeal or rat on another
guy... especially to an adult. A boy who breaks that "code" is considered
to be an outcast... the lowest form of life on earth.


The Peterson Brothers! (MAINS) Chip Peterson- 15 years old, Short Spikey
Blond hair, warm brown eyes, compact well proportioned athletic build with
rapidly developing six pack abs, a cock that is a least 7 inches (or more),
and a beautiful thick patch of pubic hair with golden highlights.

Dennis Peterson- 14 years old, short dirty blond hair, a pert little
freckled nose, piercing blue eyes. With the exception of the six pack abs,
Dennis's body is a mirror image of Chip's... he has the same well
proportioned athletic build, a long cock, and a thick patch of pubic
hair. Facially, though, he could pass for a ten year old.

Steve "Stevie" Peterson - 11 years old, bright blond hair which he spikes
just like Chip, green eyes, and rosy "chipmunk" like cheeks. His body is
smooth and trim without an ounce of baby fat. And like his two older
brothers, he is an "early bloomer" when it comes to his manly parts!

The Wiley Brothers! MAINS) Mark- He is 13 years old, has a tight compact
body, and a really nice little bubble butt. He is just as scrappy and
self-confident as Chip was at that age. And also like Chip, he is very
gifted when it comes to dominating other guys... no matter what age!

Matt- He is 17 and is Mark's older brother. He is another super jock, with
an attitude to match, and a rather large cock. Although Matt has had more
than his share of girls, his greatest passion has been "perving" his
younger brother Mark... until recently that is, when Mark managed to turn
things around and make Matt his slave!

Aaron (MAIN) Aaron is 21 and in Grad School, majoring in sports medicine
and therapy. As a Phys Ed major, he, of course, has kept himself in
exceptional shape. He is gay, and really into BDSM. As scary and risky as
it gets for him, he really likes doing "stuff" with teenage boys. And
actually loves being on the receiving end!

Pete and Andy- (SEMI-MAIN) Dennis's "best friends". Both are 14 years
old. Both are jocks. And both are constantly horny. Chip really has a
"thing" about Andy's body! Andy is a swimmer and has a REALLY small, tight

Justyn (SEMI-MAIN) Or Less since he is an asshole!! Justyn is Aaron's
asshole cousin who was staying with him for a few weeks but now it seems he
will be around longer. He is 17 and is fanatic when it comes to
skateboarding and snowboarding.

Skyler and Zack (SEMI-MAIN) Two more cocky 14 year old jocks. They first
appeared in Chapter 7 when Mark "recruited" them to help out. They both are
pretty straight but also lately have become pretty damn curious! And also,
both are always really horned! Both of them have the same attitude... "IF
it feels good... go for it!" Neither one has "homo-phobic" attitudes! They
just love sex! Any way they can get it! Oddly enough, both have thought
about having sex with each other, but neither has really acted on that.

Logan (SEMI-MAIN)OMG! Logan first appeared in Chapter 10! And was described
this way... "Logan who was actually 16 and a total stud... bright blond
hair, piercing green eyes, and the type of solid muscular body typical of
high school lacrosse players."

Jason (SEMI-MAIN) A High school senior. He is on the lacrosse team with
Logan, is 17 and delivers pizzas. He has a fairly well developed body, but
is not as "toned" as most of the other boys. Like Chip, he seems to have an
"uncanny" understanding of how to control and manipulate
others... particularly boys! And also like Chip, he loves the torture
aspects of BDSM.

Coach Taylor- (SEMI-MAIN) The 22 year old former college lacrosse star had
joined the high school coaching staff immediately after graduation. He was
an exceptional player who was well liked by all the boys... Due mostly to
his athletic prowess and also the fact that he could pretty much pass as
one of them. He looked that young. He has reddish hair and an extremely
well developed body, not to mention a really big cock. He is gay, but very
inexperienced sexually. The very thought of being "used and heavily
tortured" by younger guys is his big "turn-on."

Cody- (MAIN) The star quarterback for the local college. He is a senior and
incredibly good looking. Although he has had more than his fair share of
sex with girls, his main interest is guys, which he managed to keep totally
hidden and under control until he encountered Chip (Chapter 20). What's
more, he absolutely loves being dominated and is actually looking forward
to being Chip's "slave."

Ross- (SEMI-MAIN) Also on the college football team. He is a wide receiver
and is basically "lean and mean." He is a member of the "Gamma" fraternity,
which means he is gay and into BDSM! His discovery that Cody was actually
gay has him totally turned on now. Dennis has a "thing" for Ross!

Dan- (SEMI-MAIN) Chip's former best friend who moved away, but has moved
back! He is a hot dude with light brown hair, warm olive eyes, and a great
smile! He's only about 5'6", but works out a lot and has an ass to die for!
Yes Dan is a real little hottie! He just had his first experience with
torture and loved it! He is deeply in love with Chip and has this wild
recurring dream, that he is tied naked on a cross in front of others... and
while he is, he gets jacked off and just as he cums, Chip, "brands" his
inner thigh with a red hot iron and says, "You are mine forever Dan!

"The "Twins"- Brandon and Bryce. Both are actually 18, are members of the
Gamma fraternity and are on the college wrestling team. Both have blond
hair and blue eyes and solid well proportioned bodies. They are only about
5' 8" tall. It is pretty obvious they are twins. About the only difference
between the two is that one wears his hair longer than the other. The other
interesting thing about them is that they are total exhibitionists and
masochists! Both have agreed to be young Dennis's slaves until they

Casey- The 18 year old "All-American" boy type, with the rosy cheeks,
chiseled jaw and extremely well defined body. Like the "Twins" he is a
member of the Gamma fraternity, is an exhibitionist and a masochist... and
by a twist of fate is now young Mark's slave until he graduates! He had
basically been the "expert" at electro torture until Mark "demonstrated"
his natural abilities.

Steph- One of the "oldest" members of our "cast." He is 24 and keeps
himself in great shape! His main claim to fame is that he has a
construction business and builds "dungeons" for people. He also has a lot
of connections!

Dwayne and Jake- The two college age Geeks! Neither one is very
attractive. Dwayne is very skilled at video and Jake is very good at
Website design and Internet connectivity. Both are rather sadistic when it
comes to college jocks, but Jake is clearly the most sadistic of the two!

Kevin- The 15 year old German Exchange Student could be the poster boy for
"Aryan Youth" magazine. He has bright blond hair, piercing blue eyes and a
tight athletic body. Like Chip he loves most sports, but excels at soccer,
which he plays with reckless abandon. And also like Chip, he has a very
high tolerance for pain... a trait that will be tested during his year in

Dylan- Another member of the high school lacrosse team. He is 17 and rivals
Logan in several ways. He is an extremely gifted athlete and is in great
shape. Like Logan he is devilishly handsome and cute. Though he doesn't
have Logan's bright blond hair, his chiseled face is complimented by thick
dark hair and heavy eyebrows.

Chris and Peter- Two young guys visiting from Europe. They have been best
friends for years and have recently graduated from University and are in
their early twenties. Of the two, Chris is the most athletic. He loves to
play soccer, which he does with great gusto. It is easy to understand why
Peter has a crush on the tall, dark haired jock. While Peter is not a major
jock, he has a slender build. Both are essentially straight, although Peter
considers himself to be "bi" and has a serious interest in bondage.

The Twins' Dad- Currently the oldest guy in the story. His name has not
been revealed yet. He is in his forties, is in exceptional shape and is a
well established BDSM Master. His harsh upbringing of his twin sons has
helped both of them to develop into real masochists. While he has a large
group of willing "subs", he continues to get great pleasure out of
humiliating and punishing his own sons.

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