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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Interesting Challenge

Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2002 23:13:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Collage Maker
Subject: An Interesting Challenge

An Interesting Challenge

By Collage Maker

[A reworking of "An Interesting Challenge" by an anonymous author in Kaa
Starhunter's Anthrosaur site at
http:/// and
http:/// .]

His sweat-covered muscles gleamed as he sailed upwards in a graceful arc,
the all-permeating light of the gymnasium illuminating the hard curvature
of his body. All around him countless cameras flashed, catching him at the
height of his flight, the strobe making him seem to hang in midair. He
twisted exactly once before falling, his meaty feet catching the mat with a
perfect synchronous thud. He stood erect and raised sinewy arms
triumphantly, facing the crowd.

Tense quiet erupted into cheers and shouts, the gathered spectators
applauding his performance. More cameras photographed his six feet three of
naked muscle, setting his deeply tanned body, chiseled abdomen, thick black
hair, alert brown eyes, and brilliant white smile onto film for posterity;
proudly on display for (literally) the whole planet to see. He held his
dismount pose a moment for the papers before relaxing and stepping off the
mat, conscious of the eyes on him.

He enjoyed the eyes. They were half the reward of winning, to his mind, the
other half being to have won. He could feel the proud watch of his
countrymen, the grudging admiration of foreigners; the men judging him for
his ability as an athlete, the women contemplating his prowess at more
essentially male tasks. He imagined he could hear them murmur to one
another, sharing whispered fantasies of the pressure of his great cock
against swollen labia. He turned to look at the crowd again, and gave them
all his familiar wry smile as he made his way across the floor. As he left
the announcer read out his final score.

"Garth of Texica: Eight marks." Garth frowned at the figure, it was lower
than he was due. He knew it was the Skadian judge; they had a practice of
underscoring competitors to give their own athletes an edge. Garth exited
the Olympic arena as the score was repeated in three other languages.

He made his way through his team's allotted space, wringing his
thickly-chalked hands as he again contemplated his loathing of politics. He
loved sport, and to see fair competition perverted in that manner irritated
him no end. He walked towards the water rooms, intent on washing his hands
of the chalk and of other people's disregard for fair play.

He selected the drip sauna over the fountains or the steam room and
entered, pleased to find it empty. The thin steam curled around his body
pleasingly, and tickled his nostrils with its watery scent while hot water
dripped onto him from above. He took a deep breath, and decided to relax in
here for a while...the rings were his only event today as it happened; he
could afford to waste some energy. He found the light controls and dimmed
them, smiling to himself.

He closed the door and walked to the far wall, pressing his hands to the
thin film of warm water which flowed down over it. He leaned into that pose
relaxedly, sucking in the steamy air; feeling the slow, hot rain dribble
over his head and broad back, his long muscled legs and round muscular
ass. He let the water wash his hands clean, and sighed contentedly... all
it needed now was a firm set of fingers kneading his wet muscles, or
another tightly muscled body pressed against his own...

Garth opened his eyes and thought about this. Was he in the mood for a
girl... no. Not really. It would be straightforward enough to walk out and
pick up one of his swooning public, but frankly he wasn't in the mood to
play "Movie Star Stud" just now. Was he in the mood for a man... 'hmm, that
would do,' he thought to himself, with a firm set of muscles...hard body,
tight ass... but men required 'finesse', and he was more in the mood for a
rest than a challenge.

So he stood up and stretched, and then sat himself down on the hard tile
soaking shelf, and began to massage himself. He started with his rippled
calves, pressing with the flat of his fingers to knead and stir the firm
musculature. He worked them over, then kneaded his way up his powerful
thighs, stirring the idle blood, letting it flow back through his body with
the heat and moisture picked up from the steam. He gave his strong
thick-muscled arms the same treatment, then lay back on the shelf with his
cock flopping lazily between his legs. He closed his eyes and basked in the
heat and steam, hot drops of water speckling his muscles in a random,
relaxing rhythm, then dribbling warmly down over his body, penetrating
every curve and crevice. He sighed, reached down to his hips, touching his
naked penis with muscled palms. His tongue licked across his lips, drinking
in the suddenly tangy water as he began to stroke; hard muscles over soft
flesh. He sighed in pleasure and spread his legs as his groin responded,
the fat, fleshy organ growing larger and harder in his hand. He rested his
head on the tiles and moaned, his other hand joining in the game, tickling
his swollen, spherical testicles while he stroked and pulled, twisting the
sensitive helmet...He breathed in deeply and exhaled, savoring the hard
power of his shaft under his hand, the electric pleasures of masturbation;
teasing his seed orbs with deftly applied fingers, feeling every hot drop
of water that landed on his genitals and ran down, luxuriously, between his
legs and over his asshole...

Memories of sex flowed like liquid through his mind, of ravishingly lovely
girls' tight, warm and slick fleshy recesses and of hard-bodied jocks'
erect cocks, throbbing balls and madly clutching assholes... of tongues and
muscles brushing passionately over his maleness, of wild mountaintop
rutting and slow, sensual seductions. He smiled as he picked one. A
man... his first.

* * *

He cast back several years, remembering his twelfth-grade's volleyball
team. He was the star player, and team head; thus he would always be the
first to challenge the ball. He remembered the third blocker, whose
position was directly in front of him. A strongly built youth, a little
shorter than Garth, with light brown eyes and chestnut hair, dexterous
hands, a gentle mouth with a skilful tongue, and a firm lithe butt with a
tight hole which was never refused to him. He remembered that hole well
enough, but what was his name? Kale. The youth had other names, but Garth
had never asked them. He had always just called him Kale.

Garth remembered the third game they played that season. They had won both
prior games; they were a good, solid team of skilled players. All were old
team-mates but Kale, who was new to the area that season. He noticed Kale
because he was quiet... not like the boisterous and rowdy muscleheads that
frequented such sports; instead he was quiet and subdued... but capable and
alert. In the last quarter of that game he had botched a
challenge... sending the ball directly to the other team's strongest
member. They'd capitalized on his misjudgment, hammering the hard leather
ball straight back across the net, going for a fast mark. Kale moved fast
in order to block and the ball hit him in the face, knocking him down with
a hard SMACK! The ball bounced straight up with a spin, for a second
hanging in the air... Garth vaulted up and smashed the ball, driving it
hard down the opposing court, sending their team ducking as it whistled
past for another mark.

Kale was still sprawled on the ground, holding his head as he sat up
dizzily. Garth remembered he had smiled down at the youth, and extended a
muscled hand to help him up. Kale looked up and smiled thankfully... then
clasped his wide hand in Garth's and rose to stand facing him. The look
that passed between them... was more than gratitude. A combination of
thankfulness, and excitement, and nervousness. Garth couldn't quite place
it, but he knew that he liked it. For the rest of the match his attention
was evenly divided between watching the ball, and watching the muscular ass
of his third blocker...

In the locker room after the match, congratulations and praise were in
great abundance over their victory. Kale remained mostly quiet though, and
Garth found himself increasingly distracted by him. He delayed, fidgeting
with his equipment sack, folding his uniform... until the other four
players left, in a hurry to meet the girls that awaited them.

Girls awaited Garth too, as they always did; but as he slowly undressed his
eyes moved to settle on Kale... also changing very slowly. Garth studied
the wide shoulders, hard chest and tight muscles of his team-mate, and
thought to himself how bored he was of girls. He was sure he had them all,
and though all were good, they all felt the same. They cried at the same
times, they moaned in similar ways, they all would wrap their legs around
him while he enjoyed their secret places with his penis, giving in all too
easily... and after so many... sweet though the reward was, the challenge
began to seem almost trivial.

But now, Garth contemplated a new prize. Not a fire-fevered girl, but
another muscular athlete... and a team-mate, no less. Was he strong enough
to make another young jock bend-to before him? Was he so potent, that other
studs would be as women next to him?

It was certainly an interesting challenge.

Garth stood up straight, watching Kale remove his tight shorts. Kale moved
shiftily, nervously. Garth could tell that Kale was watching him. Already
naked, Garth slowly took a step forward; and then another, and a third,
until he stood directly before his team-mate. Kale turned to face him, clad
only in a small fabric cup. He had that same look about him,
excitement... and fear.

Garth looked Kale up and down, taking stock of the situation. He wasn't
supposed to do this... it was unheard of, and disgraceful. The subject of
locker room jokes and pranks, and the teasing words of 'bender'. It was
totally against all good judgement and convention, and in all likelihood
Kale would be shocked and unwilling and totally disgusted, as would the
rest of the community. Garth had no logical basis for believing that Kale
wouldn't just deck him right there.

All Garth had to go on was a look... and an instinct.

Garth stood there, naked, the picture of a strapping young jock, broad
shouldered, thick muscled thighs, big muscled butt. He looked over Kale's
taut, well-muscled body, the firm pecs, the strong abs, the smooth, supple
muscles; the stretched fabric of the cloth crotchcup. He stared at Kale's
crotch for a long moment... he saw the cup twitch.

"Bring it out," Garth said, pointing to Kale's crotch.

Garth's blood raced as he watched Kale obey without a sound of protest,
reaching into the thin cloth piece and pulling out his thick penis, draping
it over the waistband of the fabric, letting it hang out for Garth's
approval. Garth felt his testicles swell as he saw that his own maleness
was just a little bigger than the other's. Kale breathed in shakily as his
penis moved. The crowds and teams had all long gone home, the only sound in
the room was tense silence. Garth lifted his head and looked Kale directly
in the eye.

"Turn around," he softly said.

Kale sucked in a deep breath and slowly turned his powerfully muscled back
to Garth, toes cramping nervously against the stone floor. Garth watched
Kale's hard, spherical buttocks, teasingly hiding the realm between
them. Garth stepped forward and pressed his hot genital flesh against
Kale's tight butt, setting his hands heavily on the blocker's lean hips,
holding the muscular youth firmly. Kale looked back at him, almost shaking
with fear, and suddenly Garth realized where he had seen that look before
-- on the face of Dionne, the tender young maiden who'd been virgin when he
took her; she had looked as scared when he had moved himself on top of
her. Garth calmed Kale, nibbling the back of the muscleboy's thick neck,
and wondered, would this virgin ass be as sweet?

Kale's breath hissed out. He twisted testingly against Garth's grip, his
hands reaching back to touch the hard muscles behind him, his thick
muscular legs rubbing against the hard pillars of Garth's own legs. Garth's
heavy balls pulsed, and blood surged to his thick meat, which slowly began
to rise and harden, pressing against Kale's asscheeks.

Garth ceased nipping Kale's neck as he felt the young man gulp. Kale's eyes
were closed and he moved only to breathe now. Garth stroked his fingers
possessively down Kale's well-muscled chest and sides, then reached behind
Kale and tore the thong of the cloth cup off of the hard male buttocks. He
felt Kale shiver as he stroked a finger between them, teasing the tight
puckered asshole with the tip of a long digit. Garth positioned his penis
at the very door of Kale's tense body, then held Kale by the hips as he
pushed forward, working his surging erection into the blocker's muscular

Garth pushed against firm resistance, the rippling muscles of his arms
pulling the young hunk's spread buttocks back onto the fat cock head which
attempted to split them. Harder and harder he pressed, slowly forcing open
the tight anal sphincter, until with a suddenness that startled him,
Garth's lust-engorged penis penetrated Kale's body, abruptly sliding in
like a battering ram bursting wide the castle gates.

Kale's whole body tensed against the invasion, toes curling into the floor,
fingers digging in deep as they squeezed Garth's hips; his well-muscled
limbs quivering with jaw clenched tight, though to his credit he did not
cry out as his anal virginity was taken. Garth pressed his broad chest
against Kale's sweat-soaked back firmly; he held Kale's flat hips tighter,
controlling, as he pushed his fat cock all the way into Kale's body.

Garth remembered the sensation, the tightness and undamped heat of Kale's
fine virgin anus, the way Kale's whole body shook against his hard muscles
and pressed back against his granite penis, squeezing... squeezing... That
was when he had felt a tear rolling down Kale's face, rolling from tightly
shut eyes down a grimace of extreme pain.

Garth had leant over Kale, bending his team-mate forward slightly so he
could angle his own meat as deep up Kale's bowels as possible. He had held
the other young stud close to him so that the firm cheeks of Kale's ass
nestled into Garth's groin and Kale's meaty torso was covered with the
reassuring presence of his own muscular bulk, while the muscleboy silently
shook. Then he felt Kale shudder through a deep breath, and felt Kale's
anus relax, and fingers begin to explore his muscles again. Garth nuzzled
his team-mate, licking away a tear, and resumed his slow pumping inside.

Kale breathed deeply and silently rode Garth's cock, throat clutching up
with tears of growing pleasure and burning pain, his asshole clenching on
Garth's meaty tool, letting it up further inside of him. Garth groaned as
he pushed into his muscular team-mate, working his thick shaft in and out
of the tightly stretched anus before him, grrrowwling possessively as he
gripped his new fuck-buddy. His cock dominantly ploughed the muscular rump,
spreading Kale's ass around its formidable girth, boring deep into his
team-mate's hot guts with every thrust.

Garth savored the virgin asshole into which he forcefully plunged with
increasing speed, groaning with arousal as his penis reaped pleasure from
Kale's cloying tightness. He picked up the pace, spearing his cock into
Kale's anus lustfully, the thick shaft wedging its way through gripping
anal walls, while Kale took it all, the blocker's strong face a tight mask
of joy and hurt...

Garth panted onto Kale's neck, watching his team-mate's face intently as he
thoroughly drilled Kale's ass, the pleasures of the muscular youth's
tightness and warmth slowly working their way back up his shaft. He grunted
as he fucked the submissive muscleboy soundly, his heavy balls slapping
against the spread cheeks as he enjoyed the body of his new toy. He took
the young hunk like a woman, dominantly biting the back of Kale's thick
neck, scraping his fingers possessively over his team-mate's heaving chest,
his cockmeat slamming home with a building urgency in his swinging

As his mind began to become clouded by lust, he let his hands explore his
team-mate's body, taking sensual note of every hard surface, every rippling
muscle, everything that was not there on a girl... and finally he reached
down and gathered up Kale's genitals, firm, seed-laden balls in one hand,
jutting, rock-like erection in the other. He groped them as he slammed his
penis up the muscular youth's ass, revelling in the pleasures of fucking a
fellow athlete; the power, the lust, the sheer THRILL of owning another
jock so completely. With Kale's every movement, every lustful twitch,
Garth's arousal grew; other team members could talk about dominance, but
THIS... his penis was in total control of the other stud, commanding Kale's
body through powerful thrusts into his ass. Intoxicated by power and lust,
as his cock began to tingle he started to pull Kale's male member, firmly
jerking and viciously fucking the hapless young hunk until he felt the
youth's swollen seedsacs clench, and Kale groaned at last as the hard
maleness shot its seed at Garth's command.

As Kale's thickened sperm splattered onto the tile wall, the muscleboy's
whole body seemed to come down like a vise on Garth's shaft. The tingling
became a burning, quickly escalating to a fire, a fire which blazed out of
control and engulfed Garth's whole body. With a roar that shook the walls,
Garth grabbed Kale's sturdy muscled midsection as he drove one last hard
thrust, his grip bruising Kale's hips as he impaled his buddy to the hilt
on his erupting blowtorch. Over and over Garth blasted his pleasure into
his muscular team-mate's spasming asshole, his semen scorching Kale's
insides as the two strong youths writhed together.

Released from the electrifying climax, they collapsed onto the floor, the
two strong bodies still joined by Garth's softening shaft. Both athletes'
chests were heaving, their bodies soaked in perspiration. "God," panted
Kale, "I hope it's not a one time thing."

Garth chuckled hoarsely as he rose up on one elbow, carefully withdrawing
and turning Kale over. He leaned over Kale, drinking in every pore of the
muscleboy's hunky physique, his brazen appreciative gaze worshipping every
part of this naked young stud who had surrendered to his lust.

* * *

Garth moaned and twisted sensuously as he stroked his erect shaft faster,
holding that image firm in his mind. Pulling his thick meat he could almost
smell the sperm splattered on the wall, and the leathery mix of male musks
that clung to them after both cocks had serviced their masters. Oh, the
cocks, the clutching asshole, the tight balls bursting into billions of
tiny sperm, jocks writhing together... tongues, teeth, fingers and muscles
rubbing over hot phalli...

"Garth? Are you in here?" A strained, grating voice hailed him from beyond
the fog.

Garth growled and bashed his fist against the tile shelf. "Yesss, I am
here; but I might as well be in the middle of the stadium for all the
privacy it affords me!" Garth grimaced and put down his erection as Ellis,
Texica's Olympic coach, approached him through the steam.

The gritty man was nearly twice Garth's age, but he carried himself with
the air of a jock who had earned his position and was proud of it. Shirt
fabric was still pulled tight over thick muscles. Ellis was respected by
the team, for though possessed of less speed and dexterity than in his
youth, his long experience was quite often used to literally 'teach a
lesson' to those who thought themselves above his instruction. Still, it
was clear that his days as a competitor were over; his hair had grayed, and
he walked with a limp after his hip had been partially crushed by a Skadian
who had deliberately stamped on him during a wrestling match. The panel had
awarded him the fight, but it had been his last.

"At last I find you," Ellis grumbled. "Where have you been? Its almost time
for Chase's display on the rings, and I want your analysis of his

Garth snorted, rolling his head in irritation. No baby-sitting,
please. "Why? I have better things to do than point out his obvious

"Give the young one a chance, Garth. He's come a long way since you saw him

Garth hoped he had. Garth felt that the young jock's audition ten months
ago could best be described as comical; Chase had been about as graceful as
a mud brick. The youngster had been added to the team for his prodigious
time in the fifteen-length streak, an event in which Garth did not

Garth gritted his teeth. "My time would be better spent in preparation for
tomorrow's match."

"Three minutes of time and your opinion afterward, that will not interfere
with your 'strenuous preparation' here. I want a qualified outside opinion
of his progress and you are my choice."

"Get Jack to do it. They're friends."

"He looks up to you, Garth. It would do him good to see you in the
audience." Ellis fixed him with his dark eyes. "This is not about you,
Garth. This is about the newest member of the team and helping him feel
that he's part of us." The older man relaxed. "Don't do it for him or me,
Garth. Do it for the team."

Garth nodded. "For the team."

Ellis bared his teeth in a grin, and mock-saluted. "Get dressed and make
speed to the gym then." Garth nodded and sat up as Ellis left, mumbling
under his breath about young men and forgotten priorities.

When Garth arrived the Olympic gym was relatively quiet, as most of the
'star' jocks had already come and done their bit to boost the egos of their
nations. Now was the time for new arrivals, and as they performed they
would be compared to the greatest of all nations.

As he sat down with Ellis on the heavy wooden side benches, Chase came
forward and took his place below the rings. Garth studied the teenager's
lithe body and defined muscles, his hair an unremarkable sandy brown. He
moved his wide shoulders back and forth to loosen up, bending his
powerfully muscled legs as his muscular arms swung about. Garth noted that
Chase did seem to be a little more filled out in the upper body than
before, but still it seemed clear that his main focus was running.

As the announcer read out his name and affiliation in all five major
tongues, the young jock wrung his chalked hands nervously, doubtless
feeling vulnerable and exposed to be naked for the first time in front of
so many who expected so much. He searched the crowd for reassurance, for
escape, for faces and icons of confidence -- finally he found them sitting
there, and Ellis smiled and gave a fingers-wide gesture. Chase stared at
Garth for the longest time... until Garth nodded, and gestured for him to
proceed. It was time to begin the display.

Chase leaped into the air, grabbing the rings firmly. He swung his legs and
pulled himself up into an aerial handstand, then let his whole body swing
down from that position, using the rush of speed as energy for a dizzying
quick series of flips, swings, and spins.

Garth watched the routine with a growing sense of surprise. Indeed, the
youngster had improved -- to a far greater extent than Garth would have
given him credit for. Chase was dexterous, he was precise; he executed
motion after motion with speed and control. Garth found himself admiring
the cunning and audacity with which the youth performed flip after twist
after roll, qualities he prized in himself. He watched the young jock's
nude body closely, observing the ebb and pull of muscles beneath Chase'
youthfully supple skin; and suddenly seeing the youth's endowments in a
different light...

On the rings, Chase swung in a loop in preparation for his dismount. Garth
watched calmly as Chase flew forwards, attempting a daring triple-spin, but
his rotation was imperfect and he stumbled slightly as he landed on the
mat. That would cost him.

"Chase of Texica: Six marks and seven picks." A brilliant score by any
standard but Olympic. Garth wondered if Chase could feel his eyes on him,
admiring his youthful body as he left the mats...

"What did you think?" said Ellis.

Garth sucked his teeth, "Very nice..." then suddenly remembered to whom he
was talking. "Admirable improvement in such a short time. You have taught
him well."

"I have taught him acceptably. He has learned well." Ellis looked at
Garth. "I think it has helped him to have a role model." Garth looked back,
mildly surprised. "He used to watch you practice, then would come back and
try whatever you were doing. Pulled muscles more then once."

Garth sucked his teeth once again. "Perhaps then, congratulations are in

Ellis nodded. "I think he's earned them."

Garth sat for a moment. Then he rose and, after bowing to Ellis, turned and
sauntered off after Chase.

* * *

Garth's bare feet slapped on the tile floor as he entered the locker
room. Chase looked up from buckling his sandals, leaving them unfastened as
he sat up in surprise.

"Garth...hi!" Garth nodded in greeting. "I um, I noticed you watching
today..." Chase looked down. "I'm sorry I didn't get a better score. I hope
I didn't disappoint you."

Garth approached the youth, who slowly raised his hazel eyes. "You did
fine," Garth said with a grin. "I was impressed with how far you've come in
ten months."

"Really? You mean that?"

Garth nodded. "Mm-hm. Your execution of maneuvers was very technically

Chase smiled. "Thanks!" Then slumped a little. "The judges weren't very
impressed though."

"Your landing probably cost you a mark or most of one. You need to keep
tighter control over your legs when you flip. It's something you can work

"Thank you, um... Sir?"

The beefy jock chuckled. "Garth is fine."

"Thank you, Garth." Chase looked up to him. "But I don't think I'll ever be
as good as you are. They underscored you this morning, you deserved nine
marks at least."

Garth grinned at the junior jock. "You might if you have the right training

Chase' eyes opened wide. "A-Are you suggesting...?"

Garth nodded confidently. "Sure. Ellis tells me that you often watch me
practice, this way you can get better feedback, I can correct you as you
go. And at the rate you're improving, I'll have to stay at a run to keep
ahead of you." He smiled.

Chase jumped up onto the bench and back-flipped onto the floor! "Yesss!
Yesss! Oh wow, thank you so much, Garth!" Chase leaped the bench and gave
his new mentor a powerful hug! "I'll be your best training partner -

Garth grunted in surprise, and patted the eager youth on the
back. "Certainly the most enthusiastic."

Chase was practically bouncing with glee. "When do we start?"

"It's never the wrong time to learn, 'partner'." Garth grinned
toothily. "That's the first lesson."

Chase nodded and smiled, looking like he felt about ten feet tall. "What's
the next?"

Garth thought for a moment, looking his protege over. "The next lesson,
requires demonstration. It will help your confidence when you are standing
all alone and naked before the audience." He put a hand on Chase'
shoulder. "It will make you feel better about your body, more... desired."
Garth let his fingertips run down the youth's arm, feeling the tight

Chase turned to watch Garth's light touch glide down his forearm, shivering
a little as Garth fingertips passed over the back of his hand. "Go on.."

"First of all you must trust me, Chase." The young jock looked up into the
eyes of his idol, and found himself pinned there, his eyes held even as
Garth gripped his idle hand. "You have to accept and be open to everything
I tell you, because I'll not have your harm on my conscience if you can't
cope with it." Chase blinked. "Do you understand?"

"Yes..." the youth said hesitantly. "I'll do anything to be like you,
Garth. I'll do anything."

Garth smiled. "Are you open to weirdness?"

Chase visibly relaxed. "I'm open to weirdness."

Garth nodded, and stood up before his pupil. "Take a look at my body,
Chase." He pulled off his shirt, exposing the thick muscles of his chest
and arms, the meaty v-taper of his glorious form. Then, he hooked his third
finger into his shorts and hiked them down off of his hips, exposing his
powerful thighs and his semi-hard, thick penis. He widened his stance and
set his hands on his hips, his muscles rippling as he showed off his
perfect body to Chase.

The younger jock gulped. "Wow."

Garth shifted a bit, letting the student watch his tight muscles flex and
move, the powerful cheeks of his muscular ass clench and relax, his veined
jock manhood and heavy balls swaying hypnotically below his hips as he
moved. "Do you want this body of mine?"

"Um, well, I..." Chase croaked, "Um -- yes. Yes I wish I had your body,
sir. I'm just skin and bones compared to you. And your skills. I just can't
come close. And it's everything about you, the way you walk, the way you
talk; everything you say and do is so perfectly... Garth, and all I can be
is just Chase. You're my idol, sir; I envy everything about you. I wish I
was like you."

Garth smiled and ruffled the top of Chase's hair. "It takes courage to
admit that you envy someone, kid. A lot of people can't do that."

Chase nodded. "It's hard not to envy someone with a... thing as big as
yours is," he said, nodding towards Garth's suggestively prominent
member. "Not that I've seen many," he hastily added.

"What does this body make you want to do?" Garth spoke carefully,
monitoring Chase's statement as he responded, hesitating before speaking.

"Work out. Like I said I wish I could have it."

"Have it for what?"

"Umm..." the youth had to think for a moment. "Attracting girls? I

"You don't sound very sure about that."

Chase blinked, thrown a little askew. "Well, what else would I want it

Garth grinned. "Well, when I see a girl with a great body, it makes my dick
rise and I want to fuck her, hard and good. An erection is the ultimate
compliment a man can give a woman, Chase... or another man."

Chase just gaped at Garth, unable to believe his ears. "So you're saying
that I want... to fuck you? Like a woman??"

Garth smiled toothily. "Well, do you?" He stretched as he spoke, his long
muscular legs apart, displaying the area between them to the wide-eyed

"I-It's beautiful..." Chase breathed in deeply, his eyes following his
idol's heavy-hanging studhood.

Garth whispered to his student conspiratorially. "You can touch it if you

Chase stared down at the thick masculine tube, his eyes wide as if they
needed stretching to behold it all. He held his breath as he reached out
slowly with his fingers, and softly touched the still pliant male
cockflesh. "It's hot," he said at last.

"It will get hotter," said Garth, as he lay his fingers on Chase's
shoulder, "if you want it to."

Chase stared at it wantonly, his mouth quivering, "oh, but you'd never let
me... fuck you! It just - - it just doesn't happen that way." The junior
jock looked away, flushed and embarrassed.

"Oh, I'd let you..." Chase looked up, totally astounded. "If you really
want to worship this body, Chase." Garth sighed deeply, pushing his heated
cudgel through the trembling hand that held it. "You can fuck me."

Chase gaped. "Garth I--I don't know what to say..."

Garth took his pupil's head gently in his hands and lifted it up. "Say
you'll let me fuck you too."

"You -- want me?"

Garth nodded. "Yes, Chase. I like your body and I want to worship it by
pushing my shaft up inside of you." He grinned, staring down at the
prominent bulge in the young jock's shorts. "Do you think you can take that
kind of compliment?"

The young man nodded, his pulse racing. "You know I'd do anything for you,

Garth flashed a predatory smile. "Well, I've already shown you mine. How
'bout I see yours?"

Chase gulped nervously and stood, looking into Garth's eyes briefly before
pulling his shorts down and stepping out of them. His penis buoyed up erect
as he kicked them away, his scrotum pulled tight against his youthful
body. He stared back at Garth, and Garth looked back at him, rumbling deep
in his throat. The tight-muscled older jock brushed his fingers over
Chase's lean hips, and the younger man looked down to watch Garth's heavy
hand explore his body.

Garth's member pulsed in Chase's hand, and the junior jock watched in awe
as the thick tool inflated; potent stud's male meat responding to his
virgin touch. He stroked it as it grew harder and hotter, filling with rich
blood from the heart and potent lust from the testes. The rod of might
leaked from its tip, a drop of clear fluid oozing onto Chase's hand.

Garth smiled and slid his hands over the youth's naked skin, smoothly
stroking tight thigh and hip muscles, tickling the hard buttocks with his

"Your body pleases me," Garth whispered, enjoying Chase' youthfully supple
muscles with his fingers. "It's very firm."

Chase tensed his buttocks, but also smiled. "Thank you," he said, "I'm glad
you approve of it." He breathed in and wiggled when Garth slid his fingers
down beneath his muscular asscheeks.

"Just loosen up for it," Garth said quietly; Chase moaned as his anus was
teased. "The tenser your backdoor is the more it hurts."

Chase looked up at him questioningly, shifting his hips about nervously as
Garth played with his firm rump. He breathed heavily. "S-so you're gonna
fuck me up the butt?" Garth nodded, and there was a long pause, while he
probed the muscular youth's anus with a fingertip. "Does it hurt a lot?

Garth nodded. "Later on it gets better, but the first time it'll hurt like
nothing you've seen before." Garth gripped his student's tight spherical
cheeks, as he rubbed their cocks together. "But I want to fuck you so
bad... Do you think your ass is ready for my dick?" His penis fenced with
Chase's, and brushed against the boy's balls. Chase looked
apprehensive. Garth pulled back. "You don't have to if you don't think
you're able."

Chase hurriedly stepped forward into his idol's powerful arms. "I can take
it! My ass is ready to be fucked by you!" The young man gulped, hoping he
was telling the truth.

Garth sucked his teeth and released his pupil. "Okay, have a seat, then."
He gestured to a wide padded bench and the nervous young jock sat
down. "Lay on your back, you'll find that easiest." Chase did as he was
told, arms hanging backwards to grip the back supports of the bench, and
legs raised in the air leaving his virgin-tight pucker bare and
exposed. Garth walked over to him, staring at the clean backdoor and
reflecting on life's sweet rewards as his erection pulsed, swaying through
the air in front of him.

Garth grabbed the youth's strong ankles firmly, pushing his muscular legs
apart and back as he looked down at his prize with a lustful grin. His cock
throbbed potently over Chase's male decorations, and a young virgin butt
lay spread awaiting his penetration. Little point in keeping it waiting. He
aimed his cock at the doorway, breathed deep with arousal, and said "Get
ready; I'm going to push it in fast to get the hurting over with..." Chase
barely had time to nod an acknowledgement before Garth rammed his cockhead
against the defenseless rose, driving the cap in one mighty shove.

"AAH SHIT!!" Chase yelled as his flower was broken. "OH GODS OH MOMMA THAT
*HURTS!*" His butt spasmed, attempting to repel the invader.

"Keep with it," Garth grunted, then fucked his fat colossus in still
further, pushing inch after granite-hard inch of cock into the tight

Chase cried out! "OH, GOD! OH, GOD! NO FURTHER, PLEASE STOP!" He whimpered,
"Garth...!" as he fought the muscular jock for control of his legs, trying
to stop the horrible burning pain in his ass.

Garth paused, half his cock already up the tender asschute. "Chase, your
ass is so tight... feels SO good to be in you. Your body is desirable,
Chase; I want to go all the way... but if you don't want me in you..."

"NO!" Chase said, then groaned in pain. "I.. I can take you... fuck shit
damn it hurts a lot... ow... I -- can take it though -- keep
going. Please."

Chase gasped for breath and let his head loll back, dangling over the side
of the bench as Garth gripped him by the thighs, pulling the youth's
plundered rump closer to him as he resumed his violent penetration.

Garth grrrrowled as he worked his fuckstick in all the way, forcefully
spreading the younger jock's virgin rectum to accommodate his great penile
girth. His powerful balls dangled low, the great sac brushing the back of
Chase's thickly muscled thighs as Garth worked his shaft around in the
hole, moaning in pleasure while Chase moaned in pain. Garth pulled back and
fucked in again, eliciting another groan from his spread butt-buddy. Garth
looked down at the quivering, coldly sweating body of his mount, and saw
that despite the youth's protestations he had leaked a small pool of precum
onto his rippled belly. Garth smiled toothily and pumped his pupil hard,
his wide tool powering its way through Chase's bowels, his hard seedsacs
slapping the youth's tender ass with each thrust. Chase was still vocal in
his pain, though the moans and sobs were slowly softening into grunts and
whimpers. "How are you doing?" Garth asked between thrusts.

"It's getting -- better," Chase said breathlessly. "My ass -- my sphincter
feels almost numb, I can't feel anything down there anymore..." Chase
choked and spluttered, then lifted his head up to clear his throat. He was
panting, his face streaked with tears of pain. "*Uurrgh* I can feel you in
me though," he said, blearily looking down his body, seeing his limp dick
and testicles dangling loosely up top while Garth reamed his pretty pucker
down below.

"Blood rushes in my ears -- every time you fuck me. And your dick, as it
slides through my guts... oh shit; I like it!" The tender jock coughed and
choked, then returned to a low groan/grumbling, but this time less for the
pain, than for the pleasure. "Oh, Garth; please, touch my dick..."

Garth grinned to himself; and while he took his pleasure in the hot guts of
his apprentice, he reached down and picked up the soft phallus, letting his
other hand hold both of his young student's ankles up. Chase whimpered, his
penis responding to the touch in its sensitive state, it was like he could
feel each and every one of Garth's fingers on his shaft, stroking it
gently, fingertips teasing the head. All the while the hard-bodied older
jock plundered his tight ass, Chase's guts stroked by hard and leaking

Garth leaned his head back and growled, the youth's ass becoming ever
tighter, ever more gripping and cloying. His heavy balls sloshed with
unspent seed, banging the now flaming-red anus that he pushed his fucker
through. He grunted as Chase groaned, the fat head of his cock stroking the
tender jock's virgin prostate, young sweet precum leaking out over his hand
as his student's balls bounced with each powerful thrust.

Chase gasped and panted, his head reeling dizzily, his balls throbbing in
time to Garth's ever- increasing sexual pitch and his ass felt so alive; so
good to be fucked! He groaned as he began to tremble, "Oh, Garth,
god... you're gonna make me do it, oh god." He felt pushed and pulled
towards heaven all at once, as the huge male member filled his ass to the
hilt and balls banged his ass, a muscled hand tugged deftly on his cock and
his seedsacs bouncing with screaming sperm, "Oh God!! Here it comes--!!
UUuaaRRgGGhhh!!!-- Hh-aahh!!" With a tumultuous spasm his body erupted,
testicles clenching as his hot, simmering sperm spurted out from his dick,
his maleness coating Garth's hand as his ass bore down on the powerful

Garth's throbbing cockshaft endured the incredible tightness for a few
seconds only, before his grunts vaulted into a great roar of passion, his
tingling member blasting the boiling milk of his balls deep into Chase's
young and supple, virgin body. They both rocked with the force of twin
orgasms, groaning and moaning from the pleasures torturing their muscular

Long minutes passed while the semen-slickened jocks panted, slowly
regaining coherence and control as their hot bodies cooled. Garth slid his
fingers down Chase's leg, feeling the stiff muscles of his exhausted
protege. He smiled, pulling his softening penis free with a wet squish.

Chase groaned, his head hanging over the back of the bench, his cock draped
limply in a pool of his own juices. With some effort he moved down so he
could lay his head on the padded surface, allowing his body some time to
recover while his mind drifted in a post-euphoric fuzz. "So, Garth... what
happens now?" he asked quietly, his eyes staring vacantly at the ceiling,
speaking as if in trance.

"Hm?" said Garth, already drying off his penis with a sweatcloth. "What do
you mean?"

"Well; am I a bender now?"

"Yep," Garth answered as he pulled on his pants. "I am too, and personally
I've enjoyed the experience." Garth reached down and tossed the
sperm-soaked towel to the splayed youngster. "You should wipe."

Chase watched as the fabric alighted on his belly with a soft splat, and
calmly picked it up. "You know, I enjoyed it too," he said as he began to
mop. "In fact, I don't think I'll ever need to have anything else."

Garth had to laugh out loud at that one. "Oh, kid; I know I'm good but I'm
not THAT good." He pulled on his shirt and smiled down at the youth. "You
just keep your eyes opened and your pants unzipped; you'll be amazed what
just walks up and says hi."

Chase smiled, tossing the sperm-caked cloth into the laundry
hamper. "Yeah... I think for now I'll just get some sleep, though."

Garth nodded. "You do that, kid. S'been a big day for you." He turned to
leave, but was stopped by Chase as he neared the door.


He turned. "Yeah?"

"I think this may be the best day of my life, Garth."

Garth just rolled his eyes and chuckled. "You wait, kid; it only gets
better from here." He watched Chase grin and give a fingers-wide, and then
he left.

* * *

The next morning Garth awoke coughing and spluttering and wet. He rubbed
the water out of his eyes to see another jock standing over him,
silhouetted in the light of the door to his room. It was Jack, from the
relay group, holding an empty bucket.

"Ellis wants to see you," he said sternly, "right now."

Garth gave Jack a dark look but said nothing, then rose and dressed as
commanded. He followed his team-mate to Ellis' office and entered. Jack did
not follow him in.

Ellis was waiting for him, sitting opposite the door at his large wooden
desk. "You wanted to see me?" Garth said, nonchalantly leaning against the

"I wanted to talk to you, yes," Ellis said without looking up, "but if I
could have my wish I would never look upon your sickly smirking face
again." Ellis rose, and pinned Garth to the cold wall with a piercing,
accusatory stare. "You are a disgrace to your country, your team and to
yourself." Ellis snarled. "Bender."

Garth sneered at him, stepping towards the older man. "And upon what do you
base this officiated gossip, old man?"

"I base it upon that poor young Chase can barely walk!" Ellis yelled,
slamming his fist on the desk, making pencils and papers jump. "I base it
on the fact that ten people heard screams coming from the lockers yesterday
afternoon; I base it on the sodden cloth caked in blood and feces and sperm
that was found this morning in the laundry!" Ellis waved a slicing finger
at Garth. "You are disgusting, and weak; this team has no room for
degenerates such as yourself."

Garth leaned over the desk, waving his fist at his superior. "If you doubt
my strength I invite you to test it, granddad! And I fail to see what
business you have meddling in my personal affairs!"

"IDIOT!" Ellis roared. "Did it not occur to your diseased mind that Chase
must run a race tomorrow?! The doctor has given him a salve that hopefully
will help his injury, but if I think for even one moment that you have cost
us a medal, your athletic career will instantly be over!"

"And why should I be expected to know of events that don't concern me?"
Garth demanded. "Chase is mature enough and strong enough to make such
decisions for himself."

"He is only eighteen summers, foul temptress! And he worshiped you! He
would have leaped from the tall spire had you invited him!" Ellis snarled
and spat his words, wielding them like daggers with which to cut Garth
down. "And I suppose you haven't considered that as an Olympian, your
actions reflect on all of Texica? Can you imagine the chaos that would
result if the public knew?! It would be scandal! It would be outrage! The
people will never accept a limp- wristed faggot like yourself as their
champion. They would lose all faith in the symbols that they believe in,
there would be discontent and marching in the streets!"

Garth clenched his teeth, gripping the desk and leaning threateningly over
the shorter man, his nails digging into the wood. "And what are you going
to do? Spank me?"

The coach growled, meeting Garth's angry gaze. "Were my actions not also a
matter for public concern, I wouldn't hesitate to stuff you back in your
suitcase and kick you back to Hell!" For a long moment they stared at each
other across the desk, each inches away from attacking his
team-mate. Finally Ellis sat down, continuing to scowl at Garth. "But
again, that would be scandal. You are fortunate without cause that you have
been shown to Texica as one of its heroes! To protect the reputation of the
games, this disgrace shall go unspoken and you shall make yourself normal
immediately! Your weak and inferior nature shall not be the cause of
anarchy, Garth -- I shall be watching you."

Garth grunted. "It shall take a stronger man than you to change me."

"If you are not strong enough to change yourself, then Texica can do
without you!" Ellis growled. "Now get out!"

Garth sneered, "I think I shall. The air in here does not breathe clean."
Ellis fumed as he turned to leave. But with the door half open, Garth
paused and turned -- "Y'know what I think, granddad," he grinned. "I think
you're just mad that I didn't pick you."

Garth grinned viciously and left, leaving Ellis trembling like a volcano
about to burst. Seconds after the door slammed shut, Ellis yelled his rage,
echoing throughout the complex; and smashed his desk with his heavy fists.

Garth smiled to himself... then frowned. Trumped-up as he was, Ellis did
have the power to make life unpleasant for him if he chose. Garth decided
to head for the weight room. It was productive time, and working out always
helped him think.

His team-mates greeted him with usual candor, but also with a quiet
restraint; either accurate or partial news had travelled fast. Perhaps they
had heard him and Chase in the lockers, perhaps they heard that Ellis had
words with him. Perhaps they heard simply that something was up. He elected
not to enlighten them at this time.

Later today Garth was scheduled for a force-combat match with an
experienced Skadian. An edge in stamina would be the deciding factor in
such an event, and thus Garth selected a training bar of medium weight. He
stood in the middle of the mirrored room and began to squat-and-lift it
above his head repeatedly, noting his old record of 100 reps for this

Garth mulled over Ellis' words. The threat of banning him from competition
had not been an idle one, the influence of an Olympic coach was
far-reaching. But Garth did have one thing in his favor -- the people loved
him. Texica worshiped him. He was their Adonis; their Hercules. Such a
well-known personality could not lightly be tossed aside, and it was only
for this reason that he had been spared a disgraceful expulsion.

Garth grunted at 15 reps. If there was anything he found distasteful about
the Olympics, it was the way it all inevitably became embroiled in
politics. The Skadians underscored their opponents to boost their citizens'
egos, and no one campaigned against the practice for fear of laying the
groundwork for a new war. To succeed in the Olympics, you had to be more
than a competitor, you had to be a spectacle -- or you wouldn't be back
next year. It sickened him the way it was all taken so out of context; he
was vying for a medal, not challenging for President. How ironic that the
one aspect of the games he could do without was the one thing protecting
him from the homophobic numskulls in charge. This year. By next season they
may have solved this problem, one way or the other.

30 reps. Garth began to breathe deeply. He could not allow that. He had to
ensure that he couldn't be quietly removed from the scene in the
off-season. Also, he would not bow to the head coach's demand that he give
up the pleasures of other jocks. Garth of all people! He could no more
remain celibate than art could remain unappreciated; the citizens of Texica
deserved to have his body.

At 45 reps Garth started to sweat slightly, considering the possible
courses of action open to him. The elegant solution would solve both
problems, but was one such available? He could do nothing, but that would
solve nothing. He could escape to another land more indulgent to his
tastes. He banished the thought almost as it came to him. He would not run
from his problems.

60 reps was where casual athletes stop, but Garth kept up the pace with
only slight shortness of breath. He attempted to analyze the issue. What
was the problem? The people would not accept his drives. The obvious
solution then, would be to make them accept. But how to do that? They
believed such habits were a sign of weakness, therefore he must associate
them with strength.

Garth hefted his weight bar again and again, his mind at a loss for
ideas. Suddenly as he began to pant and sweat profusely, his muscles
straining from the exertion, an idea formed in his air- hungry mind. Would
it work? He wasn't sure. Did it have any chance at all? After all it would
mean changing the minds of Texicans everywhere. Could he be convincing

Garth set down his weight bar, gulping air. 110 reps.

Could he change the world...

Garth smiled.

It was sure to be an interesting challenge.

* * *

The slap of feet on polished wood was utterly drowned by the swell of
cheers and victory shouts as Garth re-entered the gym. He strutted proudly
forward, grinning at the throng as he approached the thick wrestling
mat. Garth took a moment to stretch himself fully, doing a few pushups and
a quick flip for the benefit of the audience while his opponent approached.

Garth was faced with a green-eyed blond-haired Skadian. He was stockier and
shorter in height than Garth, with wide lats and beefy pecs, broad
shoulders, powerful arms, and thick trunks for legs. Of more critical
importance to Garth was the Skadian wrestler's reputation for
endurance. The heavyset fighter before him looked prepared to outlast the
mountains themselves. Fortunately Garth had a plan to deal with that...

"Force combat elimination round 3," the unseen announcer read. "Garth of
Texica, versus Tryg of Skadia."

A pair of judges took their places on either side of the mat and motioned
for the competitors to take their places. Garth sauntered up. After a count
of three, the judges clapped two blocks of wood together, signaling with a
loud clop the start of the match.

Garth stepped into the ring and assumed a neutral stance, as did his
opponent. Garth smiled cheerfully, watching the Skadian study Garth's firm
musculature, the rippling muscles beneath the smooth skin. Garth used this
brief time to fully drink in Tryg's brawny body. The Skadian was
well-endowed, his cock maybe shorter than Garth's own but just as thick,
with a large pair of spherical balls. Probably quite a stud back in Skadia,
Garth thought. Garth contemplated the full, firm butt that could bring him
so much pleasure. Tryg's ass was two perfect ovals of muscular flesh. Never
taking his eyes off his opponent, Garth reached down between his own
muscular thighs. The legion of spectators murmured as Garth pulled slowly
on his fleshy organ, watching as the jock's eyes drifted down to his
crotch... oh, this was going to be too easy.

The two muscular jocks circled each other, Garth stepping foot-by-foot,
subtly closing the gap between them while his opponent's eyes dallied on
his slowly firming cockflesh.

Garth noted every twitch of shoulders, every purse of his opponent's lips;
while in Tryg's eyes Garth's heavy sexual weapon grew larger and larger and
harder and hotter as it was delicately caressed by Garth's fingers, until
it loomed so large Tryg felt he could reach out and touch it...

Suddenly Garth's hand lashed out like a striking viper, grabbing Tryg
behind the knee and yanking up hard! The Skadian bellowed in surprise as he
was thrown, by luck managing to hit Garth with the heel of one foot before
he fell on his back. Garth grunted and recoiled from the heavy blow, giving
his opponent just time enough to rise and lunge for the other fighter's
legs. Garth jumped and Tryg fell on his stomach, clutching empty air as
Garth, with reflexes fine- tuned by years of experience, somersaulted while
airborne to land behind the Skadian. He spun around and threw himself onto
his opponent as the Skadian started to rise, slamming into Tryg's left side
and pressing him against the mat. Garth waited until his opponent pushed
himself up onto his hands and knees again, then made his move. He grabbed
Tryg's neck in an elbow-lock and slid his knee between the other wrestler's
legs, and then rolled the Skadian onto his side with his left arm pinned
under him and his legs spread. And then, without warning, Garth power-
punched his still-rigid cockshaft hard into the other fighter's vulnerable

The Skadian's eyes bulged out of their sockets as Garth's powerful tool was
shoved into his rectum. He bellowed in pain and total
shock. "AAAAAIIIGGHH!!" he croaked, screaming as his tightly muscled butt
was forced wide! He struggled, but his left arm was held fast, and his left
leg trapped by Garth's weight; his free arm flailed as he tried to grab
Garth but he could find no purchase. The unwanted feeling of a hot shaft
sliding up his ass, into his body, through his guts, filled Tryg's
mind. "Losh de Texicar diovel vey von mi - HILFFFF..." Tryg moaned, a
desperate cry for intervention.

The crowd was totally silent. The judges stared wide-mouthed in
bewilderment. This was something weird, seeing one jock conquer another and
taking his prize. And then, from some far corner of the gym, a
faintly-heard shout drifted over the floor -- "Yeah, show that weak-dick
Skadian some POWER!"

Garth flashed a predatory grin as the crowd began to loose control, fans
rooting, Skadians hollering, cameras flashing everywhere as his cockshaft
plunged deep between his opponent's muscular cheeks. And then he grabbed
the Skadian wrestler's thick cock and began jerking it off as fast as he

Tryg screamed as his genitals were violated! "Gott NEIIII!" he yelled,
shocked and in total disbelief. This couldn't be happening to him! It was
impossible! His muscular ass had been penetrated, his maleness brutally
taken by another man. Now even his prized loins were at this devil's
command, forced into arousal by this randy Texican muscleman!

Garth's fingers curled tightly around Tryg's quickly rising erection,
sliding over sensitive genital flesh, knuckles rapping the other's tight
testicles as they bounced with the rhythm. He fucked the Skadian's ripe ass
raw, fighting the rising pressure in his balls while he violently milked
his opponent's staff, choking the other musclestud while draining him of
all his fighting energy.

Tryg didn't know what to think as the pain changed into pleasure. His mind
couldn't accept that another stud's dick could feel so good. He gasped for
breath, his eyes near to tearing; he could barely move or resist and hardly
breathe. So unthinkable... that the entire arena should see him being
skewered by his opponent, that he should like it.

And then without warning Tryg's body betrayed him, his loins were abruptly
on fire with sensation; his tight balls clenching! His hard cock throbbing!
Tryg's mind reeled and spun wildly. His body convulsed and he cried out,
groaning as his seed spilled forth; the precious sperm he had been saving
for his adoring female fans spraying impotently onto the mat, so that all
the planet could see the completeness of his humiliation.

Garth grunted as his enemy writhed on his penis, then clenched his teeth as
the muscled ass surrounding him clenched and throbbed, trying to pull his
balls out through his cock. Until at last Garth's restraint was rewarded,
Tryg collapsing limp and jellylike as the Skadian abandoned himself to this
humiliation. Garth wasted no time in forcing his exhausted opponent onto
his belly, pinning both his shoulders to the mat for the judges' count of
three as he used the floor as leverage to pound into the other jock with
brutal force.

As the judges ended the match with the painful clack of wooden bricks, Tryg
couldn't stop the groan that vibrated through him. What would they do to
him back home? To merely fail was bad enough, but to be totally disgraced
in this manner... He could not comprehend how he had fallen so easily; and
he could not imagine that he could have liked it so much.

The body Tryg had constructed so proudly was now at the whim of the Texican
stud, the inside of him speared into submission by Garth's great thrusting
sword. Sweat glistened on Garth's muscular frame as he pounded harder and
harder, reveling in Tryg's surrender, piercing the other wrestler's tight
asshole with no-holds-barred vigor. The large muscles in Garth's body
undulated and flexed as he fucked Tryg mercilessly, while Tryg whimpered
pitifully with each brutal thrust. The legs Tryg had thought so powerful
were spread wide to provide easier access to the conquered fighter's
swollen entrance, while Garth's own powerful legs showed themselves handy
for the jack-rabbit motions he made as he drove his huge dick inside his
brawny opponent over and over, deep and hard.

Finally, Garth slammed into Tryg one final time, howling as he finished
himself off in the vanquished wrestler's muscular rump. Garth's roar echoed
in Tryg's ears as his conqueror's hot seed poured into his body, swamping
the inflamed rectum with white clotted liquid and mixing with the blood
from his torn inner walls. And then Tryg's battered mind could stand no
more and he lost consciousness, fading away into perhaps more peaceful

The two fighters lay together on the ground as Garth rested a moment,
enjoying the pleasant feeling of his slowly softening cock still buried
inside Tryg's flaming channel. Then Garth yanked the length of his bloodied
cock out of the tight clinging ass. Standing up, Garth put one bare foot on
the round muscular cheeks of the ass that he had raped, cocked his bulging
arms, and screamed a victory cry, amplified a hundredfold by his fans
throughout the crowd as they went wild with approval.

* * *

Two days later, Garth again stood in Ellis' office, facing his stern
superior across the desk. Garth smiled, holding his hands behind him in
mock-courtesy. "You have summoned, I have come, O wizened one."

"Well I'm glad that you still do some things when ordered to," Ellis said
calmly. "You quite expertly disobeyed my instructions the other day."

Garth stiffened. "When I'm faced with an obstacle, I don't give into it, as
you would have me do," he said with equal measured calm. "I fight and I
struggle until I have bested it. That is why I've become the best."

Ellis sat silently. "You make life difficult for those of us with
responsibilities with your careless and immoral behavior. If you value your
country you will stop."

"I'm not here to make your life easy, Ellis." Garth crossed his arms. "I am
here to compete in contests of strength and agility and skill; if you want
to use my success as political leverage you do so at your own risk. I am
not your pet athlete."

"And how am I supposed to manage the Olympic team when half my athletes
either refuse to work with you or are afraid for their assholes?! YOU
forget that your team-mates do not amount to your personal harem!"

Garth offhandedly began to clean his nails, mildly amused by Ellis' show of
indignation. "Oh, that's such a disappointment. I thought you were up to
the task of managing my personal harem."

Ellis pounded his fist on his solid desk. "SHUT UP!!"

"Ellis, I am not about to rape anybody. As I'm sure you saw the other day,
that would be less than a challenge." Garth smirked. Ellis simmered. "And
quite frankly, not worth the bother of going through all this every day. I
told you, Chase wanted to bend before me; I will not have jocks -- or girls
-- that do not. The match was a demonstration. Chase was the reality and by
the way, give him my congratulations on his impressive win yesterday."

"A fine demonstration! The Skadian diplomats have been screaming at the top
of their lungs for justice! Texica is now seen everywhere as a nation of

"Let them scream." Garth waved a hand casually.

Ellis leaned back heavily in his chair, scowling at the jock. "I can see
that political knowledge is as scarce as a decent impulse in that diseased
organ you call a brain. But believe me, that we have lost much face and I
hope that you're happy about it."

"Oh, feel free to discipline me however you like. Just check with my public
first. They have their own opinions about me now."

"I'm aware of that, you pervert!" Ellis jabbed a finger at Garth. "Let's
see what they think of you once our team starts to lose because you have
shattered everybody's trust in one another!"

"What? Surely the greatest team-builder in all Texica is up to a little
challenge? He who can devise such wonderful battle tactics must surely have
some trick up his sleeve."

"Publicly assigning me credit for your disgusting stunt is a humiliation we
will discuss at a later time! My job is not about challenge!" Ellis leaned
back. "This is about winning; and it's about making the best possible
team. Because of the feelings of the others those goals may be

"You'll manage it. I have faith in you."

Ellis paused, somewhat taken aback. "If only you would show that faith
then, by doing as I tell you."

Garth stood firm, very serious. "Ellis, I can't obey your orders when they
shackle and enslave my nature. But I'll make you a deal. If you wish I
won't discuss it or bring it up in any way, unless the subject is brought
before me. I'll do my thing only with those who are already at ease with
it, and I'll do my best to keep it from interfering with your job. Can you
handle that?"

Ellis sat silent for a long moment, watching Garth, his nails drumming
thoughtfully on the marble desktop.

"I don't like making compromises where it concerns my team, Garth," he
said, "but because of the difficult position you have put us all in I have
little choice."

Garth bared his teeth. "By the next Olympics we'll see which of us is
right. And if you are... I'll apologize."

Ellis grunted. "Ever the sportsman."

Garth nodded. "Am I dismissed?"

"Yes, but for one thing. Someone is waiting for you in your room, on
official business." Ellis looked at Garth sternly. "I hope for your sake
that he is as forgiving as I am."

That unnerved Garth. Someone from the governing committee was here to speak
with him directly? No phone call, no form letter? Perhaps his deed was as
far-reaching as Ellis had claimed. Without further word, Garth turned and

As Garth strode through the halls to his private quarters, his mind raced
with questions. Who could it be? What did they want? What in the stars was
so important that they would travel hundreds of kilometers to speak to him
personally? Public visits by high committee members were not remarkable,
but a secret meeting such as this? Garth shook his head in puzzlement.

As Garth neared his room he could see that the door was indeed flanked by
two burly guards in government security garb. They opened the door for him
without question or explanation, revealing a darkened interior. Garth
stepped inside somewhat hesitantly, and the door was closed behind him with
the clicking of a lock.

As his eyes began to adjust to the darkness, the reading lamp by his bed
was turned on, silhouetting a seated figure. Garth blinked and stared as
the figure turned the light on himself, illuminating the face of none other
than Tryg, the Skadian he had wrestled with and raped in the gymnasium! His
former opponent raised a hand in a Skadian salute. "Halu, Garth."

Garth was stunned! How was this possible? He crossed his arms and spoke
sternly, "What in the stars is going on here?? What do you want?" Garth
watched Tryg look down and flip through a Texican phrase book, apparently
looking up a word. He found it, set the book down next to the lamp, and
grinned at Garth.


Without further word the Skadian hooked his thumbs into his waistband,
peeling off his shorts to reveal his rampant penis underneath. Garth

Another interesting challenge...

Kicking off his sandals, Garth removed his filmy team shirt with one hand,
stripping off his shorts with the other to free his already enlarged
cock. Tryg stood up from the bed and took his shirt off. The warm golden
light from the bedside lamp caressed the hard curves of the Skadian's body.

The two fighters approached and faced each other, two fine specimens of
jock flesh. They stared at each other's muscular body appreciatively, their
rigid cocks pointed at each other like swords, powerful and thick, heavy
with blood. Their gazes locked, both frozen, unmoving, as they stared deep
into each other's eyes. Then both men grabbed each other and wrestled onto
the floor.

The two men engaged in a torrid wrestling match. To the victor would belong
the loser. Garth felt his cock pressed against Tryg's as they fought on the
ground, muscle straining against muscle, their legs wrapped around each
other, chests pressed tightly together. They rolled on the floor,
struggling for an advantage, each getting off on the feel of the other's
seething, hot, smooth, unyielding, chiseled muscles surging and
rippling. Sweat poured from them as the two wrestled for dominance; their
bodies slick and shiny in the room light, their hands clawing at the
other's body, their legs and feet struggling against the other's to get an
advantage. They fought, each trying to gain the upper hand, until Garth's
experience overcame Tryg's raw animal power.

Garth rolled them over until he was on top, then cunningly lifted his
weight for a moment. As the the other jock tried to surge upwards, Garth
flipped Tryg over to lie face down on the floor, grabbing the back of the
Skadian's neck in a grip of steel as he ground his hips against Tryg. Even
horny as hell and desperate to get fucked, Tryg fought like a tiger. The
intensity of their struggle was driving Garth mad, and with a growl he
nipped the lobe of Tryg's ear. This took Tryg by surprise and his body
relaxed for a moment. Instantly, with one emphatic grunting thrust, Garth
impaled Tryg's sweaty butt, his inflamed and engorged cock sliding into his
conquest's tight asshole, up to the balls.

Tryg yelled as Garth's thick meat entered him. He continued to struggle and
buck against Garth, but Garth's powerful limbs held him down as the
victorious wrestler pumped roughly into him. Jamming his knees between
Tryg's legs, Garth forced the other jock to spread his legs wide, opening
Tryg's ass to easier access. Again and again Garth rocked back and rammed
forward, driving his spike into Tryg's hot corridor. Losing himself
completely in the taking of the other muscleman, Garth almost missed when
Tryg's thrashing turned to a matching rhythm that impaled him harder and
harder on Garth's lustful rod, as the fire from the vicious jabs at his
pleasure center fled in waves throughout Tryg's groin. Both fighters
groaned, working themselves into a torrid sexual wrestling duo, writhing
and torturing their bodies together.

Tryg arched up into Garth's savage embrace, lifting his hips to give the
Texican musclestud full access, backing his ass up onto Garth to receive
every inch the other jock could spare him. Tryg's fingers clawed
desperately at the floor as Garth's thighs slapped in a fevered tempo
against his. Snarls and growls filled the room as Garth fucked Tryg,
savagely pounding into his channel.

Every time Garth slammed into him, Tryg would push back to meet the other
fighter's thrusts, despite the pain of being fucked so harshly. With every
snarl of pleasure Garth gave, Tryg gave an echoing one. The sound of skin
slapping against skin could be heard underneath the growls in a rhythmic
thumping, as the two wrestlers mated brutally.

Then Tryg moaned wildly and he spread his thick smooth thighs further
apart. Garth had reached under Tryg and wrapped his callused hands around
the fighter's maleness. Tryg threw his head back in ecstasy as his hot meat
started to slide in and out, in and out, of the roughened yet slippery
sheath of Garth's palms. Garth's pumping action was so hard that he was
fucking Tryg into the floor, causing Tryg in turn to fuck Garth's own
hands. The two became totally absorbed in the motions and sensations, until
the whole world consisted of sweaty hard manflesh and deep-throated moans,
until they both convulsed and, with a harmonic roar, exploded together in a
violent, shuddering twin ejaculation.

Tryg's cock surged and his creamy white jism spouted forth in a huge gush,
coating the rough skin of Garth's palms and running out around Garth's
fingers. At the same time, Garth's own prick spurted volley after volley of
his potent stud seed into Tryg's abused ass, coating the insides with his
thick jock batter. As orgasm ripped through them, the two glistening
muscled bodies smashed into each other over and over, as if they were
violently trying to absorb one another. Finally it was all over, and
Garth's softening cock slipped out of Tryg's brutalized butthole. Garth lay
on Tryg's back, a warm blanket of over two hundred pounds of muscle, as
their breathing came back to normal.

Possessively, Garth's mouth and teeth moved slowly across the back of
Tryg's bull neck, nipping and biting, grazing and holding. This hadn't been
sex. This hadn't been screwing, and it sure as hell hadn't been
lovemaking. It had been fucking - fucking and mating and claiming, both
showing and being shown that they belonged to the other man, despite their
rivalry, despite their different nations and languages, and despite the
many days that might pass before they could meet again.

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