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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Kidnapped For A Loincloth

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2003 03:04:45 +0000
From: Dave Lent <>
Subject: Kidnapped for a Loincloth

The attached is a true story that happened in different segments in
different locations. Both Tarzan and boy are lovers of bondage and tight
loincloths. Responses welcomed and solicited to:

Kidnapped for a Loincloth

Tarzan was cruising through the jungles in his new SUV. He had made some
real upgrades since he found that treasure chest full of gold coins washed
up on shore. This sure beat swinging on vines and those painful falls when
some of the vines weren't adequately attached to the branch!!!

Tarzan had the money now, but he was still lonely. The apes were fun to
hang out with, but they were much too hairy and crude for his temperament.
He wanted a sidekick, a friend, someone he could talk to, relate to. In his
new SUV he should be able to find just the right companion to assist him in
his saving the damsels in distress that happened along in the jungle now and
then, and still prevent the ancient gold bullion hidden by tribes of past
generations buried in secret cities in the jungle from being ransacked by
white bwanas. He also wanted a little buddy to share in his off-hours fun
and games. Someone to practice knots with.

Tarzan drove a considerable distance to one of the remote watering holes and
found some of the native boys getting water for the village. He spotted one
particular beauty that set his eye a' glimmering as soon as he laid eyes on
him. To his luck, the others filled their jugs and departed, leaving the
slim boy all alone at the water's edge.

Tarzan left the SUV in the bushes and sauntered up to the boy, whom Tarzan
could now see was very muscular and well built, as he was only wearing a
tiny loincloth. As he approached him, boy eyed Tarzan up and down and
Tarzan felt there was a special bond between them already. Boy eyed
Tarzan's loincloth and his smooth, well-honed, muscular body. Tarzan felt
that he had indeed found the perfect mate to share his tree house and
life-style with.

Tarzan started with small talk and boy was impressed that the "king of the
jungle" would spend time with him. It became apparent that boy had few ties
to the village. Both his parents were dead. He wasn't happy at the village
as he felt he was 'different.' He couldn't just run away, as there was no
place to go. If he did leave, it would have to be done forcefully so that
the tribe wouldn't take retribution.

Tarzan felt he needed to make a choice there and then. He took his large
knife out of his sheath and put it to boy's neck. Holding boy's arm, he
made boy march to the car with the knife at his neck. If anyone were
watching, it would be very apparent that boy was being kidnapped. Yet boy
made no signs of fighting to escape.

They reached the SUV and Tarzan popped open the trunk. He ordered boy in,
still at knifepoint and told him to face the front with his hands behind

Tarzan secured boys hands with rope and then tied his ankles together and
tied them to his hands. Securely hogtied, Tarzan reached around and felt
boys bulging loincloth. He had indeed made the right choice.

Boy appeared a bit frightened that his wish was being so quickly and
dramatically realized. "I'll be good, Sir. I'll do anything you want."

"Indeed you will," Tarzan said in reply, leaving boy to ponder his fate.

They drove the long distance back to Tarzan's tree house. Tarzan untied
boy's feet, but keeping his hands tied, ordered him out of the trunk. Boy
walked up the narrow stairs to Tarzan's home in the jungle. There were
several rooms interconnected with walkways, stairs and rope climbs. The
first room boy came to appeared to be already prepared for him. A table in
the middle of the room had been covered with a soft cloth. Boy was ordered
to stand by the table. Each of boy's feet was tied to a leg of the table
and boy was ordered to bend over the table. His hands were still bound
behind his back. A leather collar went around his neck and was tied to the
opposite end of the table. He was bent over the table totally immobilized,
totally helpless and he loved it!! His cock was so hard it ached in

Tarzan removed boy's loincloth with a swift snip of his knife. He took the
loincloth and fastened it around boy's face. "Enjoy it boy, you'll have a
lot of aromas to enjoy here!"

Tarzan ran his hands over boys small smooth butt. He took his razor and
shaved what few hairs he found. It was now perfectly smooth and velvety.
Tarzan greased up his finger and slowly entered boys hole with it,
lubricating the opening for what was to come.

Tarzan ran a tube down from a large gourd filled with warm water and juju
fruit extract, and after greasing the tube end, gently eased the tube into
boy's hole. He ran the full amount of extract into boy as boy moaned and
breathed deep through the ratty used loincloth. Tarzan came around to the
head of the table and lifted boy's head by a handful of hair. He rubbed
boy's face in his crotch, and boy moaned but could do little but be
frustrated, as his tongue could not reach what he desired so much.

The gourd was drained. Tarzan untied boy's collar from the table, but left
the collar around boy's neck so he would remember his status now. Then
Tarzan stood boy up and tied his collar to the beam above. Tarzan untied
boy's feet from the table legs and then retied his feet to eyelets in the
floor. Tarzan pulled away the table and boy was left standing in all his
boyish wonder. Lanky and slim, but well proportioned and muscular. Smooth
skinned and so perfect in complexion and form.

Tarzan marveled at him for a while. He was so satisfied that he seemed to
have found the perfect companion. Boy was still masked with his loincloth,
so could not see Tarzan admiring him. He felt a pride that Tarzan had
picked him. He was living out his fantasy with someone that understood his
needs, as no one in the village had. He wanted to make Tarzan very happy
and very proud of him and so that he would keep him as his "boy" forever.

Tarzan got to work, aware that boy could not hold the juju juice for very
long. He took his razor and, after lathering up boy's pubic hair, deftly
removed it with a few quick strokes. Boy's crotch and cock was now clean
and smooth as a newborn babe. His cock seemed larger without the hair at
its base and so much more appealing in its newly naked and exposed status.

Boy pleaded to be let to the bathroom. Tarzan smiled and waited a few
moments, letting boy think that he would have to let the juju juice and
water loose where he stood. Tarzan wanted boy to know his place right from
the beginning. Then Tarzan put a bucket behind boy and untied the rope
holding his collar. He held boys shoulders and eased him down. Holding
boy's face against his crotch he allowed boy to squat over the bucket and
release his load.

Then he re-tied boy to the table and repeated the water treatment. Boy's
head was swimming now from the effects of the intoxicating juju juice
extract in the water, and he really wanted to touch Tarzan. Being tied up
was so frustrating. Tarzan controlled everything. After the water ran
clear and Tarzan was sure boy was totally cleaned out, he took boy to the
shower. Removing the loincloth mask, he re-tied boy's hand to the tops of
the shower stall, one arm to each side, so he could not escape. Tarzan was
still not sure if boy would try to get away if he had the chance. He had to
treat him as a kidnapped prize.

The warm water ran over boy's body and Tarzan massaged soap all over his
body, especially his cock and balls to remove any remaining hairs, and over
his cute butt so as to remove any residue. He especially prodded his hole,
which boy seemed to especially enjoy.

After the shower, Tarzan dried boy's body thoroughly. He then led him to
the bed where he laid boy down on the bed and again tied his hands and feet
to the four posts, spread-eagled. Tarzan then showed boy his prize
possession. It was a soft leopard skin loincloth, petite and encasing for
just such a boy as this. He explained to boy that he would let boy wear
this prize loincloth, but only upon showing that he had earned it.

Boy knew he would wear that loincloth some day, no matter what the test. He
had found his true home. Tarzan, still not sure what boy was thinking, knew
it was best to keep boy tied up and secure until he had proven himself to
Tarzan. That proof was to come very soon and very emphatically.

Boy napped for a few minutes and then was awakened to the sound of Tarzan.
"A few rules boy" Tarzan began patiently. "First you will always wear a
skimpy loincloth. Period. Nothing else. I'll have no dripping pre-cum on
my floors! Second, you will be bound securely all the time until you prove
your allegiance, and even then you will be tied up often since you do your
best "work" in that condition. Third, you will only cum on my command and
at my instigation. Are these rules clear?"

Boy answered without hesitation, "Yes Sir."

Tarzan then blind folded boy as he still lay spread-eagled on the bed.
Tarzan then removed his loincloth and knelt with a knee on each side of
boy's head, facing boy's feet. Slowly he lowered himself down to boy's face
so that his perineum was just above boy's nose.

"Open your mouth wide boy!" Tarzan ordered. Boy complied and Tarzan lowered
his heavy ball sack into boy's mouth.

"Give them a good bath boy," Tarzan told boy. He then bent over boy's body
and began to tie up boy's cock and balls. He took a cord and brought it up
under boy's ball sack. Around the cock he tied a square knot and tightened
it so that boy's cock and balls would hold his blood flow. Lacing the cord
back down around boy's cock, Tarzan made a figure eight between boy's balls
separating them and setting them in their own pockets for easy access. Back
up around boy's cock and then around it all again to make a nice tight

Boy was moaning and feasting on Tarzan's balls. He sniffed deep the male
odor of Tarzan, the sweat and manly aroma of his intimate parts. Boy liked
having his balls encapsulated and secured. Tarzan was in complete control
and boy liked it that way.

"Nothing too tight or pinching?" Tarzan inquired of boy. Boy nodded his
head side-to-side since he could not very well reply with his mouth still at
the task Tarzan had set to him.

Tarzan pulled up and boy held firm to his prize. Tarzan liked the tug at
his ball sack and played with boy a while. But finally he said "Release,
there is more to be done to you."

Tarzan put on his well-worn loincloth and then untied boy's hands and had
him sit up in the bed. He kept boy's feet still tied, as he knew he would
have to always keep boy in bondage, lest he might possibly escape. He
quickly and securely tied boy's hands behind him and only then untied his
He pulled boy's feet over the edge of the bed and walked him down into the
warm afternoon sunlight, over to the large old multi-branched tree that grew
in the grassy glen by Tarzan's home.

He laid boy down on the mossy carpet on his back and proceeded to apply
boots to boy's feet. He laced them up tight and secure. Then he lashed the
boots to an iron bar with hooks on the ends. Boy's feet were spread far
apart on the long iron bar.

Satisfied that boy's feet were securely fastened, Tarzan put the end of
chains onto the hooks on the end of the bar. Then he slowly cranked the
ratcheted winch that gradually raised boy up and up, feet first. The branch
was high in the air and soon boy was floating entirely off the ground.
Tarzan kept cranking until boy was about three feet off the ground.

Boy's hands were still tied behind his back and were awkwardly dangling
behind him. No doubt uncomfortable too, Tarzan thought. But he had planned
for this. Tarzan knew that boy could not be held upside-down for too long
with blood rushing to his head, so he had to make all the fastenings

Tarzan quickly released boy's hands from behind him and retied them to two
posts set in the ground on each side of him. This way boy could not spin
around while suspended and he was held immobile in the air. Tarzan stepped
back to admire his work. Boy spread eagle in the air, upside-down, his feet
spread at a delectable and inviting angle. And just the right height Tarzan
surmised to himself.

Tarzan had his table of tools and accoutrements at hand as he stepped up to
the slightly swinging boy. Tarzan's crotch was right at boy's face.
He lifted boy's head and it fit perfectly into his crotch. Boy breathed
deep again the aroma of Tarzan and how close he was to his prize. He
nuzzled Tarzan's pouch, opened his mouth to take in the taste and aroma of
Tarzan's loincloth. He licked at Tarzan's thighs and tried to work his
tongue back into Tarzan's bulging loincloth.

Meanwhile Tarzan went about his business of oiling up boy's smooth
pussy-hole. He oiled it around the edges and plunged some oil into the
beckoning hole. Then he slowly played a butt-plug up and down and then
finally down into the pleasure hole and the little sphincter clamped shut
around the pleasure toy's flanged end. There it pressed against boys
prostate and only served to harden his cock even more rigid.

Tarzan quickly attached a cord hanging from the tree he had previously set
there on a pulley. The end he tied securely around boy's balls. The other
end ran up over the pulley and down in front of Tarzan.

Tarzan stepped back and let boy breath some fresh air. The blindfold was
still in place. Tarzan dropped his loincloth to the ground and freed his
jungle-king cock.

Tarzan's cock grazed boy's lips and boy responded with a darting tongue and
eager thrust of his head. But his arms were tied tightly to the sides so he
could not go far. Tarzan teased him, with his cock slapping his face and
brushing his lips. He swung his huge jungle cock against his cheeks until
finally boy was able to snag the large organ in his mouth and began to suck
on it ferociously, the prize he had been seeking since he had met Tarzan.

With the earnestness and passion of boy's lunging and sucking, Tarzan knew
he had made the right choice at the watering hole. No one could fake such a
response. Maybe the bondage would not be necessary as long as he had

"Good boy!" Tarzan told boy. "Now for some further training."

Tarzan made some spittle on his forefinger and thumb. Then he reached down
and gently began to play with boy's now slick little eraser head nipples.
Boy jerked responsively and began to suck even harder. Tarzan reached for
the ruler on his table and began to lightly smack boy's cock and balls.

"Gentle sucking, and no teeth, or this will be your reward," he told boy.
Boy's cock jerked to attention with each smack and the tip leaked copious
amounts of pre-cum juice. Tarzan wasn't sure if this was a fitting
punishment or more pleasure for boy. But boy did slow down and his teeth
receded into his lips so that he truly pleasured Tarzan. Tarzan likewise
responded with some more nipple play to let boy know that he had done well.

Boy moaned and set into a sure rhythm of pleasuring the King of the Jungle's
massive cock. Boy wanted to receive the treasured jism so badly. He had
heard of its almost magical properties even out in the village where he

Tarzan pulled on the rope attached to boy's balls and putting sufficient
tension into the rope length, he tied it off to a branch to keep it taut.
Then Tarzan took a vibrator and placed it on the butt plug. The vibrations
seemed to shoot through boy, down through his cock and innards, down through
his whole body and into Tarzan's cock. He was one blissfully-contented
pleasure receptacle. His whole body vibrated with the orgasmic expectation
of a great release.

Just as he was nearing that point of no return, Tarzan removed the vibrator.
He slowly rubbed boy's nipples in small wet circles and slowly extracted
his cock from boy's mouth. Boy's mouth was sore from all its exercise.

Tarzan removed boy's blindfold so boy could appreciate the beauty of his new
master's cock and then Tarzan just let his sloppy wet erect cock and sweaty
balls drape over boy's face. Boy let the pungent aromas and juices wash
over his face. He licked and caused more of Tarzan's pre-cum to drip onto
his welcoming tongue and lips. It was such sweet nectar to boy.

>From boy's rather groggy response, he knew it was time to let boy down from
his up-side-down perch. He untied his arms and gently lowered him back to
the mossy ground. He let him lie there and rest in the warmth of the
afternoon sun. His feet were still firmly tied and slightly elevated so
that he was still immobilized from escape. Not that he wanted to. Boy
could use his now free hands to massage any part of his body that needed
stiffness worked out after such a bondage scene. Only his boy-cock was off

Tarzan sat back against the tree and admired boy's beauty and the perfect
combination they both made. This was one that he felt he could train and
finally trust so that they could one day switch places and allow boy to tie
up Tarzan.

Tarzan tied boy's hands to his collar. They were out of the way and they
couldn't inadvertently reach down and shoot the prized boy load. Boy was
near mad with desire and Tarzan couldn't risk a "youthful indiscretion."
Not now when he still had more first-day initiations to run boy through. At
the end of this day, Tarzan would know all he needed to know about boy, and
their future together.

Tarzan untied boy's cock and balls so they could get some blood flow and
then poured some rejuvenating fluid into boy's mouth. Boy responded by
perking right up and his cock was still hard. Tarzan put boy's old
loincloth on him and untied his feet. He let boy walk around a bit to get
his equilibrium back and explore his new environment. His hands were still
shackled to his collar and the butt plug was held in place by the thong of
his loincloth. Cheetah came up to boy and sniffed him and stroked his
thighs. Boy had obviously made a good impression on Cheetah, a good judge
sign of character! Another test passed.

Boy had his circulation and color back and seemed ready for his next test.
Tarzan brought him over to the large table he had prepared. Solid and
secire, it could take a large weight on it. It was covered in a fine soft
hide so that to lie on it was comfortable and silky. About in the middle
was a small hole. Boy could guess what was coming.

Boy stood at the end of the table. Tarzan ran his hands up and down boy's
smooth body and then down came boy's loincloth. Boy hopped up onto the
table and, sitting there facing Tarzan, began to kiss Tarzan's chest and
with his hands stretched from his collar restraints, stoked the Jungle
King's chest.
He suckled on Tarzan's nipples. He made love to Tarzan as best as he could
in his restraints. He poured his thanks into the meager physical expression
he could express in his limited bonded state. He was so thankful to Tarzan
for rescuing him from the village where he had felt so different and

Here he was at home and would do anything to remain here. He wanted to make
Tarzan happy because Tarzan was making him so happy. All his fantasies were
being realized and he just wanted to let Tarzan know how happy he was to be
where he was.

Tarzan finally pulled away, as his loincloth was developing quite a wet spot
from all this activity! Boy would have to take care of that.

He nodded at the table and without a word being spoken boy flipped over and
laid stomach down on the table. His cock and balls protruded through the
small hole, and Tarzan pulled them completely through from underneath.

Then Tarzan locked the leg stocks to the end of the table, spreading and
immobilizing boy's ankles in the soft fur covered openings. He released
boy's wrists from his collar shackles and placed them in the stocks at the
upper end of the table. Boy was stretched out completed and totally
powerless. With boy completely immobilized, Tarzan then moved to under the
table and moved the slats together that would restrain and confine boy's
cock and balls in the small stock-like opening in the slats. Boy could not
lift up his butt now since he was locked in from below too.

To finish the scene, Tarzan then laced boy's cock and balls up and dangled
the cord to the ground. He then tied a large bone to the cord and set it
swinging, the weight of which boy found especially tingling and sensuous.

Tarzan then got up on the top of the table at boy's head. He sat with his
legs extended down boy's torso. His crotch was right in front of boy's face
and boy breathed in deeply the aroma of the Jungle King. Tarzan softly
spoke to boy. "You've passed all your tests well so far, boy. Now you need
to pass the juju test. This is an herb that only I know about. It renders
men like jelly when they inhale it. It will take you to places that you
cannot otherwise go. You see what is before you boy."

Tarzan lifted the flap of his loincloth and inched forward. The bulging
mound of flesh drove boy wild with desire. He nosed it and licked at the
wet spot of Tarzan's precum. Tarzan held a small vial of juju juice to
boy's nostril and boy breathed deep. Then again, he breathed in the
intoxicating fumes. Tarzan unsnapped his side ties and removed his
loincloth. Then he leaned back and sniffed in the juju fumes also.

Boy did go to another place, warm and floating and sensual and without
worries. He took in Tarzan's cock lovingly and with abandon. He licked and
sucked and slurped and tongued and suckled and made love to the cock of the
man who had given him so much. The freedom to live out his dreams, the
freedom to explore his bondage fantasies, the ability to have a friend that
understood him and did not condemn him for the way he was.

He could live this way always. Just him and Tarzan in the jungle home, far
from reproachful others, free to be bound. A strange paradox, but one boy
was all too eager to live with.

Tarzan reached down and began to play with boy's nipples. Then he called
out and his pet dog came and began to nip and pull at the hanging bone.
Boy's cock and balls were pulled and rattled, sending more waves of
excitement up his body. His buttocks tightened on the butt plug as his cock
and balls received more stimulation. Tarzan called out again and the dog
sat at attention.

Tarzan reached over and swatted boy's butt. The tingling felt warm and
while painful, also pleasurable.

For the longest time, Tarzan would call out "Attack!" and "Sit!" commands to
the dog so that boy had his attention constantly switching from Tarzan's
cock to his own gyrating cock to his nipples to the tingling sensation in
his butt. It was more than he could handle. Apparently for Tarzan too.
Tarzan leaned over boy and held boy's head against his crotch just as he let
out a jungle-piercing scream. At the same time boy's cock released a gush
of cum to the ground as he rammed his small torso up and down on the table.
Boy swallowed Tarzan's load down his throat and continued to slowly and
lovingly suck and tongue Tarzan's cock as it began to go soft in boy's

They lay there for the longest time, exhausted, in silent reverie, but
knowing each had found what they had been looking for. This boy would
definitely wear the prized leopard skin thong!

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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Kidnapped For A Loincloth