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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Punishment Of The Slave Boy

Date: Sun, 23 Dec 2012 17:35:32 +0000
From: g d <>
Subject: The Punishment Of The Slave Boy

Please support Nifty.

I decided to write a different structure of erotic story. I feel that there
are other ways of expressing eroticism to standard pros. Please enjoy and
if you would like to share anything, good or bad, please write to this very
British writer at

The Punishment of The Slave Boy

His keys clinked as he opened the door,
I was strapped over the cage,
Where he had left me before.
Still angry, I sensed his rage.

He loosened his buckle,
And stung out his belt,
He looped it in his hand,
And landed his first pelt.

I sucked in my breath
And waited for another,
A new red welt,
To join its twin brother.

I thanked him on each stroke,
And asked for one more,
Begging him to strike,
This disobedient whore.

I counted out the initial twenty,
And prayed he finish soon.
I counted out another ten,
Keeping tempo with his tune.

His rage subsided as he beat me,
Giving me the final just for luck.
With my ass burning red,
He told me it was time to suck.

He came round to my face,
And cocked my down the throat,
I swallowed and did not gag,
Even when his cock did bloat.

He gyrated into my primary hole,
And took what pleasure he could,
Then he backed out,
To fill my ass with his wood.

The pain of entry made me shout,
I lost a tear from my eye,
He piled his pylon into me,
Until ass made contact with thigh.

I grunted and adapted,
To his rightful invasion,
I squeezed looking for reward,
For accepting him on this occasion.

I only hoped that he would cum,
And fill me with his seed.
Bud he had other plans,
For he had a boy to feed.

Returning to my face,
He put my ass juice in my mouth,
I gagged on this occasion,
On account of the poop down south.

He laughed and waded in,
He thrust harder all the more,
He put all of his effort into
Driving himself into my jaw,

His cock bulged even bigger,
I realised He was about to blow,
At last he pulled back out,
And then the white rope flow:

He came in my mouth,
He came in my eye,
He pulled his cock out
And zipped up his fly.

Then he left me as I was,
Coated in cum, ass in the air,
Tied over a metal cage,
Cold, small and square.

I waited in silence to dismount,
But he had come, and left.
I accept my fate, as his boy,
With freedom theft.

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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Punishment Of The Slave Boy