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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Red Headed Master

Date: Tue, 20 Sep 2011 19:03:05 -0400
From: dave stout <>
Subject: Red Headed Master

I know how I got here but really don't understand the why. It's an old
tale; I was bored and surfing the porn sites when I detoured to a gay
message center to settle my curiosity. I can't deny it made me hot. There
was an ad looking for a novice to train, actually there were many ads but
the one with pictures of a redheaded man caught my eye. I revisited this ad
a few times before finally answering it. After a fitful series of e-mails I
agreed to become "his boy."

I had always been fascinated by pale, thin skinned Irish red headed women
but somehow the pictures of this domineering, pink skinned man really got
into my head, I wasn't gay but he really excited me. Our first meeting was
humiliating for me but I agreed to meet at his home for training. I had to
agree that fastening cuffs and collar changed my thought process; instead
of curiosity I began feeling submissive. Here's the story of my abrupt
entry into the strange world of submission.

I stood there for a few minutes, head down, really into my new reality of
submission. Carl stood and moved behind me, releasing the leather cuffs
from my wrists and chaining them to the ring on my collar. He then placed
his hands on my shoulders, motioning me to kneel. My thigh muscles
strained, begging for relief, as I finally settled onto the wood floor
awkwardly without my hands.

Carl moved in front of his kneeling boy and started to stroke my hair has
he would a puppy, wiping the sweat from my forehead. He placed his hand on
my chin and motioned for me to look up at him.

He stared at me for a moment; his green eyes pierced my soul. He then
started to unbutton his jeans and let them drop to the floor. He wore no
underwear, his cock straining against the fly and needing relief. As he
gazed at me, he placed his hands on the waistband of his jeans and pulled
them down to his knees. His hard cock was now only inches from my closed
mouth as he stepped out of the pants. His cock was truly massive; a good
two inches larger than mine and surrounded by a mass of reddish pubic
hair. The purple head throbbed, veins protruding.

He told me, "You've exceeded my initial expectations; a good pussy boy has
to docile. Before me you've only had an inclination, maybe a stray thought
of what it's like to serve a real man, an alpha male. It's now time for you
to learn to fully service me. Open up your mouth now boy."

I had never been this close to another man's cock and I was too much into
this new experience to stop now. Without the assistance of my hands I
didn't know what I should do. Sensing my dilemma Carl put his hands on the
back of my head and guided it to his erect cock as he said; "Don't put it
in your mouth, lick it, get acquainted with it, it's going to be your new

My mouth opened and I felt the pulsing, live prick of another man on my
lips. I started to lick, tentatively at first, then with more passion. I
began to move up and down on his huge meat using my lips and tongue.

"Ahhh, that's not bad boy," he exclaimed. "Now that I'm half hard I want
you to get used to it so take a good look at my cock, a real close
look. Take your time, get familiar from really close up. Get your face up
here really close to my balls."

I thought I did exactly as he said until he corrected me. "No, get closer,

My nose was within an inch of his cock and balls when he once again
grabbed the back of my head and forced it in even closer, my mouth and nose
touching his balls and sticky, gooey dick.

He smirked as he told me "Now, take a deep breath and hold it in." I did
the best I could with my face crammed into his crotch. The sweaty, musky
smell of man-crotch hit my brain like a drug. My own dick suddenly became
painfully hard. My knees were hurting from the wood of the floor but I
didn't care. I took one deep breath after another before I actually
started to move my face around in his crotch, sniffing him good, moving
over every inch as if I was trying to capture all of his smells without
letting any escape. Carl took one of his hands off the back of my head and
positioned his cock so that it was lying across my face as I continued to
root around in his crotch. I felt the sticky pre-cum start to ooze out
over my forehead as I used my nose to lift up his balls and sniff under one
and then the other. Something clicked in the back of my mind and I suddenly
knew that I was in trouble, that I was hooked.

"How do you like that boy, be honest with me." He asked.

I was honest as I answered, "It was awesome sir; the smell was incredible.
I never thought something like that could get me so turned on." I was
mortified to be saying those words, but even more embarrassed that they
were the truth.

Carl just glared at me for a few seconds before standing up and moving
towards the sliding glass door. "I'm going to get something in my bag. You
stay right where you are...don't move a muscle or even think about touching
your cock. Do you understand?" I nodded that I did, but instead of
leaving he just stood there looking at me. "I'm getting very tired of just
watching you just nod at me. You have a voice boy ...use it."

"I understand Sir, I won't move or touch it." His control over me was
growing. He was only gone for a few seconds before coming back out again
with a small, black bag. He rummaged around in one of the side pockets and
soon found the object of his search, he opened his hand to me showing me a
tiny red capsule and a half-drunk beer.

"Here, take this." He said.

"What is it?" I asked.

"NO QUESTIONS! I'll tell you after you take it." I reached up, took the
tablet and washed it down with a swig of beer.

He smiled saying, "That was a tab of concentrated poppers. It will put you
in a really nice place where you'll feel all the sensations tonight but
won't analyze every goddamn thing like you've been so far, consider it a
training aide. I actually think you'll like it. It will take about 5 or so
minutes or so to kick in."

As commanded I just squatted in front of him, panting and admiring his
crotch. He gently lifted his half swollen prick and pointed it at my face.
"Open your mouth!"

I don't know why I did it, but afterwards I regretted it. As I stared
open-mouthed at his cock he moved forward and laid the head on my lip, I
felt rather than saw it suddenly begin to spew forth with a stream of hot
piss the first blast of which went right into my open mouth.

The heat of it was incredible and despite my humiliation it somehow felt
right. After the initial blast Carl gently rubbed my head and told me to
swallow. "That's right boy, gulp down your Master's piss, get used to that
taste in your mouth, and savor it. Here comes some more, nurse it out of
the head of my cock. Any cunt mouth that services his man has to get used
to the taste of piss. It's what I want"

I closed my lips over his cockhead and gently sucked as he slowly pissed in
my mouth. I thought to myself; this is good; Master is so considerate to
let me keep up with the flow. When he finished he let me run my tongue into
the piss slit to clean it out.

He settled into the leather couch as he told me, "You see boy, it's more
fun when your inhibitions are gone. Suck it a little now. Well, what are
you waiting for? Get started already!"

I painfully inched forward on my knees when I realized that he wasn't going
to move at all. When I had finally covered the distance between us, I
lowered my head and had almost arrived at his juiced-up cock when his hand
grabbed my head and slowed my descent as he said, "Just lick it a while
first. You'll need a lot of instructions if you are going to make it as my

I stuck out my tongue and lowered my head further until it made contact
with the smooth, purple, reddish skin that covered his cockhead. I
immediately tasted the salty funk of his precum as I used my tongue to
probe deeper and deeper into his piss slit. I could sense that his cock
was once again on the rise and heard him let out a soft moan. I
immediately tried to take the entire head of his cock into my mouth but was
quickly pulled off again and he slapped my face hard saying, "Are you deaf,
boy? Look, I know you want this cock bad, but you WILL follow my
instructions. I only told you to lick it."

After what seemed a lifetime he pushed my face away from his crotch as he
told me, "Open up now boy,'ve been wanting this haven't you?"

I opened my mouth and felt about three inches of his steely hard cock slip
into my mouth. He moaned and just held it there for a few seconds, telling
me how hot my mouth felt around his cock. Holding my head firmly, he began
to pump it up and down on his drippy man-meat, farther and farther down the
shaft until the thick head began to hit the back of my throat. I felt the
urge to gag each time it touched the back of my mouth but he really didn't
care anymore. Tears began to well up in my eyes, an automatic reflex when
a person feels their choking. Through my tears, it was easy to see that at
least half of his cock was still outside my mouth. How far did he intend
to go I wondered?

The answer came moments later when he pulled my face clear of his cock and
held it firmly less than an inch away from the angry, flared head. At this
range the piss slit looked like the mouth of a canon. In my haze I heard
him say, "Take a long, really deep breath through your mouth..."

As soon as he saw me begin to take the breath, he slammed my head viciously
into his crotch, his dirty cock only pausing slightly as it bumped the back
of my throat before sliding down the relaxed opening. Of course, as soon
as I realized what had happened my throat was no longer relaxed. I was
gagging constantly as he held my head down in his pubes, my throat
convulsing over and over around the thick invader.

He was cheering me on, "That's it's like your throat is trying to
get my cock off all by itself. I'm proud of you boy, your throat was made
for a man's cock - made to let a man sling his cum down there."

Just as I felt that I was going to pass out, Carl raised my head up long
enough for me to gasp for air. I could see thick, nasty strands of my
saliva mixed with his precum gushing out of my mouth and down his thick
shaft. It was the consistency of cum as it slipped nastily over his balls
and ran down to the floor. He then proceeded to thrust my head back down
his shaft and even though he had a more difficult time ramming it past the
back of my mouth and into my throat (he didn't have the element of surprise
anymore) he still managed to slip all the way inside until my nose was once
again buried in his red pubic bush. I gagged again, producing another
thick, white glob of mucus to lubricate his cock for each successive
thrust. He didn't hold me down on it as long this time before letting me
up for air and then thrusting it back again. I began to realize that he
was training my throat, training it to pleasure his cock the way he wanted.

Soon he developed a rhythm settling into a long, slow, deep throat fuck and
I was beginning to get a grip on my breathing, timing the breaths to occur
at exactly the moment my mouth cleared the head of his cock. He was
totally in control, with my hands restrained, never releasing my head for a

I knew that spit and precum were everywhere. I could see a thick puddle of
white, foamy saliva dripping off his balls onto the floor. He continued his
verbal teaching like a good coach would. "Yeah, now you're using your
mouth pussy, take my cock, take it all the way to the root, boy, I know you
can do it! You've been dreaming about this for years, haven't you?
Thinking about a nice wet, big, cock sliding down your throat."

His thrusts were becoming quicker now and I felt a new wave of swelling
travel up his cock; I knew he was getting close. "Remember how you fucking
rooted around my balls, boy? Well, now you're getting the whole thing
right down your tight little throat, just like you always wanted. My big,
thick cock, the same cock that pissed in your mouth is pounding your throat
like it's fucking a pussy. Your throat is about to milk the sperm out of
the nuts you licked and that makes you hot, doesn't it? Takes you right to
the edge thinking about tasting my cum, doesn't it boy. Well, pussy boy,
get ready - here it comes!!!!"

Time slowed to a crawl as I felt his cock swell even larger stretching my
mouth as the first violent wave of cum traveled up his shaft to empty far
down my throat. Suddenly, With unbelievable quickness for a man in the
middle of an orgasm, he pulled my head awkwardly backwards and moved to sit
right on the edge of the sofa with the head of his cock less than an inch
from my mouth. It shuddered again with nothing to hold it steady and
spewed a second massive load all over my face and into my mouth. I was
covered from my hairline down to my chin. A third blast coated my right
cheek and quickly ran down to my chin, mingling with what was already there
and gaining enough weight to slide off onto the floor.

I focused on the underside of his shaft and noticed it contract as yet
another wave of his cum made its way to accumulate at his cockhead. He
yanked my head backwards even further and looked down at me, smiled and
spit into my open mouth. Poor slave boy hasn't gotten to taste any yet. Is
that what you want, to taste my cum, your owner's cum?" Well beyond
embarrassment by now, I eagerly nodded that I wanted it. He shook my head
hard and calmly set me straight. "I told you not to nod at me use your
mouth cunt to answer me, tell me what you want!"

"Please...Sir, I want to taste it so bad. Please don't waste it. I need
to see what it tastes like. I've done everything you wanted tonight,
please let me have it in my mouth." I was scared and excited at the same
time. "Keep your mouth open, boy, here it cums ...ENJOY!"

He held his still throbbing cock over my open mouth as he moved even closer
to the edge of the couch and just let it sit there for a moment,
temptingly, has his hand kept the skin pinched off, staring at me, watching
my reaction. After what seemed like an eternity, he skinned his hand back
and I got my first real taste of his load. It was amazing. The pent up
cum ran out like a fountain directly into my waiting, hungry, mouth. The
taste was incredible and I knew that I was hooked - everything he had said
about me was true. I wanted to cry, I wanted to cum, I wanted to run away,
I wanted to taste more of his cock - all at the same time. I closed my
mouth and moved the thick, creamy, salty, cum of my new Master around with
my tongue to coat the entire inside of my mouth, savoring the musky flavor
and heat of his cum. He began to beat my face with his slimy cock, moving
his cum all over my face before he released the back of my head. I knew I
was where I belonged.

We settled into a comfortable routine in the next couple of days. I was his
cocksucker but every once in a while I forgot myself and displeased him. I
just couldn't understand how I was so happy being his slave. What kind of
guy wanted to be a cock-slave anyway? We were in a cool spot as he
continued to train me has the slave he wanted. Carl had me on my knees
after supper. He raised his flaccid member up slightly with his hand and
brought the nub of his cock to within an inch of my lips. "Do you see my
pee hole?" he asked. I nodded. "Answer me now boy!" "Yes," I answered with
some hesitation. "Yes, what?" "Yes...I..." "My name, boy. Always address
me properly. Say, `Yes Sir." I swallowed hard, staring at the slit near his
lips. I replied, "Yes, Sir" somehow once I said the word it just felt
natural. "Now stick your tongue out and wiggle it around in the hole." I
told myself that I was only doing it because I had no choice; I slowly let
my tongue slip from my lips and made yet another trembling contact with my
Master's massive piss hole, parting the slit with my tongue. "Get the tip
in there," he instructed. "Good, good, just wiggle it in there. Now lean in
and let your lips suck on the head. Start sucking your Master's cock head
into your mouth." With the tip of my tongue lodged in Master's pee slit, I
leaned my head forward ever so slightly and my lips got the full taste of
it. Carl's soft skin gave way to my lips and the cock head crept into my
opening mouth like an eager snake. "Now roll your tongue around it," Master
told me. "Get it nice and wet." As I did this, I could sense the monster
growing. The head of it in my mouth began to swell and he had to scoot back
a bit to allow for the growth without gagging me, his boy. For all the
discomfort and violation I had suffered, I found the feel of the silky skin
in my mouth to be rather pleasant, though I tried not to think about it
that way. I swirled my tongue around and around to get it wet the way I was
told. I had to keep opening my mouth wider as more and more of his meat
slid in and grew. "Tastes good, doesn't it?" Master pulled his growing
member from my mouth and waited for a response. "Answer me, boy." I simply
couldn't take my eyes off my Master's cock as it glistened from its first
meeting with my tongue. It was still soft and flexible in his grip. It was
thick and long, at least seven inches showing, with more to go. "Yes,
Master," I said. That's what the answer had to be, I figured. I kept
telling myself it meant nothing. It was just something he had to do to
please this man and keep myself from being hurt. He smiled down at
me. "Now, you know where the most sensitive areas are. I want you to show
me with your tongue." Master let his cock flop around on my face, wiping
the moist head from cheek to cheek. "Come on, boy," he taunted. "Get that
tongue out. Lick the best places." I stuck my tongue out again and began
licking the under belly of his cock, just below the glands. Master moaned
his approval and seven inches became eight. Knowing where I liked my own
penis rubbed, my inhibitions began to ebb and within minutes, I was licking
Master's big cock like it was a candy stick in all the right places. The
size and feel and smell of it against my tongue, lips and face quickly
erased the line between what men should and shouldn't do and what simply
felt good. Eight inches became nine, and nine ten, and before long the man
I now thought of as my Master had reached the glory of a full erection. I
had to lick and suck on all the areas of Master's cock that I could reach
and he had to step back and press down on his shaft to make sure the proper
attention was given to every area. Master swayed his hips as he fed me his
tool. "It tastes good, doesn't it, boy?" Between the loud, wet slurps of
my tongue, I responded properly, "Yes, Sir." "I want to hear you moaning
those words over and over as you suck me off, boy," my new Master
instructed. "I want to hear you moaning, `Yes, Oh, yes, Master." Master's
monster snake was soon glistening with my efforts and he began inserting
his head back into my wet mouth repeated until trickles of saliva were
running down the shaft and dripping onto my chest. I couldn't help it, I
began moaning the words, "Yes, Sir," as the regal head of his cock met my
lips. What started out as strict obedience soon became very genuine moans
and groans of pleasure mixed with desire as I repeated those words with
greater intensity and need. I had lost all sense of who he was or what
position I was in and the only thing that seemed to matter was being close
to my man, my owner, Master's big cock as it slid all over my face. The
massive member slid out from my wet lips and I quickly lunged at Master's
cock and sucked it back into my mouth for another tongue bath, I nearly
gagged as it approached the back of my throat. My eyes watered as I sucked
on the end of Daddy's pole like a nursing babe. He pulled the dripping
head of his cock out of my mouth again and humped his long shaft slowly up
and down over my face as his boy licked and kissed from below. "It's a
beautiful cock, isn't it, boy?" "Oh, yes, Sir," I answered as I kissed
that beautiful shaft. "Yes!" And I found myself wanting my hands to be free
to grip the shaft of Master's cock with both hands and control it for
myself. It was so big, so thick, so soft and yet so hard and massive. I
wanted to know what it felt like to hold it but knew that Master knew
best. Yes, I found it to be quite beautiful. Then my Master humped his way
up onto my face so that his balls came into range. My Master's balls were
shaved bare and before he could tell me what to do I licked my way down to
them and began kissing them and suckling them and marveling at how full and
heavy and smooth they felt against my wet touch. "Pretty soon, I'm going
to unload those in your mouth," Master said as he delighted in the pleasure
of my sudden eagerness. " love your Master's cum in your mouth,
don't you, boy? I own you." My face was smothered in his manhood. I was
breathing it all in and tasting it and had no real sense of what it all
meant, but I was too far gone in what I was doing to think rationally about
it. "Yes, Sir," I moaned after rolling the flat of my tongue across his
ball sack, which seemed to be rising just a bit. He slid back down and let
me press the flat of my tongue on the underside of his cock head and roll
it around. Pre-cum oozed from the thick cock out onto my tongue and was
smeared around as my licking continued. Finding the new taste strange but
pleasant, I lapped at the pee slit and sucked more of the warm juice from
my owner's tool. "Get it all now boy," Master encouraged me as he moaned
his approval. I was licking that head so passionately now that he was
getting ready to explode. He hadn't had an orgasm in hours, saving it all
up for this moment. My tenacity, though not wholly unexpected, was getting
him off faster than anticipated. Master then placed his hands on my head
and I, sensing what was next, opened my mouth willingly and accepted the
final insertion of his thick monster. He directed my eyes upwards and told
me to prepare for a large gush of cum. My Master didn't want me to swallow
right away, though. He wanted me to let all the cum collect in my mouth and
then wait until I was told before gulping it down. Though my mouth was too
full to speak I'm sure my eyes said it all. "Yes, Sir." I continued to
stare up at the smooth, muscular upper body of the man that towered over
me, controlled me like he would a pet in training. My tongue swirled around
the huge flesh pole frantically, dancing to the inevitable. Master's moans
of pleasure grew more intense until, at last, he placed his hands on the
corners of my jaws and pulled out enough to let the first burst of thick,
sweet, cream shoot into my mouth. It was quick and I was startled as I
almost inhaled it when I felt the warm stream gush into the back of my
throat. I recovered in time to open my mouth wider to accept the second
wave, which produced more than the first. Master began stroking his pole
with both hands, milking it as I obediently kept my mouth open to receive
one shot after the other. My mouth was soon filled with a pool of creamy
whiteness, salty and sticky. With each intense spasm my Master milked his
shaft until the quivering subsided and the last major glob of cum dropped
into my waiting mouth. The pool of cream had risen to the brim of my lower
lip and I held it all there, trembling at the fullness, afraid for what was
next, unable to move for fear of letting some spill and upsetting Carl, my
Master. He slowly stroked himself down as he caught his breath and admired
his handiwork. As the massive tool began to soften, he dipped the head into
my mouth and then wiped it off around my nostrils so I could breathe it in.
"Now close your mouth, boy," I was instructed. "Close your mouth and swish
it all around, get used to my taste, eh cocksucker." I slowly brought my
lips together and winced. I had nothing to compare this taste to. It was
warm and gooey and it filled my cheeks as he slid it all around the way I
was ordered. I knew that it was also not the pinnacle of my submission;
that was when I drank his piss. With my Master's last instruction, I
swallowed it down in full gulps. And even after I had finished swallowing I
could still taste and feel it in my mouth, as though it would always be
there for me and perhaps it would. With my Master's cum stains drying in my
nostrils and the taste of him fully on my lips I felt deliriously owned and
used. He was right, the more I learned, the more I liked. With Master Carl
still rubbing his half flaccid tool against my lips, I licked at the last
of the oozing cum escaping from the pee slit as if licking from an ice
cream cone. Without any instruction from Master as to what to do with it, I
simply let it glaze my tongue and then swallowed it down with the
rest. When the well ran dry, I continued to suckle his cock head like a
pacifier until it slipped away. "Did you enjoy that?" Carl asked. My head
was drooped in a daze as if I was about to pass out from either exhaustion
or confusion. Master grabbed me by the hair and tugged my gaze
upwards. "Tell me, boy...did you enjoy sucking my cock and tasting my cum?"
I nodded slowly, like I was in a fog. The smell of cum filled my nose. The
taste of my Master's big cock and creamy cum overpowered my taste buds. In
my haze I heard him saying, "Because whoever owns you will fuck your mouth,
he'll Fuck your ass, and he will be so tired from fucking you he won't be
able to get out of his chair to take a piss. He won't have to pussyboy
because he'll have you. "He'll just snap his finger and point to his cock
and you'll rush right over to him and plug your mouth with his cock. You'll
have to be ready to drink his piss without spilling any." "Do you know why
you will obey him boy? Because, In the beginning you simply wondered,
thinking that you weren't gay and that you were a man, but after being
introduced to cock you did exactly as you were told, because you are not a
man, you're like a little girl trying to please your man; it's what you
were born to do, boy. You've got a lot to learn yet but now you see that
you'll only be happy servicing a dominant male, you're a cocksucker."

Has I absorbed this he very casually told me that his next lesson was to be
ass sucking and I should start thinking about it.

It was the next day when it happened. I was shocked; he was going to teach
me to suck his ass. Here I was kneeling once again has he told me what to
expect. "It'll be a pleasure teaching you how to suck and lick a man's
asshole; it's a very important skill for any cocksucker."

Carl told me that once I got beyond my initial reluctance and inhibitions I
would love giving this service. I watched him trembling on my knees. Carl
turned around and straddled my head, facing my feet. His ass was now over
my face instead of his cock and balls, which were dangling just out of
reach of my mouth. I looked up has his ass hovered over my face.

"You're going to love this boy," Carl said. His balls were hanging just
inches away from my chin as he spread his ass-cheeks. I was fascinated has
he spread his ass cheeks. His deep ass-crack opened and I could see the
fine hairs around his asshole. The puckered shit-hole was light brown with
a fringe of light hair around it.

I could see how tightly closed his asshole was, clenched comfortably
shut. As I gazed at it his hole clenched tighter then let go. I gasped,
almost expecting a turd dropping on my face. Instead, the hole relaxed and
opened slightly. I began to smell his fragrance. The smell was primitive, a
man's smell. I could smell and feel the power in him. The smell between a
man's legs was becoming more familiar to me by the minute.

Boy, take a good look at my asshole, imagine how it'll taste on your
tongue, look carefully and think only about pleasuring my hole; it's what I
want. After you lick up and down the crack of my ass run your tongue around
the rim of my asshole. Use your tongue lightly, not too hard. Lightly,
remember that. Then flick your tongue back and forth over it before you
tongue fuck it. Ok, start licking my ass crack."

I inhaled deeply as his ass lowered slowly until the top of his crack was
right over my mouth. "Go on, put out your tongue like I told you." My
tongue snaked out; the warm, salty taste of ass-flesh seared my tongue. It
was a taste like none I had ever tasted. Somehow the warmth of his
ass-crack felt somehow comforting on my tongue as I cautiously licked a
small area. His ass-flesh was smooth and soft I noticed.

The taste wasn't unpleasant but when I thought of his brown shit-hole
farther down I shivered. My tongue went to work moving slowly back and
forth as Carl began raising his ass into the air. My tongue was getting
closer to his hole. His ass-cheeks deepened. I couldn't help it, I screamed
out. "Noooo, I-I can't do it Sir."

Look boy, you heard what I said. You're going to learn how to please a
man's asshole whether you like it or not. In any case I'll enjoy it. Do you
need to be whipped to serve like my cocksucker or do you want to become the
eager cock slut you've learned you were born to be, your choice."

I very tentatively snaked my tongue into his crack, not happy but resigned
to obey him. I soon was darting the tip of my tongue around Carl's
asshole. The taste was bittersweet and burned my tongue a little. I swirled
my tongue lightly as I had been instructed. Around and around the puckered
rim I licked, Carl arched his back and planted his ass firmly on my
mouth. My tongue slid up and down over his brown shit hole and I could feel
his soft, sensitive asshole flesh quiver slightly with pleasure. I was
sucking and licking ass now like I was born to it.

"That's it boy, slide your tongue inside, work it from side to side to get
it in." I did as I was told, stiffened my tongue and pushed against his
asshole. I could feel his hole relax and open. My tongue found the center
and swirled in probing in and out of his asshole. "That's it boy, clean out
my hole." As I licked his ass the excitement of what I was doing worked on
my mind. The aroma between his legs was hot, a man's smell, my man's
smell. No matter how much the idea had repulsed me at first I found that
the more I tongued his asshole, the more turned on I got.

Carl abruptly turned over and motioned me to lick his balls. "Good boy,
you've learned your lesson well but there are still a few things you need
to know. First is that I'll sometimes be using your tongue as my toilet
paper, it's so much warmer and softer. Also from now on whenever anyone
enters or leaves the house you're to be on your knees at the door. You're
expected to show your admiration for whoever may want to be using your
mouth between their legs, do you understand?" Yes Sir, I understand, I
said with the taste of ass still strong in my mouth.

The sex was never ending and I thought I had became quite proficient as a
cocksucker. Master Carl had told me yesterday that he was going to fuck me
tonight. Of course I was apprehensive and couldn't see how that big cock
could fit.

Carl had me bend over has he slowly pressed his lubed finger into my
hole. I immediately pushed back, and his thumb filled me, stretched me. I
rocked forward, and then back again, feeling his thick digit rub against my
prostate. He cupped his hand around so that my balls came to rest in it as
I pushed back.

"That's it, bitch. Get yourself nice and ready, because the next thing in
your ass won't be as small as this thumb." I moaned has I was imagining how
cock would feel inside me, 100 times bigger than his thumb.

"Stop," he commanded. He slowly pulled his thumb out of my dilated ass, and
then moved behind me. He spit again and rubbed it around the edge of my

"I'm about to change you forever boy," Carl said, and the head of his cock
was suddenly inside of me. I gasped and squirmed, trying momentarily to get
away, but Carl had anticipated that. One hand held the hair and my head
which pulled painfully as I tried to get away. The other hand held my hip,
preventing any involuntary movement of my ass away from his cock.

I had Carl's cock inside of my ass. I was letting Carl do the most
violating thing one man could do to another: put his cock in another man's
ass. No real man would let another man do this to him. And here I was, not
only letting him do this to me, but asking for it, begging for it. I
understood completely who I was in that moment and I loved Master Carl for
allowing time to adjust to that cockhead just inside my ass. He just let it
soak for a bit as My hole stopped spasming. There is no doubt who is in
charge when a guy is stuffing his cock into your ass. I was actually
grateful for his showing me what I was.

"From what the fagboys tell me, it gets better," Carl said. "Let your ass
relax if you can. Don't fight it; we both know you want it now. Relax, and
your ass will relax and accept my cock. And in a minute, you're gonna beg
me to never take it out." My ass was relaxing and the initial strain in my
ass was being replaced by a warmth and a fullness: his flesh inside of
me. It didn't feel too bad but I knew he only had his big cockhead in my

"I like to take cumwhore's asses like this the first time, on their knees,
their proud asses raised high in the air. It reminds them of what they are:
bitches, dogs, cockhounds." He spit again, and it landed on the exact spot
where his cock met my ass. He pushed further in, slowly and steadily,
spreading the feeling of fullness inside of me. I could feel as his hard
prick passed over my prostate, and I groaned again and almost came. I held
back, knowing I should wait for Carl's permission.

"Three more inches," he said. My ass was still straining, trying to get
over the widest part of his cock. The pain of my opening ass was balanced
by the pleasure of his cock against my prostate. He suddenly pulled
completely out before immediately plunging back in each time going deeper.

"Your turn to work boy," Carl said. "I've put all but a couple of inches
in. Show me that you want all of my cock inside you."

I didn't know if I could take any more but my desire to please this man
overcame my apprehension. I pushed my ass back, impaling myself on his
hard dick. I stopped only when I felt my ass hit his pubic hair, his balls
hitting mine. Carl groaned as he bottomed out in my hole. My ass was full.
I was full of Carl.

"It's a shame that no one has used this hole before," Carl said. "It's so
hot and tight that every real man should have a crack at it." My cock,
which had been going in and out of hardness, came to throbbing with Carl
inside me, telling me how good my ass was.

Carl pulled on my hair, causing me to rise from all fours. I felt his
breath on my ear, and he spoke.

"You are taken now, you're my little bitch. I have claimed your ass as my
own. I am the first and you will always remember this moment of me taking
your manhood for my own. Nod your head if you need me to fuck you now."
There was no hesitation as I nodded, yes, to this man.

He pulled his cock slowly out, enjoying the friction of his cock against my
hole. My insides seemed to rush to fill the void left by his monster cock,
and then were suddenly pushed back again by it. As he fucked me with long,
slow strokes, he continued to pull back on my hair, arching my neck back.
His mouth clamped down and he began eating my neck. By morning it would be
covered in hickeys which I was proud to display.

As he fucked, he murmured, more to himself than to me, things like, "Ass is
so fucking tight "and" Perfect fit for my cock." He was almost in a trance
as he fucked me and ate at my neck, using his other hand to forcefully pull
my hip back to meet his cock. The pain in my ass had disappeared, and only
the pleasure of his cock pounding my prostate remained.

"Fuck yourself on my cock." The head of his cock was still in my ass, and I
got to work. Where he had been fucking slow and steady, I wanted it faster
and began to rock back and forth, fucking myself on his flesh. Carl let out
a long satisfied groan.

"I like this, whore, you working hard for my cum. I can't believe you've
degraded yourself to pushing your own ass back on a man's cock. You're the
lowest of the low, just like I said. Fucking Omega male if ever I saw one."
He slapped my ass, reminding me of my place with his hands as he did with
his words.

"Stop," he commanded. I did, but not fast enough. His cock almost slipped
out. He grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me back down, his cock
lodged completely inside me.

"Flip onto your back," he said. "And don't let my cock come out of your

I tried several different ways, all of which tangled my legs in his and
didn't accomplish the goal. Carl finally lifted one leg for me and spun me
around on his dick, my legs in the air, saying, "Never send a faggot to do
a man's job."

"I want to see your eyes when I cum inside you, when I leave my seed in
your most intimate hole." He began pumping into me again, more quickly than
before. Somehow, his cock felt even bigger in my ass.

"I'm going to take your gag out now," he said. "But make one fucking noise,
and I pull my cock out and it never goes back in you. Understand?" I
nodded, yes.

"Tell me why you like it when I fuck you," Carl said. "I want to hear you

"I like pleasing you, and I can tell that fucking my tight ass pleases you.
I've been trying to clamp down on your cock to make it feel better for you,
Carl. You were right about me, all along: I need your cock. You've made me
your faggot pussyboy and I will never be the same without your cock."

His fucking tempo had increased, and he was going quickly now. "You say all
the right things to get me off, fucker," he said with a smirk. "That's part
of the reason I keep you around."

I saw the kiss coming this time, but I still wasn't mentally prepared. He
kept his eyes open and his mouth covered mine, almost eating my lips. His
tongue pried apart my lips and teeth and he shoved it inside my mouth,
almost down my throat. I realized what he was doing: fucking my throat
while he fucked my ass. Complete domination. Our eyes locked and I moaned
into his mouth. I was going to cum soon if he didn't stop fucking me at
both ends like this. He breathed in and he stole air from my lungs. I
moaned again, louder this time, with his tongue and mouth replacing my old
gag. He had to know I was close. Could I cum? Was that allowed? He pumped
his cock into my ass, faster and faster. He must be close, too.

When his hand gripped my cock, I came. He didn't pump my cock, just grasped
it firmly, and that was more than enough. It was unlike any orgasm I had
ever had. My body bucked and my ass clenched and cum spurted from my cock
and my eyes never left Carl's, his penetrating stare lighting the fuse for
the fireworks going off inside my body. I was screaming into his mouth,
around his tongue, screaming for finally knowing where I belonged and how I
needed to be used by this man. At the height of my orgasm, I felt something
else which re-doubled this nirvana: Carl was cumming in me?

His thrusts into my ass became more rapid, and I could feel the hot ropes
of cum striking the inside of my ass. His already strong thrusts became
powerful enough to push me further back into the pile of underwear we were
rutting on. His hand around my cock clenched tighter, sending me into an
even higher high, and his other hand pulled on the back of my neck, getting
my face closer to his, mashing our lips together. He moaned in my mouth,
almost screaming and grunting like a bear. My own orgasm seemed meager next
to Carl's. His eyes never closed, but they glazed over with a look of pure
pleasure that was more than enough payment for all the humiliation and pain
I had suffered at his hands.

He pulled his lips off of mine. The silence was broken only by our pounding
pulses. The world seemed to have stopped.

"That, my bitch, is how to fuck." He smiled and lay on top of me, pressing
our two sweaty bodies close together.

"It's a lot better when the cockslut gets off just before I do," he said.
"That clenching ass makes my orgasm that much better." His only reason for
making me cum was to give him a better orgasm. I glowed, knowing that my
body had pleased him.

After we both caught our breath, he pushed up off of me, leaving his cock
inside my ass. "Ready?" he asked, and a moment later, he pulled his cock
out of my ass. I missed him already.

He had a hand underneath where he had penetrated me and he caught a few
drops of cum as they fell from his cock. He cupped his hand and put it up
to my hole.

"Give it back," he said. I whimpered slightly - I didn't want to give it
back! - and he slapped my ass. "Now," he said.

I opened my ass and his cum slipped out of it into his hand. I had to do
this a couple of times until I knew I was empty. With his fingertips, he
wiped the last bit of cum off my ass, sending a shiver through my whole
body as he touched my hole.

He brought his hand up to my face, and I thought, There's no way he's going
to do this.

"You've earned it," he said. "Open up."

I opened my mouth to accept the nastiest gift I had ever received: his cum,
taken out of my ass after he had fucked me. The first drop hit my tongue
and I almost came again. It tasted like Carl's cum, only stronger, with a
darker flavor to it. I knew the extra taste to be my ass and the juices
from it.

"Nice pussyboy likes his milk," Carl said condescendingly. By now I had
half of his hand in my mouth, sucking away at his cummy fingers. He pulled
his fingers out suddenly.

"I almost forgot," he said. "My little bitch has a favorite bowl." He
turned over and lay on his stomach. He reached around with his still cum
filled hand and wiped the cum onto his own ass. This guy was truly
warped. I was so glad I had found him.

"Lap it up, bitch," he said. I got on my knees and parted his ass cheeks,
savoring the smell and the sight of the pearly liquid coating the hairy
crack of his ass. The flavor of his cum, my ass, and his ass sent me over
the edge. I began cumming again, amazingly less than five minutes after
cumming, and without even touching my cock.

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