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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Rural Slaves - Rural Slaves 1

Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2006 23:08:50 EDT

23 year old Kersey Deen and his 30 year old boyfriend Sam Lampard has
been together for a year. For their first anniversary, Sam decided to
treat his lover to a weekend getaway in the country side. So they loaded
up their SUV with clothes and groceries, then headed out on the highway.
Sam was 5-11, 174 lbs, medium build, w/short sandy/brown hair mustache
and goatee. Kersey was a pretty boy; 5-9, 160 lbs, slim build, w/curly
blonde locks, boyish looks and a clean face. Their relationship up til
now had been nothing but joyful. They met at a friend's party for a
blind-date, and have been inseparable ever since.

3 hours into their drive, Kersey couldn't keep his eyes (or hands) off
his lover. With very little fight from Sam, Kersey unzipped his
boyfriend's jeans, pulled out his 7 and 1/2 inch erection, and went down
on it with his mouth.

"Don't you think that's a little dangerous?" laughed Sam, doing 85-mph.
But Kersey was used to getting his way. He took his lover's cock into the
back of his talented throat, burying his lips and nose in his zipper. Sam
smiled broadly as he ran his fingers through the young man's hair with
one hand, while steering the car with the other.

Kersey allowed his throat to conform to his lover's cock. His lips
receded up the slick pink shaft to the bullet like head. He sucked
gingerly at the tip like he did so many times before, before sliding all
the way back down. Sam pressed down on the back of Kersey's head,
grounding his face down into his lap. Kersey loved when Sam took control
of his blowjobs, making the younger man suck him harder and deeper then
intended. A truck driver hauling a 12 ton 18 wheeler honked his horn in
approval when he saw the two men engaged orally. Sam waved as he pulled
the car off exit ramp 67, and onto a less traveled road heading towards
their hideaway.

Unaware of their destination, Kersey busied himself on his lover's cock,
bobbing his head and taking the full length as they sped down
interstate-21. 10 minutes down the road, Sam noticed they needed gas and
pulled into a small gas station without letting Kersey know they stopped.
He was still bobbing his head, bringing Sam to a boil when the 50 year
old gas station attendant appeared at the window. The attendant's jaw
dropped as Sam ground Kersey's head in his groin while he unloaded a
healthy supply of sweet cum down his throat.

Kersey (used to Sam's orgasms) took the load easily, loving the way his
cock jerked and throbbed in his throat. Sam threw his head back against
the head-seat when his orgasm started. He always came hard when Kersey
sucked his cock, the young 23 year old had lots of experience despite his
age. It was the first thing that caught Sam's attention...well, the
second thing after falling for the boy's gorgeous face and sparkling blue
eyes. Now 12 months later, they were celebrating the first year
anniversary. Sam smiled to himself as he lightened his grip on Kersey's
head. Sheepishly he opened his eyes, then jumped out of his skin when he
noticed the OLD station attendant staring in at them.

"HOLY SHIT!!" yelled Sam.

"What?" asked Kersey, pulling his head up from Sam's lap. His eyes
widened with embarrassment when he locked eyes with the aging attendant.
"Holy shit!"

"uh...we'd, uh...fill 'er up, please!" smiled Sam nervously, rolling down
the window.

The attendant snorted, spit tobacco into the dirt, then went about his

"Oh shit! How embarrassing!" laughed Sam, watching the old man pump gas
through the rear view mirror.

"For you? What about ME?" asked Kersey, checking his face in the
sun-visor's mirror. "I was the one caught giving HEAD! That old man must
think we're some young hippy perverts or something!" He licked his lips
as his face became clear in the mirror, then shrieked when he noticed a
clod of cum drooling from his chin. "FUCK! I got cum on me! Now he REALLY
knows what we were up to!!"

"Like he didn't before..." smirked Sam, reaching in his pocket for his
wallet. The attendant finished pumping gas, then came back up to the
window. Sam tucked his cock back in his pants just as the man walked up
and barked...

"That'll be 30 dollars!"

"Here, keep the change." said Sam, giving the man $40. The man took the
money, then eyed the two kids suspiciously. "You boys from the city?" he
stated, more than asked.

"uh...yes, sir. We are!" smiled Sam. "We're headed up to Mountain Canyon
for our...uh, for the weekend! Do I keep straight up this road?"

The attendant chewed several times before answering, then spit black tar
on the ground. It dribbled down off his chin like molasses until he used
his dirty plaid shirt sleeve to wipe it away.

"No." he finally answered. "You go down the road a ways, then make a turn
onto route-5. That'll cut you through 2 hours of drivin."

"Damn. Thanks!" smiled Sam, shifting the car into gear and driving off.
"Wasn't that great?" he said to Kersey as they pulled back onto the road.
"We'll be in our cabin hideaway in less than an hour!"

"I KNOW you're not going to take that old coot's directions, are you?"

"Sure. Why not?" asked Sam, curiously.

"HELLO! Haven't you seen the movies Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Wrong Turn,
or The Hills Have Eyes?" questioned Kersey. "He's probably sending us to
a dead end so his cannibalistic de-formed mutated hillbilly friends can
kill and EAT us!"

"No more than you were doing ME when we pulled up." laughed Sam.

"HA-HA! Very funny!" said Kersey, rolling his eyes. "I'm serious! I think
we ought to keep on the main road! Who knows what's out there in them

Sam chuckled, -Kersey was a horror movie enthusiast, and had obviously
seen one horror movie too many.

"Don't you want to get to the cabin as soon as possible?" he asked,
giving Kersey his sexiest look. "We can take a bubble bath, relax in
front of a warm fire, eat chocolate covered strawberries, and make love
all night."

"Yes." smiled Kersey, sold on the 'make love all night' part. Sam leaned
over and kissed him full on the lips. The kiss lasted longer than
anticipated, as the two men locked lips and tongues. Kersey sprung an
instant hardon, reaching down between Sam's legs to feel his growing
boner. Sam was a machine, and the only man that could keep up with
Kersey's sexual appetite. The two knew they were a match the minute after
their first fuck (which lasted well over 4 hours and spawned several
orgasms apiece).

"Oh SHIT..!!" yelled Sam, breaking the kiss as he looked up and nearly
by-passed the tiny sign reading 'route-5'. He slammed on the breaks and
turned the car into a skid. Kersey screamed as the car nearly rode on two
wheels before straightening out and speeding up the dirt road. Sam
laughed out loud, claiming Kersey had no faith in his driving. Kersey
pulled his fingertips from the dashboard and rolled his eyes, bouncing up
and down over bumps and rocks that littered their way.
An hour later, they were broke down.

"SEE! I TOLD YOU!" yelled Kersey, 10 minutes after Sam came from under
the car. "We're going to DIE out here in the middle of NOwhere!" he
screamed, looking around at all the nothingness that surrounded them.
Then he looked back at Sam and snared. "And YOU'RE the one that wanted to
leave the cell phones at home! So 'no one can bother us on our
trip!'....", he laughed sarcastically, "...more like so no one will ever
find our dead rotted bodies!"
Sam wiped the growing sweat from his brow and stared at his lover with
his hands on his hips. A mischievous smile crept across his face as his
looked from Kersey's curvaceous ass, up to his beautiful angered face.

"You know, you COULD look at it that way, or..." he smiled as he walked
over to Kersey with his arms stretched. " can look at it as a
romantic camping trip, all alone, away from everything and everyone." he
added as he wrapped his arms around his boyfriend, pulling him near as he
planted a kiss on his sweaty cheek.
At first Kersey tried to resist, wanting to stay angry. But once Sam
reached back and grabbed his ass with his strong hands, Kersey's earlier
horniness came back with a vengeance. His cock grew hard as he pressed
his front into Sam's, and allowed the sexy man's tongue to invade his

"We have blankets, water, food, beer, and wine...what's say we set up
camp here tonight, then tomorrow I'll hike back to the main road for
help? Sounds good?"

"Sounds good." whispered Kersey, feeling Sam's dick press up against his
They laid out on a large blanket and ate a feast of fruits, luncheon
meats, and wine while listening to romantic music over the car's radio,
then made love in front of a roaring fire. Sam stripped Kersey naked,
then licked him from his sensitive erect nipples, to his cock, and around
to his luscious ass. Kersey knew the weekend would be spent with Sam's
dick firmly planted up his backside (as was most weekends, especially
since moving in together). He felt Sam spread his round cheeks, then
slide his wet tongue up and down the hairless valley of his anal crack.
Once straight (married for 4 years before meeting Kersey), Sam was well
versed in oral pleasures. Kersey often stifled the desire to phone Sam's
ex to congratulate her for teaching him on how to eat pussy so well. He
always thought that straight men "ate the best". He loved Sam's manliness
when he forcibly flipped him over and pried his cheeks apart to bury his
face between the fat round globes, his sandy mustache and goatee tickling
his quivering asshole as Sam's tongue drilled home.

"Fuck me, Sam..." he whimpered, pushing his ass back against Sam's
tongue. "Please baby...fuck me now...!"

"Whatever you want, baby." smiled Sam, licking his way up Kersey's back
until his cock rested between his boyfriend's ass cheeks.
Kersey arched his back as Sam rubbed himself back and forth along the
moist crevice. Kersey reached back and aimed his lover's cock head up to
his tight hole. Sam pushed in slowly, allowing Kersey's ass to accept and
adjust to him. Kersey moaned aloud as his anus budded open to let Sam
slip in. The head pried open the tight lips, then slowly sank in up to
his balls.

"Oh fuck! I just LOVE this pussy...!" moaned Sam, loving the feel of
Kersey's hole wrapped around him snugly.
Kersey felt Sam bury his face in his neck, his lips and teeth sucking at
the soft skin while he ground himself in deep. Kersey was no stranger to
getting fucked, he's had LOTS of lovers over the years, -many of which he
didn't even know by name. But Sam was different. Sam was the first man he
truly had feelings for. And while Sam's cock may not have been among the
biggest he's had, the emotional attachment made up plenty for the absents
of inches.
Used to fondling his ex-wife's breasts, Sam often reached around
Kersey's torso to squeeze and pinch his nipples during sex. Kersey loved
the nipple play, and would often bare the red bruises around the tips the
next day. Sam pulled back his hips, his cock ascending from Kersey's anus
before being pushed back inside. Kersey groaned as he felt his insides
refilled with the length of his lover's thrust. Sam began to inact a slow
pace, gently fucking the tender sweet ass beneath him. He sucked his
boyfriend's neck while Kersey closed his eyes and surrendered.

"'ve got the best ass I've ever fucked, baby..." whispered Sam,
sincerely. Kersey beamed at the compliment, happy to satisfy his sexy
lover. He prided himself on his sexuality, his good looks and blonde hair
had awarded him many prize lovers over the years, -it's also been the
source of his greatest turmoil. How many men had fallen for his good
looks, stalking and threatening him only to make his life a living hell
when he was no longer interested? Too many to count! But Sam, Sam wasn't
like most men. Sam treated him like more than just a sex object. Sure he
loved fucking Kersey, but their relationship was more than that. Deeper.

Sam pulled his cock from Kersey's ass after only 15 minutes of fucking,
then gently flipped him over onto his back and spread his legs. He
re-aimed his cock at the hole, and pushed back up inside. Their eyes
locked as their bodies became one again. In this position Kersey could
look up into Sam's masculine face, and muscled torso. He ran his hands
across Sam's body while they made love, feeling is hairy chest beneath
his fingertips. Looking down between their bodies, he could see Sam's
cock moving in and out of him, his hairy pubes slapping into Kersey's
smooth ass cheeks. He looked back up into Sam's eyes, and smiled. Sam
leaned forward and kissed him, sliding his tongue deeply into his mouth.
Kersey sucked it like a good piece of candy as Sam laid out on top of him
chest to chest.
Kersey reached his hands up around Sam's back and grabbed his broad
shoulders, breathing hard and panting as he spread his legs wider as Sam
quickened his pace. He could feel the top man's hairy balls slapping into
his ass like a pair of tennis balls.

"oh, uh, uh, yes, oh, shit baby, fuck me, oh, uh, uhh, uhh..." he

Sam liked women, and spent most of his life in pursuit of them. He
married when he was young, thinking that marriage would curb his
attraction for men. It didn't, and became painfully obvious one day when
she walked in and found him ball deep in the ass of her best friend's
husband. Their marriage ended that weekend, and his new life began. He
fucked his way from one meaningless asshole to another, until he finally
met Kersey. The sweet young kid with the pretty smile and dimples set his
heart a flutter, and Sam felt himself having his first emotional
attachment for another man.
He slammed his hips into his lover's ass, sending his cock through the
straining rectum with torpedo like force. Kersey felt the hard impacts as
he looked up at the stars. Sam came with a burst of fire, erupting deep
in his boyfriend's asshole. Kersey came instantly afterwards, shooting
fresh cum all over his stomach and chest like hot white lava. They kissed
some more, then fell asleep by the fire.

"AAAAHHHHHH!!!" screamed Kersey, yanked from his sound sleep and dragged
across the rough ground by his wrists.

"Kerse!" yelled Sam, snapping out of his sleep as he saw Kersey being
dragged into the darkness, away from the fire. But before he could react,
he felt someone lunge upon him from behind. He fought back valiantly,
throwing several punches before being bested. There was obviously more
than one or two attackers, as Sam felt several hands on him at once.
Someone bound his wrist together while another bound his ankles. A bag
was thrown over his head, and his was dragged off into an awaiting van a
few yards away.
Inside he could head Kersey screaming, being slapped silly by their
attackers. Sam tried to communicate with him but was beaten whenever he
made a sound. They drove along a bumpy road, the van bounced and
threatened to tip over several times. When they finally got to their
destination, they were roughly pulled from the back and dragged into what
Sam believed was someone's dilapidated basement. The hood was pulled from
his head, and he was hung up to the ceiling on a hook overhead by his

"Who the fuck are you people?!! What do you want with us!!??" he asked,
screaming at the top of his lungs. He looked around quickly at the
darkened dingy dirty room, but didn't see Kersey. "Where's Kersey??
Where's my boyfriend???" he cried. The strange men laughed, then walked
up and gut punched him. Sam's body bolted in pain. The man then grabbed a
fist full of his hairy cock and balls, and twisted them painfully,
grinding the nut-sack together. Sam screamed as he jerked his body on the
hook, trying to free himself.

"This one's the TOP!" he heard one of the men say over his screams. "We
watched him fucking the shit out of the other whore!"

"A top, eh?" said the torturer, jamming two of his beefy fingers up Sam's
dry asshole. "We don't need no TOPS in our stable!" Sam screamed again as
the fingers tore through his virgin anal ring, burying in him up to the
third knuckle. "It's TIGHT!" smiled the assailant, adding another dry
finger. "Should bring in a good sale!"

"We gonna sale him as a virgin?" asked one of the men.

"Could bring in top dollar..." hesitated the lead torturer, churning his
fingers around in the ultra tight man-hole. "...but I think we ought to
Break-in this lil' beaut! Buford, you go first!"
Buford walked up behind Sam's dangling body, and began rubbing his
callused hands up and down his muscular form. His cock grew hard
instantly to its full massive 8 thick uncut inches. He placed his cock
head up against the captive's ass crack, nudging it against the lead
man's embedded fingers. The man slowly eased his fingers out, allowing
room for the massive cock to invade. Sam felt it pressing into his virgin
ass, and screamed in terror as it broke through his sore ring and bore
into his aching rectum with all the force of a battering ram.

AAAHHHHRRRGGGGGHH!!" he bellowed, as his innards seared with fire.

"UGHH...he's TIGHT alright!" confirmed Buford, drilling his cock home and
holding onto Sam's hips.
The pain shooting through his aching bowels was excruciating, Sam didn't
understand how his lover Kersey seemed to love it so much when he fucked
him. He threw his head back and thrashed about on the hook, trying to
block out the pain, but it didn't work. Buford merely gripped his bucking
hips tighter as he fucked his way in and out of his ultra tight virgin
hole. Sam's feet dangled an inch or so off the ground, taking away any
leverage he may have of getting away. The lead tormenter started to
attack his nipples while he got fucked. First pinching and twisting them
painfully hard, then biting them until they were sore, red, and bleeding.
He watched his brother fuck the bound captive for a few minutes, then
returned his attention back to Sam's privates.

Sam whined in despair as the man gripped his cock and balls again, and
began to torture them. The cock piston in and out of his moistening hole
felt like a telephone pole. It stretched his poor sphincter muscles wider
than they'd ever been stretched before. He could feel his asshole scream
every time Buford plunged in deep, his hairy ball sack slapping into
Sam's ass.
Tears started to roll down Sam's face as he cursed and threatened his
captors. They paid him little mind as the continued to torture him
sexually and sadistically. The lead man leant forward and took Sam's limp
cock into his mouth, and began to chew on it with his teeth. Sam kicked
his legs trying to wrench himself from the man's mouth, but Buford had
such a firm grasp of him that he could barely move but a few inches.

"UFF...UHH...UH...EHH...OHH...I'm...I'm gonna CUM!" announced Buford,
drilling his cock straight through into Sam's colon. Sam felt the last
bit of his manhood stolen the instant Buford's thick cock started to cum,
filling his aching insides with the bulky hillbilly's enormous load.
"RRRHHHHHGGGGG...!!" he screamed as the cum poured out of his cock and
into the delectably tight ass he was in.
"Your turn, Wallace!" he said as he pulled his cock from the torn
bleeding (no longer virginal) hole, to make room for his brother.
Wallace amused himself with a few more minutes of chewing Sam's cock,
then spit it from his mouth. It fell limp and mangled between his thighs
as Wallace pulled Sam's legs up to his broad muscled shoulders, then
plunged his own ample 10 inch cock deep into the already fucked hole.

"AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!" screamed Sam, feeling his rectum attacked again by a
bigger, harder, angrier cock.
He through his head from side to side against his stretched over-head
arms, trying to knock himself out and spare himself the pain of another
fuck. But Wallace merely locked his massive hands around Sam's thighs,
and hammered his way through his vulnerable hole. Sam saw stars
(literally) as Wallace fucked him hard and merciless, thrilled to be
taking the slick city boy's virginity and manhood in one shot. Sam's eyes
slowly opened, giving him his first full look at his rapist.

"RRR..RRHH...YEEHHH...YEHHH...ARRHH...! grunted Wallace like an animal
with every thrust he administered into the man's ass.
Sam felt his mind fill with hatred as he watched the man fuck him face
to face. Wallace was a big brute, about 6-4, 220 lbs, with long
reddish/orange hair, mustache and beard. His eyes were wild/green, his
skin looked pale under a fresh coat of dirt, and his body was chiseled
with massive muscles. He held onto Sam easily as he fucked in and out of
his cum lined ass with deep, hard, brutal strokes.

Sam endured this punishment for another 10 minutes before he finally
felt Wallace start to shutter and shake with orgasm. He closed his eyes
and howled like a coyote, sending no less than 9 thunderous streaks of
hot molten cum spurts up the victim's red ravaged asshole. Sam cried at
his loss of self, reduced to a cum-hole for hick strangers.
Wallace released Sam's legs, letting them fall back down of their own
weight. His 10 inch deflating cock ripped from the sore hole, spilling
gobs of fresh cum from the swollen anal lips which ran down the backs of
Sam's legs like water. Spent, he and his brother left Sam to dangle there
(raped and bruised to the core), laughing to themselves as they walked
out and slammed the steel metal door behind them. Locking him in and
leaving him to cry and curse in the dark.

Down the hall in another room, Kersey was being slapped around by other
assailants. One man was bigger than him, 6-1 or 6-2, and at least 50
pounds heavier. He punched the smaller Kersey in his pretty face, then
threw him against the wall just to show the little punk who was boss.
Kersey screamed in pain and fear as he was pulled by his beautiful blonde
hair and forced to his knees in submission. He watched with swollen eyes
as the man fished his dick from his dirty trousers, and forced his filthy
cock into his dainty mouth. Kersey gagged on the stench as it pushed
between his thin pink lips and straight down into his throat. The man
gripped him by his locks, and forced his head back and forth along the
length of his spit cleaned shaft. He howled and raved about the great
talents of the "lil' fag-boy!", and pounded Kersey's face hard and deep,
-his smelly balls slapping against the boy's chin like a tattoo. Kersey
submitted to the brute force, feeling the man shove all the way down into
his throat once again before unloading a huge load of acid tasting cum.
Kersey gagged and choked on the big load, but quickly swallowed it all
down before choking to death. But just as the man removed his spent cock,
leaving Kersey to believe his ordeal was over, another man took his place
and shoved his equally unpleasant unwashed meat between Kersey's lips for
another rough throat fuck.
Another man stood to the side, watching his family members face fuck the
"pretty boy". His cock was rock hard as he awaited his turn at the young
faggot's mouth. Then he noticed Kersey's luscious round ass protruding
out as his head was held and his throat long dicked. He moved in closely
behind Kersey and knelt behind him. He pulled apart the plush hairless
pinkish ass cheeks to see the sweet tiny boy-hole nestled between the
globes. His cock throbbed with anticipation as he slapped it between the
cheeks, then aimed it up against the opening. Kersey knew he was about to
be raped, and knew that giving in would greatly reduce much of the pain
of entry. He relaxed his anus as best he could, praying that the cum Sam
had shot into him earlier would act as sufficient lubricant. He felt the
man grip his tiny waist, then pull his hips back to meet his forward
thrust. The cock rammed into him full throttle, ripping through his hole
like a Mack-Truck. He groaned around the throat full of cock fucking his
mouth, as the ass fucker took to immediate action. He fucked Kersey hard
and strong, his pelvis bone slamming into Kersey's soft reddening ass
cheeks and sending shock waves through his body.

"HHHHRRRHHH...!!" groaned the man cumming down his throat.
Kersey felt the deluge empty into his stomach without ever having to
taste it. The man pulled his cock from his mouth and began to beat it
across his upturned face like a club, leaving spit and cum splatters all
over his pretty face. The ass fucker gripped his waist so hard as he
started to cum up his delicious backside, that he left fingerprint
bruises in the skin. Kersey felt the big cock throb in his rectum, then
burst as healthy supply of hot cum into his bowels, triggering his own
orgasm as his untouched cock began to spurt cum all over the floor
beneath him. As soon as the man was finished cumming, he pulled his cock
from his sore hole and two other men quickly dragged Kersey over to a
metal table and threw him on top. Before he knew what was happening, he
was roughly force fucked from both ends. He felt another hard cock
ripping through his cum filled rectum, stretching his anal walls wider
and deeper than his lover. The man fucking him was brutal, and laid into
him with a series of evil thrusts that pierced the young gay man's
innards and beat upon his intestinal track like a drum. Kersey gagged and
coughed against the new cock fucking his throat, even as it began to
erupted hot cum prematurely down his raw throat.

The man fucking his asshole was relentless, and didn't stop his brutal
thrusts into Kersey's bloated bowels until he filled his flaming boy-cunt
with another hot batch of thick man-juice. He was then replaced by the
first guy that face fucked Kersey, his thick cock now renewed for some
ass ramming as he stepped up and shoved his enormous rod into the shocked
hole in one thrust. Kersey screamed as the man's big bloated balls
slammed into his slime slicked cheeks. His own cock grew rock hard with
lust as the man held his legs spread open like scissors and long dicked
him deeply, feeling the remains of his family member's cum loads as well
as Sam's clogging the boy's insides and coating his hard cock in natural
lube. He fucked Kersey long and hard, pumping his big dick in and out of
his talented ravaged hole until he came a cup full up the kid's battered
butt. Kersey screamed in shame as his untouched cock once again erupted
hot cum all over his chest and face. Another man walked up and began to
pee on the boy, further degrading him as they all laughed and left him
laying there in cum and urine as they closed and locked the metal guard
door behind them.

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