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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - School Discipline - Michael 4

Date: Sat, 9 Jul 2005 16:41:58 +0100
From: Gymnopedies <>
Subject: School Discipline - Michael 4

The usual disclaimers apply: don't read if you are prohibited by location,
are under legal age, or if you are likely to be offended by explicit
descriptions of gay sex. The story is pure fiction and is not based on any
actual events.

Gymnopedies July 2005

School Discipline - Michael 4

Thursday's school passed by in a bit of a blur for Will. The events of the
previous evening were constantly uppermost in his mind and all he could
think about was Michael's naked body, and the feel of Michael's hard cock
under his fingers. As a result, it seemed that his own cock was almost
constantly hard and whenever he was standing upright he found himself
having to try to hide the prominent bulge at his groin with whatever came
to hand, usually his school bag. Unfortunately for Will, alongside the
erotic feelings, there was also a fair amount of guilt and worry. He felt
bad about the way he had taken advantage of the situation in order to get
his hands on the boy's body and he was becoming increasingly worried that
Michael would report the incident; he knew if that happened the
consequences would be extremely serious.

At one point in the day, Will saw Michael approaching along a crowded
corridor. The young teen was with some friends and appeared engrossed in
conversation. As they came closer, Will found his heart was pounding in
fear and he had visions of the sixteen year old making a scene, right there
in front of his school friends, publicly accusing the older boy of being
gay and of sexually assaulting him. However, to Will's surprise, as he
passed, Michael glanced at him and gave a quick smile and a casual "Hi,"
and then immediately turned his attention back to his friends. It was as if
Wednesday evening had never happened.

But if Will had felt anxious at school, this was nothing compared to what
he felt when he got home. Would Michael turn up, like he had been told to
do, or would he just ignore the instruction and stay away? The eighteen
year old nervously watched the clock, wondering what was going to
happen. He would give almost anything for another chance to get his hands
on the young teenager's body; in his imagination he had already played
through a dozen different scenarios, all of which took things much further
than they'd gone the previous evening. At the same time, feelings of guilt
were gnawing at his stomach. The fantasy situation would be for Michael to
reveal that he too was gay and the two of them would then strip each other
naked and have wild sex on Will's bed; the older boy realised that the
chances of this happening were almost zero.

The doorbell sounded at just before five minutes to five o'clock. Will
forced himself to pause and take a couple of calming breaths and then he
opened the front door.

The boy standing on the doorstep was a complete transformation from the one
who had been there the previous day. Michael almost glowed. He wore a
smart, blue, button up casual shirt and black trousers; no baggy jeans
today, and he'd obviously showered and his dyed blond hair was freshly
washed and carefully dried and gelled. But most noticeable of all was the
expression on his face; he was literally beaming.


"Erm, yeah, hi," Will replied, attempting to cover up his
surprise. Whatever he'd been expecting, this wasn't it. "Come on in."


As Michael passed him, Will discovered that the boy didn't just look good,
he also smelled good; he'd obviously made a great deal of effort to try and
impress someone.

"You look terrific, all dressed up. Are you going out somewhere later?"
Will asked as he led the way up the stairs.

"No," Michael replied. "I've nothing planned. I may meet up with some
friends later, I don't know yet."

"Ah, I thought maybe you'd found yourself a girl or something."

Michael's face reddened slightly and he turned his head away. A second
later he turned back to face Will, his grin wider than ever. "Guess what?
It's the best news ever."

"Skelton is leaving?" suggested Will, the resignation of the PE teacher
being his idea of 'the best news ever'.

"Nope. Mr. Howard came through on his promise; I'm back on the swim team."

"That's great news," smiled Will. He gave Michael's shoulder a squeeze. "I
told you he'd make it happen." He was genuinely pleased for the boy. He
knew that getting back onto the school's swim team was something the teen
had wanted more than anything else.

"Yeah, first proper practice is tomorrow after school."

"Just make sure you try and stay on the right side of Skelton," Will
warned. "He won't be pleased that you've been put back onto the team
against his wishes. He'll be baiting you and trying to get you to mess up."

"It won't work," said Michael, his expression determined. "He won't get rid
of me again." His smile returned. "I brought my English stuff," he said
holding out a folder and a couple of paperback books. "You told me to fetch

"Yeah, I did." Will was completely wrong-footed; things were not going
anything like he'd planned. His original intention had been to once more
force Michael to strip and he'd then administer the punishment of six slaps
that were owing from the previous evening, in the process getting a really
good feel of the boy's body and maybe jerking him off again, or even this
time taking things a little further. Then his conscience had started
getting in the way, and now his feelings of guilt had suddenly been made
much worse by the dramatic change in Michael's attitude. He felt he'd lost
control of the situation and he had no idea about what was going to happen
next. The obvious thing would be to simply help the boy with his school
work and then send him on his way. OK, this wasn't as good as the original
plan, but getting to spend time with the hot youngster, even fully clothed
was better than nothing.

" I suppose we have to do the other stuff first, before we do this," said
Michael, dropping the books onto Will's desk and, for the first time since
his arrival, looking a little uncomfortable.

"Other stuff?"

"Yeah, the punishment stuff. Like yesterday." Michael's smile had now
disappeared completely. He opened the top button of his shirt and moved
down to the next.

"Look, Michael, about this punishment business. You know, don't you, that I
don't have any right at all to punish you." Will decided that he didn't
have any option but to come clean. "I can't report you to Josh Howard for
putting graffiti on the loo doors; if I did, and he found out what I'd done
to you yesterday, he'd have my arse. So I don't have anything over you; you
can walk straight out of that door and there's nothing I could do about
it. I'm still willing to help you with your school work, if you want."

Michael froze, his face completely devoid of expression. Then, a moment
later he moved down to the next button, continuing to open his shirt. It
was as if Will hadn't even spoken.

Now Will really was confused. "Did you hear me?" he asked. "I said you
don't have to do this."

Again, Michael ignored him. His shirt was now unbuttoned all the way down,
and looking both nervous and unhappy, he pulled the hem out of the
waistband of his trousers.

"Are you trying to tell me that you WANT me to punish you?" Will asked,
completely lost.

Once more, Michael paused. "I'm not gay," he said, very softly, after a
moments silence. "I like girls." He pulled his arms out of his shirt and
folding it over his arm he laid it carefully aside.

"But..." Now it was Will's turn to pause. He really didn't know what to
say. The only explanation he could think of was that Michael did indeed
want more of what they'd done the previous day. Could the boy be lying
about being gay; simply denying it for appearances sake? Even though Will
had found being able to dominate the youngster a terrific turn on, he would
much rather they had a more equal relationship, if there was any chance of
that. "You know, we can play around together without me making you do
stuff. No one will ever find out about it."

"I told you, I'm not gay." This time Michael's voice was louder and more
emphatic, and there was a warning glint in his eyes.

"Fine," said Will. "Point taken." Even though the older boy didn't
understand what was going on, what was being offered to him was like a
scene straight out of one of his fantasies. The sight of Michael standing
just feet away, shirtless, his slim, smooth chest almost begging to be
caressed and stroked was already having an effect. The older boy's
hardening cock was trapped at an uncomfortable angle and almost
unconsciously he pulled at the front of his pants, manoeuvring it around
until it stood upright. "Just so long as you understand that you can go any
time you like."

"You want me to take the rest of my clothes off?" asked Michael, nervously.

"Sure. Take everything off. Let's have you naked."

Michael swallowed visibly and, his hands shaking slightly, he started to
unfasten his trousers. Will moved across to the bed and sat down to
watch. After opening his belt, Michael bent forwards to take off his shoes
and socks.

"Hold it," said Will. "Push your trousers and shorts down first."

"What? Why?"

"Because I told you to." Giving Michael a chance to back out had eased
Will's feelings of guilt and he was starting to feel more confident about
taking on the dominant role. "Get your trousers and underwear down round
your ankles and then stand up straight with your hands behind your head."

Quickly, Michael put his thumbs under the waistband of his shorts and
pushed his underwear and trousers all the way down to the floor. He shot
Will an almost frightened look as he straightened up and linked his hands
together behind his head.

Will got up from the bed and stepped towards the now almost naked boy. "Get
your legs further apart. As far apart as you can." He watched as Michael
obediently shuffled his feet a few more inches apart, his movements
restricted by the trousers around his ankles. "That's better. Now stand

Michael's eyes followed Will's movements as the older boy approached
him. Will still couldn't work out what was going on with the sixteen year
old; Michael was effectively doing this through choice, yet the expression
on his face said that he was hating every minute of it.

The younger teen flinched as Will's fingers gently stroked his chest,
running across the velvety smooth skin of his pectorals and lightly
tweaking the small nubs of his nipples. Will's fingers moved lower, across
the boys stomach and down onto his shaven crotch, a little rough with newly
sprouting hairs.

"You've got stubble," said Will. "Does it itch?"

"A bit."

"I could always clean it up for you. You said last time that some of the
guys on the swim team shaved everywhere. Maybe we should celebrate you
getting back onto the team by doing that to you."

Michael blinked his eyes and there was a slight tightening around his
mouth, but otherwise he showed no reaction.

"It'd stop the itching," said Will. "Until it starts to grow again,
anyway." He moved his hand lower, enveloping the boy's soft cock with his
fingers. He rolled the organ around in his hand.

Michael closed his eyes, taking short, shallow breaths through his nose.

Letting go of Michael's dick, Will moved behind the boy. Slowly he traced
his finger down Michael's spine and then down into the valley between the
rounded globes of his arse cheeks.

"Ugh!" Michael pushed his hips forwards as if trying to move his arse away
from Will's probing finger.

"Ever touch your arsehole when you jerk off?" asked Will, taking his hand
away and moving back round until he was once more facing the boy.

"No." As well a sight flush of embarrassment, there was also a look of
distaste on Michael's face, clearly indicating what he thought of that

"OK." Will had a final quick squeeze of the boy's dick, and then returned
to sit on the edge of the bed. "Come and lay across my knees, like

Taking tiny steps because of the clothing around his ankles, Michael
nervously shuffled over and lowered himself across Will's lap.

"It's six that I owe you, isn't it?" Will asked, his hand already caressing
the boy's smooth, rounded cheeks.

"Yeah, you said six," Michael agreed, his breathing a little laboured
because of his uncomfortable position; Will's knees were pressing into his

"Right, count them off as we go." The older teen hesitated. In spite of
already having done this yesterday, he hated the thought of actually
hurting the boy. Eventually he brought his hand down, giving Michael's arse
cheeks a glancing blow that was more of a token slap than the real thing.

Michael didn't make a sound.

"I said count them off," said Will. "I want to hear you count."

Still, Michael remained silent.

A little annoyed, Will gave the boy a second slap, a little harder than the

This time, Michael gave a soft grunt, but he still showed no signs of
complying with the instruction to count.

"Count them," said Will, raising his voice a little. Michael had been quick
to follow every instruction so far, so why was he now being so stubborn?
The suggestion that the boy count the slaps had been made more or less on
impulse, taken from a fuzzy memory in which Will's father had related how
he used to be punished as a boy by being slippered across his backside and
having to count each blow. Impulse it may have been, but it had now become
a matter of principle. Will drew back his hand and brought the palm down
squarely, fast and hard, on the young teen's exposed rear, the contact hard
enough to cause his palm to sting.

"Arghh!" Michael let out a cry of pain. "One," he said, breathlessly.

"That's better," said Will, his hand stroking the boy's rear, almost
tenderly. "Though that was three, not one." Happier that Michael had once
more fallen into line, Will delivered a fourth slap, much lighter than the
previous one.

No response. Michael didn't say a word.

"What's the matter with you? Why can't you follow a simple instruction?"
The fifth slap was if anything even harder than the third one had been, if
the stinging in Will's palm was anything to go by, anyway.

"Owwww!" Michael yelled, squirming in Will's lap. "Two," he gasped.

The next slap followed quickly on tail of the preceding one, again
delivered with stinging intensity.

"Shhh! Oooph! Three." Michael's squirming was increasing with each blow. He
was also breathing quite heavily.

Will waited a moment for the boy to settle. "I think we'll leave it there
for now," he said.

"That's only three," complained Michael, almost as if he'd been cheated.

"Actually, it was six, but if you keep arguing you're going to earn
yourself some more. In any case, that will be for later. There are some
other things I want to do with you first."

"What other things?"

Will didn't reply. He was once more sliding his hand over the young teen's
firm cheeks. Using both hands, he pulled the cheeks apart to look down
between them, just like he'd done the previous evening. Michael's tight
hole nestled invitingly, down at the bottom of the crack. Will rubbed his
index finger right up against the puckered entrance, pressing quite firmly.

"Don't," begged Michael. Wriggling around, he tried to reach back to push
Will's hand away.

"What's the matter?" asked Will. "Ticklish?" He easily caught Michael's
arm, bending it up behind the boy's back to prevent further struggling.

"I just don't like you messing about back there, that's all."

"So you don't like me touching your bum hole, but you don't mind me playing
with your cock and balls," Will observed, reaching up between the boy's
legs to take hold of Michael's cock, which, to his surprise, was more than
half way hard.

"I didn't say that," said Michael. Then he gave a soft groan as Will's
fingers enclosed his dick, squeezing it tightly and stroking right along
its length.

Will briefly considered what he should do next. His ultimate fantasy would
be to strip off his own clothes and fuck Michael in that tight little hole
that he had just fingered. He immediately dismissed this as unrealistic,
though he couldn't help wondering just how far Michael would be willing to
let him go. Most of his guilt had now disappeared; as long as Michael
understood that he was there of his own free will, then the eighteen year
old decided there was no reason for him to feel guilty about anything that
happened. Just being able to handle Michael's body in such an intimate
fashion, wanking on his now fully hard cock, felt incredible, and his own
dick, which had been hard almost from the moment the younger boy had
started removing his shirt, was liberally soaking the front of his shorts
with copious amounts of precum. He decided he was going to try and push
things forwards a bit; he could always backtrack if it looked like the boy
was going to refuse to cooperate. All he needed to do was find the right

"Remember I said earlier that we should celebrate you getting back onto the
swim team by shaving off your body hair?" Will asked, his hand still around
the boy's erection.

Michael tensed up, but didn't speak.

"I think that's what we're going to do," Will continued. "Not everything,
we haven't time. But we can get rid of the stubble around your cock and
shave your balls and arse crack."

"What? No way!" Michael wriggled from Will's lap, rolling off onto the
floor before getting to his feet. "I said I didn't like you messing around
back there." His face was red.

"It's OK for me to shave your cock and ball's then?" Will asked, meeting
the boy's challenging stare.

Michael shrugged, a tight frown on his face.

There was a moments silence as the boys looked at each other. His heart
thumping, Will decided to push the issue.

"I'm going to shave your cock, balls AND arse crack," said the older
boy. He met Michael's gaze, then turned to look significantly at the boy's
folded shirt, then at the bedroom door.

Michael kept his stubborn stare for a few more seconds and then dropped his
eyes, unhappily. "Do what the hell you want," he muttered.

With a feeling of intense relief that Michael hadn't immediately pulled on
his clothes and stormed out, Will got to his feet, his own hard cock making
a large bulge in the front of his trousers. Michael's eyes fixed for a
moment on the bulge before he looked embarrassed and quickly looked away.

"Sit down on the bed," Will ordered.

As the young teen sullenly followed the instructions, Will got down on his
knees and removed Michael's shoes and socks and then pulled the boy's
trousers and shorts over his feet, leaving him completely naked. Standing
up again, the prefect smoothed the worst of the creases out of the trousers
before carefully folding them and placing them on top of the shirt that
Michael had removed earlier.

"Open your legs and lean back," said Will. "No trying to hide that boner."
He stood for a moment allowing his gaze to travel over the boy's perfect
body, wishing that they could stop this master-slave routine and come
together on equal terms, each pleasuring the other. Surely by now it must
be perfectly obvious to Michael that Will was gay and that the eighteen
year old was in fact getting off on being able to get his hands on the
younger boy's body; being able to touch him and handle him in almost any
way that he liked. Yet the boy still vehemently maintained that he wasn't
gay himself. Why would someone who wasn't gay submit to treatment like
this? Come to that, why would someone who was gay submit to treatment like
this? Will didn't have the slightest idea. "I'm going to get the things I
need to shave you. Stay like that until I get back."

Quickly, Will went to the bathroom and collected his safety razor, fitting
a new blade. He picked up the can of shaving foam and a couple of large
towels and took everything back into the bedroom. There, he ordered Michael
to stand, while he spread the towels out on the bed and then made the boy
sit back down again on the towels. Finally he went down to the kitchen,
returning with a plastic bowl of warm water.

"Right, I think we're ready," Will announced, as he got down on his knees
between Michael's outspread legs. Interestingly, the boy's erection still
appeared to be as hard as ever. Will wondered whether Michael had been
secretly rubbing it to keep it in that state whilst he had been waiting.

It took just a moment to apply shaving foam to the base of Michael's dick
and over his balls. Though Will also took things a step further by
massaging the boy's erection with his foam covered hand.

"Oh, shit!" Michael gasped, his eyes closing in obvious pleasure.

"Even if you're not gay, you can't deny you like that," grinned Will.

Michael, didn't rely, the expression on his face was answer enough.

"More of that later," said Will, letting go of the shaft. "First let's get
you cleaned up." He rinsed his hand and picked up the razor.

Shaving the pubic area at the base of Michael's cock was easy. Josh had
done a fairly thorough job just a few days earlier and it was just a matter
of removing the slight traces of hair that had started to grow. Michael's
balls though were another matter entirely; Will quickly discovered that the
loose skin of a ball sac did not lend itself to easy shaving. Still, the
good thing about shaving foam was that it made it fairly easy to see where
you had been. He worked slowly and carefully; the last thing he wanted was
to do the boy any damage.

"I think that will do?" said Will eventually. He pulled on a corner of one
of the towels and used that to wipe the areas he had been working on,
finishing off by rubbing his finger tips over the smooth skin. "That feels
really nice," he said. "It looks good as well. I think being smooth makes
your cock look bigger."

"Yeah, sure," Michael muttered, looking down at himself. "As long as it
stops the bloody itching."

Will gave a laugh. "It'll look better still when I get the rest of it
tidied up. Lift your legs up and pull your knees back."

Michael looked more unhappy than at any time since he'd arrived. He didn't

"Lift up your legs," said Will, speaking slowly and emphasising each
word. He stared Michael straight in the eyes.

For a few seconds Michael didn't respond. Then he suddenly broke eye
contact, looking away to the side. "Fuck this!" he muttered,
angrily. Slowly he pulled his legs up and back, putting his hands behind
his knees to support them.

Michael's arse cheeks were now spread wide and his hole was fully
exposed. Will dipped his fingers into the water and then lightly ran them
over the base of the boy's ball sac then down over the inner surfaces of
the rounded cheeks before finishing off by stroking right across the hole
itself. Michael wriggled and muttered something inaudible.

"Keep still," Will ordered, giving one of the boy's cheeks a sharp slap.

Michael flinched slightly at the blow but didn't make any sound.

Picking up the can of foam, Will sprayed a golf ball sized mound onto his
fingertips then smeared it down Michael's anal cleft, massaging it
around. He quickly rinsed his fingers and once more picked up the razor.

Michael wasn't especially hairy, in fact, round his actual arsehole there
were only a few odd curly hairs and these were quickly and easily
removed. It took a little longer for Will to shave the underside of the
boy's balls and his inner thighs, then to remove the short, fine hairs from
his arse cheeks, but the job was completed in just a few minutes.

"Are you nearly done?" asked Michael, sounding impatient.

"Stay as you are just a bit longer," Will instructed. He sprayed out a
little more foam and applied it directly to the boy's hole, running his
fingers firmly up and down over the tight sphincter.

"What're you doing now?" Michael sounded worried.

Will ignored the question. He increased the pressure, feeling the ring
muscle start to give. A firm twisting push and the tip of his index finger
slid inside, up to the first knuckle.

"Oww! What're you doing?" Michael repeated, an edge of fear in his voice.

"Just don't move," Will ordered, sharply, trying to disguise his own
nervousness. He pulled out the finger and slid in again, repeating the
procedure a few times. Each time his fingertip went a little further
inside. The shaving foam made an excellent lubricant, and with very little
pressure, Will pushed his finger all the way in, right up to the base
knuckle. He felt his breath catch in his throat as he imagined repeating
this with something much more exciting than his finger, and the thought
almost caused him to lose his load into his shorts.

On the bed, Michael was moaning softly. "Oh, fuck," he muttered, his eyes
squeezed shut.

Slowly, Will slid his finger out and then back in again, watching,
fascinated, as Michael's sphincter muscle gripped it tightly. After a
moment he added second finger to the first, starting once more by working
just his finger tips inside and building up to the full fingers.

Michael gave a moan that could have been discomfort but could just as
easily have been pleasure, Will couldn't tell. As he slid his two fingers
smoothly in and out, the older teen reached up between the boy's legs to
take hold of Michael's cock, finding that it wasn't just hard, it was also
leaking huge amounts of precum from its sticky head.

Once more Michael groaned; this time it could only have been with pleasure
and Will began to stroke firmly up and down the full length of the hard
shaft whilst at the same time continuing to fuck the boy's arse with his

"You like that, don't you?" said Will, softly.

Michael didn't answer. But then he didn't need to. His squirming around and
moans of pleasure said everything that Will needed to know.

"It doesn't look like you were telling the truth about being gay," said

"Ugh! I'm not gay!" Michael panted. "I keep telling you I'm not gay."

"I don't believe you," said Will, increasing the pace of his stroking and
the thrusting his fingers in quickly and smoothly.

"Argh! Fuck you!" Michael hissed through clenched teeth. His whole body had
started to tremble and he pulled his legs back even further, in the process
opening himself up even more to Will's fingers. His rock hard erection
started to throb and Will began pumping as fast as he possibly could just
as thick spurts of white cum began erupting from the head Michael's dick.

"Oooh," Michael's entire body had tensed up as the cum continued to pump
from his cock. "Fuck!"

Will gradually slowed down his stroking, as the orgasm finally seemed to
subside, pulling his fingers from the boy's arse for the last time. He
moved back, allowing Michael to lower his feet to the floor. The boy's
stomach was wet with cum and he lay back panting and groaning.

"Don't move," Will ordered. "Stay just as you are." He wiped his fingers on
the towel and then began to quickly pull off his own clothes. The last few
minutes had left him feeling desperate for relief; his cock was rock hard
and he knew he was on the verge of coming in his shorts. As he tugged down
his shorts, allowing his erection to spring free, he watched Michael's face
closely. The younger teen wore a slightly apprehensive expression as if
wondering what was in store for him next and he swallowed visibly as Will's
swollen cock came into view.

Now naked himself, Will leaned down and scooped up some of the cum from
Michael's stomach, smearing it along the shaft of his own cock. He was
tempted to make himself cum there and then, adding his own sticky fluid to
the mess already on Michael's abdomen. However, with a great effort, he
released his erection. Climbing up onto the bed, he straddled the younger
boy, one knee on each side of Michael's chest, his erection pointing out
towards the boy's face. "You do it for me," he ordered, a little

Michael pulled a face. Hesitantly, his hand came up towards Will's hard

"Come on," said Will. "It's your turn to make me shoot."

Looking unhappy but resigned, Michael's tongue flicked out, nervously,
across his lips and he gripped his bottom lip between his teeth as his
fingers encircled Will's hardness.

Will gave a deep, satisfied sigh. Michael's cool fingers on his cock felt
amazing. He had to fight the urge to hump forwards with his hips. "What are
you waiting for? Make me cum."

Michael slowly stroked his fist up the throbbing shaft, then back down
again. His eyes flicked up towards Will's, then down to the sticky swollen
head, just inches away from his face, before he turned his head to one

"No looking away," said Will, quickly. "Keep watching it. You've got to
watch me cum."

Obediently, Michael turned his face forwards again, apprehensively eyeing
the hard organ.

"Go faster," Will panted. He reached down between his legs to stroke
Michael's smooth chest with one hand whilst at the same time running the
other over his own upper torso.

As the pace of Michael's stroking increased, the older teen cast his mind
back to a few moments earlier when his fingers had been sliding in and out
of the boy's tight arsehole. Will tried to imagine what it would feel like
to be thrusting his dick deep into that same hole, burying the full length
of his erection in Michael's hot body. "Urgh!" The thought was too much. He
felt his body tense up as cum began to erupt from the end of his
dick. "Keep going," he gasped. "Don't stop."

Michael screwed up his face as the first streamer of cum splashed down over
his nose and mouth. Almost reflexively, he turned his head to one side, the
second spurt catching him across his cheek. Then, to Will's amazement, the
boy appeared to get himself under control and forced himself to turn his
head forwards again as he continued milking the shaft, drops of cum
dribbling down onto his chin and neck.

"Uh, that was bloody brilliant," Will sighed. Still breathing heavily from
his intense orgasm, he climbed off the bed and picked up a towel. Selecting
a clean corner, he used this to wipe the cum from Michael's face. "You did
really well," he said, with a smile.

Just for a moment it was as though a sparkle of pride appeared in Michael's
eyes, to be immediately replaced by a frown. "I didn't have much choice,"
the boy muttered. He took the towel from Will and used it to wipe his mouth
more thoroughly.

"Come here," Will took the towel back and wiped Michael's stomach, then
carefully cleaned the boy's limp penis and balls. "Lift up your legs
again," he instructed.

"Why, what are you gonna do now?"

"Only clean you, that's all," Will laughed. "Though you could probably do
with a shower anyway. You want to grab a shower?"

"I suppose I'd better."

"Alright. It's straight across the landing." The prefect held open the
bedroom door, pointing out the bathroom. He tried to hide a smile as he
watched how Michael was walking, almost as if he still had a finger
embedded in his arse. "There's a clean towel on the rail. The stuff on the
lower shelf of the cabinet is mine; use anything you like."


While Michael showered, Will quickly wiped his own dick and then pulled on
his clothes. He'd get a shower himself later when Michael had gone. It had
been an interesting hour. He could hardly believe he'd had his fingers in
the boy's arse; just remembering this caused his heart to speed up. He
decided there and then that he would try and find some pretext for Michael
to pay him another visit and that he would eventually move towards his
ultimate fantasy; actually fucking the young teen.

Will reappeared a few minutes later. He'd dried himself off, but was, of
course, was still naked, apart from the towel wrapped around his waist.

"Feel better?" Will asked.

"Yeah. Should I get dressed now?"

"Yes, get your clothes on."

Michael unwrapped the towel from his waist and handed it to Will. For a
moment he stood motionless, his hands at his sides, then, with a sort of
half smile, he bent down and picked up his shorts. "Are we going to do some
of that schoolwork?"

"I think it would be a good idea," said Will. "You're back on the swim
team, so let's see if we can get you into the good books of some of the
teachers as well."

While Michael dressed, Will went into the bathroom to wash his hands. When
he returned, the younger boy was just fastening his belt. He came over to
join Will by the desk.

"Thanks for offering to help me with this school stuff."

"That's no problem," said Will. "I'd like to help."

Michael nodded. "You want me to come round again tomorrow?"

"Erm, if you want," said Will. So much for having to find a pretext to get
the boy there. "Though didn't you say you had swim practice?"

"Yeah, but I could come after that."

"Suit's me," said Will. "Maybe I might even drop by the pool and watch the

"That'd be cool," said Michael, with a smile.

*** End of Chapter ***

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