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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - School Discipline - Will 1

Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2005 19:50:08 +0100
From: Gymnopedies <>
Subject: School Discipline - Will 1

The usual disclaimers apply: don't read if you are prohibited by location,
are under legal age, or if you are likely to be offended by explicit
descriptions of gay sex. The story is pure fiction and is not based on any
actual events.

Gymnopedies July 2005

School Discipline - Will 1

Josh Howard was in an extremely good mood. He'd just finished reviewing a
report summarising the general behaviour patterns of the schools student's
for the past month, and the conclusions were undeniable; in the month since
he'd been appointed School Disciplinary Officer of Redwood Secondary
school, there had been a noticeable improvement in the behaviour of boys in
the age range fifteen and upwards. There had been less reported incidents
of rudeness to staff, better attendance, more homework completed on time;
there were improvements right across the board. This was very good news,
especially when compared to the obviously worsening behaviour of boys aged
fourteen and under and also amongst the girls at the school. If this trend
were to continue, it was almost certain that Josh's contract would be
extended beyond the trial six month period and that eventually his remit
would be extended to cover all of the boys in the school and not just those
older than fifteen.

Of course, even with the general improvement in behaviour, Josh was still
kept busy. There was a hardcore of students who were not so easily put back
onto the straight and narrow. Some of these had made several visits to his
office and received increasingly severe punishments. The very next day,
Josh was due to attend a meeting of SDO officers to discuss how to best to
tackle these repeat offenders and to decide whether some different or more
intense punishment might be called for in these cases. Josh had mixed
feelings about this; if stronger punishments would have the desired effect
then it would be worth it, but he personally had a dislike of the more
physical punishments, particularly the heavier paddling sessions.

Josh closed the report and file and was just about to turn off his computer
when the 'beep' signal indicated an incoming message. Curious, he clicked
on the icon that would bring the message up onto the screen. The school day
had finished more than thirty minutes ago, so it was unlikely this was a
punishment request. As the message opened, Josh gaped in shock and had to
rub his eyes to convince himself he wasn't seeing things. It was indeed a
punishment request, but one that he would never have expected to see. He
read the short text again: "Student: Will Harris - Assault on a teacher."

There had to be some mistake. Will was the School's Head Boy. Over the past
month, Josh had got to know Will pretty well and they had even become
friends, or as close to being friends as they could, given their relative
positions. There was no way that Will would do something like
this. Assaulting a teacher was the most serious offence that Josh could
deal with. Serious assaults were automatically referred to the police, but
more minor assaults, particularly ones that involved no injury or serious
damage to property could be dealt with by the SDO. For any assault on a
teacher, or any other member of the school's staff, the punishment was a
mandatory paddling of at least fifteen strokes.

Convinced that there had been a slip up somewhere and that someone had
entered the wrong name, Josh waited. Officially, he was on duty until 5
o'clock anyway. This was to allow for after school punishments, though
these, when they occurred, tended to be scheduled or deferred from earlier
on the in the day. Getting a referral after the school had finished for the
day was rare. As he gazed up at the monitor on the wall, which showed what
was happening in his outer office, he saw Barry Windsor, one of the senior
prefects enter, followed by Will, who was followed in turn by Greg Skelton,
the boys' PE teacher. A moment later, Michael Meadows followed them
in. Michael was wearing only a pair of skimpy Speedos and had a towel
draped over one shoulder. The boy must have said something, because Skelton
turned to face him and spoke in reply, his expression and body language
indicating that he was furious about something. Josh could hear the sound
of raised, angry voices coming through the closed door, but was unable to
make out what was said. Will then stepped up to Michael and spoke to him,
placing his hands on the boy's shoulders, obviously in an effort to calm
him down. Looking unhappy, Michael took a seat in one of the chairs.

Josh wished he'd been able to hear what was being said, as maybe it would
have provided a clue as to what was going on. However, it seemed he would
be finding out soon enough anyway. There was a knock on his office door and
without waiting for an invitation, Greg Skelton stormed in.

"Greg?" Josh rose to his feet. He didn't know Skelton very well, though
from what little he had seen, he didn't like him. Skelton was a bully. Few
of the students or staff liked him, but in site of this it seemed he had an
undue amount of influence within the school, especially with the Head
Teacher, who appeared almost afraid of the man. Skelton was in his mid
twenties, average height, and looked like the stereotypical night club
bouncer; more muscle than brains.

"Get in here, Harris." Skelton snapped, unnecessarily, as Will had followed
the man into the room anyway.

"Are you going to tell me what's going on?" Josh asked, his tone cool,
unhappy that Skelton had apparently ignored him.

The PE teacher looked coldly at Josh and one corner of his mouth appeared
to curl slightly. "Harris made a physical assault on me. I've brought him
for punishment."

"What sort of physical assault?" asked Josh. "Did he cause you any injury?"

"Of course he didn't," snapped Skelton. "If he had, he'd be answering to
the police now, not to you." The way the man said this made it clear that
he didn't hold Josh in particularly high regard. "He did grab my arm and
attempted to restrain me, and told me that he would "get me" and make me

"Is this true, Will?" Josh asked, looking at the prefect.

"What are you asking him for, don't you believe me?" Skelton demanded.

"I have to ask him, because if he disputes what happened, there has to be
an investigation before he can be punished," Josh replied, allowing some of
his annoyance at the interruption to show through. "Is that what happened,
Will?" he again asked the teenager.

Will glared at Skelton. "Yeah, I grabbed his arm. And yes, I threatened

"Why?" asked Josh, not wanting to believe this. The behaviour seemed
completely out of character for Will.

"Why he did it doesn't matter," Skelton snarled.

Will looked at Josh and shook his head, unhappily. "Like he said, it
doesn't matter."

Josh was certain Will was covering something up, but at the end of the day,
Skelton had indeed been right, the teenager had committed a technical
assault and had threatened a teacher. He was going to have to be paddled.

"Let's get on with it," said Skelton.

"I assume you'll be staying to witness the punishment," said Josh. It was
the right of any teacher who had been assaulted to observe the punishment
of the student who had committed the assault.

"You bet I will," said Skelton. "Barry will be the prefect witness." He
nodded towards Barry Windsor who stood just inside the door, a smirk on his
face. "Oh no he won't," said Josh. "You can go, Barry."

"What?" Skelton looked surprised. "The rules say that for this level of
punishment you've got to have a prefect witness and I've chosen Barry."

Josh regarded the man coldly. "You're right," he said. "I've got to have a
prefect witness, but the choice of who that will be is mine, not yours." He
looked again towards Barry Windsor. "I told you to go."

Barry hesitated for a second, glanced almost apologetically at Skelton and
then hurried out.

"Is there any chance that Simon is still around?" Josh asked Will.

Will nodded. "I think so. I think he had some sort of club tonight."

"OK." Josh leaned over his desk and turned on the intercom that linked him
into the school's PA system. "Simon Brett, to the SDO's office, please." It
was common knowledge that Will didn't like Barry and also that Barry was
one of Skelton's cronies. Josh was still totally convinced that there was
much more to this situation than he had so far been able to uncover, and if
he was going to have to paddle Will, he was going to at least ensure that
the witness was a friend rather than an enemy.

Simon arrived within minutes and the SDO explained the situation to the
disbelieving eighteen year old.

"Now can we finally get on with it?" Skelton asked. "I've other things I
should be doing."

"This is a serious business, and I'm not going to rush things for your
benefit," said Josh. "If you have better things to do then go do them; it's
not essential that you be here."

Skelton looked furious, but kept is mouth closed.

"Now before we begin," said Josh, "I've decided that what happens here will
be subject to Rule 14. This means that with the exception of my supervisor,
and in this case, the Head Teacher, no one outside of this room will know
exactly what happens; it won't appear in the public logs."

"You can't do that," Skelton blustered.

"I can. It's my call to make," said Josh. "I don't believe it's in the best
interests of this school to have public record of the Head Boy being
punished for assaulting a teacher."

"He won't be the Head Boy after today," Skelton muttered.

"Probably not," Josh agreed. "But my decision stands. Rule 14 applies, even
to teachers."

It was time to make a start; there was no point in delaying things any
longer. "You sure there's nothing else you want to say, Will?" Josh asked.

Will looked contemptuously at Skelton. "No, I've nothing to say."

"Right then," said Josh. "You know the drill as well as anyone. Strip."

A stubborn look on his face, Will began to pull off his clothes. Josh
watched in silence, wishing there was something he could do to avoid
this. But his hands were tied. Unless Will could come up with some
justification for laying his hands on a teacher then the SDO had no choice
but to mete out the prescribed punishment.

"This is not fair," Simon muttered, softly, his expression plainly showing
his unhappiness at what was happening.

"Keep quiet," Skelton snapped. "You're here as an observer. No one is
interested in your opinion."

Josh glared at the PE teacher, but in the interests of getting this over
with a quickly as possible, he stayed silent.

It didn't take long for Will to completely undress. He'd observed enough
punishment sessions to know exactly what was required of him, and he stood
with his eyes forwards and his legs apart, his hands locked together behind
his head.

This was first time that Josh had seen Will naked. The eighteen year old
was certainly as good looking as the man had expected, his body slim yet
tightly muscular. The sight was enough to give the SDO an almost instant
erection. His gaze travelled down to Will's uncut cock, hanging limply over
a pair of low hanging balls and he felt his own cock jerk in response.

Once again wishing he didn't have to do this, Josh stepped forwards. He had
a job to do and until that job was done, Will was just another boy to be

"You obviously know why you are here," said Josh, trying to keep his voice
hard. "Assault on a member of staff, even if it does not result in any
injury, is the worst offence for which you can be referred to this
office. Anything more serious would result in criminal charges. As such,
your offence requires a severe punishment. The main part of you punishment
will consist of fifteen strokes of the paddle, after which, you will remain
in restraint while you are masturbated to orgasm.

At the last part, Will's eyes widened in surprise. Evidently he'd expected
the paddling but not the masturbation.

"I'm sorry, Will. But this is a standard punishment." Just for a moment,
Josh allowed his tone to soften and he placed his hand on the boy's
shoulder, giving it a squeeze.

"Hey, this had better be done right," said Skelton. "If I think you've gone
easy on him just because he's Head Boy, I'll be putting in an official
complaint to your supervisor."

"Skelton," said Josh gritting his teeth to control his temper. "This will
be done by the book. If, at the end of the session, you wish to put in a
complaint, that's your prerogative, but in the meantime, please keep your
mouth shut."

The PE teacher looked set to respond, but a glare from Josh made him change
his mind.

Josh moved behind Will. Lightly, he traced his fingertips over the smooth
skin of the boy's back. Will flinched at the touch, but didn't move; he
knew what was expected of him.

Staying behind Will, Josh reached around the boy's front with both hands
and stroked the boy's chest. "When was the last time you jerked off, Will?"
he asked. An interrogation into the offender's sexual habits and history
was all part of the script. Josh would have preferred to miss this out, but
he was already on dodgy ground having invoked 'rule 14' and so could not
afford to appear to be giving Will an easy ride.

"About three days ago," Will answered, his voice emotionless.

"Three days?" said Josh. "That's rather long time for someone of your
age. Are you involved in any sort of sexual relationship at the moment?"


"When was the last time you had any sort of sexual contact with another

"Last night."

Josh decided to change tack slightly. The purpose of the questioning was to
humiliate the offender by digging into the most personal aspects of his
private life. But there was little to be gained by forcing Will to reveal
the actual identity of his sexual partner. "When you jerk off, do you ever
think about other boys?"

There was a slight pause before Will answered. Josh still had his hand on
the boy's chest and could feel Will's heart speed up. "I always think about
boys," the prefect replied.

The answer stopped Josh dead in his tracks. It had been a standard
question, designed to humiliate rather than be answered truthfully. Josh
had asked this same question during almost every punishment session over
the past month and every single boy had denied straight out any attraction
for members of the same sex, even though some of them were obviously
lying. Over Will's shoulder, Josh saw a look of undisguised contempt appear
on Skelton's face.

"I knew it. A dirty little queer," the PE teacher mocked. "Ask him who he's
been screwing. I bet it's that Meadows kid. I knew there was something
going on between them; filthy little bastards."

"That's enough," said Josh thinking quickly, his eyes on the
teacher. "Mr. Skelton, you will please keep your bigoted opinions to
yourself. I'd also like to remind you that what you have just heard is
covered by 'Rule 14' and if you repeat it outside of this room you could
find yourself the subject of disciplinary action and even suspension from
your post."

"You have got to be kidding?" Skelton was wearing a look of pure

"I'm not kidding," Josh confirmed. He shot a glance over at Simon who at
this moment looked like he'd rather be anywhere in the world than here. The
eighteen year old had more or less confessed to Josh several days earlier
that he was gay and this situation must be acutely uncomfortable for him,
even more so considering that Will was one of his best friends.

Throughout this brief exchange, Will had stood in silence. Josh couldn't
see the boy's face but could easily feel the tension in his body; the naked
teen was like a coiled spring.

"Take it easy Will," the SDO said, very softly, into the boy's ear as he
continued to gently massage his chest. Slowly, he moved his hand lower,
stroking across the tight stomach and down until he felt his fingers brush
against the soft curls of pubic hair.

Will gave a low gasp as Josh's fingers encircled his cock and began
squeezing and stroking the soft organ. Slowly, under the SDO's expert
touch, the teen began to get hard.

It didn't take long before Will was sporting a full erection, and Josh made
a few final strokes along the hard shaft before letting go and walking
around to stand in front of the boy.

"How does it feel to be stood there naked, knowing that we're all staring
at your hard cock?" Josh asked, falling back into the script. He
deliberately made eye contact with the boy and gave an almost imperceptible
shake of his head to try to indicate that Will shouldn't say anything in
response. A smart answer at this point could necessitate further

Will simply dropped his head, his face red.

"Now that we've got you ready, let's get you into the other room and get
this over with." Paddlings and other more physical punishments were
normally conducted in an adjoining room that contained the necessary
equipment and means of restraint. Josh held the door open and nodded to
Skelton to lead the way through. The teacher actually had a grin on his
face at this point. Josh quickly looked away, disgusted. Will silently
followed the teacher, his hard cock, bobbing in front of him.

As Simon brought up the rear, Josh put his hand on the boy's arm. "You
going to be OK with this?" he asked, keeping his voice low so that Skelton
wouldn't hear. He knew the prefect wasn't keen on witnessing corporal
punishments at the best of times. "It was you or Barry Windsor and I
thought Will would much prefer to have a friend with him through this."

"I'll be OK," Simon replied, with a forced smile. "I can't believe this is
happening to Will of all people."

"You and me, both," said Josh. "Come on, let's get this done."

The SDO led Will across to what looked like a large, heavy, leather covered
stool. It was just over waist height. "Lean forwards," he ordered, and as
Will obeyed, he took hold of the boy's arms, fastening his wrists to the
front legs of the stool. "I'm sorry, Will, but the rules say you have to be
restrained." He next fastened the boy's ankles, leaving Will bent forwards,
his upper stomach and chest resting on the leather covered top of the stool
and his backside sticking outwards; he was pretty much unable to move.

Satisfied that everything was ready, Josh picked up the wooden
paddle. "Here we go," he said. "Fifteen strokes."

"Make 'em good ones," said Skelton.

Josh turned and glared at the man, icily. "Mr. Skelton, I assume you
received some sort of training for your job," he said, keeping his voice
level. "Well, like you, I received training for mine. Will will receive the
prescribed number of strokes delivered in the prescribed manner. They won't
be any harder or any softer than they would be for any other boy being

Skelton looked uncomfortable. "I only meant..."

"I know what you meant," said Josh. "But unlike some members of staff at
this school, when I'm performing my job I don't play favourites."

Skelton's face turned red and he looked like he was about to explode. "Just
get on with it," he muttered, his teeth clenched.

"That is exactly what I'm trying to do," said Josh. He turned back to
Will. "The strokes will be delivered in batches of five with a short pause
between each batch." He placed a steadying hand on the boy's back for a
moment then reached down round the front of Will's legs, gently taking hold
of his balls, pulling them up towards his stomach. "We need to keep these
out of the way," he said. "I wouldn't want to accidentally catch them with
the paddle."

Will didn't respond, he was breathing slowly and deeply as if preparing
himself mentally for the ordeal.

"The first batch of five is starting now," said Josh. He took a couple of
deep breaths of his own, and then lifted the paddle and brought it down
hard on Will's arse.


Will gave a small grunt of surprise.


The strokes quickly followed one after the other, completing the first
batch. Josh paused and listened to Will's breathing, which was now quick
and ragged. The boy's arse cheeks were red from the punishment they had
just taken.

"That's the first batch of five completed," Josh announced. "Two more to
go." He released Will's balls, in the process checking the state of the
boy's cock, which had lost its earlier hardness and now hung limply
downwards. Paddling affected boys in different ways; some remained hard
throughout, almost as if they were turned on by the ordeal, but for others
it wasn't in the remotest way sexual; it looked like Will belonged to this
latter group. This was a pity, since it would make the masturbation at the
end of the session so much harder.

The purpose of the pauses was not to drag out the punishment, as some
people surmised, but was intended to give the subject time to 'cool down'
and more importantly, give Josh chance to check that the subject was in a
fit state for the punishment to continue. In the case of the boys who broke
down and made a lot of noise, this was easy; a teenager who was begging and
pleading or bawling his head his head off, was obviously physically OK,
even if suffering acute discomfort. It was the quieter ones who tried to
take their punishment stoically, like Josh was sure Will intended to do,
who required the most watching.

"You still with us, Will?" Josh asked, bending so that he could see the
teen's face.

Will turned his head slightly so that he could meet Josh's eyes and even
managed a pained smile. "Yeah."

"Good boy," said Josh. God, he hated paddlings. He stood upright again and
resumed his position, once more holding the boy's balls out of the
way. "Second batch of five starting now," Josh said, formally.


"Hmmfff!" Will gave a involuntary moan of pain.


Will was now groaning softly between each blow.


"Second batch of five completed," said Will. "One more batch of five to

It was obvious from the broken sound of Will's breathing, punctuated by the
occasional sniff, that he was reaching the end of his endurance. A
satisfied smile had appeared on Skelton's face, and Josh had to look away
otherwise he wasn't sure he'd be able to resist the urge to punch the man
right in the mouth.

As before, Josh bent to check that Will was OK, but this time the boy
turned his face away, not wanting SDO to see the tears that were obviously
on his cheeks.

"Just one more batch, Will. Hang in there," the Josh, gently.

With a heavy heart, Josh prepared himself for the final stage of the
paddling. He glanced over at Simon, who stood stiffly with his arms at his
sides and his fists clenched. The prefect's face was pale and Josh was
fairly sure there were tears in his eyes. He gave the boy a tight smile and
turned back to his current task. Best to get this over with as quickly as
possible. Will's balls in his hand, he readied the paddle.

"Third and final batch of five starting now."


"Aargh!" Will obviously tried to bite off the exclamation, but it forced
it's way out anyway.


"Aaarghhh!" the cry of pain was louder and Will's entire body was tense and

Unable to stop himself, Josh glanced at Skelton, who was grinning widely. I
bet he's even got a fucking erection, the SDO thought to himself. Hold on
Will, only two more to go; don't start begging now, don't give the bastard
the satisfaction.


"Aaeeiiii! Oh no! Oh shit!" Will sobbed.



"Third and final batch completed." Josh announced. He threw the paddle
aside, glad to be rid of it. "That's the bad part over, Will," he said
gently, as he stroked the back of the sobbing boy's head, feeling a stab of
pride that at no stage had the teenager begged for the punishment to be cut

The boy's backside was raw and bruised; it was going to be horribly painful
for a while. But more to the point, the final part of the punishment called
for Will to be masturbated to orgasm, and for someone who was in such
discomfort, particularly when they were no longer aroused, as in Will's
case, this could be a problem. Josh thought for a moment and then had an
idea. He crossed to a cupboard and pulled out a box containing a device
that he'd never used before, except in training. The main part consisted of
a metal cylinder, rounded on the end, about six inches long and a little
thicker than one of his fingers. Towards the base, there was a wider rubber
'bump' on the cylinder and then a much wider 'grip' on the base. A wire
trailed off from the base to a separate 'control' box and from that, a
cable that was plugged into the mains socket. This was actually a dildo,
but one with very special properties.

"You gonna use that on him," Skelton grinned.

"That's the intention," said Josh. "In the state he's in, he might have a
bit of trouble reaching orgasm without help." He pushed the plug into a
nearby socket and turned on the device at the control panel. He then held
out the dildo towards Skelton. "Touch the end."

Skelton eyed it dubiously.

"It's OK," said Josh. "It's perfectly clean; in fact it's brand new, never
been used before."

With shrug, Skelton put out his finger and touched the metal near the
end. "Ow!" he cried, loudly, snatching his finger away as he received
painful jolt of electricity. "Hell, that hurts." He automatically stuck his
finger in his mouth to suck it, then realising that the finger had just
touched a dildo, albeit a new one, he quickly withdrew the finger and wiped
it on his trousers.

Josh suppressed a grin. There was a great deal of satisfaction to be gained
even from so small a victory.

"You really going to put that where I think you're going to put it?"
Skelton asked, looking at Josh in a seemingly new light.

"If you're asking if I'm going to insert it into Will's backside, the
answer is yes," Josh replied.

"You can't do that. It's not fair." Simon took a step towards them, an
angry look on his face.

"You're here to observe, not to give opinions," said Josh, coldly. "Though
you can make yourself useful." He took hold of the boy's arm and led him
over towards the door. "Trust me," he hissed, very softly, then, in a
normal voice: "There's some lube in the top drawer of my desk; go fetch it
for me, please."

While Simon went for the lube, Josh bent down beside Will under guise of
checking the boy's restraints. Will's face was red and his cheeks were wet
with tears. He was still breathing unsteadily. Josh wished there were some
way to let the teen know that what was coming would not be so bad, in spite
of the little demonstration he'd just given for Skelton's benefit. "Try and
relax," he whispered in the boy's ear. Simon returned with the lube and
Josh squeezed some out and spread it liberally along the metal shaft and
over the slightly wider rubber section. Then, getting some more of the goo
on the end of his finger, he carefully slid the digit between Will's
bruised arse cheeks, massaging it into his hole. He increased the pressure
slightly and his fingertip slid a little way into the boy's body. Will gave
a soft gasp.

Satisfied that Will was as prepared as he could be, Josh replaced his
fingertip with the rounded end of the metal tube, working it gently inside
the boy. As the diameter at the end was hardly wider than Josh's finger, it
slipped in fairly easily. Gradually, by working it in and out, Josh pushed
the entire six inch length of the tube inside the boy, then eased the wider
rubber section inside. This would provide a sort of wedge to prevent Will's
anal muscles from pushing the instrument back out again. The large rubber
section on the end provided a very effective stopper.

This accomplished, Josh picked up the small control box, turned the dial
and pressed the 'on' button. Will gave a grunt of surprise and wriggled his

Skelton had obviously been expecting something more dramatic, such as a
scream of agony and he looked disappointed.

"It feels different when it's inside," Josh explained, not mentioning that
he had turned the intensity down. The electrodes in the tube could deliver
anything from a painful electrical jolt to a mild tingle. Josh had turned
it up to full before suggesting that Skelton touch it. Now though, it was
set to intensity number two on the dial. Will's prostate was receiving a
mild electrical massage which as well as being extremely pleasurable, was
guaranteed to induce orgasm in an extremely short time. Josh knew how it
felt both on high and on low intensity because he'd experienced it on his
training course. In fact, during his training, he and the other SDOs had
received first hand experience of almost all of the punishments they would
be using, including the paddlings.

"Now I'm going to start the final part of your punishment," Josh told
Will. "You will be masturbated to orgasm." He reached under the boy and
took hold of his dick, which was about half way hard, noting that the end
was already dripping with sticky precum; a direct result of the electrical
stimulation. He proceeded to firmly massage the shaft, quickly bringing it
to full hardness. Incredible though it might seem, the boy was already
close to orgasm.

"Hey, wait a minute, I can't see," Skelton complained. "How will I know
he's cum?" He hurried around to the other side of the boy so that he would
be able to witness the ejaculation.

"I'll let you lick it off my fingers if you like," said Josh,
sarcastically. He'd had about as much as he could take of this man.

"There's no need to use that sort of tone," said Skelton, glowering. "Just
remember who the real offender is here."

"Oh, I know that very well who the real offender is," said Josh,
deliberately averting his gaze from Skelton's direction.

Will was breathing even more heavily know, his body tensing up. He was
obviously trying to thrust with his hips, but the restraints meant he
wasn't getting anywhere. Josh increased the rate of him pumping and, making
sure that Skelton didn't see, he turned the intensity up by half a notch.

"Oh, fuck!" Will groaned, his body shaking.

The boy's cock was absolutely rigid in Josh's hand as the SDO rubbed firmly
up and down its whole length. He paused a moment to massage the fully
exposed, swollen, goo covered head with the ball of his thumb, sending a
renewed wave shaking through Will's body. The shaft began to throb and Josh
went quickly back to his pumping, pointing the jerking cock upwards so that
the bolts of cum splashed up onto Will's stomach. After the third bolt,
Josh turned off the electrical stimulation; there was a fine line between
ecstasy and pain. However, Will's cock continued to throb, more cum
dribbling from the end, down over Josh's fingers, to drip onto the floor.

Gradually, the orgasm passed and Will began to relax. As gently as he
could, Josh eased the dildo out of the boy's arse and laid it aside, then
pulled some paper off a roll and wiped his fingers.

"Are you OK, Will?" he asked.

Too exhausted to speak, the boy gave a small nod of his head.

"Your punishment is over," said Josh. "You can relax."

"That's what you get for interfering with a teacher," gloated Skelton. "I
notice you're not half so tough when getting your arse paddled. I still say
it should appear in the public logs like all the usual punishments; I don't
see why you should be a special case. People should be able to read how
after a few swats to your backside, you were crying like baby."

Josh listened to the man in amazement. Didn't he ever stop with his snide
comments? He turned to the prefect who had been standing watching,
unhappily, from near the doorway. "Simon, would you release Will from the
restraints for me and help him start to get cleaned up. Be careful because
as well as being very sore, he's going to be stiff from being bent over for
so long and might be a bit wobbly on his feet for a while."

"Sure," Simon agreed.

Josh took Skelton's arm. "Mr. Skelton and I have something to discuss in
the other room," he said, leading the man towards the door.


"Show's over, Skelton," said Josh, firmly. "You and me need to have a

As soon as they were back in the main office, Josh rounded on the
teacher. "What the hell is the matter with you?" he demanded. "He's taken
his punishment, so why all the verbal digs? Do you really get off on seeing
these kids hurt?"

"That's a bit rich coming from someone who beats them for a living,"
Skelton responded, a sneer on his face.

"I use the physical punishments as a means to an end, when I have no other
alternative," said Josh. "The difference between me and you is that I think
you actually enjoyed what happened in there."

"I enjoyed watching Harris brought down off his high horse, yes. I won't
deny that. He's had it coming for a while."

"And you wanted to make sure you were the one who brought him down." Josh
was close to losing his temper; he struggled to calm himself. If he planted
one on the man, which is what he so desperately wanted to do, that would be
his own career over.

"He even admitted he's a queer," smirked Skelton. "Do we really want a
queer as Head Boy of this school?"

"What exactly has his sexual orientation got to do with anything?" Josh
demanded. "But while we're on the subject, let me remind you about Rule
14. If I hear you've said one word to anyone about anything that's happened
here, and that includes Will's confirmation of his sexuality, I'll nail
your hide to the school gates."

"Are you threatening me?"

"You can take it any way you like," said Josh.

Skelton shook his head. "It wouldn't surprise me to find you were a queer
as well. Your kind always stick together. Well I'm going to appeal against
your Rule 14 and have it overturned. People have a right to know what's
been going on."

"You can try," said Josh. "But you'll be wasting your time."

Skelton turned to leave, but Josh stopped him.

"Just one more thing," said the SDO. "You seem to be under the impression
that because Will was crying before the end of his paddling, that makes him
weak. Well let me put you straight on this. I've performed a fair number of
paddlings over the past month, but this is the first time I've ever given
fifteen. On every single occasion, the boy who has been paddled has been in
tears by the end. On every occasion when there has been more than six, the
boy has been begging me to stop before we were done; that includes some of
the toughest boys in this school, some of whom figure prominently in your
little group of favourites. You see, what you probably don't understand, is
that the first five, though painful, are not too bad. Each stroke added
after that becomes steadily worse. The second set is more than twice as
painful as the first set. By the time the third set starts, there's
considerable bruising, and each stroke is agony. A moment after each stroke
falls, the muscles go into spasm and it's like the whole bottom part of
your body is on fire. Now you may leave here with mistaken impression that
a few swats to Will's backside had him crying like a baby, but I can tell
you here and now that he deserves considerable respect for the way he
endured that punishment, because I'm pretty damned sure that if it had been
you in there being paddled, you wouldn't have taken it half so well. In
fact, I'd go so far as to say that even at just eighteen, Will is twice the
man you'll ever be."

"Are you finished?"

"Yes, I'm finished," said Josh. "Please, just go."

With a furious glare, Skelton yanked open the door and stormed out. Josh
followed him as far as the doorway.

In the outer waiting room, Skelton turned on Michael, who was still sitting
there, waiting to find out what had happened to Will.

"Your boyfriend got what he deserved," the teacher snarled. "He's in there
crying for his Mummy."

"What have you done to him?" Michael demanded, leaping to his feet.

"Take it easy, Michael," said Josh, stepping forwards and taking hold of
the boy's arm. "Skelton, get out here."

"I'm going," Skelton sneered. "I'll leave all you queers together."

"What's happened to Will?" asked Michael, almost desperately, as Skelton
finally disappeared. He tried to push past Josh into the SDO's office.

"Will is OK," said Josh, holding the boy's shoulders. "He just needs a
little while to get himself together."

"I want to see him."

"Soon. I want to have a chat with him first. You wait here a minute to give
Skelton time to get out of the way, then take yourself back to the changing
rooms and get your clothes on; you must be frozen sitting around like
that." All Michael was wearing was a pair of extremely skimpy Speedos and a
damp towel draped loosely over his shoulders.

"I'm not going anywhere until I've seen him," Michael insisted, stubbornly.

"Fine," sighed Josh. "Have it your own way. But you're still going to have
to wait until I've spoken to him and gotten to the bottom of this mess." He
left Michael sitting in the waiting room and returned to his office.

In the second room, Simon stood looking a little uncomfortable, as Will,
who had now been released from his restraints, cleaned himself as best he
could with some tissues.

"Simon, I'd like you to do something for me," said Josh. "Michael Meadows
is still waiting outside. I've told him to go get himself dressed, but he
refuses. Go to the boys' changing room and bring his things back here so
that he can change while he waits, then stay with him until Will comes
out. I don't want him getting any silly ideas and getting himself into

"Sure, I'll do that," Simon agreed.

"Right, let's get you sorted out," said Josh to Will, as Simon
departed. "Come on into the other room." He led the way into the main

Will stood in silence as Josh dampened a towel at the sink and then used
this to properly wipe the boy's stomach. The teen didn't even comment when
Josh took hold of dick and began cleaning that as well.

"Hop up on the couch," said Josh, indicating the raised leather couch that
he used in some of his punishments. Will eyed it dubiously, but limped over
towards it and got ready to hoist himself up to sit on it.

"No, not like that," said Josh, quickly. "Sorry I should have been more
clear. I want you to lie on your stomach. I don't think it would be a good
idea to try sitting down just yet."

"Can't I just get dressed and go?" Will asked, the first words he'd
spoken. There was a slight cracking in his voice as if from suppressed

"The punishment is over," said Josh. "So if you really want to go, I can't
stop you. But I would like you hang around for a few minutes and give me
chance to minimise some of the damage."

"How're you going to do that?"

"Get up on the couch and you'll see."

Josh watched as the boy hoisted himself painfully onto the couch. He moved
as if each movement hurt and the SDO knew that after the punishment the
teenager had taken, moving, especially anything that involved stretching,
was indeed extremely painful. What was more disturbing to Josh was that all
of Will's natural confidence had completely disappeared; the boy looked
completely beaten, not just physically, but mentally as well.

Once Will was in place, and as comfortable as he could be, given the
circumstances, Josh stood over him to inspect the damage. The boy's arse
cheeks were dark red, with purple marks showing the places were the
bruising was more extreme. There was no permanent damage, but the boy was
going to be pretty damned sore for a while. The SDO took the top off a tube
of cream he'd retrieved from a shelf and squeezed some of it onto his
hand. "This might sting a bit to start with," he said. As gently as he
could, he smoothed the cream over Will's arse.

"Oh, shit!" Will gasped, his whole body tensing.

"Easy," said Josh, using his other hand to reassuringly stroke the boy's
back. "It won't be so bad in a minute."

"What the hell is it?"

"It'll help to stop some of the bruising," said Josh. "It also has a mild
anaesthetic effect so once it starts working it shouldn't hurt quite so

"It burns like hell."

"I know. But it will make things a lot easier." Slowly, the SDO continued
to massage the cream into the teen's bruised arse. Gradually, Will began to
relax and some of the tension left his body.

"Mr. Skelton doesn't seem to like you very much," said Josh, casually.

"Skelton's a bastard. He doesn't like anyone who doesn't belong to his own
little circle of favourites."

"So I've noticed. But he seems to have it in for you especially."

"That's because he wanted Barry Windsor to be Head Boy. Looks like he going
to get what he wants now," said Will, bitterly.

Unfortunately, Will was almost certainly correct; his time as Head Boy was
over. Whether in fact he would be replaced by Barry Windsor was a decision
for the Head Teacher.

"I'd be really interested to know what went on to cause you to put your
hands on a teacher," said Josh. "You would be the very last person I would
have expected to do anything like that."

"I don't want to talk about it," said Will, stubbornly.

"Well, that's up to you," said Josh. "But if you don't tell me anything
then I can't help. I'm not one of your teachers, and this isn't even a
formal session. Anything you say to me now is completely off the record. If
it helps, I agree with you about Skelton; he is a complete bastard."

"I overheard what you said to him just now," said Will, with a soft

"Then you'll know that I'm on your side. For goodness sake, Will, let me
try and help you."

"It's complicated."

"Things usually are. I assume it involves Michael in some way. Did Skelton
catch you doing something together?"

"No, nothing like that," said Will.

Josh was still continuing his gentle massage of Will's battered cheeks. "Is
that starting to feel a little better?" he asked.

"Yeah, it doesn't sting so much now."

"It's only temporary I'm afraid, but at least it should help for a while."
The SDO moved his attentions up onto the boy's back, massaging the tension
out of the muscles. "It must be something that happened at the swimming
practice." Josh observed, switching the topic back to trying to discover
what had led to Will having to be punishment.

"If you really want to know, it was Skelton being a wanker, as per usual."

"There must have been more too it than that," Josh observed. "Skelton has
always been a wanker, but you've managed to keep your hands off him until

"I was sick of him pushing Michael around," said Will, bitterly.

"Skelton is the coach, he's got to push to get the best out of the boys,"
said Josh, but even as he said the words he knew he was being hopelessly
na´ve; Skelton's idea of 'pushing' would almost certainly be bullying by
anyone else's standards. "Michael knew it was going to be tough."

"Yeah, but Skelton's on at him all the time; he never leaves him
alone. I've been going to watch the swimming practices almost right from
Michael's first one and things have been getting worse. It's almost like
he's trying to get Michael mad so he'll have an excuse to kick him off the
team again, but Michael just stands there and takes it. Skelton stands over
Michael and shouts directly into his face, and today he even started
pushing him."

"You mean physically pushing him?" asked Josh.

"Yes. He started by prodding Michael in the chest with his finger. I could
see by Michael's face that it hurt but he didn't say anything. Then Skelton
started hitting Michael against the shoulder with the palm of his
hand. Michael staggered backwards and Skelton went to do it again. That's
when I grabbed his arm. I was so fucking mad, I wanted to punch him. I
swung him round towards me and told him that if he touched Michael again,
I'd make him sorry.

"I see," Josh carried on massaging Will's back, trying to counteract the
tension that had built up as the boy had recounted what had
happened. "Skelton was way out of order in putting his hands on Michael; he
can find himself in trouble for that if Michael complains. But
unfortunately it doesn't justify what you did. You could have confronted
Skelton without actually touching him or threatening him and if that didn't
work, your next move would be to complain to the Head Teacher."

"You think that would have done any good?"

"Probably not initially," Josh admitted. "But it would have been the
correct first step. I know I asked you to keep an eye on Michael, but I
never expected you to take things this far."

"It's gone much further than that," said Will, almost sadly.

"I'd sort of worked that out for myself," Josh confirmed.

Will went quiet for a few moments. "Can I talk to you?" he asked
eventually, his tone uncertain.

"That's what I've been trying to get you to do for the past fifteen
minutes," Josh smiled. "It's obvious that this problem goes much deeper
than Skelton. You're all churned up about something and acting out of
character. Talking about what's been going on certainly can't do any harm."

"It can if it gets me kicked out of school and even worse," Will sighed.

"I can't imagine you doing anything as bad as that," said Josh.

"I raped Michael," said Will in a voice little more than a whisper.

The shock of the revelation stunned Josh to silence. Whatever he'd been
expecting, it wasn't this. However, as his brain came back to life, he
realised that maybe things were not quite as they first appeared. Michael's
concern for the older boy, as demonstrated just a few minutes earlier in
the outer room, hardly equated with someone who had been violently
raped. "I think you'd better tell me what's been going on, right from the
beginning," he said.

As Josh listened, Will explained about catching Michael vandalising the
boys' toilets and how he'd more or less blackmailed him into turning up at
Will's home for the prefect's own version of an SDO punishment. Then how,
strangely, Michael had continued to go back for more, seeming almost to
take some sort of sexual pleasure in being dominated. Will explained how he
wanted the relationship to be more even, but Michael refused to show any
sort of feelings in that respect and when Will had forced the issue by
trying to kiss the boy, Michael had stormed out. Michael had returned on a
later occasion, but by this stage Will was so emotionally mixed up that it
was tearing him apart. This was when the rape had taken place. Will spared
himself nothing, describing the act in detail in a tone of self loathing
that caused Josh to shudder. Amazingly, Michael had instantly forgiven Will
for the act, even to the extent of trying to comfort him, and had for the
first time admitted that he was himself gay. Since that time, however, it
appeared that little had changed. Michael still refused to initiate any
sort of sexual contact, just going along with anything Will wanted, in an
almost completely emotionless fashion. The one exception to this was
kissing; Michael still refused point blank to kiss another boy.

"Wow! Some of that is heavy stuff," said Josh, when the boy had
finished. "There's no avoiding the fact that you've been extremely
lucky. If Michael had decided to report you at any stage, you would have
been in serious trouble."

"I know that," said Michael. "But it's like I couldn't help myself."

"Once your dick starts to rule your head, anything can happen," said Josh,
with a smile. "On the other side of the coin, you're obviously giving
Michael something that he wants, and in some ways perhaps even
needs. Firstly, he keeps coming back for more. Secondly, he appears to be
completely devoted to you. And thirdly, there's been a huge improvement in
his general behaviour and attitude; almost all of his teachers report an
improvement and I even had his mother on the telephone saying how much
better he was and requesting that I do something similar with Michael's
brother. Here I was taking credit for it when it was really down to you all

"He almost seems to get off on being punished," Will explained. "It's like
he wants me to be rough with him and force him to do stuff, and even spank

"Maybe that's exactly what he wants," said Josh. "Some guys do get off on
that sort of thing. As regards his refusal to show any emotion; I noticed
even from the very first session I had with him that Michael has put up a
very strong wall around himself. Outwardly he tries to appear tough, but
inside he's very different. That wall is stopping him from showing how he
feels. All you can do is keep going and hope that he manages to eventually
break it down."

"I just want him to show that he feels the same about me as I do about
him," said Will, sadly.

"Give him time, and maybe he will," said Josh. "Don't beat yourself up
about what's happened between you. Michael obviously doesn't hate you for
what you did, so you need to stop hating yourself. Have you talked to him
about it?"

"Not since it happened," said Will.

"Then try talking to him again," suggested Josh. "Tell him exactly how you
feel. And if you feel the need to talk to anyone else, you know where I
am. Now, do you feel ready to put your clothes on and go out and face the

"I guess so."

Josh helped Will to dress and then opened the door to let Michael in. The
younger boy rushed into the office, then, as soon as he saw Will, his
demeanour changed; he immediately became much more reserved.

"Are you OK?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, I'll be fine."


"He's going to be a bit sore," Josh explained to the youngster. "I think he
could probably do with a friend to help him out with something." He handed
Michael the tube of cream that he'd used on Will's backside. "He'll tell
you what you need to do with it," he said, with a grin.

"Thanks, Josh," said Will, sincerely.

"No problem," the SDO replied. "I'm away at a conference most of tomorrow,
but as soon as I get back I'll be making a written submission to the Head
Teacher and to the School Board recommending that Skelton be suspended from
his post pending an enquiry into his suitability to be working with young
people. I'm not sure they will take a great deal of notice, but it's a
first step. In the meantime, try and stay out of his way."

*** End of Chapter ***

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