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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Spread Eagled

Date: Thu, 31 Mar 2005 22:54:10 -0800 (PST)
From: Rick Blaine
Subject: Spread-eagled

It was my first week on the job when I first met Jeffrey. He is the
manager of another department. We met at an interdepartmental meeting
where I was introduced as the new guy. For some reason I caught him
staring at me, but when our eyes met he did not look away.

A couple of days later, we met at the staff cafeteria. He asked if he
could join me for lunch, and I said yes. Jeffrey is about 45 years old,
almost six feet tall, dark hair cut short, and a dark goatee. His face is
angular, with dark piercing eyes, and his body is slim. He has a
commanding appearance, with a voice to match. I on the other hand, am 23
years old, 5'6", stocky, light brown hair, clean shaven, and rather shy.
Quite opposites.

Everyday for over a week we met for lunch. He controlled the conversation,
mostly asking me questions about my self. They were never direct
questions, so I did not know what he was after. On Friday, as I was
preparing to leave for the weekend, Jeffery came up to my desk and told me,
rather than asked, to stop off for a drink with him. I couldn't refuse, so
I agreed.

I did not have a car, so I took the bus to work. Jeffery said he would
drive, and that it was a short distance. The place was called the Adrian
Lounge, it was small and friendly. We ordered drinks, and he asked me how
my day had been, I said fine, how was yours? He said it had been good but
was going to be better.

After a couple of drinks, which made me a little tipsy, he said it was time
to go. We got up to leave, and as we walked towards the exit, I noticed
that the place was now filled entirely with men. My mind thought Gay Bar.
As we drove away, he did not ask where I lived. He stead he said, "We are
going to my place, your are going to like it."

When we entered his apartment, I felt that it had a strange male/female
atmosphere, which is the only description that I could think of. He made
drinks, and after a sip or two, he told me to take my clothes off, slowly.
He also began to take his off. I stopped when I was down to my shorts, but
Jeffery went all the way. He had a huge cock, and balls to match. He was
very hairy, while I am not.

He looked at me and said, "You have lovely male breasts, and nice cock and
balls." He then took my hand, and led me to his bedroom. "We'll sleep
here after we are finished with our play time." We then entered a second
bedroom, this with a bed with a brass headboard and brass poles at the
foot. He told me to lay on the bed. When I had done so, he tied first one
hand then the other to the headboard, my arms stretched to either corner.
The he tied my ankles, so that I was spread-eagled, and completely
defenseless. He then blindfolded me, and placed a latex-tasting gag in my

I felt him place an object at my asshole, and with a shove it was inside
me, and rather uncomfortable, I grunted. Next I felt something cool on my
nipples, then a sharp pain, which made me try to scream through the gag.
Then something clamped onto my balls, which made me scream again. The last
thing I felt was something being tightened around the base of my cock. I
was in pain but also very excited. There was another push, and the object
went further into my ass. After a few seconds, another push, and it was
all the way in.

I felt Jeffery's tongue on my cock head, and it drove me wild, even through
the pain. The my cock was in his mouth, and he began to suck it. He drove
me crazy as I screamed through the gag. Finally I felt myself ready to
cum, then I exploded. He took everything I had. When he was done sucking,
I felt him move over me, until he straddled my chest. He removed the gag,
but before I had a chance to breath, he stuck he harden, wet cock into my
mouth and told me to suck it. Which I did greedily. Then he bean to fuck
my mouth, jamming it all the way in, almost choking me. Then with one last
thrust, he began pumping his cream in my mouth. I swallowed it all!

When he was finished, he put the gag back in my mouth, and started all over

After the third time of this excitingly wonderful torture, he removed the
gag, blindfold, and untied me. He helped me to the toilet where we pissed
at the same time. Then he led me to his bed, where I fell into a deep

I spent the weekend with Jeffery, and this was the nightly routine. I then
became his sex slave every weekend. And every weekend he had new
delightful tortures for me.

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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Spread Eagled