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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Teaching Daniel

Date: Fri, 29 May 2009 18:44:10 -0400
Subject: Teaching Daniel (Complete)

Revision 3.0.0 5/17/2009 -- 5/29/2009
(Teen/Teen, mast, mild bond, auth, feet, intense edging and cum denial)

DISCLAIMER: The following story is a work of FICTION - any similarity to
actual people or events is entirely coincidental. It contains adult
subject matter and should not be read by any minor, person who would find
such material offensive, or if it is illegal in your area. If you meet
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AUTHORS NOTE: Welcome to the long overdue, finally complete version of
"Teaching Daniel". I abandoned this story years ago, after it went off the
rails and I lost interest. Still, I felt it had potential (especially the
first two chapters), but it needed a lot of work. This is the result. For
those familiar with the original, you may want to scroll to bottom for a
list of changes. You'll also find a list of my other stories at the end of
this document. Enjoy!


       Even the air felt different that day. Light autumn winds seemed to
be carried through the trees on anticipation itself. It was an
unseasonably warm October and the leaves in the woods near Daniel's home
were falling constantly, creating a crunchy carpet over the still warm
earth. He walked through those woods daily on his way to school, going
barefoot as often as he could, feeling a comforting, almost druidic,
connection with the natural.

       Having turned eighteen several weeks ago, Daniel was enjoying his
senior year. The previous three had not been easy for him. Despite his
fairly decent looks, Daniel had never been very popular, though he was
hardly hated or reviled either. He was the invisible student, the one
people knew, but spent no time thinking about. He rarely dated, mostly due
to his near pathological shyness, or at least that's what he told himself.
Like most high school seniors, he was looking forward to graduation,
college, and escaping his parent's shadow.

       "Daniel, you're late," observed his homeroom teacher as the young
man entered the classroom well after the final bell.

       His leisurely stroll through the woods that morning resulted in
Daniel missing morning announcements, including the arrival of a new
student - Ethan. For reasons he could not yet place, Daniel was instantly
drawn to him. His face conveyed a look of experience atypical of most high
school students, though it was nearly obscured by the jet-black, almost
raven-like hair flowing gracefully to his shoulders. A blue oxford was
layered over a tight, white t-shirt and both hung un-tucked over the waist
of his knee-length shorts. Black high-top canvas shoes, tied only to the
ankle, covered his exceptionally large feet.

       This general sloppiness and apparent "I don't give a shit" attitude
intrigued Daniel. His high school had its "drop out" crowd like any other,
but he'd grown up with those kids, knew most of them by name, knew their
stories, their families, and why they were so disinterested. He couldn't
say the same about Ethan. From the moment he saw the new student, he felt
as though he was looking at a puzzle he'd be compelled to solve. A part of
his mind warned against this fledgling obsession, but he quickly squelched
it. If there is a thing called intuition, Daniel felt it then. Though he
didn't know how to interpret it, he intended to find out...

       After leaving homeroom, he was pleased to find Ethan had been
placed in some of his classes. He'd just taken his seat in senior English
when he saw the object of his curiosity walk through the door. Ethan
recognized Daniel's face from homeroom, and shuffled over to ask about the
seats, if they were assigned. Daniel informed him they weren't, his voice
catching in his throat, cracking in a way it hadn't since he was fourteen.
As he slouched into the neighboring desk, Ethan casually tossed his
backpack on the floor near his feet. Daniel found himself becoming oddly
nervous, as if preparing to give a speech to a large audience, and jumped
when Ethan spoke.

       "What have you guys been working on this year?"

       It was a simple question, and a logical one. Since it was only the
beginning of October, he hadn't missed much. Daniel quickly briefed him on
where they were, what they were working on, and the current assignments.
He also described their teacher and what to expect in general.

       When the instructor arrived, he asked Ethan to stand and introduce
himself. Daniel could sense his irritation at this task without even
looking, as if it surrounded the mysterious young man like an aura and
Daniel was inadvertently enveloped by its glow. Since Ethan didn't have a
copy of the novel they were reading, he was advised to share with one of
his neighbors. His chair squeaked on the cold, tile floor as he inched his
desk toward Daniel's, only to slump back into it again.

       Daniel learned nothing that hour, scared and excited for reasons he
couldn't identify. Ethan's foot tapped softly on the floor, close enough
to feel the vibrations. The smell of smoke on his clothes fit perfectly
with Daniel's developing image of his classmate. Ethan scribbled something
in his notebook and clandestinely positioned it for easy reading.

       "What class do you have next?" the message asked.

       Daniel jotted down an answer, explaining he had chemistry next
hour. It wasn't long before a response was written back.

       "Me too...mind if I sit with you in there?"

       Daniel nodded his answer, confirming it was OK. Actually, it was
more than OK. His mind began to wander, realizing he was happy to have
another class with the enigmatic new guy - chemistry - they had chemistry
together. The double meaning wasn't lost on him.

       He escorted Ethan to class under the pretense of showing him the
way. In truth, he'd have walked with him regardless. They didn't talk
much after their arrival, other than to compare schedules. The two shared
no other classes and Daniel didn't have a full day this year anyway. He'd
already taken most of the credits needed to graduate and only had to stay
at school until lunchtime. He usually went home after his last class, but
chose to stay on campus today, waiting for Ethan to come to lunch. He felt
anxious and jumpy, as if he was doing something wrong, but wanted to be
near him and thought lunch would make a good excuse. As soon as he spotted
Ethan in the cafeteria, he asked if he wanted to go somewhere less noisy to

       Wandering to the other side of campus near the football field, they
found a seat on the bleachers. It was only then Daniel realized he'd
forgotten to bring anything to eat. Feeling like an idiot, he began to get
embarrassed, his face flushing red and sweating despite the pleasant
temperature. As Ethan ate a sandwich from his backpack, he stretched out
on the bleachers. Daniel stared at his dark, hairy legs for a moment,
catching himself before he was noticed. Unable to understand his fixation,
he rationalized, attributing his interest to simple curiosity. Where did
he come from? What kind of person was he? The problem became how to ask
these questions without sounding TOO curious. Fortunately, Ethan made that
easy for him.

       "What's down there?" he asked, pointing to edge of the field where
a trail led off into the woods.

       "The science classes use that path to collect specimens for
biology. There's a greenhouse and a small creek about a half mile into the

       "Let's me."

       Without waiting for an answer, he jumped up, throwing his backpack
over his shoulder, and took off across the field. Before Daniel knew it,
he was following Ethan into the woods.

       They finally got to talk...

       "How the hell do you live here?" Ethan asked, clearly not impressed
by his new surroundings. "I mean, there isn't anything to do."

       "It's not that bad. I've lived here all my life. I've got a few
friends...I like the woods..."

       Ethan rolled his eyes in a condescending manner, as if to indicate
his new friend was full of shit.

       "You got a girlfriend?" he asked.

       "No, not really..."

       "...A boyfriend?" he added without a hint of judgment.

       This was an unexpected question and Daniel spat out an awkward
response, protesting far too much.

       "No! Of course not! I'm not gay."

       "Whatever," he responded with a dismissive tone, as if it wouldn't
have bothered him either way. After a few awkward minutes, with only the
sound of the crunching leaves beneath their feet fill the silence, Daniel
asked how Ethan had come to live here.

       "I got caught with some pot and charged with possession. My dad
hit the fucking roof! He gave me the lecture about throwing my life away
and threatened to let me rot in juvenile detention. Instead, they buy a
house out here to get me away from 'bad influences'. The funny part is - I
WAS the bad influence!!! My friend's parents were happy to see me go..."

       "That kinda sucks," Daniel observed empathetically. "How are your
parents handling the move?"

       "They're not even here half the time! Dad kept the condo in the
city and stays there because of work. And mom, well -- she thinks he's
having an affair and doesn't want him out of her sight during the week.
It's ironic - I have less supervision now than before. Of course, I turned
eighteen last month so maybe they think that makes a difference. They
stopped by last weekend to make sure the furniture was delivered, but mom
was half drunk and dad spent most of the weekend yelling at us. They drove
back to the city last night...said they were going to call the school to
make sure I showed up..."

       Ethan paused momentarily and Daniel didn't know what to say.
Compared to the description he'd just provided, Daniel's parents seemed
like saints. He wondered how that might have influenced the person he'd

       "It's not that bad, really..." Ethan continued. "I don't like
other people telling me what to do. I need to be in charge. Since I don't
see them that much, it gives me more control, more independence. It's
almost like having my own house. I guess there's a bright side to having
assholes for parents."

       Just as Daniel had predicted, the greenhouse suddenly came in
sight, positioned directly ahead of them. He pointed out that they were at
end of the path and should probably turn around.

       "What's out there if we just keep walking?" Ethan asked.

       "'s just woods. If you keep going long enough, you
come out at state road 158. That's if you walk straight through and don't
get lost."

       "Then let's go exploring!"

       Once again, Ethan didn't wait for an answer before setting out into
the woods. Not wanting his new friend to get into trouble on his first
day, Daniel tried to stop him.

       "You've got a class to get to," he reminded.

       Ethan simply turned and laughed.

       "I've got a 'study hall', which I don't need, and nothing at all
last period. As far as I'm concerned, I'm through for the day. Let's
go...I know you don't have anywhere to be."

       Daniel shook his head, like this was the most impulsive thing he'd
ever done. Deep down, however, he welcomed the opportunity to spend more
time in Ethan's company. As they headed farther into the woods, their
conversation touched on school, parents, and girls. Ethan teased his new
buddy about not having a girlfriend and asked if he was a virgin. When
Daniel admitted he was, Ethan burst into laughter...

       "Haven't found the right guy yet, huh?"

       Despite Daniel's irritation over this type of teasing, he decided
to let Ethan have his fun, assuming the purpose was simply to get under his
skin. As far as he knew, that was the way guys bonded in the city.

       As they continued to explore, Ethan asked common questions, the
standard ones used to get to know someone. They'd walked a good distance
into the woods when he asked if Daniel had ever smoked pot.

       "No, I've never had the chance," he answered truthfully.

       "Oh, Daniel, you gotta try this!"

       He stopped abruptly, knelt on the dry leaves, and opened his pack.
After digging around for a few moments, he pulled out a small bag and some

       "Sit down while I roll us one..."

       Daniel couldn't believe he was doing this! They hardly knew each
other. Ethan either ignored or discounted the risk that his new classmate
would turn him in to the school authorities. Sitting on a nearby log,
Daniel found himself staring at Ethan's legs again, wondering why he
couldn't stop doing that? It wasn't like he'd never seen a man's leg
before. But something about these legs fascinated him. He turned his head
like a lookout, making sure they weren't being watched, but also trying to
force the image of Ethan's calves from his mind.

       "There...a nice fat one."

       Ethan held up the makeshift cigarette like a trophy, obviously
pleased with his work, and poked around in his bag for a lighter.

       "Come closer," he advised. "We'll waste less smoke that way. Have
you ever smoked a cigarette?"


       "Damn...well, just watch me then. You hold the smoke in as long as
you can before you blow it out. Since you're not used to smoking, you'll
probably cough but that's OK."

       He lit the end of the joint and took the first toke himself.
Daniel watched carefully, hoping to duplicate the actions. It looked easy
enough. When Ethan passed it to Daniel, he inhaled far too deeply, taking
in more smoke than he could handle and initiating a hard cough, one that
seemed to rattle his insides and wouldn't end.

       "I told you, man...that first one can be rough! You'll get used to

       Returning the joint, Daniel tried to regain his composure. He did
much better on the next attempt, breathing deeply and keeping the smoke in
his lungs until he needed air.

       "Hell yeah, that's it! Daniel, you're a natural!" Ethan said,
giving his friend a friendly pat on the back.

       Daniel wasn't sure he liked being called a natural pothead, but had
to admit he was having fun. They continued to pass the joint until they'd
finished the entire thing.

       Having never smoked weed before, he didn't know what to expect.
The first thing he noticed was a sudden, profound relaxation washing over
his entire body. Sitting peacefully, he listened to the birds and the wind
while watching the leaves leisurely fall to the ground, feeling like he'd
been there for hours before glancing at his watch. They'd only finished
the joint seven minutes ago! Ethan noticed Daniel check the time and
started to chuckle.

       "Are you feeling it yet?" he asked.

       "I think so - everything seems so slow..."

       Then, for some reason, Daniel started laughing too. It was a hard
laugh, from a well deep inside that he'd never tapped. Soon after, he was
lying back on a blanket of dead leaves, gazing up at the bare tree branches
and the intricately woven canopy they provided. Out of the corner of his
eye, he noticed Ethan removing his oxford shirt. Balling it up, he placed
it under his neck like a pillow before stretching out, putting his hands
behind his head. With his arms extended in that position, Daniel noticed a
tribal pattern around his upper bicep, like an armband, barely covered by
his t-shirt sleeve.

       "Ethan! You've got a tattoo!" he noted with surprise.

       "Oh yeah, got it last year. My parents don't even know about it -
my shirts usually cover it up. Now that we're practically living apart, I
guess they'll never find out."

       Maybe it was the pot, but Daniel's interest in Ethan skyrocketed.
He seemed so different from the other guys at school. Clearly intelligent,
he didn't make a big deal about it, and his self-confidence was infectious.
Daniel got the impression that when Ethan made a mistake, he just shrugged
it off and went on with life. A goofy smile spread across his face but he
couldn't wipe it off. He was happy, for the first time in ages, Daniel
felt truly happy. Unworried about school or pleasing his parents or
getting into college, he was content with this one simple pleasure - being
with Ethan. So immersed was he in these thoughts that Ethan's voice
startled him when he spoke...

       "I've got another wanna see it?"


       Daniel assumed the second tattoo would be on his chest or stomach,
maybe the other arm, so he was shocked when Ethan stood to pull off his
shorts. He was wearing an old pair of white jockeys, slightly discolored
and worn paper-thin; you could almost see through the front. Luckily, he
appeared not to notice Daniel looking. As soon as he pulled the shorts
over his feet, which were still encased inside his high-tops, he turned and
lowered the waistband of his underwear, exposing the top half of his
buttocks. There, below the small of his back but above the cleft of his
ass, was a tattoo of a Chinese symbol.

       "It's the symbol for balance. I thought about another tribal
pattern but settled on this instead."

       His head was twisted as far around as possible so he could see
Daniel as they talked.

       "Do you like it? Not many people get to see this one."

       Daniel felt his face beginning to flush, the prickly heat making
him uncomfortably warm.

       "Yeah, looks good..." he managed to stammer.

       Ethan turned back around and reached for his shorts, which Daniel
assumed he'd put back on. Instead, he arranged both them and his oxford
like a blanket over the forest floor, casually reclining on them and
looking up at the trees. His legs opened slightly and Daniel started to
perspire. He was looking at a guy's crotch in the middle of the woods and
his heart was pounding! Not yet understanding this reaction, he hoped it
was the pot. Ethan stretched and the well-worn leg openings of his jockeys
could not contain his balls, his right nut slowly rolling from the gap
between fabric and skin. Daniel's mouth and throat were parched and he
stared openly, unable to control his eyes, as if he was hypnotized. He
moved to sit closer to his new friend just as a soft breeze blew over them.
Daniel unexpectedly smelled his buddy's scent on the wind and panicked when
he realized he was getting an erection.

       "My god," he silently thought to himself. "I just got hard
watching a guy in his underwear. What's wrong with me? I have to snap out
of this..."

       "Damn, this feels good," said Ethan, his words seeming to come out
of nowhere, jolting Daniel from his thoughts and causing him to jump.
"Hanging out in the woods, nearly naked, getting high with a bud...this
stuff just gets me so relaxed."

       "It's making my throat dry," Daniel replied.

       "That's normal. You're not used to the smoke - it'll pass."

       Daniel needed to get away for a minute, if for no other reason than
to calm down, and searched his mind for a reasonable excuse to use.

       "I need to right back," he lied, providing cover to move

       Daniel hoped that walking around would get his mind off Ethan's
crotch and allow his dick to return to its normal size. As he stood, he
quickly pivoted so his hardon wouldn't be noticed and moved to the nearest
large tree, checking to make sure Ethan was still lying down before
unzipping his jeans. His cock jumped into his hand aggressively, almost
like it had a mind of its own. Now unconstrained by his jeans, it quickly
swelled to its full length.

       "This has to be the pot, this has to be the pot," he repeated to
himself under his breath. "I can't be this turned on by a guy..."

       Nevertheless, his dick was begging to be stroked and a large drop
of sticky precum beaded at the tip before falling to the floor of the
woods. The sound of his heartbeat was deafening as he wondered what was
wrong with him. He thought if he could piss, or at least try to, maybe he
could make it go down. His morning wood was often as strong as this, but
he usually beat off before urinating. Unfortunately, that wasn't a valid
option now. Still wondering what to do, he was overcome by panic when he
heard Ethan approaching.

       "I need to piss too, man..."

       "Shit!" Daniel breathlessly cursed.

       Worried over his hardon, he'd unwisely stopped paying attention to
Ethan's location. Now, as he walked closer, Daniel couldn't imagine how he
was going to explain his condition and fumbled with his cock, finding it
hard to stuff back in his pants through the zipper. He could have managed
if his belt and button had been undone, but not like this. As Ethan
sauntered up beside him, like a stranger at a urinal, Daniel prepared for
the end of their very short friendship.

       "FUCK!!! Daniel, that thing is huge!"

       Ethan stood there, staring, as Daniel awkwardly struggled to return
his penis to his pants. His face was burning with embarrassment, but as
humiliated as he felt, he still couldn't get his dick back inside. Ethan
knew how mortified he was and tried to calm him down.

       "It's OK, dude - nothing to be ashamed of. I shouldn't have snuck
up on you like that..."

       Daniel looked up at him, only after realizing he wasn't angry or
appalled, and apologized for his condition.

       "I'm sorry about this, Ethan. I've never been hard in front of
another guy. God! I can't tell you how embarrassing this is!"

       "Well, it's not like we don't ALL get wood. Shit man, just relax.
So you saw something that made you hard, big deal..."

       Daniel stopped fumbling with his dick and simply stood there,
covering it with his hands. He wasn't sure what Ethan was implying, but
was in no position to object. His classmate was frustrated by Daniel's
continued silence.

       "Oh, for God's sake, LOOK!" Ethan said, sounding quite irritated.

       He grabbed the waistband of his underwear and slid them down to his
knees. His hard prick snapped up from a forest of jet-black pubes, hitting
his smooth stomach with a loud smack.

       "See...I get hard too," he continued. "There's nothing weird about

       Daniel noticed their dicks were similar in thickness and length,
both about seven inches, but Ethan was uncut. He'd never seen another
guy's erect penis before, except in porn, and was fascinated by the
foreskin, which still clung tightly to the head. Realizing he was staring,
Daniel averted his eyes, but not before noticing the reflection of light in
a drop of moisture gathering on the folds of skin. He looked at Ethan's
face and started to laugh.

       "I'm sorry - I'm not laughing at you," Daniel tried to say between
giggles. "It's just that this is so weird. I get caught with a hardon and
then you just show me yours - like 'here, look at my cock' - like this
kinda thing happens all the time!"

       Ethan began laughing too, effectively diffusing the tension between
them. Daniel's hands dropped, exposing his still-erect cock, and he leaned
against a nearby tree to support himself while continuing to chuckle.
Ethan started swaying hips from side to side in a silly, juvenile manner...

       "Look at my cock...look at my cock", he said playfully, using a
voice reminiscent of a goofy cartoon character, the motion of his rotating
hips causing his solidly erect penis to ricochet from one side to the

       Daniel had an excuse to look now - they were both totally fucked up
and just horsing around. The situation had evolved into a stupid, but
amusing, little game. Each time Ethan's cock hit his body, the skin
retreated a bit more. By the time he stopped gyrating, the skin was
halfway over the head and dripping wet. Daniel's dick was just as moist;
in fact, precum had leaked all the way down his shaft and was beginning to
soak into the material of his jeans.

       "It looks like you throw wet ones too," Ethan observed, pointing
out Daniel's constant flow.

       "Yeah, this is wetter than usual though."

       "Look dude," started Ethan. "I need to piss, but I'll need to take
care of this first, if you know what I mean..."

       Daniel understood completely and assumed Ethan was discretely
asking for some privacy.

       "Yeah, I know," he answered. "I'll leave you alone for a few

       He started to walk away, thinking he'd do the same thing Ethan was
about to do. Given his current level of excitement, he knew it wouldn't
take but a minute or two to empty his nuts.

       "Dude, you don't need to leave," Ethan said unexpectedly. "It's
not like I haven't beaten off in front of someone before. Besides, I kinda
think you'd like to watch..."

       Daniel stopped after only a few steps, frozen in his tracks, his
hard cock still sticking out of his jeans, dripping on his shoes. He
wondered what Ethan was saying - had he done this kind of thing before? To
Daniel, masturbation was one of the most personal things a person could do;
to do it while someone else watched seemed unimaginable.

       When he turned around, Ethan had his underwear around his knees and
his cock in hand, slowly stroking it back and forth. Daniel stared
brazenly this time, captivated by the way his friend's foreskin retreated
and reclaimed the head of his prick on each pass. It was incredibly wet,
so wet it made a faint sloshing noise each time it moved over the tip.
Daniel felt dizzy and his mouth fell open.

       "It's OK man," Ethan said softly. "I don't mind you watching. We
both need this..."

       Enthralled by this blatant display, Daniel sat at the base of a
tree for support, staring up at his new classmate.

       "What...umm...what if we get caught?" he asked timidly.

       "Who's gonna see us? You said yourself nobody comes out this far.
And with all these dead leaves, we'll hear if someone gets close."

       "I guess..."

       "I know you wanna watch me pound one out. Like I said, it's no big
deal. You do jerk off don't you?"

       "Of course I do...but..."

       "...And so do I," Ethan interrupted. "The only difference is I
don't have a bunch of hang ups about it like you do."

       "I don't have hang ups!" Daniel protested.

       "Prove it...stay there and watch."

       There it was -- Ethan had dared him to watch. Part of Daniel's
mind screamed at him to walk away but his legs wouldn't move. He took his
eyes off his friend's dick long enough to peer down at his own. It looked
absolutely massive, harder than he'd ever seen it, the crown flared and
red. Precum liberally drooled from the wide slit, soaking the denim around
his zipper with the slippery fluid. Ethan could sense that Daniel was
considering his offer and continued to persuade him.

       "Look Daniel, we're just two guys with boners who wanna get off.
There's nothing to be ashamed of..."

       Daniel looked up and watched his classmate stroke his cock,
obviously enjoying it, and was jealous that his buddy felt so free, so
unafraid of anything. Ethan's comfort with his sexuality stood in stark
contrast to the more repressed boy's over-analyzed, cautious deliberations.
Daniel decided to take a chance and lightly fingered the head of his dick.
He thought it would explode immediately.

       "Hell yeah," Ethan encouraged. "That's it, Daniel - enjoy it!
Just go with it..."

       Daniel closed his eyes and slowly began to masturbate, hoping Ethan
wouldn't talk anymore. He just wanted to cum quickly and put his dick back
inside his jeans. His jerk off buddy had other intentions.

       "Slow down, man. Take your time..."

       By now, it was obvious Ethan was getting off on being watched.
Daniel's mouth remained dry, unaccustomed to smoking as he was, and he
licked his lips to moisten them as he stroked. His friend misinterpreted
the purpose of this action.

       "Fuck yeah buddy, lick your lips," he approved. "I know how you
feel, man! Let your dick get nice and wet. Get it fucking drippin, dude!
Two guys, hot as fuck, pulling on their juiced up cocks. This is fucking
awesome! God, I love this shit!"

       When Daniel heard movement, he opened his eyes. Ethan was standing
nearby, removing the rest of his clothing.

       "What are you doing?" he asked nervously.

       Ethan's head snapped up suddenly, shooting Daniel a look of total

       "What does it look like? If I'm gonna do this, I wanna be naked.
It makes it so much hotter -- knowing you'll have to scramble for your
clothes if somebody sneaks up on you, having to run away buck naked, hoping
you can get away before they recognize you..."

       "That sounds kinda risky..."

       Ethan looked at Daniel, his eyes wild with excitement after
explaining his exhibitionist tendencies, checking for a reaction.

       "That's the whole point, dumbass," he answered. Then, noticing the
apprehension on Daniel's face, he added, "Relax, I'm not asking you to get
naked. I just want you to see me -- all of me."

       As if to accentuate his point, he took his underwear and tossed
them into the tree branches above, making them even more difficult to
retrieve should he need them in a hurry.

       "Dude - that is fucked up," replied Daniel with an amazed grin,
impressed by the self-confidence of his new friend.

       Ethan quickly moved to straddle the young man still seated at the
base of the tree, his bare feet planted in the dead leaves on either side
of his legs, towering over him, his sudden proximity and complete nudity
unnerving for Daniel. He pointed his cock toward his seated friend's face
and started to stroke again. Daniel was no longer masturbating but
stubbornly refused to release his cock as he stared at his buddy's uncut
meat. Ethan could see the boy had given in, but was careful not to push
him too far.

       "That's me stroke my shit," he said quietly. "This is
my favorite way to do it. Here, let me show you..."

       He peeled his foreskin back with one hand and used the index finger
of the other to lightly tease around the head, spending a lot of time
underneath where the folds of skin gather.

       "Fuck yeah, man!" Ethan said ecstatically. "That feels awesome,
makes me swell and drip hard. Watch this..."

       He removed both hands and pushed his hips forward, forcing his dick
even closer to his buddy. His facial expression tightened and he flexed
the muscles in his groin repeatedly, causing his cock to jump up and down
in front of his partner's eyes. All at once, an incredibly long, wet,
sustained string of sticky precum poured from the bouncing prick,
momentarily making Daniel afraid his friend was going to piss on him. The
river of prefuck flowed down the thick shaft and tight scrotum before
dripping onto Daniel's jeans. He was impressed in spite of the mess.

       "Wow," he whispered. "That's a cool trick!"

       "Yeah, I thought you'd enjoy it. It's a great one for showing

       "How many times have you done this?"

       "I did it all the time with my friends back home. But it's a lot
more fun with a guy like you, someone who really likes to watch..."

       "Maybe we should stop," Daniel objected. "This is getting kinda

       "You're just saying that because you grew up in this backwater
town. Hell, you never even smoked weed before today. We aren't doing
anything wrong. It's just jerking off. If jerking off was queer, the
whole world would be gay."

       Ethan had a point.

       "Wanna see me squeeze out more?" he asked.

       "...Really? You can do it again?"

       "Dude, I could do it all day. Watch..."

       Ethan was clearly enjoying the attention. As Daniel watched
closely, he went through the same process as before, once again forcing
precum to drip from his slit in a constant, sticky stream. He purposefully
aimed the bouncing cock more accurately this time, causing the slow
emission of prejizz to drip onto Daniel's jerking hand, rather than his

       "Oh man, that is fucking awesome!" Daniel said enthusiastically.
"I wish I could do that."

       "I know lots of good dick tricks - maybe I'll teach you sometime."

       Ethan returned his hand to his cock and resumed stroking. This
time Daniel joined him. Several minutes passed without either of them
saying a word. Since his nervousness was subsiding, Daniel didn't close
his eyes, but instead watched intently, studying his friend's dick without
making any mental excuses for doing so. After spending this time with him,
jerking off together no longer seemed like such a big deal - just something
normal guys do when they get fucked up. Daniel felt his balls tighten and
knew he was close. He rested his head against the tree and closed his
eyes, enjoying the rising orgasm building inside him. As was his habit, he
opened his mouth just as he was about to shoot. He was on the edge of
cumming, almost to the point of no return, when he heard Ethan yelling...

       "Shit! I'm sorry dude! FUCK!!!"

       Something wet landed in Daniel's sandy blonde hair. When he opened
his eyes, he saw what must have been his classmate's second shot exploding
from the head of his penis. Abruptly, everything seemed to move in slow
motion. The cock pointed at his face flexed, the piss lips opened wide,
and a jet of pure white emerged with unbelievable force, landing squarely
in his still open mouth, Ethan's aim rivaling that of the most experienced
sniper. Daniel scrambled to spit it out, realizing too late he'd lost
control of his body and his own orgasm was well underway. He'd intended to
cum on the ground in order to spare his clothes, but since he was
distracted, his cock was recklessly spraying all over him, first hitting
his face, then soaking his shirt. By the time he thought to point the damn
thing away from him, he over compensated and pumped a jet onto his friend's
left ankle, the thick curds of jizz running down to his large, bare foot.
Ethan didn't notice this hosing; he was too busy emptying another volley
onto Daniel's chin and another on his shirt. Possessed by the power of his
cumshot, Ethan shook his cock wildly through the final contractions,
sending droplets of spooge flying off in every direction. Daniel was
silent, dumbstruck actually, during the awkward moment that followed.
Covered in two loads of jizz, his face and clothes were a hopeless mess.
Suddenly, Ethan began to apologize.

       "Fuck man, I'm so sorry! I was standing so close because I liked
you watching me. When I saw you open your mouth, I just lost it. I
honestly didn't mean to spray on you like that..."

       The words sounded sincere but Daniel wasn't buying it, knowing
intuitively it had been a calculated maneuver. Ethan had demonstrated far
too much control over his own dick for such an excuse to be credible. He
staggered to an upright position, his dick already softening somewhat, and
surveyed the damage. He was a total wreck, completely covered in slimy,
white sperm. There was jizz in his hair, on his face, in his mouth, and
all over his clothes.

       "Dude, don't you EVER do that again!" he warned Ethan playfully,
laughing at how ridiculous he looked.

       "Shit, I didn't mean to...honest," Ethan repeated, the words
difficult to get out due to his giggling. "I just couldn't stop in


       "Oh relax, dude. The cum-covered look kinda suits you..."

       Daniel abruptly stopped laughing, not appreciating this latest
comment in the slightest. He nervously looked away while Ethan continued
to chuckle.

       "Well, at least now I can piss," Ethan said.

       "Yeah, I need to pee too...try not to get any of THAT on me."

       They hosed down the tree before returning to their original spot.
Ethan picked up his things and got dressed, leaving his underwear up in the
tree. He generously allowed Daniel to use his t-shirt as a cum-rag since
he could still wear his oxford.

       "Well, that was fun. You're OK. We should hang out," Ethan

       "Sure, I'd like that," Daniel agreed. "I need to get home before
my parents so I can clean up. I don't want them to see me walking in with
cum on my face."

       Ethan muttered something under his breath. To Daniel, it sounded
like, "Bet it wouldn't surprise them..."

       The two new friends walked together back to the field. Daniel
rushed to get home as quickly as he could, going straight for the bathroom.
Before he stepped into the shower, he looked in the mirror. Along his
hairline was a large, nasty clump of Ethan's cum, already half-dried, that
he'd apparently missed when wiping down with the t-shirt. It was so
obvious -- Ethan must have seen it. He wondered why his buddy hadn't told
him about it. As he jumped in the shower, still thinking about Ethan, he
noticed he was getting hard again.

       "Damn, that was some nice pot..." he whispered.


       The fledgling friendship continued to grow after that first day in
the woods, resulting in the two young men spending many pleasant afternoons
in each other's company. Though they didn't jerk off every time, it
happened frequently enough, usually after smoking weed. As the weeks
progressed, Daniel became more comfortable around Ethan, even adopting some
of his habits. His parents noticed the changes, but since his grades
weren't suffering, they chalked it up to "just a phase" and were happy he
finally had a social life. They asked all sorts of questions about his new
friend, most of which he answered truthfully; Ethan was from a well-off
family, he was very intelligent, got good grades and such. When they met
him, Ethan was always polite and well mannered - it's amazing how far that
can go with parents.

       In late November, the amount of time they spent together dropped
off sharply when Ethan started dating Angela. Daniel was abruptly
relegated to "third wheel" status. Although he was frequently invited to
tag along, he frequently declined. Seeing them together was difficult for
him, though he couldn't explain why. He spent a lot of time masturbating
alone that winter, lying in bed with a contraband magazine, stroking until
he was about to cum. Then he'd put the magazine down and close his eyes.
Whether he wanted it to happen or not, he'd see images of Ethan as he went
over the edge.

       During the second week of March, Angela broke up with Ethan.
Though the exact circumstances surrounding their breakup remained a mystery
for Daniel, it was apparently nasty, and Ethan refused to discuss it. He
was a different man after that and their friendship changed as well. Ethan
became progressively more controlling, making decisions about how they
spent their time, dismissing other suggestions outright. Daniel was so
glad to have his friend back he ignored this newfound character flaw and
clung to his buddy more tightly than ever. The jokes and insinuations
about his sexuality increased in frequency, but he'd become accustomed to
them by now and they rarely bothered him anymore. The relationship became
less balanced, less equal, with every passing week, but Daniel needed it,
like a drug, and made excuses for his friend's behavior at every

       Late one Thursday evening Daniel's cell phone rang. It was Ethan
and Daniel immediately noted the excitement in his buddy's voice...

       "My parents aren't coming home this weekend. I got the place to
myself. You're coming over to stay with me!"

       "My mom and dad won't let me spend the entire weekend over there,
especially without your parents."

       "So, don't tell them," Ethan responded impulsively, as if this was
the most obvious thing to do.

       "But a whole weekend...I have to tell them something."

       "Shit! Do I have to think of everything?" Ethan complained. "Tell
them my parents invited you to our lake house for the weekend."

       "You have a lake house?"

       "Fuck no! But your parents don't know that. Go ask them. I'll

       Running downstairs, Daniel asked his mom if he could go with Ethan
and his parents to their "lake house" this weekend. She gave her approval
without so much as looking up from her book. He returned to the phone with
the good news.

       "She said it was OK. I guess we're spending the weekend together."

       "Excellent! Pack your things and come to my house instead of
school. We're taking a day off!"

       There was a brief pause before Ethan spoke again.

       "Oh yeah, I was wondering if you could do me a favor."

       "What?" Daniel asked.

       "Don't jerk off tonight, or in the morning before you come over."


       "Just promise me you won't."

       "OK, I promise. But why would you..."

       "Great!" Ethan interrupted. "I'll see you tomorrow!"

       When he put down the receiver, Daniel noticed his dick was hard.

       Friday morning, he drove to Ethan's house instead of going to
school. Certain that his parents wouldn't notice the absence on his
attendance report, he wasn't worried about being caught, just psyched about
whatever his friend had planned for the weekend.

       When he rang the bell, Ethan came to the door and welcomed his
buddy in, immediately advising him on the first item of business.

       "I'm waiting for my contact to stop by with our shit for the
weekend. Just relax until he gets here."

       "What shit?"

       "...the drugs, stupid! I'm gonna see to it that we're fucked up
for the next three days."

       Perhaps it was the result of growing up in a rural setting, but
this made Daniel nervous. He'd known since that first day in the woods
that Ethan could be reckless, maybe even a bit dangerous, but now he had a
drug dealer coming to his house! Despite his uneasiness, Daniel had
learned to trust him, assuming he knew what he was doing. And Ethan was so
calm about it, like he did this all the time, like he was simply waiting
for the mail to arrive. Such was Daniel's growing devotion to him - if
Ethan did it, it had to be OK.

       Forty-five minutes later, a car pulled into the driveway. When the
doorbell rang, Ethan answered it, ushering his contact into the kitchen to
complete their business while Daniel stayed out of their way. The entire
transaction took less than two minutes. Ethan returned to the sofa after
walking the guy to his car.

       "We are now officially hooked up," he proudly stated. "You don't
know how hard I worked to make this happen. You're gonna have so much

       "Well, what do you wanna do?" asked Daniel. "It's not even noon
yet - a little early to be smoking pot."

       "It's NEVER too early to smoke pot," Ethan answered with a grin.
"Come on, I wanna show you something..."

       The house was eerily quiet as Daniel followed his friend upstairs
and into his bedroom. Ethan reached into his closet and pulled out a water

       "Do you know what this is?" he asked.

       "Of course I do,'s a bong. Just because I've never
used one doesn't mean I don't recognize it."

       "Damn bitch, you're jumpy this morning! If anybody ever needed a
toke, it's you."

       After packing a bowl and searching his desk for a lighter, Ethan
held the flame over the weed and took a deep hit. Duplicating his actions,
Daniel found the smoke much smoother this way, easier on the lungs than a
joint. They passed the pipe between them until only ashes remained. Ethan
reclined casually on the bed as his friend sat nearby.

       "Oh yeah, this is nice," he said, arching his back and stretching
lazily, enjoying his growing buzz.

       This pot was more potent than the stuff they usually smoked.
Within minutes, both of them were well on their way to being stoned.

       "This stuff hits you fast", Daniel noted, as he felt the hazy
effects of the smoke set in.

       "I know...we should lay off it for a while."

       Suddenly relaxed, Daniel reclined across the foot of the bed, lying
on his back. Ethan, still wearing his high-tops, took the opportunity to
prop his feet on his buddy's abdomen. Though he didn't appreciate being
used as a footstool, Daniel felt too good right now to resist. He closed
his eyes for a few moments and realized he'd fall asleep if they didn't do
something. As if reading his mind, Ethan removed his feet, walked to his
desk, and powered up his computer.

       "Let's play video games for a while. I've got a few new ones."

       For the next four hours they played games, stopping occasionally to
prop up their buzz. Needless to say, neither of them played very well, but
it didn't matter. Ethan knew his classmate was happy just being with him
and reviewed his plans for Daniel this weekend, fine-tuning them now that
he was here, realizing he'd resist some of them. Daniel needed to be in a
relaxed, comfortable state of mind. Therefore, Ethan was happy to take
things slow - for now.

       About mid-afternoon, Ethan told Daniel to make them some
sandwiches, which he did without complaint. They ate in the living room,
watching Jerry Springer and laughing almost non-stop at the ridiculous,
chair-throwing families. Once they'd eaten, Ethan disappeared to pack a
fresh pipe. The room became strangely quiet as they relaxed, silence
hanging in the air like the smoke from the bong. Finally, Daniel broke the

       "What should we do now?" he asked.

       "Let's go back upstairs. I wanna show you something. Come on..."

       Returning to his bedroom, Ethan took a seat at his computer and
began typing. Daniel sat on the bed while his host explained what he was

       "I discovered my dad has an account with one of those age
verification services, you know, so he can look at porn. The idiot didn't
cover his tracks very well and I figured out his user name and password.
You can find some pretty interesting stuff on here."

       Ethan soon navigated to an adult site. For Daniel, this seemed
like a perfect time to jerk off. He grabbed the bong to take another hit
before getting down to business.

       His buddy stopped him cold.

       "Put that down - no more pot for you. The last thing I need is for
you to fall asleep tonight."

       Annoyed and horny, Daniel put down the pipe while Ethan downloaded
porn. Since he'd obeyed his friend's request not to masturbate prior to
this weekend, he badly needed to stroke one off. Normally, he waited for
Ethan to initiate their jerk off sessions, but he showed no interest in
that today. Instead, he just sat there, fully dressed, occasionally
commenting on what he saw. After an hour of this, Daniel couldn't take
anymore. He stood to remove his shorts.

       Once again, Ethan quickly ordered him to stop.

       "Not so fast, buddy. Leave `em on."

       "What the fuck!" Daniel complained. "I need to jerk off!"

       "Just relax and trust me," Ethan answered. "You're gonna enjoy
tonight but you gotta be patient."

       So unusual was this maddening delay that Daniel wondered if his
buddy had outgrown his desire to masturbate with other guys. If so, this
was going to be an extremely frustrating weekend. He did his best to
remain calm as they spent the remainder of the afternoon surfing through
the sites and discussing their favorite pastime, jerking off - further
increasing his need to crank one off.

       Around eight o'clock that evening, Ethan reached into his desk
drawer and withdrew a pink tablet. After placing it on the desk near his
classmate, he ran downstairs, returning with a large glass of water.

       "OK, Daniel. You're about to experience what it feels like to
really trip. You know what XTC is right?"

       "People who go to nightclubs use it, right? That's really all I
know. Isn't it dangerous?"

       "Any chemical can be dangerous..."

       "Why aren't you taking one?" Daniel asked while fidgeting
nervously, clearly not comfortable with this plan.

       Ethan groaned in frustration at the constant stream of questions.

       "In the unlikely event that you react badly to it, I wanna be clear
headed enough to take care of you. I'll be like your safety net. It's a
different kinda of high, more intense, very sensory. Go ahead...take it."

       Holding the pill in his hand, Daniel slowly turned it over and
over, trying to decide if this was a good idea. Ethan noticed his

       "Come on, dude. I went to a lot of trouble to get that. I
wouldn't give you something I thought might hurt you. Trust me..."

       As was usually the case, Ethan's confidence was infectious, and
soon spread to Daniel. Since he trusted his classmate not to get him
killed, he overcame his uncertainty, put the pill in his mouth, and chased
it with some water.

       "'re gonna love this. You will NOT regret it."

       "I'd better not..."

       Ethan returned to the websites, as if on a treasure hunt for porn,
searching for more videos. After about forty minutes, he turned to say
something and noticed Daniel's eyes.

       "Shit! Your pupils are huge!" he cried.

       "...Really?" Daniel asked. "I think that pill is kicking in. I'm
thirsty and my skin is kinda tingly. Actually, I feel a little cold too."

       "I'll go turn up the heat."

       While Ethan was adjusting the temperature, the effects of the drug
went into overdrive. Daniel's perception of color became incredibly
intense, every object in the room glowing with a beautiful halo. His
hearing seemed super-human, every sound in the empty room amplified ten
times louder than it really was. His skin felt simultaneously on fire and
frozen solid, begging to be touched and gently caressed. He wasn't tired
or zoned out, just fully on edge, his senses razor sharp. When Ethan
returned, it was obvious that his buddy was rolling.

       "You like it?" he asked.

       "FUCK YEAH!!! I can see why this would be popular at a club. You
know, with all the lights flashing and the music thumping."

       "I know. But for tonight, we should just hang out for a while.
You'll love the way your voice sounds on this stuff."

       He'd already noticed that particular side-effect. His voice
sounded detached from him, almost disembodied, as if he wasn't the one
speaking, the timbre more rich and lush than usual. Sitting on the bed,
they talked long enough for Daniel to become comfortable with the
unfamiliar sensations and for Ethan to verify his friend wasn't going to be

       Finally, Ethan grabbed a deck of cards from the nightstand.

       "Let's play cards," he suggested.

       "That seems like a waste of my buzz," Daniel protested.

       "You'll like this game."

       "Why is that?"

       Ethan smiled knowingly, raising his eyebrows as he did. Daniel
loved it when his buddy made that face -- it usually meant something good
was about to happen. He couldn't resist grinning back as he waited for the

       "...Because you'll get to take your clothes off. I know you've
wanted to get naked all afternoon."

       "You've got to be kidding," Daniel laughed. "...Strip poker!
That's the dumbest thing you've ever suggested. I really expected more
from you."

       Ethan narrowed his eyes at the insult, playful though it was. He
didn't like it when Daniel talked back to him and vowed to correct that
behavior in the future.

       "You should give me more credit than that. I've been thinking
about this for days now. I call this game `DISCOVERY'. It'll start like
strip poker, but the winner gets to help the loser discover something about
himself he might not know, to see himself though someone else's eyes.
It'll improve our friendship to be honest with each other -- help us get
closer. Wanna play?"

       He reached forward and placed his fingertips on one of Daniel's
calves, gently playing with the blonde hair. Since the drug made him
hyper-sensitive to touch, he jumped slightly at the welcome contact. He
couldn't help but notice how sincere Ethan seemed as he described the game,
his words and vocal tone indicating it meant a lot to him, that he'd put
considerable thought into it. Still, to Daniel it seemed pretty lame -
disappointing actually - but if he won, he might be able to get Ethan to
admit to how much he'd changed since he and Angela broke up, maybe even get
some of the lurid details. With this thought in mind, he consented to

       "I guess so," he agreed. "Are we wearing the same amount of

       "Looks like it," Ethan grinned.

       After shuffling the cards, Ethan dealt five to each of them, face
down on the bedspread.

       "Let's play so you have to use the cards you're dealt," he
suggested. "It'll make it less complicated that way."

       Since Daniel was so fucked up, that suited him fine - the fewer
decisions he had to make the better. His first hand was vastly better than

       "Looks like I win," he said proudly.

       Ethan unlaced one of his ratty high-tops and slipped his enormous
foot free of its canvas prison. These were his favorite shoes, despite
their age and condition, and he wore them almost every day. Since the guys
were regular jerk off buddies, Daniel was accustomed to seeing him get
undressed. Still, he was always struck by the strong odor of Ethan's feet,
as if he never washed them. It wasn't a nasty smell, just incredibly
intense. He wondered if it was the shoes or if his feet were just
naturally funkier than most guys. His senses still on edge, Daniel's dick
belched a glob of precum into his jockeys as the scent hit his drug riddled

       "Man, those things reek!" he complained.

       "Oh, I thought you liked it. You've never complained before,"
Ethan teased.

       "Sure...I love your smelly feet," he spat back sarcastically.

       Ethan extended his leg unexpectedly and rubbed his large,
sock-covered foot over Daniel's crotch, feeling for his hardon, and causing
even more funk to waft up to his buddy's nose. Daniel inhaled sharply when
the foot found his dick, throbbing insistently inside his shorts.

       "Wow," Ethan observed. "...I was right. You do like my feet."

       Pushing the pungent foot away from his crotch, Daniel grew
uncomfortable with the direction this game was taking, and with his
unexplained reaction to what just happened, the combination of touch and
smell rendering him hornier than he'd been all day.

       "Just deal the cards, loser," he said in an effort to refocus.

       After five more cards, neither of them had anything worthwhile to
play. Modifying the rules on the fly, they decided high card wins. Ethan
had a king; Daniel's highest was an eight. He slipped his right foot from
his sneaker.

       "Damn dude!" Ethan cried. "You got no room to talk. Did you pull
those socks outta the hamper this morning?"

       "Your feet smell much worse than mine," Daniel shot back, enjoying
the friendly sniping. "I'm surprised my eyes aren't burning."

       Ethan burst into laughter, apparently enjoying the banter as well.

       "I guess they are kinda bad," he admitted. "Sorry about that..."

       "They're not `kinda' bad, they're really bad. You need a new pair
of shoes."

       "Whatever," Ethan said dismissively. "Let's play..."

       After dealing another round, Daniel won with a pair of aces.

       "I take it you're gonna try to suffocate me with your other shoe?"
he gently teased.

       "Fuck you, bitch!" Ethan responded playfully. "Get me mad enough
and I'll shove one of my socks in your mouth."

       As he removed the other shoe, the room began to smell more like a
locker room than a bedroom. With his senses still on edge, the scent was
getting to Daniel. He found himself breathing deeply through his nose,
trying to force more of the masculine smell into his system. This
indiscrete behavior amused Ethan but he didn't point it out, knowing it
would be counterproductive to make his guest self-conscious.

       Continuing his awesome run of luck, Daniel won the following hand
as well. Ethan muttered something under his breath before standing to
remove his pants. When he sat to deal again, the stretched leg openings of
his underwear opened, revealing his pubes and the furry, wrinkled skin of
his scrotum.

       Things changed quickly after that. Daniel lost the next four hands
in a row, leaving him with only his underwear and a single day-old sock.
His prick was already tenting his underwear, trying to force its way out,
but he made no attempt to cover it. They were far beyond those petty
modesties by this point.

       "You look kinda excited there, buddy," Ethan observed. "The front
of your shorts is soaked."

       "It's your fault for making me look at porn all afternoon - and for
not letting me jerk off last night."

       Ethan subtly bit his lower lip and grinned at Daniel mischievously.

       "That was the plan, dude..."

       After winning the next hand, Daniel demanded his host pay up.
Ethan removed a sock and threw it at his friend's face, catching him
completely off guard. With his impaired reflexes and their close
proximity, Daniel didn't have time to duck and the smelly, damp cloth hit
him under the nose just as he was inhaling. For some reason, both guys
found that funny; the bedroom erupted with the sound of uncontrollable,
juvenile laughter for several moments. When they finally calmed down,
Ethan dealt the next hand.

       Daniel didn't have anything. When Ethan turned his cards face up
on the bedspread, he broke into a wide grin.

       "Pair of lose. Gimme that sock," he demanded.

       Feeling no pain, Daniel peeled off his sweaty athletic sock using a
long, ridiculous movement intended to mimic a stripper. His inhibitions
were nearly gone, so once his foot was bare, he thought he'd try to shock
his buddy. Holding the sock to his nose, he took a deep whiff.

       "Your socks are definitely worse," he tried to joke.

       "Gross!" Ethan cried loudly, making Daniel feel a little stupid,
like he'd carried the game too far. "I can't believe you did that. You're
gonna regret letting me know you're into sweaty socks."

       "I'm not into that," he protested, sounding every bit as
embarrassed as he felt, blushing hard and feeling the intense heat in his
face. "I was teasing, you know, trying to get a rise outta you."

       "Sure you were. Here, let's finish up. I'm about to win."

       Daniel was startled by this sudden cockiness. True, only his
underwear stood between him and total nudity, but Ethan wasn't guaranteed a
win. After the cards were dealt, he was almost afraid to look. Using
their best poker faces, the guys examined their cards. Daniel realized he
had nothing, his high card only a nine. Ethan put his cards face up on the
bed, beaming wildly.

       "Two lose, buddy. Take off your underwear - now."

       For reasons he couldn't explain, Daniel felt unexpectedly awkward.
He'd been naked in front of Ethan on more occasions than he could count,
but this time was different somehow. Shrugging it off to the drugs, he
stood by the bed, slipped his underwear over his bare feet, and tossed them
aside, nearly losing his balance in the process. Once he'd gotten his
bearings, he waited cautiously to see what Ethan would do next.

       His cock jutted out painfully, the head already shiny and wet.
Ethan knew that standing there, on display like this, was making his friend
uncomfortable, but now that he'd won the game, that no longer mattered.
Since Daniel threw outrageously wet erections, if he stood there much
longer he knew he'd start to leak onto the bedroom floor. Daniel moved to
sit on the bed, partly because he was dizzy, but mainly to alleviate his

       Ethan stopped him.

       "Keep standing and don't touch your dick," he demanded. "I get to
help you discover something about yourself now..."

       Despite the peculiar nature of what was happening and his mounting
apprehension, Daniel's cock was pulsing energetically, his attempts to
control it unsuccessful. Ethan leaned in closer, examining the spasming
rod closely, scrutinizing it, and making Daniel even more anxious. With
his face only inches away, a glimmering bead of clear fluid emerged from
the tip, grew heavier, and began an unhurried descent to the floor.

       Ethan now knew it was time to begin.

       "Tonight, you'll discover how to enjoy your body in ways you never
thought possible..."

       To Daniel, this sounded promising, but a bit too easy. He was more
than a little skeptical.

       "What's the catch?" he asked.

       "If you want me to teach you, you'll need to let me be in charge of
your body, to make every decision. I've gotten to know you pretty well
since we met and I think you'll like it...well, eventually."

       "I don't know," Daniel whined. "That sounds a little extreme."

       Despite his weak protest, his groin contracted in anticipation,
causing his dick to flail again. A second glob of precum bubbled from the
slit, the combined weight of the two drops forcing them lower, leaving an
intact thread of slime connecting the tip of his erection to the bedroom
floor. He purposefully jiggled his hips to break the embarrassing

       "Listen to me, Daniel," Ethan said softly, adopting his most
supportive voice. "This is gonna make you think about sex in a whole new
way. I'll teach you how to have an orgasm that'll blow your fucking mind.
But, like I said, you have to let me be in control. You can't turn back
once we start. Whatever I say goes."

       Daniel hesitated, thinking over the proposition, but wishing he
knew the details. For a moment, it appeared as though he might decline and
Ethan feared he might not be able to talk his buddy into submission.
Daniel clearly needed more convincing.

       "Don't you trust me?" Ethan asked.

       "Well, yeah, I trust you. But this is kinda weird."

       "I just wanna help you, dude. Let me teach you how to have the
most intense orgasm of your life. Let me do that for you, buddy. You'll
love it, I swear..."

       Daniel's cock belched again and he grimaced at the strong, internal
spasm that caused it. He noticed Ethan's eyes, which had been unyieldingly
locked on his own, move to watch the additional fluid flow to the floor.
Unable to take much more, his resolve failed him. He decided to trust his
friend, to surrender control of his body to Ethan for the remainder of the

       "I'll do it," he softly consented.

       "Are you sure?" Ethan prompted for confirmation. "I'm not gonna
let you change your mind after we start, not even if you beg me to stop."

       Daniel's eyes flew wide open at this statement.

       "Shit, Ethan! You're freaking me out! Why would I beg you to

       "Because it'll feel so fucking good you'll think you can't take
anymore. But believe me, you can take it -- I know you can. Are you still
sure you wanna to do it?"

       The past few months had taught Daniel to trust his friend. Despite
his nerves and the growing weakness in his knees, he realized Ethan was
experienced in matters like this. If nothing else, he knew what felt good.
Daniel nodded that he was ready to be taught, to submit fully to his buddy,
even without understanding his intentions.

       "You won't regret this, Daniel. Let's get started! Sit down in my
computer chair."

       Ethan moved the chair to the center of the room and Daniel quickly
complied with the instruction. A typical office chair, it was capable of
rotating in a complete circle, with caster wheels at the base and
adjustable height control. As he sat, Ethan retrieved a box from under his
bed and began rummaging through it. When he stood and turned, Daniel saw
rope in his hands.

       Startled, he jumped to his feet, his neglected dick slinging precum
from the sudden, jarring movement.

       "What the fuck! Have you lost your mind, Ethan? I'm not gonna let
you tie me down!"

       "This is for your own good, Daniel," he quietly stated in an effort
to reduce his anxiety. "This will keep you from ruining the experience by
moving too much. Just relax and let me do it. Trust me..."

       Those words, seductively tranquil, echoed in Daniel's fucked up
brain, his senses still in overdrive. The adrenaline in his veins, coupled
with the drugs, made him dizzy for a moment and he returned to the chair
simply to avoid passing out. Numb and compliant, he waited as Ethan tied
the first rope around his right wrist, securing it to the armrest of the
chair. While tying the other wrist, he sensed how indisputably scared
Daniel was becoming.

       "You can trust me..." he whispered again.

       Once both arms were secure, he knelt and lifted one of Daniel's
moist, musky feet onto the chair's base, tying the ankle firmly before
repeating the same process with the other foot. Daniel tested the knots by
pulling against them gently, realizing his host had done a good job. None
of the soft ropes hurt or cut into the skin, but he wouldn't be going
anywhere soon. Satisfied with his work, Ethan finally explained the
details to his willing hostage.

       After tonight, Daniel would never be the same...


       "Listen closely," Ethan began. "Over the next few hours, I'm gonna
teach you about control. You'll learn how good it feels to have an orgasm
pent up on the edge of release for hours before you let it blow. By the
time morning rolls around, you'll be begging me to let you shoot."

       Ethan's suddenly serious tone struck Daniel as funny for some
reason, especially given the subject matter. He began to giggle.

       "Sure, go ahead and laugh," Ethan continued, somewhat irritated.
"In six hours or so, it'll be a different story. By morning, it wouldn't
surprise me if you were threatening to kill me -- I'll try not to take it
personally. The first few hours won't be that bad, but by the time the sun
comes up you WILL be begging me to let you cum, perhaps even more..."

       "How's this gonna work?" Daniel asked, genuinely confused. "Are
you gonna stroke it for me? I can't exactly get to it myself."

       "That's the whole point, you fucking moron! Most of us didn't have
the luxury of someone teaching us how to beat off. We learned by
ourselves, picking up bad habits - like shooting way too fast - not
realizing our full potential. I might touch your dick, but not nearly as
much as you'll want. If you get thirsty, let me know. Otherwise, don't
speak unless I ask you something. You need to focus your energies on sex;
talking will just distract you."

       As Ethan spoke, Daniel got the impression he was expected to have
an almost religious experience. Once again, he began to chuckle. This
time, he was silenced quickly by Ethan's response, his voice booming,
seemingly saturated with aggravation.

       "I'm serious! If you talk, I swear to god, I'll shove a sock in
your mouth and tape it closed. I'm trying to help you learn something new
and all you do is laugh at me!"

       Daniel had been nervous around Ethan before. In fact, he was
frequently nervous around him. But for the first time, with his angry eyes
glaring down at his helplessly bound body, he felt a little scared.

       "God, Ethan, I'm sorry," he apologized. "Don't get upset. I'll be
serious, I promise..."

       "I'm glad to here it," he responded with a smirk. "Now thank me
for what you're about to learn."

       "What the fuck! No way!" he rather unwisely answered.

       "Do it!" Ethan yelled loudly, his face only inches away.

       Though it was far too late for second thoughts, Daniel instantly
regretted the decision to allow this to happen. Sure, he trusted Ethan,
but the person standing in front of him wasn't the guy he knew. Not
wanting to anger him further, he capitulated to the demand.

       "Ethan, thank you for what you're about to teach me."

       Humiliation welled up within Daniel as he spoke the words, but at
least it pleased his friend. Ethan's reassuring smile returned, easing the
tension in both the room and his immobile guest.

       "Wonderful," he said, pleased with his buddy's reaction. "Let the
games begin. For the record, it is now 10 PM."

       "Big deal," Daniel silently thought, imagining this would be over
in an hour or so. In his mind, there was absolutely no way Ethan could
keep him from cumming until morning. The chair and its occupant were
wheeled around to face the television and DVD player.

       "You're about to watch some of the hottest porn ever filmed," Ethan
explained. "I found them in my dad's stash -- I think he picked them up in
Germany. I have over four hours of this stuff and you're gonna watch every
minute - we won't be fast-forwarding through anything. No talking,
remember? If you feel like moaning, that's fine, but if I have to tell you
to shut up, you get the sock. Got it?"

       The young man in the chair nodded his understanding, afraid now to
even speak. As the movie started and the copyright info scrolled across
the screen, he snuck a peek at his cock. Even through all of this, it
remained stubbornly hard and wet.

       Daniel tilted his head up and stared at the screen. After a few
printed titles in German, the film went directly into the action. It was a
gangbang flick - at least ten guys in a room with only two women, the men
standing casually against a wall while the sluts slowly worked down the
line, giving head to each guy in turn. He noticed most of the men were
uncut, some of them with rather impressive foreskins, and assumed this was
due to where it was shot. The camera work and soundtrack were undeniably
hot, using extreme close ups and natural sounds to reinforce the animal
sexuality in the room. With his head reeling from the pill and his
heightened senses on edge, the frantic slurping and moaning were having the
desired effect after only a few minutes. Daniel felt like he was in the
fucking room with them! Ethan, sitting on the bed behind the chair, out of
Daniel's line of sight, startled him when he spoke.

       "Yes or no answer only - do you like what you see?"

       "Yes," the bound boy moaned.

       In fact, Daniel was mesmerized by it. He'd seen a few porno films
before, but nothing compared to this. These people were so into it, so
charged, so possessed by the urge to fuck that he felt like part of the
action. Of course, he couldn't explain this to Ethan, since he feared
being gagged with those foul, dank socks. His cock expanded further as a
result of the visual stimulation and he moaned quietly when he felt precum
tortuously trickle down his shaft.

       Ethan stood, circling the chair, causing Daniel to glance up at

       "Watch the movie - not me," he corrected.

       When his eyes shot back to the television, he noticed the actors
had split into two groups of five guys and one girl each. The first group
was taking turns eating pussy while the other had proceeded directly to
fucking. With no music to mask the sound of sex, the incessant moaning and
slurping, grinding and fucking noises soon overwhelmed Daniel, drawing him
in almost magically.

       Using only a single finger, Ethan delicately brushed over the head
of Daniel's neglected cock, smearing precum along the ridge of his crown,
causing him to shake violently from the exquisite touch. Ethan lifted the
slippery finger to his captive boy's mouth.

       "Lick it off," he said, more of a command than a request.

       Daniel's head snapped upward, looking his friend directly in the
eyes, pleading nonverbally, wanting badly to object but afraid to speak the

       "Do it," Ethan repeated firmly. "Open your mouth and suck it off."

       Complying with the instruction, Daniel lowered his jaw and felt the
slimy finger invade his mouth, the taste of his warm juices coating his

       "That's it, good boy. You're gonna be an excellent student," Ethan
praised using his most soothing voice.

       He didn't know why, but the words made Daniel feel good inside,
like he'd earned the approval of his teacher.

       "Keep watching the movie," Ethan added once his finger was clean.

       Daniel had no intention of stopping. This was the hottest thing
he'd ever seen. Kneeling on the floor, Ethan reached between his legs and
began to fumble with something. Daniel lowered his head to see what his
friend was doing, angering him in the process. He immediately began to

       "I said to watch the fucking movie! I'll tell you when you can

       For a moment, Daniel wondered if his buddy might have a split
personality disorder. The rapid shifts from soothing and reassuring to
angry and hostile were keeping him emotionally on edge, unable to gauge
from moment to moment where he actually stood with Ethan. He tried to
watch the movie as instructed, but the movement between his legs was
distracting. Soon, he was bucking his hips and moaning.

       Ethan pulled sharply on his nuts.

       "Slide down in the chair some," he demanded.

       When Daniel hesitated, Ethan took matters into his own hands.
Using his balls as a handle, he pulled his ass to the edge of the chair and
resumed his previous work. Once finished, he released Daniel's scrotum and

       "OK, you can look now..."

       Almost afraid of what he'd find, Daniel slowly lowered his eyes and
was horrified by what he saw. Using an old shoestring, Ethan had tied
several loops around the base of his cock and several more around his ball
sack. When he'd forced the boy to the edge of the chair, he had fastened
the loose ends around the height control knob underneath the seat. It was
now impossible for Daniel to sit upright without putting a tremendous
strain on his nuts. The tension pulled his cock away from his body,
flailing in the air, pointed at the ceiling, jerking obscenely as his heart
pumped blood wildly through the swollen organ. This position, and the way
it put him on display, was the most degrading thing Daniel had ever

       "I did a good job," Ethan noted. "...considering how much you
moved around. You can thank me later."

       He disappeared to the bed behind the chair as the movie continued.
Just then, Daniel noticed the time -- and panicked. It was only 10:30.
He'd only been captive for thirty minutes! From his slouched position, he
now had to look past the swollen head of his cock in order to see the
movie. His bloated dick was throbbing, not quite painful yet, but no
longer comfortable. If he'd been masturbating alone, Daniel would've
succumbed to his needs by now, pounding hard with ejaculation his singular
goal. But there was no way to do that tonight. It was difficult to admit,
but here in the prison of Ethan's room, he was not in control. He had
relinquished the ability to determine when he would cum.

       Each passing minute grew more tortuous than the last. He couldn't
believe watching a movie without touching his dick could get him so worked
up. Daniel was leaking freely now, forced to see each new drop emerge as
he tried to focus past the head of his cock to the television beyond it.
The puddle in his crotch began running down his stretched balls, through
the cleft of his ass, and into the fabric of the chair. Feeling as though
he was going insane, he snuck another quick glance at the clock. The
glowing red numbers displayed 10:45.

       "FUCK!" he silently cursed. "Only 10:45! I'm never gonna make

       Ethan smiled throughout this process, knowing full well how
tormented Daniel felt. They were only forty-five minutes into the training
and the poor guy was already about to go nuts. Pulling his own cock from
his underwear, he thought he could edge for a while himself, but was
interrupted when Daniel asked for water. Ethan returned his cock to his
shorts and retrieved the glass, gently placing the rim to his boy's lips,
allowing him to replenish his fluids. He smiled down at the submissive,
captured plaything tied to his chair...

       "You're doing just fine. Enjoy it...don't fight me," he whispered.

       As he drank, Ethan softly stroked the back of his head. Daniel
welcomed this comforting touch, though truthfully, he wished it was on his

       "You can't admit it yet, but I know you need this," Ethan continued

       His underwear was tented with the massive hardon he was
purposefully hiding from Daniel. Ethan noticed the boy's eyes darting
between the movie and the bulging, wet mound trying to poke through the
front of his jockeys.

       "You want to see it, don't you?" he asked.

       Two hours earlier, Daniel would've been too uptight to answer
truthfully, but now the decision seemed obvious. He did want to see it.
He NEEDED to see it. As he nodded, affirming this need, a lecherous smirk
consumed Ethan's face. He playfully smacked the back of Daniel's head.

       "Maybe later, buddy. I don't wanna distract you. Finish this
movie, then I'll let you see it -- I promise. It'll give you something to
look forward to."

       Ethan disappeared to the bed, once again out of sight. Stopping
for a drink of water had pulled Daniel's attention away from his dick long
enough for it to stop throbbing, but that didn't last long. The first
thing he saw when his eyes returned to the film was one of the women taking
two cocks at once. They were plowing simultaneously, one in the pussy, one
in the ass. Daniel watched intently, feeling his cock swell to painful
proportions. The film reached fever pitch as the guy in her snatch pulled
out, squirting a massive load over the bitch's cunt, her ass, and the cock
still plowing her ass. As the juice jetted over the second guy's shaft, he
started pounding furiously. Daniel had seen enough porn to know what to
expect - the guy in her ass was going to pull out, giving the camera the
"money shot".

       He couldn't have been more wrong.

       The guy pumped harder, with animal-like rage, growing louder and
louder while the other guys encouraged him. The camera was zoomed in
exceptionally close, causing Daniel to believe he was there, watching from
only inches away. The actor bottomed out, holding still, and began to
yell. As Daniel looked on intently, he detected the discrete, individual
pulses of cum as they traveled up this guy's shaft. The exhausted man
stayed inside, buried to the hilt for just a moment, before abruptly
pulling out. When the spooge started spouting from the hole, Daniel
groaned loudly, and a long, nasty stream of his own precum emerged from his
cockhead and ran down his shaft. He needed to cum, badly...

       "I knew that would get you hot," Ethan commented. "These movies
have lots of cumshots like that. You're gonna lose your mind, dude. Keep

       Ethan grinned wickedly for the next thirty minutes as his captive
moaned and writhed in the chair, his sexual heat increasing with every
passing second. By the time the first movie ended, it was only 11:30 and
Daniel wasn't sure he could take much more.

       As Ethan switched DVDs, he reminded his prisoner of his promise to
let him see his cock. He left the room briefly, returning with a second
chair, quickly positioning it by the television. Once he sat, Daniel
realized the purpose.

       From this position, Daniel could view his own pulsing dick, the
porno, and his best friend - all in the same field of vision. By now, the
front of Ethan's underwear was soaked and practically transparent, allowing
the tied boy to make out the wild bush of black pubes. Ethan made a show
of masturbating through the damp material, gently fingering his drippy
erection and occasionally massaging his balls, groaning flagrantly at the
sensation. Despite the way it appeared, the primary reason for this
display was not self-gratification; it was, instead, to drive Daniel mad
with lust, knowing he couldn't do the same. After several minutes of this
teasing, Ethan peeled off his underwear while watching Daniel's face for a
reaction. He stood and placed the moist, smelly garment on his boy's chest
before bending to whisper in his ear...

       "Keep watching the movie. I'm gonna get you ready for stage two.
Focus on the porn, focus on your cock..."

       He left the room and returned with a second, much smaller
television, about the size of a monitor, and connected it to his video
camera. Minutes later, an additional image was available for Daniel to
watch, his own horny, sticky, eighteen year-old body - all trussed up, his
cock ready to explode, tortured by the knowledge it wouldn't happen anytime
soon. Ethan noticed the growing fear in Daniel's eyes, caused by the
introduction of the camera, and tried to reassure him.

       "This is just for us, buddy," he said compassionately. "Don't be
afraid. We can watch it tomorrow and use it to read your body language,
learn exactly how to push your buttons in the future. It'll show us which
parts you like and which you don't. Just think of it as a teaching tool."

       Ethan reached for his jockeys, which still rested on Daniel's
chest, and allowed his finger to graze his nipple in the process. He
squeezed his cock into the damp shorts, forcing more precum into the
fabric, before repositioning the underwear near Daniel's face.

       "I want you to smell me," he said softly, almost as if asking for a
difficult favor from a dear, trusted friend.

       Daniel tried to struggle but the string holding his balls bit into
his skin, preventing much movement. He was trapped and became perfectly
still, allowing Ethan to place the damp cotton under his nose. The odor
was strong - it smelled like sex. It was a smell Daniel knew. It made his
mind race and his blood boil. His prick swelled to its most massive
proportions of the evening and he groaned from the uncomfortable fullness
of it. He abruptly realized the upholstery under his ass was damp, from
sweat or precum he couldn't determine.

       "Yeah, take a deep breath," Ethan quietly encouraged. "Smell me.
That's what a man smells like. That's the smell a pent up cock leaves in a
pair of underwear - a mixture of sweat, piss, and precum from those pesky
boners we throw all day. Don't worry about liking the smell. Just admit
that you do, that's what this game is all about. It makes you hot, doesn't

       Ethan didn't require an answer -- Daniel's shaft was jerking
wildly, as if it had finally lost its patience and was trying to get off
without assistance.

       Though he'd planned this evening carefully, Ethan was reading his
friend's body language throughout the process, making minute changes,
fine-tuning his actions as they went along. So far, he was exceptionally
pleased. Despite the many variables to consider, but he was now confident
that Daniel could, in fact, be trained to serve as his boy. Ethan removed
the jockeys from his nose and stood beside him. Taking a step forward, he
put his cock right under Daniel's nose, grabbing his head firmly to prevent
it from turning away. There was fear in his eyes as he stared at the tight
foreskin covering the leaky tip.

       "You need to smell it right from the source. I'm gonna pull the
skin back and I want you to take a deep whiff..."

       Ethan's erection was too close for Daniel to focus on it without
placing a tremendous strain on his eyes. He looked instead at the monitor
attached to the camera, just in time to see the skin retreat, revealing the
pink head and tender crown beneath. The tang was overpowering - not a bad
smell, just very musky, spicy, and sweaty. It smelled just like it looked,
like a hot cock about to explode. Daniel's body shook and he involuntarily
moaned with pleasure as the scent was processed by his brain. Ethan
glanced at Daniel's dick; it was no longer dripping precum - it was
hemorrhaging it.

       "I'm glad you like it," he said, observably pleased with the
response. "Mine probably smells a little funky because of the skin, but
that's what a man's dick smells like. Look at yourself in the monitor,
Daniel. Yeah, just like that. Look how close my cock is to your mouth.
It makes me happy that you're not fighting me. If I didn't know better,
I'd swear you were desperate for something masculine, like you crave it.
Is that true, little buddy? We're discovering all kinds of new things
about you tonight. Look at my rod bobbing up and down in front of your
mouth. I can feel your breath on it. You'd love to lick it for a minute,
wouldn't you?"

       These spellbinding words were causing Daniel to enter an almost
trance-like state. He wanted to do it, wanted to comply, but he just
wasn't sure he should. Ethan's mental grip on him increased as he
continued to gently speak.

       "Just give it a few licks, Daniel. Do it for me, your best

       An idea suddenly popped into Ethan's mind. He wasn't sure how
useful it would be, but it was worth a shot. Lowering his upper body, he
placed his lips directly over Daniel's ear and whispered...

       "I know you think about me when you jerk off..."

       Daniel's eyes instantly shot up to meet Ethan's, wondering how he
could possibly know such a thing. Ethan had, in fact, NOT known for
certain, but it had been a safe assumption, one Daniel just inadvertently
confirmed. He rose again, returning his cock to his trainee's lips.

       "Yes - I know, Daniel," he said softly. "I've known for a while.
Don't be embarrassed, I'm not mad. It's flattering that you think of me
when you touch yourself. Now you've got a chance to touch me. Go on and
lick it..."

       Mortified that Ethan knew his crushing secret, Daniel attempted to
turn his head away. His fledging master refused to allow this behavior and
roughly pulled his head upward to stare into his eyes.

       "I said lick it!" he demanded slowly, his voice far more forceful
than before.

       There was now no question in Daniel's mind that this was going to
happen, whether he wanted it or not. Submitting to Ethan's will, he opened
his mouth and his tongue gingerly met cock for the first time. His captor
squeezed his prick onto the warm, velvety surface, milking a few drops of
precum into his mouth.

       "Taste me..."

       Daniel closed his mouth and swallowed, realizing the taste of
Ethan's precum was indistinguishable from his own. He opened his mouth,
extending his tongue again, expecting to find more cock. Instead, Ethan
pulled away.

       "I don't think so," he said rather coldly. "That's enough for now.
I'm distracting you from your lesson. Tonight is about your desires, not

       Daniel was shocked and to some extent angry. While tasting his
buddy's juice, something inside him had partially broken, a barrier
collapsed. Now, after he'd submitted to the request, Ethan had the nerve
to pull away. This emotional fracture also caused him to lose focus and
his controller sensed it.

       The boy required redirection.

       "Look at yourself in the camera, Daniel. Look at your cock. Do
you see it throbbing, hovering in mid-air? Have you ever seen it so red
and swollen before? I bet there are veins sticking out you never knew you
had. You seem to like me being in charge of your body..."

       Daniel stared at the lewd image on the monitor and knew he was
right. His cock was a swollen, distended monster, wetter than he'd ever
seen it, prepared to spew at the slightest touch. Checking the time, he
found it to be almost one in the morning. He prayed the second movie was
almost over, certain he'd never make it to daybreak.

       Ethan returned to his seat and stroked himself slowly, letting the
boy simmer until the movie ended. In truth, Daniel spent more time
focusing on his buddy's masturbation than watching the movie, a fact that
was not lost on Ethan. Daniel had to admire Ethan's control; he would've
cum hours ago and probably be asleep by now. His prolonged erection was
becoming mildly painful, but the drugs took the edge off. The band of
muscle between his balls and ass began to spasm involuntarily, the
contractions beyond his ability to stop. Somewhere in the back of his
mind, he knew he was entering another phase of this experience. An
incredible thirst overwhelmed him as the second movie ended.

       "Water..." he groaned.

       His voice didn't sound like his own - it was distant, almost
ghostly, conjuring images of torture victims locked in dungeons, the
wailing voices of others joining his own lament, echoing off cold, dark
brick and mortar. The young master lowered the glass to Daniel's lips,
allowing him to drink as much as he needed. Once he'd had his fill, Ethan
removed the glass and stood next to his student, fingering under the
foreskin of his cock.

       "You're doing very well, Daniel," he said, the voice calming his
raw nerves. "I'm so proud of you. There's only one more movie before we
enter the home stretch."

       Daniel wasn't sure what he meant by "the home stretch", but it
sounded nice. Despite his burning desire to cum, he couldn't deny the
pleasure of being forced to hold back. It was a strange paradox, every
moment simultaneously more uncomfortable and gratifying than the last. He
found himself wanting both for the experience to end immediately and last

       "Do you still trust me?" Ethan asked.

       Opening his mouth to speak, Daniel couldn't find his voice. He
simply nodded that his trust was still intact. Ethan continued...

       "It's time for the next part of your lesson - understanding the
male orgasm. If you study carefully, you'll learn to predict, with
incredible precision, the instant a guy will ejaculate on you...and
eventually in you."

       Due to his incredible high, Daniel was unable to immediately grasp
the implications of his teacher's last statement. When he saw no reaction,
Ethan went on...

       "...His cockhead will flare and thicken suddenly, his nuts will
tighten, and his shaft will pulse just before the thick, white jets of
semen spew. The next movie has lots of learning opportunities, so pay
close attention. It's all cumshots; to be exact it's `101 Cumshots'. This
film is ninety minutes long, so that's just over one a minute..."

       Daniel suddenly looked troubled, certain he couldn't make it
another hour and a half. Ethan noticed his trepidation.

       "Shhhh, just think about it, Daniel - thick cocks, narrow cocks,
shaved and hairy cocks, massive shooters, and guys who just ooze -- all
slinging their hot jizz just so you can learn. Many are filmed in
agonizing slow motion, creating orgasms that seem to last forever. I need
you to watch closely..."

       Ethan paused for a second. In Daniel's his numb state, what his
friend said next didn't register initially.

       "In fact, you need to see an orgasm up close, much closer than the
ones in the movie. If you want, I could do that for you. You'd learn a
lot from it. Will you let me help you, Daniel? Would you like to study my

       The boy's mind was swimming, drowning actually, in the flood of
words assaulting his conscience, rendering him unsure of what Ethan was
asking. Did he want Daniel to watch him shoot? Was that it?

       "I've seen you cum before," he answered, his voice raspy and dry
despite the recent water.

       "But you weren't studying it then," Ethan corrected. "You weren't
paying attention to the little things, the chain of events that occur
before I cum. When I finally decide to let you shoot, you'll discover that
an orgasm can be anything from a quick nut to an almost transcendent
experience. In order to fully comprehend this, you need to study one
closely. I'll do it for you, but only if you ask me. I won't do it unless
you want it..."

       Daniel voiced weak resistance by groaning loudly, wondering why his
friend was doing this to him. Right now, he did want to see Ethan cum, if
for no other reason than to live vicariously through him. But he didn't
want to ask for it. Almost too exhausted to speak, he tried to form the
words to object...

       "Please..." he started to protest.

       Ethan cut him off abruptly, having heard what he wanted to hear.

       "That's a good boy," he quickly interrupted.

       Once again, Ethan was using his most serene and soothing voice,
having learned how well Daniel responded to it. Before continuing, he
reached behind the boy's head and began to stroke his hair.

       "You want to learn, I can see that now," he whispered. "After all,
what other reason could there be for you to ask me to jizz in your face?"

       Daniel tried to dissent but was stopped by the portion of his brain
that desperately wanted what Ethan was about to give him, the emotional
rift leaving him feeling mildly schizophrenic. His friend stepped closer,
now only inches away, and pointed his cock at Daniel's face.

       "Study it, Daniel. Watch it like you're trying to memorize every
vein, every fold of skin. Look until you could draw a picture of it just
from the image it burns in your mind..."

       He removed his hands from his cock, allowing it to throb
unassisted, standing proudly erect without support.

       "Do you see the precum, Daniel, drooling on your skin? You can see
my heartbeat in it, can't you? You've wanted this for a long time. You've
just never had an excuse. Well, now's your chance. Watch my cock
carefully, learn from it..."

       Daniel watched as the head inched closer still, just short of
touching his body, but close enough to sense the heat as it dripped on his
chest. Due to the bound boy's inclined position, gravity soon caused
Ethan's prefuck to gather and slide leisurely over his abdomen, like a bead
of rain on a windshield. Daniel's cock was flailing riotously, like a
caged beast, frantic for release, while his secured balls strained against
the knots binding them to the chair.

       "Do you wanna see it shoot?" Ethan asked.

       Daniel looked up at Ethan, then back to his angry cock. His face
flushed a bright red, thoroughly humiliated to be so turned on he'd ask a
guy to cum on his face. Attempting to avoid this shame, he simply nodded
his assent. Ethan wasn't satisfied.

       "That's not good enough, Daniel. You have to ask me. I have to
know it's not the drugs. I need to know you really want it!"

       "I want to see it..." the boy quietly admitted.

       "You want to see what?" Ethan repeated, demanding specifics.

       Daniel felt his dignity eroding but was powerless to stop it,
another brick from his wall of denial obliterated.

       "I wanna see you shoot," he begged, adding a simple, "...please."

       Ethan smiled sinfully as he witnessed Daniel's resolve fail him.

       "Open your mouth and keep it open, just like you did that first day
in the woods. I'm sure you remember that day, don't you?"

       Despite this embarrassing reminder of their first encounter, Daniel
complied earnestly. Ethan noticed the subtle change in his attitude.

       "Damn, you really want it! Focus on the tip and watch carefully."

       Expecting him to resume stroking, Daniel was surprised when Ethan
continued to stand with his hands on his hips, refusing to touch it.

       "It looks like it could shoot any second, doesn't it? Keep your
mouth open; don't close your eyes..."

       As Daniel stared at the wet, drooling slit, it unexpectedly erupted
in a manner that can only be described as violent, as if his dick was
having a colossal seizure. With no hands to secure it, the shaft
convulsed, swelling fiercely, before spewing the first jet into the air.
The salty, white semen hung suspended for a moment before falling into his
hair and running down his forehead. After an instant of calm, a second
hard eruption hit the side of his cheek, just under the eye, with a sloppy,
audible smack. Ethan's cock bobbed freely throughout this orgasm, without
support, and the third massive blast entered Daniel's mouth with enough
force to propel the wad to the back of his throat, where it promptly began
its descent. A fourth jet coated his tongue and, before he could stop
himself, he was moving it around to taste the heady scent of Ethan inside
him. After coating his lips and chin, the dick finally settled down,
releasing the remnants of his jizz onto Daniel's nipples.

       Amazed as he was by Ethan's performance, Daniel was even more
shocked by his body's reaction to it. His insides felt like they were
being ripped out and he sensed the moment of inevitability approach. The
hard contractions of an orgasm originated deep within his groin and
traveled upward, along the length of his cock. The swelling was
incredible, causing him to grimace from the mild discomfort of overly
stretched skin. Throwing his head back, he prepared to bask in the wonder
of his own release. Suddenly, he realized something was wrong. It felt
fantastic, better than anything he'd ever experienced, but something was
different. Looking down at his cock, he saw it thrashing madly from a mass
of matted blonde pubic hair, twitching with each orgasmic pulse. Daniel
only then realized what was missing - cum. Every fiber of his body knew,
beyond doubt, that he was having an orgasm, but all his lonely cock could
manage to eject was a large glob of precum, pouring out with enough force
to clear the head of his dick. He had just had an orgasm without
ejaculating, without losing his load. Only once the contractions subsided
did he notice Ethan, still standing above him, still pointing his cock at
his face, smiling down at him.

       "You just had an orgasm, didn't you?" he asked.

       "I think felt like it," Daniel panted. "...but there was
no cum."

       Ethan knew his boy needed something to drink and tenderly lowered
the glass to his lips, the water mixing with the remnants of jizz in his

       "Did you like it?"

       "FUCK YEAH! God, it was awesome. SHIT!" he babbled senselessly.

       Still shaking as he tried to catch his breath, Daniel's body
endured an after-cum spasm that bolted him forward in the chair.

       "Was that the best orgasm you've ever had?"

       "It was the best one ever," Daniel admitted. " a fucking

       "Then you'll want to try for another one..."

       Exhausted and scared, the bound young man wasn't sure he could
survive another one.


       Daniel, still hopelessly immobile, sweaty and on edge, listened
carefully as Ethan explained what would happen next.

       "It's now 1:30 and this last movie will play until 3:00. Once it's
done, we'll start the final phase of your training, finishing up around
6:00. I'm sure you can have two or three more of those before we're done."

       "...Two or three more!!!" Daniel yelled, in clear violation of his
instructions. "I'll be dead or insane by then!"

       Ethan looked at the boy sternly, his facial expression mixed,
difficult to read. Daniel couldn't tell if he was angry or just

       "Now Daniel," he chided. "So far you've done a good job following
my instructions not to talk. You haven't forgotten about the sock, have

       "No, I'm's just that I really need to cum."

       "You just had an orgasm..."

       "But nothing came out," he whined. "It didn't help. I need to
actually shoot."

       "Stop complaining, Daniel. I'm tired of listening to you bitch,
starting to wonder if you WANT that sock in your mouth..."

       Daniel shook his head, afraid to say anything else. Ethan bent to
pick up his discarded high-tops and worn socks. He placed the ratty shoes
between the two televisions and wadded up the acrid socks, shoving them
deep inside the shoes, explaining his reason for doing so as he worked.

       "I'm putting my shoes up here to serve as a reminder not to speak.
Since those socks have been off my feet for a while, they've had a chance
to air out. I'll just shove `em back inside the shoes for a little
recharge. Then, if I have to gag you, they'll be nice and full of funk.
If you do as you're told, I won't need to use them."

       Knowing he was serious, Daniel promised himself to keep his damn
mouth shut for the rest of the night. Ethan spoke again.

       "Before I start the movie, I want you to take a good, long look at

       He removed the camera from its stationary perch and stood, holding
it in his hands, zooming in close, and Daniel saw himself on the monitor.
First on display was his wet, precum-soaked crotch, his blonde pubes matted
to the skin. Ethan slowly panned upward, revealing the splotches of white
on the boy's chest, including one large, profane glob covering his left
nipple. Then, as he moved higher still, Daniel saw his face -- and
shuddered. His characteristically innocent looking image appeared innocent
no longer. He was covered in the slimy fuck of his best friend, his left
cheek home to one particularly nasty wad of sperm. From his chin hung
another strand, stubbornly dangling in the air as he moved his head, trying
to dislodge it. Ethan adjusted the camera, widening the shot to include
everything from the nipples to the top of his head, and left it there as he
started the final movie.

       "Remember, study the orgasms," he reminded. "Learn what you can
about how men please themselves. It'll help you in the long run."

       Returning to his chair, Ethan relaxed into it, his feet propped on
the desk. From Daniel's position, he could see nothing that did not
increase his sexual heat. His slouched posture in the chair, due to the
shoestring anchoring his nuts to the seat, caused his swollen shaft to
throb mercilessly in front of his eyes. Beyond his own dick, played a DVD
of cock after cock spewing spunk in some of the wildest cumshots ever
captured on film, a tortuous reminder of what he was being denied. To the
right of the video, Ethan casually reclined in his chair, enjoying his
still hard cock, his enormous, sweaty feet resting just inches from the
screen, toes flexing periodically, drawing Daniel's attention due to the
movement. Between the two televisions sat Ethan's high-tops and the socks
that were stuffed inside, a constant reminder not to speak. Finally, to
the left, the second television, connected to the camera, displayed a
real-time image of Daniel's cum-covered face.

       He was moaning continually now, driven to a place he'd never been,
where a combination of drugs and sex fully overwhelmed his intellect.
Ethan encouraged him, coaching him to let go when the animal part of him
seized control. But for Daniel, the words were momentarily sobering,
causing him to revert to his more cautious self, holding back, hopelessly
trying to slow his steady slide into debauchery. Yet, enjoying it he was.
This he couldn't deny. He just wasn't ready to accept it.

       Ninety minutes later, the final movie ended. By now, every inch of
Daniel's body was covered in a nasty sheen of either sweat or pre-fuck. He
realized during this brief respite that he was beginning to smell. Every
breath caused him to inhale the mixed vapor of intense perspiration and
salty semen. He'd been tied to this chair and aroused for five continuous
hours now. Now that the movie portion of the evening was complete, Ethan
turned off the larger television and picked up his camera, adjusting it to
once again pan over his boy's entire body. Looking at Daniel from behind
the device, he spoke.

       "You made it to the home stretch're doing just fine."

       Despite the threat of being gagged with a sock, Daniel had
progressed to a point where he could no longer deny his need. He had to
express it; he had to let his friend know how desperate he was. Ethan's
earlier prediction was about to come true.

       "Ethan! Please...please, let me cum. I can't take it. My entire
body is on edge. I've gotta nut, man! You can't make me keep this up.
I've learned the lesson. Please, for the love of GOD!!! Let me up!"

       Daniel's voice became more frantic with each word that left his
mouth. Ethan simply stood there, filming his classmate's hysterical pleas
for release, grinning all the while.

       "I said you'd be begging before the night was over," he gloated.
"I'm sorry though, I can't let you up yet."

       "For God's sake, Ethan - let me GO!!! I've got to get off!"

       The bound young man began to shout, despite his parched throat. He
felt the dried cum on his face peeling as he clenched his jaw muscles and
screamed in frustration.

       "I told you not to talk," Ethan said calmly, demonstrating more
patience than Daniel deserved given his outburst. "You've come so far
tonight, learned so much. I wouldn't be a very good friend if I let you
quit now. You have to see this through, little buddy. You'll thank me one
day for expanding your horizons like this. You have to finish the

       A sudden wave of torrential anger broke through the emotional damn
Daniel had been using to hold it back. Though he'd never once raised his
voice to Ethan during their friendship, never once showed anything other
than complete devotion and submission, in that moment he came unhinged, and

       "FUCK YOU, ETHAN," he yelled at the top of his lungs. "I won't do
it!!! Goddamn you, motherfucker! Let me up! I'm going home..."

       He struggled against his bonds as he expressed his rage but was too
weak to budge them. Daniel's last, tenuous grasp on reality began to slip

       Ethan's expression abruptly changed, the boy's unusual flood of
hostility having angered him. He approached the chair quickly and grabbed
Daniel's hair.

       "That's it, bitch!" he yelled menacingly. "I tried to be nice.
You were told to keep quiet or you'd get the sock. I didn't wanna do this,
but you're giving me no choice."

       Grabbing one of his high-tops, he extracted the foul sock stuffed
deep inside, balling it tight enough to fit in Daniel's mouth. The boy
struggled against both his captor and the smell, but was ultimately
powerless to stop either. When Ethan finished, Daniel saw himself in the
monitor, still firmly tied to the chair, but now with a sweaty, damp
athletic sock jammed in his mouth. Worse, he was still hard, as if his sex
organs had been disconnected from his brain and were operating on their
own. His cock needed to get off and wasn't going to let a little
humiliation stand in the way. Ethan towered over his prey, his angry face
slowly dissolving into a sadistic grin.

       "Why can't you just relax and let me teach you? We didn't need to
take it to this extreme. Don't fight me - I'm just trying to help you."

       He walked out of Daniel's line of sight and returned holding
something in his hand, some kind of small, brown bottle.

       "Have you ever tried poppers?" he asked.

       Daniel shook his head, not even sure what "poppers" were. Ethan
explained what he was going to do.

       "I wasn't planning to use these, but I don't think we can finish
your training without them. I'm gonna hold the bottle under one of your
nostrils. You'll need to take a deep breath."

       Fighting the introduction of yet another chemical into his body,
Daniel realized he didn't stand a chance with that damn sock in his mouth.
He held his breath for as long as possible, until he felt his lungs would
burst, but Ethan was persistent, knowing he couldn't hold his breath
forever. Desperate for air, Daniel gave up and took a deep breath through
his nose.

       Fumes filled his lungs and had an immediate effect. The room began
to spin and everything in it became a blur. He felt warm, the sensation
spreading to his crotch and extending the length of his cock. More precum
slid down his trembling pole, descending further, into the crack of his
ass. Ethan removed the bottle, allowing the boy a breath of clean air
before giving him another dose of vapor. Two hits, delivered in such a
short period, had a cumulative effect on Daniel's body and he relaxed
completely. His cock throbbed but no longer hurt - it simply felt good.
The contractions in his groin began again. This time he let them rise,
riding the wave of incredible bliss they brought. He opened his eyes but
extreme dizziness forced them closed again. He felt a pumping sensation in
the shaft of his cock, felt it bobbing, thrashing, and leaking. But, even
in this state of mind, Daniel knew he hadn't ejaculated.

       Coming down from the brief but intense high, he saw Ethan smiling
at him.

       "You liked that, didn't you?" he asked.

       The sock prevented him from answering verbally, so he nodded
vigorously instead, indicating just how much he'd enjoyed the experience.

       "I want you to see something," Ethan said.

       He adjusted the camera to focus between Daniel's legs. Not only
was his slimy cock still pointed at the ceiling, but he'd also leaked so
much precum during his popper buzz that it was slowly dripping off his
balls, forming a small puddle on the floor.

       "I thought I was leaky, dude," Ethan said, clearly impressed.
"...but this beats anything I've ever seen. I've never been able to make
that much precum in a single night. You should be proud of yourself..."

       It was the most obscene and yet the most fascinating thing Daniel
had ever witnessed. His hard, pulsing cock, veins bulging along every
inch, was pumping a constant river of precum onto the floor. He felt a
curious combination of shame and pride. Returning the camera to its
previous position, Ethan held up the bottle, shaking it gently while
grinning feverishly.

       "Want some more?" he asked.

       Daniel moaned through the smelly fabric of the sock, indicating he

       Expecting Ethan to return the bottle to his nose, Daniel was
stunned by what happened next. His young master grabbed his other shoe and
retrieved the sock it contained. He then tied it loosely around Daniel's
head, covering both nostrils. While he worked, Daniel shamefully realized
he'd grown accustomed to the funky smell of his friend's feet and the odor
no longer bothered him. In fact, he felt his cock twitch as the aroma
infiltrated his mind. He offered no resistance. Ethan went to the
bathroom and returned with a medicine dropper, using it to place several
drops of liquid from the brown bottle on the sock covering his boy's nose.

       "Enjoy..." he whispered.

       This was the last word Daniel clearly understood for the next
several minutes.

       As the fumes took effect, he fell into paradise, his mind solely
focused on his pulsating cock and how his ass felt on the soggy, slippery
seat of the chair. He contemplated his own wetness, how hot it looked to
see his juice collecting on Ethan's floor, and purposefully flexed the
muscles in his ass to push out more, groaning as he felt it flowing down
the shaft. The sound of his heartbeat pounded in his ears and he suddenly
became aware of movement inside him. He panicked at the thought of
something in his ass and opened his eyes, but a tremendous wave of
dizziness overtook him and he could not focus. Not wanting to become
nauseous, he quickly shut them again. Whatever was causing this sensation
pushed again and his cock trembled, oozing more juice.

       Every breath carried the chemical with it and down he would go
again, falling deeper into this oblivion. Daniel disgracefully admitted to
himself that the movement felt good, disturbingly good. The contractions
in his groin began again and he thought he might actually cum this time.
From within his cloud, he detected Ethan's voice...

       "Yeah, that's it, slut. Let go. Enjoy it..."

       He tried to focus but needed to breathe again, serving only to
augment the intensity of his high. The strength and power of his
contractions increased as well, forcing a muffled moan from beyond the sock
in his mouth. His cock was pulsing and drooling, ready to explode.
Abruptly, something larger entered his ass. This new invasion was
uncomfortable at first, even through the haze of poppers, and he
reflexively clamped down in an effort to squeeze it out. The effort was a
futile waste, however, and it easily slipped past his anal ring, lodging
deep inside. Soon after, it began moving, inching in and out with slow,
gentle strokes. Daniel was convinced that Ethan was fucking him, and his
foggy mind objected, silently repeating, "I can't be enjoying this. I

       Unexpectedly, a powerful, involuntary, internal spasm caused his
anal cavity to squeeze the object intensely, forcing him to groan from the
unusual, but highly pleasurable stimulation. His fingers dug into the arms
of the chair and he felt his crotch become incredibly wet, causing him to
wonder if he was finally having a full, ejaculatory orgasm.

       Eventually, the stupor of his high began to clear. He cautiously
opened his eyes, fearful of what he'd find. To his surprise, Ethan was not
fucking him. Rather, he was standing beside the chair, having removed the
sock from Daniel's nose, allowing him to breathe normally. Ethan proudly
pointed to the monitor.

       Daniel was dismayed by the image. Something WAS inside him, but it
wasn't his friend's cock. It was a dildo...

       "I want you to see something," Ethan said with a smirk.

       He rewound the camera footage several minutes and pressed play,
revealing exactly what had happened. Daniel watched the monitor closely to
fill in the gaps in his memory...

       As soon as he'd fallen under the influence of the poppers, Ethan
pushed his index finger into the young man's hole. His face appeared on
the screen, looking directly at the camera but speaking to Daniel...

       "I know you can't hear me but you are so fucking wet, Daniel, so
fucking slippery..."

       The monitor showed Ethan inserting another finger and Daniel
cringed when he saw himself grinding his hips against the invading digits.
The audio from the recording captured Ethan's enthusiasm for this

       "Yeah, that's it, slut. Let go. Enjoy it..."

       Ethan briefly disappeared from the recording and returned with the
dildo, holding it up for the camera, providing Daniel with his first
glimpse of the object currently lodged inside him. It was small, only
about six inches long, and rather narrow, but with a set of realistic balls
at the base. Ethan waited for the boy to breathe in again, and slid the
entire thing inside with a single, long motion. The recording documented
Daniel bucking on the rape tool and he witnessed his second dry orgasm,
assuming you can call them that - they were anything but dry. After
securing the fake cock to the seat of the chair to assure it wouldn't fall
out, Ethan stood and walked out of frame.

       Immediately, the playback stopped, filling the television screen
with snow. Ethan pressed record to pick up where he'd left off. Looking
down at Daniel, he saw a sweaty, horny, but visibly frightened boy.

       "I'm gonna take out the sock now," he whispered gently. "Are you
gonna be quiet?"

       Daniel nodded his agreement and Ethan removed the damp sock from
his mouth. He then offered the boy some water, which he gratefully drank.

       "Please take it out," Daniel whimpered.


       "It hurts..."

       "That's a lie, Daniel. If it hurt that bad, you wouldn't be this
hard. If it was really painful, you wouldn't have had another orgasm when
I put it in you. Tell me the truth. It doesn't hurt, not anymore, does


       "Then why do you want it out?"

       "It's embarrassing," he admitted.

       It was the truth. Daniel had never felt this much shame before.

       "You don't wanna admit you like the way it feels. That's it
exactly. But it does feel good, doesn't it?"

       Daniel remained silent, not wanting to answer. Ethan lowered his
voice and asked again, using a more relaxing, reassuring tone.

       "Tell me, Daniel. Tell me how good it feels. It's just us..."

       "Oh god, it does feel good," he admitted quietly, now on the verge
of tears.

       The boy was giving up and Ethan detected the end was near.

       "That's it," he whispered tenderly. "Admit it to yourself. Accept
that you like it and you'll finally discover who you really are. That was
the whole point of the game, remember..."

       "Shit! It feels so nice in there - sliding inside me," he moaned
lewdly, unconcerned with how vulgar the admission sounded.

       "I'm so proud of you, Daniel, proud that you finally realize it.
You'll be so much better off now. I've been trying to help you accept your
true nature since the day we met. Remember the woods, buddy? How I kept
hinting that you'd like this kinda thing? But you just kept resisting me."

       Overwhelmed by this new interpretation of their past, Daniel picked
up his hips and slid back down the dildo, inadvertently punching something
inside him that increased his need to cum.

       "Fuck yeah, get into it," Ethan encouraged. "Fuck yourself with
that cock, you slut!"

       He looked on with amusement, but not surprise, as Daniel rocked on
the latex cock for several more minutes. His walls were crumbling rapidly,
his sexual hunger increasing at an alarming, exponential rate. Daniel
suddenly needed to cum more urgently than he thought possible. Looking up
at Ethan, he pleaded.

       "Please, let me cum..."

       "I'm not stopping you."

       "Please untie me. I need to jerk off!"

       "No. Sorry, I can't."

       "Oh god," Daniel cried frantically. "Why won't you let me cum? I
need to shoot! FUCK!!! I'm going crazy! PLEASE!!!"

       "Go ahead and cum then..."

       Daniel was close to tears, his frustration at that moment difficult
to describe, wondering why his friend was tormenting him like this.

       "I can't. I need to use my hands," he explained.

       "No, you don't. You can cum without your hands. If I can do it,
you can too. Once you cum, I'll untie you."

       Practically hysterical, Daniel began to buck his hips continually,
forcing the dildo deeper. Though he was incredibly close, orgasm remained
just out of reach. Emotional and upset, he started to cry. It had been
years since he'd cried in front of another person. He was completely

       "How did you do it?" Daniel cried. "How did you do it without
touching yourself?"

       "It took me more than a year to learn how to do that. I'll teach

       "I can't do it," he sobbed. "I'm not like you. I can't relax and
let go the way you can. I'll never be able to do it..."

       Ethan touched the back of his head and ran his fingers gently
through the sweaty, blond hair. He knew this was a lot for his friend to
process in a single evening, but was determined to see it through to the

       "You can do it, buddy. I'm gonna teach you. I won't abandon you.
We'll get through this together, OK? Do you wanna watch me do it again?"

       His voice was like a soothing balm for Daniel's raw psyche. While
the boy watched, Ethan pushed the hood of his foreskin forward again,
covering all but the angry slit at the tip, leaking a pearly drop of juice
that dangled like a drop of dew on the end of a blade of grass. He tilted
Daniel's head upward so he could look directly in his eyes.

       "Do you wanna see my cock explode all over your face again, maybe
get a little more in your mouth?"

       Daniel's breath was ragged, coming in short, raspy gasps.


       Ethan lifted one leg over the chair, straddling both it and his
friend. As his foot touched the floor on the other side, it jarred his
cock, making it bounce, slinging precum on Daniel's face and chest.
Placing his hands on his hips, he simply stared at his young companion.

       "Look at it," Ethan demanded. "You want it, don't you? Tell me
you want it, Daniel..."

       "I want it..."

       "What is it you want?"

       Daniel hesitated briefly, but realized it was pointless to resist
further. Ethan had already seen so much. This wouldn't make things any
worse than they already were.

       "I want you to cum on me," he answered bluntly.

       "That sounds nasty, Daniel - the kind of thing a bitch would say.
Where do you want it?"

       "Please, Ethan. Don't make me say it," he begged.

       "Tell me where you want me to empty my nuts," he repeated calmly.

       "I want you to cum in my mouth...please cum in my mouth. God, I
need to taste you so bad."

       It felt oddly refreshing to tell Ethan the truth. Panting heavily
with his buddy's cock so close, Daniel impulsively stuck out his tongue and
tried to taste it. Ethan started laughing loudly.

       "Damn, I didn't think you'd give in so soon. You want it in your
mouth, huh? You want your best friend Ethan to dump a big load of his
swimmers down your throat?"

       His trashy words were getting Daniel hotter by the second. Another
wall was falling.

       "Please...god, please give it to me. I want your jizz in my

       The cock pointed at his face swelled larger and Daniel realized
something new -- he was the reason for this reaction. Ethan was enjoying
the slutty talk, enjoying the humiliation these vile admissions caused.
The idea that he was responsible for Ethan's sexual arousal excited Daniel
enormously, and he decided to give him more...

       "I wanna feel your wet, slimy sperm in my mouth. I wanna feel it
oozing down my throat..."

       The head flared out. Ethan shifted his weight to balance himself,
inching forward with his hands still on his hips. Daniel stretched his
neck to place his mouth as close as possible to the engorged, dripping
head. Ethan's cock bounced and slapped the boy's chin, leaving an intact
bridge of precum stretching from the tip of his dick to Daniel's lower lip.

       Something in Daniel's mind snapped at that moment and he realized
he was happy. He smiled, for the first time in hours, he smiled. He was
about to make Ethan cum...

       "Fuck yeah," he whispered seductively. "I fucking love your juice,
Ethan. Please give it me..."

       When he extended his tongue to pull the strand of precum into his
mouth, it was all Ethan could take...

       His cock jutted straight up, throwing jizz into the air. Daniel
opened his mouth, moving his head like a seal trying to catch a tossed
fish. The first shot sailed far beyond his head, making an audible splat
as it landed somewhere behind him. Ethan's dick bobbed from his crotch
with nothing to anchor it and semen flew everywhere as the second rocket of
sperm left his balls. Daniel was desperate for a taste and Ethan knew it;
before the next shot got away from him, he grabbed his cock with one hand
and directed it into his boy's open mouth, almost like a reward for his
evening of hard work. Daniel moaned as the third jet traveling up the
length of Ethan's cock to empty in the back of his throat. He shot twice
more inside the hot orifice before pulling out and smearing the remaining
juice over his lips. Upon request, Daniel opened his mouth for inspection.
Ethan looked inside, nodding his approval when he saw that his spooge had
been swallowed without complaint.

       "Nice job," Ethan said as he grabbed the camera to film shots by

       "I still need to cum," Daniel reminded.

       Ethan glanced at the clock, and Daniel did the same. It was almost
4:45. The bound boy's face blanched at the realization that he had an hour
and fifteen minutes to go. Ethan chuckled as he watched the blood drained
from his face.

       "Tell you what, buddy. If you can cum like this, I'll untie you
early and we can go to bed. Otherwise, you can jerk off at six..."

       "Please...I don't know how..."

       "Yes, you do," Ethan answered dismissively. "You know how good
that dildo feels in your ass. You know how hot my jizz tastes in your
mouth. You know how much you like looking at that big, swollen cock of
yours on the screen, dripping precum all over the floor. All you have to
do is LET yourself enjoy it."

       "I don't know what you mean..."

       "You enjoy it, but you think it's wrong to enjoy it. Stop feeling
guilty, Daniel. Guilt is standing between you and your orgasm. It's not
being tied up that's keeping you from shooting - it's your mind..."

       "Can we use the bottle again? What'd you call it...poppers?"

       "No. You can't have them..."


       "...Because they give you an excuse. When you shoot, I wanna know
it's because you've let go of your hang-ups. Here, I'll talk you through

       Ethan used the camera's zoom feature to capture a close-up of
Daniel's engorged cock, still spilling precum everywhere.

       "That looks hot, doesn't it?" he asked. "You know how good it
feels because it's yours. Isn't that right?"

       Daniel stared at the screen and the swollen monster rising from his

       "Yeah, it does look hot," he admitted, the cock pulsing hard as he

       "That's right. It looks good because it is good. Cock is good,
Daniel. You should know that by now. Say it for me - cock is good..."

       "Cock is good..." he echoed mindlessly, enthralled by the image of
his sloppy, wet dick on the monitor.

       "That's more like it! Your nice, fat, drooling prick is spilling
prefuck all over the place -- it's even coating the shaft of that mean
dildo inside you. Look at it..."

       Ethan zoomed in closer still, revealing Daniel's ass, spread wide
and wet, streams of precum and sweat lubricating the fake cock plugging

       "See how nice and slippery you've made that thing. Move your hips,
dude. Grind up and down on it..."

       Daniel lifted his ass, releasing a loud moan as he brought it down
again, sucking up the fullness of the shaft. The camera recorded his cock
as it burped another mass of thick juice. It was cloudier than previous
emissions and both guys knew it contained a small amount of genuine semen.
The wad of slimy dick-snot quickly descended into the crack of his ass.

       "AH MAN!! Fuck yeah. That's it, slut!" Ethan yelled loudly.

       He ecstatically followed the downward trek of that last glob of goo
with the camera as it flowed over the edge of the chair, dripping into a
nasty puddle on his bedroom floor. Watching this lurid spectacle, Daniel's
final mental barricade crumbled. This looked and felt too damn good to be

       "Come on, your ass!" Ethan coached. "You don't need
your hands to get your nut! All you need is a big, fat cock up your ass!"

       In response to these words, Daniel lifted his ass as far off the
chair as the shoestring attached to his balls would allow and slammed it
home again.

       "Hell yeah...that's it! Do it again..."

       The young bottom began to plow his hole relentlessly, watching the
dildo emerge and disappear into his ass. He used brute force fucking,
gentle rocking, and then brute force again to work himself into a frenzy of
sexual energy. He had no morals. He had no hang-ups. He had only one
goal - to blast his sperm all over this fucking room. Daniel looked at the
clock. It was 5:30. They were coming down to the wire. One way or
another, he was gonna get off in the next thirty minutes. His ass came
down yet again. Down, again and again, as he sank it deep inside his
pussy. Ethan leered at him, watching the nasty cunt fuck himself to the
edge of orgasm, encouraging this behavior, cementing in Daniel's mind the
truth he'd denied for so long.

       "Do it, man! Fuck yeah! Work it hard. You're gonna fuck the jizz
right outta your little cock. You've needed this for a long time, haven't
you? You needed someone like me to make you admit how much you love dick.
One day, I'll give you the real thing and you'll realize how much better
that is, how hot they feel in your cunt, how they scald your insides when
they cum..."

       For a short moment, Daniel was angry with his friend for the lurid
stream of filth leaving his mouth. That is, until he realized it was
helping! He imagined Ethan putting his cock inside his warm hole, about
lying in the chair as he fucked the stretched opening, about the massive
load he'd surely pump inside. Though these thoughts still seemed vaguely
shameful, they brought him closer to cumming than he'd been all night.
Daniel only needed one more thing to push him over the edge and he wasn't
long in asking for it. Burying his humiliation, he begged for what he

       "Please...please, Ethan," he whined. "Please fuck me..."

       Ethan stopped suddenly, surprised by this request. He knew Daniel
would break eventually, but he'd assumed it would take until at least
Sunday to hear those words. His depraved grin returned and he began to
laugh riotously.

       "Well, well, well. You are a little bitch slut aren't you? Beg me
for it while you plow yourself out."

       Daniel did the only thing his body and mind would allow; he begged,
pleading with Ethan to remove the dildo and replace it with his cock, the
camera capturing his yearning to take his buddy's meat inside him. The
device focused on Daniel's face and the dried cum coating it, before
panning down to the crusty patch on his nipple. The monitor soon displayed
his sloppy crotch, his prick belching prefuck with every downward plunge on
the spike in his ass. Daniel was working it hard now, trying to get his
friend so turned on he couldn't help but climb on and ride him hard. Ethan
had other plans though, at least for tonight.

       "I'm not gonna fuck you, not this time. Close your eyes and use
your imagination. We'll role-play. Pretend that dildo is my dick..."

       Immediately, Daniel felt his cock tense. He began bouncing so hard
he nearly ripped his nuts off, rocking with such passion the chair scuttled
across the floor on the casters, forcing Ethan to scramble with the camera
to keep up with him. His cock flopped back and forth from the wild
gyrations, slinging precum all the way up to his face. Ethan began to
role-play with his buddy, something he'd discovered he loved to do,
pretending he was fucking the bound young man...

       "Yeah, I'm fucking you hard now...I'm gonna cum up that virgin twat
of yours. You want your best bud Ethan to seed that hot hole for ya?"

       Daniel nearly knocked the chair over with the intensity of his
bouncing. He was close, so fucking close! Then, Ethan said precisely the
right thing at precisely the right time. Daniel allowed his mind and
imagination to send him over the edge when he heard his buddy say the
almost supernatural, powerful words...

       "Fuck yeah, Daniel! I'm cumming up your sloppy cunt, fuckhole.
Hosing you deep, dude! FUCK!!!!"

       With one final, forceful slam on the spike, Daniel glanced at the
clock...5:58. For him, time then stopped altogether...

       While tightly gripping the arms of the chair, a guttural, inhuman
roar escaped his lips and the first portion of his pent up load leapt from
the confines of his body. It rose, higher and higher, until he could've
sworn it was only six inches from the ceiling. At its highest point, there
was an unbroken line of thick, slimy spooge extending over four feet in the
air, looking as though he was pissing white. It splashed down onto his
body like warm rain and he prepared for the next orgasmic spasm. Since his
dick wasn't being held steady, it flopped around frenetically, spitting out
the second volley on the monitor. Instinctively, Daniel lifted his ass and
let it fall again. His third shot of spunk ejected slightly forward, and
to the right, landing on his foot, running between his toes. As his penis
rebounded from that position, it took aim at his face and blasted a fourth
time, hitting his wide open mouth like a bull's-eye. Unable to control
myself, he lapped up the sperm greedily, like the cum-hound he was being
trained to be, while the next several minor eruptions formed a puddle of
white in his navel.

       Daniel's cock was still standing, like some nasty monument to
man-sex, when he lost consciousness...


       It was almost noon when Daniel finally woke, lying comfortably in
Ethan's bed. As he rolled over and stretched, he noticed his friend, still
naked, sleeping peacefully on top of the sheets. Though Daniel had only
been asleep for six hours, it had been a deep, refreshing sleep and he was
now completely alert, without a hint of fatigue. Nevertheless, his head
ached, ruthlessly pounding as he gently massaged his temples, trying to
piece together the events of the previous night.

       He slipped from the bed quietly so as not to wake Ethan, and
noticed his abused penis, red and swollen from overuse, swinging between
his legs. It seemed larger somehow, almost stretched, even while soft.
Initially, he refused to believe the events of the previous night actually
occurred, writing them off as a dream or drug-induced delusion. But the
reality of what they'd done was too powerful to deny. Daniel knew his
memories were accurate, the insistent images far too vivid to be the result
of mind tricks. He was overcome by shame at the memory of begging Ethan to
cum in his mouth, pleading with him to fuck his ass. Crushing guilt
overcame him, followed quickly by panic. Feeling trapped and confined, he
had to get out of that house and end this now.

       His feet made barely a sound as he searched the room for his
discarded clothing. He found nothing; every single garment was gone.
Thinking Ethan may have taken them to the laundry room, he decided to check
there. With stealth befitting a cat, Daniel opened the door, slipped into
the hall, and glided down the staircase on a mission to locate his missing
clothes. Again, he found nothing. He suddenly remembered a change of
clothing in his car, the result of an overnight trip to his cousin's house
a few weeks earlier. After grabbing a laundry room towel and wrapping it
around his waist to cover his nudity, he attempted to locate his keys.
They too had mysteriously vanished.

       Ethan startled him when he appeared out of nowhere, causing Daniel
to jump and sending his heart racing. His friend remained unashamedly
naked, his narrow waist accentuating the semi-hard, uncut dick swinging
freely between his legs.

       "Going somewhere?" he asked, his voice filled with irritation, his
face as cold as winter, framed by his long, black hair.

       After swallowing hard in an attempt to clear the lump in his
throat, Daniel answered him.

       " was looking for my keys. Have you seen them?"

       "Yeah, I know where they are," he answered, truthful perhaps, but
not particularly helpful.

       "Well..." Daniel prompted. "Where are they?"

       "Why do you need them? The weekend's not over yet..."

       Being this close to his buddy, especially while he was naked, was
forcing additional memories from the previous night to resurface. Daniel
couldn't take it anymore and started to break down, his voice trembling as
he spoke...

       "I can't stay here, Ethan. Last night was a terrible mistake - we
shouldn't have done what we did - it was wrong. I've got to get outta here
before I do anything else I'll regret..."

       Ethan's eyes narrowed in an expression of curiosity.

       "What is it you think you're gonna do that you'll regret so much?"

       "Sex, you idiot!" he screamed. "We both know if I stay the rest of
the weekend, we'll end up having sex."

       Ethan raised a single eyebrow and grinned playfully.

       "Would that really be so bad?"


       He glared at the nervous young man for a moment, scrutinizing him
and evaluating his choices, before continuing.

       "You're not going anywhere, Daniel. I took your keys to make sure
you wouldn't run away before I woke up. We need to talk about what
happened last night. We can't leave that unresolved. And I want you to
stay the rest of the weekend..."

       "You can't just hold me here!" Daniel yelled, sounding like a child
throwing a temper tantrum.

       Frustrated, and more than a little scared, he reached for the
nearby phone and started dialing. Ethan made no attempt to stop him.
Instead, he chuckled derisively, mocking what he was planning to do.

       "Go ahead and call your mom, just like a scared, little boy. When
she gets here, maybe she can come in for a little chat. Of course, you'll
still be naked and might have a hard time explaining why your dick looks so
sore. But hey, if she doesn't believe your story, we can always watch the

       Daniel's mother answered the phone but he couldn't find his voice.
She said "hello" twice before he lowered the receiver in shock, unable to
believe Ethan's threat. After all, the recording implicated him as much as

       "You'd hurt us both by showing that video," he said quietly, his
eyes fixed on the floor between his feet.

       "True. But you have a lot more to lose than I do. I wasn't the
one pounding a dildo up his ass and blowing a huge load `cause he loved it
so much."

       Daniel's dick twitched at the memory, pushing against the towel
around his waist. Ethan noticed the subtle motion beneath the cloth and
crossed his arms in front of his chest, flexing his biceps casually,
causing his tribal, armband tattoo to ripple slightly. He continued to

       "I'm not the one who was begging his best friend to fuck him and
blow spooge up his hole."

       This was not the way Ethan envisioned this morning unfolding, but
his attempt to shame Daniel into compliance was working. His face flushed
and the towel tented further as his prick continued to rise. Ethan knew
the boy wouldn't be able to take much more of this. He started again.

       "I'm not the one who..."

       "Alright," Daniel interrupted, cutting him off in mid-sentence.
"Enough! I get it. What do you want from me?"

       "The only thing I want is for you to finish your training. All
this denial and guilt is unhealthy. I want you to accept who you are..."

       "And who might that be?" Daniel asked sarcastically.

       Ethan sighed deeply and looked saddened, demonstrating he was
almost as frustrated as Daniel, but for vastly different reasons.

       "Daniel, you're gay," he said bluntly. "I thought that would be
obvious to you by now, but for some reason you just don't get it. You're a
little bottom boy, almost ready to let his best friend fuck him."

       "I am not!" Daniel shouted. "How could you even say a thing like

       Ethan uncrossed his arms and took a step closer, getting right in
Daniel's face, using the frame of his body and proximity as tools of

       "...Because you've already begged me to fuck your twat once,
remember! If I recall correctly, I had to turn YOU down. But before the
weekend is out, I'm gonna give you what you asked for. You might not
believe it now, but by this time tomorrow I WILL have fucked you!"

       Daniel's mind was paralyzed at the prospect being fucked, terrified
by the ominous prediction, but his penis ignored this fear, choosing
instead to swell enthusiastically to its full length and girth. The head
of his cock pushed against the knot securing the towel to his waist,
causing it to give way and fall to the floor. His stiff dick stood
completely erect, fully exposed without the terrycloth shield, causing
Ethan to laugh at the display.

       "See, Daniel. You're dick knows the truth. Just talking about it
gets you hot. Admit it now and save us the hassle of having to break you
in. You don't understand how badly I want you. Fighting me will only
prolong the inevitable. You know you want to feel me inside you..."

       Ethan gently grabbed Daniel's cock, caressing the veiny skin with
his soft fingertips. The boy attempted to retreat but found a countertop
behind him. Standing on his toes, he inhaled sharply at the pleasant

       "It's wrong, Ethan," he whispered. "We shouldn't be doing this..."

       "It's not wrong, Daniel. That's what you need to learn. If I
don't teach you, you'll figure it out eventually for yourself. But you
might waste years, possibly the best years of your life, denying what you
need. I've met guys like you before and, believe me, based on what they've
told me, I'm doing you a favor. Now get your ass upstairs before I call
your mom myself."

       Daniel hesitated, frozen in place, despite his renewed horniness.

       "MOVE...NOW!!!" Ethan shouted.

       Jumping at his sudden outburst, Daniel raced up the stairs, dread
rattling his mind as he ascended. Once again in the bedroom, they stood
facing one another in the center of the room. Ethan sensed his
apprehension and seemed to enjoy it. He grabbed one of Daniel's nipples,
gently at first, the sensation actually quite enjoyable. Slowly, the
pressure increased, and pleasure turned to discomfort until his knees began
to buckle. This was exactly what Ethan intended and he soon made that


       Daniel opened his mouth to protest but Ethan cut him off before a
single word left his lips.

       "Do it now..." he spat, twisting the tortured nipple.

       As he lowered himself to his knees, Ethan released his tit and
watched Daniel stare at his stiff, uncut prick. Though pleased he'd gotten
the boy to kneel, he wasn't satisfied yet.

       "Lower - kneel at my feet."

       Anger swelled inside Daniel as a result of this treatment but he
failed to come up with an option other than compliance. He lowered his
face to Ethan's large, unwashed feet.

       "Kiss them," he demanded.

       Daniel's anger grew into hostility but he placed his lips on
Ethan's feet and gently kissed them anyway. The towering young man lifted
and separated his toes, wiggling them in his boy's face, chuckling softly
at Daniel's obedience.

       Ethan was pleased with how this was going, but needed to know how
far he could push before meeting resistance. In the next few hours, he
would reveal a wealth of information, answering many of the questions
Daniel undoubtedly held, including the fact that he'd fallen in love with
the boy. But for now, while Daniel thought he was a monster, Ethan needed
to determine his natural tolerance for submission. He'd use this
information as a baseline for planning future activities. Pushing Daniel
again, he found his limit.

       "Good boy, Daniel. Now beg me to continue your training. Beg me
to make you my bitch. Make it convincing and today will go a lot smoother
for you."

       That was the last straw. Rising to his feet, Daniel at last found
his courage.

       "No! I won't do it. Ethan, you have to stop this now!"

       Since he knew this was coming, Ethan simply grinned in amusement at
the little insurrection, confusing Daniel in the process. He opened one of
his desk drawers and retrieved a set of car keys. His next statement
further astounded Daniel, catching him off guard and leaving him

       "Alright, you win. I give up. Here are your keys. Take `em and
go home. Your clothes are in the trunk of your car."

       "What?" Daniel asked, clearly baffled and suspicious.

       "I said you could go. If you really don't wanna do this, I'm not
gonna hold you prisoner. I'm not a rapist, dude. You can leave if you
want. Now, go on -- get out."

       "What about the video?" he asked.

       "I told you yesterday, no one will ever see it. I might be a lot
of things, Daniel, but I'm not a liar. I never had any intention of
showing it."

       "Then what's the catch? Why are you letting me go?"

       Smiling knowingly, Ethan explained his reasons.

       "...Because you won't actually leave. You'll go downstairs, get
dressed, maybe even start your car, but you won't leave. I know you,

       Ethan extended his arm toward his friend's innocent face. Nervous,
and fearing what he intended, Daniel dodged his touch initially. Then,
realizing he meant no harm, he allowed the hand to make contact. Ethan ran
the fingers of his right hand through Daniel's unwashed, tousled blonde
hair, almost tenderly, while he finished his justification for letting him

       "You need me, Daniel. You'll do anything it takes to keep me
happy, to keep me in your life. We both know that..."

       Despite this unexplained display of warmth, Daniel snatched his
keys from Ethan's hand and ran downstairs. Still naked and erect, his hard
cock flopping as he moved, he opened the door leading to the garage. After
opening the trunk, he found his clothes folded neatly inside. When he
reached to retrieve them, something stopped him.

       A flood of conflicting thoughts filled his mind. Part of him
wanted to leave, to forget what happened last night. But he was afraid
Ethan would tell people what they'd done, even if he didn't show the
evidence. Word of mouth alone could ruin his life. Another part of him
quietly acknowledged he might enjoy what Ethan wanted to teach him.

       Frozen with indecision, Daniel stood for several minutes, mulling
over his choices, his overactive cock dripping on the garage floor. For
the first time, he seriously considered the possibility that Ethan was
right. If this proved true, was guilt reason enough not to explore the
desires that surfaced last night? And what would be the consequence of
walking out now -- ending their friendship forever? This was clearly
unacceptable. If Ethan was right, what better person could there be to
guide him through this process of discovery?

       These questions and more swirled through Daniel's mind as he stood
naked in his friend's garage. He decided he couldn't leave yet, not
without knowing more. He was nervous, his anxiety so great he was shaking.
What he was about to do would change everything. Entering the house once
more, he returned to his buddy's room - to give myself to him.

       Ethan was still standing in the center of the room, so confident
Daniel would return he hadn't even moved, waiting patiently for the boy to
come to him. When he entered, Ethan noticed the unmistakable change in his
demeanor. A grin spread across his face.

       "I told you," he boasted. "Are you sure you wanna do this?"

       Though still confused, Daniel decided to be honest, the words
spilling from his mouth free from the typical censorship provided by his

       "Ethan, I don't understand what's going on with me. You sometimes
seem to know more about me than I do. If you still wanna teach me, I think
it might be good for me. I'll do it your way, anything you want..."

       With this simple submission, the considerable burden that had
weighed him down for years lifted in an instant. Up until Daniel began
speaking, he still harbored doubts, unsure if he was making the right
choice. But the incredible emotional release gained through his admission
caused those reservations to evaporate at once. Ethan nodded as he spoke,
his face conveying understanding and unexpected compassion. Stepping
toward Daniel with his arms extended, he drew him close, pressing their
still naked bodies together in a comforting embrace.

       "Why don't we start by just talking for a while? How's that
sound?" he asked tenderly.

       "That would be nice," Daniel answered, almost in tears, but
enjoying this warmth and intimacy.

       After moving to the bed, they sat together, side by side, and
discussed what was happening between them. Ethan chose to take the lead.

       "Is there anything you'd like to ask me, Daniel?"

       He thought for a moment before starting with the most obvious

       "Are you gay?" he asked timidly.

       Ethan chuckled at his friend's apparent naivety.

       "Daniel, we're BOTH gay..."

       "But Angela, you dated Angela all winter."

       "...until she found out I was gay."

       Daniel was speechless, wondering how this happened, right under his
nose, without him ever knowing. After allowing his buddy a moment to
process this information, Ethan continued.

       "When she found out, things got really ugly and we parted ways.
I'm surprised she didn't tell everyone in school."

       "I don't understand. If you knew you were gay, why were you dating
her in the first place?"

       Ethan sighed before answering, the response indicating wisdom
gained, a lesson learned, from a choice that seems ill-advised in

       "I think a lot of gay guys try to date a girl, at least once, just
to see if they can make it work. I couldn't..."

       "Why?" Daniel asked.

       "I was interested in someone else."

       "Who?" came the foolish question, prompting Ethan to roll his eyes
upward and shake his head, amazed his friend could be so dense.


       Daniel was in shock. His mouth went dry, his heart pounded in his
chest, and his intellect could not form the words to respond. Ethan
graciously allowed him several moments for this important piece of the
puzzle to sink in fully.

       "How long have you felt like this?" he finally asked, looking at
Ethan this time, instead of the floor.

       "Since the day we met. I thought we had something going there, you
know, that first day in the woods. I knew you were gay, but all you seemed
interested in was jerking off, like maybe you weren't all that into me..."

       Ethan chuckled nervously as he spoke, absent-mindedly picking at
his fingernails. Daniel knew this emotional exposure was difficult for
him. After a short pause, Ethan finished his explanation.

       "The past few months have been pretty frustrating, Daniel -- living
in a new town, a new school, new friends, and the guy I start to like turns
out to still be in the closet. I had to do something to get you out."

       "Wait. So that's what last night was all about?"


       "Ethan, why didn't you just tell me?"

       "You need to understand something, Daniel. We're both gay, but
we're not the same. My personality is...well, dominant, controlling,
aggressive. Maybe it's a character flaw, but I've learned to accept it.
This kind of `heart to heart' thing we're doing now, it makes me
uncomfortable. If we're gonna be together, you need to know that up front.
If you want your first boyfriend to be the flowers and cards kinda guy,
then I'll disappoint you and we should just stay friends. I'm sorry if
last night was over the top, but you gotta admit -- it worked."

       "That's true, I suppose..."

       "What I'm trying to say is...if you wanna see what there might be
between us, you'll need to let me be in control. You'll know how I feel
about you, even if I don't say it very often. I promise not to hurt you,
but I like to play rough, and you should know that too. Are you positive
you wanna do this?"

       Daniel didn't need to reconsider.

       "Yes," he whispered breathlessly.

       "You realize this will change what we already have. It's gonna
become, well, about as unbalanced as it gets. From this point forward, no
matter what I say or do, you will accept it without complaint. Is that
alright with you?"

       "It is..."

       Ethan smiled, thoroughly pleased with Daniel's new attitude. He
extended his arm and gently touched his face.

       "Do you think you'll enjoy being my boy, Daniel?"

       "Yeah, I think I will," he admitted freely.

       "Nice," Ethan said softly, smiling broadly.

       Leaning into Daniel, their lips touched. Ethan had no way of
knowing this at the time, since they'd never discussed it, but this was
Daniel's first kiss. He was stiff and clumsy at first, but soon relaxed,
becoming comfortable enough to enjoy the new experience. When Ethan's
tongue started to explore his mouth, Daniel melted completely. His cock,
which had wilted during their talk, became instantly rigid. Ethan was
still smiling when they broke the warm connection.

       "You're not a very good kisser, dude," he observed with a
good-natured chuckle.

       Daniel took no offense.

       "I know. I haven't had much practice," he answered, not sure he
wanted to admit to having no experience whatsoever.

       Ethan looked down at the boy's lap and noticed his hardon.

       "It looks like you enjoyed it though..."

       Smiling sheepishly, the timid young man nodded his agreement.
Ethan's face approached again and Daniel prepared for another kiss.
Instead, the mouth went for his ear, and Ethan whispered...

       "I'm gonna fuck you tonight, Daniel..."

       His cock twitched violently in response.

       "...but not just yet," Ethan continued softly, the warm, breathy
words filling Daniel's ear canal and setting him on fire. "We've got a lot
to do before then. You still need to be trained. It's gonna be a long
day, dude."

       "What do you want me to do?" Daniel asked.

       "Stand up and put your hands behind your head. I wanna get a good
look at my new boy."

       Daniel complied hastily, without reservation or hesitation, his
fully erect cock pounding from his pubes. Ethan's smile returned when he
saw how liberating surrender had been for his young lover.

       "Listen carefully, Daniel. This is important. The first thing
you'll be giving up for this relationship is your orgasms. Don't worry,
you'll still have plenty of them, but I'll be deciding when, where, and how
often it happens. You won't be jerking off when you get home from school
or cranking one out when you wake up. Those days are over, Daniel. You
will cum only when I give you permission to cum. How does that sound?"

       "Ethan, I'll try anything you want," he answered honestly. "I'm
just not sure I'll be able least not at first."

       "It'll take time, Daniel. But with practice, you'll get there. In
the beginning, I won't punish you for making a mistake. But if I get the
impression you're not taking this seriously, that you're not doing your
best, well, let's just say the consequences won't be pleasant.

       "Yes. I understand."

       "You blew a pretty big load last night but from the look of your
cock, I think you're ready to go again. Am I right? Do you wanna cum
again, boy?"

       "Yeah," Daniel answered, glancing at his throbbing, pre-moistened

       "Would you like me to let you beat off? It could be a sort of
reward, a bonus, for finally coming to your senses and realizing your place
in life."

       "Yes, please..."

       "But I said you weren't allowed to cum. Wouldn't beating off
without cumming be difficult for you, maybe a little pointless?"

       Daniel was perplexed, the full impact of their discussion not yet
fully understood. In his mind, masturbation and ejaculation meant
essentially the same thing, at least on a practical level. Ethan would
need to teach him the difference.

       "If I jerk off, I'll probably cum," Daniel admitted.

       "Hmmm," Ethan started, appearing to contemplate his next move.
"Then I'm not sure I should let you..."


       "Only if you promise not to cum..."

       "I'll try."

       Ethan looked momentarily disgusted with Daniel. He didn't like
that response. If the boy wanted to be taught, he'd need to do better.

       "Forget it," Ethan said, purposefully allowing the irritation to
show in his voice.

       "What? Why?"

       "I asked you to promise. Fuck trying, Daniel. If you wanna beat
off, you'll promise not to cum."

       "Alright, I'm sorry. I promise I won't cum..."

       Ethan smiled. Daniel could be easily corrected, a good quality in
a boy.

       "Alright, this will test how `trainable' you are. Remember, I
control when you shoot. That decision is out of your hands now, no pun
intended. Just think of it this way, no semen leaves your dick until I say
so. When was the last time you had a wet dream?"

       "It's been a long time, probably not since I started jerking off."

       "You'll probably start having those again, just get used to it.
The next couple of months will be intense, but eventually your body will
understand what I expect of it. By the time I'm finished with you, you'll
be able to cum on command and ONLY on command. Won't that be a nice skill
to have?"


       "Reach down and stroke your dick. No rush. Just make yourself
feel good but let me know if you get close. Be sure to tell me ahead of
time. You don't know what you're doing yet and I wanna help you."

       Daniel gripped his erection with one hand, using the other to
gently massage his balls. Ethan sat at the desk, casually fingering his
own prick while watching his buddy masturbate in front of him.

       "Yeah, that's it," he encouraged. "Stroke that cock, boy. Work
yourself off while you look at my big, uncut meat. You love looking at
this dick, don't you? I can see it in your eyes. You're already dripping.
Damn, that cock is like a leaky hose, isn't it? I bet you keep your
underwear sticky all day long thinking about my dick. You think about
getting on your knees to suck it. You think about licking my nuts. But
most of all, you think about me shoving it up your made-to-fuck ass, don't

       The words were getting to Daniel. Ethan could clearly see it.

       "Keep going, bitch! We got all afternoon to play. Pull your balls
down in the sack while you stroke. That's the way, show me those fuckers.
They make way too much cum, boy. Nothing we can do about that, but we can
train you not to sling it four times a day. I'm guessing I'll let you pop
off once every week or two. Take your hand off your balls and use it to
tweak your nipples, really play with that chest, gimme a nice, slutty show.
Remember to tell me if you get close!"

       With Ethan talking, it didn't take long for Daniel to feel his
orgasm approaching.

       "I'm getting close..."

       "...STOP!" Ethan commanded loudly, the sudden increase in volume
startling the horny boy. "Put both hands behind your head and stand

       Daniel's cock pulsed in frustration, burping a large glob of clear
fluid in response to being abandoned. His balls drew up temporarily in
their sack, far enough to feel them hugging the base of his dick. He was
primed to shoot and both of them knew it. He involuntarily thrust his hips
forward a few times, causing his prick to slap repeatedly against his

       "Stop that shit right now, Daniel!" Ethan said angrily. "I said to
stand still..."

       The boy's knees buckled slightly and his breathing became ragged.
Still, he managed to stave off his orgasm. As it became apparent the worst
was over, Ethan smiled his approval and issued further instructions.

       "Well done. Now do it again, as many times as you can, for the
next hour and a half. I need to finish some homework so try not to bother
me. Each time you get close, put your hands on your head and count off how
many times you've stopped. Since you've done it once already, next time
you'll say 'two', then 'three'. Other than that, I don't wanna hear you
speak. Are we clear?"


       "Good, get started then. Your hour and a half!"

       During the next ninety minutes, Daniel learned a valuable lesson.
Just when you think you couldn't sink any lower, an entirely new, even
deeper pit of humiliation can open beneath your feet. He'd been
embarrassed to jerk off while Ethan spoke to him like a common whore, but
masturbating while he paid no mind whatsoever was far worse. Standing in
front of the bed, his hands feverishly teasing his cock, he tried to stroke
without losing control. It took only moments before his hands were once
again behind his head.

       "Two..." he said out loud.

       Ethan didn't even look up from his book.

       Once he'd back off the edge, he resumed teasing his angry cock. It
would have been easier had he not been watching Ethan, still naked in his
chair. The sight of his nude, controlling new master was too much for him.
Less than five minutes passed before he called out...


       This time it took several minutes standing at attention, hands
behind his head, before he felt it safe to continue. During this cool-down
period, his cock became a drooling, sloppy mess, with precum dripping
liberally from the needy head. Daniel watched the slippery juice descend,
the strand jerking due to the constant bobbing of his untouched prick. He
found the sensation of an orgasm denied intensely pleasurable and his legs
shook, no longer completely reliable in supporting his weight. Looking
down, he noticed a small puddle, already an inch in diameter, forming
between his bare feet. When his cock at long last started to droop, he
resumed stroking, but barely managed twenty gentle caresses along the
turgid shaft before sucking in his breath, removing his hands, and speaking
the word...


       Again, there was no response from Ethan.

        Daniel watched the clock, desperately trying to stop the building
flood of semen about to explode from the tip of his penis. This one had
snuck up on him, and he'd barely stopped in time. Lurching uncontrollably
from the strong anchor deep within his groin, Daniel's cock was flinging
precum in a two-foot radius. The worst was over in about a minute and he
knew he wouldn't jizz, but he had to keep his hands off for another five,
knowing any touch at all would send him spiraling out of control. Sensing
he was safe, he tentatively reached down, wrapped his hand around it, and
gave a single, gentle stroke.


       Ethan had to suppress a chuckle. The boy had barely touched
himself before removing his hands, clearly demonstrating how on edge he

       By the time he reached the half-way mark, Daniel was a total wreck,
his need to cum surpassing that of the previous evening. Last night,
though he'd fervently begged to be granted an orgasm, he hadn't been forced
to both tease and deny himself simultaneously. Additionally, there were no
chemicals to dull his senses this time, nothing between him and the
tortuous game to which he was willingly subjecting himself.

       In the end, he successfully completed his assigned task. Daniel
had edged twenty-two times; though, in truth, he spent more time with his
hands behind his head than on his cock. By now, he had been reduced to
nothing but a wired bag of sex, frantically needing to ejaculate.
Following instructions dutifully, he never spoke other to count off his
edges, even though he wanted more than anything to beg Ethan for release.

       But release was not in Daniel's immediate future.

       When the game ended, Ethan stood, stretched, and reclined on the
bed, motioning for Daniel to join him.

       "I'm impressed, Daniel. You did really well. Honestly, I wasn't
expecting you to make it. How do you feel?"

       "I feel good," he answered, shaking slightly since his most recent
close call was less than a minute behind him. "But I really need to cum.
I can barely hold back just sitting with you."

       "Just relax, dude. Breathe and stay focused. You got precum all
over my room - which you'll need to clean up by the way - but you didn't
stop trying. That shows you've got potential. I love that about you."

       Ethan moved toward him, as if to kiss him again, but without
warning Daniel turned his head and dodged the attempted intimacy.

       "Don't..." he muttered.


       A bit confounded, Ethan thought Daniel had overcome his earlier
shame and the unnecessary humiliation from being with a man. The boy
sighed heavily before answering the question, almost embarrassed to speak
the truth.

       "If you kiss me, I'll cum. Seriously, I'm that close..."

       "You're a hot little fucker, aren't you?" he teased, a broad grin
pasted on his face. After tapping the boy playfully on the thigh with the
palm of his hand, he added, "Well, if you don't wanna kiss, get dressed.
I'd like to go out for a while."

       Ethan rose from the bed and opened his dresser, retrieving a
t-shirt and pair of shorts, which he quickly slipped into.

       "My clothes are still in my car. I'll go downstairs and get them,"
Daniel stated, already rising to his feet and heading for the door.

       "No need for that," Ethan corrected. "Just wear what I had on
yesterday. They're lying on the floor around the bed somewhere. I'll be
waiting for you outside. Don't be long..."

       Fully expecting Daniel to object to this plan, Ethan simply left
the room before he could open his mouth, leaving him searching the floor
for yesterday's discarded clothing...


       Since the two friends were approximately the same size, Daniel's
concern wasn't that the clothes wouldn't fit. Rather, his problem stemmed
from the fact that he didn't enjoy wearing unwashed garments. Under normal
circumstances, he refused to wear even his own more than once between
laundry cycles. For him, to put on someone else's dirty clothing, even
Ethan's, was a bit disgusting.

       He found the t-shirt first, and grimaced as he pulled it over his
head, the sweat from the armpits filling him with the spicy, heady aroma of
his new boyfriend. Ethan's jockeys were more difficult to locate. They
were finally discovered underneath a dirty towel, one his buddy had used to
clean up the voluminous amounts of spilt cum after Daniel fell asleep last
night. Since the jockeys had been carelessly covered by the towel, Ethan's
ample wetness hadn't fully dried. Holding the moist underwear in his
hands, Daniel couldn't do it. He simply could not put them on, despite the
possibility of upsetting Ethan. Instead, he reached for his friend's khaki
shorts, which were reasonably clean, and stuffed his still bloated cock

       Having decided not to wear socks, Daniel turned his attention to
shoes. Knowing his classmate owned numerous, rarely-worn pair, he moved to
the closet to find something suitable. Then he noticed the high-tops --
and abruptly felt a bit nauseous. He'd naturally assumed Ethan would be
wearing them and wondered if their presence meant he was supposed to put
them on. He wasn't entirely sure he could stomach it. Picking up the
foul, worn sneakers, Daniel carried them downstairs, trying to devise a
diplomatic way to request his own footwear, still in the trunk of his car.

       "What took you so long, bitch?" Ethan asked playfully when Daniel
emerged from the house.

       Daniel lowered his eyes to Ethan's feet. He was wearing a simple
pair of flip-flops, his long, meaty toes exposed and wiggling seductively.

       "Uhmm, I thought you'd want to wear your high-tops today..."

       "No, I'm good like this," Ethan explained. "It's warm enough for

       "Maybe I should get the shoes outta my trunk. Your other clothes
fit but these are way to big..."

       Ethan knew the real reason Daniel didn't want to wear those

       "Nope, I want you wearing my stuff today. I think it's hot to see
you dressed like me."

       "But they're almost three sizes too big, and they kinda smell."

       Ethan's eyes immediately narrowed; his friendly, playful smile
evaporated in an instant. Daniel knew at once he had erred.

       "Oh god," the nervous boy stammered breathlessly. "I shouldn't
have said that, should I?"

       "No," Ethan said calmly. "No, that wasn't very smart. I'll need
to think of a way to punish you for that. But for now, just put on the
damn shoes."

       Daniel scowled at the thought, an expression Ethan noticed, and sat
on a nearby step to put on the ratty sneakers. As he spread the opening to
slip his foot inside, the scent reached upward, filling his nostrils. His
toes entered the cavernous space, and he felt the dank fabric of the inner
sole, still moist from Ethan's unusually sweaty feet. Daniel laced them
tightly, partly due to the size, but primarily to seal the opening,
preventing the fumes from escaping. They were indeed large; more than two
inches of extra space extended beyond the tip of Daniel's big toe. He
stood and looked to Ethan for approval.

       "Nice," Ethan commented. "Look at it this way, when you take `em
off tonight, your feet will smell as bad as mine. Get in the car..."

       Ethan tossed a gym bag into the back seat as Daniel climbed in and
shut the door. Driving down the same familiar route used to get to school,
Daniel sat quietly in the passenger seat, afraid to ask where they were
going. A few minutes later, they passed the main block of school
buildings. Ethan turned soon after, using the service entrance, and parked
in the rear, near the back door of the gymnasium. Daniel couldn't contain
his curiosity any longer.

       "Why are we at school on a Saturday?" he asked.

       "You'll see, just shut up and follow me."

       When they reached the gymnasium entrance, Ethan fished a key from
his pocket, using it to gain access to the large, empty building.

       "How'd you get a key to the gym?" asked Daniel.

       "Are you gonna be this talkative all day?" came the aggravated
response. "If you must know, a few weeks ago I found the coach's keys
under the bleachers. Before I returned them, I left campus real quick to
have a duplicate made of the gym key, thinking it might come in handy some
day. And so it has..."

       The gym was dark and quiet, the air still and motionless, making
the dimly lit space almost spooky. Ethan enjoyed being here, fascinated by
how different a room normally bustling with activity seemed when silent and
deserted instead. This, coupled with the knowledge they shouldn't be here
at all, made it the perfect location for what he had planned.

       He escorted Daniel through the lobby, over the recently polished
hardwood basketball court, and into the men's shower. Surrounded by
lockers, tile, and urinals, flooded with the scent of athletes and cleaning
supplies, Ethan began Daniel's lesson.

       "Take off your clothes, Daniel, everything but the shoes."

       "I don't think we should do this here, Ethan..."

       Ethan smacked Daniel across the cheek. It was a relatively gentle
slap, not intended to hurt him. Rather, its purpose was to let Daniel know
these objections were no longer acceptable, not given his new role. The
unexpected whack instantly grabbed his attention. Ethan spoke, without a
hint of anger, but leaving no doubt he was incredibly serious.

       "I don't wanna make a habit of slapping you around, Daniel. I care
about you too much for that. But I shouldn't have to keep explaining
myself to you. If you want to be my boy, you'll have to follow
instructions better. Now get the fuck out of those clothes and hand them
to me."

       Daniel's hand rubbed his cheek as he considered Ethan's words. The
slap had come as a shock, catching him off guard, throwing him off balance.
Despite his controlling manner, Ethan wasn't a violent person and Daniel
felt completely safe with him. Still, this was a penalty he'd prefer to
avoid in the future. He made a silent vow to do better next time, to think
before he spoke.

       Since no one else was here today, and it was unlikely they'd be
caught, obeying this demand seemed like a small thing indeed. In fact,
masturbating in the open woods probably carried more risk of exposure than
an empty locker room in a deserted gym. With these facts in mind, he
decided to comply. His eager cock, having been denied release earlier, was
already swelling. Daniel knew he wanted to see where this was going.

       He removed his t-shirt and shorts, handing them to Ethan, leaving
him naked save for the smelly high-tops still encasing his feet. There was
no doubt he was aroused. His absurdly hard cock stood at full attention,
already pulsing with need. Ethan noticed the boy's excitement and was
pleased, nodding his head in approval and smiling broadly.

       "That's it, boy. I like that you bone up over being exposed like
this. That dick of yours is gonna get you in trouble some day. I want you
to stand here with me for a few minutes."

       "Can I ask why?" the boy said timidly.

       "I'm just waiting for you to start dripping," Ethan said with a

       Daniel stood quietly as he was told, nervous all the while, but
silently admitting this was a bit exciting. He began to understand Ethan's
obsession for sexual activity in semi-public locations, where the potential
for being caught existed. His cock flexed at the thought, forcing a strand
of juice from the slit. Ethan smiled at the boy's predictable reaction and

       "Alright, now that you're wet, go find an empty locker..."

       Daniel searched the large, vacant room for an empty locker, his
stiff cock protruding from his crotch the entire time, leaking precum in
his wake. Most of them were assigned and locked, forcing him to walk down
several rows of the tiny storage closets before finding one along the far
wall that wasn't in use.

       "There's one over here we can use," he said.

       Since he had walked some distance to find a suitable locker, he was
forced to raise his voice in order for Ethan to hear him, causing his words
to echo in the tile-covered room, increasing his anxiety further. He heard
the "slap-slap" of Ethan's flip-flops approaching, also reverberating
loudly, making far more noise than he wished given the clandestine nature
of what they were doing.

       Ethan rounded the corner of the aisle carrying Daniel's clothes as
well as his gym bag. He handed the garments to the nervous young man.

       "Here, put these in the locker..."

       Daniel did as he was told, cringing at the noise the metal door
created as it opened and closed. Ethan extracted a combination lock from
his bag.

       "OK, lock `em up..."

       Staring at the lock in Ethan's hand, Daniel's level of apprehension
went off the charts. Until now, knowing his clothes were nearby served as
a safety net, allowing him to endure the stress of being naked. This was
no longer the case. Should he need to get dressed in a hurry, it would be
extremely difficult to do so without being caught. Reminding himself of
the great trust he placed in Ethan, and how much he wanted to please him,
Daniel reached for the lock, inserted it through the latch, and gave the
dial a few spins.

       "Very nice, Daniel," Ethan praised. "You did it without bitching.
Don't worry. I'll give you the combination once we're finished. Come on.
Let's go back up front, closer to the entrance."

       After returning to the front of the room, Ethan continued the

       "Take off the shoes..."

       Though quickly moving to obey, Daniel made an unpleasant face
before doing so, rolling his eyes as well. Ethan, displeased by this
reaction, grabbed him forcefully by the chin, angling his head upward and
moving close enough to be intimidating.

       "Listen. What you just did, that face, that thing with your eyes,
as far as I'm concerned, that's just as bad as talking back. You need to
know I won't let you do it again. Understand?"

       "Yeah, I'm sorry. I won't do it again," Daniel apologized.

       "I hope that's true. Now get those shoes off..."

       The worn, canvas high-tops seemed to augment the already powerful
funk of the locker room as Daniel extracted his feet. Now that his boy was
completely nude, Ethan resumed the lesson.

       "...Hands behind your head, Daniel. Let me look at you. This is
really turning you on. Your dick is bouncing hard, little buddy. Flex,
bounce, flex, bounce, leak, leak, leak - that's all you do, isn't it?"

       Since the question was clearly rhetorical, Daniel chose not to
answer verbally. Instead, he silently admitted the obvious with a nod of
his head.

       "Now, I want you to feel the cold tile under your feet. Go ahead
and curl your toes on it, like you're trying to grip the floor with

       Daniel's toes flexed beneath him, pressing against the chilly

       "Yeah, just like that," Ethan continued, pleased with the way
Daniel was working with him. "Try to remember the first time your bare
feet touched a locker room floor. Let that memory come back to you, try to
recapture the details. While you're remembering, take a deep breath and
hold it in..."

       Ethan paused long enough to take a deep breath himself.

       "Do you smell that? It's like a combination of sweat,
testosterone, and urinals -- god, I love that smell! I wonder how many
nasty, crusty jock straps have been through this room..."

       The images Ethan was conjuring in Daniel's mind began to get to
him. His cock pulsed forcefully in response and a glimmering strand of
precum flowed from the tip, slowly stretching to the floor.

       Ethan opened his gym bag and pulled out a clear, re-closeable
baggy. Inside the plastic was a pair of socks.

       "These are the socks I wore Wednesday and Thursday. They were on
my feet, inside those shoes you hate so much for two days, dude. Close
your eyes..."

       When Daniel shut his eyes, Ethan opened the bag slightly, holding
the breach under his boy's nose.

       "Take a deep breath," he instructed.

       The foul, concentrated aroma instantly flooded Daniel's nostrils.
Though his conscious mind detested this odor, his intense sexual energy
caused his body to respond differently. As Ethan watched, Daniel's cock
swelled visibly and a strong contraction between his testicles and anus
forced him to become drippier still.

       Opening the bag, Ethan stretched one of the socks to lengthen it
slightly before tying the band of cloth around Daniel's head like a
blindfold. Though not directly over his nose, it was close enough to
provide a constant dose of the strong vapors during the rest of their
session. He'd moved Daniel's hands to tie off the sock, so he returned
them to the back of his head. Since this was now a familiar position,
Daniel maintained it without instruction. Ethan sat on a nearby bench,
removed the second sock from the bag, and gently rolled it over Daniel's
dick, looking something like a sock condom.

       Ethan looked up at his prize, thoroughly pleased with his work, and
knew he loved this boy. After retrieving the digital camera from his gym
bag, he took a few still shots for the collection he intended to start.

       "OK, Daniel," Ethan said while continuing to take photos. "You've
had long enough to think. What is your first memory of being in a locker

       "Middle school, the first one I remember was in middle school."

       "Why does that one stand out in your mind?"

       "Can we take the sock off my dick?" Daniel asked while anxiously
shifting his weight between his feet.

       "No. Answer the question...and stop fidgeting."

       "I don't know," he whined. "That's just the first one I remember."

       "Did you feel comfortable when you had to use that locker room?"

       "No - never...I hated being in there."


       "Ethan, you know how shy I am. I didn't like getting undressed in
front of the other guys."

       "You don't look so shy right now," Ethan snickered. "Did you
shower with everyone else or were you one of those fuckers who'd rather
walk around sweaty all day instead of getting naked?"

       "The second one," Daniel admitted. "I never showered with the
other guys."

       "Wow, you must've been really bashful. I know how much you hate to
stink. For you to choose that instead of a simple shower..."

       Daniel's body began to shake. The tiny tremors began slowly but
soon seemed to be overwhelming him.

       "We really need to take the sock off my dick..."


       "I'm...I'm gonna cum in it," Daniel said through clenched teeth.

       "You'd better not..."

       "I can't help it...please take it off."

       "No. What else do you remember about that locker room?"

       "That's it, that's all I remember."

       "You're lying to me, Daniel. I can tell by the way your cock is
shaking. There's something else, isn't there?"

       "Well, yeah, there is something else, but I don't wanna talk about

       "I don't care about that, dude. Tell me..."

       "Joshua...Joshua Williams," he spat out suddenly.

       Daniel's shaking became instantly more intense. He'd almost
forgotten about this shameful incident from his past, having done his best
to blot it from his mind. He felt his cock spasming inside the acrid tube
of fabric gently squeezing it.

       "What about Joshua Williams? Who was he?"

       "We were in the same homeroom in eighth grade."

       "Were you two friends or something?"

       "No, we never even talked..."

       "Then why did you remember him?"

       "I was, well...kinda obsessed with him. I couldn't stop thinking
about him."

       "Awwww, that's so cute," Ethan gently teased. "You had a crush on

       "That's not how I thought about it at the time, but yeah, I guess I
did. God, please take off the sock," he whined frantically. "I don't want
you to get mad at me..."

       "You're doing fine," Ethan reassured him. "But you've got me
curious now. For some reason, you associate this Joshua guy with locker
rooms. Why is that?"

       "He was just the opposite of me in the locker room. He'd get naked
and horse around with the other guys, laughing and carrying on like it was
no big deal..."

       "And you liked looking at him, didn't you?"

       "Yeah, I did," Daniel admitted, causing his cock to belch a thick
slug of precum into the sock.

       "Is that everything? He never caught you staring at him?"

       "No, I was careful. I don't think he ever noticed."

       "Then I don't get it," Ethan said, somewhat confused. "There's
something else you're not telling me. Your body's reaction to this memory
is too intense for that to be all there is. What are you leaving out?"

       "God, I'm gonna cum soon. Please take off the sock."

       "I'll take it off when you tell me why this Joshua memory turns you
on so much. What are you not telling me?"

       "One day," Daniel whimpered. "...while the other guys were in the

       "Yeah, go on. Tell me..."

       "...I went through his bag and stole his underwear..."

       Ethan stopped for a moment, frozen in place with his mouth ajar,
shocked by this incredible admission, before slowly beginning to chuckle.

       "You did what?" he asked through his giggles.

       "I don't know why I did it. The idea just popped in my head and
his bag was right there. No one was around so I just took `em. I put his
underwear in my backpack and left really fast. Oh fuck, please take off
the sock."

       "Hold on, don't cum yet. What the hell did you do with his

       "Don't make me say it..."

       "You don't need to be embarrassed around me. I won't tell

       Daniel lowered his voice to a whisper before admitting the most
shameful detail of his story.

       "...I sniffed `em when I jerked off."

       Despite Ethan's reassurances that Daniel shouldn't be embarrassed,
he couldn't stifle the need to laugh.

       "Dude, how in the hell did you not know you were gay!" he chuckled.

       "Please take the sock off now..."

       True to his word, Ethan grabbed the sock by the toe and tugged
gently, causing it to slide forward, inch by agonizing inch, over Daniel's
swollen erection. He fully expected his buddy to cum, and had already
decided not to punish him for this lapse, given how amusing his story had
been. Astonishingly, Daniel held back, spilling only a few sticky streams
of precum when the sock cleared the head of his dick. Ethan also removed
the sock covering his eyes, returning both to the plastic bag inside his

       "I'm impressed, Daniel. Let's walk to the showers."

       The locker room had a large alcove-type shower with no stalls and
ten aging showerheads, five on each side, with tile covering the floor and
walls. Beneath their feet, two large drains were in place to wisk away the
sweaty jock water. Ethan reached into his gym bag and extracted two
lengths of rope.

       "...Hands in the air," he instructed.

       "Please don't tie me up, not in here," Daniel begged.

       Ethan simply smiled in response. Knowing that this was going to
happen no matter what he said, Daniel raised his arms submissively,
allowing Ethan to bind his wrists to the showerheads above. Although his
feet remained free to move, he was secured quite well and wouldn't be
leaving until Ethan chose to release him.

       "That's right, good and tight," Ethan praised his knots. "I don't
want you moving too much this afternoon, though you'll still have plenty of
room to squirm, and you'll be doing a lot of that."

       "What are you gonna do?" Daniel asked timidly.

       Ethan's mischievous grin didn't help settle his nerves; in fact,
the sinful smile and raised eyebrows only served to increase his anxiety.

       "I'm gonna tease your cock to within an inch of your life this
afternoon and you will not cum. You can even try if you want - believe me,
it's not gonna happen. Ever since we first started jacking off together,
I've been studying your body, how you act right before you nut. After the
first few times, I knew when you were gonna shoot before you did. You can
beg if you want, I don't care, but honestly, it'll be a complete waste of
energy. You will not be shooting your jizz until we fuck tonight. I'll
see to that."

       Although he'd been edged last night for nearly eight hours, Daniel
had been high during that ordeal, not to mention alone in Ethan's room with
no chance of getting caught. His controller reached forward and gently
fondled his scrotum. Daniel's neglected dick responded by expelling a glop
of slime onto his forearm.

       "I bet I'll get a gallon of that shit out of you this afternoon,"
Ethan predicted menacingly.

       He removed his hand and briefly left the shower, returning with a
small section of bench from the locker area. Placing it in front of his
bound victim, he sat and started to work. Though Ethan had only recently
introduced him to this process, Daniel had experienced enough of it to be
fascinated by how something so pleasurable could simultaneously make him

       Ethan gingerly wrapped his fingers around the shaft of the erect
cock pointed at his face and began an agonizingly slow back and forth
motion designed to send Daniel to a place where the border of heaven
touches the abyss of hell. He spoke continuously as he worked, his voice
far louder than Daniel wished, echoing off the tiles, amplifying the sound
to dangerous, detectable levels.

       "Yeah, you'll like this. I'm gonna get you so worked up you'll
feel like screaming. Here, I'll just use my fingernail to scratch
underneath the head. Look at that fucker bounce, dude! I love watching
that. You just can't hold it still, can you? Damn, look how much precum
you're leaking!"

       Daniel lowered his head and looked. His tense cock was convulsing
wildly, flailing hard enough to strike his abdomen occasional, the head
sticky wet and drooling continuously.

       "I'll just take a bit of that juice and rub it around the rim.
There, that's it...just like that. Oops, I'd better stop. Your balls
jumped up and we've still got time to kill. Maybe I'll try to get `em to
drop back down a little. Hold on. I'll start with this one. Wow, it's
kinda hard to get a good grip since it's pulled up so tight. Oh wait, I
got it now. I'm gonna pull it down. Yeah, that's more like it. I'll just
roll it around in my fingertips for a few minutes. Your nuts are really
smooth, Daniel. I like that, makes 'em easy to finger. Do you shave


       "Damn, really? There's hardly a hair on them. Now that they're
loose again, I'm gonna wrap my fist around the top of your bag and pull
down using short tugs, like this..."

       "Oh god, that feels weird," Daniel moaned.

       "FUCK! You're really leaking now, bitch! And I'm not even
touching your cock, dude. How are you gonna handle a whole afternoon of

       "I don't know. I need to cum so bad..."

       "You knew the first day we met that I was an exhibitionist, but I
never thought you'd get into it. I can imagine how degrading this must be
for you, how nervous you must be. You're in a public place, tied up, your
dick out of control, on the verge of an orgasm you know I won't let you
have. But instead of embarrassing you, it seems to turn you on even more.
Here I am, bouncing your dick up and down, using your fucking ballsack as a
handle, and you just keep slinging prefuck. I just wish Joshua Williams
was here to see this..."

       "Fuck, please Ethan, I need to cum so bad..." Daniel whimpered.

       The haze of words was having a powerful effect on both Daniel and
his cock, the persistent scrotum tugging pushing him still closer to an
edge he wouldn't be crossing any time soon.

       "I'm gonna rub my hand over your dick once. Get ready for it. See
my palm hovering over your cock. I'm getting ready to touch it. No, I'll
wait a few more seconds first. Then I'll wrap my fingers around it and
give you one slow stroke from base to tip. Let's see how it responds..."

       Daniel moaned in ecstasy when Ethan's fingers gently squeezed the
base of his prick and corkscrewed once, and only once, up to the head.

       "Fuck! You should've seen your knees buckle just then. I thought
you were about to fall over! Good thing for the ropes, huh? Let's try it

       The second pass felt just as exquisite as the first. Despite his
desire to keep quiet, Daniel couldn't suppress the guttural groan that
escaped his lips, much louder than he'd intended.

       "Yeah, I love to hear you moan like a bitch, Daniel. Moan for me,
louder. That's right, moan for me."

       Ethan kept this up until Daniel forgot about his surroundings and
was vocalizing loud enough to fill the locker room with sound.

       "Maybe I'll spend some time just scratching your nuts. Here, I'll
start on the right one, then spend a little time on the left. Whoa dude,
calm down. I'll stop for a few minutes and let you catch your breath. You
got a little too close that time. How does it feel to be tied naked in a
locker room while your boyfriend works your drippy dick to the edge?"


       "Yeah, you're my boyfriend now. I know you're new to this, but
what did you think we were? It's about time we hooked up as more than jerk
off buddies. I mean, you've been using me in your fantasies ever since we
met. That doesn't bother me. Actually, I think it's kinda sweet. But you
owe me for all those amazing orgasms you've had while thinking about me.
How many times has it been? How many times have you creamed your panties
thinking about my cock, dreaming about my foreskin? Huh Daniel, how many?"

       "I don't know, Ethan -- a lot..."

       "That's what I'm saying, you owe me! Tonight, you'll start paying
me back when I shoot my scalding hot jizz up your tight, fuckable ass. I'd
show you my cock right now but I'm afraid you'd cum. You couldn't handle

       Ethan's assumption was correct and Daniel knew it. In his current
state of arousal, the sight of his dick would make the poor boy cover the
entire shower with spooge, and not even Ethan's skill could stop him.

       "You ARE ready for more teasing though. Maybe I should spend a few
minutes just running my fingers through your pubes. Yeah, I love it when
you suck your fucking breath in like that! You like it, don't you? I'm
scratching your cockroot through the short and curlies. Damn dude, you've
got a strand of prick juice stretching all the way to the floor. One of
these days I need to figure out a way to measure how much of this shit you

       "Ethan," Daniel begged. "Please, I really need to cum..."

       "I told you, not in here. I'll let you spew when we fuck and not a
second before. Remember last night, how good it felt to cum with something
inside you? I want you ready to do the same thing with me."

       "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!!" Daniel yelled loud enough to be heard all
through the building.

       "Eventually," Ethan continued, ignoring the frenzied grumbling from
above. "...I'll teach you how to orgasm on command. It takes a while to
learn how, at least it did for me, but I have high hopes for us. I think
we'll be together a long time. Then, all I'll need to do is tell you to
cum and you will, no matter where we are or what we're doing. We'll be in
college, maybe at the library, and I'll look at you across the table and
whisper 'cum'. Believe it or not, you'll start creaming your jeans, unable
to stop it..."


       "Once we get outta this god-awful town, I won't let you wear
underwear, so your jizz will bleed right through the front of your pants.
That'll be pretty embarrassing, huh? All those other students, some of
them our friends, they'll be looking at your messy pants and giggling. You
want me to teach you how to do that, Daniel? Want me to control you like
that? Of course you do. For a guy like me, who gets off over being in
control, there's no better gift than a boy who'll let you dominate his
orgasms, just like you're doing now..."

       Though Daniel couldn't tell long he'd been bound, hanging suspended
from these showerheads, it felt like at least two hours. In truth, they'd
only been playing for forty-five minutes. It was hot in the tiled alcove,
since the air conditioning had been shut off for the weekend, and he was
sweating liberally. With his arms raised, he began to detect his own
scent, only adding to his sense of desperation. He didn't know whether to
beg Ethan to stop or for permission to cum. Either way, he knew it
wouldn't make any difference.

       Out of the blue, they both heard the metal, outer gym door open in
the distance and slam closed again. Ethan remained comfortably seated,
relaxed and at ease, as if he hadn't even noticed the loud clamor.

       "Ethan," Daniel whispered. "Somebody's here..."

       "Then you'd better be quiet," he suggested calmly.

       The boy swiftly panicked, scrambling backwards to press his body
against the tile in a futile effort to hide. Though the shower was in the
rear of the room, hidden from the front by several rows of lockers, if
anyone walked this far back, they'd be completely exposed. Ethan had his
friend so fucking horny he couldn't get his cock to soften in the least.
In fact, hearing the sound of others in the building seemed to make him
even harder, a situation which became worse when the teasing resumed.
Daniel was on the edge of an orgasm he couldn't bring himself to have, even
if Ethan allowed it, not right here, not like this.

       The far off sound of classmates engaged in good-natured joking
echoed in the cavernous basketball court, slowly approaching. The locker
room door swung open loudly and an unknown number of guys wandered inside.

       Ethan raised a single finger to his lips and made a quiet "Shhhh"
sound. The boy bit his lip, certainly not wanting to give away their
position, or the activity they were currently engaged in.

       Daniel felt faint from the stress this situation was causing, his
heart feeling as though it would fly out of his chest. The new arrivals
continued to talk and joke with one another, opening lockers and changing
clothes. Knowing they were getting undressed just a few feet away did
nothing to help his dick go down. Ethan released it, smiling as he watched
it rebound, dribbling dog-water every time it spasmed. Finally, they heard
the door swing open again and the voices grew muffled and distant, replaced
by the familiar sound of basketballs striking the hard wooden court.

       "Stay quiet, buddy," Ethan said calmly. "I wasn't expecting
anybody to be here today, but we can't leave until they do and I'm not
gonna stop teasing you. This means we'll be here longer than I intended,
but we can't do anything about that now. If you don't wanna get caught,
keep your mouth shut..."

       "Ethan," Daniel whispered cautiously. "Your shoes are still out

       Instantly on his feet, Ethan hastily exited the shower. He spotted
the high-tops, snatched them up, and returned to the alcove.

       "I'm glad you remembered," he whispered to Daniel.

       Ethan tied the laces of the shoes together loosely before hanging
the smelly sneakers around Daniel's neck, where the funk they incessantly
emitted could drift upward into his nose.

       "Oh, don't make that face," Ethan chided. "Sooner or later, you're
gonna love that smell. It'll be almost as effective as poppers..."

       While their unknown classmates played basketball, Ethan resumed
Daniel's session, bringing him to the brink so many times the boy lost
count. Now that he couldn't make any noise, the torturous stimulation was
even more difficult to endure.

       Ethan feared Daniel might lose his erection, even with his
determined manipulation, what with the possibility of discovery hanging
over their heads. This concern turned out to be unfounded. In fact, the
opposite was true. The idea of being exposed was making his boy HOTTER!
His cock was sopping wet, moving non stop, like it had a mind and will of
its own, waiting for a single errant touch to initiate the unstoppable.
Ethan, however, was far too skilled to make such a mistake.

       For Daniel, three sounds consumed his mind while enduring this
ordeal; the "bounce, bounce, bounce" of basketballs, the "squeak, squeak,
squeak" of shoes on the court, and the "squish, squish, squish" of the hand
on his cock. After what seemed like another hour, the players returned to
the locker room. Daniel, overcome by apprehension, prayed silently that no
one would decide to shower.

       For his part, Ethan was nervous as well. But he was accustomed to
risky, exhibitionist behavior and held up better under the stress,
confident and quick enough mentally to talk his way out of most situations.
Fortunately, he didn't need those skills today, as their unidentified
classmates simply changed and headed for the door. As soon as the weighty,
outer door clanged shut, Ethan untied his frightened, but incredibly horny

       Once dressed and safely back in the car, Daniel released a heavy,
pent up sigh, relieved that they'd managed to avoid being caught. Ethan
looked his boy over, trying to evaluate his reaction to what they'd just
done, and grinned...

       "You enjoyed that, didn't you? Admit it, it's ok..."

       "I was scared the whole time, but yeah, it was kinda hot," he

       "If we keep doing things like that, eventually we'll get caught.
Are you sure you can handle the pressure?"

       "As long as we don't end up in jail, I'd be willing to do it

       "Nice. If I kiss you, will you cum?"

       "No, I'm fine right now," Daniel advised. Then he smiled and added
submissively, "I won't shoot...I promise."

       Ethan's eyes gleamed with both pride and happiness.

       "Wanna make out for while before we go home? You really need the
practice. I still can't get over what a lousy kisser you are."

       "Here, in the school parking lot?"

       "The straight kids do it! Besides, it's not as bad as what we just
finished doing..."

       Daniel's face beamed with joyfulness, his smile as wide as Ethan's.
He was genuinely glad he'd taken this risk. Despite his promise not to
cum, they had to stop after only five minutes to avoid an accidental
ejaculation. Ethan still wanted Daniel to wait until they fucked...and it
almost time to get started.


       Once back at the house, they wandered upstairs to his bedroom and
broke out the bong, discussing what was going to happen tonight. Ethan was
relaxed; confident Daniel wanted this and wouldn't need to be forced to
follow orders. During this time, Daniel had the opportunity to experience
what it's like to have a more "traditional" relationship with another man.
Ethan was friendly and tender, holding his young lover like the virgin he
was, cherishing the prized gift he was about to sacrifice for him.

       "You'd better enjoy this while it lasts, Daniel," he advised.
"Like I told you this morning, I'm normally a lot meaner than this..."

       "I know..." he answered quietly.

       "Which do you like better -- bossy Ethan or sweet Ethan?"

       "I like `em both," Daniel said honestly. "Which are you gonna be
tonight, when we start to, you know?"

       "Fuck?" Ethan laughed. "Which one do you want?"

       Daniel considered the question briefly, not expecting he'd have any
say in the matter, assuming it would be rough whether he wanted it or not.
He realized he'd started to enjoy Ethan's domineering attitude, was
sexually aroused by it, and might, in fact, prefer it. Not that the
romance wasn't nice, it was; just being near Ethan was nice, but he wanted
the guy he'd fallen in love with to take his virginity. Like it or not,
that was the meaner version.

       "I think I'd like bossy Ethan," he admitted timidly.

       "Seriously," he laughed in response. "You really like it when I
boss you around, don't you? I was gonna take it easy on you tonight, but
if you think you can handle it, I'll be happy to give it to you."

       "Let's do it rough," Daniel suggested. "Afterwards, you know, once
we're done, maybe we can go back to this."

       "You got it, dude. But I'll need you to do something for me too."


       Ethan positioned himself so he could see Daniel's face before he

       "I want you to act slutty..."

       Daniel cringed at the suggestion.

       "What would I have to do?"

       "Be vocal, loud, get into it. Say every trashy, nasty thing that
comes into your head. Shit! That would turn me on so much."

       Daniel bit his lower lip, clearly uneasy.

       "I'm not sure I can say things like that. It's really not in my

       "I know that," Ethan reassured him. "That's why I was thinking we
could make a game out of it, you know, role-play some..."

       "How would that work?"

       "I'll be a little more aggressive than normal and you'll be a
little sluttier. Just pretend you're somebody else, you know, like acting;
then you can say anything you want without worrying how it makes you

       "I don't know, Ethan..."

       "Tell you what, how `bout we do it my way the first time. Then,
we'll take a break, rest some, and do it again. The second time, we'll be
romantic. That's an offer you won't get very often from me. Hell, I think
I can even scrounge up some candles. How's that sound?"

       "I won't have to say all those nasty things the second time?"

       "You won't have to," Ethan began with a devious grin. "...but I
bet you will anyway."

       "Alright," Daniel consented. "We can try it like that."

       "Do you need another hit before we get started?"

       "No, I think I'm good."

       Actually, Daniel wanted to be clear-headed enough to remember
tonight, every single detail.

       "Suit yourself, but I need a bit more green. Listen, my parents
have a huge tub in their bathroom. It's the last door at the end of the
hall. Go in there and run a hot bath. Once it's ready, just wait on your
knees by the tub. I'll be there in a few minutes..."

       Once he found it, Daniel could see why Ethan chose his parent's
bathroom; the tub was massive, more like a Jacuzzi, complete with jets and
roomy enough to accommodate two people comfortably. He filled it with hot,
steamy water and waited for Ethan's arrival, obediently on his knees.

       When he entered the room, Daniel grinned in anticipation. Bossy
Ethan had obviously returned.

       "Undress me..." he demanded coldly.

       Daniel stood and dutifully removed the few articles of clothing his
buddy still wore. As he slipped the tight t-shirt over his long, jet-black
hair, he marveled at the strong, smooth chest underneath. Unbuttoning the
khaki shorts, he allowed them to fall to the floor at Ethan's colossal
feet. His jockeys clung to his swollen package tightly, thoroughly moist,
the wetness a testament to his own lengthy arousal. Daniel could plainly
see the outline of his cock through the damp material and his heart raced,
confirming his growing eagerness. After hooking his fingers under the
waistband, he lowered these as well, watching closely as Ethan's dick
sprung upward proudly, freed from its dank, cotton prison, pulsing as it
swelled toward a full erection.

       "Listen up, boy. The reason we're here is because you haven't
admitted you like the smell of a man yet. But before I get in, as a little
`thank you' for my generosity, you WILL suck on my toes for a few

       Ethan sat on the edge of the tub and pointed to the floor between
his feet. When Daniel didn't immediately move, he snapped his fingers
loudly and pointed again.

       "You don't wanna piss me off, dude."

       Daniel dropped to his knees. Ethan was right; this wasn't
something he particularly enjoyed doing. In his mind, feet weren't sexual
at all, certainly not intended for sucking. Still, he wanted to please
Ethan and lifted the right foot to his face. Despite the musk, he opened
his mouth and began to lick the skin of the toes. The young top seated on
the edge of the tub grew impatient, and flexed his broad, flat big toe
repeatedly, causing Daniel's tongue to cover more or the surface.

       "I didn't ask you to lick `em, Daniel," he corrected. "I said
suck. You don't have to like it yet, that'll come in time. You just need
to do it. Now get busy."

       Offering no verbal objection, the boy opened his mouth, allowing
the toe to slip inside, before beginning to suck. In spite of the powerful
funk, Daniel realized it wasn't that bad. Letting his mind wander as he
worked, he wondered if it was the foot itself, the smell, or just servicing
Ethan that was making his cock so incredibly hard.

       He was about to find out...

       "I've been thinking," Ethan began. "What ever happened to that
guy's underwear, the pair you stole from the locker room? What was his
name, Joshua something?"

       "Joshua Williams..."

       "Yeah, that's right. What'd you finally do, throw `em away?"

       "No, I burned them," replied Daniel emphatically while switching

       "...Interesting," Ethan said softly. "Why not just toss `em in a
dumpster somewhere?"

       "I didn't want anybody to find out. Burning them seemed like the
best choice."

       While Daniel continued to suck his boyfriend's toes, Ethan
considered this new piece of information from his past.

       "That doesn't make any sense," he finally said. "You could've
found a place to ditch `em and nobody would've known. You burned them for
a reason. Take my foot outta your mouth and look up here."

       Daniel placed the foot gently on the floor and stared up
expectantly. Ethan was still thinking, nodding his head, a smile slowly
spreading across his face as he put the pieces together.

       "I know what happened," he said quietly, almost to himself. "That
event pushed you over the edge. You were at the breaking point, your
conscious mind about to figure out you were gay, and you just couldn't take
it. The reason you burned them is because you needed to destroy them..."

       It was so simple. Daniel couldn't believe he'd never seen it

       "Oh god," Ethan continued. "It explains your fanatical aversion to
smells too. You said you used to sniff Joshua's underwear when you jerked
off, right?"

       "Yeah," Daniel admitted, wondering where this was going.

       "So you obviously liked it. Then, after you burned them, you
convinced yourself smells were nasty just so you wouldn't have to deal with

       Daniel took a moment to process this theory before asking a

       "Have you decided on a major yet?"

       "No. Why?"

       "You might wanna consider psychology..."

       Without responding, Ethan stood and stepped into the tub, releasing
a contented sigh as the relaxing, warm waters enveloped his body.

       "Get a cloth from the linen closet," he ordered.

       Daniel opened the cabinet and quickly found a soft, terry
washcloth. When he returned to Ethan, the relaxed top looked up and

       "Wash me..."

       Kneeling outside the tub, Daniel moistening the cloth and devotedly
began his task. After pulling aside the shoulder-length, raven hair, he
washed away the sweat that had accumulated on Ethan's face during their
stay at the gym. Proceeding down his neck to his strong back and
shoulders, he lifted each arm slowly to scrub the black, hairy pits. After
completing both arms, he tenderly cleaned Ethan's young chest, before
moving farther down, over his tight abdomen and narrow hips.

       Ethan was clearly enjoying this service, moaning periodically as
his submissive new toy cleaned his body. After allowing Daniel to wash
down his crotch, he threw one leg over the side of the tub, sending water
splashing to the floor.

       "Don't forget my ass, dude..."

       Daniel re-soaped the rag and thrust it into the warm water, between
his master's legs, groping around to locate his anus. Once he found it, he
washed with the same attention to detail he'd used on every other part of
his body. Moving down each leg, Daniel eventually arrived at the long,
slender, masculine feet. He stopped for a moment and considered asking a
question. Ethan noticed his hesitation.

       "Why'd you stop?"

       "I don't think I wanna wash your feet."

       Ethan's face grew angry. For a moment, Daniel was afraid he was
about to be slapped.

       "The only reason I'm bathing is for you," he reminded sternly.

       "I know," Daniel stammered. "I was just thinking maybe...well,
maybe we should leave them dirty..."

       Ethan's hostile expression melted in an instant, replaced by a
widening smirk. Without saying a word, he rose to his feet. Daniel
scrambled to locate a towel and used it to dry his body. Pleased with his
boyfriend's display of devotion, he stood passively, allowing his boy to do
his job.

       After exiting the tub and allowing Daniel to dry his feet, Ethan
pointed at the filthy, rapidly cooling water.

       "Get in..."

       Daniel stared at the tub and the used bathwater it contained.

       "It's dirty," he observed, partly hoping this was a joke.

       "I know, get in..."

       Complying meekly, he stepped inside the tub and sat uncomfortably.
Ethan bent at the waist, placing his lips over Daniel's ear and began to
whisper seductively.

       "Now, while you're sitting in that water, I want you to think of
me. Think of all the places that dirt came from. You'll be washing me
again tomorrow, but next time you'll be using your tongue. Understand?"

       "Yeah, I understand," he answered, his cock pulsing vigorously,
thinking of all the places he'd need to lick to get Ethan as clean as he
was right now.

       "Go ahead and wash up. Pay careful attention to your ass. Once
you're done, go downstairs and kneel by the sofa. I'll be down shortly."

       Ethan turned and abruptly exited the bathroom, leaving Daniel
sitting in the grimy, used water. To his amazement, being immersed in
liquid just used to clean his boyfriend's superb body made his cock even
harder. He quickly washed in the now tepid bath and made his way
downstairs to wait by the couch.

       When Ethan entered the room, Daniel could tell by his exaggerated
swagger that he was already role-playing. He shot a vicious smirk in
Daniel's direction upon seeing him kneeling submissively on the floor
awaiting his arrival. He held this stare for several moments, waiting for
his boy to flinch. His heart pounding, Daniel found this over-the-top
attitude incredibly exciting, not to mention a bit intimidating. He
instinctively broke the long stare and bowed his head, similar to the way a
dog would defer to the alpha male of the pack.

       The arrogant top approached the DVD player and opened the drawer.
Ethan's parents owned an extremely large, plasma television and Daniel
assumed he wanted to watch some porn on the massive screen. As Ethan took
a seat on the couch, in front of his expectant boy, he issued his first

       "Listen up, bitch," he said contemptuously. "You're gonna rub my
feet now. Once they're relaxed and stress-free, then you're gonna lick
them. Just pretend there's an imaginary line around my ankles. You need
to tongue every square inch of skin beneath that line. You're gonna lick
my heels, in between my toes, along the arch, everywhere. I sure wouldn't
lick another dude's feet, but you're not the same kind of man as me, are

       It was now clear Ethan was deliberately being more hostile than was
his nature. If he wanted to play this game, Daniel decided to make it as
hot as possible, to give him everything he wanted.

       "No, I'm not," the boy answered meekly, intentionally allowing his
voice to sound slightly scared.

       Ethan smiled without breaking character. His boyfriend obviously
understood what was happening. Better yet, he was playing along.

       "That's right. We're in totally different leagues, you and me, and
this will help cement that fact in your mind, teach you your new place in
the world. Now get to work. Take as long as you need, we got all

       After lifting the right foot, Daniel gave it a deep and
comprehensive massage. His fingers dug into the arch, causing Ethan to
sigh in satisfaction as he relaxed comfortably on the couch. Daniel flexed
the foot in his hands, stretching the muscles along the top and the
Achilles tendon. Going further still, he pulled the toes tenderly, moving
them in small circles to alleviate any accumulated stress. Before he
realized it, he'd spent fifteen minutes on a single foot. Since it made
sense to give the other massive foot the same level of attention, he spent
a total of thirty minutes on the massage.

       Now it was time for the tongue bath.

       Once he began to lick, Ethan pressed PLAY on the DVD remote.
Instantly, Daniel recognized the recording of last night's session in the
chair. Though he couldn't see the screen from this vantage point, he could
hear well enough, the soundtrack serving as a reminder of what happened and
causing his cock to throb helplessly between his legs. Daniel thought of
how far he'd come this weekend, with Ethan's assistance, of course. Just
twenty-four hours ago, he would've never imagined he'd be on the floor with
his buddy's toes in his mouth, waiting patiently to get fucked.

       He used his tongue to provide a full and meticulous foot bath.
Despite being submerged in the tub, much of the funk remained, imbedded in
the skin apparently, leaving them still somewhat musky. The scent was
stronger at the toes, which is where Daniel spent most of his time. His
dick was fully wet and already dripping when it came time to switch feet.
Once both had received the attention they deserved, Ethan gave Daniel his
next instruction...

       "Turn around and lean over the coffee table. I want your chest
pressed against the surface. Now, watch the movie and don't move..."

       In this new position, Daniel's chest and abdomen rested on the
table while his ass pointed toward the sofa, directly at Ethan. His prick
had been caught by the edge of the table and was pointed at the floor,
dripping liberally. The images from last night were unbelievable, making
him appear to be a complete, degenerate slut. Ethan's cum was all over
him, causing a brief flashback to the moment it happened. Daniel could
almost feel the warm, thick liquid splashing over his face, almost taste
the salty bitterness of semen on his tongue. His dick began to throb,
absolutely rigid, pumping prejizz onto the floor.

       "I like having your ass on display like that," Ethan said. "Reach
behind and pull your cheeks apart. Show me the hole I'm gonna fuck

       Vulgar as this sounded, Daniel knew it was part of the game and
quickly obeyed. Ethan leaned in for a better look and began to blow
lightly across the tight rosebud, causing Daniel to shudder at the strange
new stimulus. He kept this up for nearly ten minutes, spreading the flesh
wider to provide ample access, occasionally reaching underneath to give his
boy's cock a few short tugs, rather like milking a cow. Daniel's pent up
sexual need had just gone into overdrive when Ethan tired of the activity,
reclining once more into the lush sofa and propping his feet near Daniel's

       "Take your index finger and massage the outside of your cunt. Do
it really slow, like you're trying to convince me to fuck it. Wiggle your
cute little ass around when you do it."

       Daniel's debasement was getting Ethan hot.

       Becoming increasingly charged by the minute, Daniel made a decision
to comply with all future orders, no matter how decadent or degrading they
seemed. Using one hand to keep his ass spread, he allowed the index finger
of the other to contact the wrinkled flesh of his hole, inhaling sharply at
the unexpected gratification it provided. He'd never touched that spot in
the context of sexual arousal and was shocked by how good it felt. Minutes
later, he was massaging the ring of his "cunt" with newfound enthusiasm.

       Ethan noticed the change in his attitude...

       "That's it, bitch! Rub that pussy for me. Get it nice and
relaxed, ready to be fucked. Feels good, doesn't it?"

       "Yeah, better than I expected", he moaned in response.

       "Put that finger in your mouth and wet it. Get your hole nice and
slick. We'll need to stretch it some before you take my cock."

       After wetting his finger with all the moisture his mouth could
provide, he returned it to his ass. Placing the slick digit on his hole,
he rubbed in tiny circles around the rim, feeling the ring relax further.
He knew his boyfriend was masturbating as he watched from behind and that
knowledge served to make him hornier, resulting in an even more passionate
self-massage. By now, he was not only enjoying this activity, but getting
off on it as well.

       "Slip your finger inside, bitch! Not far, just an inch or so.
Move it around some. I wish you could see how slutty you look, presenting
your hole like a cat in heat. It's a hot ass though, made just for

       Daniel obeyed without faltering. It was an easy breach since the
muscle had relaxed and his finger remained wet. An spontaneous groan of
absolute bliss escaped his mouth, thoroughly amusing Ethan. His finger
began to pry and wiggle within the virgin hole, pulling to one side, then
the other, moving in small circles and loosening the opening further.

       "That's more like it! Finger that cunt. Get it ready for my cock.
Make room for all my jizz. I'm gonna breed you tonight, you worthless
whore. They say you never forget your first fuck; and goddamn, I'm gonna
be unforgettable. If your finger gets dry, put it back in your mouth and
keep going. I'll just let you simmer on low for a bit while you watch your

       For Daniel, this was almost as tortuous as edging. His prick was
pounding mercilessly, leaking on the floor between his legs. He felt each
new batch of juice as it left his slit and dripped lazily off the head.
Remarkably, he no longer had that much interest in his cock; rather, he was
single-mindedly focused on his ass.

       Ethan was pleased by the sight of his boy's finger continuously
exploring his newly accepted pussy, pausing only occasionally to re-lube it
with spit and jam it back inside. He allowed this blistering hot finger
fuck to go on for fifteen minutes before pushing Daniel one step further.

       "Stick your middle finger up there too. Let's see my baby widen
his hole a little more. Keep wiggling your ass. Remember, you're trying
to make me want it..."

       The second finger slipped alongside the first with little pain,
such was his level of relaxation, and Daniel began to realize the
tremendous sexual high that comes from penetration. Though his hole felt
full, it almost begged for more, challenging him to see how far he could
go. He wiggled his fingers and moved them in circles, before finally
spreading them apart slightly and opening the ring, exposing his insides to
another person for the first time.

       Ethan was impressed.

       "Hell yeah, bitch...stretch that pussy! You know you need this.
You just didn't realize it until you met me. I'm glad I could finally
bring you to your senses. Fuck, it's gonna be hot to take your sweet,
virgin cherry. Work those fingers, cunt! You'd better not stop `til you
get three up there!"

       Having predicted this next step, Daniel was mentally prepared for
the attempt and tried to insert a third finger, experiencing some
discomfort, but nothing he couldn't work through. Soon, all three were
inside, stretching his ass wider than he thought possible. He began to
buck on the invading fingers, and accidentally discovered a place inside
the warm cavity that felt incredible when he rubbed it. The stimulation
made his cock spasm, leaping, twitching, and flailing around, transforming
his dick into a virtual precum dispenser.

       Ethan was in heaven. In his wildest dreams, he never thought he'd
see Daniel frigging his ass so passionately, of his own free will, while he
sat back and watched his new boyfriend's inhibitions collapse. The boy was
on fire, in heat. Ethan knew he'd found his prostate, and let Daniel play
with the swollen gland inside him for several more minutes while watching
carefully for signs of an approaching orgasm. He was close, that much was
obvious, but the sensation was still new to him, and he didn't seem capable
yet of going over the edge from this action alone. Ethan grinned sinfully
when Daniel started punching the spot repeatedly, no longer caring how he
looked. He was getting close, too close.

       As much as he hated to do it, he decided the horny little bottom
needed some redirection.

       Just seconds prior to reaching the point of inevitability, Ethan
ordered Daniel to remove his fingers and hold his ass open for inspection.
As the boy grasped one cheek in each hand and pulled them apart, the ring
of muscle gaped open, not much, but enough to make Ethan want to plow
through it right here in the living room.

       Once Daniel's body had backed away from his aborted orgasm, Ethan
easily inserted his own finger and went directly for the magic spot.

       "Oh my fucking god!" the boy screamed. A sudden rush of precum was
expelled from his cock in response to the pressure on the lump.

       "Nice," Ethan whispered. "Are you ready for some more edging,

       "You'll make me cum..."

       "No I won't. I know what I'm doing, bitch. Just relax and enjoy

       At this point, Ethan began to play a treacherous game of
brinkmanship, seeing how close he could push Daniel to orgasm before
denying him once again. He seemed to have an uncanny ability to read the
boy's body language, knowing exactly when a single additional punch to his
prostate would send him spewing. During the final cycle, his semen was
poised for escape when Ethan summarily extracted his finger and slapped his
ass viciously. The shock of the stinging blow interrupted the chain of
events that usually ends in orgasm and he was stopped cold once more,
reduced to trembling on the table.

       "Stay put, boy. Don't move a fucking muscle..."

       Ethan stood and watched Daniel submissively maintain this
undignified position, head and chest on the table, ass in the air, hands
pulling his cheeks wide for easy access. The aggressive young man smiled
wickedly when he noticed the burning red handprint glowing on the right
cheek. He left the room briefly, returning with a small, latex plug which
he promptly shoved inside. When Ethan flipped the switch on the base, the
evil toy began to vibrate. Daniel was soon wiggling, moaning, and cursing
at the dreadful pleasure the device was causing. Ethan returned to the
couch and watched in amusement for almost five minutes before ordering
Daniel to kneel in front of him.

       "I'm gonna leave that thing in your ass until I'm ready to fuck it.
It'll make you horny as hell but if you lose your load, I'll toss your
sorry twat out on the street. Do you understand me?"

       Daniel knew they were still role-playing, but had gotten so caught
up in his own pleasure he'd almost forgotten. He couldn't understand why
letting Ethan talk to him like this was making him so incredibly hot.

       "I understand," Daniel answered between genuine moans of
satisfaction. Then, just to top it off, he added a respectful, "...Sir."

       Without breaking character, Ethan managed a quick wink at his boy
to indicate what a nice touch that was.

       "You catch on quick. While we're waiting, you can give me a good
cock and ball massage. The point is not to get me off, so don't jerk it,
just caress. If you do it right, I'll start leaking, maybe even let you
taste some..."

       Though Daniel had seen his friend's cock many times, this was his
first chance to hold it. Gingerly, he grasped it between his fingers, a
combination of nerves and pleasure making them shaky, and was encouraged
when he heard his boyfriend moan at the contact. Having never touched
another man's cock, he was surprised by the incredible warmth of it. Using
only his fingertips, he slowly manipulated the thick shaft, never using
more than the most feathery of touches. Similar attention was provided to
his balls, hanging loose in their large sack.

       Ethan was enjoying the tender caresses and his cock was bouncing
nearly as much as Daniel's. Still, the sticky crown had not yet breached
his foreskin. Knowing precum was gathering inside the folds, Daniel needed
to see it.

       While teasing the skin-covered tip, he wormed a single fingertip
into the opening, feeling the collected moisture inside, before swiping
across the rim. Without warning, the head flared angrily and the skin
retreated, liberating the slippery red crown. The boy was fascinated by
the smooth, pink skin. Since he was circumcised, his cockhead rubbed
against his underwear all day, becoming dry from the exposure to friction.
But this skin seemed less thick, more delicate. He had to fight off a
sudden impulse to put the musky smelling rod in his mouth, knowing he
wasn't allowed to do that yet. This tender massage continued for some time
and Ethan grew more slippery by the minute.

       Finally, he was ready for a change...

       "Listen up, slut! It's time to show me some love. Do whatever you
want with my dick, as long as you do it with respect. For you, nothing
else exists. Worship it like a god. You may as well get used to
cock-worship; you're gonna be doing a lot of it, especially once we get to
college. Then you can just sit between my legs while I do homework, hoping
I'll reward you with a thick, chewy load of cum. What are you waiting for,
dude! Get started. Show me how much you love my fat prick!"

       Between his boyfriend's unbelievable confidence, filthy words, and
the unrelenting buzzing in his ass, Daniel became overcome with cocklust,
swallowing the moist head as soon as Ethan finished speaking. While
slurping, sucking, and extracting precum, he alternated between nursing the
head and licking along the swollen shaft. Ethan moaned continuously as he
worked, pausing only to curse loudly or provide instructions on how to
improve his technique.

       Until now, Daniel had only been able to suck half of it at once
without gagging. Then, during one fateful downward push, as the head hit
the back of his throat, it just happened. After a slight bump, he
unexpectedly sank all the way to the base. In a single night, he'd not
only taught himself how to suck cock, but how to take it to the pubes as
well. Moments later, the scratchy, sweaty hairs were regularly tickling
his nose as he swallowed the entire pole.

       Ethan became ecstatic, more excited than Daniel had ever seen him.

       "Goddamn, you fucking bitch! SHIT! Take that cock to the root,
fucker! I didn't even have to ask for it, did I? God, that feels so good.
Just like that, up and down. Get me really slick and nasty, we'll need it
wet when I slide it up your tight little twat."

       Although this was the most intense sexual experience of their
lives, both knew it was time to kick it up a notch. Ethan ordered Daniel
upstairs, laughing derisively while watching him try to navigate the steps
with a vibrating plug worrying his ass.

       Once in his bedroom, Ethan pushed Daniel onto the bed. After
checking his video equipment, making sure everything was in place and
powered up, he pulled the plug from Daniel's ass and gave him the dildo
he'd used last night.

       He then told Daniel exactly what to do with it...

       "For the next fifteen minutes, I don't wanna hear a goddamn word.
Stick that dildo up your ass and fuck yourself, as hard as you can take it.
Moan all you want, but don't say anything. And remember, you don't have
permission to nut, so be sure to keep your wad inside. Start pumping,

       Daniel slipped the dildo into his hole, his eyes rolling back and
jaw falling open as he did. When the tip of the device connected with the
small lump inside him, he instantly needed to cum; knowing this was
forbidden made him crave it all the more. Soon, his breathing was ragged,
labored, distressed, and he began to sweat under the heat of this
unrestrained, uninhibited self-fuck, each thrust sending him deeper into

       Almost as difficult as trying not to cum, was trying to stay quiet
while repeatedly violating his hole; he wanted to scream, he wanted to beg,
he wanted to tell Ethan how hot he looked, towering over him with the
camera. Something clicked inside his brain and he instantly knew
everything Ethan said about him was correct. He did need something in his
ass. He would live for this feeling of penetration the rest of his life.
It was difficult to believe he'd managed to live eighteen years without
discovering this secret himself. This epiphany caused him to pump the
dildo faster, giving in completely to the need he felt.

       Ethan inched closer to the bed, filming every plunge of the latex
cock into his boyfriend's ass...

       ...but Daniel no longer cared.

       "Nice," Ethan whispered. "Holy shit, baby! I'm gonna pound you
hard, bitch, so you better be ready. I can tell you like this; it's
written on your face and bloated, drippy dick. Just a few more minutes,
then we'll try something new..."

       Daniel needed more, needed to feel Ethan inside him, now knowing
he'd be unsatisfied until the man leering down at him took his cherry.
Just the thought brought him close to orgasm, requiring he fight the urge
with every fiber of his being. His backed up jizz, the result of a day of
extreme edging, was waiting to burst forth as soon as the contractions were
triggered. Struggling to maintain control, Ethan told him what he wanted
see next...

       "Put your legs in the air and show off that cunt. Enlighten me,
Daniel. How bad do you need dick in your pussy? Explain this craving
while you use your toy. Convince me, and you'll get what you want. I'm
gonna record your little confessional so you won't be able to deny it
later. Get started..."

       Since they'd discussed this earlier, Daniel knew it was part of the
game, knew he was expected to play the role of a slut. What he hadn't
predicted was how easy it would be. He wouldn't even need to get into
character! The vulgar language Ethan wanted to hear seemed plausible now.
Once he started talking, he'd mean every nasty word. While staring upward
through his legs, pounding his ass brutally, he needed that man inside him,
craved it with zeal more intense than he thought possible. Ethan's dick
was the only thing that mattered, so Daniel did what he had to do...

       ...He begged.

       "Please, oh god...please! Ethan, I need your cock inside me. I
didn't think it was gonna feel this good. All those things you said about
me, they were true. I need you, Ethan. I really need you. Please fuck

       "More, Daniel. Give me more..."

       "Ethan, please. Why are you making me wait so long? I want you.
God, I really do! It's the truth and you know it. Please, what else do I
have to say? I want it...please..."

       "Yeah, but just a bit sluttier," Ethan encouraged. "Tell me again,
what is it you want, baby?"

       "I want a dick up my hole," the boy groaned lewdly, his swiftly
mounting frustration evident from the way he dragged out the words,
sounding whiny, something like a spoiled child.

       "That's my boy. Now we're talking. So, you want a dick up your
hole, huh? Tell me more..."

       "Not just any dick, I want your dick. Please, if you'd just go
ahead and do it, I swear I'll never let another man touch me. I'll be all
yours, Ethan. Shit! Just thinking about your cock has me ready to cum.
Here, look. This is how I want you to fuck me..."

       Ethan couldn't help but laugh as Daniel delivered numerous, rapid
thrusts to his relaxed opening, very nearly forcing an orgasm in the
process. The boy was growing hungrier, needier by the second. To the
controlling top standing over him, he looked like he had taken another tab
of ecstasy.

       "What about my jizz, Daniel? Where do you want it?"

       "Cum in my ass, Ethan...I want you to cum inside me. I bet that's
gonna feel so fucking hot! I need to feel that..."

       "So you're saying you want me to cum in your pussy?"

       Daniel's eyes took on a wild, almost maniacal character. His lips
curled into a snarl and he spat back angrily...

       "I hate that word!!!"

       Noticing the abrupt change in tone, Ethan quickly hit the pause
button on the recorder. When he spoke, his voice was entirely different,
not that of bossy Ethan, but sweet Ethan.

       "Daniel, you realize we're still playing a game, right?"

       The boy took a breath, steadying his nerves, and then forced his
response through tightly gritted teeth. He knew was out of place,
overstepping his bounds, but he was unquestionably serious and it had to be

       "I don't care about this damn game," he growled like a feral
animal. "You need to fuck me now..."

       Ethan smiled, raised his eyebrows, and turned the camera back on.

       "You want me to fuck you, huh?"

       "God yes, I need it so bad! Ethan, please fuck me..."

       "You were about to tell me where you wanted me to cum..."

       Daniel took one final breath before saying the word he'd been
dreading to speak. Ethan zoomed in closely on his face.

       "I want you to cum up my ass. Oh, fuck it! I need you to cum
inside my pussy. There, I said it! Do it already! Please, do it

       Now that he'd said it once, and realized it didn't trigger the
apocalypse, he assumed Ethan would want more. He considered the fact that
they were still technically role-playing. "Oh, what the hell," he thought
silently. "If it'll get him to fuck me, I'll do it."

       And so he continued...

       "Please cum in my pussy, Ethan," he said in his whiniest, most
desperate sounding voice, even biting his lower lip seductively afterward
and allowing his eyes to look their most innocent.

       Ethan immediately knew his boyfriend was acting, but was glad he'd
finally gotten into it.

       "Really," he said while nodding his head approvingly. "Tell me

       "It's true. My pussy needs cum. It's hungry, and you need to feed
it. Feed it your hot fucking jizz. I'm ready to take you. Look how wet I
am. That's all from thinking about you, Ethan..."

       This foul-mouthed tirade, mostly acting, but with a kernel of
truth, was simultaneously the most degrading and most refreshing collection
of words Daniel had ever spoken. He felt slutty, cheap, and sordid, but
strangely liberated as well. Despite the pornographic nature of what he'd
just said, he now found this game incredibly hot. He knew it would take a
while to process this discovery, but there would be plenty of time for that

       Right now, he needed to get fucked...

       Ethan mounted the camera on the tripod and was between his
boyfriend's open legs in a flash. He smacked Daniel's hands from the dildo
and gave it a few quick thrusts himself before throwing it across the room,
unconcerned with where it landed. Grabbing the boy's ankles, he pushed
them until his knees nearly touched his shoulders, doubling him over with
his ass pointed at the ceiling. In this position, Daniel's cock, swollen
and drippy from more than twenty-four hours of misuse, was pointed directly
at his own face.

       The head of Ethan's dick teased the gaping hole once, twice, then a
third time, before disappearing inside, taking with it the final, tattered
shreds of Daniel's former existence. The young bottom's facial expression
was priceless, reflecting the incredible, mind-altering ecstasy stemming
from the pleasure of being filled. Overjoyed with Daniel's reaction, Ethan
knew his buddy had rounded a corner, had given in completely.

       "FUCK YESSSSS!!!! I just took your cherry, baby! Your best friend
just opened you up. You'll never be the same. You'll be craving cock for
the rest of your life, won't you?"

       Daniel moaned loudly and squirmed, but shook his head with a
determined "yes". It was as if Ethan was reading his mind.

       "Your hole is fucking hot, Daniel! It's nice and relaxed from all
that warming up I put you through. My dick just slipped right in..."

       Groaning as his partner sank deeper still, Daniel closed his eyes
to fully focus his attention on the new, exquisite sensation between his

       "LOOK AT ME, BITCH!" Ethan yelled, returning the boy's center to
him. "That's more like it. Keep your eyes on me. You need to know who's
fucking you. I want you to see the man who took your virginity. I wanna
watch your face when I start to punch fuck you like this..."

       Several rapid-fire hip snaps forced his cock into Daniel with
incredible speed, sending him spiraling farther into bliss. Grunting and
writhing and grasping at the comforter, the boy knew he could cum any

       "Yeah, you liked that didn't you? A couple quick pokes and I can
send you to paradise. That's fucking power, dude. I totally own you. Any
time we're together, you'll be thinking `God, I wish Ethan would fuck
me...' At least you'll get what you need. We'll be doing this a lot."

       "FUCK!!!!" Daniel screamed. "Ethan, please...can I shoot now?"

       "Not yet, hold on. I've been thinking it might be hot to fuck at
school. You'd like it. Maybe we could go back to that locker room, maybe
in a bathroom stall. If you get bored, I could pretend to be that Joshua
guy, you know, the one you had a crush on in middle school. We could
make-believe he caught you looking at him, got pissed as hell, and fucked
you over one of those benches while his jock buddies watched. How's that
sound, baby?"

       "Please," Daniel cried. "I can't hold it much longer! Fuck!!!
It's like you're pushing it out of me..."

       "Don't worry. Before we finish, I'll let you nut. Don't close
your eyes. They're gonna stay on mine until I sling a thick, nasty load of
spooge up your twat. You know I can last a while, so settle back for a
long ride..."

       The position Ethan had chosen to take his boy's cherry was designed
as a demonstration of power, not intended for comfort, and it was tricky to
maintain for both of them. Now that he'd accomplished his objective, he
lowered Daniel's torso until his back was resting on the bed. He then bent
forward, draping his body over Daniel's, and placed his mouth over his ear,
grinding leisurely into his ass the entire time. He gently began to
whisper, the breathy words tickling the boy's ear canal.

       "I need to say this quietly so the camera doesn't pick it up.
Otherwise, it'll fuck up our fantasy. But, I do love you, Daniel..."

       This caught the boy off guard, considering how it followed the
previous string of vulgarities. Looking into Ethan's beautiful, dark eyes
and feeling the most intimate connection he'd ever felt with another human
being, he knew felt the same.

       "Oh god, Ethan, I love you too."

       Saying those words was too much for Daniel.

       "I'm gonna cum," he apologized in advance. "I'm so sorry; I just
can't help it..."

       Ethan immediately stopped all motion, his hips frozen in
mid-thrust, hoping he wasn't too late to talk the boy down.

       "Don't do it, Daniel. Stop it now! Hold on..."

       It took nearly five minutes of coaching, but once again Ethan
managed to help Daniel through this perilously close call by whispering in
his ear and encouraging him to focus. Finally, when the worst had passed,
he asked...

       "Are you ready for more of the rough stuff?"

       "Yeah," Daniel breathlessly answered. From out of the blue, he
broke out in a grin so depraved it rivaled his lover's. "Is bossy Ethan
gonna come back?"

       Ethan laughed enthusiastically.

       "I was planning on it. Is that OK with you?"

       "Oh yeah," he whispered. "...I kinda like him."

       "Oh fuck, Daniel! I do love you! Damn!!!"

       Since both of them had become distracted and stepped away from
their roles, it took a minute to regain their previous intensity level.
Eventually, Ethan kicked it back into high gear and his alter ego returned
with a vengeance.

       "Yeah, bitch! That's right, you heard me. You're my bitch now, a
hot fucking, horny nympho bitch, a greasy hole to drop a load into..."

       Daniel grunted like a wild animal, feeling his need to cum return.
The more time he spent with this version of his boyfriend, the more he
seemed to be excited by him.

       "Take a few seconds to really feel my cock inside you," demanded
bossy Ethan. "I want you to remember this feeling when you're alone, lying
in your bed at night, wishing I was there to pound one out inside your hot

       Ethan talked like this for the remainder of their fuck and Daniel
allowed himself to get into the scene as well, pretending Ethan thought of
him as a hole to fill, nothing more. Astonishingly, he found the fantasy
rather arousing. Using his mind and imagination, he considered himself to
be Ethan's property, and unexpectedly became agitated as his orgasm
approached. What his sweaty, long-haired, tattooed top said next didn't
help his struggle to prevent it...

       "You probably don't know this, but I sized you up the first day we
met. I'm sure you remember that day. You didn't wait five hours to make a
pass at me. Of course, back then you didn't think of it as a pass. But
come on, asking me to lunch in a quiet place where we could be alone. You
needed cock but just didn't realize it. Remember the woods, how I jerked
off on your face? I knew right then that you were a cunt in the making..."

       "I'm getting close again..."

       This time, Ethan didn't try to stop it. In fact, he ignored the
comment completely, as though he hadn't heard it. Daniel repeated himself.

       "Seriously, if you don't slow down, I'm gonna cum..."

       "Of course you're gonna cum," Ethan snarled. "Your pussy's getting
fucked. Remember last night, Daniel? You were eating outta the palm of my
hand. I knew you'd blame it on the drugs, but what's your excuse now?
You're not high, you're not drunk. What you're feeling is the real deal.
You know you're my pussy, don't you?"

       "Oh yeah," Daniel moaned. "...I'm you're pussy."

       "Shit! Your twat is gripping my dick so nice. I'm getting close,
baby. You've been such a good little boy today, holding back that nasty
load. Why don't you let it go? You have my permission..."

       These were the words Daniel had been waiting all day to hear.
Without delay, he reached for his ridiculously wet cock. Ethan promptly
smacked his hands away.

       "No, no, don't use your hands. Let me make you cum. You did it
last night in the chair, so I know you can. I can feel how close you are.
If your ass gets much tighter, it's gonna cut my dick off. Go ahead and
cum, Daniel. Shoot it! Shoot it, NOW!!!"

       Releasing all other thoughts and worries, Daniel permitted his body
to relax fully, falling helplessly inside his own mind, almost
transcendentally, and his long-awaited orgasm finally arrived.

       His balls lurched upward aggressively in his scrotum, uncomfortably
tight, and his untouched prick began to vibrate spontaneously, twitching
and flexing utterly beyond his control. It pulsed wickedly half a dozen
times, and then became absurdly rigid, forcing it away from his abdomen,
aimed at his face. Ethan could tell he was having trouble going over the
edge, so he thrust in again, angling his cock to strike Daniel's prostate.
That was all he required. The first deep, internal spasm propelled a thick
stream of semen onto his cheek. The warm jizz clung stubbornly there,
seeming more viscous than usual, rather like the consistency of glue. The
second eruption of ejaculate caught him in the mouth, and he promptly
swished the slimy fluid around with his tongue, tasting it, wishing it was
Ethan's. The third nearly put out his eye. The burning and stinging was
extremely unpleasant, but not painful enough to stop his boyfriend from
forcing out a fourth volley, straight up his left nostril.

       Before he'd even finished discharging his jizz, his face was
covered in fucksnot, the heady, starchy smell of cum seeming to fill the
room. His anal ring had been working in overdrive during the fierce
orgasm, massaging the cock responsible for this explosion with dynamic,
relentless spasms. Ethan could've stopped his own orgasm if he'd wanted,
could have held it back, he had that much control. But he wanted to get
his nut now, in Daniel's ass. While watching cum rain down on his boy's
face, he released his own thick, scalding hot juice.

       "Yeah fucker, shoot that jizz all over your face! You should
yourself! You are fucking covered in spooge. Jesus Christ! Your pussy
feels good when you're cumming. It's squeezing me every time you unload!
I'm getting close, about to spew...take my nasty fucking cum...SHIT!!!!"

       Daniel hadn't anticipated he'd be able to feel Ethan's orgasm. His
eyes grew large as saucers when he sensed his master's cock bulge and
shudder before the first volley erupted. Only a few moments earlier, he
believed nothing would ever feel as good as being fucked. He was wrong.
This internal ejaculation made him want to cum again just so they could
climax together. Instinctively, he squeezed his ass muscles, voluntarily
this time, in a conscience effort to increase Ethan's pleasure and milk as
much juice into him as possible. He knew instantly that this experience
would grow into an addiction.

       He was staring directly into Ethan's eyes when his orgasm finally
abated. Slowing the pace of his thrusts, he eventually stopped completely
but left his cock inside. The young, extraordinarily talented top spoke to
his boy using slow, almost dramatic words...

       "You just got bred, bitch. Who owns you now?"

       "You do, Ethan."

       "Who's cum is that swimming around in your slimy cunt?"


       With this admission, Daniel noticed Ethan's face relax and realized
their role-playing session was over. Panting heavily and slinging droplets
of sweat onto the bed with every movement, his boyfriend gently extracted
his cock and rolled over, onto his back, and sighed contentedly.

       "Well, how was it?" he asked through labored breathing.

       "Fuck, I can't even describe it," Daniel began. "...amazing,
that's all I can say. I can't believe how hot that was."

       "We can rest for a few minutes, and do it again. But, a promise is
a promise. This next time we'll do the whole romance thing. You know,
gentle and tender..."

       Ethan rolled onto his side, facing Daniel, and pulled the young man
into his arms, embracing him playfully.

       "Fuck romance," said Daniel unexpectedly. He broke into laughter
as soon as he heard the words leave his mouth. "Let's do it like that

       And that's exactly what they did...

       It had been only a few months since that fateful day in the woods,
but since then Daniel had transitioned from jerk off buddy to reluctant sex
student to willing boy. His teaching was now complete. Ethan had
skillfully brought to the surface, exposed to the light of day, Daniel's
long suppressed need for the masculine. They both knew he'd crave it for
the rest of his life. Ethan had him right where he wanted, openly
desperate for dick - no denials, no excuses. His entire future would be
ruled by it, Ethan would see to that.

       But those are stories for another day...



Thank you for reading! Listed below are a summary of the changes made to
the original posting.

1. The story was converted to third person narrative from the original
first person version (an extremely tedious process). My initial posting
was written in first person because, at the time, I enjoyed reading through
the eyes of the bottom ("Brian's Visit"). As I got marginally better at
writing, I discovered first person was very limiting. I wanted to be able
to include more details, things only a genuine narrator would credibly

2. The original top was named Phillip (or Phil). Since I hated the way he
evolved in the original story, I couldn't tolerate using that name any
longer. So, Phillip became Ethan. I still like that name, just not for
this story.

3. Many text changes were made in chapters one and two in order to improve
readability and flow, as well as the way the words appear on the page.
Large blocks were split into smaller ones to make it easier on the eyes.
The basic storyline in these two chapters was left intact.

4. The original chapter two was over thirty pages long, more than a third
of the entire story. This was excessive. Without changing the content
very much, I split this into three shorter sections to give the reader a
convenient place to stop for a break.

4. Everything after original chapter two was heavily revised, discarded,
or re-written completely. This was done to make the dominate character
more realistic and less of a total monster. Though still fantasy and
requiring some suspension of disbelief, I think it is now reasonable to
think that, somewhere in the world, someone like this COULD exist. This
was not the case with the original version.

       I hope you enjoyed what you read. Please feel free to send me an
email with your comments. They are highly motivating (which keeps me
writing) and I now take the time to respond to each of them. Also, if you
have suggestions for future stories, either specific scenes or character
archetypes you'd like to read about, let me know that as well.


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