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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - The Boys - The Boys 2

Date: Tue, 20 Jul 2010 15:24:15 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: The boys chapter 2

Chapter 2: Boys Revenge

Boy ordered skinhead to open his mouth, he shoved his cock in and started
to piss, long strong piss because he held it for so long, the relief was
wonderful. When he was almost finished he pulled out and pissed over
skinheads head and face.

Boy had skinhead stand, he had brought some toys with him and decided he
was going to use them on skinhead, he then had skinhead kneel on the floor,
and like to him he placed straps around skinheads' thighs, stretching his
legs apart, as far as possible. He pushed skinhead onto all fours and
attached cuffs to his wrists, pulled them forward and out, so he was
spread-eagled on his knees, ass in the air, face on the floor, balls and
cock exposed. He then applied a strap around his chest and attached that
to a rope and pulley attached to the ceiling. He then started to pull
skinhead up at the chest, stretching him out even more, rendering him
totally immobile. He then pulled skinheads balls back and attached a
stainless steel humbler which was very heavy; once it was attached he let
it drop pulling skinheads' balls down. Finally he attached a spreader bar
to skinheads' ankles and securing that to a clamp so no matter which way he
moved he couldn't'

Boy started by inserting a speculum in skinheads hole, he slowly started
cranking it open, hearing skinhead moan each time the clamp opened more.
When it was about half way open boy stopped, he poured a soapy mixture into
his open hole and dropped a big dildo in forcing some of the liquid deeper
and some to spill out. He then went and got some forceps, he had 8 of them
all about 8 inches long with rubber tips on the ends. He placed the first
one right on the end of skinheads cock, pinching the piss slit closed, then
dropped it, causing skinhead to attempt to jerk away in response making it
feel like his piss slit was being ripped off, the next one he placed on the
edge of the crown at the bottom of his cock, also letting it drop, he knew
it had to hurt because this was done to him once, it felt like his cock
head was being torn off of his body, then he place 2 more clamps on the
crown, one on each side, so the effect was his cock was weighed down at the
tip and sides. Each clamp picked up the least amount of skin boy could
grab without the clamps letting go. For fun boy picked up all 4 and let
them drop. He then took 2 forceps and attached them to skinheads' nipples,
the very tip and let them drop as well. He watched skinheads face as these
dropped and could see him struggling with the intensity of the pain and
watch his cock as it got harder with each clamp that was applied. He then
went back to the speculum, released it, inserted the largest butt plug in
skinheads collection, taking his time teasing skinheads hole with it
finally pushing it all in, holding the soapy liquid in. He took the final
2 forceps and attached those to the insides of skinheads butt cheeks as
close his ass hole as possible, again picking up the least amount of skin
as possible. Here he again let them drop, seeing the skin around his hole
pulled away. He left skinhead like that for a while, brushing against the
forceps, lifting them and dropping them, seeing the skin pulled. Skinhead
reacted the most when he played with the one attached to the end of his
cock, moaning and groaning to the pain.

`More Please' skinhead said.

So boy took a series of clothes pins and pinned skinheads' body focusing on
the tender skin from the tits to the arm pit and the balls to the leg, all
in all he attached another 30 pins to skinheads body, skinhead was drooling
from the pain, but would not give in, next boy took more and went from the
base of skinheads cock to his belly button, finally he ordered skinhead to
stick out his tongue and applied 2 to the tip of this and then one to each
ear lobe. Now skinhead was totally at boys' mercy. Finally boy went to
skinheads' balls, still pulled back from his body and behind his legs in
the humbler. He took each ball between his index finger and thumb and
began to squeeze, crushing the balls slowly, flattening them slowly and
deliberately. The pain of the crush was intense, deep and feeling like
skinheads' balls would explode, he got weak in the knees as the pain spread
down his thigh muscles but he could not collapse due to the strap around
his chest. He moaned, drooled and squirmed as best he could but nothing
would let up on the intense pain surging through his groin, aching into his
gut. Boy let go one ball and grabbed the forcep attached to the end of
skinheads cock and pulled it back towards his ball, he stretched his cock
back so it separated his balls, the let it go, swing back and forth the
forceps swing wildly from the release of his cock. Boy resumed his
pressure on each ball, now holding steady with the pressure watching
skinhead adjust to the constant unrelenting ache. The he quickly let both
go and slapped his balls hard. He then started to remove the humbler, as
it fell away boy started to punch skinheads balls like a punching bag,
alternating left and right hand, each hit making the 4 forceps attached to
his cock head swing back and forth, stretching skinheads cock head and the
skin around it to stretch and pull. Boy could see skinhead try to protect
himself from the punches and bend into the dull ache coming from his balls,
but nothing he did would lighten up on skinheads ache and he kept drooling
due to his mouth being held open from the clothes pins on his tongue. Boy
reached around and released the forcep on the end of skinheads cock. As
the blood surged back to the head skinhead moaned loudly, fighting hard to
control himself and the associated pain yet his pleasure was displayed as a
large stream of precum spilled out of his cock. Boy the released the 3
other forceps and quickly grabbled skinheads cock and started to jerk it
roughly, working the blood back in and causing even more pain.

Boy stood back and looked at skinhead, then decided to kick him in the
balls from behind each contact making a loud slapping noise and each
contact making skinhead moan, drool and try to escape from the attach on
his body. Boy then took a ball separator and put it on his balls took some
rope and placed through the eye hooks on each section of the ball
separator. He then took the rope and pulled each one to the side and
strung the rope through the same hooks the his legs were attached to,
therefore pulling each of skinheads balls to the side and from that rope he
hung a 10 lb weight for each ball. Boy had fun lifting the weights and
dropping them, alternating sides, hearing skinhead groan, seeing him drool
both spit and precum. Boy reached below skinheads' mouth and scooped up
the spit he had drooled out and rubbed it into his face and head, mixing it
with the dried piss. Then he scooped up the precum on the floor and rubbed
that in his face as well, especially under and on his noose so he could
smell himself.

Boy next picked up a heavy leather belt and started to hit skinhead on the
ass, aiming at each butt cheek, landing hard blows. Each blow made
skinhead move and pull on his weighted balls and each blow made all the
pins on his body move, especially the forceps on his nipples, the feeling
was intense, a sharp overall pain starting at skinheads tongue, moving to
his ears and then down his entire body. The ache spread to his arms and
down to his legs and clalfs yet his cock stayed rock hard and continued to
drip. Boy continued this until his as was bright red and the beginnings of
some nice bruises were evident. When that happened boy decided to give
skinhead some relief and took the 2 clamps off of his tongue giving him the
ability to close his mouth, he could tell that there was an intense shock
as the circulation regained on his tongue, and then he removed the ones on
his ears. Then using the same riding crop skinhead used on him, he reached
under him and started to ripple the clamps hard, trying to knock off as
many as he could. Each ripple and wave made skinhead jerk around pulling
his balls and making his nipple clamps jiggle. Finally boy reached down
and pulled off all of the clothes pins without releasing any pressure,
snapping them off roughly, the skin pinching hard as they were pulled off.
Skinhead made a loud moan from the quick release and the pain of the pins
coming off, and boy reached down and rubbed the tender spots where the pins
were making skinhead groan and move a lot. Finally boy removed the clamps
from his tits, eliciting a loud moan from skinhead; boy reached under
skinhead and began to tweak the nipples causing even more discomfort and
arousal, pulling them out and pinching them between his fingernails.
Skinheads' balls were a nice red now and continued to be stretched to their
limits; he lifted the weights a few times and dropped them, then did it at
the same time to both sides at the same time, jerking them away from his
body, ripping them apart., Once again scooped up the drool and precum off
the floor and rubbed it over skinhead face, pushing his fingers in his
mouth and telling him to suck them clean, skinhead sucked on his fingers
franticly getting them wet and clean. Finally boy decided skinhead need
some sort of a break and released him from his bonds taking his time,
punching him all over as he released each bond. First the weights and the
ball separator came off, for that skinhead got punched in the cock and
balls several times, his cock swinging back and forth from the
impact.. Then he released the strap around his chest and for that skinhead
got a hard kick in the balls, forcing him forward onto his face, his balls
spreading and being forced deep into his body. Then finally the arms and
legs were released and boy helped skinhead sit up on his knees and at the
same time punched him in the gut while holding skinhead up. Finally boy
helped him to his feet, led him the washroom and told him to empty out, and
then get back here, but not to close the door. Skinhead went in and
removed the butt plug and sat down to relief himself. When he was done, he
came out and stood in front of boy, waiting.

Boy smiled at skinhead and held up a set of very large anal balls with 4
balls on it that were electro and an electro sound. Skinhead stared at
boy, as boy got up and laid him in a sling and began to secure him, legs
spread wide, arms spread wide he then secured him at his biceps, calves and
thigh. Boy help up the anal balls and slowly lubed them up, when they were
properly lubed he placed the first one at his hole and slowly started to
push them in, slowly, so that when it was almost in, he pulled back several
times teasing his hole, finally letting it pop in, when all 4 balls were
deep in skinheads hole, he pulled and pushed the balls teasing his hole,
skinhead moaning with every push and pull, his cock getting harder. Then
he lubed up the sound, which was about 10 inches long and placed it on the
end of skinheads cock, allowing the weight of the sound to let it slide in,
pushing it gently so as not to damage his piss hole. Boy then put on latex
gloves and put some bengay on his hand and slowly started to jerk
skinheads' cock, the sound moving up and down in his piss hole. When the
bengay was well distributed, boy took a condom and rolled it over skinheads
cock, securing the sound in place and making sure the bengay got nice and

Skinhead could feel his cock start to burn from the bengay, the pain was
deep and irritating, then he started to feel the electro as boy slowly
started to turn the power up. At first the tingle was light and traveled
nicely through his cock, down his balls and then to his hole and back and
along with the burn from the bengay was a huge turn on. Boy left it on for
a while, as he got an electro ball stretcher ready, he pulled skinheads
balls out hard, and squeezed them tightly as he attached the ball
stretcher. He took each ball in his hands and squeezed it tightly, between
his thumb and index finger, trying to totally flatten his balls, letting up
a bit and then quickly regaining his grip. Skinhead felt the ache, deep all
the way to his gut and coupled with the electro felt like he really needed
to cum. Boy dropped skinheads' balls, attached the electro to the ball
stretcher and then turned the power up a bit more. To skinhead it felt
like his ass was being fucked with the balls as the power surged through
the balls, his hole contracting with every pulse of electro. His cock
fared no better, the electro traveling down his cock shaft and into his
bladder making it feel like he need to piss and cum at the same time, but
also making it feel like the sound was constantly fucking his cock
hole. Meanwhile he balls felt like there were hundreds of needles being put
in them as the electro pulsed through them, sending pains deep into his
body. With the bengay and electro flooding through his groin he was rock
hard and he could feel precum at the end of cock. Boy started to tug on
skinheads' tits, pinching and pulling as the electro coursed through his
body. The fucking feeling in skinheads cock was intense, it was like
getting fucked by a huge cock in his hole and jerking off intensely at the
same time, while getting his balls beat hard. Boy turned up the electro
making skinheads body alive, with the juice turned up it was almost too
much and boy stepped back and watch skinhead deal with the pain, enjoying
watching him deal with all the sensations cruising through his groin,
making him want to cum but not being able, the discomfort was couple with

After a while of seeing skinheads' cock seep precum and his body almost
convulse with pleasure boy reduced the power and started to pull the anal
balls out, slowly and teasingly, letting the balls pull back and pop into
skinheads' hole several times each before allowing each one to fully pop
out. This took several minute till finally the balls were totally out,
then he went to skinheads cock, unrolled the condom and allowed the sound
to slide out on its own. He then turned the power up on skinheads balls and
watched him squirm as the power moved through his balls making them
contract. Finally he turned the power off and undid his balls and undid his
bonds attaching him to the sling and help him up.

He held skinhead for a few minutes feeling his smooth body against his, the
precum from his cock rubbing against his body.

If you liked chapter 2 let me know, the next chapter is about mutual pain
and pleasure

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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - The Boys - The Boys 2