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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - The Exam - The Exam 1

Date: Sun, 14 May 2006 15:36:50 -0500
From: mt nuda <>
Subject: The Exam part one

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of gay fiction although based on
non-fictional occurrences. It contains sexual acts between males in high
school as well as with males beyond high school age. There are scenes of
definite humiliation, some of them graphic. If this subject matter is
offensive to you or if you are too young to be reading it, please exit now.
You have been warned. This story is the property of the author under U.S.
copyright laws, and may not be used elsewhere without written consent.
Otherwise enjoy. Any emails or flames expressing outrage will be ignored.
Emails expressing interest or wishing further information can be sent to

Note: All names and locations have been altered to protect the innocent.
The state in which the story originally happened - coincidentally - has a
legal age of sixteen; the "fictionalized" location does not. Also
descriptions of unprotected sex are fictional due to story restraints. You
understand you are reading a work of fiction; behave accordingly. Again, do
not read this if you're a minor or are offended by gay situations or
activities which can be classified as bdsm.

The exam

Chapter one Tuesday June 25

Jeff was forced to sprint the whole way, all nine blocks, from home to the
office downtown, cursing that asshole brother of his the entire time. He
called him every name he could, loud enough some guy he passed around
Eleventh and Mayflower thought he was swearing at him. He heard the guy
yelling "what the fuck y'call me?" behind him but hardly bothered to slow
down, he was so late. Thanks to his brother John, the
goddamutherfuckincocksuckerassholeslimeball, Jeff's bike found itself in a
pile of scrap somewhere out behind the quarry and now Jeff was facing the
height of summer without a bike. Man was that pile of shit gonna pay! As
much as he hated the idea of the next two month's bike-less, he hated even
more the idea of being called into a goddamn doctor's office. The fact it
happened to be one of the first nice days of June made it even more cruel if
that was possible. As he ran down the sidewalk, running down the list of
things to call that shitface approaching the bottom, and now his shirt was
starting to cling and itch with his sweat, he tried to keep his mind off
what might be coming. Instead he started concocting some schemes to start
"borrowin" the rent's car, -- shifting the blame to John of course! --
sometime before classes resumed in September, but until then...

When he got the call from his wrestling coach saying he suddenly needed a
physical, -- another physical! -- in order to get his spot on the varsity
team for his junior year he wanted to go right over to the coach's house and
let him have it for like three hours straight, but he knew if he wanted his
spot he did not have so much as an inch of wiggle room on this one. No
matter. His anger at his coach was small potatoes compared to what he
planned against his brother. Or rather ex-brother, he swore.

He had planned for his bike to get him to the doc's and back in time to
catch up with his friend Hank at noon. The two had planned to go out to the
mall and then down to the river for some fishing but now it looked like his
day was shot. So far this week was shaping up to be a total bust! And boy
was John gonna pay that worthless... he was out of things to call him.

By the time he ran up the stairs and into the doc's office he was out of
breath and sweating bullets. The nurse gave him one of those snotty,
condescending looks but Jeff knew he made it maybe five minutes late at the
most so she could save her starched-white attitude for the next victim. He
was pulling his third paper cup of water from the cooler when the doc came
into the waiting room and called his name.

       "Jeff Walker you're next."

       "Next? Doc I'm the only one here" looking around, very glad no one saw what
he mess he must look.

       "This way please."

       "Right behind ya doc. I'm kinda in a hurry to get this over with." Both
the nurse and the doc gave him a curious look but he was already half way
through the door and unbuttoning his shirt.

       "So where's the fire Jeff?"

       "Sorry doc but I was hoping to be outa here by eleven. Hafta get out to
the mall and meet up with friends. A promise is a promise, y'know?"

       "Well I'm not sure if we'll be finished by then. Did your coach tell you
what kind of exam this was going to be?"

       "No not a word. And like I just had one last fall, y'know, to get on the
team and all. And he says, it's routine but I still gotta have a passing
grade to wrestle next year."

       "Well we want to make sure that you're still in good health and no hidden
conditions will prevent you from performing your best. Did he tell you
anything else?"

       "Just that you got final say if I wrestle or not. So what do I gotta do?"

       "First throw that shirt and your pants over that chair but leave your
underwear on for the moment. Why are you sweating?"

       "Cause it's like eighty out there! And I had to run the whole way here to
make it on time."

       "Okay then we'll start with your other measurements until your heart rate
comes down to normal."

       Jeff had already tossed his shirt onto the floor and followed it with his
pants, shoes and socks in quick succession. Doc Reynolds normally would
have spent the few moments observing his patient but by the time he found
his clipboard and tape Jeff was already standing in his jockeys waiting for

       "Looks like you must be wrestling in one of the upper weight classes
already Jeff. Why don't you step onto the scale and let's see just how big
you are." Jeff jumped onto the scale and watched with dread as it quickly
climbed to 185. And then leveled off around 191.

       "You're a big guy for - how old are you now?"

       "Sixteen -- seventeen next week."

       "Were you always so big."

       "I was kinda chubby when I was a kid but I was hoping to get down to 165
for next year and I'm getting in better shape and working out and
everything" Jeff was babbling. The topic of his weight always made him
nervous. And when he got nervous, the mouth went into double-overtime.

       "You work out with weights?

       "Yeah, my buddy got me started this year and it seems to be helping. Wish
I were faster however."

       "How much you running now?"

       "Not as much as I should" Jeff said indicating his sweaty flesh. Geez doc,
can we get on with this?

       "Here's a towel. Wipe yourself off while I get you a gown."

       "Can't I just stay like this?" pointing to his shorts.

       "Not for this exam." doc said returning with it, "when you're finished toss
those shorts onto your 'pile' over there and put this on."

       Jeff finished toweling the sweat off his body hoping he'd dry off soon but
he just couldn't seem to stop sweating. The office felt cooler when he
first came in, he thought, but noticed the exam room was getting warm now.
He tossed the towel and then turned his back on the doc so he could drop his
shorts. Naked and starting to sweat again he half-turned back to the doc to
take the gown from his hand.

       "Thanks doc. Don't know why I'm still sweating like this."

       "Just sit a spell and cool off so I can take your blood pressure and temp."
doc said leaving the room "Ill be back in a few minutes."

       Jeff sat on the exam table in the gown, the cool paper crinkling under his
bare butt, the faint smell of antiseptics tickling his nose. Slowly he felt
his heart return to something more normal while the cooler air brushed his
bare legs. He wasn't that nervous was he? he asked the bare room. Last
year he went through this same drill, remembering that damn smell, hating
the needles and prodding but by the time he got dressed he was over it. He
had known the doc for a long time and he always seemed okay. A little aloof
but okay.

       As he sat looking around he felt that faint air movement on his exposed
skin. It was not enough to cool him but it did start to tighten his balls.
No I'm not nervous at all, he told himself. Just as he started to scratch
himself, the doc reappeared.

       "Oh sorry didn't mean to interrupt-" joked the doc seeing Jeff's hand under
his gown.

       "Ah er just scratching" Jeff stammered starting to blush heavily, his hand
flying up to his chest fast.

       "Let's get your readings so we can start" and doc took the BP cuff out of
the drawer, strapped it on and got a number before his patient could get any
more wound up. Don't remember Jeff being so nervous last time, he thought.
As quickly he took his temp, then checked Jeff's eyes and throat getting all
the info onto the clipboard.

       "So am I going to live?" Jeff asked, hoping not to come off like a nervous

       "Well your blood pressure looks a little high but for your height and
weight, I would like it lower. You're five ten and one ninety two so a
slight elevation is to be expected but we got to keep an eye on it." Doc
looked at Jeff; Jeff knew what was coming next. "Why don't you lie back and
I'll check your nodes."

       "My what?"

       "Lymph nodes. Make sure you don't have any infections."

       Jeff lay down on the table feeling the paper stick to his back "No scoot up
a bit so you're all the way on the table" Jeff slid up, tearing the paper
where his wet butt had glued it down "sorry about that."

       "Don't worry. Just slide all the way up."

       Jeff tried to pull the paper up to his butt but finally gave up and let it
fall to the floor. His bare legs hit the plastic surface and immediately
sprouted goose bumps. Shit, now I'm getting goosebumps, he thought.
Blushing with goosebumps, could this get any more embarrassing?

       "Just relax while I feel for any swellings" the doc felt the areas under
Jeff's jaw and then under his arms. Jeff started to squirm.

       "Sorry doc I'm kinda ticklish."

       "Well we'll try to keep this as easy as we can" the doc continued, feeling
under his arms. By this point Jeff started to sweat again, his chest rising
and falling as he felt his heart start to pound.

       "Glad we got your measurements before" doc cocked his eyebrows, seeing how
red Jeff was getting. His hand moved down his chest to his nipples "getting
rather hairy already. Don't remember all this development last year."

       Now Jeff turned beet red. His hairiness was a source of teasing from some
of his team members, especially the ones who seemed to be lagging behind..

       "Doc it's been a couple years already, but maybe the last year..." Jeff
managed to get out, feeling the doc's hand on his nipple. It immediately got
hard. Oh shit, he thought, like I want him to know how sensitive my tits

       But Doc could feel the hard bump distinctly under his palm and knew he
should move it further down "now just relax while I check the nodes in your

       Doc's fingers moved slowly down to the hip crease knowing that Jeff would
probably start to squirm. Sure enough, he bolted upright, "Hey doc that
really tickles!"

       "Sorry, but any infection in your lower pelvic area would turn up here.
Lie back and relax and I'll get this over with as soon as possible."

       He returned his hands to Jeff's groin crease and could feel the muscles
spasm under his touch. He started to move his hands down gradually, inching
down to where the hair started. Jeff could feel his cock start to respond
and needed to find a way out.

       "I gotta go pee doc."

       "Just lie back we're almost finished--"

       "No really doc I gotta go." Jeff said sitting up fast.

       "Don't move" doc said and opened the drawer taking out the specimen cup,
"just use this."

       "No I er y'know I gotta I'm kinda shy-"

       "We're doing very well so far and I know you're in a hurry so the sooner we
finish here the sooner you can be on your way. So stand up and give me a

       "You don't understand I er - " Jeff started to get on his feet but Doc
just shoved the cup into his hands. Jeff was trapped in the crosshairs.

       "You have nothing to be embarrassed about. Let's get this finished."

       Jeff took the cup and slipped it underneath his gown hoping to squeeze out
enough to make the doc happy and get this over with. But instead he felt
himself get harder.

       "I don't think I can pee right now."

       "Are you feeling some blockage? Do you sometimes experience difficulty in

       "No just give me a second" trying to hide his growing hardon from the doc.

       "Lie down on the table on your stomach and I'll see if I can discover what
the trouble is."

       Jeff felt such a wave of relief now he could hide his embarrassment, and
his dick! from the doc, so he threw himself down on his belly so hard the
table almost gave way. But Jeff was now safe from complete humiliation.
Shit what if the coach got word he was throwing boners at the doc's office?
What if anyone got wind of this?

       "I need to examine the nodes in your legs so just relax" the doc started to
feel the back of Jeff's knees. His hands worked their way up his thighs and
approached the butt fold. Jeff shuddered and started to blush again.

       "Let me know if you feel the need to urinate again" the doc instructed him
but did not slow his steady manipulations. His hand worked into his crotch
"spread your legs a bit, I need to examine your perineum."

       "My what?"

       "Just spread your legs, a bit more, a bit more, okay." as Jeff felt his
knees open wide, knowing his butt was completely exposed as were his balls.

       "Okay relax, this may tickle" and doc pressed the area under Jeff's balls
and then started to massage first one and then the other. They felt full
and heavy, but the doc could tell by the way they were pulled up tight that
Jeff's cock, no matter how hidden, was now fully hard.

       "Are your testicles always this hard?"

       Jeff's heart was beating as hard as before, and betraying him with every
passing second, pumping more and more blood right to his crotch. The doc's
hands on his balls were making him go crazy but he could not let on, so he
had to bite his check to keep from bursting out. He barely managed a
"naw... naw" but knew his balls were not going along with the b.s.

       "This could be an indication of complications or infections. We better do a
prostate exam-"

       "Doc I gotta get going" Jeff started to twist his weight to the side trying
to get up and move his hardon to the far end of the table "maybe another
exam next week-"

       "No Jeff, we need to do this now, it may be serious. Lie flat."

       "No doc I gotta go."

       "Look Jeff we do this now or... " Jeff knew he was trapped, his wrestling
approval hanging in the balance. He knew he had no choice.

       "Now Jeff!"

       So Jeff lay back on the table feeling the blood rush from his crotch backto
his cheeks, and sweat beading on his back and butt, feeling the flimsy gown
beneath him turning into a soggy limp mess. Behind him, he heard the doc
rustling in the drawer and something elastic going snap!

       "Just spread your legs the way they were. This may feel a little
uncomfortable but it won't hurt." doc said and Jeff felt a hand on his butt
again. He felt something cool on his butthole and he jumped.

       "What was that?"

       "Just some lubrication. Relax, this won't hurt."

       Jeff felt the cool substance start to drip down his crotch to his balls,
and then a finger start to run around his hole. He was never so embarrassed
in his life! and then his dick started throbbing again. Oh Jeez just make
this end, he thought. Then he felt the finger slowly start to enter him -
he clamped down instinctively.

       "No don't squeeze. Just relax. Press out like you're having a bowel

       Jeff did as told hoping to get it over with and suddenly the finger slid
right in. It hurt some but it also tingled weirdly. When the finger
started probing in circles Jeff really started to feel different sensations.
Different and impossible! Then he felt a second finger enter.
       "Ow that hurts!" Jeff said but it didn't hurt as much as his grunt made it
sound. He had to keep up some semblance for pete's sake.

       "I can't reach your prostate from this angle. I need for you to turn over
- "

       "NO!" Jeff yelled panicking, knowing his hardon would be front and center.

       "Jeff you got to roll over if you want us to finish your exam. I need your
help here!"

       "But doc!"

       "It's okay."

       "No really-"

       "There's no reason to be nervous. Just roll over" Jeff started to, but
tried to stop "roll over Jeff!"

       And then Jeff, so slowly he felt his hips cramping, started to roll away
from the doc but realized his gown was caught on the side. He tried to pull
it with him but it seemed to be caught by doc's knee standing beside the
table. Too late he rolled onto his back naked except for the knotted
remnant around his neck. He felt the doc's eyes on his throbbing dick
pointing all the way up to his navel. All the blood in his face rushed back
to his dick. The sweat ran down his armpits to the crumpled paper under his
shoulders. The gown around his neck started to strangle him and he started
to reach up and the damn knot finally came apart with a pop! He felt the
doc pull the gown to the side and away from him. He was completely
vulnerable under the microscope of the doc's steady gaze. Jeff lay there,
his eyes squeezed shut, as the hours ticked away.

       "Is that why you didn't want to turn over?"

       "Jeez doc this is worst than embarassing...

       "Why, because you're erection is -"


       "Or because you're uncircumcised?"


       "Is everyone in your family circumcised?"

       "My... my fuckin-I mean my brother and I, we aren't. Don't know about -"

       "Well we'll have to check to make sure your foreskin is fully retractable
and there are no signs of any inflammations - "

       "Say what?"

       "We'll get back to that. But first now that we've overcome your
embarrassment we need to finish your prostate exam."

       "Can we please get this over with doc? I just gotta get outa here - I mean
by eleven..."

       "Well the more you cooperate and the less you continue to act squeamish
about all this, the faster we can finish."

       Jeff thought lying under the doc's gaze, sweating and blushing, his damn
dick full hard! man, nothing could get worse. This had to be the ultimate
in humiliation and it hadda be all uphill from here. But then the tingling
and itching started deep inside his butt. He realized it had been itching
since the doc withdrew his finger but he was too freaked out to notice. But
when he felt doc's finger re-enter his butthole he could not help but
wiggling and squirming, his ass muscles clenching and unclenching by
themselves. When the doc gave him a curious look, Jeff tried to lie as
still as he could, resigned to this exam which was turning into his idea of
pure hell fast, but his heart wouldn't stop pounding. With every push of
the doc's finger, or was it fingers?, he felt his cock swell and pulse.

       "You know you have nothing to be ashamed of there. For your age you have
quite an impressive developed penis. I expect (pushing in, throbbing in
time to his words) you (throb) measured (throb) it (throb) before (throb

       Jeff was too dumbfounded to answer. Then he felt something wet in his

       "It's very common for this to stimulate some seminal fluid" continued the
doc. Jeff managed to open his eyes and looked down his front, completely
humiliated to see precum start to pulse out of his slit.

       "Please doc, no more - "

       "Don't worry we're almost finished" which were magic words to Jeff. I'll
get out of this soon soon soon. But still the fingers were in his butt and
with the stimulation and the itching he felt himself almost starting to get
those familiar forbidden sensations, almost like he could get close to
cumming. Doc withdrew his finger.

       "Jeez doc that hurt like hell" Jeff lied 'can I go now?"

       "Just one more thing. Lie back for a second while I get something" and
like he forgot some appointment, the doc hurried from the room removing his

       Jeff lay there squirming and wiggling, all feelings now centered in his
hard dick and his tingling hole, and all he could think about was cumming.
He had wanted to get his morning ritual out of the way this morning in the
shower, but then his shit-for-brains brother flushed the toilet like the
dumb asshole he was, then breakfast was screwed up, and then the bike thing
happened and he had to run to make it on time and with this crazy morning he
was having... Without thinking his hand went to his cock, just to test how
close he was. The first touch told him he was more wound up and close to
the edge than he thought. The whole head was wet with his juice and he
tugged at his balls starting to itch with that damn lube the doc used in his
butt. He tried to rub off some of the stuff but his dick started to pulse
like he could blow any second. Just then he heard a click!click!click! and
there was the doc with what looked like a camera!

       "What the FUCK!"

       "I'm just leaving you for a second and you start to masturbate in my

       "What the hell are you doing?"

       "You know if this got back to your coach, he would take a dim view of you
ever wrestlin again!"


       "You heard me! If your coach heard about this you'd have a lot of
explaining to do, Jeff."

       Jeff didn't know if this was bullshit or what. He sat frozen with both
hands covering his very guilty and very hard cock. He could feel his hands
were covered with wetness, totally busted. It looked very bad indeed.

       "Take your hands away."

       "Wait a damn minute-"

       "Do it Jeff. I do not wish this to become public knowledge but I do need
to make a photographic record of this for reasons which will become clear
once I explain. But in the mean time, unless you want..."

Jeff knew this was it, he was in total hell. It just couldn't get any
worse. But he knew he had no choice and maybe if he just got this over
with. He inched his hands away from his crotch, dropping them to his sides.

       The doc came in and took several pictures of his hard dick and shiny balls.
But Jeff was not watching. He was watching the movie in his head of what
was going to happen when everyone heard about this.

       "Yes that's it Jeff. Now stand up."

       Jeff forced his eyes open and looked down at himself and then at the doc.
He tried to move his muscles, but it felt like he was under water. Inch by
inch he forced himself to the floor and tried to straighten up. He looked
at the doc then down at himself. His dick was almost glued to his stomach!
Again the camera went click! click! as the doc took several pics of him from
several angles. After several minutes of this, his dick eventually started
to come away from his belly leaving a long strand of goo from his slit to
the puddle in his navel.

       "This could be very misconstrued, you realize that Jeff" said the doc as
his camera zoomed in to catch the amount of precum before it fell to the
floor, "are you losing your erection?"

       "No. Well maybe a little. Well jeez doc this is the worst - "

       "Okay before you lose your erection I want you to try to pump some blood
back into your muscles, you know, swell out your chest several time, and
pump up your arms."

       Jeff got the sinking feeling in his gut he was being made to do porno shots
or some shit for the doc but what the hell anything to get this over with.
He struck one muscle pose after another while the doc took picture and after
picture until he felt his dick finally swing down from the hardon he thought
would never go away.

       "Okay now back up on the table. On your back. We will finish your exam
and you're free to go on your way. Remember?"

       Finally! Jeff thought. I'm finally going to finish with this nightmare of
an exam!

       He saw the doc set up the camera now running in goddamn video mode, pointed
right at him! When he went over to put a glove on again, Jeff realized that
it was now capturing the whole thing. He instinctively doubled up to cover

       The doc had the glove back on and was reapplying the lubricant as before
when he said, "Now Jeff we have to finish the last part of the exam. We
need to make sure that your foreskin is fully retractable and no strictures
interfere with your function."

       "Function? Whatdya mean, function?"

       "Lie back now and spread your legs like before."

       Jeff felt the finger again massage his butthole and again start to push in.
But now he looked over and saw that camera was recording everything. He
tried to clamp down but he was too loose from before and the finger went in.
He tried to lift his knees to block the view of his crotch but the doc
pushed them back down. He felt the doc's other hand now start to massage
his balls, much like his had done when he was caught. But this time he
couldn't help the reaction and his cock throbbed right back to full
hardness. The camera kept rolling.

       "Now we need to test your foreskin for tightness and, if my guess is
correct, we can obtain a sperm specimen - no don't bend away. Just lie back
and let your reflexes take over Jeff. The sooner you do the sooner you get
to leave" and Jeff felt the finger massaging his prostate and the hand
massaging his greasy balls. The drool started to pulse out of his slit.

       "Yes that's right. Now your lubrication should make this easier" Jeff felt
the doc's hand slowly work its way from his balls up to the shaft of his
cock. His gloved hand pulled on the skin and his swollen head popped free
of the skin, red and primed. He knew there was no way he could avoid
blowing his load like crazy if this continued.

       "Yes, relax and let it happen Jeff. Let that hand just work its way up and
down your penis. You know it's just a matter of time."

       Jeff knew he was going to cum for the camera but he couldn't help it. He
could feel it building and building and knew just a few more stroke and --
and suddenly doc took his hand away.

       "What!?! Wow doc I'm glad you stopped! You know I was about to..."

       Jeff looked over and saw the doc readjusting the camera again.

       "Jeff, now I need you to reach up and touch yourself on your chest and your
nipples" so Jeff felt his hand wander to the crease between pecs. He had no
idea why he was doing this, all he knew was he was past the point of caring.
Caring about anything except getting off. He had some concerns about
stimulating himself with the camera pointed at him, but when Jeff felt that
hand on his dick again he knew he was going to cum, and cum bad.

       "Go on Jeff. Rub them with your fingers. We're almost finished" Jeff's
slick fingers started to trace a shiny line to his left nipple and rub it,
feeling it grow hard under them.

       "Now just keep doing that" the doc said, his fingers again deep inside him,
massaging his prostate.

       "Okay Jeff... just like that... we're almost finished... we're almost
there... then you are finished okay?" and Jeff felt a slow up and down
motion on his dick. He knew it would only be another few strokes until he
shot when the hand stopped and he felt the other fingers start to pump his
hole furiously.
       Doc pulled back Jeff's foreskin and put a dot of the lube under the fold.
Jeff never experienced anything like it. He felt his orgasm start and with
the doc pointing his piss slit straight at the lens he lost it! Just as he
was ready to shoot off, the doc squeezed the base of his cock and it started
to spasm again and again! Fuck he was dry-cumming! He reached down to push
the doc's hand away but then felt those other fingers leave his hole. Jeff
saw stars and passed out.

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