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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Thug Cash Master - Thug Cash Master 4

Date: Thu, 8 Sep 2005 10:37:06 -0700 (PDT)
From: jerome skorpio <>
Subject: Thug Cash Master, Part 4

This story is pornoGRAPHIC fiction!
Should depictions of homosexual acts
or interracial domination offend your
sensibilities, read no further!! If
you are under the age of consent, turn
back at once!!! Otherwise, read on...

by Skorpio

Part Four: Black God

Brad lay on his right side, wearing nothing but his
white cotton briefs. His wrists and ankles were
hog-tied behind his back. He ached and shivered. The
living room floor was hardwood and the windows were

Although it had begun as a hot, humid August night,
the temperature had dropped. The window fan
introduced a cold gust into the room. Brad heard the
sound of distant thunder. A storm was coming. He had
goose bumps.

When the alarm clock in the bedroom rang at 6:30, Brad
was still awake. He heard Reese's feet hit the floor.
Reese stomped into the living room. Brad looked up
and saw the tall Black man looking down at him with
undisguised contempt.

Reese was naked and the contrast between their two
bodies was striking. The scene resembled that of a
young Mandingo warrior standing over a hairy albino

Reese, who was twenty-four years old and stood six
feet, three inches tall, had a smooth, muscular
physique the color of coffee with two drops of cream.
Tattoos illustrated his guns, pecs, and ripped abs
like graffiti. The short hairs under his arms and at
his crotch were jet black. His swollen cock dangled
like a banana dipped in chocolate. His huge nuts hung
low in a velvet sack fit for jewels.

Brad was thirty-one years old and stood five feet, ten
inches (when allowed upright). His pallid body
bordered on scrawny. He was slender with almost no
muscle definition. A patchy carpet of hair covered his
chest, belly, and back. His thighs and calves were
hairy too. His only outstanding feature was
a plump, round ass encased in snug white briefs.

Reese briefly wondered if that ass was hairy too,
before unknotting the silk ties that bound Brad's
wrists and ankles. Brad sat up slowly, awkwardly. It
felt good stretching his aching limbs. He had a
hangover as well.

Reese towered over him, his long but flaccid cock
dangling only inches away. The look of lust
commingled with fear on Brad's face was priceless and

"Nah, you ain't getting this, bitch. Get on your
knees!!" Reese grunted.

Brad obediently assumed a kneeling position. His legs
felt numb. There was some tent action going on in the
front of his Calvin Kleins, but it was so
insignificant that Reese didn't even notice the
whiteboy had a hard-on.

"That's better," said Reese, without a trace of a
smile. His panther eyes narrowed. "Hope you slept
aiiight. I did. Now it's time to go over a few
things. What's my name, bitch?"

"It's Reese, Sir,"

"Nah, try again, punk! What did you call that nigga

"I called him "Sir," Sir!"

"Yah, but what else did you call him? You forgettin'
I read all yo e-mails and shit?"

Brad knew what Reese wanted to hear but he was afraid
to say it. It was one thing playing out this edgy
fantasy on the internet or over the phone, but with a
real Black man, a real thug, face to face? Why was it
so hard for him to accept that his fantasy had become
a reality?

"Let me hear you say it, bitch!" Reese goaded. "What
else did you call that nigga?"

Brad was sleepless, sore, frightened, broken. Reese
had raped his computer for information. There was no
point in denying what Reese already knew.

"I called him God, Sir," Brad admitted, somewhat

Reese roared with laughter, a cold, sadistic, mocking
laugh that made Brad's penis wilt.

"So, how you gonna call me from now on, whiteboy?"

"God, Sir," Brad whimpered. "Your name is God."

"Yahhh, I like that!" said Reese, with the barest hint
of a smile. His nostrils flared. His eyes were
inscrutable like a cat's. "Yah, I like that a lot!
You can call me God from now on! That's about right.
Now tell me somethin' else... if I'm God, what does that
make you?"

"I...don--don't know, Sir, " Brad stammered.

"It makes you a little white worm." said Reese,
slowly, emphasizing every word. "That's what you are.
You're a little white worm that I can step on
whenever I want. Do you understand me, bitch??? You
want me to step on you?? Huh? Let me hear you say it.
What are you?"

"I'm a little white worm, Sir," Brad replied,
helplessly. "I'm just a little white worm. I want you
to step on me"

As much as this excited him, Brad felt some part of
himself crumble to dust, some clinging vestige of
white male pride disintegrating under Reese's

Reese was totally digging this situation. He loved
having a cracker under his control. It was like
getting back at all white people for all their shit.
The fact that Brad was a fag only meant that Reese
would control him through his sexual fantasies.

Keep the bitch horny for his dick, let him suck it
from time to time. If this cracker got his freak on
giving money to brothas and being treated like a piece
of shit, well, how fucking hard was that? That's all
it would take, Reese figured. Like taking candy from
a baby.

"You can kiss the head of my dick now," said Reese.
"Just kiss it. Don't suck it and keep yo tongue in yo
mouth, understand? Just yo lips."

"Yes, God, I understand," said Brad.

Still on his knees, Brad leaned forward and kissed the
dark brown head of Reese's cock. It took all Brad's
self-control not to wrap his mouth around that fleshy
brown helmet.

"Now kiss my nuts and say Thank You God."

Brad placed his soft lips on each large testicle,
pausing to inhale the aroma. He loved the way Reese
smelled. The overpowering scent made his senses swim.

"Thank You God," he said both times.

"Good slave. Now listen up, worm," said Reese.
"While I'm takin' a shower, I want yo ass in the
kitchen making breakfast. Some scrambled eggs, bitch,
and ham or bacon or whatever you got, just cook it up
like a good lil bitch, aiiight? And make some damn
coffee. You hear me?"

"Yes, Sir," said Brad meekly, completely under Reese's

"What are you?" demanded Reese, scratching his hard,
inked stomach. Humiliating this cracker was making
his dick hard, but there would be time for that later.

"I'm a little white worm," said Brad.

"Do what I told you, worm! Git busy!"

At that moment there was a flash of lightning followed
almost at once by rumbling thunder. Rain poured down
in torrents.

"Yes, God," said Brad.


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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Thug Cash Master - Thug Cash Master 4