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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Toilet Rape

Date: Sat, 30 Oct 2004 06:43:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Edward Chong <>
Subject: Toilet Rape

Disclaimer: The following story is a work of fiction. It contains sexual
elements between teens/men and of an almost non-consensual nature, with a
little bit of bondage, and maybe even borderline a tiny bit on urination.
Any resemblance of the characters or the events depicted in this story to
real life are purely coincidental. If you are not allowed to read this kind
of material for any valid reasons, please do not continue further. Always
practice safe sex. Any comments can be directed at me. Thank you.

Toilet Rape

       You know, I have always hated public toilets. It's not so much
because of the lack of privacy, I just find it to be very dirty and
unhygienic. Of course, being gay, I would love to glance sideways and catch
a glimpse of the other guy's cock, but I never dared to stare too
long. Don't really want to be lying on that dirty floor with a bloody
nose. Hence when I go out, I try my best to avoid any visits to public
toilets. However, things don't always go as planned.
       I suppose it was a cold day, and I had a lot to drink before I went
out. I thought I could hold it in. After all, it was only a shopping mall
across the street. I didn't even bother to change my clothes, just a
t-shirt and a pair of Bermuda shorts. I needed to grab some computer stuff
from a shop, a parallel cable, and I would be back home printing out my
assignment using my new printer. How could someone sell a printer without
supplying the cable?
       So there I was, at the computer shop, searching for the cable I am
looking for, all the while my bladder is trying to contain the urine inside
me. I was so full of piss I could flood the entire shopping mall. The queue
at the counter was long, and that damn checkout girl was so slow. I had
half a mind to piss all over her face and the counter, but that wouldn't be
very modest. The thought of that almost set me off.
       When I was finally able to pay for my purchase, I ran to the
nearest public toilet I could find. Perhaps I could have made it home in
time, but I wasn't going to take the chance of me pissing all over the road
while I am running home. The nearest toilet I found, was closed for
cleaning. The one on the next floor, was full with people. I couldn't wait
that long. I decided to go up to the highest floor, and go to the most
secluded toilet there is in the shopping mall. Come to think of it, the
time it took for me to get there, I could have made it home. Oh well, at
least I was right. This toilet was deserted, and quite clean too. I took
the center urinal, since I don't like cubicles (some people don't flush
after using), and since there was no one else in the toilet. It feels kind
of erotic too, to be the only one there and could do almost anything I
want. I could piss all over the place just for the fun of it. But that was
not the objective right now.
       Quickly, I tried to pull one leg of the shorts up so that I can
finally release my pent-up load, but realised that my Bermuda is too long
to allow that action. The only way for me to get to my cock is by lowering
my shorts, pulling it down from my waist to my knees. As soon as I did
that, I remembered something. I was wearing a jockstrap, which means my ass
is fully exposed! I should have taken a cubicle, but it was too late. It
was all I could do to get my cock out before the stream of piss shot out
from my bladder like there was no tomorrow. I was pissing like a racehorse,
strong and fast. I couldn't help myself but to let out a sigh of relief.
       I suppose it wouldn't matter if I was nearly naked from the waist
down, since I was the only person there, and since it was a secluded spot,
no one would really come in. Also, it felt so erotic pissing like that,
with my ass exposed and vulnerable. In fact, I was getting a semi as the
piss continued to flow out. No worries, I told myself. All I gotta do is
finish up quick before anyone comes in and sees my ass on display. My
bladder, however, had different ideas.
       I was standing there for at least 20 seconds, and the stream was
still going strong. I wonder how much water I had had before coming out. To
make matters more interesting, I heard loud voices from outside the
toilet. It sounded like a group of four or five teenage kids, and they are
heading into the toilet! I tried to piss faster, but there was still plenty
to go, and the voices were getting nearer and nearer, until, they entered
the toilet.
       I must have gone beet red, standing there, with my ass exposed, and
with those kids looking at me, pissing with a semi. I glanced over and saw
there were four of them, almost my age, all looking like thugs, and all
looking at me. I quickly diverted my glance and tried to act nonchalant,
but I thought I heard a chuckle and some whisperings between them. I was
very self-conscious, and I tailed their movements with the corner of my
eyes. One guy was washing his hand near the toilet door (which was on my
left), another lit up a cigarette, the biggest of them was leaning against
the wall looking at me, and the last guy was walking towards another urinal
to my right. As he passed behind me, he brushed his hand across my butt,
and that caused me to gasped and went totally hard. They chuckled at that
and the guy took the urinal immediately next to me, pull out his cock
(which was 6 inches soft), and began peeing. I couldn't help but glance at
his cock, but quickly caught myself and averted my glance. The guy,
however, did notice it and broke out a wicked grin.
       Fortunately for me, I was almost done. The relief, however, was cut
short by a sudden slap to my ass. I jumped, and my hands quickly went to
cover my ass. I didn't notice that the big guy who was watching me just now
had moved directly behind me, and he slapped me again as I was desperately
trying to put my cock back into my jockstrap. Unfortunately for me, these
guys have other ideas, and they don't include getting my cock back into my
       The big guy behind me quickly moved his arms under my shoulder then
lock his hands behind my neck. Both my hands flail in the air, immobile. I
tried to break free, but he was too strong for me. I always thought myself
to be pretty strong, but I guess I was just lying to myself. My cock was
flailing around just like my hands, and my shorts has dropped to my ankles,
trapping my legs. I tried to scream, but the guy with the cigarette came in
front of me, and shove the burning end of his cigarette to my balls. He
stopped just before contact, but I could feel the heat and hear the
sizzling of my hair being burnt by the cigarette. He looked into my eyes
without saying anything. I knew what he wanted, so I froze and kept my
mouth shut. He smiled and took the cigarette away. The guy closest to the
entrance (and the only exit) closed the door, and locked it. They dragged
me to the end of toilet. The guy who was pissing next to me found my
purchase, and used my parallel cable to tie my hands to the pipes on the
ceiling, securing me there, naked from the waist down, totally at the mercy
of these four teenagers. They stepped back to look at me, hanging there,
almost tip-toed.

       "So, what have we here? A working kid?" the guy with the cigarette
       "No.. no! I just came in to piss!" I yelled.
       "Oh really? Wearing that?" the big guy said as he spins me around,
exposing my ass once again. They laughed.
       "What's wrong with wearing a jockstrap?!" I yelled back.
       "Normally, there nothing wrong in that, but when you expose it that
       "I didn't have a choice! I was wearing Bermudas!"
       "Couldn't you use the cubicles?"
       "I didn't have enough time! I was almost bursting! And I was
alone..." I trailed off that last part as they laughed and pointed at me. I
was having a bad feeling about this, and it didn't come from the heart as
the big guy pointed out my worst nightmare.
       "Hey look, he's getting a woody." He spun me around again, showing
my hard 5" cock to the rest of them. I was red with embarrassment!
       "You know what I think?" the guy who was pissing next to me
said. "I think you are trying to get yourself raped."
       "No I am not! Just let me go!"
       "Ooh, does baby wants to go home?" the big guy taunted me. "You
sure you don't want daddy to play with your precious?"

       With that, he wrapped his hand around my hard cock and slowly
stroked me up and down. I gasped at the sudden pressure on my cock, and
then swoon at the feeling his big hand was causing me. Each stroke brought
more blood into my cock, causing it to harden and send pleasure signals to
my brain. My eyes were half-closed, my mouth was open, and I think I was
drooling a little. My body slumped on my bondage, my hands tied above me
with the parallel cable I bought, my shorts around my ankles, and the hand
of a big guy stroking on my cock. I was in sexual heaven. No one has ever
touched me like that before. In fact, no one has ever touched me
before. Sad to say, at 24, I was still a virgin. However, I have a strong
feeling that I won't be a virgin much longer. I was close to cumming at the
expert hand of the big guy, when he suddenly stopped. I opened my eyes, my
vision glazed, as I saw them watching me being worked over by their
friend. My embarrassment returned.

       "So you like that, huh?" the guy was blowing out his last puff of
the cigarette, and threw it into one of the nearby urinals. "Boys, lets
show him what we do to people who exposed themselves in public."
       "Please, don't hurt me." I pleaded. My cock instantly went down
with fear.
       "Oh we will hurt you, but don't worry, we will hurt you good."

       With that, they began to advance towards me. First, they pulled my
shirt over my head, and trapping it behind my head, exposing my chest. Then
they began to pull out their cocks, one by one, slowly, almost as if they
were putting on a show for me. All of them were hard by then, and seeing
this display of raw male sexuality, coupled with the predicament I was in,
my own cock decided that it was most appropriate to join in the fun as
well. None of them really stripped, just pulled out their cocks through
their flies, for those who are wearing pants that allowed them for that
action anyway. One of them were wearing a Bermuda like me, so he lowered
his shorts, but found it constricting. After hesitating for a moment, he
took the whole thing off, including his bikini underwear, and threw it at
my face. I tried to jerk away from that, effectively turning my ass over to
their attention. The big guy stopped me from spinning, and used his rough
calloused hand to knead my ass cheeks. Slowly, he pried open my crack and
expose my hole for the first time. I heard them whistling.

       "Damn that hole look tight! You still a virgin?" someone said. I
couldn't really see who was talking, since they were behind me.
       "...yea, I am." That got them laughing and congratulating themselves
for catching a virgin for their perverted fun.
       "Well, you won't be after today. In fact, you will most likely walk
bowlegged for a while after today!" Again, they laughed at my expense.
       "Please, go slow..." I begged. They didn't seem to be listening,
just drinking in the sight of my ass. Well, I do have a nice muscular ass
if I may say so.
       "Nah, we like it rough and hard. We'll plow you good, so good that
you'll probably beg for more." Someone else said. Now I am getting scared.
       "Please, please think about it. If the bigger cocks go first, I'll
be loose and sloppy for the smaller guys!" That seemed to get their
attention. They began to mumble something among themselves. They are
debating who should go first, and I tried to turn my head around and see,
as much as I can. From my quick survey, it seems that the biggest guy has
the smallest dick, about my size, and the skinniest guy of them all, has a
9 incher, and his dong was still soft! I dread that huge weapon up my
ass. After a minute of discussion, they decided to take my advice, much to
my relief. The big guy with the smallest cock came over to me, his hands
molesting my ass, his head next to mine, and whispered into my ear, loud
enough for everyone to hear in that small and silent restroom.
       "You know, you don't seem too troubled by the fact that you are
about to be raped."
       "From the looks of it, I am going to be raped one way or another. I
might as well co-operate and make it easier on myself." I admitted. "Hell,
I may even enjoy it!" I guess that was a dead giveaway of the fact that I
am gay. They laughed and applauded me on my honesty and being so daring.
       "Tell you what," the big guy continued. "Since you are such a good
sport, I would go slow, and open you up first, cause when that buddy of
mine gets in there, you'll be begging him to give you more, and if you
can't take it, well, I guess you will be sure to walk bowlegged for the
next few weeks." They laughed.

       I think I said thank you, but I can't remember, because the next
thing I know, I felt his breath on my asshole. He kept my ass cheeks apart
with his hands, and then I felt his warm wet tongue dragging itself from my
perineum to the base of my spine. I shuddered at that sensation. It was
unlike anything I have ever felt before. I faintly heard him said `tasty',
while his buddy commented that `that's how you always like it'. As this big
guy kept playing with his tongue up my ass, constantly jabbing my hole with
his big strong muscle, I was delirious with sensations. My eyes were
closed, my head tilted back, and I was definitely drooling. It came to a
stage where the feeling of pleasure was so strong I thought the cable would
give way, or the pipe. I cried out at the point where his tongue actually
probbed my hole open. It slid into my bowels and kept forcing itself
deeper. His friends were cheering him on, and so was I.
       Without warning, he slid one of his fingers into my ass, and
although it didn't hurt, it felt very warm. He moved it around, searching
for something. I knew what it was searching for, and when he found it, he
poke at it, and he scratched it with his fingernail, causing me to scream
in pleasure and yelp in pain. I was swinging, both mentally and physically,
and another guy had to come over to hold me still for his big friend to
fuck his finger into my ass over and over again. He was finger-fucking me
silly! It began to hurt when he added a second digit, but still
bearable. The pain was bad when he added a third finger. Well, at least I
am loose enough for him now, cause he stood up and left my ass alone, for
now. I was prepared for what comes next, but instead of sticking his cock
up my ass, he just lined it up with the target, and spoke to me again.

       "By the way, kid. You do know that this toilet is where gay guys
like us cruise and hook-up, right?" he asked.

       Before I could express my disbelief and ignorance, I felt a stab of
pain from the rear. He had pushed his cock head into my asshole. I heard
the popping sound, but the pain came much later. I was hurting, shaking in
my bonds. He held still for a moment, and then slowly push the rest of his
cock up into my bowels, and didn't stop until he hit bottom. I could feel
his bush tickling my ass cheeks. He gave me some time to adjust, and when
the pain is nothing but a dull ache, I squeeze my ass to let him know that
I was ready to be taken. I have already lost my virginity. It's time to
fuck. It's finally time to fuck and experience all those intense
pleasurable feelings that I have been reading about in stories and only
seen in porn videos.
       He slowly pull out his cock, and then push back in. The feeling was
crazy! I was moaning in delight as his cock continuously move in and out of
me. He was slow and gentle, and then suddenly he hit my prostate. I
jumped. They laughed. He mentioned that he finally found it, and his
thrusting began to quicken, with every inward thrust hitting my prostate,
over and over again. Faster and faster he began to fuck my ass, his waist
slapped against my cheeks, and the sound bounced off the walls, creating an
eerie and erotic echo. His friends cheered him on, shouting obscenities
like `fuck that bitch' and `plow that virgin ass'. He kept at it for a few
more minutes, and then I felt him tense up, and shot his load inside
me. Contrary to the stories I have read, I didn't really feel his cum
splattering the walls of my innards. In fact, other than the swelling of
his cock, I didn't feel anything different at all. He slumped on my body,
resting his weight on me, and I could feel his sweat mingling with mine. It
was so sexy. The smell was almost intoxicating, if it was not for the other
smell coming from the toilet.
       After a few moments, he collected himself and pulled out from
me. His cock came out with an audible `pop', and I felt so empty. I tried
to look behind me and see if there were any damage, but there was no blood
on his condom. His condom?! When did he put on a condom? They must have
seen my puzzled look because one of them said that he cannot stressed
enough on the importance of safe sex, especially when you pick up total
strangers from a mall's public toilet. The rest of them just rolled their
eyes as he continue lecturing. I think he was a sex education teacher at a
high school or something. The next guy was up and ready, so to speak. He
rolled on a condom and without much courtesy he introduced his cock to my
asshole. It was a marriage made in heaven, cause his cock felt so
comfortable in my ass. There wasn't even any initial pain, just pleasure as
he went straight for my prostate. I screamed out in joy as the rest of them
laughed and hurl obscenities at me. Oh yes, I have to agree with the skinny
guy. The bitch IS enjoying it!
       This guy was hard and fast from the start. He pumped into me like a
jackhammer, in and out, in and out, without stopping, without pausing. He
bit my neck at some point, only to increase my arousal. My cock is so hard
and his constant pounding at my prostate didn't help me one bit. I wanted
to cum so bad but my hands are tied above me with the parallel cable that I
just bought. This cable is a good buy, even if it is a little more
expensive than what I would normally pay, because this is a lucky cable. My
lucky cable, as I stand there bound, almost naked, and being fucked by a
guy who held me so close in a bear hug he was squeezing me, and kept biting
me on the neck. This guy is going to give me some hickeys. Like the big
guy, he didn't last too long and shot while still inside me. Instead of
resting, he immediately pulled out and the third guy went right in. I was
moaning like a bitch in heat. I was a bitch in heat!
       The third guy's cock is shorter than the second guy, I could tell,
because he had to push really deep to hit my prostate, but his cock is
quite thick. I could feel my ass ring stretching to accommodate his
weapon. He began slow, like the big guy, and slowly worked up his rhythm to
a fast pounding fuck. My ass was quite raw by now, having had three cocks
in them sliding in and out, in and out, at rapid thrustings, and with such
force. I thought they were going to punch a new hole from my behind to my
front! This guy wasn't as good as the previous two. He likes to long-dick
me, pulling his cock almost out, and then sink back into me in one smooth
motion. I also realized that his cock curves a little to the right, so he
constantly misses my prostate even when he was trying to hit it. He must
not be very good at alignments. Soon, I felt him tense up, but instead of
shooting into me, he pulled out in a frenzy, ripped off the condom, and
spurted all over my chest and face. The pungent smell of his cum almost
drove me over the edge. The hot, thick, and sticky fluids covered my smooth
chest and slowly drips down my body onto the cold floor. Three down, the
big final one to go.
       I was able to turn around to see the final guy, the skinny one with
the big fat and damn long cock, preparing himself. The big guy was down on
his knees sucking on his condom-sheath cock. Man, that was some gay
shit. Oh wait, look who's talking. They must have seen me talking to myself
because one of them informed me that if I were to take that cock, I would
definitely need some help in the lube department, and since they didn't
expect to find such a good catch at this hour, they don't have any. It's
only natural to use the natural lube then. I almost wanted to say thank
you, but instead I gasped at the sight of that huge monster staring at me
as it came out of the big guy's mouth. It was at least twelve inches long
and very thick. VERY thick. The skinny guy was grinning at me as he
advanced towards my limp hanging body. My cock is still rock hard, but I do
fear what that scary anaconda will do to my asshole. One way or another, I
guess I will find out soon. Very soon.
       I turned around and push my ass out for the skinny guy, and they
laughed. At this point in time, I don't care anymore. I have already lost
my virginity, and now I want to know what that big cock will feel like up
my ass. He was slow and considerate though. He pushed his cock in, inch by
inch, slow and steady, until my ass has swallow everything he has to
offer. His friends was shocked too, saying that they have never seen a
virgin take something so big in his hole. The skinny guy whispered into my
ears, telling me how tight I am, and how hot my ass is for his cock. How
his cock is making me feel good, and how my hole is making his cock feel
good. How nice it is to slide his thick meat into my smooth tunnel, and how
hot it is to have my prostate being assaulted over and over again, to feel
a hot cock pounding in and out of my ass, spreading me open, making me
cum. I didn't feel embarassed anymore. I was way beyond that. I feel pride
for taking his entire length up my ass, and I feel joy when he started to
ride my ass like there was no tomorrow. If I die now, I would be very
       This guy is a pro. He varied his strokes from long-dicking to quick
short jabs, as well as twisting his cock around, but every thrust will meet
my prostate without fail. I was moaning so loud I think the parents at the
entrance of the shopping mall five floors down heard me. Rather than
fucking me like his friends did, the skinny guy turned me around, facing
his friends, and continued to push and pull his cock in and out of me,
never missing a beat. He jabbed me, he stabbed me, he thrusted into me, he
speared me, he pinned me, he was making me cum. And then I felt a hand on
my abandoned and very hard cock. He was giving me a reach-around! He timed
his strokes perfectly with his fucking, in and down, out and up. He had me
on display for his friends, my hands tied above my head, my entire body
exposed to their jeering eyes, my cock being stroked for their perverted
pleasure, and behind me, my ass is being pummelled into jello.
       As his fucking picked up speed, so did his stroking. His hand was a
blur and my cock was a volcano ready to erupt. As his cock pound into my
prostate hard, I lost it and shot my cum out of my cock high into the air
without warning. I yelled out my unbearable pleasure as spurts after spurts
of my cum flew across the room, landing everywhere, some on the floor, some
on the walls, and some on the guys watching me. They didn't even flinch
when the cum hit them. My climax caused my ass muscles to contract, and
thus squeezing the cock still fucking my ass, triggerring it to shoot it's
load into the condom. He kept pumping me as his orgasm took over, and this
time, even through the condom, I could feel his spurts of cum hit the
condom. There were such force in them, and they kept hitting my prostate
over and over, and without knowing it, I came a second time, ejaculating
all my remaining cum in my balls out into the open for everyone to
see. Volleys of cum pushed out from my cock, over and over again. I could
feel them moving inside me before they leapt out into freedom. They stared
at us, a friend humping the cum out of me from behind. My balls shrunk into
my body and yet my cock stayed hard. I was exhausted and satiated. I had
lost my virginity to a bunch of teenagers in a public toilet. I had been
gang-fucked and I cummed twice, in a row!
       The skinny guy finally recovered enough to pull out of me, and
taking off and discarding the condom, he zipped his pants back up. In fact,
all of them have dressed, and I was still hanging there naked and
vulnerable, exposed and helpless.

       "Err... can you guys let me go now? My arm is really starting to
hurt." I asked.
       "Oh no, kid. Your fun is just beginning." Said the skinny
guy. "Wait until I tell the guys outside. You will most probably not be
going home tonight!"

       They laughed and left. I was left there hanging from a pipe, naked,
and well-used. I worked my hands free in a couple of minutes, but I didn't
leave. I wanted to wait for a while and see if what skinny said was really
true. If there were more guys for me to service, I wouldn't be the one to
say no. Hey, I am not a whore, ok? 24 years of pent-up sexual desires, I am
only making up for lost time. Yet, after some time, no one came in, so I
dressed myself and proceeded to leave. I put the parallel cable into the
bag I retrieved from the wash basins counter and found a name card next to
the receipt for the cable. I looked at it and noticed that it was not from
the computer shop. Ah, yes, I did see the big guy putting something into
the bag when skinny was fucking my brains out. Cool. This could be the
start of a very beautiful life for me. I always say, life doesn't end until
you have experienced it all, and I am sure there are a few more things that
I haven't experienced yet, like shoving my own cock up into the big guy's
ass and ride it hard and fast! You know what they say about revenge, and I
sure am a bitch!

The End.

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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Toilet Rape