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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Training Of Slave Bob - Training Of Slave Bob 17

Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 14:03:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bob Johnson <>
Subject: Training of Slave Bob pt 17 (gay/authoritarian)

With that, he pushed the icy can of beer into my
asshole. This
morning I had never had anything thicker than a
buttplug or a cock in me, and now Master was sliding a
can into me with surprisingly little resistance. My
ass gripped tightly as the cool metal hit my swollen
ring. Master handed me the bowl, and forced me to
drink my five loads down. I drank until my mouth was
coated in thick cum. Master placed his cock in my
mouth and began pissing, forcing me to drink it down.
This loosened the thick cum in my mouth and helped
wash it down. When he was through, he finally removed
the beer from my ass, instructing me to lick it clean
before allowing me to open it and drink. I re-lit the
joint and sipped on the beer. I finished it in three
gulps and was absorbed in the contentment throughout
my body and the pleasure in my head, as I drifted off
to sleep laying back, bound in my harness.


I awoke a few hours later, my head still woozy from
the experience and drugs and my body feeling
exhausted. I was instantly aware of the wetness in my
asshole and the new people in the room. As my eyes
focused, I saw one of the Masters from the party last
night standing next to me, talking to Master. I
realized the source of the wetness in my hole as I
felt the visiting Master's slave apply firm pressure
from his tongue into my spent hole. He was working a
tongue deep into me, my ass open to a tongue bath
deeper than I had ever felt. The slave war swirling
his tongue in me, eating out the last of Master's cum.
Once her had a mouth full of cum and ass juice, Master
instructed him to stop.

"Well, PussyBoy, hope you enjoyed your rest. Now we
shall begin the evening's activities. You have cum a
long way this weekend, and I wanted to reward you for
your dedication in turning yourself over to me as a
total PussyBoy. Now we must get you past your last
hangup. For some reason, you an take me dumping loads
of cum in you and crave ass and cock more than you
would have ever thought, but I still see a look of
disgust in your face every time a man kisses you. So
now we shall work on that. Slave, kiss PussyBoy."

With that, the other slave got up from between my legs
and laid himself on the table on top of me, straddling
my chest. His cock was hard, squeezed between our
bodies. Mine was not yet firm, and Master was watching
it intently for signs of arousal. I don't know if it
was the eyes watching me or a new appreciation for
kissing, but as soon as the slave placed his cum and
ass sweat-covered lips on mine and forced his talented
tongue past my lips, my cock sprang to attention,
squeezed between our bodies. Master noticed my
arousal, but also noticed some resistance in my face.
So he stopped the slave and had him get off of me.

Master had me unshackled and brought me to the
spanking rack. He attached me to the apparatus, and I
got ready for another paddling. Master had other
ideas, and removed a long leather whip from a hook on
the wall. I had never been whipped; I had never even
had a belt used on me as a child. I was dreading the
pain of the leather cracking against my skin. Master
leaned in to kiss me, but saw a moment of fear, which
he interpreted as hesitation from kissing. Without a
word, he backed up and let loose five hard snaps of
the whip across my back. He stopped and leaned in for
another kiss. Although I did not pull away, he still
stepped back and gave me another five lashes. He then
rubbed the cool leather around my body, circling my
cock and balls and running it up my sore ass crack. He
then gave me another five lashes. He stopped and came
up to me and, fearful of more whipping, I closed my
eyes and opened my mouth for his kiss. I waited, but I
sensed Master moving away, and soon felt the snap of
another round with the whip.

"SO PussyBoy, trying to deny your pleasure by closing
your eyes? You know you want to enjoy kissing; the
pressure in your cock earlier confirmed my suspicions.
So why do you want to hide from it. If you truly are
my PussyBoy, you will look at Master as you kiss him."

He gave another five lashes to send the point home, me
now on the verge of breaking down and crying from the
intense pain in my back. Master placed his lips over
mine, and I welcomed the break from my punishment. I
stared at Master as our tongues rolled around each
other's mouth. Despite the pain in my back, my cock
was revealing the pleasure my body felt and Master
certainly didn't miss this, reaching down to gently
stroke my cock as mouths locked together. After
several minutes, Master finally released me from the
rack and brought me back to the table, where my legs
were reattached to the hoist. Master instructed the
slave to get back on the table, but now in a 69
position. I was hoping to be able to give some cock
pleasure, but Master clearly had other ideas.

"PussyBoy, time to practice kissing. The two of you
will make out with the other's hole. Now get to it."

With that, the slave's tongue dove back into my
still-loose asshole. He kneeled above my chest, giving
me full access to his hole, which was currently
plugged. I removed the plug and licked it clean before
continuing with my orders. He must have been fucked a
few times today, because I could taste his Master's
cum all over the plug and in his hole. I dove my
tongue deeply, and found his hole to be supple and
compliant, opening as my tongue pushed in and around.
This was nothing to what was going on in my own hole.
The slave was clearly experienced at rimming a hole,
working his tongue over the sensitive skin inside my
hole. After the fisting from Master earlier today, I
was still very open and the slave was able to reach
his tongue into depths I had never felt before. He was
spreading my pussy lips with his fingers to reach ever
deeper. He then created a sensation I had never felt
before: He began pulling at my pussy lips and began
nibbling on the ring. This attention was driving me
absolutely wild. Master instructed the visiting Master
to place a condom on and fuck me as his slave ate
around my hole. He did so, and my ass took his thick
cock without any resistance. I was going insane, but
did my best to focus on the hole in front of my
tongue. I french kissed it deeply, focusing on driving
my tongue to new depths. My ass was being roughly
plowed as the slave savored the mixture of ass and
cock. I felt the pressure increase as the master drove
deeper into my hole, and felt him bury it in me as he
spasmed. Master yelled "Cum, PussyBoy" and my cock
immediately exploded across the slave's belly. The
slave got up and his master handed him the full
condom. The slave sucked all of the cum out and then
presented his belly for me to lick my cum off. He then
began kissing me deeply sharing my cum and his
master's between our mouths. I was absorbed in kissing
him, and looked up to see the pleasure in Master's
face as I kissed a man without hesitation.

Master then dismissed the other slave and master,
sending them down to the apartment, to await us in the
living room. Master turned his attention back to me.
He removed all of my bonds and I felt a freedom I
hadn't felt in days. I also felt total contentment
with my position as Master's PussyBoy. Master began a
physical examination, looking my body over, poking at
the excess flesh around my belly and legs. He also
took time to rub around my cock and give my balls a
thorough massage. He also ran a hand around my ass and
probed two fingers in me, massaging my prostate.

"PussyBoy, you have pleased me this weekend. You have
proven yourself a worthy and truly submissive slave.
You have earned your name 'PussyBoy.' Now I want you
to work on this weight issue. You know you could serve
me better if you were in better shape. You'd be more
flexible, you'd be more attractive, and, when you got
out of line, the spankings would sting just a little
bit more. And I know you want to do this, so you will
follow the new eating and exercise regimen I have
created for you. Now come here, PussyBoy."

Master walked downstairs and had me follow behind. He
went straight for his lounge chair, and sat down. I
expected a spanking, but he ordered me on my knees
before him. "Worship my cock, PussyBoy." I did not
need to be told twice, and immediately settled in to
give Master a proper blowjob, with complete attention
to his cock and balls. I rolled his balls on my tongue
and swallowed his cock deeply. I worked the head in
wet circles, sucking and slurping. Master was enjoying
it and began pushing me harder and harder down onto
his cock. He finally lifted his hips as he pushed my
head down, and unleashed a hard splash of cum deep
into my throat. When I was finished and had licked
Master clean, he had me lay across his lap. He gave me
25 loving spanks, rubbing my cheeks between each one
and rubbing his hand on my balls between my legs, his
strong forearm pressing firmly into my crotch.

When he was finished, Master directed me to the
clothes in a pile in the kitchen. Master had the
maid's outfit prepared for me. It actually wasn't much
of an outfit, just a frilly apron and a pair of thong
panties. I did welcome the pleasure of the material
around my balls and in my ass crack, and for the fact
that the welts on my back were left uncovered. I was
then instructed to prepare dinner for our friends. I
began cooking as the other slave gave more oral
attention to his Master and mine. I set the table (for
2; Master had a second dog bowl for the other slave.)
I opened wine and poured it for the Masters. When
dinner was cooked, each slave was instructed to kneel
by his master's seat. They enjoyed a relaxed dinner
before placing scraps for the slaves in our bowls.

When I had finished eating, Master handed me a large
dildo and instructed me to lay back on the table and
show our guests my new skills. I plunged the slightly
lubricated cock deep into my hole, easily taking its
girth. As I did this, Master washed his hand and then
began applying a thick load of Crisco from the kitchen
cabinet. Master handed a hash joint to our guests and
gave me one for myself. I knew what this meant, but
took deep puffs to relax my body and prepare for the
imminent invasion. He covered his hand and forearm in
Crisco. He had me remove the dildo and suck on it as
he began probing fingers into my hole. He inserted
them all, then began pushing his hand harder until my
ass began to give way and accept all five fingers.
Master offered me poppers as his hand plunged in,
which relaxed my hole and permitted his invasion. He
quickly pulled his hand into a fist, and again began
pulling his fist, stretching my ring wider and further
from my body, literally stretching my skin as he
pulled. He was stroking my cock the whole time, and I
reached an orgasm quickly, though after six orgasms
today, I came barely a dribble. He kept stroking my
raw cock and brought me to another, painful, dry
orgasm. He finally removed his hand, allowing my hole
to spasm closed but still feeling stretched and looser
than it had been.

When we were finished, Master's guests were ready to
leave, and welcomed them to go to the bathroom before
hitting the road. Master had me lay in the tub, and
each man took turns pissing on me. First the slave
went, peeing on my chest. He then held his master's
cock and aimed his piss at my face. Master inserted
his cock into my still-loose asshole, and emptied his
bladder deep in me. He then rolled me over and I
released my own piss across my face. Master made me
lay until it was all dried on me, so as not to make a
mess. When it was dry, Master had me put the apron
back on and return to the kitchen to clean up.

When everything was clean, Master allowed me to remove
the apron and panties. He brought me to the bathroom
and had me perform another enema. He then allowed me
to shower with him, washing his body first and then my
own. When we were finished and I had toweled us off,
Master had me follow him to his bedroom doorway.

"PussyBoy, you have served me well. You have pleased
me as long as I've known you, but you've developed
particularly quickly over the past two weeks when you
got over your fantasy life and welcomed your role as a
real PussyBoy. You have realized that much of your
happiness derives from your role as submissive
servant, being controlled by a skilled and dominant
Master. But I think you have also realized that there
are more sensitive moments and that you enjoy the
feelings of closeness with me. Tonight, I will reward
you for your dedication. I will remove your collar and
allow you to share my bed with me."

Master unlocked my collar, and walked to the bed,
welcoming me to join him. I walked into the bedroom,
still unsure of my role. I lay in the bed next to him,
and he began caressing me with a gentleness I had
never felt from a man before. He leaned over and began
kissing me, and I welcomed his tongue into my mouth
without hesitation. I sucked on his tongue as our
bodies met in a passionate embrace. I was still
confused by this sensitivity from the man who had been
forcing his fist into my asshole an hour ago, but I
didn't worry about it and was absorbed in the absolute
pleasure of the moment. Our cocks were hard and
pressed together between our bodies. After almost half
an hour of making out, Master finally rolled me over
and spooned me. I reached back and gripped his cock,
and placed it at my welcoming hole. He grabbed my cock
and began stroking me as he slowly rubbed his cock in
my pussy. He fucked me gently for a long time. He
began stroking harder and giving me harder strokes as
his pleasure increased. Master tensed up, and splashed
his hot cum into my belly. This set me off, and my
formerly dry cock was once again spurting in orgasmic
pleasure. I was ready to eat it, but Master simply
rubbed it into my belly to dry. He allowed his cock to
pull out with a sloppy pop, but he left his cum where
it was. He placed his cock between my cheeks and we
drifted off to sleep, his arms wrapped around me, and
his cum slowly dribbling out of my hole and onto his
wet, sticky cock, me laying in a wet spot of cum and

When I woke up in the morning, I was back where I had
been when I had fallen asleep: in Master's arms, with
his firm cock poking at my hole. He began kissing me
as he shoved his cock into my swollen hole. He emptied
his morning cum into me, and allowed me to cum in his
hand. He rubbed this into my belly and had me walk to
the doorway. He placed the collar back on my neck,
reminding me that I was still his PussyBoy and had two
more hours of service in his presence before we left
for the train. I was ready to return home, but was
already thinking ahead to the pleasures I would
experience the next time I returned. I was hoping for
some more sex, but Master had the basics to get done
first, and had me return to the bathroom for piss and
enemas. I got into the tub and awaited his hot morning
stream, and was once again in bliss.

To Be Continued....

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Nifty - Gay - Authoritarian - Training Of Slave Bob - Training Of Slave Bob 17