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Nifty - Gay - Beginnings - Moonside Manor - Moonside Manor 12

Date: Fri, 21 Sep 2012 13:35:56 +0100 (BST)
Subject: Moonside Manor Part 1 - Chapter 12

Disclaimer: This story is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and
incidents are the product of the author's imagination and are used
fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or
locales is purely coincidental and no slanderous intent is implied.

This work is copyrighted and I ask that you do not copy, post or
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Jared Exley --
Uncle Leon Exley -- Guardian of 13 year old Jared
Davy - Was Jared's partner, Diane's best friend
Dirk Tobias Matthews - Jared's partner

Peter Barrington -- Steven's cousin and partner in the law firm

CJ -- Jared's grandson / adopted son
Christopher Matthews -- Jared's adopted son
Mason -- Jared's grandson -- Myles and Ed's adopted son
Myles -- Peter's 19 year old son,
Ed -- Myles' lover
Mikey -- CJ's twin

Mary Gibson -- Matriarch of the family
Steven Gibson -- Mary's husband
Paul Gibson -- Mary's son and chief of police
Jake Gibson-- Mary's youngest son and police officer
Dr. Darren Cartwright -- Jake's partner and Jared's doctor.

Judge James Haroldson -- Mary's brother
Jennie -- Mary's sister
Diane Gibson -- Mary's sister -Exley HR Director - Steven's ex-wife.
Kathy -- Diane's partner
Stacy --Diane and Steven's daughter.
Tracy -- Peter's secretary

Sheila Miranda Easby -- Jared's Aunt
William Webster -- Jared's Grandfather
John McNicolls -- Sheila's adopted son

Mavis Pratt -- Stephen's wife
Bryan Patterson -- Exley and Webster Chief Operating Officer
Natalie Walters -- Exley and Webster Finance and Controls Director'
Peggy Maycroft -- Opera singer

Cody James       - Overseer and ranch operation manager
Ella-Mae James -- Cody's wife -- Davy's friend.
Aunty Barb        - President of the United States
Uncle Colin Williams -- Barb' own Uncle Leon
Barb Jr -- Barbs adopted daughter
Tyler Charles (Chuck) -- Barbs adopted son
Devon Ray (Ray) - Barbs adopted son
Peter Jenkins - Barbs adopted son
Nathan Jenkins - Barbs adopted son

Carl Davidson -- Jared's security
Sean Pearson -- Jared's security
Mike Pearson -- Jared's security
Agent Steele -- Barbs security
Mike Winters-- CJ Security
Dave1 Potts -- CJ Security

Martin Jefferson       - Barb's friend
Gabriel Knight -- Attorney at the village

There are various other ancillary characters, such as the Pratt family that
do not play a major part in the story and so are not listed above.

** Sorry people you may need a tissue with this one. **


Chapter 12 -- The Legacy.

With everything moving as it was we felt rather guilty when we all
travelled back for the Judge's funeral. Mary had basically been left alone
to organise it. Even Barb attended and was the first to sit with Mary to
console her during the service.

Steven called us all to the office the next day as the judge's will needed
to be settled and it involved most of the family. I was shocked to see that
it was Gabriel Knight that organised the meeting. Obviously the will could
not be read by Steven as Mary was involved and they were married.

We all liked Gabe and soon we were all sat in the room. Mary had told James
that she would rather the children be catered for than anything be left to
her and Steven; however, she was surprised to learn that she had still
being left $5,000,000 as a thank you for being a great sister. She was
shocked by the amount. She knew that he had money from his wives will and
insurance when she'd been killed and had invested it well, but had no idea
how much.

What shocked us was that the will stated that it recognised that I would
never want for anything. However, it again left $5,000,000 for giving him
the family that he never had. Dirk though was shocked when he received
$15,000,000 in thanks for being the friend that James needed.

The main part of the will was the boys Myles, ED, Jon, CJ, Mason, Chris,
Marty, Bobby, Devon, Tyler, Roger and Jake Jr it totally shocked us as they
each received $15,000,000 in addition his house was left to Devon and Tyler
in the hope that they would find happiness there and his Cabin by the Lake,
which had seven bedrooms so was hardly a log cabin, was left to the family
to help create happy memories.

As we were sat there Barb looked at the boys. "You know with everything
that has been happening I wanted to move here for us to be here with Jared,
Dirk and the boys. We have been to the Judge's house and we all loved
it. Eventually you will all want your own place. So that you each had 50%
of the house now let me purchase it from you and then we have a family home
where we can live and you have the money in trust.

Gabe had thought ahead and actually had the property valued and it was
agreed that that would be the best for everyone. So Barb was now our
neighbour and we were all excited about it.

To help everyone recover from the last few weeks we took a two week holiday
at Headlands before the President had to return to Washington to get ready
for the election and the handover. We promised that we would be there with
her when the time came.

What shocked us was when we received a call from the attorney handling the
will of Donaldson. He was media-magnet that was behind everything. He had
been a playboy and had never had a family though relatives were appearing
from everywhere claiming part of what they believed was theirs.

All of his assets had been liquidated and everything sold once the FBI had
released what had not been tied up in the scandal. Something had pierced
his heart at the Gala as he watched our family and we were asked to allow
his lawyer to visit with us at the ranch.

On the last day before Barb travelled back to Washington the lawyer
arrived. We quickly gathered everyone so that he could get down to
business. He handed us all an envelope and then tried to leave. In the
envelopes, including the children's, were subpoenas to attend court charged
with god only knows. Steven stopped him in his tracks and handed an
envelope to him in return and simply laughed in his face.

Steven was ready for this. The supposed family were trying to sue to
destroy the children. Barb collected all of the envelopes, opened her
brief case and handed him one from each of the children as well.

Steven had been aware of what the family might try and was ready to counter
sue. Barb gave him full go ahead covering all costs of any court case. Barb
spoke now, "You want to play games them see how you fare with this. Legally
the family cannot sue as we had nothing to do with his death or the loss of
the business. Which as you know was illegal trafficking of children. For
the family to know of any of this then they must have been part of it as
must you." He suddenly went deathly white. "You will note that there is a
state police car waiting outside to arrest you. There are also police cars
arriving at all of the Donaldson family homes as we speak."

Steven took over, "Here are subpoenas on behalf of every child in this
family and also..." Steven pulled out of his brief case two hundred more
letters, "... here are the subpoena's on behalf of every child affected and
every family that lost a child as a result of the operation that Mr
Donaldson was the master mind behind."

Barb was in her old Lawyer persona now as she stood with Steven. "We will
see you in court. Well not you as you are about to be arrested, but we
will see the Donaldson family representatives once all of the parties
involved have been arrested. Believe me when I say that any summonses
against an estate come first before the actual costs of the expenses of
that estate. The Donaldson's will not be even able to pay the bankruptcy
court fees by the time we have finished and yet his estate will stay
untouched to be given to the children that he so ill used in life."

Steven took control, "We already have a court date set and Madam President
will be the prosecuting attorney. Unless you want to settle out of court
and then for every child involved our settlement figure will be
$15,000,000. We know that his estate can afford it so decide now because if
it goes to court the children will be granted considerably more. We also
expect your clients to drop all charges against us and these pieces of
paper to be made worthless."

"Believe me when I state that you want to play games well Big Boys do not
play games we make things happen. NOW DECIDE or get out!" Barb demanded.

"Can I make a phone call please?" He was physically shaking.

CJ jumped up, "Only on speaker phone so that we can all hear it. Mike I
want it taped as evidence if needed."

"Good thinking CJ. Oh and do not even think of telling them that we can
hear what is being said." Steven added.

There was a knock at the door as we were waiting for him to make the
call. It was the deputy from outside. Apparently they had scouted the
outlying area and found these people that they bought in. I just looked at

"The wrong person was killed, it wasn't Donaldson. Do not tell me you
married the poor beggar." I said looking at them.

"He was old and needed company. He just loved his nights with the boys." He

Barb just looked at me and I suddenly felt physically sick. I turned
looking for the metal bin and heaved me breakfast back into it whilst I

CJ looked at them and suddenly the penny dropped. "This was never to do
with the children was it? This was you and trying to get even with
dad. Why? What did he ever do to you?"

I looked at him, the only family member that I could think of that could be
left. Ebenezer Reynolds, my ex-wife's father. Those standing next to him
were her mother and brothers. "Why? Why...!" I fell backwards and realised
all of this was them trying to get back at me.

"Why? Because we should have the company that made you, that's why. Hell
the bitch went and divorced you just as you got good. Never was worth a
penny otherwise, but then you got good. So she went for the money, Silas
went for the inheritance and we went to ruin you." He now pulled a gun on
me and fired. All went so slow but I blacked out as something landed on top
of me making it so that I was safe. Mike and Dave had taken them all out as
they all had guns and were aiming them.

As I came too I just heard CJ screaming "Mom! Noooooooo!" There laying over
me protecting me from the bullets was Barb who had got in the way of the

"Barb ... Barb don't you leave us. Barb we need you..."

Dirk pulled me away, "Come on Jared let Darren do what he can. There is
nothing we can do except make her comfortable." I just broke down and
sobbed. There was so much hate directed at me and yet so much love to
counter it had entered my life. Now I had lost possibly the best friend
other than Mandy that I had ever had.

I knelt and put her head in my lap and the room was quiet with the
exception of people's hearts breaking, "Come on stop it. No tears." She
gasped for air. "I have been so happy as part of your
happy. Steven and I have discussed what would happen ... if anything
happened to me."

She coughed, "A will has been created to take care of the kids, not just
mine, but all of them. They equally share in everything. As for mine they
were asked if they would want to stay at the house or move in with their
friends and have you as their guardian. They all opted to have you as their
guardian and maybe eventually adopted but they need time to work through
everything. The house is yours for you to use as you will. I know the land
joins your estate and I want it to be made part of Moonside Manor
Estate. The kids chose its name they want it to be called `Moonside Hunting
Lodge'." She looked at me and smiled.

"You are such a beautiful person. All of the properties that I own will go
to you and Dirk as I know that you will see all of the children right by
them. Please raise Barb Jr to remember me." I looked up and there was
everyone knelt around her as the EMTs walked in. Even great big special
agents were in tears. She took CJ in her arms and whispered to him and then
closed her eyes and she was gone.

"Mike I need your help with the office of the President."

Mike looked shocked, "She wants you to address the nation doesn't she?"

CJ simply, "Yes and they are not going to like it." Mike nodded.

"She wants it to be from the meadow with the horses all around where she
loved to be the most when she needed to think. She also wants to go home
and be buried with Uncle Colin..." CJ looked around in doubt, and then
asked, "Can you all help me please? We have to do this as a family. Uncle
Steven the will has to be read while we are at the Whitehouse. Mike she
wants the funeral to leave from the Whitehouse as an official state
function. Will that be able to happen?"

"CJ, I'll sort it. What Barb wanted will happen. CJ... Dave and I will be
leaving the agency to work for Jake now as they will remove us from your
protection and we will not work for anyone else. You need us."

"You will not work for Jake you will be my personal staff. I sort of love
you two guys."

"We love you too and it makes it that much easier to work with." Mike made
a few calls and within hours the media had started arriving and the leaders
of congress had arrived as well.

Ella had all of the ladies of the area were in the kitchen providing
refreshments for everyone so that there were no negative comments made
about CJ.

Apparently congress tried to take over, but Mike refused to let them and
issued a decree that Barb's last will, would take place just as she wanted
it to happen.

Two hours had passed and we were all gathered in the meadow where Barb had
wanted us and we were all dressed as much in our cowboy clothes as we
could. Everything looked just like it would if it was a normal day. CJ and
Chris had worked together and had her horse standing with them and they
were on their horse. They had also sent to the Manor for the photograph
portrait series that CJ had completed recently of Barb which was sat to the
side of the dais with flowers all around.

At the appointed time the family were seated and CJ looked at the cameras
for his cue. "Sorry folks, but we were here on holiday with Madam
President, or Aunty Barb as we all called her so you will have to excuse
our holiday clothes." At that point he and Chris jumped down and walked
with their horse and Princess to Cody who was waiting.

As he clung to Princess for Strength and as Cody held him up CJ look right
at the camera and said, "It is with heavy hearts that we have to come
before you today to announce that Barbara Jenkins, Madam President of the
United States of America, First Lady President in its history was today
murdered in an attempt to save the life of my father."

To give everyone chance to let the statement sink in he nuzzled Princesses
neck and she whinnied. From her neck he looked straight at the camera "The
horse's name is Princess a nd she certainly is, just as her owner was in
every way."

As he and Chris sat at the table he slowly stood and I handed him a tissue
and he was sobbing by now. Chris stood with his arm around him, ever his
protector and Mike and Dave stood one on each side of them. "Less than
three hours ago the attorney for the Donaldson family came supposedly to
settle some `Estate matters'. It appears that greed has reached mid America
and his family saw $ signs flashing before their eyes if they sued
us. Barb, ever the lawyer and Steven the family's attorney countered them
and had them trapped in the corner with suit and counter claims for every
child's life that has been affected by his actions.

"When he was supposedly calling the Donaldsons, special agents arrived with
the people that had been sat in a car a little ways away from the ranch and
guess whose phone went off. It was them. We do not think that the Donaldson
family had anything to do with this and we apologise to them in their

He reached down and took a sip of water. "You may have heard of my
relatives from England that sold me in to slavery and who killed my twin in
doing so. Of my grandfathers family who tried to swindle him out of every
penny that he has. It was our lovely family again. My grandmothers
murdering family and my great grandfather pulled a gun and tried to kill my
father. Aunty Barb without thinking of her own safety jumped in front of
him and covered him to protect him. There was only one bullet, but all of
the assailants had guns by that time and my special agents were able to
take them out including the supposed attorney at law."

"My own family killed the one woman that has ever been a mother to me. We
ask that you give the family three days mourning period after which time a
hearse will arrive as will cars and we will drive Madam President back to
the Whitehouse."

He looked at those in the audience, "I do not care what congress wants, but
I want her to lie in state so that the People of America can pay their
respects. After the country has had two days to mourn the hearse and
funeral cortege will travel so she can be laid to rest with the family that
she grew up with. Next to the only man she ever knew as a father, the last
Vice President Colin Williams."

"Please no shouting, but if you have any questions they will be answered."

"CJ on behalf of the press our hearts and the countries hearts go out to
you and your family at this time. Please will we be allowed to mourn with
you as long as it remains respectful on the day of the funeral?"

Mike stepped forward. "Arrangements will be made for a State Funeral and
the office of the President will issue instructions closer to the time. You
will have to understand that actual interment at the tomb will be strictly
for family only. The service at the Cathedral will be open for full press
operation, but in a respectful manner please. There will also be a
national day of mourning announced."

"CJ, I think that I speak for the whole country when I say we are appalled
at everything that has happened to your family. I know we have been asked
at our station if people want to donate to help a cause that Barb was
passionate about where can they donate to."

I stood up at that time, "Barb was a throw away child, just like me, Dirk
and most of us including CJ were. She held the work that the Uncle Leon
Foundation was doing for the youth of America and I think she would love to
see it go there. She initiated two scholarships a year with the will of the
Vice President. I think that she would be honoured if it could go toward
created another scholarship specifically granted to those who want to major
in political studies. The Barbara Jenkins Scholarship" There was applause
throughout the meadow.

The Senator for North Carolina a close friend and ally of Barb spoke up,
"CJ, I'm Martin Jefferson I actually went to school with Barbara and intend
on running for the position of President so that we can keep her work
moving forward. Barb called you the FUTURE President of America. Do you
think you will ever follow in your mother's footsteps?"

"I would love to, but..." He looked at the press, "Folks I'm only nine
years old so you will have a little while to wait. I don't even know if I
can as I'm British." The press erupted in laughter and we heard many shout
`I'd vote for you!'

Martin gave the crowd time to quieten down, "Would you and Chris along with
your fathers consider being requested by Congress to serve the country as
Special Envoys for the Youth of America and to represent them in the House
of Representatives?" My mouth fell open and so did Dirk's and the rest of
the family.

Before we could respond CJ and Chris shouted in the mike together
"Definitely!" Then CJ continued, "The youth of today need a champion and we
are more than willing to take the reins for them." The press went
wild. "The position though will be called `The Barbara Jenkins special
Envoy for Youth'." The place went wild. Mike had to step in and close the
sessions stating that they had asked for respect and that for the next
three days we would be in mourning.

I started looking into getting private tutors and coming to arrangements
with the schools for the boys and also the University for Myles and ED as I
was seriously worried about them get behind. Myles and Ed the professor
assured us that they would be able to catch up, but a tutor was hired for
the boys to make sure that they were all where they were meant to be. He
would start the week schools went back as we were now well and truly in the
Christmas holidays though it did not feel it.

On the day before the week of Christmas 21st to be precise all of the cars
arrived and the hearse to pick up Barb ... We set off early and were soon
at the airport. As the family followed slowly behind the coffin we heard
Zeke Owens the famous country singer singing `Hail to the Hero' and that
did it there was not a dry eye among us. CJ suddenly broke from the group
and ran to Zeke just as he coming to a close. First of all he hugged him
and then asked him to join him singing to his mom. The band was prepared
for anything and a single trumpet player played as Zeke and CJ sang `I'll
Walk with God' from the student Prince.

With that Zeke knelt down to CJ and told him to be strong and that as a
tribute to his mom and the youth of America he would be record an album
once the New Year was here and he wanted CJ to feature on the album with

It wasn't a long flight and soon we were landing in the Washington then
there was the official funeral cortege worked its way through the streets
of Washington to the Whitehouse where she would lie in the East Room until
tomorrow when the official State Funeral would begin. As we drove up to the
Whitehouse they lined the drive and gave her a 50 gun salute, Barb would
lay in state for the night in the Whitehouse and then for twenty eight
hours in the Capitol Rotunda once Congress and the family have held a
simple service.

The next day was a `National Day of Mourning' and the streets were packed
along Pennsylvania Avenue. The procession started just up from the
Whitehouse and made its way slowly to us at the North Portico.

When they reached us they loaded Barb on to a four wheeled caisson pulled
by six jet black horses. Three of the horses had riders to protect and
defend the casket. The casket was now covered in the American Flag and the
huge wreath of Red Roses from the kids placed on top of the flag. Congress
did not like that move away from tradition, but CJ got his will in the
end. As he said Barb would have preferred the roses to the flag.

It took some time for us to start moving as there was so much pageantry
before us. To begin with there was a full police escort. Following that all
of the military units and with each of those was a military band of
course. Next the National colours and behind them were the clergy followed
by the caisson carrying Barb ... The Old Guard or Body bearers walked
alongside the casket.

Following the casket were the Presidential colours, followed by the rider
less horse. There was Jake in his full Marine uniform leading
Princess. She was dressed in blanket, saddle and bridle with boots facing
backwards. I don't think that Steven and Mary had ever been more proud.

Next came the family and Barb had insisted that it meant ALL of us. As it
included several young children there were two cars provided. It was
decided that all of the men and the boys that could would walk, but we
would be followed by the cars.

As we approached the 4th Street intersection there was a flyover of 21
planes and it was magnificent. The procession ended at the steps of the
East Front of the Capitol building. As the guard stepped forward to lift
the casket down, one by one of Barb family stepped forward and replaced the
body guard. Dirk, Myles, Jon, ED, Darren, Steven, Jake and I took the care
of Barb for one final time as we carried her into the capitol building.

As we placed Barb on the Lincoln Catafalque a small service was led by the
Chaplain to Congress. There was a little problem at that point as
traditions states it should just be a service for congress and then a
viewing for them as well. As CJ had been asked by Barb to organise this,
the Special Agents politely told congress to back off and that the service
would be a private service for the family and congress could attend.

As the service was coming to an end and the Chaplain just ending the
closing prayer CJ's beautifully clear voice rang out `I'll Walk with God
from this day on' and he stepped up to the coffin and knelt down on one
knee. As he sang one by one the whole family stepped forward and bowed
their head paying homage to their mother. Ashamed of the way that they had
behaved Congress gradually moved forward and bowed on one knee as well. It
was a beautiful homage that was paid to a beautiful woman.

As we walked out we suddenly realised that Chris and CJ were missing and so
were Mike and Dave. No matter how we tried they had pledged each other that
they would hold a twenty four hour vigil over the coffin and would not
leave their mom alone. When Myles, ED, Nathan, Peter and Jon learned that
they joined them as well. They made us go back to the Whitehouse with the
younger children as the security would be with them and this was something
that they had to do themselves.

They took it in turn watching over the coffin always two on guard and CJ
only left her when he had a call of nature. Even for food Mike had to
physically tell him that he would not make it all twenty eight hours if he
did not eat.

Over ten million people filed passed the coffin over the next twenty eight
hours and one of the pictures in the morning paper was of CJ leaning
against the flag on the floor crying. The next it showed Mike with CJ in
his arms and the heading was `The Little Prince has a Gentle Giant to look
after him'.

The funeral service was to be at mid day the next day and we made sure that
the cars left the residence early so that we could get all of the children
ready for the service as it was going to be televised. I was worried about
CJ as he was due to give one of the eulogies.

When we got there however what we saw shocked us to the core. As the night
wore on at least two of our boys stood at the head of the coffin standing
guard. As the millions walked past, children started to step off to the
side and kneel in reverence as if offering the last prayer for their
hero. Myles and ED were standing guard with Mike and Dave standing just
behind and knelt at the head of the coffin was little CJ watching over his
mother, the only woman that he had ever known as a mother.

Knelt in the background at the head of the coffin were over two hundred
children. During the night a member of the public must have notified the
media as there was a single camera watching guard as over the
children. Occasionally the children would break out in song as if holding
their own service. Gradually as we watched we could hear the crowds outside
singing with the children. CJ looked up at Mike and knew that is was time.

All of the children stood as one and CJ just sang, `Hail to the Hero' with
all of the children and crowds humming to back him up and support him. He
seemed as fresh as a daisy and the boys seemed really upbeat as they felt
that they had done something good.

Once again at the allotted time the family carried Barb to the hearse and
as we did there was a twenty one gun salute. We all followed in the cars
behind the hearse. All of the children had coaches as well which I found
out Mike had organised and we all followed the coffin to Washington

The streets were not as full today as it was not a national holiday but
they were still packed. The viewing had been going on for thirty hours. CJ
felt that many would call the foundation as a result for these events. As
we walked into the cathedral the authorities tried to stop the children's
entrance, but the FBI and Special Agents along with the military stepped
forward and allowed us to walk in behind the coffin.

The service was televised and all went well. It would be wrong to go into
depth about everything, but Chris actually gave the eulogy and at different
times CJ simply stood first with Zeke Owens singing Hail to the Hero and
then toward the end we were surprised when Peggy Maycroft the famous
British opera singer walked forward and with CJ sang `We'll Meet again'
after the service was complete and the coffin was being taken out to the
hearse to travel one last time to the family tomb Peggy and CJ stood
together and sang `Time to say goodbye'.

As we were walking out CJ introduced us to Josh and Peggy and I couldn't
help but ask Peggy how she knew to attend. "Oh that's easy. I knew CJ when
he was in England and loved his voice. All it took was one phone call from
Mike telling me that CJ needed me and I would have moved heaven and hell to
be here for him."

"Thank you" Dirk said.

"You heard what I said all you need to do is call and I will always come
for CJ. Just let me know what I can do." We hugged and her security
spirited her away. As she was leaving she said, "CJ remember next year we
are recording my next album together. OK sweetheart?"

"Sure thing Peggy" and he just kissed her and she was gone.

The family were spirited off to the family tomb in a private cemetery when
Colin was already buried. It was a sad goodbye, but the media gave us all
the privacy that we needed and as she was laid to rest there was yet again
a twenty one gun salute and CJ was presented with the flag that had covered
the coffin. It was at that time that Mike stepped forward and caught him as
he finally collapsed with exhaustion.

We returned to the residence at the Whitehouse and were allowed to stay
until their doctor and Darren felt that CJ had had all of the rest that he
needed to catch up and get his strength back. Martin Jefferson arranged for
Air Force 1 to fly us home. As we were leaving he visited CJ for a short
time and promised that if elected that they would work together to make the
modern world a better place for kids.


That's all for now folks ... In the next chapter shocking truth about
Barb's past is revealed and justice finally happens.

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