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Nifty - Gay - Beginnings - Sex In A Boat

Date: Sun, 17 Jan 2010 12:26:37 -0600
From: Dan B <>
Subject: Sex in a Boat

I was in my late 20's and working in a sport shop. It was kind of dream
job for me being an outdoor kind of guy, plus there were a lot of young
guys coming in all day for fishing and hunting tackle. In the summer it
was even better because many of them came in wearing shorts or swimsuits
and I got to check out their crotches.

One Friday a cute young guy came in wearing a tee shirt and a pair of those
thin pajama-like pants that were made of thin cotton and sported loud
vibrant colors. He had on tennis shoes without socks which also was a
turn-on for me. What really caught my eye was his cock swinging around in
the lose pants. He obviously wasn't wearing underwear and he looked to be
pretty well hung.

He picked out some tackle and when he came to pay we started talking. I
found out his name was Chris and he was a freshman at the college in the
town just north of where I lived. He lived in a town just south of here
and commuted back and forth every day. He was a really nice kid, and quite
handsome. We were both about the same height, six feet, and he had short
curly light brown hair and deep blue eyes. He had a hell of a build from
what I could see. "You must work out," I said. He nodded and smiled.
"Yeah, I do." "It's working for you, you've got a nice body," I said. He
grinned and said he had to go but would stop back soon.

A few days later Chris stopped in again, wearing more of those lose pants
in a different color. This time he was wearing a tank top and flip flops.
My heart skipped a beat when I saw his upper body. He was really well put
together. His cock flopped around as he looked at merchandise and we
chatted. His feet were beautiful. They looked like they were about size
10 with perfect toes and nicely trimmed nails. When he brought his
purchase up to the counter I could see little tufts of brown hair poking
our from under his armpits. He was a stunner.

"So do you fish a lot?" he asked. "Yeah, I go almost every day if I can
find someone to go with me. I have a little johnboat and I like to fish
the river bottom sloughs. They're full of northerns and bass." "I love
fishing northerns," he said. "Why don't you go with me?" I asked. "I
can't tonight but how about tomorrow. I get off from school at about 4."
"When you get off come here and I'll close up at 5 and we can go," I said.
"Great," he said. As he was going out the door I said, "Chris, better wear
shorts though. The boat leaks a little so I usually go barefoot and wear
shorts. We won't sink or anything but it gets a little wet in the bottom."
He said ok and off he went.

I had a semi-boner all day thinking of spending the evening in the boat
with this cute guy. Finally about 4:20 Chris came through the front door
of the shop. Oh yeah, he looked good today. He was wearing another tank
top, this time it was a red one, and he had on gym shorts made of thin tee
shirt-like material. His cock flopped around and the head was so close to
the bottom hem of the shorts that I expected to see it at any moment.

We talked as I closed up and then he followed me to my place where we
loaded the boat and my fishing gear. I went into the house and changed
into some shorts without underwear and a tee shirt. When we got to the
lake we carried the boat down to the water. The boat had two seats, one in
the back and one in the middle, plus a seat right at the bow. "Why don't
you sit on the bow seat," I said. "You'll be facing backward but we're
farther apart this way and won't have such a chance of one of us hitting
the other with a lure and sticking it in their head. He laughed and said
that was a good idea.

Chris walked to the front of the boat and sat down facing me and I pushed
off and climbed onto the back seat. We didn't have far to go to fish and
soon we were casting our plugs for a hungry northern. I looked up at Chris
sitting there and I just about gasp out loud when I noticed the head of his
cock peeking out of the leg of his shorts. I didn't want to be too obvious
by looking too closely but it was right there and it was as pretty as any
I'd seen. Chris turned to fish out of the other side of the boat and when
he did I could see up the whole leg of his shorts. His balls and cock were
hanging out in plain view and they were very impressive. His cock looked
to be about 4 inches soft, and his balls were very loose and looked like
walnuts. I could see part of his bush and it looked thick and was light
brown like his other hair.

My mouth was watering as I looked at this cute college kid sitting there
with his manhood exposed to me and I began to bone up. The shorts I was
wearing weren't too long either and soon I managed to guide my cock down
one leg. As I got harder my cock began to peek out of my shorts. I tried
to turn so it wasn't so obvious. Chris was talking with me as we fished
and soon I noticed he was glancing at my boner which was now partly
showing. He turned even more to the right and now his cock and balls were
out there for all to see. I watched as his cock began to grow. Holy shit!
The kid was getting a boner.

It didn't take long and Chris' cock was hard and standing up toward his
belly, still right out there in the open. He looked at me and said, "We
both seem to have a hard-on." "Yeah, I guess we do," I said. "Yours looks
pretty big," he said. "I don't think it's as big as yours," I said. "Ever
measured it?" I blushed. "Yeah, I have, have you ever measured yours?"
He grinned. "Don't all guys measure?" I laughed. "Yeah I guess."

"Mines 7 inches," he said. "I knew it was bigger, mine is about 5 ." "Oh
it's bigger than that," he said. "No I don't think so." "You got a
ruler?" What was he getting at? "I've got one of those little
scales/measurer things."

Chris laid his pole in the bottom of the boat and walked back to the middle
seat. "Let me see the ruler." I handed him the scales/ruler with a
trembling hand. He knelt on the bottom of the boat and pulled my shorts
leg back. "Oh yeah, that's a nice one, it's really thick," he said. I
swallowed and nodded. He pulled the ruler out and then took hold of my
cock and laid the ruler on it. He messed around a little and then stroked
my cock a couple of times. "Maybe it will grow just a little," he said
smiling slyly. Finally he said, "It's almost 6 inches."

"That's probably because I've never had anyone as gorgeous as you who
measured it before," I said quietly. "You think I'm gorgeous?" I grinned.
"Chris anyone with eyes thinks you're gorgeous." "Want to measure mine?"
I nodded.

He sat back on the middle seat and I knelt in front of him. I took hold of
his beautiful cock and pulled it down so I could measure it. Damn, it was
a beauty. His shaft was smooth and quite thick. The head was a perfect
plum shape. I laid the ruler on it and then stroked it a couple of times
like he'd done to me. He moaned when I did that. It measured 7 . "A
little over 7 inches Chris," I said quietly. Then I stroked it a couple of
more times and a big drop of precum oozed out of the tip. I looked down at
it and then up at this beautiful guy and he nodded his head. I leaned
forward and licked the precum off. "Oh yeah," he said.

"Chris is it ok if I suck you?" I whispered. "I want you to so much," he

I opened my mouth and took about half of his cock into it. He shuddered as
I began to suck him. Each time I sucked back to the tip, I'd open my mouth
and get even more into my mouth and throat. Soon his pubic bush was
tickling my nose and his beautiful cock was down my throat. "Oh my gosh,"
he panted. I felt his cock get even harder and then it began to twitch. I
slid back to the head and he began shooting cum into my mouth. I sucked
the head like a lollipop and he spurted six or seven times. I was sucking
his dick head getting every drop. When he quit squirting I engulfed the
whole cock again and then milked it to the tip.

"Oh God, that was amazing," he said breathlessly. I kissed his cock. "I'm
glad you enjoyed it," I said. I sat back down on my seat. "I've, I've
never done this with a guy before," he said. "Really? This was your first
time?" He nodded and looked at my hard leaking cock. "Can I, should I."
"You don't have to Chris." "I want to." I nodded and leaned back. He
went to his knees and took my cock in his hand. He put it up to his nose
and smelled it. Then he licked the tip and licked off the precum. He
looked it over real close and then opened his mouth and took about half of
it in. I could feel his tongue working around my cock head. Soon he was
taking it deeper and I looked down and he was hard again and jacking
himself off as he sucked me.

"Chris I'm getting close," I said. "You don't have to let me cum in your
mouth if you don't want to." He looked up with my cock in his mouth and
nodded. His hand was working furiously on his own cock and soon I was
ready to shoot. "I'm gonna cum Chris," I said. He deep throated me and I
began to shoot. He swallowed several times and then sucked my cock head
until I had to pull it away from him. Just as he let loose of it, he began
to gasp and shot a huge second load of cum into the bottom of the boat.

I put my arms around him and pulled him to me. He lay against my chest
limply. "God, I've wanted to do that for so long," he said. "Was it what
you imagined it would be?" I asked. He looked up at me. "Better," he
said. Then he surprised me and leaned up and tenderly kissed me on the
lips. "Thank you for that." "Oh Chris, I'm the one who should be thanking
you. You're what guys like me dream of."

He got up and shakily walked back to his front seat and sat down. "Want to
fish some more or are you out of the mood?" I asked. "Yeah, let's fish for
a while yet."

We began fishing and I noticed Chris' cock was again hanging out of his
shorts leg. "You don't mind people seeing your cock do you?" I said
grinning. He smiled, "I never wear underwear. I see guys and girls
looking and it turns me on." "So you like girls too?" "I've messed with
girls, but after that I'm not so sure anymore. I guess I'll have to get
you to fuck me, and then I'll know." "Well, I'm not ready right yet but
give me a while and I think I can do that for you. But I think we better
go back and do that in my bed, it'd be kind of bad if somebody came down
here fishing and saw us fucking out here." He laughed. "Let's catch some
fish and them go and fuck. I can stay the night if you want." Oh yeah, I

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Nifty - Gay - Beginnings - Sex In A Boat